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WG: PRMT-06: Yin-Yang Thunder

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    WG: PRMT-06: Yin-Yang Thunder

    Episode Six: Yin-Yang Thunder
    by Darrel James Vanwinkle / September 25th, 2007
    Originally written on Power Rangers Network (PRN)!
    A Yin-Yang crossover. Yours for mine seems to be order for the day, when Scar Wratherrat and the RogueKnights swap places to tackle each others enemies. Join us for a adventure of humorous zany fun when the Yin-Yang Rangers visit Seattle, Washington!

    Coming up next on Power Rangers Marvel Thunder!
    Marvel Thunder - Theme Song

    "Swords clash! Lightning flash! Evil's on the run!
    Spells miscast! They're here at last! Power Rangers having fun!

    Thunder Roars! Mythology Soars! Heroes Score!

    Brought to bare! A questing's dare! Buddies to the end!
    Power to gain! Evil's insane! Thunder will defend!

    Thunder Roars! Mythology Soars! Heroes Score!"

    (musical score played here)

    "Swords clash! Lightning flash! Evil's on the run!
    Spells miscast! They're here at last! Power Rangers having fun!

    Thunder Roars! Mythology Soars! We will Score!


    Marvel Rangers:
    Thomas Oliver, Green Marvel Ranger
    Zakki Taylor, Black Marvel Ranger
    Jase Lee Scott, Red Marvel Ranger
    Katrina Kwan, Yellow Marvel Ranger
    Bill Cranston, Blue Marvel Ranger
    Kimba Hart, Pink Marvel Ranger
    Gene Skullovitch, Thunder Rabbit Ranger

    Guest Starring:

    Deryk Devlin, Red Yin-Yang Fire Ranger
    Orion Spencer Ki'lin-ti, Yellow Yin-Yang Earth Ranger
    Janet Renton, Blue Yin-Yang Water Ranger
    Varvara Najeeb, Yin-Yang Wind Ranger
    Rickward "Rikki" Brooklyn, Black Yin-Yang Shadow Ranger
    Wallace "Wally" Blayze, White Yin-Yang Light Ranger

    Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, Mercury

    "Rocket" Razylymiirgolos Andrakkan, the Armored Winged Sentinel of the Greater Assassins
    Cutter Devlin, Crimson Soul Protector, Boomer Huntsman Ranger
    Bradford Fortmont, Bronze Soul Protector, Dragon Huntsman Ranger
    Lorilei Sylvan, Silver Soul Protector, Unicorn Huntsman Ranger
    Mike Bowler
    Timothy MacGraw
    "Jack Set", a jackalite warrior of Amon Set

    Evil King Varnerheim
    RogueKnight of Flame
    RogueKnight of Ice
    RogueKnight of Mud
    RogueKnight of Smoke
    Benalda the Shroom Witch

    Guest Villains:

    Space Pirate Captain Scar Wratheratt
    the Scourge Mates
    Leviathan, an alien sea monster with the power to cause mega-tsunamis

    Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers, Power Ranger Productions, nor any semblance of the Super Sentai franchise references in said series, nor SHAZAM nor DC Comics, in any way, shape, or form. The characters presented here have names which are similar to the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers by Saban. The villains are of my own creation. I am not a good combat writer; I am more about the story itself. Apologies are given to anyone looking for a good combat scene. Character references similar to living people is purely coincidental. All rights are reserved.

    Chapter 01

    "Seattle, Washington. Home of the famous Space Needle. A wonderful shining jewel on the shores of the Elliott Bay." Rocket smiled at the audience. "Greetings, my friends. It is so good of you to tune in to read about my friends latest adventure. Today we are going to be focused in Seattle, Washington, where my friends, the Tao Rangers, encountered and teamed up with another ranger team, the Marvel Rangers. Yes, this is a team-up episode. And yes, I, the uber kyoote shadodrak Rocket, am narrating this adventure." He winked.

    "But all good stories need a setting," he grinned. "Therefore, here we go..." And the waves of flashback overtook the television screen... the scenery of the Seattle Center came into view.

    Cutter Devlin was Deryk's half brother who had been moved to River Bluff, Missouri, years before Deryk had grown up in Australia. And while Cutter had kept the trademark accent, he was careful not to use it around the bullies in town. He stood around 5' 6" tall, weighing about 165 pounds. "That was an excellent dinner, mates! Ah sure am glad that Mike's cousin suggested that we come up 'ere!"

    Janet Renton was the all-American Caucasian hometown girl, but trouble through and through. She stood around 5'9", being slender yet muscular, and she'd black your eye if you asked how much she weighed. She had short brown hair and green eyes, and often wore boys clothing. A real tomboy! "Thanks for buying me that dessert, Cutter. That was really sweet of you."

    Rickward "Rikki" Brooklyn was one of the former bullies, but he loved Janet with an undying passion. He stood at 6'3" and weighed 210 pounds. He had a ruddy-red complexion with freckles, spiky orange-red hair and green eyes. He was often training to better his skills for the team. "He had to buy it after you nearly ate half of it off of the waiter's tray, you little hog."

    Timothy "Tim" McGraw stood about 5'11" and weighed around 175 pounds. He had a far-eastern complexion, with brown eyes and a brownish-red mohawk. "She's not a hog, Rikki... she's a shadodrak in disguise. We've seen how much Rocket can put away."

    Hey! I resemble that remark! Hehe!

    Royal Princess Varvara Najeeb of the Radiant Desert was a real native Saudi Arabian princess from a hidden kingdom hidden in the vast sands of the wind swept desert. She stood at 5'10" tall, weighing around 175 pounds. She had long black hair and crystal blue eyes. She often dressed in casual blouses, mini-skirts, and high-heel boots. "Stop bickering and enjoy our little vacation. This is the first bit of rest we've been able to have in months."

    Why is it that every time they say that, something bad always happens?

    Mike Bowler stood about 6'3" and weighed 220 pounds. He was Caucasian, with black hair and brown eyes. He had his Jackalite with him still. "Way to go, Varvara! You just jinxed us! Something BAD is bound to happen now!"

    Orion Spencer Ki'lin-ti was an alien from the Planet Henge'rin Yo'ki. No, really! He was! He stood at 6'1" tall, weighing 190 pounds. He appeared Caucasian, with russet-brown hair and solid black eyes, which had no pupils, but did produce a nice shiny effect at night. He often hid his fox's tail inside his pants, wanting to appear as human as possible. Orion was Rocket's caretaker, most often. "I swear... we just can't take Varvara anywhere." He winked with a grin. He knew he'd get hit by Varvara later for saying that.

    Stanley Thunder was a Japanese Hengeyokai Rat who currently looked like a tall athletic human boy who was often more into tennis than baseball. He stood around 6'1" and weighed about 165 pounds. He had spiky blonde hair and blue eyes, though his complexion and facial features would remind one of a brown rat. He really liked Janet, but his sole training focus was Deryk. "Perhaps the dark forces didn't hear us this time. Right?" He grinned sheepishly.

    Deryk Devlin was a good-looking, slender Australian boy, with light tan skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. He stood at 5', weighing 115 pounds. He wore blue jeans, hiking shoes and a red t-shirt. He had a fair smile, and while slender, he had the makings of a fine gymnast. "'ere now, mates. Can't we just 'ave some fun without looking over our shoulders for King Falthezarr?"

    Jack Set was a humanoid male Jackalite of Set who currently wore the clothing of a teen aged human boy, with golden earrings and golden body jewelry. He stayed quite close to Mike, protecting him at times, but rarely spoke. This was one of those times. "If our enemies show up here, we will crush them."

    End of Chapter 01