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[3T-PR1] PRAA-01 Defending Primus

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    [3T-PR1] PRAA-01 Defending Primus

    [3T-PR1] Power Rangers Aquarian Age
    Episode One: Defending Primus.
    Written by Darrel "Lord Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle
    Co-Written partially by Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf

    Starring: The Third Generation Aquarian Age Rangers
    1. Dominic "Nick" Lionel Kane, Red Aquarian Dragondog Ranger
    2. Benjamin "Ben" Starbuck Ward, White Aquarian Reindeer Ranger
    3. Angela "Angie" Halo Drake, Blue Aquarian Falcon Ranger
    4. Oliver "Ollie" Stryfe, Silver Aquarian Kangaroo Ranger
    5. Carmichael "Carmen" Snart, Grey Aquarian RockWallaby Ranger
    6. Francesca "Francie" Wells, Black Aquarian Narwhal Ranger

    Mentored By:
    Lord Joseph Devlin-Kent, Zoostralian Rock-Kat Roo; Kangaroo of Lost Legends
    ~~ Holy Pouch; "Chosen" son of Lord Kiel
    Aquarian View Council Members:
    1. Human Representative
    2. Moon-Touched Representative
    3. Dragon Representative
    4. Dreamtime Representative
    5. Wizard Representative
    Dane Sylvari Lonewolf
    Mudpaw Dingo
    Honeydew Drake
    Dyrkonix, Aztec Dragondog demigod
    Tarnado, Were-Donkey Dreamtime Lord
    Blizzard, Were-Reindeer Arctic Spiritland Lord
    Horazona, Were-Falcon Egyptian Dreamtime Lady
    Tailblaze, Were-Kangaroo Dreamtime Lord
    Shadowpounce, Devil Were-Wallaby Dreamtime Underworld Lord
    Njord, Midgardian Narwhal Lord
    Narrator Devil Mouse: Clipper the XVIII

    The Zeddites, alien grunt soldiers of the Slaver Empire.
    Zeebots, advanced Crybots belonging to Emperor Zedd.
    Various Slaver Generals.
    Emperor Goldar
    Empress Silvra
    Prince Zedd the V, Ruler of all he sees.
    Princess Rita Regalia, betrothed of Zedd.

    November 16, 2040
    Prologue: Return to Primus.
    As last seen in Power Rangers Trigram Boomer, Episode Thirty-Six, Chapter Eight...

    Aquarian View, Western Australia; Planet Primus 2040 A.D.

    Before the General could get to his feet, a weird wave of energy washed over the entire planet! In fact, it was similar to experiencing a flashback (like Rocket of Power Rangers Yin-Yang always spoke of. How stories required a proper setting.)

    Within Mistress Soluella's old Lair, the demon Lady glared into her crystal ball when she noticed a Powers Rangers team fighting the very villains she had summoned. "Who in the HELL are they?! This is the last time I borrow technology from Ogma! But I did get the Imperial City; I just need to send those Power Rangers back to where ever they came from!"

    But before Soluella could lift a finger to zap the new Power Rangers...

    ...out on the battleground just outside of the ranger versus villains fight scene arrived the entire Trigram Boomer team. Stuart said, "Who do yas think those rangers are mates? And why are their enemies so gosh darn OOGLY?!"

    Duncan grinned. "Ugly, beautiful, what does it matter? They are in our Australia! Let's help those rangers against whatever the hell that ugly general is supposed to be!"

    Elysia then said, "Stupid monsters! Interrupting my practice time for the next Trappers Run Tournament!"

    Just then the image of the Primus Earth version of the Holy Pouch appeared over the battleground. "There yas blokes and sheilas are; When yas disappeared off of Primus Earth along with the villains, Ah started looking for yas immediately. Someone transported yer team and yer enemies to Dreamtrail Earth. And Ah sense their version of Soluella is the one who caused this. She was probably trying to summon new villains to 'elp 'er defeat all the rangers once and for all."

