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WG: PRMT-01-02-03 Mistaken Identities

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    Part Six: Kimba's Point of View
    Chapter 31

    "Take that, you naughty felines!"

    You never know how effective things in your purse are until you try to use them.

    What's that? Oh, I'm Kimba Hart. The sweet girl in the pretty pink skirt.

    Well, it was pretty, until these naughty felines tried to rip it off of me. That pissed me off. That's why I am hitting them with my extra-strength tampons.

    "Avast, my friend," the Errol Flynn type fox wearing the silver Power Rangers helmet said. "There be plenty more and we've only started." He swung his rapier at another semi-morphic jaguar.

    Who is the fox, you ask?

    That's a good question. He sure is dashing, though. Treats me like a real lady, that's for sure. He actually reminds me of a Power Ranger, but I've never seen a Power Ranger with fur and a long bushy tail before.

    He fights well, though. And he has some great martial arts skills.

    I bapped another semi-morphic ocelot on the nose with my tampon!

    The fox leaped up high and emitted a high-pitched and shrill whistling sound! All of the semi-morphic felines hit the ground holding their ears!

    Suddenly, something that looked like a flying silver-colored jet ski came zooming out of the forest! The fox landed squarely into the pilot's seat, as he steered the flying jet ski back around and helped me on board. Then, we were both off, flying at high speed through the forest.

    But we weren't out of the thick yet!

    The stupid felines were after us, riding what appeared to be flying velociraptors. Don't they ever give up?

    "They're coming, fox!"

    "I know! But wait until you see what I've got planned for them!" he replied.

    We rocketed through the forest like comets. It was indeed quite the chase.

    Suddenly, we emerged from the forest, and boy did we! Right into the awaiting camp of what appeared to be a royal hunting party.

    The fox yelled, "They're all yours, boys!"

    The fox had purposely led the felines directly into hunters who had trying to capture the felines in the first place!

    End of Chapter 31


      Chapter 32

      We, of course, didn't stay around to watch 'the fun'.

      When we finally did land, it was in a quaint little village near a floating, yet dark and foreboding, castle. The fox helped me off of the flying jet ski and escorted me into the inn and tavern where we had arrived.

      Inside at the main bar, a knight wearing the armors of bloody flames, glanced our way and stood up. He, for some reason, frightened me and I stepped behind my foxy rescuer instinctively.

      The fox approached the knight, of whose species I could not tell and they talked in quiet hushed tones. Then, the fox came back over to me and said, "Princess Hart... this knight is to escort you back to the castle. A lowly warrior, such as I, am not allowed to enter, therefore... this is where we must part company. But if I may have a token to carry with me always, I can continue my crusades in your own name."

      I blinked my eyes. "You want me to go with... him?"

      The fox said, "Yes, Princess Hart. He is your escort."

      I sighed, not really liking where this was going, but I did enjoy being called a princess. I removed a necklace that I usually never took off and fastened it around the fox's neck and then, I kissed his silver helmet right where his muzzle would be. "This is my favor, fox. I'll miss you."

      The fox stepped away fingering the necklace. Then, he bowed and departed, where as I heard the flying jet ski fire up and fly away.

      I turned to the red knight. "And what do I call you?"

      The red knight slowly came over and slowly grabbed by wrist. "Princess Hart... you have been more trouble than most knights should have to deal with in a given lifetime. I personally think being the escort to a dragon would be far less strenuous than the problems that you have purposely given the whole knighthood. Why can't you simply stay in the castle where you'd be safe? You simply do not understand the dangers that abound in the world that would stop at nothing to defile your virtuous purity. Now come, we've wasted enough time."

      Then, I was literally DRAGGED out of the inn and tavern, and man-handled into the saddle of what appeared to be a mechanical iron horse. Then, the knight mounted up behind me, and spurred the iron horse off toward the base of the flying castle.

      Something told me that I was in real trouble. Something told me that I did NOT want to stay in the castle. I started planning my escape.

