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Furry Masters


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Princely Otter Fellowship
Join Rab Streambattle, Gotaki Riverclaw, Warneeri, Clan Slyfingers, Brand Irondam, Hoz'arr of the Sapphire Steppes, the priests of Okali, and Raerlahar the Minstrel as they have adventures throughout Sun Raven Earth.
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Zodan, the Cervine of Memo
This is the story of a young male human adult who learns magic and transforms into a handsome cervine anthropomorphic stud in the city of Mascot Electives and Magical Operations, Sun Raven City, where he would attend Kingdom University with other unique personalities as well as to team up with Horus the Sun Raven.
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Cpt Pouchlaw
DT-06 Senior Exchanges
Los Angeleos Lions
Join the Los Angeleos Lions as they have rumbles across the furry city.
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Cpt Pouchlaw
K09-LAL-02 Recruiting School
Usagi Majo
Join the Usagi Majo and a human boy from Earth as they learn magic and have duels against the other clans.
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Cpt Pouchlaw
[QCU] GCP-01: Magic is an Art
Eyes of San Franciscolt
Join three furry detectives as they solve crimes in San Franciscolt, Cowlifurnia.
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Cpt Pouchlaw
EoSF-01 Help From a Pro
Wildfire Riders
Join the super speedster Revolution as he joins the Wildfire Riders to fight forest fires throughout the west.
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Cpt Pouchlaw
WF-01 Wildfire of Greenhorn Ridge
We Are The Champions
An adventure originally based on 5 Star Worlds, an animated college hosts the newest team of heroes to defend the rights of toons and anime.
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Cpt Pouchlaw
C/GW-14 Evil's New Name
MIT Champions (14/621)