    Then the Parousian Holy Pouch's image appeared over the Trigram Boomers. "Devlin. They are from an Earth over in the next spiral arm. Soluella was trying to summon their new enemies to yer Earth to cause a new pain in yer tails. But because the new ranger team were fighting their new enemies at that very moment, the Cosmic Balance summoned both rangers and their foes at the same time. We could probably send them 'ome but the Cosmic Balance would also send their enemies back as well. Yas are looking at a team comprised of yer offspring's counterparts dwelling on Planet Primus. Now that we know about them, we could likely keep in touch with them. A final word of warning, Trigram Rangers, their enemies are Zeddites; meaning they are drawing their power from Emperor Zedd. Use caution when yas fight them."

    Devlin crossed his arms. He was wearing the Hybridizer but hadn't have any intention to use it just yet. He then somersaulted in the air, and landed on his feet. "ERUPTION!" The fire based attack knocked back the Zeddites, but since they were metal and robotic programming, they were able to get up soon after. "Blast! these enemies don't get stunned." He was avoiding the temptation to go to the Hybridizer; he didn't feel he earned it just yet. "Be careful guys. Flip... be extra careful."

    Rad growled and had his Tsume Naginata at the ready, "It's alright, Flip; the bloke 'asn't seen 'ow much yas improved."

    Flip nodded, and thrusted with his battle claw, as the were-croc swung his Naginata in a calculated style.

    Carmen sat down in the middle of battle, and started to blast at the Zeddites. "Who in the Pouch are these blokes that are interjecting themselves in?"

    "Trigram... Boomer?" said Oliver as he looked at them in brief awe, and giving a kangaroo hop to drive one of the Zeddites into the ground like a nail. He definitely noticed the Dragon Blade on the back of the Red Ranger. "Ah seen that bloke before... in a photo in Grandpa's dojo."

    Angie said, "Its the youthful counterpart of my mother as well as the counterpart of Ben's uncle from their young days in Trigram Boomer."

    Primus Pouch stated, "The counterpart to the demon mistress who flooded our world is the one whom brought yas and yer enemies over to their Earth."

    Parousian Pouch said, "Ah thought Soluella gave up that old plot after 'er generals left 'er service! Since she might still be focusing on that stupid plot, Trigram Boomer and the other rangers need to deal with 'er so she doesn't try to submerge our Earth!"

    Primus Pouch remarked, "If yas do plan on taking 'er out, Cousin, simply flood 'er air vents with enough 'oly water to plunge the entire lair under the 'oliest of 'oly water flooding possible. If she stupidly refuses to abandon 'er lair, then the 'oly Water will banish 'er to the Abyss for ten thousand years. It is like the Lord of us All taking a whizz on a demon."

    Denise smirked. "That sadly sounds funny, mates!"

    Elysia glanced up at the Aquarian Blue Falcon and said, "When did your mom stop using birth control, Falcon?"

    Angie replied with a shout, "I didn't know she used any! But she married a Time Dragon in human form! I was born human myself although I have the capability to learn time dragon abilities! Dad won't teach me anything fun!"

    Elysia shouted Back, "Looks like I am the only one who still uses birth control! Besides, I would never do it with another scaly since Rad has always been the number one scaly in my life! GEYSER!!" The Zeddites then got hit by geysers of water.

    Stuart and Denise shouted, "Let our Powers Combine! MIST! WIND! WATER!" And then a cold wind spun around the geysers and the three rangers exclaimed, "ICE!" And the geysers and the Zeddites douse with water developed an icy coating!

    Deryk the Pouch then said, "Fun is fun, Rangers, but it is time to help these 'eroes return to their own world. Sad that their enemies will return with them. But now that we know of their existence, maybe we can 'elp them by request some day. We 'ave a demon Mistress to defeat before she floods the world with a biblical deluge. The stupid bitch is still planning on doing this! Until we meet yas again, Aquarian Rangers of Primus; Once a Ranger, Always a Ranger! BEGONE!"

    And with those words, the second flashback effect overtook the Aquarian Rangers (as well as the frozen Zeddites) returning them to their own world of Primus!

