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[PG-PL02] PRSP-01 Booming Business

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    [PG-PL02] PRSP-01 Booming Business

    Pentagon Lost
    PAWs Galaxy

    Power Rangers Swiftwind Pizza
    Episode One: Booming Business

    Lari Blackall, Red Pentagon Rat Ranger
    (the others will be added to the roster as they are met in the new adventure.)

    Allied Sponsor:
    Shaman Kratt / Prince Riptide Astra of Spindrift Isles (NYC)

    Lord Kiel: Also known as 'Dad'.
    He is a Were-Kangaroo boomer who was one of the original members of the High Orders. Leader of the Musketeer Order.
    Lord Brock: Also known as 'Rack'.
    He is a Were-Crocodile male who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He owns the pool table.
    Lord Daiquiri: Also known as 'Tally'.
    He is a Were-Dingo alpha who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the bartender of the order.
    Lord Studpaw: Also known fondly as 'Studdy'. He is mated to Rusty St. John who has a white shadodrak named Drayce.
    He is the only non-Were member of the order, being a Kangaroo of the Kangaroo Order and former mentor to the Boomer Force.
    Lord Pouchsong: The head kangaroo in charge of the Kangaroo Academy itself.
    Lady Parcelpouch: The new head kangaroo sheila in charge of the Kangaroo Courier Service. She is Pouchlaw's and Parcelpaw's daughter.
    Roolock: He is a Dreamtime Lord of immoral fun and witchcraft.
    Clarissa: She is Roolock's wife back home who has powerful long eyelashes which can paralyze a male without warning.
    Outback Legend and Fern East: Dreamtime Warriors in training (aka Outback Legend's pile of rocks)
    Quicksilver: He is a Message Courier Roo that often goes between Dreamtime Realms and Australia.
    He's super-fast but not good at stopping himself.
    Doctor Grey Huxley: The Head Physician in Kangaroo City.
    Timmy Celeron: Hedgehog Courier and husband to Nitro the Hedgehog

    [PG-PL02] PRSP-01 Booming Business
    Written By Darrel "Lord Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle
    Co-Written By Lexington "Devvy-boy" Lonewolf
    March 4th, 2021

    October 1st, 2030

    Chapter One: Catering to the Kingdoms

    (Previously on PROR-45 and PRTB-26...)

    Their arrival point was just behind where Lari stood in the hallway where he was peaking around the corner at the demon guardian at the gate. "A demon, well no one said a ranger test would be easy," said Lari looking the same as he always looked in the past. "I have to reach that gate so I can show that I am a Power Ranger. I believe. I believe that I am a Power Ranger. I believe. I believe in myself." Then he headed through the archway and into the chamber beyond.

    At that point, the rangers and demon hunter surged into the chamber behind Lari. And when the demon guardian saw what had entered the chamber, he was actually taken aback momentarily. "One intruder or twenty... makes no difference to me. So you brought a ranger army, did you? You will still lose when I defeat you all."

    Lari blinked his eyes, "What are you talking about? I came by myself! There isn't anyone else..." he looked over his shoulder to see what was behind him. " Where did you guys come from?"

    Fusion exclaimed, "Never mind that, Leader, you just focus on the gate. Delvyroo, you're up. Show this demon who's boss."

    Delvyroo strode past Lari and went right up to stand in front of the demon. "Quetzalcoatl sends his greetings, demon. Golden Aztec Sword!" And he summoned his battle blade and immediately engaged the demon in combat making sure to divert the demon off to the side so he couldn't keep an eye on the gate where Lari needed to get to.

    But then the demon chose to play unfair as he summoned help in the form of demon soldier grunts much in the same fashion as the Dragon Soul's enemies.

    Fusion said, "Looks like we all get to have a workout, my friends. Leader, we will handle the grunts, you get to that door."

    And because a good looking mouse man was asking, Lari complied and made his way around the grunts toward the door itself. Occasionally he got to see how Rangers fight when Grunts got too close to him.

    Wearing dark sunglasses to conceal his eyes, Zippy the Hedgehog (Timmy Celeron) rushed fast and slammed a few of the Demons with the claw weapon Knuckles gifted him long ago, and kneed another demon with a rather fast running knee strike. He was more passionate about fighting evil than he has been since he started out as a hero. "Can't best something you can't catch," he said in a raspy grunt.

    Devlin summoned his Pyro Hatchet to his left hand, and reached back for his Dragon Blade. He sounded too similar to Lexington Lonewolf to be recognized. "Yas want a blast from the past, 'ave a taste of my blade, Demons!" He then fought with both ignited weapons, starting to show he was an expert as dual wielding weapons.

