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WG: PRAL-14 Battlizer Bombshell

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    WG: PRAL-14 Battlizer Bombshell

    Power Rangers Adventure League
    Episode Fourteen: Battlizer Bombshell
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle; Co-written by Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf
    January 13th, 2012


    Power Rangers Adventure League (Created by Darrel James Vanwinkle)
    Lari Kingston Knight, Red Adventure Ranger
    Edison Alec Trent, Silver Adventure Ranger
    Daryn Hayes "Daz" Stanley, Yellow Adventure Ranger
    Talis Paul Hayley, Black Adventure Ranger
    Heath Cliff Flowen, Blue Adventure Ranger
    David William Irons, Bronze Adventure Ranger
    Delta McCartney, Pink Adventure Ranger
    L.J. Scott, Green Adventure Ranger

    Power Rangers Mobian Hedgehogs (Created by Darrel James Vanwinkle)
    Knuckles, Red Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Sonic, Blue Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Goldie, Yellow Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Shadow, Black Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Rose, Pink Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Miles "Tails" Prower/Mylanus Oki'Prowlus, Gold Mobian Kitsune Ranger
    (Original 'Sonic the Hedgehog' characters by Sega Corporation)

    Grandfather Irons, Lightning Shaman
    "the Raven"
    Terry Knight, mayor of Bairnsdale
    Princess Sally Acorn

    Special Guest Star

    Lexington Lonewolf, Blue Dragon Ranger
    (Character concept by Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf)


    King Sprocket
    Princess Xandrea, Prism Ranger
    the Cogs
    Bombardier, an exploding robotic kangaroo

    Guest Villains

    Dr. Eggman
    Dr. Robotnik

    Prologue -- A Wolf From The Trail Of Dreams

    DS-45, Ch-10 & 11: Vacation With Theatrics!

    Lexington got out of Seth's grip, and walked over to Toon-Deryk, with a concerned look on his face. "Are you okay, mate?"

    Deryk Roo shoved Lexington away from him rather roughly. "What's it to yas, bloke?" He didn't speak in the same timid way that many of the other Deryks spoke throughout the dimensions... he seemed more... hardened.

    "I just wanted to see what was wrong..." Lexington said, shocked that any Deryk Devlin would shove him like that roughly. He then got onto his feet again, and looked the roo in the eye. "Come on, you sweet boomer, I don't mean you harm."

    Seth's mouth dropped when his lover was shoved by Toon-Deryk. He was relieved to see that Lexington was okay. "He doesn't like to see others hurt like that." He then called for Zale, in hopes he can get their Aussie friend over there before Toon-Deryk and Lexington get into a fight.

    It was Toon-Britton that pulled the real Lexington away from Toon-Deryk and Rydek.

    Toon-Britton shielded Toon-Deryk from Lexington's eyes as he began whispering. "I just saved your life. I've been training Deryk in my dojo ever since I saved his life after his fifth major brawl that almost got him thrown in jail.

    "You see, Rydek is from Australia, but Deryk is from Los Angeleos, where he was a member of a gang there called The Lions. He was the only non-lion member of the gang. His parents moved him up to Briarwood to remove him from the gang influence, but instead of improving, he worsened. Then the local bullies heard that he was a former gang member who was gay and they gave him a series of beatings, which he simply let them do... but during the third beating, something in his mind unlocked... and he began fighting back... and the bullies 'fear' him now. He goes ballistic whenever he sees them anymore.

    "What unlocked in his mind was a preset anti-fighting seal that the Lion's leader, Butch, placed on Deryk in the past to keep him tame during times of peace and warlike only when needed. And the bullies broke that lock... and are they ever sorry that they did. Anyway, I've been teaching Deryk about Zen in my dojo. He's slowly improving, but he distrusts anyone new that he doesn't know. And he doesn't know you and you got too close. Deryk is... over-protective of Rydek."

    "Deryk..." Lexington sighed, in a very saddening way. He was prepared to fight in case he needed to, but not set harm to Toon-Deryk. Toon-Britton, however, didn't know he could fight well, and dragged him out of the way before he could try to help.

    "I need some fresh air." with that, the real Lexington bolted out of the Rock Porium, leaving Chip, Seth, and Britton stupefied.

    Seth pulled out his Dragon Comm Morpher, and said. "Lexie, please come back."

    No response.

    "Lexie, this is Deryk..." said Deryk through his Pendant. "What's wrong, mate? Yas can tell me."

    Still no response.

    The Narrator could see Lexington where ever he decided to go and could even help him hide, if asked... but being the good Narrator, he won't give away Lexington's position. Everyone deserves some time to cool off. Alone, if that's their wish. The Narrator whispered to Lexington at wherever Lexington was hiding. "Lexington? I have a back porch here in my pocket dimension overlooking a quiet glade, if you'd like a nice non-toon place to think about things."

    From where he was, Lexington whispered to the Narrator, "Apologize to Zale for me. I feel like I can't do anything to help in this dimension, even to the Toon counterpart of my old friend. Maybe I shouldn’t have left Dreamtrail for this vacation." He started to tear up, taking his morpher off, and setting it down.

    The Narrator whispered to Lexington, "I can open a gate to any dimension you want to go to, but it would be one way. I know of a place that you might like to hang up your ranger boots for the time your team is staying in Toonmasters, and I can get you there. Just take your morpher with you so your friends don't think the worst later on. I can tell them that you asked to be sent home to Dreamtrail. As for Deryk Roo... you can learn more about him by reading the gang comic called, The L.A. Lions." He then asked, "Is there a specific locale you prefer I send you?"

    Lexington whispered back, "Only let Seth know where I really am. I would like to go to wherever you are able to send me to in Australia."

    He never thought of where the Narrator would send him, though.

    End of Prologue

    Chapter One -- Rainy Day Arrival

    Daz was still feeling light headed and as if she was walking on egg shells. She had not only won the Ki Tournament (see the last episode), but she had received her new Battlizer as well.

    Now, most of the team, save for a minor few, had their Battlizers and were gathered in the gym chatting excitedly about their powers. The only few who were not in the gym at that time were most of the Mobian Rangers and... L.J., Delta, and Lari, their leader. Their group were out in the vehicle garage with the outer doors open as they worked on the newest vehicle projects.

    It was while they were working, that Knuckles and Rose both noticed a Toonmasters Plot Hole arch down out of the sky and touch down just outside the entrance to the garage. When the Plot Hole withdrew once again, there stood a rather handsome red haired young man wearing a morpher.

    Knuckles nudged Lari. "Heads up, boss. We have a visitor."

    Lari pulled himself out from under the motor of a larger red vehicle and he quickly grabbed a cleaning cloth to wipe his hands clean. Then he got up and looked out at the red haired young man. "He didn't set the alarms off and I don't hear the Raven, so he must not be a bad guy."

    The redhead looked around, and let out a sigh. "Thank you, Narrator," he whispered, as he looked around, knowing not where the Narrator sent him to, nor did he know which part of Australia he was in. He was wearing a hard backpack on his back like he would a backpack. He removed the morpher off his left wrist, and flipped it open like a cell phone. "Hmm... all I know is I am not in Dreamtrail, but this smells a lot like Australia." He continued to look around, as if he was a bit alien to the area.