    On Planet Primus, General Zee-Din chose to teleport back to their Factory City to report in of the allied power levels of these upstart rangers.

    Primus Pouch said, "The enemy 'as been defeated, Rangers! Ah am bringing yas back to base now!"

    Power Rangers Aquarius Base, Universal Pouch Rise, Boomer Bay/Kangaroo City, New Dreamtime; 2040 A.D.

    Dyrkonix hugged Nick briefly before telling him, "I noticed that you froze up just after the teleport to Dreamtrail Earth as if you were paralyzed with fear." Nick sighed. "Sadly, I was. For a Ranger, I'm a joke." He had that black cloud sound in his voice.

    Dyrkonix held Nick whom was trembling still. "Don't worry, Nick; we will work on your first time fear. You are my charge after all."
    End of Prologue.

    Chapter One: Preparation Time.
    Power Rangers Aquarius Base, Universal Pouch Rise, Boomer Bay/Kangaroo City, New Dreamtime; 2040 A.D.
    The Holy Pouch of Primus said, "Emperor Goldar and Empress Silvra were testing our defender forces and while yas did give it your all, sadly, sitting on the sidelines is not a great way to be a team player. Ah would advise that everyone work with yer power sponsors and if yas don't 'ave one, then yas should get one as soon as possible while we 'ave this time to prepare for the next attack."

    Dyrkonix took Nick over to a padded sofa where he had the boy in his lap quietly teaching him about courage and magic.

    Ben was speaking to Tarnado in regards to how the outing went.

    Angie approached the Pouch and said, "I don't know too many Falcon power sponsors, your grace. Who should I contact?"

    The Holy Pouch said, "Ah know a few and Ah will see about contacting them on your be'alf, Angie."

    Lord Tailblaze welcomed the opportunity to speak to his first pupil's grandson about how his talents can be taken to the next level. He found the son of Dr. Stryfe very intriguing.

    Carmen approached the Pouch, and asked in a kind and calm manner. "Is there a place welcoming to humans in New Dreamtime where I can find a Rock Wallaby lord to talk to?"

    Swifty was still on board at the base. Again he looked to Francie with kindness. "Though the excursion to another Earth was good for you, I will see which will be willing to sponsor your mentorship." He then turned to the Holy Pouch.

    "Though King Owen is not in a state to ask this of you, and my father refuses to get outside help, I am using my official station as Prince to make the request for my mother's sake. King Owen used up way too much of his Atlantean energies to protect the air-breathers that are welcome to live with us, even with help from the Akinobu Kitsune clan. He didn't wake up for six months after the flood waters subsided. It's been four years since the waters have quelled, and the King is still not even a fraction as strong as he was before the global floods." He then said, "Holy Pouch, I humbly ask of you to please help King Owen. His energies aren't replenishing like they would for normal Atlanteans."

    Francie said, "The Atlantean King is sick? How can he use up all of his energy protecting the air-breathers?"

    "An ancient dome shield that an Atlantean King can use to protect the City from any super-powerful malcontent and aquatic disasters. The King never used it before, and for good reason; it was meant to be used by a king with a higher level of energy, even more so with it being held for four months; a King of 250 would've been able to handle that much of a drain. King Owen however, is one-fifth of that age level."

    The Holy Pouch said, "Ah will grant the wish of recovery to King Owen so 'e regains 'is energy sooner than later. Owen and Evan are friends of the Pouch; although Ah should mention this, Swifty... Cosmic Mouse did make a copy of Evan Barone Sidarius when 'e was temporarily transformed into Tiger Mouse (by Renny Rainger before 'e became a Kitsune,) a super'ero who dwells with the American Eight back in Dreamwolf. The copy of Evan 'as the ability to power down into his 'uman form; but when 'e transforms, 'e is a veritable Power Mouse of 'uman size, ears, tail, fur, the whole bit. 'e 'as tiger stripes on 'is mousy fur. Minus the antennae, 'e looks like Throttle of the Biker Mice from Mars."

