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WG: PRMT-01-02-03 Mistaken Identities

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    WG: PRMT-01-02-03 Mistaken Identities

    Episodes One, Two, & Three: Mistaken Identities
    by Darrel James Vanwinkle / August 14th, 2004
    Originally written on Power Rangers Network (PRN)!

    Summoned from Earth into a mythological dimension by some desperate wizards, six teenagers who are not Power Rangers, must become Power Rangers, if they ever have any hope of returning to their home dimension. Will they be able to cope with their new surroundings and save the day?

    This is NOT a parody series of MMPR! Names may sound the same, but it is merely coincidental only! Enjoy the humor of this first person point-of-view adventure!

    Coming up next on the three-part premiere episode of Power Rangers: Marvel Thunder!
    Marvel Thunder - Theme Song

    "Swords clash! Lightning flash! Evil's on the run!
    Spells miscast! They're here at last! Power Rangers having fun!

    Thunder Roars! Mythology Soars! Heroes Score!

    Brought to bare! A questing's dare! Buddies to the end!
    Power to gain! Evil's insane! Thunder will defend!

    Thunder Roars! Mythology Soars! Heroes Score!"

    (musical score played here)

    "Swords clash! Lightning flash! Evil's on the run!
    Spells miscast! They're here at last! Power Rangers having fun!

    Thunder Roars! Mythology Soars! We will Score!


    Marvel Rangers:
    Thomas Oliver, Green Marvel Ranger
    Zakki Taylor, Black Marvel Ranger
    Jase Lee Scott, Red Marvel Ranger
    Katrina Kwan, Yellow Marvel Ranger
    Bill Cranston, Blue Marvel Ranger
    Kimba Hart, Pink Marvel Ranger

    Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, Mercury

    Evil King Varnerheim
    RogueKnight of Flame
    RogueKnight of Ice
    RogueKnight of Mud
    RogueKnight of Smoke
    Benalda the Shroom Witch

    Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers, Power Ranger Productions, nor any semblance of the Super Sentai franchise references in said series, nor SHAZAM nor DC Comics, in any way, shape, or form. The characters presented here have names which are similar to the Might Morphin' Power Rangers by Saban. The villains are of my own creation. I am not a good combat writer; I am more about the story itself. Apologies are given to anyone looking for a good combat scene. Character references similar to living people is purely coincidental. All rights are reserved.

    Part One: Thomas' Point of View
    Chapter 01

    We were hoping the ridiculous spinning would stop soon. This isn't how I wanted to spend my Summer vacation. Stuck inside some sort of freak tornado that was carrying us to god knows where. Well, while we have this time, I better introduce myself to you.

    My name is Thomas Oliver. No, not Tommy Oliver! Thomas! I get that all the time. It's even worse that I look like him... but we're definitely NOT related. I've never gotten any Christmas presents from him.

    The guy to my left... yeah, the upside-down guy wearing the red shirt. Him. He's my friend, Jase Lee Scott. Will you cut that out! Not that Jason! Jase! And yeah... he looks like that Jason, too. God, he hates dealing with that as much as I do!

    I might as well admit it: all six of us look identical to our namesakes.

    And we hate it!

    Kimba Hart is the girl in the pretty pink blouse. Kimba just knew she shouldn't have worn that skirt today. I mean, it's not like we're TRYING to see past the skirt...

    Bill Cranston is the guy in the blue outfit. His parents must've hated him or something. Every piece of clothing he owns is partially blue. As soon as we get out of this mess, we are buying Bill some non-blue clothes!

    The Taiwan girl in the yellow sweater and blue jeans... Her name is Katrina Kwan.

    And the really cool black kid in black and purple... he's Zakery Taylor. He's going to be a music video producer someday. But please... he prefers to be called Zakki. Don't ask me why!

    Now you know who we are...

    What's that? How'd we end up in this weird tornado? I'll tell you. Never let Kimba gather mushrooms! We were on a nature hike, all six of us, and Kimba found a circle of mushrooms, and started gathering them. As soon as we all came over to look at Kimba's find, the weird tornado came out of nowhere and... Now you know how we got into this tornado.