    Knuckles finished cleaning the gunk off of his paws, then he and Lari stepped out of the garage to look at their visitor.

    "Welcome to Bairnsdale," said Lari. "Ah'm Lari Knight and this is Knuckles. Who are yas?"

    Knuckles nodded his head, then folded his arms over his chest to await a reply.

    The redhead looked at Lari, and said. "I'm Lexington Lonewolf, nice to meet you both." He then nodded his head to Knuckles before holding out his hand for Lari to shake.

    Knuckles smiled a little. "Come on inside and out of the rain. Interesting morpher you got there. I've not seen one like that before. Not even Yin Yang have one like that."

    Lari shook hands with Lexington and said, "Yer at the Adventure League base, 'ome of the Adventure Rangers and the Mobian Rangers. What team are yas with? Or are yas a traveling loner?"

    Lexington hummed. "For the next six days, you can say that I am alone. I am on an enforced vacation, and I lost it when my team, my older brother and I went to Toonmasters for vacation. Ah'm the workaholic leader of the team known as Dragon Soul in a California probably not too different from your own." I hope. "Which province of Australia is this? It looks far different from Queensland."

    The two brought Lexington into the garage and out of the rain. Princess Sally brought Lexington a nice drink and a sandwich. Then Lari said, "Yer in the Victoria Province, mate, at the 'eadquarters of the local Power Rangers known as the Adventure League."

    Sonic then stepped around another vehicle and added, "And the Mobian Hedgehog Rangers. Someone hand me a wrench."

    Shadow handed a wrench to Sonic, then quietly resumed working on the black vehicle.

    End of Chapter One


      Chapter Two -- Business As Usual

      In the Command Meeting Chamber of the Adventure Base, the collective forces of both teams were gathered, each seated at their positions, while Lexington had a seat near the front of the table. Grandfather Irons, the Raven, and a few others were present as well.

      "If you lead Dragon Soul," stated Grandfather Irons. "then you must be from Planet Earth. This planet where you are now is Planet Adalia. But the common folk call it... Dreamtime Planet. Not related to the Dreamtime Realms where 'Mom' lives. I am Grandfather Irons, the Lightning Shaman and sponsor to the Adventure League. It is I who can get you home whenever you're ready to go back."

      Everyone then introduced themselves to Lexington, properly with Ranger designations.

      Lexington says. "Thank you guys... I never been to this part of Australia before." He let out a sigh, breathing in the good Australian air; something he hasn't really breathed in since he was a kid. "The Mystic Force had our team take a Dreamtrail week off because we lost our footing since we returned a couple days ago from Medievon. We barely beaten a lower general of the Demonic Army with their help, and couldn't destroy another Lesser General."

      At that moment, a side phone rang and David answered it. "Adventure Base. David speaking." There was a lengthy pause. "I see. I'll let him know. Thanks for letting us know." He hung up the phone and made a face at Paul.

      Paul looked back at David then made a bleh face. "Tell me it wasn't her again."

      David replied, "Awning covered cafe. Table three. She wants you there or else. She did warn me that King Sprocket is planning something for the moment that it stops raining. You better get going."

      Paul slowly stood up. "These dates with Xandrea are really starting to make me sick. Dammit... Here I go." And he headed off for his date with destiny.

      Sonic said, "I feel the same way about Amy Rose, except she isn't a villain."

      Daz said, "Lexington... you fight demons, you said. We fight a demon, too, on occasion, except... the Celestial Bureaucracy won't let us kill him. He's been after Tails, here... I mean, he's after Mylanus."

      Tails glanced up from his plate of cookies. "Ogma. He's bad news to anyone. He'd do anything to get his mitts on me."

      Lexington hummed. "I do fight demons, and they're not easy to beat when I used to be a Lone Ranger. They turned my own Ranger powers, and half my team against us in the past. Why does Ogma want you, Tails?"

      Tails stood up and floated in mid air, as he suddenly shimmered and changed into his other identity... Mylanus Oki'Prowlus. Even his voice was different as he floated there. "Ogma is after me. Tails allows me to reside inside his body while I am in the positive universe. I am originally from the negative, more darker, universe. Ogma was assigned to collect kitsunes by the Celestial Bureaucracy for judgment. He has them all, save two. My father, whom the rules dictate that Ogma must collect last. And myself, whom..." and at this point he chuckled with an unsettling smile. "...Ogma is finding to be a challenge to collect. I will not submit so easily. I fled the negative universe and appeared in the positive universe, where I found my counterpart was none other than Tails, a freedom fighter and friend to Sonic the Hedgehog."

      Sonic then added, "I don't like the way Mylanus possesses Tails at times, but he has pulled our team out of the fire on more than one occasion with his magical powers."

      Daz smiled. "I do like training with Tails/Mylanus. They are about the only ones at my level of Ki expertise. I've taught them things and he has taught me things. It is a good balance."

      At that moment, the Raven released a loud, "CAWWW!" Then winked with a grin and flew off out the window... just as the Command Monitor activated. On the screen was Dr. Eggman, a relative of Dr. Robotnik. "Is this thing working properly? Freedom Fighters! Robotnik and I are preparing to launch an attack on Knothole City! Stop us, if you dare!" And then the monitor turned off again.

      Knuckles hopped up and said, "Looks like it is time for the Mobian Rangers to Assemble, guys!"

      Lexington hummed. "Do you guys need help, or should this be left in Mobian hands?" He was standing up with his Dragon Cell in his hand, with an index finger hovering over the morph button on the top of his cell phone morpher.

      Knuckles grinned. "Help is always welcome, Lexington. Funny thing is... usually what we Mobian Rangers encounter, the Adventure League will encounter hours later. The only exceptions to the rule seem to be Princess Xandrea and Ogma. If Xandrea thinks a King Sprocket plan is dumb, she goes to that cafe in town and has a meal and reads a book. And Ogma just appears whenever he wants and causes general chaos so the routines don't get monotonous." He then shouted, "Let's do it!"

      End of Chapter Two


        Chapter Three -- Mobian Attack

        The Mobian Hedgehogs and Mylanus formed a circle and stuck a paw into the center of the circle, as they all shouted, "Freedom Fighters, Assemble!" Then each one struck a pose and held their bracer morpher over their chest. As they did, each one shouted, "For Mobius!" Their bodies then began to glow with their own emerald colors. Knuckles yelled, "Red Emerald!" Shadow yelled, "Black Emerald!" Sonic yelled, "Blue Emerald!" Rose yelled, "Pink Emerald!" Goldie yelled, "Yellow Emerald!" Mylanus yelled, "Gold Emerald!" Suddenly, the morphing sequence took hold, as their Ranger uniforms of both White and their assigned emerald colors began appearing from their feet, up their legs and torso, then the hands and arms, meeting up around their necks. Then, their helmets wrapped around their heads, from the back to the front, as the filtered visors formed over their eyes. Then, the images of their Zords appeared briefly behind them, as special affects explosions of colored smoke and flames erupted behind them. Upon their chests, the circled emblem of two letter F's back to back, with a crown centered over the base of the letters, appeared in a stylistic flare, standing for Freedom Fighters. Then they shouted, "Emerald Knight Rangers! Fighting For Freedom!"

