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WG: PRMT-04 Grounded

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    WG: PRMT-04 Grounded

    Episodes Four: Grounded
    by Darrel James Vanwinkle / January 4th, 2005
    Originally written on Power Rangers Network (PRN)!
    Our six heroes are barely home from their first heroic adventure, when King Varnerheim and his RogueKnights discover the secret of Whirlpool Lake and launch an offensive against the unsuspecting region of Angel Glen, Washington. Will our heroes be able to push back King Varnerheim's latest plan of taking over their world?

    This is NOT a parody series of MMPR! Names may sound the same, but it is merely coincidental only! Enjoy the humor of this first person point-of-view adventure!

    Coming up next on Power Rangers: Marvel Thunder!
    Marvel Thunder - Theme Song

    "Swords clash! Lightning flash! Evil's on the run!
    Spells miscast! They're here at last! Power Rangers having fun!

    Thunder Roars! Mythology Soars! Heroes Score!

    Brought to bare! A questing's dare! Buddies to the end!
    Power to gain! Evil's insane! Thunder will defend!

    Thunder Roars! Mythology Soars! Heroes Score!"

    (musical score played here)

    "Swords clash! Lightning flash! Evil's on the run!
    Spells miscast! They're here at last! Power Rangers having fun!

    Thunder Roars! Mythology Soars! We will Score!


    Marvel Rangers:
    Thomas Oliver, Green Marvel Ranger
    Zakki Taylor, Black Marvel Ranger
    Jase Lee Scott, Red Marvel Ranger
    Katrina Kwan, Yellow Marvel Ranger
    Bill Cranston, Blue Marvel Ranger
    Kimba Hart, Pink Marvel Ranger

    Gene Skullovitch

    Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, Mercury

    Evil King Varnerheim
    RogueKnight of Flame
    RogueKnight of Ice
    RogueKnight of Mud
    RogueKnight of Smoke
    Benalda the Shroom Witch
    Mighty Drazon, a horrible dragon like monster that can breath a gout of flaming water

    Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers, Power Ranger Productions, nor any semblance of the Super Sentai franchise references in said series, nor SHAZAM nor DC Comics, in any way, shape, or form. The characters presented here have names which are similar to the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers by Saban. The villains are of my own creation. I am not a good combat writer; I am more about the story itself. Apologies are given to anyone looking for a good combat scene. Character references similar to living people is purely coincidental. All rights are reserved.

    Chapter 01

    Waiting to be called into action can be one of the most boring things to have happen to you. Especially when you're an Earth boy. Give me a workshop any day. No... I have to mow my parent's lawn.

    What's that? Oh, right.

    It's me... Bill Cranston. You haven't blabbed my secret to anyone, have you?

    Cool! I knew I could trust you guys.

    I think it's awesome that I get to be the Blue Marvel Ranger. Sure beats my namesake's ranger form, I'd think. Talk about someone needing a new wardrobe!

    Anyway, here I am. Mowing my parent's lawn. I suppose it could be worse and we could be in school. No, I can't really complain. Well, not much, anyway. At least I'm getting paid to do this.

    What's that? What happened to us after we returned to Earth?

    Well, I'll tell you.

    After we returned home, we were all grounded. That's right, grounded. For being out after our curfews. Now, doesn't that just suck all over the place? We get to be heroes and the reward is being grounded. If I thought I was going to be grounded, I'd have stayed with my hippogriff friend, the courier named Jerry. I mean, he DID offer me a job.

    Anyway... life is about to get more interesting.

    Our departure from the magical world had not gone unnoticed.

    King Varnerheim and his RogueKnights saw where we had gone and were attempting to follow us. Well, they were attempting to follow. Remember the rules on the portal in the whirlpool? Right after my friends and I flew through the portal, the color changed. And the RogueKnights have been bouncing off the portal ever since.

    But that is about to change. And will my friends and I ever be busy.

    I had just finished mowing the lawn and was putting the lawnmower back into the shed, when suddenly, I heard the tell-tale musical tones in my head.

    I said, "The wizards. They're calling. About damned time."

    I quickly headed over to a mirror that I had placed in the shed and gazed into it's reflection. Sure enough, Solomon and the others were there. And they had very serious expressions on their unicorn muzzles.