    Joseph the Pouch then said toward Carmen, "Dreamtime Wallabies in the old days were servants to full Dreamtime Kangaroos who ran saloons and taverns. Roule of the Pleasure Parlor married a real cutie of a Wallaby whom was once a servant. Ah can send yas to the Wallaby realms and let yas choose from the signpost of which Wallaby Lord yas want to take a chance with. As for Angie, the Dreamtime Falcons Ah know are all from 'eliopolis in the Egyptian Mythos. Ah will mentally call them and see about 'aving one bond with yas to teach yas the way of the sky."

    The Holy Pouch focused toward Atlantis and he utilized his elder powers to force the regeneration of the lost energies for King Owen. Don't let Ignorance Man win, Owen!

    A female Egyptian Falcon Lady suddenly appeared in the chamber as she presented herself to Angie. "I am Horazona; the direct sister to Horus, the Falcon God of Vengeance. If you will accept me, Angie, I will become your power sponsor. What do I do?"

    Angie showed Horazona the spell bracer. "This is a spell bracer; as my power Sponsor, you are to touch this bracer and share the ability to learn magical powers and spells related to your sphere of control." One touch later... and the falcon lady was teaching Angie the teleportation spell as well as the Freshen cantrip. "Freshen will remove foul odors."

    The Holy Pouch placed an arm around Carmen and teleported with him to the Wallaby Realms. "This is the signpost to tell yas who all lives out 'ere. There are only three Rock Wallaby realms. Ah will travel with yas so no one does anything stupid to yas."

    In the Healing Pools in the Mountain Citadel protecting the INP, King Owen has frequented the healing waters for the last four years, started to feel his old energy restore itself at an accelerated rate compared to the miniscule trickle. Owen knew that Swifty went to visit an old friend; what he didn't know was that old friend was the Holy Pouch. He responded in a slowly strengthening weak mental voice. This healing... feels familiar... why the Dreamwolf reference though? Haven't been to that bleeping dirt-ball in years.

    Carmen looked at the signpost, reading the names. "Lord Dualpride?" He was baffled because it left a mild dirty thought in his head that would make Roolock pround. "Does he really have two of 'em?" He was observant but he couldn't help but to stifle a snicker. "Lady Mannerspouch... is she like Miss Moneypenny?" He then saw the third one. "Goodness that sign got dirty. What is that third name on the sign?"

    The Holy Pouch grinned. "Oh Ah know Dualpride. 'e isn't a Wallaby but 'e governs over a realm of them because 'is mate is one. And yes, 'e 'as two pre'ensiles in 'is dual-sheath."
    End of Chapter One.


      Chapter Two: Choosing a Wallaby Lord.
      The Holy Pouch then said, "Dualpride used to be a player with Team Starpaw in the Tailstrike sport;" {last mentioned way back in PROR-10, PROR-11 and PROR-12} "Tailstrike is the Were-Kangaroo version of Roller 'ockey although played on Mud Flats instead of a 'ard surface. And no skates. Last Ah 'eard, Dualpride was sponsoring a Tailstrike team comprised of Wallabies. And 'e is doing a fine job of it, too. If yas would like to meet 'im, Ah can escort yas in and out." He then looked at the third name on the signpost. He had to reach up and clean off the caked on muddy dirt from the name. "Devi-Lord Shadowpounce. Yeah, Ah know this bloke too. 'e migrated up out of the Dreamtime Underworld to provide covert lessons and services to anyone seeking to 'ire 'im and 'is boys for the task. Despite being a Devil Were-Wallaby by nature, 'e is not evil. Ah can escort yas to meet 'im as well, if yas would like."

      "Devi-Lord Shadowpounce sounds like my kind of wallaby," observed Carmen. He was not too interested in seeing how both are functional. But unlike the human boy that became an intersex dragon (cunt boy), he was a little curious about what it would be like to have dual endowments. But he knew to keep his mind out of the gutter for official business.