        Lari and his team struck their stances and pressed their rings together. As they did, their belt buckles began to glow brightly, as the glow enveloped their bodies. Lari yelled, "Unicorn!" Alec yelled, "Griffin!" Daz yelled, "Ki'rin!" Heath yelled, "Seawolf!" David yelled, "Chronos!" Delta yelled, "Phoenix!" L.J. yelled, "Pegasus!" Suddenly, the morphing sequence took hold, as Ranger uniforms of both White and their chosen colors began appearing from their feet, up their legs and torso, then the hands and arms, meeting around their necks. Then, their helmets wrapped around their heads, from the back to the front, as the filtered visors formed over their eyes. Then, images of their zords appeared briefly behind them, as special effects explosions of colored smoke erupted behind them. An emblem in a circle on their chests depicted stylistic capital letters of "AL" standing for Adventure League.

        Lex brought out his Dragon Cell, and struck a fighting pose. "Dragon of Hope!" He then pressed the symbol on his morpher. "Soul Awaken!" As the sequence began, Lex was standing in the middle of a Japanese meadow, as a blue dragon above him unleashed blue flames upon the human. As the fires died down, Lex was in his full ranger suit, with black boots, and blue and black gloves! Lex struck a battle pose, as the blue dragon flew down and configured itself into a helmet, which secured itself to the warrior nicely. When the morphing sequence was complete, Lex struck another fighting pose, and shouted, "Blue Dragon Ranger! Soul of Hope!"

        Alec said, "Paul is with Xandrea at the Cafe, so if Sprocket tries anything, Paul can get word to Grandfather Irons while we're gone."

        Sally activated the portal between worlds leading from the Adventure Base in Bairnsdale on Adalia to Knothole City on Mobius. "Good luck, guys. Grandfather Irons and I will hold down the fort while you're gone."

        And the rangers and Lexington dashed through the portal where they arrived in Knothole City. And coming down the streets were columns of shiny new robots. Knuckles exclaimed, "Aside from being shiny, I am not very impressed by these robots!"

        At that moment, one of the robots fired off a new laser beam which knocked Knuckles off his feet and into a nearby wall!

        Shadow exclaimed, "Okay, THAT is new! Let's do it, guys!"

        Heath grinned at Sonic. "Ready to tackle some slomoes?" Sonic replied, "Born ready!" Then they both exclaimed, "Up! Over! And gone!" And the two shot off at Sonic Speed, becoming blue blurs that were striking robots!

        Lexington hummed as he activated the Dragon Battlizer by pressing the '2' button on his right bracer, and showing that he was no slacker, by giving them lefts and rights with the Double Energy Fist function on.

        He was being rough with the shiny robots, smashing them to pieces with his SWAT powers. He was fighting as if he was channeling anger and regret into his abilities.

        Delta exclaimed, "Did he just go into Battlizer mode over some wimpy robots?" She and Rose were jointly bashing a few robots together.

        David replied, "That's how it looked to me. There must be something really wrong with Lexington. Lets just get back into fighting these things. I am sure my grandfather will have things to say about this battle later."

        Lari also noticed that Lexington didn't seem to be fighting as purely as he expected the Dragon Soul to fight. "Looks like Lexington is 'aving trouble 'olding 'is power steady. Ah 'ope 'e lasts through this little skirmish. This isn't even really a battle, in truth." He then kangaroo kicked a few robots heads together in teamwork with Knuckles.

        Exactly as predicted, the fight was over rather quickly. And that was when part two occurred. In a thunderous blast of brimstone and celestial light... Ogma appeared. "A new recruit? But such anger... a sin against your dragon soul. And while dragons are not on my hunt list, let us see just what kind of fun I can have with such burning rage..."

        And with that, Lexington felt evil control shock into his body as suddenly, it appeared that the Mobian Hedgehog Rangers and Adventure League Rangers all transformed into more shiny robots and they were all around him. More targets to battle. And in his mind, Ogma laughed! (Which ones are real and which ones are simply your rage? Attack them, my sinful dragon! Attack those robots!)

        Lexington growled. "More of them?!" He then spoke in his Japanese Dialect. "Looks like I have to face them... Dragon SWAT Bow! Dragon Blade! HA!" the Blue Dragon Ranger was not in his true Battlizer, but he started to fire the Dragon SWAT Bow to kick up some dust, and leaped out into the fray to strike the 'shiny robots with his ever-trusty Dragon Blade! "When will they stop coming?"

        Mylanus exclaimed, "Look out, guys! Ogma did another mind trick! This time on Lexington!" And he immediately had up his anti-physical shielding around himself and Daz.

        Lari exclaimed, "Ah think its appropriate if Blue takes down Blue! Yer on, 'eath! Battlize it!"

        Heath shouted, "Blue Hedgehog Battlizer Mode!" A twister of blue sonic power erupted all around Heath, giving him streamlined battle armor, and a new helmet shaped like a blue hedgehog. Then, there came an enormous blast of super sonic power, sending Lexington flying backward across the battlefield and through a brick wall beyond, causing massive explosions all over him! Finally, close ups of Heath's armor and features then occurred! "Super Sonic Adventure Ranger! Blue!"

        Ogma smiled, as he released the control over Lexington. "What a shame... it was fun for a moment. Ta-ta, Rangers!" And in a blast of brimstone and celestial light, he was gone once again.

        End of Chapter Three


          Chapter Four -- Grandfather's Ultimatum

          Both teams and Lexington were now back at base, powered down, where they made their report to Grandfather Irons and Princess Sally. Needless to say, Grandfather Irons looked rather disappointed. He then turned to Lexington and said, "What have you to say for yourself, Lexington?"

          Lexington sighed, struggling to get some words out in the same flow he has been used to. "I was channeling some of my anger when I was fighting the robots, and when I saw more behind me, I lost my temper. When I came to, I didn't realize that I was 'arming... harming the others. I am sorry... I guess my weakness was too easily seen."

          Grandfather Irons then said, "I am going to do what your mentors, the Mystic Force, should have done to start with. While you're here on vacation, Lexington... I want you to give me your morphers. And before you object, let me remind you: I do know Udonna and Leanbow quite well. Either hand over your morphers or I tell them where you are and what you did today."

          Both Adventure League and Mobian Rangers cringed when hearing that request. Grandfather Irons had never asked that of anyone, let alone a stranger on vacation. Yet he just did now.

          Lexington sighed, unstrapping the Dragon Battlizer from his right wrist to disable the SWAT capabilities. He took off his Dragon Cell and turned it off, reverting his uniform into his original street clothes. To top it off, he took out a silver morpher prototype from the pocket of his Letterman jacket that didn't seem to be working, and without his tools, he couldn't do anything with it.

          After Lexington placed the two bracers and the handheld prototype, he said. "That's all the morphers I was carrying, Grandfather Irons."

