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[PASA-09] Power Rangers Yin-Yang

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    [PASA-09] Power Rangers Yin-Yang

    When you need friends to the end...

    The wackiest friends in River Bluff, Missouri, band together to defend their home turf from waves of wacky enemies. [Planet Parousia c. 2007]

    Grandpa Matt Devlin's Horse and Donkey Farm.
    Rocky Falls Suburb, River Bluff, Missouri.

    River Bluff High School.

    Legal Experience Academy for Police Specialists.
    Kangaroo City, New Dreamtime.

    "Fortune, Power Up! Ha!"

    The rangers lined up as they alone heard Oriental music playing around them. "Tao Power!" Mystical energies began to arise all around them as if Celestial elements from unknown sources was centered on them and them alone. Deryk shouted, "Spirits of Yin! Spirits of Yang! Red Tao Fire!" Cornelius shouted, "Spirits of Yin! Spirits of Yang! Steel Tao Metal!" Victoria shouted, "Spirits of Yin! Spirits of Yang! Purple Tao Arcane!" Orion shouted, "Spirits of Yin! Spirits of Yang! Yellow Tao Earth!" Varvara shouted, "Spirits of Yin! Spirits of Yang! Green Tao Wind!" Janet shouted, "Spirits of Yin! Spirits of Yang! Blue Tao Water!" Rikki shouted, "Spirits of Yin! Spirits of Yang! Black Tao Shadow!" Wally shouted, "Spirits of Yin! Spirits of Yang! White Tao Light!" Their necklaces were then seen floating before them larger than life as each ranger leaped through the central elemental gemstone and landed on the other side wearing their Tao designed ranger uniforms. Then a frontal view of the ranger was seen as their chosen elements erupted all around them. Then their helmets appeared over their heads as they reached up to grab them and pull them down into place. The elemental amulet design appeared on their chests as they struck their finishing poses. "Yin Yang! Tao of ages!" The Rangers then dropped back to the ground where they struck their team pose for all to see.

    "Hey! Where's the colored explosions?"

    "We don't need explosions to show off our power!"



      Tao Amulets: An elemental amulet morpher exclusive to the Yin Yang team. It is affixed to a necklace of silver chain in which each ranger wears around their neck.

      Tao ID Bracelets.

      All team members get a set of the following in their color.
      - Power Swords
      - Power Daggers
      - Power Maces
      - Power Bows
      - Power Pistols

      Tao Motorcycles.

      Tao Beast Forms:

      - Red Tao Kangaroo
      - Steel Tao Unicorn
      - Purple Tao Falcon
      - Yellow Tao Fox
      - Green Tao Owl
      - Blue Tao Otter
      - Black Tao Panther
      - White Tao Lion


      Tao Megazord - A Megazord consisting of the Tao Beast Zords.
      - Tao Fire, Red Kangaroo Zord
      - Tao Metal, Steel Unicorn Zord
      - Tao Arcane, Purple Falcon Zord
      - Tao Earth, Yellow Fox Zord
      - Tao Wind, Green Owl Zord
      - Tao Water, Blue Otter Zord
      - Tao Shadow, Black Panther Zord
      - Tao Light, White Lion Zord