    Flip summoned his Valor Claw and sent an energy-enhanced wake at some of the Demons, while Rad took the opportunity to assist with the Templar Brandish of his Tsume Naginata, sending them back to the pit they crawled out of with various slices of his naginata.

    Elysia was washing the demon soldiers off against a far wall while Denise was whipping the winds up something fierce making it hard for the demons to take any steps toward Lari nor the gate. Bill tackled demon soldiers as he howled werewolf style.

    Colt Rider and Stuart Ward grabbed Lari around the waist and teleported him across the chamber to the gate itself before turning to attack demon Soldiers who were close to that location. Traveling Stuart style was actually fun as the Trigram Boomer Rangers knew all too well.

    Lari approached the door and reached into his pocket and pulled out the metal key. He slowly inserted the key into the keyhole and turned it clockwise an entire revolution before removing the key and pocketing it once again. The metal door glowed brightly and vanished revealing an exit portal just beyond the opening. Fusion teleported over to stand near Lari and then sent an exploratory probe through the portal. Then Fusion said, "It's safe, Leader, go on through, my friends and I will follow you in a moment. The rat man who smells like pizza and the others are waiting for you." and Lari turned and gave Fusion a stunning and tingly deep kiss on his muzzle before leaping through the portal.

    Fusion shook off the kiss then he shouted, "Wrap it up, my friends! Lari opened the exit portal time to head back to Pentagon Lost." In a near whisper, Fusion said, "Damn... that kid knows how to kiss a rodent. I hope Polly never finds out about this."

    Delvyroo then initialized the Holy Banishing power upon the Demon Guardian and in a flash, all of the grunts as well as the demon himself simply vanished out of the chamber. "Aw... my partner popped. But that worked just like Dirkonga said it would."

    Then the Rangers and riders and hedgehog departed through the portal to arrive in time to see Lari inserting the key into the keyhole on the Time Capsule seal. And upon turning the key clockwise, the Time Capsule flared so brightly that it enveloped the entire planet... when the flare of bright light subsided, every Pentagon Lost kingdom had been restored to the entire planet totally recreating Pentagon Lost as it had once been in all of its former glory. When Soluella seals something away, she doesn't fool around.

    Kratt knelt down and gave Lari a hug. "You have successfully completed your ranger quest. Sadly... I have bad news for you. Please do not be upset with me nor anyone else around, but... the year is currently 2030. You have not aged at all, but your friends are all adults twenty years older than you and most with their own children now."

    Lari blinked once then twice pondering what has been told to him. "Who did Marcia White marry?"

    Lord Kiel replied, "She married James 'ansen and they 'ave a son of their own now."

    Lari looked tickled over the news. "Ah never thought James would be the one, but Ah always did tell Marcia she wouldn't die as an old maid. What about Olivia Banks? Who did she marry?"

    The Arranger said, "She married a Japanese gentleman and they have a teenage daughter these days."

    Lari was more concerned over the ladies first, seemed like. "What about Wessy, er, Ah mean Timothy Celeron... that's not much better, 'e 'ates 'is name. Timmy, yeah, that's the ticket. What woman with big knockers did 'e marry and is she also a Sonic fan? Libido runs in 'is family according to 'is own brother."

    That was when 'Zippy' frowned, a tear came out from one side of his shades. "If the tides of time and fate would've been kinder, he'd probably been with you. But even the fates see things differently, and he ended up in an enforced marriage with a horny hedgehog bottom, and bore a load of children, most of which are in their teens." He then took off his sunglasses showing his eyes. "You look like a pleasant sight out of time, Larry, and I owe you a debt of gratitude that can't be paid in full."

    Lari did recognize Timmy by his eyes. "Oh my god... Captain N sucked yas inside that 'and'eld yas were always carrying around. Ah'm sorry to 'ear that yer married life didn't go as yas planned, Timmy. But Ah'm no Sonic. Yas once told me that yas wouldn't marry anyone unless they were Sonic Blue and 'edge'og all the way. At least you're just a little shorter than me in that form. I always thought that yas would 'ave grown up like a basketball player."

    Extreme smirked as he struck a basketball player type of pose.

    Elysia then said, "Most of us are Power Rangers of 2030 on Earth. Although the two rabbits and the cowboy are Kamen Riders."

    Lord Kiel then added, "Ah learned that it was Outback Legend who 'ad originally told the Lone Dragon Ranger about yer dream to be a Power Ranger. And furthermore, 'e was the one who wanted to mentor yas. But Kratt, 'ere, cares about yas and 'e also wants to 'elp yas fulfill yer dream to be a Power Ranger and thus..." he reached into his pouch and he pulled out a wrapped box and handed it to Lari. "Merry late Christmas. Ah've been 'olding on to this for a long time. Go a'ead and open it. Yer new morpher will be next. Ah got my son to craft one for yas so it is freshly empowered and not a 'and-me-down."