          Grandfather Irons took the morphers and pocketed them. "Here's the deal, Lexington. When you are rested and you can think straight in a battle, only then will you get your morphers back. That is... if you need them at all." Then he turned so the others couldn't see his face, as he winked at Lexington and departed the chamber.

          Lari said, "Ah feel badly that 'e is forcing yas to be a civilian, Lexington. But 'e is right about what 'appened in battle. Yas left yerself wide open for that mental attack. And yas fell for it. What will yas do now?"

          The redhead sighed. "He was right, Lari. I lost it out there. I mean... what if Ah 'armed you, or the Mobians? I believe that its for the best. It will give me time to work on some stuff I need to work on." He then sighed. "Mother and Britton were right; a Lonewolf's pride can be their downfall."

          Daz said, "Lexington can train in the gym with Tails and I. Sometimes your greatest power doesn't come from what you can become or what you can gain..."

          Knuckles grinned. " comes from what you started with. I remember saying that when we first met you Adventure Rangers. Ranger powers are a nice gift to add to your arsenal, but if you rely only on them and not your natural skills, then you defeat yourself. Your enemies don't have to."

          Daz nodded her head as she looked to Lexington. "He's right. That is what I was going to say. So maybe you can show us in the gym what your natural abilities are."

          Lexington nodded, and said to Daz. "It reminds me of when Britton insisted on giving me lessons in Zen when I was living with him. Ah'll take you up on that offer. Thank you."

          Lari said, "Several of us need to get back to our ve'icle project in the garage. Ah would suggest that the rest of yas find something to keep yas busy. We know King Sprocket will be doing something when it stops raining."

          Daz and Tails took Lexington into the Gym with some of the others following them. Lari, Delta, L.J., and the rest of the Mobians returned to the garage to work on the team roadsters. They can't let Grandfather Irons make everything for them.

          End of Chapter Four


            Chapter Five -- Dead Last

            L.J. and Lari descended into the basement to fetch extra tools for their project. They could hear the guys up through one vent in the Gym training very easily.

            "Lari? I don't know if this is bothering you any, but..." started L.J. ", Delta, and I are the only ones who don't have our Battlizer powers as yet. And Grandfather Irons borrowed Delta just before we came down here, so I suspect she will get hers next. How do you feel about being... dead last?"

            Lari looked at L.J. in the dim light of the basement. He was sure that L.J. looked just like someone famous that he had seen on TV. "Actually, it bothers me a lot, mate. Ah always thought the Red Ranger got 'is Battlizer first. But 'eath was first, then Paul. Then David succeeded on 'is spirit quest and got 'is Battlizer powers. Next up, Alec got challenged and won against one of Ogma's generals. And in doing so, 'e gained 'is Battlizer powers. Then recently, Daz was engifted by the Celestial Powers and she gained 'ers. In truth L.J., every time someone else gets their Battlizer, Ah feel like the team's biggest chump. Ah get to feeling like Ah don't belong on the team, let alone leading it."

            L.J. hugged Lari. "I know. It shows if you know what to look for. It bothers me, too, Lari. It makes me wonder why... I chose to be a Ranger. I didn't have to join the Adventure League, but... Delta wanted to and... you reminded me of a kid brother that I never had. I joined because of you, Lari. Because of you. And that's why I am a Ranger now."

            Lari smiled and in the dim light of the basement, he hugged L.J. tightly, and then...

            ...Daz used her Ki power to blast another target in the Gym, while Lexington and the others watched. "My Ki powers are not related to my Ranger powers at all, Lexington. I have trained for years to hone my Ki abilities. And it is possible for you to do the same thing. Do you want to try it?"

            "Sure," Lexington said, as he tried what Daz was working on, until a big Gaydar blip in his senses triggered an elemental burst to come out upon that internal distraction. The force of the Blue Flame of Hope coming out of his hands caught Lex so much by surprise, he was pushed back enough to land on his own ass! "Ow! What in 'Mom's' Pouch made my Gaydar sense that strong? Seth isn't 'ere!"

            Daz slowly helped Lexington up to his feet. "I don't know what to tell you. No one on the Adventure League team is gay, as far as I know. I know Paul isn't; he's not even here right now. If I didn't know Heath better than I do, I would say he was. But he's not. Sonic has never offered him that chance."

            Heath was BLUSHING! "Sonic and I don't do THAT!!!"

            Lexington panted. "'oever they are, the bloke got me so distracted that Ah got surprised by the Blue Flame of 'ope..." He winced. "Whatever 'appened, it made the blip rather strong." He then hummed. If Seth was there, they would know for sure the general direction of the blip.

            Daz smiled and said, "Lets try the Ki stunt again. If you do well, I'll see that you get a whole bag of my mom's cookies."

            Alec then said, "If he can't do it, I'll be glad to wash your Adventure ATV with a toothbrush for all those cookies!"

            Lexington nodded, as he got up and got into the stance. "The Australian air is making my blood really pump," He calmly returned into the positions to use his Ki rather than slipping and ending up letting out another surprise burst of blue fire.

            Daz was all too glad to assist Lexington in the use of his Ki. The others practiced their martial arts, while Heath resumed playing his hand held Sonic game. He was never without it.

            Meanwhile, Grandfather Irons had chosen to contact Udonna in Dreamtrail, out of courtesy, and let her know where Lexington was vacationing at and what he had done concerning Lexington's morphers.

            End of Chapter Five


              Chapter Six -- Great Big Boomer, Literally

              The work in the garage and the workout in the gym was progressing just fine, until... the Raven flew in and cawed three times, before flying off in a rush. And seconds later, the Bairnsdale sirens began blaring.

              Lari exclaimed, "Ah knew Sprocket couldn't resist attacking the city! Let's suit up, mates!"

              Lari and his team struck their stances and pressed their rings together. As they did, their belt buckles began to glow brightly, as the glow enveloped their bodies. Lari yelled, "Unicorn!" Alec yelled, "Griffin!" Daz yelled, "Ki'rin!" Heath yelled, "Seawolf!" David yelled, "Chronos!" Delta yelled, "Phoenix!" L.J. yelled, "Pegasus!" Suddenly, the morphing sequence took hold, as Ranger uniforms of both White and their chosen colors began appearing from their feet, up their legs and torso, then the hands and arms, meeting around their necks. Then, their helmets wrapped around their heads, from the back to the front, as the filtered visors formed over their eyes. Then, images of their zords appeared briefly behind them, as special effects explosions of colored smoke erupted behind them. An emblem in a circle on their chests depicted stylistic capital letters of "AL" standing for Adventure League.

