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K09-LAL-02 Recruiting School

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    K09-LAL-02 Recruiting School

    Recruiting School (Los Angeleos Lions - Eps 2)

    Los Angeleos Lions
    Episode Two - Recruiting School
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw) -- May 21st, 2017
    a KMRT Universe adventure series
    With his new gang approved, Leo begins recruiting the other gang members from within the the local Los Angeleos High School. Renard learns some important information about several people there and makes yet another new friend. And the mystery of Honeypuff is revealed as the bear makes an appearance finally.

    Coming up next on the Los Angeleos Lions!
    Leo "Butch" Kingsden
    Renard "Ripper" Ranger
    Caleb "Yeti" Farley
    Johan "Riff-Rider" Mozart
    Vaughn "Visa" Northclyffe
    Eleanore "Hotrod" Hartwell
    Nixie "Lawbinder" Prior

    Supporting Characters:
    Mrs. Ranger, Pride mom lioness (mother to Renard)
    "Paros", Brazilian cockatoo fashion outlet owner
    "Highway", fox-coyote skateboarder (friend to Renard)
    "Thunderbolt", cougar leader of the Pride of Paw Springs
    Detective Faraduck, Canadian mallard detective
    ~(Otterside Police Department); built like a Mighty Duck~

    Rival Gangs:
    High Jackal Hell
    Skyline Express
    Los Angeleos Lions - Theme Song

    L.A. Lions! "Fight!"
    L.A. Lions! "Alright!"

    We're tough to the core! "Fight, baby! Fight!"
    We'll even up the score! "Fight, baby! Fight!"

    Clean up the streets!
    Learning to be brave!
    Fight against those jackals!
    And send to them to their grave!

    "Jail! We'll send them to jail!"


    A street rumble...
    Is coming your way!
    But we'll end up,
    saving the day...

    L.A. Lions! "Fight!"
    L.A. Lions! "Alright!"

    L.A. Lions! "Fight!"
    L.A. Lions! "Alright!"

    We're a family and how! Join the gang right now!
    Chapter One - Fashion Statement.

    "You're not going to wear that to school, are you?" asked Mrs. Ranger from Renard's bedroom doorway. "Please tell me that gang members don't wear their gang clothes to school."

    Leo was in the hallway with Mrs. Ranger, leaning up against one wall. "I wish I could tell you that, ma'am, but unfortunately, yes... all of them do. Besides, Ripper needs to make a fashion statement on the first day of school or he'll be tagged as a foppish dandy or a sissified pussy. And we really don't want that on the first day. Besides, you do want him to impress a cute girl, don't you?" He winked.

    Mrs. Ranger turned and glared fire daggers at Leo. Words were not necessary at that point.

    Leo gulped. "I think I'll head outside and wait in the car." And he quickly departed.

    Renard grinned, but not where his mother could see it. He loved hearing interaction between his mom and Leo, because it was always very funny. Finally, after putting a headband around his forehead and a blue handkerchief around his neck, he grabbed his skateboard and walked out into the hallway. "The way you both carry on, mom, it sounds like you want me to impress a cute guy. Leo was just trying to reassure you so you wouldn't worry about me at school. I'll wear my good clothes to school tomorrow. OK?"

    Mrs. Ranger sighed with a smile. "I don't care who you impress, as long as you really like them. That Caleb, though... he's the only sane local I have met so far."

    Renard laughed. "Mom! Caleb isn't a local. He lives over by the school. Besides... he only comes to this area for two reasons. One, he's Leo's friend. And two, there is a gym in this area that has nice training equipment. Caleb told me that it's owned by that mystery guy that everyone calls Honeypuff. I keep trying to figure out just what species would allow themselves to be called Honeypuff."

    Mrs. Ranger smiled, as she escorted Renard to the breakfast table. "Now eat your breakfast or I'll make you wear a diaper on the outside of your pants to school. Leo is waiting outside at his car. He told me that because of the gang presence around the school itself, this area doesn't have school buses. So in order to get to and from school, he is your ride, until you can find another way."

