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[PASA-09] PRYY-01 An Ozark Aussie

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    [PASA-09] PRYY-01 An Ozark Aussie

    [PASA-09] Power Rangers Yin Yang
    Episode One -- An Ozark Aussie
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    November 26th, 2017

    Power Rangers Yin Yang:
    Deryk Devlin
    Cornelius Ward
    Victoria Le Fauve
    Orion Spencer Ki'lin-ti
    Janet Renton
    Varvara Najeeb
    Rickward "Rikki" Brooklyn
    Wallace "Wally" Blayze
    Clipper, Deryk's KSP/Magic Teacher
    "Rocket", Razylymiirgolos Andrakkan,
    -- the Armored Winged Sentinel of the Greater Assassins

    Matthew Osric Devlin, grandfather
    Angela Irene Kane-Devlin, grandmother
    Dr. Eric Morgan, a herd alpha were-horse and professional hometown doctor
    Lord Pouchlaw, Head of LEAPS of Kangaroo Town
    General Camoupaws (Pinker)
    General Tailthud
    Captain Ramses
    Sargent Yardfoot
    Lord Parcelpaw, Head of the Courier Kangaroos
    Yardfoot II

    The Bullies:
    Mike Bowler
    Timothy "Tim" McGraw

    Chapter One -- Destiny and Better Things.
    Hank Ward's Roadside Horse and Donkey Farm.
    Rocky Falls Suburb, River Bluff, Missouri.

    While young horses and young donkeys nosed around the fallen young Australian in their field, an American adult human man (Hank Ward) and his young son (Cornelius) came across the boy lying face down in their grazing meadow. "Dad? Who do you suppose that is?"

    "I'm not sure but he looks exhausted. The colts and jacks are leaving him alone though. That must mean that they think he is not a threat. Let's move him out of the sun and into the barn over here. I'll give him some water out of my water jug."

    Moments later, with the Australian young man propped up against a hay bale, Hank carefully gave the Australian boy a drink of water who in turn winced and coughed a little. "Easy now, son... you are in good hands. My animals found you and they thought you were an okay guy. Who are you and where are you bound for?"

    After a moment to allow his vision to clear up, the youngster gave off an Aussie trademark smile and said, "Ah am Deryk Devlin from Australia; my ID was stolen from me after Ah was mugged in Colorado. Ah am trying to reach my grandparents' farm in River Bluff, Missouri. Ah know Ah saw the sign for the city two miles back. Ah am sorry if Ah trespassed into yer field. But Ah was so tired from 'iking. Ah only meant to rest for a little bit."

    Cornelius came over and knelt next to Deryk and said, "We can take you over to your grandparents place as soon as you are rested, Deryk. I am Cornelius Ward, a local here in River Bluff. I hope you and I can be real good friends especially if you are going to be in the area for awhile. You and I have the same hair style and the same color of eyes. It is nice to meet someone so similar to myself out in the farms. Would you like to be my friend?"

    Deryk slowly smiled as he clasped Cornelius' hand into his own. "Ah would like that a lot, mate. Ah just 'ope yas can get use to my Aussie slang; some people get annoyed by Outback speak. The word 'mate' simply means 'friend'. We refer to adult 'uman men as 'Boomers' and adult 'uman women as 'Sheilas'. An unnamed 'uman boy is a 'joey' and an unnamed 'uman girl is a 'flyer'. Most of us attuned Outback folk can discern spirit movement when normal folk will see nothing. As a matter of fact, there are two spirits nearby right now. A raccoon and a big buck deer. They are standing over by the fourth fence post looking this way. They mean no 'arm but they are curious as to why Ah am in this area."

    Hank said, "Do you think they would like a treat taken over to them, Deryk? Deer move through this area all the time. And they occasionally like to enjoy a salt block."

    Deryk replied, "They might back off if yas approach them without warning. Although the deer is sure to like the salt block, Ah was to understand that raccoons like fish."