              The Mobian Hedgehogs and Tails formed a circle and stuck a paw into the center of the circle, as they all shouted, "Freedom Fighters, Assemble!" Then each one struck a pose and held their bracer morpher over their chest. As they did, each one shouted, "For Mobius!" Their bodies then began to glow with their own emerald colors. Knuckles yelled, "Red Emerald!" Shadow yelled, "Black Emerald!" Sonic yelled, "Blue Emerald!" Rose yelled, "Pink Emerald!" Goldie yelled, "Yellow Emerald!" Tails yelled, "Gold Emerald!" Suddenly, the morphing sequence took hold, as their Ranger uniforms of both White and their assigned emerald colors began appearing from their feet, up their legs and torso, then the hands and arms, meeting up around their necks. Then, their helmets wrapped around their heads, from the back to the front, as the filtered visors formed over their eyes. Then, the images of their Zords appeared briefly behind them, as special affects explosions of colored smoke and flames erupted behind them. Upon their chests, the circled emblem of two letter F's back to back, with a crown centered over the base of the letters, appeared in a stylistic flare, standing for Freedom Fighters. Then they shouted, "Emerald Knight Rangers! Fighting For Freedom!"

              Daz then said to Lexington, "Even though you don't have your morpher, if you want to come along, you can. Or you can stay here and work on your Ki. What do you think?"

              Lexington said, "Even if Ah can't dragon up, Ah can still take on the grunts." He told himself mentally to use his elemental abilities as a last resort.

              Daz smiled. "If you have fought Cogs before, then you'll do just fine. Come on, you can ride with me on my Adventure ATV."

              And then the two teams and special guest star roared out of Adventure Base and headed to the other side of Bairnsdale. When the teams arrived on the scene, they saw a troop of Cogs trying to capture a kangaroo boomer.

              Lari exclaimed, "King Sprocket 'as gone too far this time! Ah like 'roos!" And he leaped off his ATV and grabbed a Cog and waylaid the robot with a huge punch from his fist!

              Knuckles shouted, "Okay, mates! Yas know what to do!" And he joined Lari in the Cog Slug Fest!

              Lexington leaped into the fray with a back flip, and started to fight some of the Cogs on his own. His past experiences fighting a myriad of grunts really helped him out this time, and it showed. He even gave one a Down Under signature move. The Joey Kick proved to be effective against one of the robotic grunts that tried to charge him. "Take that, bloke!"

              David exclaimed as he sucker-punched a Cog back into another Cog, destroying both, "I don't see Xandrea out here. So that must mean that she and Paul are still together. But it also means that she thinks that Sprocket's newest plan is a dumb one."

              Heath said toward Lexington, "We only go for the Battlizer power when we face off against powerful generals and guest villains who shouldn't be down under here on Planet Adalia. To use your Battlizer powers any other time is a waste of energy, especially on the usual grunts." He then thrashed some Cogs with Sonic's assistance.

              Lexington grunted towards Heath. "Back 'ome, we've faced so many Generals, it's gotten monotonous." He dodged a blast from a Cog's opened face, and energized his fist with Elemental Power, as he remembered what measures he had to take to help the other Dragon Rangers combat the Unnamed Generals.

              "Yas want to fight that dirty, eh?" He then ran towards that specific Cog, smashing a fiery fist into the Cog's facial cover.

              Lari latched his arms around the kangaroo boomer, picked up the creature, then booked it out of the danger zone. And any Cogs who attempted to follow got blasted by Daz, Tails, Goldie, and Rose.

              Daz shouted, "Finish up the Cogs, Alec, and I'll get you a whole bunch of cookies!"

              Probably not the safest thing to say around the team's cookie monster. But... it seemed to motivate him to display a surge of adrenaline in his fighting abilities. All without shifting it into Battlizing Mode. He literally would do anything for those cookies. Needless to say, the battle didn't last long after that. And then the team headed back to their base with the rescued kangaroo.

              End of Chapter Six


                Chapter Seven -- Mystic Visitation

                When the teams arrived back at base, Grandfather Irons stood there waiting for them inside the meeting chamber. But he wasn't alone. With him were Daggeron, Nick, Xander, and Vida. Grandfather Irons said, "Lexington... I am sure you know our guests, don't you? Although you're still on vacation, I have informed Daggeron of the situation with your morphers. Would you like to speak with your friends privately or is publicly fine for you at this time?"

                Lexington backed up a little, "What are yas guys doing here?"

                Daggeron stopped Nick from answering. "The question will be what you are doing here and not with your brothers and your friends in Toonmasters?"

                Xander smirked with a sideways smile. "And it seems yas 'ave developed an Aussie accent too, eh mate?"

                Vida shut Xander up with an elbow jab to the gut. "Plan Xander never works even with non-battle situations. Now Lex, why aren't you in Toonmasters with the others?"

                Lexington closed his eyes. "Long story."

                Grandfather Irons had the rest of the two teams go into the medical labs to make sure the boomer was okay while he remained in the meeting chamber with Lexington and the others. "Be honest, Lexington. Only if you bottle it up will it be worse than before your vacation started." He glanced at Daggeron. "Although if I may hazard a guess, I would say that Lexington was not expecting to arrive this far South of where he might have hoped to arrive. My guess is the Devlin station where he had stayed once when he was a younger boy." He looked to Lexington again. "Tell them the story."

                Lexington kept his eyes low on the table and told them what had happened in Toonmasters, especially with his encounter with Deryk Roo. "Ah've been so used to 'elping others, Ah 'aven't seen someone with such spite for those who offer 'elp. The griffin version of Britton pointed out my mistakes, and it reminded me too much of my fall from grace before Ah met Chip, and resolved to be better than Ah used to be. Ah feel bad for hiding the way Ah did, but Ah couldn't see why such a character can be so... hardened." He closed his eyes and muttered quietly, "Ah was an idiot. And Ah wanted to be anywhere but there, and Ah didn't care if Ah was dropped off at Devlin Station, as long as Ah made myself scarce to recover. Ah was scared, seeing such anger in another that Ah used to 'ave."

                Nick crossed his arms. "I wouldn't see why you would think that over a cartoon character devised by a creative writer and artist."

                Daggeron understood more than Nick did. "Toonmasters may be a world of cartoons, but when fleshed out with a personality, they can be just as real as all of us in this room, even Adalia. It would be foolhardy to judge people based on the way they were created, Nick."

                "To that end, I have invited two guests to speak to your group and to Lexington to perhaps smooth things out as far as cartoons go," Grandfather Irons said. "Just remember: I did not call SDCC since he feels bad for the fiasco behind causing you to run away, Lexington. All he wanted to do was to surprise you and your friends with your Toonmasters counterparts."

                Just then, a plot hole opened in the side of the meeting room and a rather wacky looking cartoon fox with a toolbelt full of toon props stepped out into the open. However, with him was the ever serious champion of Truth, Justice, and the Americat Way... Captain Americat, who said to the fox, "Looks like we made it, Schticky. I see Grandfather Irons looking as grim as ever. Almost makes me want to smile. Almost."

                Schticky Fox smiled wide as he said, "Got your message, Mr. Irons. Lord Toonmaster gave me permission to play my man Mr. Smooth. And as per your request... I brought Captain Americat with me."

                Grandfather Irons then explained, "These people are in need of a lesson in cartoon living... both the loony side as well as the serious side. I thought you two fit those descriptions well."

                The fox glanced at all of the young people in the room as well as at Daggeron. "Hey! You're Commander Daggeron of the Bullet Train Commandos!" He pulled out his autograph book and held it out to Daggeron with the ever present toony smile. "Can I have your autograph?"

