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[QCU] GCP-01: Magic is an Art

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    [QCU] GCP-01: Magic is an Art

    [Quad Counties Usagimajo] The Gerard Prince story

    [QCU] GCP-01: Magic is an Art
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    March 15th, 2018

    The Circle of Rainbow [Art Clan]:
    Prince Christopher Artcrest - Male Brown Rabbit of Rainbow Magic
    Strokeon Canvastail - Male Chocolate Rabbit of Rainbow Magic
    Gerard (Claypaw) Prince - Male Human/Calico Rabbit; Rainbow Magic Apprentice

    Chapter One

    Quad Counties Amusement Park; Backstage [VEIL], Andrews, North Carolina

    "Are you tired of the same old beach front vacations in crowded resort locales? Over-priced corporate multi-themed Amusement parks more aimed at adults than to children?"

    "You can now vacation in the animated World we fondly refer to as the Quad Counties. Hosted by Lord Albert Talbot and his professional staff of various lords and ladies, you can now relax in either Warner Plains, Disney Vista, Hannah-Barbara Kingdom, Harvey Land, Terry Towns, Freleng-DePatie Horizon, Filmation Forest, Montropolis, Dragotopia, Devil Land and Candlewick Farms. Connecting all of these locales together is the central arrival city of Terryville. Our main officers and Realtors are located within this arrival city. All tour buses make their journey's beginnings from this location as well. For a low price, you can finally vacation in style with a price that will make you think you attended a local carnival instead of booking a resort vacation. Come one and all and meet up with your favorite cartoon and anime characters as they also relax in the Quad Counties of Western North Carolina between Andrews and the Great Smoky Mountains. Book ahead by calling our toll free phone number or visit our brand new web site."

    Gerard Clayton Prince was a blond haired, blue eyed teenager with fair skin who practiced martial arts. But this summer, he was spending time in West Virginia with aunt, Kanatia Prince; she was his father's sister who was a Cherokee archaeologist whom often had the tribe's permission to investigate old Cherokee gathering sites. This year, she had gotten her brother's permission to bring Gerard with her on an important ancient tribal gathering site discovery.

    "Now remember, Gerard," said Kanatia. "...we have the Cherokee tribe's permission to be up here in the mountains of West Virginia. Some local farm boys had been up here without permission and they brought home a marker with Cherokee writing on it. That's when I got called in. They had removed a holy marker for Spirit Journey meetings. My task while we are up here is to make sure the marker is placed back into its proper place. The boys said this marker was laying on the ground. Using the translation guide I have provided you with, if you find any Cherokee etchings, see if you can decipher what they say. It is important to the Cherokee people for us to learn what this spirit walking camp site was doing here and why it was so far away from the Cherokee lands. Also, I shouldn't have to tell you this next part, Gerard. Be careful and cautious while we are up here; people have vanished without a trace in these mountains. Since we have permission to be here by the Cherokee tribe, that should not happen to us. But still be careful anyway."

    Gerard chose to look for pictographs etched into the rocks and then to see if there were any words next to those pictures. After finding a pictograph of rabbit paw prints pointing off to one side of the main camp site, Gerard headed over in that direction where he soon stepped through some brush where he saw what looked like a swampy looking patch of clay mud and in the middle of this barren looking bog was a five foot tall statue of a rabbit wearing Cherokee medicine man clothes. Gerard then said, "Aunt Kanatia said we had tribal permission to be here. So please don't hurt me; I just want a closer look at you. My name is Gerard Clayton Prince. If there is writing on your statue, may I please see it?"

    Getting no reply not even from his aunt who should have been close enough to hear him talking to something, Gerard stepped slowly forward across the soft surface of the bog toward the rabbit statue. When he got to the solid base around the statue, he carefully circled the statue looking for any Cherokee writing whatsoever. It took some doing; but he finally located the writing near the back base of the statue. "Now let's see what the guidebook says the Cherokee writing translates as. Tsisdu Udelidv Gvdi Advnelvdi translates as Rabbit Magician. And this extra writing translates as for those who seek to walk my path and learn my skill; bare your body to me and show me that you have no fear to learn the spirit magic of the rabbit gods. If you are chosen, only a night will pass here while you may feel as if several months or years are passing for you; but fear not, you will be returned here the same age as you left. You must believe in the legend in order to make it back here. Are you ready for such a spirit journey? Bare yourself to my eyes and kiss my muzzle.

    Gerard got up and circled back around to the front of the statue. "I am not a Cherokee myself, mister spirit rabbit; but I am willing to be tested to learn your magic. These are the only clothes I brought with me so please don't mess them up while I am being tested. Man... why are you so good looking? First to bare myself. I cannot believe this statue is given me an erection." He then removed his sneakers first, then his socks; he next removed his pants and underwear followed by his jacket and shirt. He could feel a warm breeze passing through this clay bog area as he showed the statue his nudity entirely by turning slowly in place. When he was facing the rabbit statue once again, he said, "I am embarrassed for being attracted to your statue, mister spirit rabbit. but I am ready for the test. Now for the kiss." and he placed his mouth upon the statue's muzzle lips and kissed the hardened clay lips deeply. When he closed his eyes momentarily, he heard a voice. "You are very brave indeed for a white man. Give my regards to the Circle of Rainbow also known as the Art Clan. Try not to forget your name during the spirit journey. Since you are not a tribal Cherokee warrior, your rabbit name will be Prince Gerard Claypaw. Only a night will pass here; and begin!"

    Gerard felt what seemed like an electrical jolt through his lips which caused him to fall backward at an angle into the soft clay bog mud. But instead of simply landing on top of the stuff, he sank through the softer than the rest clay mud surface covering and then he felt as if he was in free fall albeit slowly as he went down what seemed like a rabbit's hole. "Alice I am not. And I am sure I am not going to Wonderland. The rabbit spirit said the Art Clan known as the Circle of Rainbow. Only a night would pass back on the mountain but I could be in the journey for weeks or months in my own mind. If I believe, I will pass the test and learn his magic. He said that my rabbit name would be Prince Gerard Claypaw. I wonder how many young Cherokee warriors were brave enough to take Spirit Rabbit's test. The way he spoke, I was the first in centuries. Why am I still aroused by his representation. I have a huge hard on and I am sure that won't be appropriate to the clan I am about to meet."

    And as he had that last thought, the fall suddenly picked up speed and Gerard blacked out even though he had been trying to stay awake. He wasn't sure how long he had been unconscious or naked for all to see; but he became aware of two voices nearby.

    Both were male. "You say you found him at the base of the Art Clan founder's statue with the clan mark on his head fur, Christopher?" The one called Christopher replied, "That's what I said. It has been ages since a new apprentice has come to our clan's magic school. Although his calico fur is quite beautiful, his erection is making me feel really attracted to him. I am trying hard to behave myself... well, just like a rabbit, eh, Strokeon?" The one called Strokeon giggled. "I am glad he is here. I hope he isn't put off by clan rabbits having sex with each other. Since he has joined the Rainbow Circle, he has to participate in the activity or he will likely be here longer than he planned on being here. I wonder what his name is?"

    Gerard then opened his eyes as he looked at the two male rabbit men before looking at himself. "Wow... this fur is something else. I guess that is because my human colors matched up with these colors. The Great Rabbit Spirit told me that my name was Prince Gerard Claypaw. Although I am not royalty; my human name was Gerard Clayton Prince. Just call me Gerard."

    End of Chapter One