      The Holy Pouch chose to take Carmen in to see the Tailstrike Wallabies while they were practicing for an upcoming game. While therein, Joseph the Pouch greeted Dualpride and quietly mentioned how Carmen had been mentally wondering about Dualpride's dual prehensiles. Off in a private side dressing/shower room, an educational expose' display to show Carmen the set of functional tools and an explanation on what it was like to grow up with two prides instead of one. After a polite fairwell, the Holy Pouch took Carmen back to the signpost before escorting him into Shadowpounce's Wallaby realm.

      "Now for the real business, mate," said the Holy Pouch. "Ah 'ope yas were not too upset that Ah read yer thoughts in regards to Dualpride. But as yas saw, 'e turned out to be a nice Were-Roo and 'is team looked to be in top form as well."

      Although somewhere ahead of the two, there seemed to be the sound of singing and the topic was about sliding in and out of the shadows while learning all there was to learn.

      Carmen hummed, "Sliding in and out of shadows... that sounds like something Ian Fleming's human realism wouldn't think to imagine. He walked along the path, and looked towards the horned moon-touched Wallaby conversing with a muscular Human male along with a pitch-black Kangaroo of the Shadow Clan. Though they were unusual to see around, they were honored guests.

      He walked up, and said, "Excuse me for interrupting a conversation. I am wondering if one of you would be kind enough to point me to Devi-Lord Shadowpounce." He then said, "I would like to make a proper request to learn from him the ways of stealth."

      "The first thing to learn about stealth is 'ow yer noisy footsteps are a good example of a bad example of stealth," snerked the pitch-black Kangaroo in a joking manner. "Sounds a lot like yas a decade ago, Jackson." He sniffed a familiar elder scent, and turned to face Joseph the Pouch. "'oly Pouch, yer presence 'ere was unexpected."

      Jackson Celeron was a lot older but still had the muscle. He was there to learn a lot more about all the different stealth techniques with Shade. "The bloke may have a lot to learn about stealth, but he does have an agreeable drab attire for it, eh Lord Shadowpounce?"

      The nearby shadows then parted as Shadowpounce emerged with meals and drinks as he handed them off to Shade and Jackson. He then looked at Carmen and Joseph. "Ah always 'ave time for a possible new student and/or mate to bed, yer grace. Which would be the case in point, me joeys?"

      Joseph the Pouch said, "The day came upon us sooner than expected, Shadowpounce. One of the new rangers chose not only the Wallaby but the ways of stealth as well. This is Carmichael "Carmen" Snart, the Grey Aquarian Rock Wallaby Ranger. 'e needs a Power Animal Lord to bond with so he can learn spells of Stealth and Information Gathering. Since yer the lord of these things among Wallabies, Ah permitted 'im to choose the Wallaby Lord of 'is choice. While 'e was curious about Dualpride and 'is Lordly Tailstrike Wallaby mate, 'e ultimately chose to meet with yas overall. Will yas accept 'im?"

      Shadowpounce sniffed over Carmen with a grin. "Ah am surprised yas didn't offer to try out the Dual-Wallaby pride 'e also 'as like his Were-Kangaroo mate 'as. Yas would still 'ave the scent 'ad yas done that, but oh what a learning experience that would 'ave been, eh mate?"

      Carmen blushed. "With respect for the ones with 'dual pride,' I am more interested in learning in the covert." Jackson hummed and shared a logical observance. "I am guessing by the way he is holding himself - not in the way of the gutter like I had before Deryk the Pouch removed the curse on my bits - he looks like he isn't in his experimental phase yet." He then shook Carmen's hand. "Jackson Celeron, Shadow Boomer X. Just call me Jack. That pitch-black Boomer is Shade, my Pepsi-Roo Partner."

      "What does Pepsi have to do with Kangaroos?" said Carmen, arching an eye.

      Jack laughed. "My team's nickname for the K-PEPS partners. You look like you have something to show Lord Shadowpounce."

      Carmen was more observant than diplomatic, so he was out of his depth. He explained the spell bracer as best he could. "Would you please consider being my sponsor in the stealth?"