    I don't know if we were about to hurl or what, but the tornado we were in skipped over a lake toward a waterfall. And the waterfall parted it's waters, revealing some sort of psychedelic vortex. The next thing we knew, the tornado leaped up, and landed right in the middle of the weird vortex. Then... the tornado was gone, and we fell.

    And believe me... falling people can scream pretty loudly!

    By all rights... we should have been killed right then and there... but we weren't... all six of us were pulling ourselves out of a haystack in what appeared to be a small farm's pasture, surrounded by a densely thick and quiet forest.

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Katrina asked, "Okay... that was weird... Um... where exactly are we, anyway?"

    We all looked around again.

    Where ever we were... it sure wasn't near Angel Glen, Washington... and that didn't seem to make any sense... there should have been an ocean nearby. Not tons of forest.

    Jase was already climbing up one of the trees, to get a better look around.

    Once Jase was all the way up, Zakki said, "What do you see?"

    Jase yelled back down. "Tons and tons of trees! In all directions! With a few clearings dotting the forest, here and there! But that's it! Nothing else! I'm coming back down now!"

    After Jase came down the tree, rejoining the rest of us, I asked, "So, which way should we go?"

    Kimba said, "We better choose a good direction. We'll need to eat, eventually."

    Bill said, "Why don't we just ask the people who live in that farmhouse, over there, where we are?"

    We all looked over at the farmhouse.

    Jase smiled. "That's the best idea I've heard all day. Let's go, guys."

    We headed over to the farmhouse, knocking on the door. To our surprise, the door simply gave way, swinging inward, on its own. We then peered inside.

    Just our luck. The whole farm had been abandoned. The furnishings within the farmhouse were sparse, but solid enough for the six of us. We decided to make camp.

    Later that night, Zakki and I had a good fire going in the fireplace. Jase had gone out and somehow found some food. Fruits and vegetables. Bill was able to fetch a pail of water from the nearby well. We had food, water, a warm fire and a roof over our heads.

    But we were still lost.

    Kimba and Katrina were given the only room with a bed. The rest of us bunked up in the living room. This was definitely NOT how I wanted to spend my summer vacation!

    Jase sighed. "Guys... I'm starting to get the feeling that we're not on Earth, you know?"

    We all arched an eye at Jase. I asked, "Then, where are we?"

    Jase replied, "That's a real good question..."

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      Sleep came uneasily. The girls had the only bed. We boys had to sleep on the hard wooden floor. But that was better than nothing. We were glad we had come indoors to sleep. Come the morning, we saw why it was a good idea...

      It was raining. Very hard.

      Bill said, "Be thankful we have the roof over our heads. Being soaking wet in that stuff isn't my idea of a good time."

      Katrina poked her head out of the bedroom. "Guys. Kimba has a fever."

      We all immediately went in to check on Kimba.

      Jase said, "She's burning up. Ah, there's the culprit. The window is broken. The cold rain must've gotten to Kimba. We're going to need some damp cloths, and some warm blankets."

      I said, "There's a barn just across the yard. I'll run over there and see if there are any blankets in there. You guys see about the damp cloths." I immediately ran out of the room, through the front room, and out into the rain.

      And it was cold rain! Really cold!

      But I wasn't letting it get to me. By the time I got inside the warm barn, I was totally soaked. I immediately got out of my wet clothing, and hung them up to dry. Then, I started looking for the blankets. I found several dirty blankets, at first, then... I saw a pristinely clean blanket, folded and draped over a horizontal rod in one of the empty stalls. I smiled.

      Just then, a soft male voice said, "Don't touch it."

      I stopped, looking around. "Is someone here?"

      The soft male voice said, "Just me." Then, a workhorse lifted his head up from the neighboring stall. "Hello. You don't know how glad I am to see people again. My name is Dale."

      I gasped. "You can talk!"

      Dale chuckled, saying, "Why yes... I can talk. Can't everyone? What's your name?"

      I smiled, reaching out to pet Dale's back. "My name is Thomas."

      Dale asked, "May I shorten that?"

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        I growled. "No. I hate the name Tommy."

        Dale laughed, then he affixed me with an eye and said, "In this realm, in people's names... the first vowel is always pronounced long. Doing anything else will tip others off that your not from around here. And believe me... you don't want that! Therefore, your name is Tomas. Long 'O', short 'A'. You are Tomas; I am Dale."