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Solomon exclaimed, "King Varnerheim and his RogueKnights found the way to follow you back to Earth. They are now in your world. And while this may be a reason for the people of our world to celebrate, for you and your friends, it is the worst possible scenario. There can be no celebrating on either side. King Varnerheim now has access to both of our worlds, just as you and your friends do. What he plans to do in your world is not known at this time, but you must be alert for his activities. And until our own king and knights are found, King Varnerheim will be a definite threat to us all."

    I frowned, the replied, "Right. I'll contact the others right now." I dug out my cellphone and punched in the numbers for the others. Yes, Kimba, too. I couldn't leave her out. I wish I could, though.

    I then told Jase and the others what was going down.

    Have we mentioned how vulgar my friends can be on the telephone? Well, now it's been mentioned. At least we're not falling off of something.

    I turned to Solomon, inquiring. "Anything more that you can tell us?"

    Solomon replied for all to hear, "The Shroom Witch made the journey with King Varnerheim. I am afraid that she is determined to change Katrina's form."

    We all heard Katrina growl, "But I didn't even touch her mushrooms! It was Kimba's fault!"

    Kimba made a retort which I won't repeat here, but needless to say, the rest of us didn't want to hear it. Not even the unicorns.

    I remarked, "Our parents grounded us when we returned from your world, Solomon. So, any rangering work we do is going to be limited until the period of our grounding is complete."

    Solomon replied, "I regret that happened to you, my friends, for it is truly our fault. But there is no way your parents would buy the truth. I can only hope that a miracle comes calling on you to unground you and your friends. You will be needed to fight King Varnerheim."

    Zakki said, "If Varnerheim and his RogueKnights made it through, then where are they? I'd think they'd have tried coming after us by now."

    Atlas replied, "I would surmise that upon seeing your world, they decided that your world was ripe for conquest and are setting up some sort of base there. This base would have a direct access portal between Earth and our world, most likely at the castle."

    Solomon exclaimed, "Because this is a possibility, it is now being included in your powers to be able to make the crossing between our two worlds, at will. For your battles will be occurring in both worlds, not just one. And, you'll need this access in the future for when the time comes for you all to summon your zords."

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      "Get that door bolted into place! Why am I surrounded by morons?"

      "Because they aren't very bright, sire?"



      The things a rightful ruler of the multiverse does to get even the tiniest inkling of respect. What's that? Right. I'm his most noble regal dashing highness, King Varnerheim.

      Why am I being given a chapter? Perhaps the author wanted to give a take on the true side of justice.

      And what better person to give this take than me, the greatest nobleman in the multiverse!

      Now, where was I? Oh yes! "Flame! Any sightings of our foes, as yet?"

      The RogueKnight of Flame replied, "None, my liege. Perhaps they can change forms, like all Rangers do. But rest assured, we will find them. Especially that princess who humiliated us all."

      I grinned. "Yes, especially her. I want to spank her personally. She struck me. No one does that and gets away with it."

      About that time, Benalda the Shroom Witch stepped into the throne room. "I have located the one I seek. She is speaking into a strange metal box and the voices of her friends are being emitted from this box. They know we are here in their world. I'd say those unicorn wizards alerted them to our presence."

      I hummed. "They are already divided, thus conquering them shouldn't be so difficult. Benalda, if you saw your foe, why didn't you blast her?"

      Benalda replied, "Because for some reason, the range of my powers are limited in this world. I can only affect people by touch. Were we in my world, I could fire a beam of magic at her. But here, something dampens magical powers, such as ours."

      I growled, then pondered this. "Therefore, we need something to boost our powers. Energy sources, I'd surmise. Don't you worry, Benalda. You will have the justice you seek. As will we all."

      The RogueKnight of Smoke then stepped forth from a dark corner of the throne room. "My liege. I have located all six of the humans we seek. We can attack them whenever you like."

      I smiled, then laughed the laugh of a true ruler of the multiverse. "Keep tabs on them."

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        As if our grounding wasn't bad enough, King Varnerheim is in our world, AND, I've broken a nail. This is all Kimba's fault. I swear it!

        What's that? It's me, Katrina Kwan.

        There are times when I wish Kimba would get hit by a truck. But upon reflection, we'd never have gotten this chance to be Power Rangers without her, so things seem to be balanced.