    After a good breakfast with milk, toast, juice, scrambled eggs, and a bowl of Sugar Frosted Chocolate Tiger Paws (that contained more caffeine than a pot of black coffee), Renard grabbed his skateboard, gave his mom a kiss on the cheek, then headed outside and jumped into the passenger seat of Leo's car. "Tiger Paws! They're Chocolaty Good!" Then he roared with a goofy grin! "Yes! Yes! Yes! Let's go! Now! Now! Oh yeah!"

    Leo laughed, as he got into the car and started it up. "I am so glad I avoid cereals like that. You sound super hyper."

    "Yep! Yep! Oh Yeah! Zippity Do Dah! I have more energy than your car!" replied Renard.

    Leo laughed some more as he started driving. "The Jackals are going to think that you have better drugs than they do!"

    "And I won't share, either!"

    Leo laughed some more, as he tried to focus on driving the two of them to school without wrecking.

    At the school, Renard found his locker and was putting some of his gear into it, when Highway walked up and tagged him on the back of his head.

    "Hey Ripper!" said the fox-colored canine. "Nice threads! You wanna do some skate park rippin' with me this afternoon?"

    Renard turned and grinned at Highway. "That depends upon my pride mom, you know." He winked with a grin.

    Highway grinned and winked back. "Make sure you lock your locker when you're not using it. Just a friendly warning." And with that, Highway strode off to his own locker.

    Not long after Highway walked away, a clean and well-groomed jackal opened the locker next to Renard's as he reached in and eyed the lion to his left.

    "Judge not every member of a species by the actions of a few, Ripper," whispered the jackal.

    Renard noted that this jackal was not wearing the High Jackal Hell outfit. Instead, he dressed in stylish martial arts gear with the insignia of a black wolf centered on his chest. "What gang are you with?" he asked quietly.

    The jackal gazed directly at Renard. "The Lone Wolves. If you go to the skate park this afternoon, you will likely get to see me again there. The park is a good rumble zone. You might call it... an instigation to disagree." He paused, then said, "Name's Libra." He handed Renard a card, then he closed his locker, locked it, and walked away toward his class.

    Renard looked at the card. It had the Lone Wolves logo on it along with a phone number. He packed the card into his wallet and then finished his business at the locker, locked it, and started off for his own first class.

    A lone figure watched Renard walk away from his locker before heading off for his own class.

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two - Hell's Angels.

    Meanwhile out front of the school, Leo and Caleb were arguing with the leaders of the High Jackal Hell and the Skyline Express. And they were being quite noisy about the whole topic too. The topic, of course, was Butch's involvement with the Otterside Police Department. And none of the gangs were too happy about the whole idea.

    At that moment, a well dressed lion with headphones opened his eyes and growled very loudly, "Will you idiots pipe down?! I cannot hear Symphony Number Five in London!" The lion in question was none other than the local music maestro, Johan "Riff-Rider" Mozart. And when he growled, everyone shut their muzzles. Or else.

    And of course, the argument ended. The two non-lion gang leaders departed for classes they had.

    Leo smiled a little as he turned to face Johan. "The watch project has been started, Johan. You don't have to answer right now. Just be thinking about it, okay?" He gave a thumbs up motion to the musical lion, then he and Caleb turned around and entered the high school to head to their own classes.

    Johan hummed quietly. (So that is what the argument was about. Leo started his neighborhood watch gang and the other gangs don't like it that he's cooperating with the police. Legal backing is impressive, I must admit. I will consider Leo's offer very carefully. By this afternoon, I should know if I want in or not.)

    He then smiled a little as he too entered the school building and headed off for his own first hour class. He was sure it would be a heck of a day of school to witness. He just hoped no one got hurt having the experience.

    "Guys, I just learned that one of Leo's new gang members has a class with us this hour," said one jackal to his High Jackal Hell friends in the class room. "He goes by the name Ripper. He's a skateboarder, like Highway. If we play our cards right and don't threaten him, Ripper might think we're not as bad as the other jackals."

    "You want us to play the truce game with Ripper?" asked one of the others. "That could get us hurt really badly. I don't want that pride mom on my ass."

    "Hush, here he comes..."