        I smiled. "Pleased to meet you, Dale. I'm Tomas." I shook Dale's hoof. "So, it's just you? No mares?"

        Dale grinned. "I'm sure there is a mare around somewhere, just not on this farm. Besides, I am a workhorse, not a breeder. The breeding farm is just down the road, if that is more to your liking." Dale winked at me.

        I asked, "There are other horses there?"

        Dale nodded his equine muzzle. "Oh yes, and other animals, too. Everything breeds there. And I mean everything. I prefer to pull the plow, and on special occasions, pull that covered wagon over there. I haven't done any work in about a week. That's about when my owners were arrested."

        I arched an eye. "Arrested for what?"

        Dale said, "For not paying their taxes to the evil King Varnerheim. We used to have a very good king. Then... Varnerheim came... and he literally took over. It's been simply awful for those humanoid enough to ply a living in the world. Fortunately, we animals are exempt, for now."

        I hummed. "A friend of mine caught a cold last night, and I need to take these blankets to her. If you'd like, I can come right back and keep you company, for a while."

        Dale smiled. "I'd like that."

        I turned toward the clean blanket once again, reaching for it.

        Dale ahemed. "I said, don't touch that one."

        I looked at Dale. "Why not? It's the cleanest blanket."

        Dale said, "It's clean because it's magical. It has powers. What kind of powers, I don't know. But unless you know magic yourself, it's better to be safe than sorry. Right?"

        I pulled away from the clean blanket. I was determined to have a closer look at that blanket. Which meant, returning later. I bundled up the other blankets, and ran back to the farmhouse. I was barely in the door, when Katrina gasped and turned her head.

        Jase said, "Thomas? Where's your clothes?"

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          I set all the blankets down. "They got soaked. I left them in the barn. I'm heading back out there right now. I'll stay there until the rain lets up." I immediately ran back outside, and into the warm barn.

          Katrina turned around slowly. She was blushing. "Oh my... I certainly wasn't expecting that."

          Jase grinned. "At least he found some blankets. Kimba needs these."

          Bill asked, "Are you okay, Katrina?"

          Katrina replied, "I'll be fine. I just didn't expect to see Thomas naked."

          Zakki grinned. "He wasn't bad looking, was he?" Zakki winked, as he picked up the blankets.

          Katrina blushed deeply, yet again.

          I had to admit... Dale made me curious on two counts. First of all, the magical blanket. It obviously had special powers, if it could keep itself clean. Second of all, the mention of the other farm. A farm meant people, usually. We had missed seeing people here by a week. So, there were people around. The question was... did I chance heading over there in the rain to try to talk to them? If they were anything like my friends and I, they didn't like getting wet. But still... they were sure to have medicine and hot food. Something we didn't have.

          I noticed that Dale was asleep. I quietly entered the empty stall to have a closer look at the magical blanket. Once in the stall, I gingerly touched the blanket. In an instant, I was both clean and dry. That was awesome! Because it also made me feel tons better. If Kimba could touch this blanket... it could cure her cold, I thought.

          I went and threw on my clothing, then I retrieved the blanket. I'd only borrow it for a little bit, I thought. I'd bring it right back. The instant I touched the blanket, my clothing was instantly dry and cleaned. Definitely a bonus, I thought. I then ran across the yard, and into the farmhouse.

          The others were surprised that I had returned so soon.

          Jase asked, "Thomas? What's up? You said you'd be staying in the barn."

          I said, "I found something that might help Kimba. I wanted to try it out." I then entered the bedroom, and kneeled beside the bed. "Everyone, I want you to touch Kimba's skin. Best we do this together, so no one else gets sick. Go ahead, do it."

          Everyone complied with my request, even though they thought it was weird.

          I then had Kimba touch the clean blanket.

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            The moment Kimba touched the blanket, we all felt it's power. We were all instantly clean, including our clothing, our hair, everything... and we all felt great.

            Kimba fully opened her eyes. "Wow! I don't feel sick anymore! Thank you, Thomas!" Kimba hugged me, then released me.

            I said, "I'm glad it worked. Now, I have to return this blanket to where I found it."

            Jase said, "Why don't we just keep it? It could help us again, later."