        I finally finished washing the dishes in my parents' restaurant. Talk about a punishment. I wasn't exactly grounded; I was put to work washing all these dishes, pots and pans, and glasses. Glad we had Dawn dish washing liquid or I'd be really mad.

        That's finally over with. I hope.

        I confronted my parents and showed them my work. When my father seemed satisfied, I was released. Free! Free! I'm free! Yahoo!!!

        Sorry, but I felt the need to release my happiness into the world.

        Perhaps the funniest part of my punishment was seeing Solomon and the others in the soapy dishwater. At least they chose that instead of the toilet stool water.

        I was smiling as I headed for the park. No more punishment.

        Just then, I heard, "Going somewhere, my pretty?" I frowned as I recognized the voice. I turned and saw Benalda, the Shroom Witch. But she didn't look so moist and vibrant now.

        "Benalda? What happened to you? You look like you're all dried out. I'll bet this is all Kimba's fault. She's the one who loves to defile mushrooms..." Yes, I said it!

        Benalda growled a little from this new information. Then, she stooped over a bit and said, "You're right. I am all dried out. Something in your world is poisonous to me. I need some kind of lubricant to bathe in. If you'll help me, I promise to leave you alone and go after the true defiler of mushrooms. Please? If you've told me the truth, then we should not be enemies."

        I actually pondered this. Okay, maybe I had a weak lapse of sensibility. I really did feel sorry for Benalda. I may not like her, but I didn't want her to die. "Okay, Benalda. I'll help you. But you have to promise me on the word of all your powers in either world that you'll no longer try to change me into something else. Deal?"

        Benalda lifted her head and replied, "I promise, Ranger. I am a witch of my word, where my powers are concerned. You will not be changed by my powers."

        I nodded my head and went over to help Benalda. As soon as I touched her, I felt a glow cascade all over me, and in the next moment, I was instantly a morphic panda!

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          "Benalda! You promised! What the hell is going on?!"

          Benalda looked at me, then said without a smile, "Oh dear... I forgot that there is a power upon me laid there by my mother that prevents anyone from touching me. And that power is what changed you. I am sorry, Ranger. We'll have to go back to my world to undo this. Unless you like being a panda. Personally, I would have given you a much nicer form."

          I was sort of mad. But Benalda was being sincere. She was acting like it was truly an accident. I sighed. "Okay, but how are we going to get there? I don't trust Varnerheim and you don't look to be in shape to get to the waterfall between worlds."

          Benalda hummed, then said, "If you were to morph into your Ranger form... although still a panda, you could fly us back to Solomon and the others. Perhaps they could undo this."

          I winced at the thought. Not another encounter with Mercury, the love-sick unicorn who wanted to mount and mate me. Why doesn't this crap ever happen to Kimba?

          I nodded my head, and said, "Okay, that seems to be the only way out of this. Here goes..."

          I shouted, "SHAZAM!" A magical bolt of lightning suddenly struck me, as my body was suddenly aglow with a brilliant white light, as my one-piece yellow uniform suddenly materialized, followed by white boots, and a golden embroidered, white cape which was fastened with a golden cord like rope. A lightning bolt symbol appeared on my chest, as my lightning helm with a transition lens visor, appeared over my head. I then shouted, "Yellow Marvel Ranger!"

          Benalda said, "Impressive! Now, when morphed, you'll be immune to my changing powers, Ranger. Let us make haste to get to Solomon. He'll know what to do, I hope."

          I was still a morphic panda, but I was costumed as the Yellow Marvel Ranger. At least I could still morph. I picked up Benalda and took flight with her. Almost immediately in the air, I utilized the world transport power, and we were soon landing in Solomon's circle.

          And the unicorns surrounded us, as Solomon stepped forward.

          I set Benalda down, and she was kind enough to explain, truthfully, what had happened, to Solomon. I think Solomon was impressed that Benalda was being so honest. I powered down, when I was asked to, and I was taken into a wizardly chamber where the restoration spell was cast upon me. When I returned to human form, I was exhausted. And of course, Mercury was right there to lend me support. Why me?

          Afterwards, while I was allowed to rest with Mercury standing nearby admiring me, Solomon and Benalda spoke about things. I didn't get to hear what they spoke of, but it was evident that some sort of deal of power was agreed upon. I mean, Solomon is a great negotiator.

