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[PTR1] AA-02 Full Moon Fever (Part 1 of 2)

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    [PTR1] AA-02 Full Moon Fever (Part 1 of 2)

    Power Rangers Ars Arcana
    Episode Two: Full Moon Fever (part 1 of 2).
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle (Ratseye/Pouchlaw)
    with additional characters created by Lexington Lonewolf, Darquirrin, Liadan and Evenstar

    Starring, Power Rangers Druidic Force:
    Brand Maguire, Red Wolf Druid Ranger
    Created by Aragh Darktalon
    Matthew Cetacean, White Orca Druid Ranger
    Created by Lexington Lonewolf
    Evelyne Trottier, Blue Eagle Druid Ranger
    Created by Evenstar
    Merilyn Freeman, Green Owl Druid Ranger
    Created by Lord Pouchlaw

    Redfang of Pack Moonklaw / Worg Captain
    Robin "Puck" Goodfellow
    King Oberon
    Queen Titania
    TV Reporter Janice Thomas
    Chinese Wrestler Su Hong
    Millionaire Playboy Richard Lord

    Guest Allies:
    Cavan Maguire
    Hikaru Areli
    Hanabi "Geisha" Takahashi
    Aunt Kara

    The School Snobs:
    Jeremy Phelps
    Priscilla Somerton

    Morgana Le Fay, sorceress of dark fae magic
    Fenris Worg, were-worg captain of his Raiders
    Worg Raiders, pony-sized horrific wolves with intelligence and speech

    [Winchester Down and Avalon Bay; April 2007]

    Chapter One: New Spell Codes.

    Saturday Morning outside of Avalon Bay, California.

    It was a quiet morning, strangely enough... probably made weirder because Principal Freeman had come and gotten the families permission to borrow Evelyne and Matthew for the day. And now, along with Brand "the wolf" Maguire, they were out at Principal Freeman's wooded property outside of town. Brand was rolling out a larger padded sparring mat for the team, as the Principal had asked him to do. "I hope this isn't going to be a session of the master whipping the students butts. I didn't get up this early just so my butt can feel like my chest feels, you know."

    Freeman said, "When we aren't in school, you can simply drop the Principal part and just call me Freeman. I am a direct descendant of Merlin the Magician and I am a real Druid. Puck helped me to combine the Power Ranger power into the Druidic mystique, and the Druidic Force was born. Now, if you guys have any questions, now will be the time. Puck will be joining us later."

    Evelyne took out a black scrunchy and used it to tie her hair in a very basic ponytail she obviously wasn't all too free about, the suddenness of Freeman's call not giving her as much time to get ready than she usually took in the morning. Oh well, all part of the superhero's life. "Um, I have a question." she finally said while raising her arm a bit. "What are those wolves and why are they attacking?"

    Freeman replied, "They are called Worg Raiders and they were created through the combined magic of Morgana Le Fay, Fenris Worg, and a Dark Selie named Lorilee. The result changes human prisoners into Worg Raiders, who are under the mental control of the Worg Captains you saw in the park last week. As for why they are attacking, Le Fay has sent them to capture every musician and poet they can find. But I sense that she is only seeking a special one who is called the Scarlet Bard. For some reason, the Worg Captains have it in their heads that Brand knows the musician they seek, so most of the attacks are almost always focused around areas where Brand happens to be. One of the Worg Captains infected Brand with something last week during the first attack, and that is what is causing Brand's chest pains."

    Matt hummed, regretting not bringing his camera. But since this was for training, it was for the best to leave it at home. "Is that why the Worg that pointed out where I left my family's groceries after the battle didn't attack Evelyne and I after you and Brand left, Freeman?"

    Freeman hummed. "Mind you that not all of Fenris' captains are fully under that spell. Most can think for themselves. They are not captains for no reason, you know. They have earned that right to be a captain in Fenris' pack. The main way a Worg Raider can earn the promotion to captain is by capturing someone important and giving that prisoner to Fenris or Le Fay. If the victim/prisoner is important enough, then the Worg Raider receives a promotion and becomes a Worg Captain. But as I said before... most can think for themselves. And a few may have lives outside of the Worg pack. They may have packs of their own. A very possible solution. It could be that the one who helped you was one such Worg."

    Brand was feeling better today, but the chest pains often returned when the sun set. His nights were a total nightmare. "How did these stupid lupines get it in their heads that I know where the Scarlet Bard is? I just hang out with biker gangs; not musicians."

    Freeman said, "That is the one thing I do not know. But hopefully when Puck arrives he can throw some light on the subject. Puck will be giving all of us another spell code today. He is certainly good about spell code teaching."

    Matt hummed, as he remembered how he activated a spell code, and all the water droplets around him expanded into bubbles that were enough to a barrage. "Spell Codes? Like the one we used to fight off the Worg Raiders?"

    At that moment, Puck did emerge from the forest. "Yes, Spell Codes like you used in the last battle. Sorry I am late. I was having to deal with some of Arthur's knights in 540 A.D. Nothing to concern yourselves with."

    Puck smiled. "Here is the way this deal works, my friends... every time you win a battle against the Worg Raiders, I will reward your whole team with new spell codes. Freeman has a few extra only because he has been doing my bidding for quite a while now and he has a bit more experience under his belt.

    "For Brand... Spell Code 2: Eruption. This will cause a horrendous fiery explosion on a small group of your foes. It will be like up to six enemies got caught in a volcanic blast.

    "For Evelyne... Spell Code 2: Tornado. This will cause a tornado to appear and grab up to six of your foes up within its whirling vortex. It will be exactly like you think a tornado is, though under your control.

    "For Matt... Spell Code 2: Tsunami. This will create a massive tidal wave that will sweep up to six of your foes and wash them away, head over heels. I think you know what that effect will be like.

    "For Freeman... Spell Code 2: Entangle. This will cause vines and grasses to snake out at rapid speed and wrap around up to six opponents legs which will cause them to be pinned to the ground. That ground quake spell you used yesterday to drop Fenris into a hole traps him within a small cavern exactly where you dropped him. And you will have to deal with them afterward. If I find out that you kill an opponent with this spell, Freeman, I will cause that spell to happen while you are asleep in your house and we will see how you like it in a small cavern."

    Freeman shuddered. "I get the message, Puck! Sheesh! You come down on me like I'm the worst one here!"

    Puck grinned. "Second worst. Merlin was the worst. I know you are a descendant, but you should have more sense than him."

    End of Chapter One.