    Hank then said, "I know your grandfather Matthew Devlin quite well. We all just shorten that to Grandpa Matt. He thinks flying saucers are real. But then again, I have seen your grandmother throw a saucer before so they might be real. As in real painful." He laughed.

    Even Deryk found that humor funny.
    Grandpa Matt Devlin's Horse and Donkey Farm.
    Rocky Falls Suburb, River Bluff, Missouri.

    Following that, Hank loaded Deryk and Cornelius up into his pickup and then he drove them over to Grandpa Matt's horse form. Upon arriving, Deryk got that sensation he usually had when there were kangaroos around. But he didn't see any off hand. But he did see Grandpa Matt and Grandma Angela waiting on their front porch. Hank stopped the pickup truck and got out saying, "Yo Matt! We found your grandson passed out in our herd field. My son Cornelius really likes him."

    Matt smiled and said, "A joey like Deryk cannot have too many friends in a new country, Hank! We just got off the phone with his mother who had heard that he hadn't gotten off of the Greyhound bus in town! And one of those Kangaroo Couriers brought you a new wallet with a new official Australian ID, Deryk! Come on over here and give us a real Aussie hug!"

    Deryk ran over to give his grandparents a hug. "Ah suppose the Roo sensation Ah was sensing was one of those couriers. Too bad Ah missed seeing 'im, they are real sexy cuties."

    Grandma Angela then said, "Your luggage made it through the Greyhound just fine, Deryk. So you have your spare clothes and other personal goods here awaiting for you." She then handed him his new wallet with his new identification cards. "Now you are official once again. We didn't open your luggage in case you had a surprise in there you wanted to show us yourself."

    Deryk smiled. "Mom allowed me to bring a few of the Ambassador Collars up here so we could place them on a few of the animals here on the farm and then we could talk to them."

    Angela smiled. "That should be a lot of fun, especially for that nice cow we have where we get our milk from."

    Matt chuckled, "Only you would want to talk to a cow, dear." He stepped off of the porch to go talk to Mr. Ward.

    Grandma Angela led Deryk and Cornelius off to the side of the main house where a bunkhouse was built within view of the kitchen door. "Cornelius, This is where Deryk will be staying while he is with us. Now that you know this, you can come over and visit with him any time you like. Deryk, we don't have any spare bedrooms inside of our house, so this will have to do. We used to have hired hands out here helping Matt with the horses and now you get to take over their bunkhouse. The hired hands got drafted into the army and we haven't seen them since. We know that won't happen to you."

    When the door to the bunkhouse was opened, standing in the back of the room was a kangaroo boomer wearing a stylish black and silver vest. "'ello Deryk. Nice to see yas finally made it 'ere. Yas think Ah am a sexy cutie, do yas? Well, on be'alf of my lord, Pouchlaw, Ah am to assign yas yer own KSP Dreamtime Magic Instructor. Yas are to be learning magic while yer in the states." He reached a paw into his pouch and he pulled out a small floating kangaroo spirit. "This is yer kangaroo spirit partner and magic teacher; 'is name is Clipper. Only yas and those yas trust will even be able to see 'im." He then turned to Cornelius. "As long as yas are nice to Deryk, yas could gain rewards for yerself."
    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two -- The Chosen Ones.
    The following Saturday afternoon, which followed Deryk's first week in an American school, Cornelius came over with a selection of friends who were eager to meet the Australian boy outside of school grounds. The bullies were hanging back just out of sight mainly to see where the group of friends were heading. They frowned when they saw the Devlin Horse Farm come into view. The bullies then veered off to find something else to do.

    Cornelius knocked on the bunkhouse door. "Yo Deryk! It's Cornelius and friends. May we come in?"

    Deryk called out, "Sure, mate! Come on in! Ain't no one but us roos in 'ere!"

    Cornelius came into the bunkhouse with three other boys and three girls from school.