    Lari carefully opened the Christmas present and finally he looked at the Dominik Ratt Bronze Ranger figurine still in its original shrink-wrap. "Awesome. The Original Rat Ranger 'imself." he then gave lord Kiel a hug. "Thank yas a lot for this."

    Lord Kiel then pulled out a single silver bracer with the green Spindrift insignia over a red cloud as well as a sword belt with a power sword in the scabbard The pommel of the sword also had the Spindrift insignia upon it. He placed the silver bracer on Lari's wrist and then he affixed the sword belt around Lari's waist. "To morph, yas pull out yer sword and then yas tap the flat of the blade against the bracer as yas say, Lost Legend Swiftwind. As yer surroundings initially change, yas then say, Red Pentagon Power. At the end, yas announce, Red Pentagon Rat Ranger. Normally in Pentagon Lost, only the leaders and kings get these morphing powers, but since Kratt is literally the leader of the Hold of the Spindrift Sea Princes otherwise known as Prince Riptide Astra of the Sea Rats, he gets to choose who gets to use a morpher in 'is kingdom and 'e chose yas, Lari. Go a'ead and give it a try. After that, we'll see about yer new base headquarters."

    Lari brought up his Transformer and struck it with his power sword as he shouted, "Lost Legend Swiftwind!" Suddenly, ceremonial ruins appeared all around him, as he jumped into the air and passed through a large red hoop above him. "Red Pentagon Power!" In a flash, he was in his ranger armored uniform and looked like a large muscular Rat humanoid wearing red and white armors all over his entire body. Then he landed in the center of the ceremonial ruins and a red light of nobility glowed all around him as his great bow appeared on his back along with a quiver of battle arrows. "Red Pentagon Rat Ranger!"

    Rapid close ups then occurred showing off every new part of his larger than normal ranger rat man form as he flicked his tail making a whipping sound.

    After that the party was moved to the Mountain Village of Ragol in the nearby mountains just north of the Spindrift kingdom where the Grand Bazaar was parked at. With the Arranger's help, the new pizza parlor was set up and opened which permitted Kratt to get right to work. Then the Arranger focused on creating Lari's new Swiftwind base and ranger headquarters. On the roof of the headquarters was an exact duplicate of Lari's clubhouse for those who simply wanted to hang out in there. Aside from that, a round chamber dedicated to INP transportals was authorized to connect Lari with Earthian Australia, Terran Australia, and New Adalian's Australia as well as South Island where Lord Deryk's academy was located on New Adalia and the Emerald Palace on Mobius itself where Sonic and the others often operated out of. This would give Timmy permission to come visit on his days off. After Kratt handed everyone the first pizzas as everyone introduced themselves to Lari properly before beginning to head back to Earth.

    Before everyone left, Lari surprisingly said, "Since there are so many Lari Knights on each world, Ah think Ah should change my name to Lari Blackall as homage to the town where Ah grew up. But don't worry, Ah'll always be good old Lari deep down."

    Lord Kiel then said, "The Kangaroo Courier Service will send a representative to arrange negotiations with yas some time soon. They pride themselves on being the delivery service to the universe, so yas will 'ave to make some sort of deal with them if yas want to make deliveries."

    Lari said, "Who said Ah would be doing that? Ah'm a power Ranger now and Ah am sure Ah will 'ave plenty to do without stepping on any kangaroo's toes. Nice meeting yas blokes. See yas around."
    Mountain Village of Ragol in the nearby mountains just North of the Spindrift Kingdom
    Grand Bazaar

    Lari returned from a pizza delivery catering job to one of the bazaar tent merchants moving at the speed of wind. When he arrived, he saw a Courier Roo wearing a pink jacket standing next to the takeout order window. Lari handed in the payment the merchant gave him as he removed his rat-shaped helmet and smiled at the Courier Roo. "Kiel said yas blokes would be arriving sooner or later. Welcome to Swiftwind Pizza, food and drink caters for Pentagon Lost."

    The roo in the pink jacket was glad that Lari was not performing message deliveries, although delivering food and drink sounded just as important. "Lady Parcelpouch asked me to set up negotiations with yas, Lari Blackall. Delivering messages doesn't pay a lot; what does food delivery pay?"

    Lari smiled at the roo again. "Minimum wage for me, although this is based off of 15% of payment price for the food and drink delivered. We haven't expanded outside of the bazaar as yet, so at the moment, Ah am only catering to bazaar merchants and customers whom come to the bazaar to do their shopping. It's been a while since Ah've had any visitors from Earth or the other ranger capable worlds."