      End of Chapter 32


        Chapter 33

        At the base of the castle, there was something of a teleportation platform. The iron horse trotted up on top of it and instantly, we were in the courtyard of the castle. After dismounting, I was unceremoniously carried over the red knight's shoulder into the throne room and dropped on my butt on the floor, as he continued forward to speak with the king.

        Now I was really pissed off! And my butt hurt, too!

        The red knight and the king spoke briefly, then... the king got up and approached me. The king knelt and began examining my wrists and waistline.

        "What are you looking for?" I asked.

        The king replied with a sneer, "Your morphers, of course. You Power Rangers are never without them. You aren't wearing any... What did you do with your morphers, Kimberly Hart?"

        Ever have one of those surprise rushes of adrenalin? That's what happened to me when the king mentioned my namesake's name.


        The king found himself sliding backwards across the floor of the throne room, directly into a suit of armor, which collapsed with a loud clattering noise!


        Censored vulgar expletives fill the next three lines.

        "...I AM KIMBA!!!" And then, I fled the throne room!

        King Varnerheim growled, "Don't just stand there! After her! Capture her! Now!"

        The RogueKnight of Fire gave chase immediately!

        And what a chase it was! At least I got a good tour of the flying castle!

        The chase ended when I raced out of a doorway on to the steeple of the highest tower, and I quickly realized where I was. This wasn't a good place to be.

        And the RogueKnight of Fire had the only exit blocked.

        Has Thomas mentioned how loudly screaming people can... oh, he's mentioned that, has he? Well, in that case, here goes nothing...

        I jumped off the tower! And needless to say, I can scream with the best of them when it comes to falling!

        End of Chapter 33


          Chapter 34

          My fall was stopped short, however, as I landed on a padded seat cushion. I smiled when I realized that it was the padded seat cushion of the fox's flying jet ski.

          As I was falling through a cloud, he was waiting there within and caught me from splatting all over the countryside.

          Then, we were off! But the chase had not ended, not by a long shot.

          The RogueKnight of Fire was back on his iron horse, which had sprouted wings, like a fighter jet, and he was after us both, with his sword drawn and the sword was on fire.

          The fox said, "Made a mess of things, did you? Fortunately, your friends are waiting on you and once the six of you are together, you can defeat this flaming dunce and send him packing. By the way... where ARE your morphers?"

          I growled. "Why does everyone think that I am a Power Ranger? I don't have any morphers. I've never had morphers."

          The fox exclaimed, "We thought you were Kimberly Hart, the Pink Power Ranger. But it's evident that you are not your namesake and a lot of people have jumped to the wrong conclusion upon seeing you and your friends. Good thing Solomon hired me to fetch you or you'd be a splot on the landscape."

          I asked, "What do you mean by 'hired' you?"

          The fox sighed, "I am a bounty hunter, Kimba. I work for those who can pay me for the services that I do. Payable in advance, usually. I'm sorry... King Varnerheim hired me to bring him a Power Ranger. I made a mistake and brought you to his RogueKnight of Fire. Solomon told me the truth after he summoned me for this job to rescue you again." He sighed sadly. "I don't deserve your favor... I am just a cad."

          I really felt sorry for the fox now. Yes, I know he was a bounty hunter, but come on, folks! He's saved my life twice. I'm not a total twit like my namesake...

          "You saved my life... twice... I think you're sweet, Fox. Would you... that is... would you like to be my boyfriend?"

          The fox lifted his head a bit. "...yes, I'd like that. If you'll have me."

          The moment was cut short, so to speak, as the flying jet ski suddenly veered down and into the clearing where my friends were awaiting me. And the six wizardly unicorns were there, as well.

          After a brief explanation from Jase, I stood with the others facing the unicorns.

          Solomon exclaimed, "There isn't much time. The RogueKnight of Fire will be arriving soon."

          End of Chapter 34


            Chapter 35

            Solomon continued... "Like many young heroes before you, we, the six powers of legends..." And at that moment, the six unicorns were suddenly humans, like us, only they were dressed in the style of the ancient Greeks. "...did give forth our blessings to those who sought to defeat tyranny and injustice. That time has now come again. The first letter of each of our names spell out the word of power that you must all shout out in order to receive our powers."