            I frowned. "That would be theft. We don't own it. I have to take it back to where I found it." I immediately left the farmhouse, yet again, then entered the barn.

            The second I replaced the blanket on it's rod, Dale said, "I thought I told you not to touch it." When he said that, I about jumped up through the hayloft!

            I said, "I'm sorry, Dale. But when I saw that it's power was to clean things, I just had to try it on Kimba. It worked! She's not sick anymore... but I brought it right back, even after Jase suggested that we just keep it."

            Dale said, "But you still took it after I told you not to. What are your plans now, Tomas? Perhaps you were going to run over to the other farm and have a look around?"

            I blinked my eyes. "How'd you know..." I stopped, turning my eyes away.

            Dale grinned. "Go ahead and have a look at the other farm. Have some fun while you're there. But when you return, and you'd better return, we are going to have a little talk."

            I sighed, then said, "Should I go naked? It's still raining and my clothing will be soaked."

            Dale smiled. "If you wait for it to stop raining, the others will almost assuredly want to go with you, and I don't think that would be a good idea. You should check it out, solo. Go naked, if you'd like. The farm owners never wear any clothing, so they're used to seeing bare bodies."

            I arched an eye. "They don't wear clothing?"

            Dale grinned. "They're foxes and rabbits, last time I checked. They make a great deal of money, and always pay their taxes on time. They have no modesty, and their general philosophy is... running a breeding farm is dirty work, and why bother having to do laundry every day, if you're just going to get dirty again the following day? Go on. I will talk to you when you return."

            I thought it was an odd explanation, but Dale was a talking horse, and he said foxes and rabbits ran the breeding farm. I had to admit... this, I wanted to see, and Dale was right about another thing, too. It was better if the others didn't come with me. Scouting successfully was a solo endeavor. I removed my clothing, then headed off to find the other farm.

            End of Chapter 06


              Part Two: Zakki's Point of View
              Chapter 07

              Music is one thing, but violin practice is a completely different thing altogether. Oh, hi there. I'm Zakki. I'm sure Thomas told you about me. Well, I'm the really cool black kid who's into music. I'm going to be a star some day.

              If we ever get back to Earth, that is...

              Second night in this old two-room farmhouse. I'm just glad it stopped raining. I was the first one who discovered the outhouse.

              That's right, an outhouse.

              And worse. No T.P.

              Talk about a horrifying experience!

              Fortunately, I cleaned myself with the damp cloths and a pail of rain water. Unfortunately, I now had to deliver the bad news to the others.

              Katrina made a face. "You're kidding! Please tell me that this is a joke!"

              Jase said, "It's THAT bad, Zakki?"

              I nodded my head. "I'd never seen anything like it. Anyway... that's the toilet."

              Kimba sighed. "Looks like we're in the Stone Age, guys! What are we supposed to do now?"

              Bill hummed. "Someone around here MUST have a radio or a telephone or something. The whole forest can't be this primitive."

              I said, "I have to agree there, Bill. The outhouse was NOT a fun experience!"

              Jase said, "A telephone... something tells me that we're not going to find anything like that around here. I'm going to go ask Thomas something; I'll be back later." Jase headed out of the farmhouse.

              Bill said, "There's a chance I can use some of the materials here on the farm to create a crude radio. Then, with luck, we can find out where we are."

              Katrina and Kimba both said, "I'll help you with that."

              I hummed. Jase went to sit with Thomas, and Bill had the girls. That left me. I decided to head out on to the old forest road and see if I could find out where we were that way. I walked out of the farmhouse, and into the old forest road. I started walking. I knew it was late, but I didn't plan on going very far. Surely I'd run into someone who knew where we were.

              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08

                When I laid my eyes on the "The Slinky Unicorn" tavern building, and heard all the festivities coming from there, I was sure I'd found people to ask about this region. But when I walked in the door, it wasn't humans I saw...

                It was elves, centaurs, goblins, satyrs, minotaurs, gnomes, and animal people!

                I muttered to myself. "Where in the hell are we?"

                That's when I saw a sign near the stage: Mandolin Player Wanted! Apply On Stage!

                I immediately skirted the tavern's brawl, and climbed up on stage, where the calico tom cat wearing shorts sat at the piano, and the male goatish satyr holding a reed flute was looking over some sheet music. I ahemed, and said, "You're needing a mandolin player? I have experience with the guitar. Can I give it a try?"