                Captain Americat muttered, "Theatrics."

                End of Chapter Seven


                  Chapter Eight -- The Theatrics Explanation

                  Lexington hummed, as he looked curiously over to Captain Americat "Why don't yas sound amused over the Theatrics? Are yas a part of Dark Times, like my toon counterpart is?"

                  Daggeron shrugged his shoulders, and gladly obliged in giving an autograph to Shticky Fox. "I don't see why not."

                  Captain Americat nodded his head. "You really must be overworked, soldier. You obviously don't remember me from our 'Secret Mission' together a while back after you and your comrades saved Deryk Devlin." See Rangers Finest, Episode Two - Lost Joey Justice. "As for why I am not amused, Schticky Fox is about to prove a point, aren't you?"

                  Schticky Fox put the autograph book away, always with the smile, and said, "Toonmasters is all about fun, humor, silliness, zaniness, and yes, theatrics. Daggeron performed his part perfectly. He played along even though I made up that title on the spot simply to drive home the point. When you visit Toonmasters, you aren't there to be a sour puss and all mopey and sad; you're there to enjoy the lighter side of life and forget your troubles for a while. But if you want a serious dimension to take a vacation in, one where you could watch the local entertainment and still get in a good rest, then Captain Americat's Marvel Furniverse is the dimension of choice for you."

                  He then said, "Always remember this one little thing about Dark Times: None of the Creators nor Toonmaster himself approve of that area. It is a TEST zone only. If it were to pass the test, then it would be moved into it's own dimension because it would not be based on what Toonmasters is based on. And you told SDCC that you were in Toonmasters for a vacation. You never said you had come there to see Dark Times, which truthfully you knew nothing about. You went to be amused. Instead, you let your Ranger life get in your way and how you would react in the real world. Deryk Roo is a special character. He BELONGS to the Los Angeleos Lions. Being in Toon-Briarwood for him is a death sentence in Hell. You heard right... HELL. Yes, I said it."

                  Captain Americat then added, "In truth, Dark Times would fit easily into the Furniverse without a second thought. However... the people who live there are zany toons who got tired of zany life. What they are doing is in defiance of Toonmaster himself and I can understand the conflict they are going through. There was once a movement in the Furniverse to get zany toon life installed there. It didn't last long... especially after I told Ducktor Doom what was being attempted. I let him handle it and I went home."

                  The other Mystic Force members present had their jaws dropped at how the Toons were talking.

                  Lexington muttered, "Capt. Americat is right about me being overworked. Ah've 'ad a lot to deal with, especially with the Demonic activity over all the plans for after graduation... it's been too much. Ah don't even remember the last time Ah took it easy after Clare told me the Mystic Force was captured."

                  He then said, "Ah am sorry for the way Ah acted in front of Zale... Ah know the bloke meant well, and Ah was stupid to 'ave ran like that. Ah took well to 'is surprise, until Ah saw Deryk Roo."

                  Daggeron said. "In all honesty, after hearing that you allowed yourself to be tricked by Ogma, and being overworked as Captain Americat has stated... that Grandfather Irons was right in relieving you of the Dragon Cell and your Battle Booster. You need a vacation from your powers, and I am sure that Chip would aid your team should the need come in Toonmasters.

                  "In the meantime, You are welcome to spend the rest of your vacation here, with your morpher returned to you only at the end of the vacation, or should a Demon from our world come to cause trouble. Do you understand, Lexington?"

                  Lexington nodded, as the other Mystic Rangers thought that it was a role reversed from when Chip was out of commission that one time a couple years back. (See PRDS-LE0: Chip's Coffee Buzz)

                  End of Chapter Eight


                    Chapter Nine -- Mystic Workout

                    Once the meeting had ended, the cartoons departed via plot hole and Daz approached the Mystic Force. "It is a tradition in the Adventure League to make sure all visiting ranger teams receive their share of my family's special cookies. Since your entire team isn't here, I will give out individual cookies to those of you who are here and I will give you the rest of the batch in this bag to give to the others. But you really don't have to leave right away, if you don't want to. Perhaps you can show us how professional Power Rangers perform in our training gym." She then giggled. "We've seen every episode that has appeared on TV and... our team is thrilled to have an Alumni team in Australia for just a little while. What do you say?"

                    Daggeron hummed, as he thought about it. "I think we may have some time to do it, with Clare and Madison keeping us on call in case a Demon shows up." He then snapped his fingers as the Mystic Lamp appeared in his hand.

                    Jenji peeked his head out the lamp, and grinned as if he was the Cheshire Cat. Maybe he is related to him... who knows? "Just don't be surprised if one of your doors open up to a train station."

                    "This is how the Mystics train." He then brought out his Solaris Cell Morpher, and punched a morph ticket to change himself into the Solaris Knight. "Ready yourselves, then we'll show you how the Mystics Train. Although, Lexington, you may want to stay here and see if you can train with some of the Mobians. They may be like they are on TV, but you can learn a lot from them."

                    Nick, Vida, and Xander all morphed into their Mystic Forms, judging that their Legend Warrior forms were for serious battles only. Xander put a hand on Lexington's shoulder and said, "Don't ya worry, Lex... we'll take it easy on 'em for their first time."

                    Lexington nodded. "Ah might as well make up some tea for when yas blokes get back, as well. It's been a while since Ah made any."

                    Rose welcomed Lexington into the kitchen where she was already drinking a batch of Mobian Tea albeit slowly, while Daz led the others into the training room. Knuckles and Shadow leaned up against walls on either side of the gym's entry near enough to each other to make comments so only they to each other could hear.

                    The only two who were not in the training gym were again Lari and L.J. who for reasons only they knew had gone to Grandfather Irons' Zord Workshop to plan out a project that they together could use with each other as a duo at a later time (chapter.)

                    David smiled. "Welcome Mystic Force and Daggeron. It is indeed an honor to have your team in our training chamber. I will now move back and sit with the others while you give us a good lesson." And he moved back and sat with Daz and Tails.

                    Daggeron was going through the training basics with the Adventure League members (making Nick a little impatient in the process).

                    Lexington, on the other hand, brought out a canister of his blend of tea that was known to calm even him slightly. "Ah bet my Meatball won't be 'appy with me when 'e 'ears about the recent incidents." Closing his eyes in regret, the ginger set the canister down on the counter, and filled the tea kettle with enough water for a modest teapot.

                    Rose commented, "They could have sent you back to Earth. Or since this is Adalia, they could have shipped you off to Planet Janet of the Yin-Yang Rangers for a butt kicking. Although because Daggeron is permitting you to stay here with the rest of us, maybe he thinks you might learn something from us or best case scenario... after you have a full night's decent sleep, you will wake up in a more refreshed state of mind. Coincidentally, when was the last time you and your teammates slept? I know the whole time you've been with us, you haven't slept at all. And apparently in Toonmasters, you never slept there either. And you apparently had no sleep in that battle back on Dreamtrail that you described. So what's the story? Are your mistakes due to a lack of sleep?"