      Shadowpounce chuckled. "Shade and Jackson are from Dreamtrail Earth where the team of Ranger X are still in training under Joseph the Pouch's father, Lord Kiel. Ah swear that old Were-Kangaroo Lord gets around. 'ere in Primus, Kiel and 'is order brothers are known as the Lost Legacies. Not the best title in the multi-verse but just as important as 'e was decades ago. Ah sense that yas and yer new team made a trip to Dreamtrail Earth just recently. Not only is Stealth my professional expertise but so is travelling the shadow corridors. Traversing these routes, yas can journey to many different Earth like worlds. Yas will always know 'ow to return to yer original 'ome world. And now, for why yas 'ave come to me. My sponsorship." And with that, Shadowpounce laid his now dark radiating paws upon the Spell bracer as he laid his enchantment upon it. Unlike the other sponsors, Carmen, whenever yas want to learn from me or receive a quick withdrawal to safety, touch yer spell bracer and say, Cozzo! This means, Corridors of Stealth; Open!. If yas seek to provide this rescue to yer whole team, just 'ave them jump into the shadow portal and then yas follow last."

      Joseph the Pouch then said, "Thank yas for accepting Carmen as a student, Shadowpounce. Ah am sure yas will 'ear from 'im soon. We 'ave to get back to Aquarian Base now."
      End of Chapter Two.


        Chapter Three: Personal Tools of the Trade.
        Back at base, shortly after the Holy Pouch and Carmen's return, Dyrkonix was examining the provided weapons for the ranger team. "Swords and Blasters are all well and good for basics, Nick. But I need to instruct you in the lordly tools of choice. The Ruby Aztec Blade and the Aztec Battle Claws. To summon the Aztec blade, simply hold your Aquarian Sword aloft and say, 'Cosmos Arise! Dyrkonix!' The Aquarian Sword will transform into the Ruby Aztec Blade which can ignite in flames whenever you desire. To summon the Aztec Battle Claws, crouch and pounce forward on the ground grabbing the loose dirt or open ground with your ranger gloves as you say, 'Cosmos Arise! Dragon Flame!' The Battle Claws can cleave steel in a single strike, like the Blade, they can ignite in flames. Like my father, I am a divinity lord of fire. When you feel afraid, raise a fist over your chest and say, 'Dyrkonix Knight Arise!' And then receive the transformation to beat a General's rear end. If 'e chooses to grow, then you summon your zord. Think you can remember all that?"

        Nick nodded his head. "Ah sure 'ope so, yer lordship."

        Dyrkonix hugged Nick. "I would like it better if you called me Uncle D. Please?"

        Nick hugged Dyrkonix in return. "All right, Uncle D."

        Tarnado and a lordly humanoid reindeer in white fur were speaking to Ben. "Ben, normally when you receive a power animal sponsor," started the Were-Donkey Lord, "your lord of spells is the same as your ranger animal. Therefore, I called forth a friend of mine from the Arctic Spiritland. This is Lord Blizzard, the Were-Reindeer Lord of Flying Snow. I was pleased to have you call me for advice to provide you with spell knowledge but since you are the White Aquarian Reindeer Ranger, you needed a reindeer lord to go with the package. And as you just heard me say, he is my friend. I trust him and so should you." Tarnado moved out of the way to let Blizzard empower Ben's spell bracer.

        When the empowerment was complete, Blizzard said, "When you kick an opponent with your ranger boots, that foe will flash-freeze to the spot. Just as Dyrkonix is fire; I am ice. When you slash someone with your Aquarian Sword, they will frost over as if Glacyra Yceswan had struck them. Your Aquarian Blaster will emit an ice ray as if Captain Cold or Iceman from the old Comic Books had done it. Your special weapon is the Winter Longbow. It is capable of shooting frosty arrows of ice. If you shoot a robot with these arrows, it will make them so brittle, that the next strike against them will shatter them as if they were fragile glass. To summon your longbow, pat your blaster holster and say, 'Volley Up'. The bow will appear in your hand and each time you pull the magical cord, magical ice arrows will automatically form. Lastly, Just as Tarnado provides sugar cane, my people produce ice cream in multiple flavors. So as my charge, you will get a lot of delicious treats."