          Mercury brought me food and drink, and took care of me while I rested.

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            Ohm! Ohm! Ohm!

            I am one with nature. No restrictions. No worries. No clothes.

            What's that? How'd you know I was Thomas Oliver? The no clothes statement? Oh yeah, I forgot.

            What am I doing? I'm meditating. Refocusing my center of restoration. I got all my chores done, and now, I was realigning my personal center. It's just me, and the trees, and the animals...

            "I finally found one of them!"

            Oh no, not now... "Go away. I am meditating. If you want to stay, then strip and join me. Otherwise, leave. This is a private endeavor."

            "Um, me? Naked?"

            I had to turn to see who it was. I mistook the voice for a RogueKnight, but instead, it was Gene Skullovitch and he looked very embarrassed. "Aww, man! I'm terribly sorry, Gene. I thought it was someone else. You can stay and leave your clothes on. What do you need?"

            Gene slowly sat down and said, "I'm bored and lonely. Farquarson's family up and moved with him down to Angel Grove, California, last week. I thought I could handle it, but I can't. I don't have anyone to hang out with or do things with, anymore. I need advice, Thomas. And you've always been the most, er, open about talking to me..."

            Gene was referring to Farquarson Bulkmeier, the only one of us who had a direct link to his namesake in Angel Grove. And if Farquarson was down there, I sincerely hoped he beat the crap out of our namesakes for us.

            I smiled, patting Gene on the shoulder. "You can hang out with me, pardon the pun. I had no idea that Farquarson had moved. I knew it was quieter than usual. I guess that's why..."

            Gene smiled back. "Thanks, Thomas. What can we do together?"

            I replied, "I can teach you some martial arts, if you'd like. Show you the pleasures of meditation, get you interested in the boy scouts. Heck, maybe even take you on a few adventures with me. Hand me my clothes and I'll get dressed. How'd you know to look for me here?"

            Gene started handing me my clothing. "I asked your mom where you were, and she said you were at your forest spot. And I remembered from a previous time of following you of where that was, so I came here."

            I smiled again, as I fastened my pants. "I'm just glad you never told Farquarson about this place. It's the only place I can go where I can realign myself." After I had retied my shoelaces on my sneakers, Gene and I began to head down the forest trail. We were almost back to my parent's backyard, when it happened...

            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07

              The RogueKnight of Ice stood there with her sword pointed at the two of us. She said, "I don't see why we should wait for the power. I can take you both out, right here and right now."

              I growled, "You're making a big mistake, RogueKnight. Coming here by yourself... SHAZAM!" A magical bolt of lightning suddenly struck me, as my body was suddenly aglow with a brilliant white light, as my one-piece green uniform suddenly materialized, followed by white boots, and a golden embroidered, white cape which was fastened with a golden cord like rope. A lightning bolt symbol appeared on my chest, as my lightning helm with a transition lens visor, appeared over my head. I then shouted, "Green Marvel Ranger!"

              Object lesson, my friends. During the heat of the moment, it is easy to forget where you are and who you are with. I just morphed right in front of Gene and didn't know it. This would later come back to haunt me. But right now, I was attacking the RogueKnight of Ice.

              Gene wisely pulled back to stand behind the trees.

              And the fight was on... Ice swung her sword, totally freezing whatever it struck, while I scored as many hits as I could on Ice's armor. I wasn't sure how long my luck would hold out.

              Evidently, it wasn't long enough.

              Ice got lucky and struck me with the sword, as I started freezing to the spot. Ice was about to take another easy strike at me, when suddenly, both of her hands went to her helmet, as she cried out in agony. Then, I saw her armor cracking, and the ice that was holding me to the spot also began to crack.

              Ice glared at me, and growled, "I don't know how you did this, but I'll be back!" And Ice vanished pretty fast!

              Then, I saw Gene step out from behind the tree. He was holding a some kind of metal object.

              Gene exclaimed, "It's a tuning fork." Gene then came over and helped break the rest of the ice off of my costume. "Look, you morphed right in front of me, Thomas. Don't worry, though. Just promise to take me with you on your adventures and I won't say a word about what I saw. You have my word."

              I sighed, but I smiled, too. "You're okay, Gene. I promise... besides, I already said that you could hang out with me. Wait until you meet the elders... The unicorns who gave us our powers. They're quite the bunch."