                    Lexington sighed in regret. He didn't remember how long it has been since he even got a decent amount of sleep... with increased Demon activity, homework, and plans for the wedding, the Lonewolf didn't remember how much sleep he got after his Uncle Valon had a talk with him about Dreamtime. Out of all the members of the Dragon Soul team, Lexington was the one who had the worst trouble getting decent sleep. "Too much 'as been going on, and Ah admit that Ah am starting to suffer for it. Ah even tried sleeping at my brother's dojo, and even then Ah can't get enough sleep before Ah get alerted to something the Demons are doing..." he then sat down next to Rose, sitting with his head on the table. "Sometimes Ah wonder what it would be like when all the demands on me go on the back burner for a while..."

                    Rose hummed as she slowly reached into one of her pouches and pulled out a hypodermic needle as she said, "Perhaps your outlook will be better later when you can reflect on what I'm doing to you." And with that, she applied the knockout injection to Lexington which caused him to immediately pass out on the spot. She would get him off to a bed where he could sleep this off.

                    End of Chapter Nine


                      Chapter Ten -- Travelling Revelations

                      At the Zord Workshop belonging to Grandfather Irons, Lari and L.J. stood at the drafting table where Lari shared his idea with L.J. concerning a brand new named Megazord combo between their own two zords. "Since Ah am the unicorn and yas are the pegasus, Ah really think yas and Ah should be able to merge the two together to create a special never before seen kind of named megazord. Problem is... Ah can't think of a name to call it. And that is the important part. The legend goes that the one who is purest of 'eart should name the megazord so it becomes the strongest warrior ever created. But Ah am flat stumped on this one, L.J."

                      L.J. nodded his head as he looked over the drafting plans. "I seem to recall reading about a winged unicorn in a published story by a childrens author. The creature's name was Gaudior and he was what was called a Traveller whose power permitted him to traverse time, space, and dimension. A teenage boy teams up with him so they can look into the past and try to correct some wrong that will repair the present day time. In the end, they win the day and to top if off, they stop the world from going into a horrible war. So if our named Megazord is a Traveller, then it should have those powers."

                      "That's great," said the leader. "Let's see 'ow much work we can get done on this before Sprocket tries something stupid and interrupts our work."

                      A few hours later, the two were making excellent headway into their secret project. Several times, accidental (or deliberate) collisions occurred when L.J. just 'happened' to bodily bump into Lari and once... to give him a lip to lip kiss. Lari was starting to suspect something was going on, but he knew both he and L.J. were straight. So why were they so attracted to each other?

                      Then during one brief pause on behalf of L.J., Lari noticed that his club member friend was holding something that looked like a marred coin or belt buckle in one hand studying it thoughtfully.

                      "Adalia to L.J."

                      L.J. jumped at that voice from Lari and bumped his head causing him to drop the coin/buckle. The item bounced off the floor and landed close to Lari's position.

                      "I'll get that," said Lari as he quickly bent down to pick it up.

                      "No! I'll get it!" L.J. quickly replied but he wasn't fast enough because the moment he had come around to the side where he could get it, he saw Lari holding it in one hand with a blank stare. He could tell his friend in that stupid moment... knew the truth.

                      After a few silent moments, Lari quietly said, "Why didn't yas tell me the truth from the beginning..." he paused. "...Jason?"

                      L.J. sighed and slowly hung his head. When he began to speak, it was the truth... finally. He told Lari how their version of Rita Repulsa had not only blasted them out of their own dimension but had damaged their power coins. The Galaxy Rangers were supposed to be helping their team get back to Planet Earth, but due to a miscalculation... they arrived on Planet Adalia instead. And the rest Lari knew. He then slowly placed his arms around Lari and gently hugged him. "I... I apologize for not explaining this from the beginning, Lari. We're trying to hide from Rita and if we used our real names she could have found us all the faster and then you would not only be dealing with Sprocket but our Rita as well. And with the Mobians helping you and all... you don't need that. So we're in hiding."

                      Lari handed the damaged power coin back to L.J., sliding it into his pants pocket. "Thank yas for coming clean to me. But now that we're this close, Ah need to know one more thing... Ah know yas and Ah are both straight. So 'ow come we're all the time 'ugging, kissing, and most times at night... either sleeping together or," he coughed once. "...exploring each other bodily? Did something change between us since yas joined the club? Or am Ah missing something? Ah thought yas were engaged to Delta."

                      He smiled and slowly planted a soft deepening kiss on his friend's mouth as thoughts of the megazord project took a side shelf for a few long minutes. When the break for air came, he smiled at Lari and replied, "Unlike the real Jason on Planet Earth, I happen to be bisexual. Zack and I were always getting along in more than a brothers sort of way. I never allowed Trini nor Billy to find out, although Tommy and Kimberly fully knew, and Tommy 'helped me' on several occasions. Must be the Native American blood. Anyway, the first time I ever laid eyes on you... part of me forgot all about the engagement with Delta. Instead... I was just focused on you because..." he paused while holding his friend closely. "...because I love you. I hope you won't shove me away now that you know. Can we still be as we have been together? You haven't complained up to now."

                      Lari smiled in that trademark Aussie Outback sort of manner and tossed the tools he had been holding aside as he pulled L.J. down with him to the floor. "Prove yerself, mate. Do it."

                      And they did.

                      End of Chapter Ten


                        Chapter Eleven -- Battlizer Patrol Delta

                        -= THE NEXT MORNING =-

                        Terry Knight was in the Adventure League kitchen preparing breakfast for the team while Princess Sally assisted him in the daunting task. Paul was indeed back since he doesn't live with Xandrea (THANK THE DREAMTIME FOR THAT!) and the morning sun was beginning to peak into Lexington's window where he was awakening after the first serious sleep he has ever had in several weeks.

                        Lexington didn't remember much aside from trying to make tea for the Mystic Force (sans Chip). However, he was indeed well-rested, and his judgement was far-less clouded by the his lack of sleep. What did Amy Rose do to me? He thought to himself. Knock me out with her hammer? He slowly got out of bed, and looked around. He then noticed the kangaroo pajamas that were on his person. He knew he didn't own a single pair of pajamas. Regardless, he got out of bed, and headed out of the bedroom.

                        Tails was waiting out in the hallway when Lexington emerged. "How did you sleep, Lexington? Your regular clothes are in our laundry at the moment. And Grandfather Irons would like to talk you after breakfast, too. Lari selected the pajamas for you last night when he and L.J. came in from their outing."

                        Lexington turned red a little at the thought of Lari choosing pajamas for him. "Thank yas, Tails." He checked his eyes for contact lenses, remembering that it wasn't the first time he fell asleep with his contacts still on, especially since his glasses were broken by a Dreamtime Crocodile Warrior's foot. He then noticed that his nose was catching a nice aroma. "Ah wonder what they 'ave on the menu? It smells amazing!"

                        Tails smiled and gave Lexington a firm hug, then they went off and soon entered the dining hall where most of the team and Mobians were gathered at the breakfast table. Arriving in the room, Lexington's gaydar seemed to point his attention toward Lari and L.J. but... it couldn't be... he had been hearing everyone say that those two were straight. Tails directed Lexington to a seat between Alec and Heath, then he went and sat between Sonic and Anton d'Coolette (a rather handsome dashing Mobian coyote.)