                The satyr looked over the top of his sheet music at me, and said, "Sure. We need a song that will distract the crowd's anger, yet not get them mad at us, at the same time."

                The calico cat said, "And everything we have isn't very crowd pleasing."

                I sat at the piano with the cat, and wrote up a song, on the spot, based upon what the atmosphere of the tavern seemed to say to me. I copied the sheet music into triplicate, giving a copy to both the cat and the satyr. I set the last copy on a stand near where I was going to be playing the mandolin.

                Oh man, I was really hoping I could play this medieval thing!

                I looked at the cat and satyr, saying, "I'll count to three, and when I say, 'three', start playing your pieces. I'll do the same. Then, after we go through a wordless chorus one time, I'll start the song, singing the words I wrote down. Then, when we hit the chorus, you two join in and sing with me. Ready to try it?" They both nodded, and I said, "A one, and a two, and a three!" And the two and I began playing the new song! The crowd seemed to notice, and quietened enough to listen to the song before judging us. When I started singing, I could tell we had a hit. The song went something like this...

                "Swords clash! Lightning flash! Evil's on the run!"
                "Spells miscast! They're here at last! Rangers having fun!"
                "Thunder Roars! Mythology Soars! Heroes Score!"

                "Brought to bare! A questing's dare! Buddies to the end!"
                "Power to gain! Evil's insane! Thunder will defend!"
                "Thunder Roars! Mythology Soars! Heroes Score!"

                "Swords clash! Lightning flash! Evil's on the run!"
                "Spells miscast! They're here at last! Rangers having fun!"
                "Thunder Roars! Mythology Soars! We will Score!"

                End of Chapter 08


                  Chapter 09

                  My two musical partners weren't expecting the response that we got, and I surely wasn't expecting anything like that. Especially to a bunch of weirdly dressed non-humans.

                  It was a standing ovation!

                  And they were dropping gold coins into the musician's coffers! Loads of gold coins!

                  After performing the number again, by request, the three of us sat in a back room, having a hot meal and watered ale. I still couldn't believe the kind of people we were dealing with.

                  The satyr said, "My friend... you calmed the beastly crowd tonight. This is your share of the coffer." The satyr slid a fair-sized bag over to me.

                  I looked into the bag, and my eyes about popped out. But then... I slid the bag back over to him. "I... can't..."

                  The calico cat arched an eye. "Why not? You're a natural, kid! Take it! You earned it!"

                  I sighed, slumping back into my chair. "Because my friends and I are lost... we don't have a clue as to where we are..." And I explained to my two new friends about how the others and I got into this world.

                  The satyr said, "I see... so you're not wearing a costume then... that's the real you... By the way, Zake... I'm Lutas. And that is my buddy, Kyti. We're aspiring musicians. And as one musician to another... we think you have class. A whole lot of class."

                  Kyti said, "It doesn't matter where you're from, Zake. Lutas and I like you, and we want you to join our band of musicians. Bards, such as us, are exempt from paying taxes. Please say that you'll join us. Please?" Kyti blinked his ever so cute eyes at me.

                  I gulped. "I couldn't just abandon my friends without letting them know what was up. Besides... they're my friends..."

                  Kyti hummed. "Okay. Then at least spend the night with us in our tavern room, and come the morning, we'll go back with you and try to explain some things to your friends."

                  Lutas smiled. "A finer idea I've not heard, in a while, Kyti. The three of us will bunk up, then head over and see the others when the morning breaks."

                  I smiled, accepting the coin bag. "Do you really think I have what it takes?"

                  Lutas smiled. "I wasn't sure until I saw you play that mandolin. Then, I was totally convinced. Kyti and I can't live without you. You have the spark, Zake."

                  Kyti nodded his head, patting my hand with his furry paw.

                  End of Chapter 09


                    Chapter 10

                    Just then, the bartender, a burly minotaur wearing an apron, walked into the back room. He served us more hot food and then, he petted my head, saying, "You're one of the summoned, aren't you?"

                    I gulped. "Um..."

                    The minotaur grinned. "Don't answer that. The gulp was answer enough. I know why you're here, and quite frankly, I'm amazed you're not in your uniform, unless you're that confident that you and your friends can defeat the evil King Varnerheim and his wicked RogueKnights."