    Deryk smiled as he was sitting on his bed with his KSP Clipper and an academy Kangaroo from Dreamtime. "'ello mates! Yas brought in everyone who sits at yer cafeteria table! Yas know my magic teacher Clipper and this boomer is General Tailthud from the Legal Experience Academy for Police Specialists in Kangaroo City of New Dreamtime! Common mates, Yas got to introduce yerself to my self defense instructor!"

    "I am Cornelius Ward, Deryk's closest neighbor and closest friend locally."

    "I am Cornelius' girlfriend, Victoria Le Fauve; my dad is a police detective here in River Bluff while my mom is a lawyer. Mystery solving sort of runs in our family. We're no Scooby Doo and the gang but we do okay."

    "I am Orion Spencer, the adopted son of the area carpenter and town baker."

    "I am Orion's girlfriend, Varvara Najeeb; my parents own and run the local pet store. I work there part time."

    "I am the local body builder and general tough guy, Rickward "Rikki" Brooklyn. I hate my real name so please just call me Rikki. And sense you are a self defense instructor, I would be interested in the style you teach especially since I know some martial arts myself."

    "I am Rikki's main squeeze, Janet Renton; I used to pal around with the other bullies until Rikki kicked their Heinies!"

    "I am Wallace "Wally" Blayze. I also used to be a bully until I saw the light. And then... Deryk's handsome looks made me feel stupid. His accent turns me on. Um... I'm the local gay enlightened lost soul. My parents run and operate a church in the area. I have to be their biggest disappointment since I love other guys." He was blushing after saying all that as he was also hanging his head to look at the floor. "Please don't kill me, Janet."

    General Tailthud said in the Aussie accent, "Killing someone just because they found a different life path would not be a very civilized thing to do, mates. Deryk isn't the only one with the accent, Wally." He winked with a dopey kangaroo grin.

    Clipper then said, "Okay Deryk. Show me that yas 'ave been practicing the levitation spell. Lift the softball like Ah instructed yas to do before the others arrived."

    Deryk turned his gaze over at the softwall which was sitting in a bowl of apples. At first nothing happened. Then the softball wiggled and slowly lifted up and slowly flew over around Tailthud's head before finally arriving in Clipper's paw hands. Then Deryk exclaimed, "Everyone catch!" And that was when the apples in the fruit bowl began popping out one at a time as they sailed across the room to each of his human friends. When everyone had caught one apple each. Deryk giggled. "Ah 'ave been practicing! 'anding out fruit is a lot of fun!"

    Clipper smiled. "Good job, Deryk. With that lesson out of the way, Ah can now 'and yas over to Tailthud since 'e 'as been waiting patiently."

    General Tailthud hopped off the bed and said, "We need to move this party over to my training courtyard at LEAPS. If yas want to come along, gather in the middle of the bunk'ouse and 'old on to each other with me in the middle. Since yas showed an interested in learning my style, Rikki, yas are definitely coming with us. Ah can teach anyone. We 'ave 'ad less rain in Kangaroo City; but the weather 'as been good to us."

    Deryk picked up Clipper and placed him into his shirt pocket before walking over and hugged Tailthud cozily. "My favorite boomer instructor." Then he gave the kangaroo a kiss on his muzzle. "Yas blokes coming or not? Or do Ah 'ave to go over the rainbow by myself?"

    Cornelius placed Wally between himself and Deryk while holding on to Victoria on his other side; Next to Victoria was Varvara whom was holding Orion. Orion was next to Rikki whom was holding Janet's hand firmly. And Janet held on to Tailthud's fore arm firmly while standing next to Deryk. Cornelius said, "I think we are ready to go, Mr. Tailthud, sir."

    General Tailthud smiled. "Yas 'ave manners, Cornelius. Those 'oofies over at yer dad's place must love yas."

    Cornelius smiles. "I do as my father asks of me. And I help Deryk and Matt with their chores. Helping others makes chores twice as fun."