                        Daz and David then began serving breakfast to everyone. Daz said, "Delta will be along shortly; she and Grandfather Irons took a meal to that kangaroo boomer we rescued yesterday. How are you feeling this morning, Lexington? Rose was sorry she had to enforce a sleep period on you, but you really need regular sleep or you end up being nothing but a Cog in the Machine."

                        Lexington chuckled dryly, realizing that his 'sense' wasn't wrong if he sensed something odd on his own more than once. He arched an eye at Lari and L.J. both, and said nothing of it. "It seems that Ah know 'ow it feels to be a Cog in the Machine." He then said. "Did the Mystic Force end up leaving, mates? Ah regret not able to make their tea."

                        Daz replied, "Daggeron took the rest and departed, although Xander said he wanted to spend another day or so here. Daggeron said he would send Udonna and Nick after Xander later and he had Jenji stay to keep an eye on Xander. I think Plan Xander is to get some more of my mom's cookies." She winked looking humored almost as if she caught him with a hand in the cookie jar.

                        Just then, the whole headquarters shook as an explosion went off somewhere inside the building. Over the loudspeakers came Grandfather Irons' voice. "THAT BOOMER YOU BROUGHT IN WAS ONE OF SPROCKET'S ROBOTS! DELTA IS FIGHTING THE DAMNED THING! LOOK OUT!" Another explosion went off as the intercom died.

                        Lari and Knuckles were already on their feet as the rest of the crew began leaping up to head downstairs to the infirmary!

                        In the infirmary, an army of Cogs had teleported in via the shortcut in the boomer's pouch and they were now trying to force their way past Grandfather Irons to get out and wreck the rest of the headquarters. Everyone instantly morphed and joined the fight the moment they entered the infirmary. During a quick break between fighting Cogs, Grandfather Irons handed Lex his morphers back to him. "You're rested enough now! I was going to give these back to you at breakfast!" Then they were in battle again.

                        Delta and Bombardier, the exploding robotic kangaroo, were in battle at the far back side of the infirmary. Delta had just been punched in the mouth and the blow had drawn blood. She was now pissed. "So you want to play that way, do you? Battlizer time!"

                        Delta powered up her fists which caused the image of a jaguar and the image of a phoenix to appear over each ring. "Pink Jaguar Phoenix Battlizer!" She then pressed the two images together and shouted, "Quetzalcoatl Warrior Mode!" The two images though ethereal glowed to reveal the famed Quetzalcoatl, which completely circled Delta in a tornadic fashion. Her new battle armor appeared and attached to her with the sounds of metal plates coming together. A pink wielding flash then fused all of the parts together, as a secondary battle helm settled down upon Delta's current helm. "Pink Winged Serpent Ranger! Quetzalcoatl Battlizer Warrior!"

                        Delta then tackled the robo-roo and began showing the damned thing what happens when you attack an LHG!

                        End of Chapter Eleven


                          Chapter Twelve -- All Good Things Lead to Cookies

                          L.J. who was back to back with Lari whispered, "What did I tell you..."

                          Lari nodded his head. "Yeah, yas were right. Oh well... let's just punish some Cogs."

                          Jenji and Xander were seen joining the fight at that moment.

                          Lexington put on his Battle Booster and Dragon Cell, before Morphing into his Ranger Form. Though he had no time to deactivate the mod that automatically initiates SWAT Mode, the Blue Dragon Ranger only pulled out his Dragon Flute from out of the sheath. Starting with the basics was key for him as he slammed his side-arm into some of the Cogs. "Yas caught me on a good day, mates. So enjoy a taste of my Dragon Flute!" He then converted it to blaster mode, striking only the Cogs that attack him.

                          Xander had both his MagiStaff (in Axe Mode) and the MagiLamp in his grip. He leaped in the air and slammed his Axe into the ground, causing a magical tremor to knock back only the Cogs. "So much for Plan Xander, eh Jenji?" The Green Mystic asked to the Lamp.

                          Jenji's head popped out of the Lamp in response. "Don't get too confident, Xander... Daggeron will have you in a very tight cat-collar should you fall."

                          Heath and the Blue Hedgehog zoomed through the battle at Sonic speed, striking Cogs as they went. Paul and David were double teaming several Cogs. Princess Sally said, "Here we go, guys! Transporting the fight out of the building! Destination: Great Mobian Forest!" And within a flash, the entire fight arrived on Planet Mobius where everyone had tons more space to do their fighting. And the benefit for Xander was that he was in his element finally.

                          Now that there was a fair amount of safety space, Grandfather Irons could use his lightning summoning powers without destroying the building. Cogs were starting to explode with each strike.

                          Delta punched the Bombardier backward into a large boulder where a massive explosion rocked the landscape and robot kangaroo parts rained down all around the battle scene. "That takes care of that!"

                          And then in the air above everyone, Dr. Robotnik flew over in his flying egg. He slowed to a hover and fired a ray down and stopped the remaining Cogs. "As much as I would love to see you Freedom Fighters defeated... if I am not the one doing it, then I simply cannot allow it! Consider today to be a truce, you pests! As for you Rangers... You fight well, but until you fight against my robots, you haven't proven a thing to me! But regarding King Sprocket... this slight of his Cogs being on Mobius is the final straw! We had an agreement and this tears it! Until we bicker again, heroes!" And he steered the flying egg off through the forest and vanished in the distance.

                          Princess Sally hummed. "Something tells me that we are about to see a war between Sprocket and Robotnik."

                          Sonic remarked, "That makes two of the bad guys. That leaves one."

                          Suddenly in a fiery appearance of black smoke came Ogma. "I am not bad; I'm just drawn that way." He laughed and danced around in a circle. "As Robotnik said, today is a truce. But only today. Tomorrow, expect a lot more dirty tricks from all sides. I hope you will be ready for that." Then he seemed to look directly at Lari and L.J. "You two... yes... tomorrow, I will aim at you boys." And he vanished in a blast of energy.

                          The team then returned to the Adventure League base on Planet Adalia.

                          Grandfather Irons had a smile on his face as he spoke to Lexington, Xander, and Jenji. "Now you know what occurs down under here on Adalia. You, Lexington, still have a few days left of your vacation. Do you want to spend those days here, or have you Mystic Joeys had enough of the Victoria province?"

                          Xander had a nice Aussie smile about him. Something that he hasn't done since living in California. "Ah'm just glad to be back in my 'ome land, mate. Ah don't know about Lex over 'ere, but Ah think this would be a opportunity that is very sad to waste." He then put Lexington in a manly side-embrace. "What say yas, Dragon Ranger?"

                          "Ah only know California and Queensland, and Queensland just barely..." Lexington observed, but digressed because of his revitalized spirit. "Ehh... what 'arm can be done by 'aving the rest of my vacation 'ere?"

                          End of Chapter Twelve
                          End of Episode Fourteen: Battlizer Bombshell

                          Stay tuned for Episode Fifteen: War Between the Powers, Part 1