                    I gulped again. "No, wait a minute... you got the wrong guy..."

                    The minotaur said, "There are five others and you, right?"

                    I nodded my head.

                    The minotaur then looked at my wrists, then down into my lap, toward my waist.

                    I blushed, wondering what he was looking for.

                    Then, the minotaur straightened up, and asked, "Where is your morpher?"

                    I blinked my eyes! "My what? My morpher? What's a morpher?"

                    The Minotaur's eyes seemed to get a glaze of understanding, as he nodded his head. "You're not Zachary Taylor of Angel Grove, California, are you?"

                    I growled when I heard that name! "Hell no! I'm Zakki Taylor of Angel Glen, Washington. What the Hell is going on? How come you thought I was the other guy? And what's a morpher?"

                    Lutas and Kyti had been quiet up to now. But no longer...

                    Lutas said, "A morpher is a device which allows a Power Ranger to change from their secret identity into their hero uniform, and back again."

                    Kyti said, "All of the common folk have been awaiting the arrival of the Power Rangers to save our realm. When you made that song, and I saw that the key word was Ranger, and it talked about putting evil on the run, I was convinced that you were a Power Ranger."

                    That put a shock in me, as I fell back in my seat... speechless...

                    The minotaur said, "Well... aside from our getting a good musician... we're obviously not going to get any Power Rangers... all we got were a group of worthless teenagers... dammit... and I was looking forward to the Power Rangers saving our kingdom, once and for all... Instead... we got powerless, worthless kids who don't know the first thing about Power Rangers."

                    End of Chapter 10


                      Chapter 11

                      Later that night, as I lay awake in the bed that was provided for me... I silently cried... the minotaur said that we were worthless because we got summoned instead of the Power Rangers. It was obvious that my namesake was a Power Ranger.

                      Spells miscast, indeed!

                      I knew my friends would be upset when they learned about this whole mess. This world needed the Power Rangers... and it got us... To this world... our arrival was the biggest letdown ever...

                      Somehow... somehow... we just had to make the best of the summons... this world needed heroes... it got us... it got... us...

                      That was it! It got us!

                      I sat up in bed, saying, "My friends and I have to become this world's Power Rangers. But how?"

                      Lutas opened one eye, admiring my nice-looking, shirtless body. "Zake... if you're serious about wanting to become the Power Rangers for this world... perhaps, there is a way... it's just a legend, though... if you're interested in a fellow bard's story..."

                      I glanced over at Lutas, who was awake, and gently stroking himself. "I'm serious, Lutas. What's the legend?"

                      Lutas scooted over close to me, and hugged me. Petting and stroking on my skin as he spoke... "Long, long ago, there were a band of six wizardly unicorns. Their names were Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury. They dwelled in a forbidden valley, and they resented intrusions within their realm. Any who dared to enter their valley were never seen again. One day, a young elf boy, whose homeland was being ravaged by rampaging giants, entered their valley. When the unicorns confronted the boy, they were shocked to see the torturous wounds that covered the boy's body. They took pity on the boy, and listened to his request, as they nursed him back to health. The request was a simple one. To have the power, part time, to be able to defeat any giants who dared to attack his homelands. The elf boy said part time because... he didn't want to be able to abuse the power at will... the unicorns granted his request, and teleported him back to his homeland. Thereafter, whenever a giant appeared in that realm, the elf boy would transform into a mighty warrior, with the power to defeat the giants and toss them out of the realm. That is the legend, Zake... If it's true, you and your friends could go see the unicorns and ask to be tested for a chance to get those powers."

                      About that moment, Kyti snuggled up behind me with his bare fur, and licked my neck! "Is this a private snuggle or can anyone join in?"

                      Lutas and I chuckled, then the rest of the night was almost x-rated.


                      Fortunately, we did manage to get "some" sleep...

                      End of Chapter 11


                        Chapter 12

                        The next morning involved one of those close calls that you always hear about.

                        Lutas, Kyti and I had barely gotten out of bed, when we heard the minotaur bartender talking to a dark, regal voiced person in the main tavern.

                        The minotaur said, "Since when is it a crime for musicians to quell a riot that could have gotten worse?"