    General Tailthud said, "If all of yas will do Deryk's lessons with 'im today, Ah will see about rewarding yas all with something nice. In other words, show me that yas are really 'is friends."

    The group of human teenagers glanced at each other before Janet said, "I can do anything Deryk can do. And if I cannot, I will do all of your chores myself, Tailthud."

    There was an audible gasp from the other teenagers; they could not believe Janet stuck her foot into her mouth like that. Cornelius said, "You don't even know what his chores are, Janet. What if its cleaning roo doo off of the parade grounds or something else nasty like that?"
    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three -- Training as a Team.
      Legal Experience Academy for Police Specialists.
      Kangaroo City, New Dreamtime.

      One well placed teleport later and the Dreamtime Kangaroo General and the group of humans arrived in the training courtyard at LEAPS which was used during the week for Tailthud's defense class. Since it was Saturday, the usually over-packed training class courtyard was devoid of any cadet although there were two large kangaroo lords seated at a cafe table nearby, seemingly minding their own business.

      General Tailthud said, "This is where Ah train cadets in self defense during the week when yas blokes and sheilas are usually in 'igh school. Miss Janet, since yas made a challenge statement without knowing what Deryk's skill level is, yas get to prove yerself. Don't forget that yas offered to do all my chores if yas could not do as Deryk can do."

      Then he whispered, "The big brass lords of the Academy are watching, so if yas do good, yas will impress my superiors."

      General Tailthud smiled. "Ah'll start yas out with something that Deryk learned last night during an early lesson. If yas can show me that yas can do that, then yas and the others will join Deryk in the rest of his lessons while we 'ave sun light. Let me go get the dummy set up."

      Janet then said, "You are going to go get Mike Bowler and hang him up from a post? I didn't think you roos hated him as much as we did!"

      Rikki quickly went over to Tailthud and quietly said, "When she says 'we', she means herself. Mike isn't that bad of a guy. He sadly has only a few friends. He bullied people in school to be friends with him and be in his gang. Wally and I never wanted to be in his gang. Janet was harder to convince. But unless she wants me to stop dating her and get close to Wally, then she has to behave herself."

      General Tailthud said, "Remember what I said earlier... the big boomers are watching. This is a poor start toward impressing the brass. The one on the right is Lord Pouchlaw; 'e owns the academy. The one on the left is Lord Parcelpaw; 'e is the lord of the Courier Roos. Yas might call them the Dreamtime Postal Service. They are incredibly fast."

      Rikki then approached Janet and gave her a quiet lecture. "If you keep up that attitude, the owner of the academy is going to think that you are still a bully, Janet. One of the two giant kangaroos is the lord of this place. Can't you behave for even a day?"

      Janet quietly replied, "Mike thinks that you, Wally and I are still in his and Timmy's gang. He told me to remind you that he taught you the few martial arts that you learned from him. He expects all of us to show up for tomorrow's meeting."

      Rikki made a face and said out loud, "If you backslide, I am going over to the academy lord and I will suck his cock right in front of everyone!"

      The academy lord hopped out of his seat and said in reply, "Then Ah better go wash my pre'ensile in preparation. Ah get more blowjobs from nice young men when they lose a bet with a sheila. Ah'll be right back, Parcelpaw." And he teleported off to the wash room to get his prehensile clean and sanitary.

      Deryk then said, "Janet... the kangaroo lord wasn't kidding. If yer the type to lie to yer boyfriend, then Rikki's mouth is as good as full of kangaroo cock. 'e might like it."

      Janet then noticed that Deryk had removed his shoes. "Why did you remove your shoes, Deryk?"

      Deryk grinned. "Ah am preparing myself to kick the dummy when Tailthud returns. But Ah also need to remove my pants so Ah don't rip them during the leap. Ah am glad Tailthud 'as the keikogi that Ah used during last night's practice. But Ah should wait in case 'e wants me to wear something else."