    The pink jacketed roo asked, "'ow much sex 'ave yas 'ad with the locals?"

    Lari smiled toward the back kitchens. "Aside from Prince Riptide, Ah keep focused to the task at paw."

    The pink jacketed roo said, "Lady Parcelpouch will be impressed by yas, Lari. Ah can give a good report later. 'ow 'ard will message delivery be to the kingdoms of Pentagon Lost?"

    Lari replied, "Unless yas 'ave an auto-translate spell set upon yas, then yas might get captured for invading their kingdoms. My ranger bracer 'as a built-in translator that permits me to speak in the Pentagon Lost languages. Without it, Ah wouldn't 'ave a job."

    The pink jacketed roo hugged Lari and licked his face. "Ah 'ave to get going now. Thank yas for the interview." And the courier roo sped off toward the INP shortcut.

    Lari giggled. "A courier boomer wearing pink... what is the outback coming to?"

    Though keeping a respectable distance because of a warning from Lord Studpaw to not get a human boy in trouble unless it is mutual or necessary, Timmy was able to return without... ahem... magical intervention.

    The Hedgehog said, "Lady Parcelpouch took over the primary operations of the Courier detail... her favorite color is pink, so those that aren't still aligned with Lord Parcelpaw for special tasks are issued a pink courier bag. With exceptions for non-roos."

    Timmy then said something, "She did have me... recruit another Mobian-minded human into the courier service as a test to see if Hedgehogs can recruit as well as Courier Roos. Also it was made part of the kid's training as a Hedgehog Ranger. Though Nitro would've been like 'why wasn't I called to join in?' I was concerned for the boy. He and Sony became an item before I did. Whatever left of me still human didn't like having to put another in a relationship through that."

    He sighed. "The things one must do because of tradition... I still remember how FAT I got when I was freshly recruited."

    Lari smiled at the Hedgehog whose voice he recognized. "'ey Timmy. Ah guess people finally started to remember where Ah was after all this time. Can Ah get yas a pizza or 'ave yer tastes changed since Ah last saw yas?" Then he glanced off into the kitchens. "Hey Riptide! Is it okay if Ah take Timmy up to the rooftop club'ouse for a bit on my break? Ah know 'e likely 'asn't seen the inside of the original club'ouse in a long while."

    Shaman Kratt stuck his nose out of the pizza kitchen. "Just don't spend too long up there. I know you don't get to see your old friends from school all too often. You have time since there are no orders waiting." Then he withdrew to get a pizza ready for Lari since the boy was taking a break.

    Lari escorted Timmy upstairs and out through an opening on the roof of the pizza business where - lo and behold - a copy of the original Clubhouse stood in all of its former glory. "In all 'onesty, Timmy. The last time Ah ever got to see yas was on the day Ah made the bullies leave yas alone in school and yas thanked me for being such a good friend. Ah gave yas an invite to come on over to the club'ouse after school which Ah had only recently built with my father's permission. After that day, Ah was off in the other dimension trying to fulfill Kratt's secret mission unknowing that time was passing all around me as Ah kept trying to succeed in the mission. But Ah didn't want to give up. What Power Ranger gives up?"

    The inside of the clubhouse was identical to the original except for one added feature... a dumbwaiter which had fresh pizza scent rising out of it. And there was a small cola cooler with ice sitting in the corner that would have been designated later as the shortcut to the Musketeers order. There was also a single back door in the clubhouse. The sign read: restroom. There were three cots with a blanket and a pillow along one wall and three cots with a blanket and a pillow along the other wall. This meant legal clubhouse sleepovers.

    "Because Ah succeeded in Kratt's mission, Ah was able to get a few upgrades to the club'ouse. When Kiel told me 'ow long Ah 'ad been gone and what 'ad 'appened to the original club'ouse and what the demons 'ad done to erase my existence, Ah chose to change my name to Lari Blackall. That way, if a new fake Lari Knight ever popped up, it would be obvious that they weren't me since my new last name was Blackall. The Musketeer Order and Outback Legend do order pizzas from time to time and Ah get to deliver them. So Ah not totally forgotten."

    "'ave a seat. Do yas still play that 'and'eld of yers?" What a question; how long has it been?

    Timmy nodded, but pulled out a different handheld from an inner pocket in his jacket. "It's at home... my living Pervoberry son Dash loves playing with it to distract him from lust-filled thoughts about Pulsar Flowen. I went through a few handheld upgrades or so... some of the handhelds are hybrid consoles now."

    End of Chapter One.