                        The evil King Varnerheim and his wicked RogueKnights were IN the tavern!

                        That made Lutas, Kyti and I immediately got our crap together and headed for the side door that exited into the stables.

                        As we were heading out the door, I heard Varnerheim say, "Harboring foreigners is illegal, Beker. I don't care if he IS a musician. And worse, rumor says that he's human. I hope you don't mind if we search the place. RogueKnights! Search the place! BUT!" There was a pause... "Don't break anything..."

                        Lutas, Kyti and I didn't wait around to overhear anything more. We were already hightailing it, across the old dirt highway, and down the old forest road, heading back towards the old farm where my friends and I had arrived. At least, I hoped my friends were still there.

                        We didn't get all the way to the farm, however... we had to stop to rest part way there. And Lutas suggested we rest off into the woods, where someone on the road couldn't see us, just in case there were pursuers.

                        We finally plopped down just inside an old partially furnished cave. Lutas had led us here.

                        Lutas let out a tired sigh of relief as he slowly sat on a worn-looking futon. "Welcome to my place. This is my cave. No one ever comes here unless I invite them here."

                        I smiled. "That was way too close, Lutas... I think left my stomach at the tavern..."

                        Kyti giggled, panting. "You're not the only one. Musicians often have to be good runners, in this world. And you sprinted pretty nicely. I'm glad we met you, Zake."

                        Lutas hugged the both of us, saying, "As soon as we're rested, we'll see about your friends at the farm. Then, we'll concentrate on escorting you and them to the Forbidden Valley. Even King Varnerheim is afraid of that place."

                        Kyti hugged right back, but I could tell he was exhausted.

                        King Varnerheim was on to us... and with that thought... becoming this world's heroes seemed even more important to me...

                        End of Chapter 12


                          Part Three: Jase's Point of View
                          Chapter 13

                          Jase Lee Scott here. I'm sure Thomas mentioned me and knowing him, he mentioned me first. Did he also mention how much we hate being mistaken for our namesakes? He did? Good! That'll save us a lot of time. We can get right on with the story.

                          My tale begins right after I said that I was going to go ask Thomas something. That's right, we're backtracking a bit, but that's okay. I'm sure Zakki tried to grandstand the whole experience. What is grandstanding, you ask? It's the same as being a hog. Example, he's hogging the whole adventure, or he's hogging the chocolate cake. How I wish we had some chocolate cake right about now. Home-cooked meals aren't great. Lucky for us that Thomas and I had Boy Scout training. Plus, Thomas has his native American skills to fall back on. That's also why Thomas likes running around naked. But don't tell him that I said that. Okay?

                          Now, where was I?

                          Oh yeah!

                          I had just left the farmhouse, heading for the barn. I was glad it wasn't raining anymore. When it rains in this world, it doesn't kid around. As I entered the barn, I immediately saw Thomas' clothes lying on the floor. My first words were, "I'll bet he's running around naked again."

                          I searched the barn, but Thomas just wasn't there. Then, I saw the magic blanket that Thomas had borrowed before. As I was walking toward it, a unicorn stallion poked his head in the window in the back of the stall, and grabbed the blanket with his teeth.

                          I shouted, "Hey! No one is supposed to touch that!"

                          The unicorn stallion winked at me, then pulled his head out the window.

                          I quickly exited the barn, and made a circle, getting to the back of the barn, just as the unicorn stallion was starting to turn away from the barn. And I immediately gave chase.

                          And what a chase it was!

                          Unfortunately, giving chase was perhaps the stupidest thing I've ever done. I was pretty much able to keep up with the unicorn stallion, until finally, I got close enough to tag him. And I tagged him with a slap on his flank, shouting, "I did it!" Then, I came to an immediate stop. I was tired and needed to rest.

                          The unicorn stallion also stopped, turning around to face me. He set the blanket down, then... he spoke. "Rules are rules. You caught me. Now, I have to give you anything you want for the next seven years." He sighed. "How can I serve you... master?"

                          I blinked my eyes when he spoke, then I felt dirtier than the outhouse when he called me "master". I sighed. "No, no... I'm not the master. It was just a chase. A chase. You can leave now."