              Gene smiled back. "Whenever you have time to introduce them to me... but right now, I believe you were taking me somewhere."

              I powered down, then I escorted Gene back toward my house. I sure blew the secret identity thing pretty damned fast. But in a way... it felt good to share this with someone else.

              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08

                Please hurry up, dad. I am sooooooo bored.

                Kimba Hart, here.

                Can you believe that I have to have an adult escort anytime I want to leave the house? This is actually worse than when I was Varnerheim's prisoner. And I am sure my foxy bounty hunter boyfriend isn't around to rescue me, this time.

                I think my dad is going slow on purpose. I mean really... a hardware store? I am tempted to just morph and dump him. Anything is better than this.

                Me and my big mouth...

                The hardware store's glass door suddenly burst off of it's hinges, as the RogueKnight of Flame strode into the entryway. "Aha! Princess Hart! We meet again! The King wants you immediately!"

                I yelled, "Dad! That's the guy who tried to rape me!!"

                As my father and all the other men in the store turned to confront the RogueKnight, I quickly ran into the back of the hardware store and around a corner, into the extremely boring mailboxes and sheet metal section.

                I then struck my pose and shouted, "SHAZAM!" A magical bolt of lightning suddenly struck me, as my body was suddenly aglow with a brilliant white light, as my one-piece pink uniform suddenly materialized, followed by white boots, and a golden embroidered, white cape which was fastened with a golden cord like rope. A lightning bolt symbol appeared on my chest, as my lightning helm with a transition lens visor, appeared over my head. I then shouted, "Pink Marvel Ranger!"

                The RogueKnight of Flame easily threw the men out of his way, as I came flying through the hardware store, and power punched the RogueKnight back out through the shattered front doors, and out into the open parking lot!

                One of the men shouted, "It's a Power Ranger!"

                I then grabbed the RogueKnight of Flame by the back of his armored collar and flung him up through the air and down into the Angel Glen docks, where the RogueKnight slammed through the wall of a warehouse. I quickly followed him, intending to put a great hurt on this cad.

                The RogueKnight of Flame was again getting up as I struck him pretty hard in the groin with my Ranger heel from my boot, as he went flying backwards out the back wall of the warehouse...

                ...right out over the open water of the bay!


                I shouted at him as he surfaced, "Go crawling back to Varnerheim and don't come back!" I then turned and flew back toward the hardware store. The last thing I needed was another reason to add more time on to my grounding. Also, I was actually concerned for my dad.

                End of Chapter 08


                  Chapter 09

                  "...Spells miscast! They're here at last! Rangers having fun!"
                  "Thunder Roars! Mythology Soars! We will Score!"

                  Lutas, Kyti and I finished up the last chorus of our key piece song for the tavern crowd, which resulted in a flurry of cheers and coinage. Boy, am I glad Lutas and Kyti found me some clothes to wear that actually fit me well.

                  What's that? Right, I'm Zakki Taylor.

                  Why am I not on Earth, grounded like my friends? Well, my being grounded implies that I am locked in my bedroom with nothing to do. Am I ever GLAD that the unicorns gave us that world crossing power. As soon as I had that, I immediately locked my bedroom door, turned on the self-repeating recording of me sleeping, then, I jumped worlds and joined my friends here.

                  Where is here, you ask? The Slinky Unicorn, of course. It's the only tavern I know of.

                  Beker, the burly minotaur tavernkeeper, brought the three of us a meal and some drinks. "I had doubts about you and your friends before, Zakki, but let me say that I was wrong... after you and your friends defeated the RogueKnight of Flame, it became apparent to all of us that we ended up with the right heroes all along. Will you forgive my words that I said to you from the last time you were here?"

                  I smiled, shaking Beker's hand. "I forgive you, Beker. It was an honest misjudgment."

                  Beker smiled and hugged me in a tight embrace! And minotaurs are stronger than they think, don't think that they aren't!

                  I was glad when he released me. Don't get me wrong... a good hug at the right time is pretty nice, but Beker is a very strong guy.

                  Just then, Mercury and Katrina quickly entered the tavern. Katrina said, "I thought you might be here. It's an emergency, Zakki. Your parents are heading up to your room. Jase contacted me, saying that an emergency on Earth popped up, but it's not Varnerheim. But the results are sending your parents up to your room."