    And at that moment, Renard entered the classroom and stopped abruptly when he saw the number of jackal students in the room. He looked at his schedule again, then double-checked the name on the classroom door. Finally, he entered slowly and walked over to his assigned desk and nervously sat down. He didn't like the idea of being in the middle of this many jackal gang members.

    Then a large horned male goat teacher entered the room and sat at his desk. He glanced around the room and when he saw Renard, he did a double-take. Then he checked his student roster, then looked at Renard again. "Students... we have a new presence among us this morning. His given name is Renard Ranger, but he goes by the street name of Ripper. He's formerly from Otterside where he was a local skateboarding champion. He is currently a member of Leo's new neighborhood watch gang, the Los Angeleos Lions. And the first one of you idiots who hurts this boy is going to be hurt by me... tonight. Get me?"

    In unison, a murmured, "Yes sir." was heard all around Renard.

    Apparently this teacher could fight. And no gang member gave him any lip.

    Renard grinned a little as the class began. Half way through the class, Renard heard a jackal whisper in his ear, "Meet me in the bathroom after class, Ripper. I want to be friends." He refrained from looking behind him, instead just focusing on the class. When the bell finally rang, he got up and headed out of the classroom and entered the boys bathroom.

    As he rounded the corner, a jackal hand pulled him into a janitorial closet within the bathroom. "You came. Good. I'm called Nirvana and I want to explain a few things to you about the pride area. Some things you may be wondering about and others, you simply didn't know."

    Renard was literally nose to nose with this jackal, but he didn't smell like drugs, like most of the jackals did. "Okay, I'll listen to what you have to say."

    Nirvana said, "First of all, Honeypuff is a very large brown bear with a black belt in various martial arts, including Ninjutsu. He used to be in a gang called Molasses Marauders. They would glue their enemies to light poles and flag poles... usually in only their underwear. Second, and I think you should know before you get 'too involved' with Leo personally, but he is homosexual. Caleb is okay but Leo is more bent than a warped nail; Leo has been dating a Brazilian Cockatoo named Paros. Don't ever spend the night with him if you value your virginity. You seem like a nice guy, so I am just giving you a friendly warning. Thirdly, I need help with my homework and you seem pretty smart, Ripper. Would you please help me at Papa Pizzazio's Disco Cyber Cafe? They have some private booths that they will let us use. I saw you there yesterday with Highway and the cute joey roo."

    Renard replied, "I will have to let my pride mom where I will be but I would be pleased to help you with homework as long as that is why you want me there."

    Nirvana smiled. "I knew I could count on you, Ripper. And people say that cats and dogs cannot get along."

    Renard asked, "Is Leo really gay? Or is it an act? I ask because he is interested in my mother, the pride mom."

    Nirvana chuckled. "He is a good actor. But when you run a gang, you have to put on a pretty good act. Controlling the police the way Leo can is quite the act."

    Renard hummed. "Perhaps you have something there, Nirvana. Anyway, I will likely see you at cafeteria unless I see you in another class before then."

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three - Too Smart for the School.

      When Renard reported to his second hour class, he immediately noticed that aside from himself, there were only three other individuals in the class itself. Aside from a very well dressed male lion whom looked like a banker, there was a donkey boy wearing beach clothes stationed at a computer console and near him giving him instruction was what looked like a five foot tall sewer rat wearing an outfit that screamed Information Broker. On one wall were the words Accounting 101 and West Zoo-Ed High School. When Renard walked into the class room, the lion turned to look at him. "Greetings, young lion. From your outfit, you must be Ripper. I am the pride area accountant, Vaughn Northclyffe, but my street name is Visa. Someone is all the time coming to me to get a loan. The donkey boy is Aaron Aston street name of Action. And the sewer rat is our teacher, Templeton Bishop whom goes by the street name of Crier, as in the town crier. Information for a price."

      Renard walked over and shook Visa's paw-hand. "How does the school get the gang members to come to school and not destroy the place at night?"

