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USPR: US-06 Quicksilver and Solid Gold (Part 2 of 2)

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    USPR: US-06 Quicksilver and Solid Gold (Part 2 of 2)

    Power Rangers Ultra Snap
    Episode Six - Quicksilver and Solid Gold (Part 2 of 2)
    Written by Darrel James Vanwinkle (Warheart)
    February 3rd, 2012


    Leo Aceheart, Silver Ultra Snap Ranger
    Albreda Grimm, Pink Ultra Snap Ranger
    Karlyle Du Morgan, Blue Ultra Snap Ranger
    Murdoch Stryfe, Red Ultra Snap Ranger
    Ken Aceheart, Black Ultra Snap Ranger
    Cyneric Caelestis, Green Ultra Snap Ranger
    Keketa Runihura, Gold Ultra Snap Ranger

    Guest Starring:

    Dr. Thomas Oliver, Red Zeo Ranger

    And Introducing:

    Saul Morgan, White Ultra Snap Ranger


    Emperor Ecto, the lord of all evil ghosts
    General Tacit, a phantom gryphon man
    Fifth Reich Nazi War Ghosts

    [This fanfic is dedicated to the men and women who serve and have served in the United States Air Force. We salute you.]

    Chapter One

    Just outside of the cavern leading into the ghostly headquarters of Emperor Ecto, Leo and Keketa awaited from their hiding place, keeping watch. Suddenly, the entire Ultra Snap team, along with the divine sponsors and Dr. Oliver... all appeared next to the two awaiting rangers.

    Amon Isis said to Keketa, "The time for charades is over, Keketa. Amon Ra told me what was actually happening here and therefore, I am officially joining them in their crusade. Thus, you will officially join the others as a special Ultra Snap Ranger."

    Leo arched an eye. "Keketa Runihura? You are the Gold Ultra Snap Ranger?"

    Amon Thoth placed a hand on the boy's shoulder. "Do not be angry with her, Leo. She truthfully told you that you still had a chance with her. While she and Saul are friends, true, they are also your friends. Humbled humiliation will be yours when you are the one to rescue Saul from his shackles."

    Dr. Oliver stated, "Because I have made hit and runs on several villain bases, I came along to give pointers and advice during this run. Even though these beings are ghosts, for some reason they only teleport; they do not phase through the walls of their own base. And because that is true, we should likewise refrain from pulling a ghost toasty phasing stunt if you believe it might be a shortcut. We truly do not know what lies beyond those walls and it could be something that they themselves are terrified of. So let's use caution here. The goal is rescuing Saul Morgan."

    Karlyle grinned. "I am Crazy Karlyle, not Daredevil Karlyle. That was my great great grandfather." He winked.

    Amon Set said, "I came along for equality, Amon Ra. A possible new young man in need of a sponsor that I could provide assistance to. Equality. You promised."

    Amon Ra nodded his beak. "Indeed I did, my friend. While we can attack and fight the ghosts, it must be the humans who do the rescuing." He glanced at Leo and Ken. "We are ready when you are."

    Albreda nodded her head. "Let's do it, Ken. No one nabs one of our school mates and gets away with it."

    Keketa glanced at the Pink Ultra Snap Ranger. "Albreda? I didn't think it was you wearing pink."

    Albreda grinned. "Wanna trade?" She winked with a chuckle.

    Ken cleared his throat. "This is not the place for that, ladies. Okay, Amon Ra. Let's do this. And Leo... we have a special surprise for you later at home. So no hotshot heroics, okay?"

    Leo nodded his head as he noticed Amon Anubis nearby.

    "If he tries any hotshot heroics and gets nearly killed again, I get a new hound. And he knows it."

    Leo remarked. "I've changed, Anubis. You'll see that today. Let's do it, bro."

    Amon Anubis replied, "For your sake, I hope you are right. I have enough hounds as is. And you would make a lousy Jackalite."

    Ken sighed with a smile as he shot a look at Dr. Oliver. "See what I deal with? Even the gods do it."

    Dr. Oliver chuckled. "A good mood is great before a battle. And I am sure we will see our share of that."

    And with that, the team and Dr. Oliver activated their morphing sequences and with their divine sponsors at their side, they charged into the cavern to face that which would lie within in wait. Finding Saul Morgan before it was too late was the key factor in this operation. And rescue him they would.

    End of Chapter One