                          End of Chapter 13


                            Chapter 14

                            The unicorn stallion wasn't leaving.

                            I looked at the unicorn. "How can I convince you that you're free?"

                            The unicorn stallion said, "If you're serious about cancelling my debt to you, then... there is a way you can be out of this deal."

                            I arched an eye. "What's the deal?"

                            The unicorn stallion replied, "Vanquish the evil King Varnerheim. Otherwise, you own me for the next seven years."

                            I hummed. "What if I just turned my back on you and walked off?"

                            The unicorn stallion grinned. "I'd follow you."

                            I said, "If I tie you to a post..."

                            The unicorn stallion laughed! "You must not be using your head. I can teleport."

                            I was getting frustrated with the current mess that I somehow got myself into. "Why did you take that magic blanket for?"

                            The unicorn stallion said, "I needed it for one of my herd, whom I am likely never going to get to see again... because you caught me..."

                            I hung my head. That was the last thing I needed to hear. What had started out as a game, was ending as a catastrophe... and it was my fault. I sighed, then looked to the unicorn stallion. "Look... you said you'd do whatever I said, right? Then... take me and the blanket to your herd and I'll do what I can to help them with whatever their problem is. That's the best I can do. I'm sorry I caught you."

                            The unicorn stallion said, "Climb on my back. I'll take you to my herd. But you still own me." He picked up the blanket in his teeth, and waited for me to climb on board.

                            I sighed, as I climbed up on the unicorn stallion. What a way to be stuck! I'll bet my namesake never has to deal with crap like this...

                            The unicorn stallion looked over his shoulder at me, and said, "My name is Solomon. And I know that you are Jase Lee Scott from Angel Glen, Washington. If you solve my herd's problem, I will tell you what you seek to know."

                            I arched an eye. "You knew my name all along?"

                            Solomon smiled. "Yes. Now come. My herd awaits."

                            End of Chapter 14


                              Chapter 15

                              When we reached the herd, I was amazed that they lived within a valley that seemed to have ancient Greek ruins barely visible in the undergrowth. As we traveled along through the valley, many unicorns turned and bowed to Solomon. I finally had to ask, "You're their leader, aren't you?"

                              Solomon had to stop and set the blanket down, before he could reply. "No. I am one of the six leaders. Though as wise as I am, mistakes are still made." He bit into the blanket again, and resumed his journey.

                              I remained quiet after that. I was now wondering what the mistake was. I didn't want to distract Solomon again, until we had a moment to actually talk. The important thing, currently, was seeing to the injured unicorn. When we finally arrived there, I slid off of Solomon's back, and knelt to have a look at the unicorn's wounded leg, my Boy Scout training kicking in.

                              I then took the magic blanket and touched it to the wounded leg. The magic of the blanket cleaned the wound as if it had been washed and rinsed with hot water. At that moment, I took one of my white handkerchiefs and began bandaging the leg. I then prepared a tourniquet and placed it over the leg's wound, securing it tightly. I then used the magic blanket a second time to clean the leg and tourniquet again, just in case.

                              Solomon watched this and was smiling as I worked. My actions were being judged, but I didn't know this at the time.

                              I finally sat back with a sigh of relief, leaning against Solomon's strong foreleg. "There... now the broken bone should heal properly. The unicorn just needs to stay off of that leg for a week or so. After that, he'll be as good as new."

                              Solomon smiled, licking my forehead. "You've done very well, Jase. And... you've passed my test. Come, I promised you information. For this, we must go meet with the other elders."

                              I arched an eye. "Your test? Then... my owning you..."

                              Solomon helped me aboard his back, saying, "That was a test, too. I wanted to see how'd you handle having a slave... a servant. It pleases me that you held on to your first thoughts... to free me from the debt."

                              Solomon then grabbed the blanket in his teeth, and then, he took me to the amphitheater ruins, where the other elders were awaiting us. Solomon then set the blanket down on a table, and had me slide off of him. Solomon then said, "Jase, these are my brother elders. The largest one is Hercules."

                              Hercules greeted Jase. "Welcome, man-child of Earth. This studly and endurable stallion next to me is Atlas."

                              Atlas smiled, nodding his head and horn a bit. "Always a pleasure. This handsome though electrifying stallion next to me is Zeus."

                              End of Chapter 15