            The six Greek gods shouted, "Solomon! Hercules! Atlas! Zeus! Achilles! Mercury! What does that spell?!"

            I and my friends all shouted, "SHAZAM!"

            The bolts of lightning which suddenly struck all six of us surprisingly didn't kill us, but instead... it was more fantastic than that! Our bodies were suddenly aglow with a brilliant white light, as one-piece colored uniforms suddenly materialized, followed by white boots, and a white cape which was fastened with a golden cord like rope. A lightning bolt symbol appeared on our chests, as our lightning helms, each with a transition lens visor, appeared over our heads. We all felt the need to shout out our new names!

            Jase shouted, "Red Marvel Ranger!"

            Katrina shouted, "Yellow Marvel Ranger!"

            Zakki shouted, "Black Marvel Ranger!"

            Bill shouted, "Blue Marvel Ranger!"

            I shouted, "Pink Marvel Ranger!"

            Thomas shouted, "Green Marvel Ranger!"

            The six gods were suddenly unicorns once again, as Solomon exclaimed, "Go forth and show the RogueKnight of Fire why you deserve to be Power Rangers!"

            The six of us leaped and, I was surprised that we could do it, but we were flying under our own power! Just like comic book superheroes!

            And the RogueKnight of Fire was doubly surprised when he came face-to-face with the six of us, powered up and ready for battle!

            Six against one, and let me tell you! We were pissed off that the bad guys thought that we were our namesakes! It was time for a major butt-kicking!

            We pummeled the RogueKnight from every direction imaginable, and Katrina and I were not being ladies when we aimed below the belt! That's right, we aimed there! What? Katrina and I were mad! They treated us like streetwalkers! The RogueKnight got what he had coming to him!

            End of Chapter 35


              Chapter 36

              It was intense, but in the end... No, not THAT end... the six of us power punched the RogueKnight of Fire backwards through several trees and into a pig sty! And the pigs wanted nothing to do with him, as even THEY turned their noses up at him and turned away.

              Talk about insulting.

              "You haven't heard the last of this slighting, Power Rangers! I will be back!" And the RogueKnight of Fire trudged painfully off into the forest.

              Jase said, "That was intense!"

              Katrina exclaimed, "We won our first battle!"

              Zakki said, "Let's not forget who made it all possible, guys!"

              Thomas said, "Right! Without the wizards... we wouldn't be here in the first place..."

              Bill said, "Let's go ask them about getting home."

              I said, "I'm for that! But... I'll return whenever they need me. Obligations, guys."

              We all agreed with that. We each had made some great friends here in this weird furry medieval world. We flew back to the wizards, landing like pros.

              Solomon said, "Well done, Marvel Rangers. You do us proud."

              Jase exclaimed, "We are willing to help you whenever you need it, but we have loved ones back in Angel Glen. How can we get home? I think you owe us that, at least."

              Mercury smiled and replied, "Bill has already discovered your way home. While morphed, fly down the center of the whirlpool to the bottom. There, you will find a magical portal. When the portal is violet, it is sending whatever passes through it to your world. When the portal is silver, it is bringing items from your world into this one. Your exit point on Earth is the very waterfall for which you were brought into our world."

              Zeus added, "In order to power up or power down, simply say the word you were given to gain our powers in the first place. In a flash, the change will occur. And I think I can speak for us all when I say that I think you six have earned the right to keep the powers you have now."

              Solomon said, "Whenever we have need of you, you six, and no one else, will hear a musical series of tones and beeps. When you hear that, find something reflective and we will appear in that reflection. I think that about does it. Return home and be ready for our call."

              After that, getting home was as easy as the wizards had said. We were soon back on Earth, powered down and walking home. Awaiting the call for our next adventure.

              End of Chapter 36
              End of Episode One, Two, & Three: Mistaken Identities

              Stay tuned for Episode Four: Grounded