        Horazona instructed Angie in summoning her special distance weapon, the Falcon Gatling Gun, a repeating distance weapon with explosive ammo. The initial ammo always appeared to be feather thin daggers which exploded fatally upon striking an opponent. Strange after-effects of the explosions were up to Angie. Tarring and feathering could be a possible result. "Furthermore, as long as you can see the blue sky above your position, you can open your eye of Horus and spot anything away from you no matter what the distance. With this, you can never get lost. A spell you will have in addition to teleportation will be to take flight, meaning you can transform yourself into either a live falcon or into your Blue Aquarian Falcon Zord."

        Lord Tailblaze and Konga Rao both were working with Oliver. The former enchancted Oliver's spell bracer. "Though yas chose me, a fire-based roo to sponsor yas," started Tailblaze, "Ah also teach well with the art of wielding weapons, like Ah 'ave taught yer grandpa 'ow to fight with the Moon Phase Cue. Since yas 'ave to work up to moon-touched specific weapons, Ah can allow yas to summon yer first weapon. Shout out 'Swing and Smash.' Any rope or chain yas are holding will become your Boomerpaw 'ammer. It's an advanced weapon even the monk-like Boomers have spent years training. Yer fancy rope-work in the first battle proved to me you could handle weapons with high versatility with finesse. Try it with the rope your grandpa brought." He nodded to Joey whom dropped the rope at his grandson's feet.

        Oliver grabbed up the length of rope, an appropriate length for a person of his size and arm length. "Swing and Smash!" The weapon glowed and became the Boomerpaw Hammer, and he swung it around before killing the momentum and catching the hammer in his hand. It did look like a steel boomer's paw.

        Because of the meditation he did earlier to communicate on a higher plane, Swifty was able to get some help from Poseidon in the form of Lord Njord, whom made his home in the seas of Midgard. The Narwhal had a golden tusk, and smiled at the first Ranger to honor the Narwhal as he eyed her for a moment, then agreed to enchant her spell bracer. "Lady Wells, you are granted the ability to summon a Jet Skiff to glide above water, and convert into an armored submersible should you need to explore the seas for an hour at a time. You will also be granted a personal weapon in the form of the Spiral Lancer. Just say 'Vridd Trykk.' Twisted Thrust. It will summon your weapon, and saying it once more will make it spin like a drill. The Narwhal Zord will also have that feature with its tusk."

        From the Shadows, Carmen heard, "Cozzo!" And Shadowpounce hopped out and he handed the young man a pair of Covert Tonfas. "Yas blokes left so fast, Ah didn't get a chance to give yas some pretty useful weapons for stealth masters. These are Covert Tonfas, they are collapsible and they have various surprises depending upon yer mood when yas are using them. To summon the tonfas, touch yer spell bracer twice and then lightly touch your groin softly and the Tonfas will appear in your grasp as if yas 'ad them 'id in yer dual pride." He smirked as he jumped back into the shadows.

        Joseph the Pouch smiled. "Looks like everyone is earning some good food and even nicer deserts." He proceeded to order some meals for the Aquarian Rangers.

        Dyrkonix had summoned a ceremonial brazier lined with coal and oil. "Okay Nick. Light it up just as I instructed you to do."

        Nick held out his hand palm side up and the focused on an invisible ball of air just over his open hand as he made a ball of flame appear before letting it drop into the brazier which ignited the brazier somewhat brightly which caused dancing shadows to be cast across the Aquarian Base. "How was that, Uncle D?"

        Dyrkonix replied, "Getting better. You weren't scared this time."

        Nick said, "I could feel the heat just over my hands but like you instructed, I ignored that and focused on keeping the fire ball from getting out of control before dropping it into the brazier. I hope we get to practice outside soon."
        End of Chapter Three.