      Crier glanced over at Renard and said, "Since you are new here, Ripper, you get the standard information for free. The more complicated the out of school information, the more it costs to learn." He reached over and clasped his hand around Renard's paw-hand. "First of all, get used to using people's street names in school. As for the question you asked... there is an incentive to make the gang members want to attend school. When a student enrolls at this school, they are set up with a Bit Coin account which can only be cashed in on their graduation day. Every day you attend classes, you get one bit coin added to your account. This is the class where the accounts are kept track of. The Gang Leaders know that this will result in big bucks for their gangs, so they cannot level the school or else they will lose their accounts." He smirked after saying those words.

      Renard then noticed that Action had an Imperial 3000 skateboard in his backpack which was sitting next to the donkey boy's desk. "Is that an Imperial 3000 skateboard? I thought I was the only one who had one ever since the company discontinued the production line. Of course, I have modified mine to perform better. My father purchased the skateboard for me before he died."

      Action turned to look at Renard with a smile. "You are probably going to be shocked, but my family owns the Imperial Sports Board company. We make skateboards and surfboards. If you would like to spend a weekend with me, I can give you a tour of the factory and let you try out our private in factory skateboarding park. It is there where I and my brothers test the new skateboards. I would love to see your modifications some time."

      Renard said, "I would have to get my pride mom's permission to spend a weekend with you. How would I get there on a Friday night? I was told the school didn't have buses and the beach side factory seems like it might be a good ways away from the pride area."

      Action replied, "Get your mom's permission during the week, and then pack what you think you will need into your backpack. After school, Highway and I can escort you over to my place. After the weekend sleepover, We will bring you back to school and then after school on Monday, you can catch a ride back to your home with Leo. The best part of this offer is that you will get to see where Highway lives. I know you made friends with him last week."

      Visa remarked, "Leo asked me if I would join his watch group. I told him that if I did join, it would not guarantee free loans. I have a lot of money but I regulate what gets lent out."

      Renard commented, "I think you told him the right thing for now. My mom told Leo that he had to have girls in his watch group or else I couldn't be in his group anymore."

      Visa smirked. "He will be lucky if the ladies don't cream him when he asks one to join his group. The ladies are not too fond of Leo since most of the school believe that he is gay."

      Renard stated, "Nirvana told me earlier that Leo's gay act is just that; an act to cover the fact that he is bisexual. Besides, he is interested in my mother. I have been dating a kangaroo joey whom will be living in the pride area soon. I knew him from Otterside where I saved his life."

      At that same moment in the school Mechanics class, Yeti (Caleb) was speaking to a lioness named Eleanore Hartwell whose street name was Hot Rod. "Leo started his watch group and the Pride Mom gave him an ultimatum to have two ladies in the group or else she won't let her son hang out with him. Mrs. Ranger poured Methylated Spirit directly on Leo's knife wound; Ripper and I both cringed when she did that. Butch whined like a little baby when she treated his injury. Will you join us, Hot Rod? Mrs. Ranger's station wagon really needs an overhaul."

      Hot Rod replied, "I saw Ripper on his skateboard last week. His skill is out of this world. And since I think he is so handsome, I would join as long as he was in the group. I am not too fond of Leo; but for you and Ripper, I will join you guys."

      Yeti smiled. "I knew I could count on you, Hot Rod. Now I just need to figure out who else to ask to join. I get the feeling that if we leave this to Leo, he will fail Mrs. Ranger's equal opportunity ultimatum."

      Hot Rod then said, "I know a female whom recently got kicked out of her former gang after arguing with her former gang leader. She's not a lion though. So you cannot get more equal opportunity than that. Her name is Georgia Montana formerly of Skyline Express. Her street name is Hex. She was in my first hour class."

      Yeti exclaimed, "I will see Butch at lunch and I will let him know that you're in as long as Ripper is in. I wonder how he is making out with his end of recruiting."

      Hot Rod smiled. "If you are right about Leo's track record, he is probably sitting in the nurse's station getting a band-aid."

      At that moment, the instructor walked into the Mechanics garage with the school principal. "I am sure we can get someone here to repair your car, sir."

      Hot Rod wiped her hands on a cleaning cloth as she walked over to the two adults. "Need something fixed? Come to me. I'm the best there is."

      Yeti resumed his own class project as he focused on what he would be asking Leo later.

      End of Chapter Three.