                  I paled at this information! "I need to get back home, guys! Sorry!"

                  Lutas smiled. "Bards such as us often have to run fast. Just go and be back another time."

                  Katrina and I made the world jump back over to Earth. Katrina ended up at her house, while I arrived in my bedroom, where I quickly got out of my bard clothes and back into my Earth clothes. And just in time, as my parents knocked on the door.

                  I unlocked the door. "Yeah?"

                  My father said, "Come on, Zakki. We were asked to bring you and your friends to the skating rink. Grab your coat and come on."

                  End of Chapter 09


                    Chapter 10

                    The skating rink.

                    I never expected to actually be here with my parents, my friends, and their parents. In fact, if I hadn't been in the know of what was to come, I'd scarcely believe it.

                    Jase Lee Scott, here.

                    I could see my friends and their parents entering the currently abandoned visitor's center here at the skating rink. I waved at them, as our parents gathered up front facing the stage I stood on. Then, I began explaining things. "I know you're wondering why I asked you all here, but I promise you... this should explain why we were out after curfew." At that point, I stepped aside to make room for our special guest.

                    Everyone's jaws dropped open when the Alumni Blue Ranger and the Sapphire Protector Ranger stepped out on stage, into full view.

                    And I knew that my friends wanted to tackle and beat the Alumni Blue Ranger to death!

                    The Alumni Blue Ranger exclaimed, "Most of you know who I am, so I will simply get straight to the point... Your children were helping me solve a mystery outside of Angel Glen. By the time we remembered that they should be getting home, it was already well after dark. Therefore, they spent the night at my encampment. I apologize for not contacting all of you immediately, but still... that is no excuse for keeping your children away from home after curfew. I only hope that you will forgive them for being out, even if it were to help me with the mystery that they helped me solve. Surely you realize that they are not merely your precious children anymore. Therefore, I ask that you lift the groundings you placed upon them and place more trust upon them and they're actions. For without them, the forces of evil would surely have won that weekend. So, what do you say?"

                    My friends were shocked that the Alumni Blue Ranger was going out on a limb for us.

                    But more importantly, our parents were buying the story. I mean, let's face it... a Power Ranger isn't going to lie them... right?

                    Our parents had more questions, but the Alumni Blue Ranger answered all of their questions like a pro. I had to admit, Billy Cranston sure impressed me today. If you can't believe a Power Ranger, then who can you trust?

                    Our parents then apologized to all of us and lifted our grounding. That was the best part of of this whole gathering. Again, I had to admit... maybe we were all wrong about our namesakes.

                    Then, the Alumni Blue Ranger asked our parents if he could speak to my friends and I in private, and fortunately, our parents left, returning to our homes.

                    When it was just the nine of us, Gene included, the Alumni Blue Ranger removed his helmet.

                    End of Chapter 10


                      Chapter 11

                      Thomas exclaimed, "Now that our parents are out of the way, I think you owe us a truthful explanation. How come the immortals ended up with our group instead of the original Power Rangers?"

                      Billy replied, "I strongly believe your group was chosen for two reasons. First of all, you and your friends were together at the time of the summoning. It was literally more convenient to call upon your group at that time. Secondly... the original Power Rangers disbanded about ten years ago. When Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd were both defeated, our team made way for the newer Power Rangers, a team called Zeo, and most of us went our separate ways. It was only recently that my original team regrouped in New Hampshire to help the ranger team called, the Lunar Crusaders. In fact... that's sorta why I am here right now. I need Bill's help."

                      Bill arched an eye at Billy. "You need my help? What for?"

                      The Sapphire Protector Ranger took off his helmet, revealing himself as Ariel Calebton of the Eternal Protectors, a ranger team from Northern California. "The goddess Luna sensed that one of the original team's greatest foes was about to return. His name is Ivan Ooze. Luna also foresaw that only a special team composed of entirely Blue Rangers could defeat Ivan this time. Just as I am a 'blue' ranger, Billy also required your aid, Bill. For you are a 'blue' ranger, as well. I am with the Eternal Protectors, from Shelter Grove, California, and my friends and I fight against a horrific menace from another dimension. Does that sound familiar?"

                      We all admitted that it was very familiar. So we weren't the only ones having to deal with scum from other dimensions. Perhaps that meant a team up with the Eternal Protectors, someday.

                      Billy continued, "As Ariel and I arrived in Angel Glen, we located Jase, first, and, while preventing Jase from beating the crap out of me, we explained why we had come."

                      Just then, a horrific dragon like monster arose from the nearby bay, shouting, "Come out, come out, where ever you are, Marvel Rangers! Or are you afraid of King Varnerheim's Mighty Drazon?"

                      Fortunately, we all heard the chimes in our head, at that moment, as we rushed over to a nearby pond in the park. "We hear you, wizards. What's the word?"

                      Solomon's image appeared in the waters. "King Varnerheim has summoned one of his army monsters from our world into your world. It is time for you and your friends to summon your zords. To summon them, raise a fist into the air and shout, Marvel Zords, Online. Your zords will make the crossing into your world where you'll be able to use them to battle against Varnerheim's monsters. Individually, each zord will have an empowerment from one of the six immortal unicorns. When you need the Mighty Marvel Megazord, or triple M for short, you shout, Immortals Ascend, and your zords will merge, becoming the mightiest megazord on the planet, although that can be questioned among rangers, at a later date."

                      I and my friends looked at each other, as we all struck our poses and prepared to morph. It would be our first battle in our own world against King Varnerheim's monsters, and we had Billy to thank for getting us ungrounded.

                      End of Chapter 11


                        Chapter 12

                        I and the other immortals were anxious to see how our human friends would do in their obvious first battle. I am Solomon, one of the six unicorn immortals.

                        The six friends shouted, "SHAZAM!" Magical bolts of lightning struck the six of them, as their bodies were suddenly aglow with a brilliant white light. One piece colored uniforms suddenly materialized, followed by white boots, and a white cape which was fastened with a golden cord like rope. A lightning bolt symbol appeared over their chests, as lightning helms, each with a transition lens visor, appeared over their heads. "Marvel Rangers!"

                        Jase exclaimed, "Time for our zords, guys!"

                        Everyone agreed, then shouted, "Marvel Zords! Online!" From a pinpoint in the sky over Angel Glen, the Marvel Zords came flying out of the transdimensional gate portal, which quickly closed behind them. Among the zords were the Red Unicorn, the Yellow Sunraven, the Black Satyr, the Blue Raccoon, the Pink Vixen, and the Green Centaur. As the zords landed in the surounding land around the bay, the Marvel Rangers leaped skywards and landed in the pilot seats of their zords, each ready for battle.

                        After that, the Marvel Rangers steered their attacks against Drazon, but it was obvious to anyone that they weren't making any headway with their zords in normal mode.

                        Zakki exclaimed, "We need to form the megazord, guys!"

                        The six shouted as one, "Immortals Ascend!" The six zords began charging, side by side, as they began to glow! The Green Centaur leaped into the sky, changing into a great torso! Then, the Pink Vixen and the Blue Raccoon reshaped into powerful legs, as they linked into the bottom of the torso! The Black Satyr split into two pieces, as they reshaped into arms and hands, linking into the sides of the torso! Next, the Red Unicorn reshaped into the head, with it's mane and tail becoming the megazord's cape and body armor, as it linked into the top of the torso! Finally, the Yellow Sunraven spread it's wings, as it sank it's claws into the back of the torso's shoulder blades, becoming great, sharp, blade like wings! Then, the megazord flared up brightly, as all six Marvel Rangers found themselves within the Command Center in the head of the Mighty Marvel Megazord!

                        Bill exclaimed, "This is totally awesome! Now, let's bring Drazon down to size!"

                        Triple M grabbed two of the blades off of it's back, one in each hand, and began slashing Drazon, in one on one combat. While Drazon breathed gouts of fire at Triple M, it was no match for the power of the Immortals, as Triple M cleaved a giant "X" of power upon Drazon's body, destroying him in a mighty blast! Triple M then turned around a struck it's victory pose, as the Marvel Rangers cheered and celebrated their first Megazord victory.

                        Within Varnerheim's secret base, Varnerheim watched Triple M defeat Drazon. "So, they have their Megazord. Well done, Marvel Rangers. But next time... I will be the victor."

                        End of Chapter 12
                        End of Episode Four: Grounded

                        Stay tuned for Episode Five: When Lightning Strays