      General Tailthud returned before Lord Pouchlaw did and he was carrying a training dummy which he placed on the hook and hauled it up a nearby pole to a height of thirty feet. Then as he hopped over to a table with changing booths next to it, he said, "What did yas blokes do to Lord Pouchlaw?"

      Lord Parcelpaw chuckled as he told General Tailthud the truth. "Pouchlaw went to clean up 'is pre'ensile for the blowjob to come."

      General Tailthud smirked. "Miss Janet is trouble enough for claiming a challenge she 'as yet to prove. Remember when Ah was giving Deryk Devlin training last night? Miss Janet claims she can do whatever Deryk can do." He then began pulling colorful Keikogi out of his pouch as he lay each on the table. "Deryk, yas get the red keikogi because yas are the fire fo the Outback. Cornelius, Yas get the Steel keikogi because yer manners are metallic. Don't be fooled by the greyscale coloration. Victoria, yas are to be assigned the Purple keikogi because yer ability to solve things is magical. Orion, Yas get the Yellow keikogi because yas are a very grounded individual. Varvara, Yer to get the Green keikogi because yer spirit soars. Janet, Yas get the blue keikogi because yas are like the water that pours through ones fingers. Rikki, Yas get the black keikogi because yer defense is stronger than the shadows. And Wally, yer to get the white keikogi because yer the light of life.

      General Tailthud then said, "Ah would advise that yas change clothes into yer keikogi because otherwise, if yas rip yer clothes during a training session and yas 'ave to go 'ome in the nude, what would yer parents say?"

      Wally slyly said, "It wouldn't be the first time that I have seen several of these joeys in the nude. And believe me, when Rikki is naked, there is more to see than all of the River Bluff stallions and jacks can muster any day of the week. That's probably why Janet loves him so much."

      Rikki growled, as he was about to enter his black changing booth, "WALLY! I know you're gay but do you have to be so graphic?"

      Wally then said, "Janet, in all honesty, I have only seen him naked in gym class when we have to dress out for P.E."

      Janet growled, "That had better be the only time you have seen him naked or your abilty to procreate is gone!" Then she entered her changing tent.
      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four -- The High Kick.
        While Deryk was getting his Red keikogi on, he heard Clipper give him a message in his head. Tailthud told me to tell yas this, Deryk. When yas go to make yer kick, use yer levitate magic on yerself to give yerself lift toward the dummy so yas kick it in the 'ead. Then when yas make yer landing, try not to sprain yer ankle. There's a twelve-pack of Foster's Cola in this if yas do this right.

        Deryk remarked, Isn't that cheating, Clipper? Ah try to be a good and 'onest joey.

        Clipper replied, Tailthud said this was a training order. 'e said that Janet needs an object lesson for being so boastful. Ah'll make it up to yas when this is over with, Darek. Ah know yas want to be an 'onest joey boy.

        When Deryk emerged from his changing booth, he slipped on his padded slippers and then he bowed to Lord Pouchlaw whom had returned and Lord Parcelpaw whom raised his glass in a cheers toast. Apparently the two lords knew what was about to occur. Then his friends came out of their changing tents.

        Cornelius came over and hugged Deryk. "Tailthud said that the dummy's head was right at thirty feet. That's the height of the bottom of the hayloft door on the barn at both of our farms. If you can make that jump whether you kick the kead or not, I'll rub your feet tonight."

        Now Deryk felt guilty over being told to cheat at this maneuver with magic to teach Janet a lesson. It wasn't fair to Cornelius especially if he had plans with Victoria later.

        Janet walked up to Deryk and said, "I weigh less than you do, Deryk. If you don't make it, I won't think less of you. You are just too cute to put a scowl on. Thank goodness you're not gay like Wally is. If I find out he's touched Rikki's ass in the P.E. Showers, I will kill him."

        Deryk paled at the thought. "Janet, I apologize if you cannot reach the kicking height I might do. During my last session, I kicked the dummy in the knee. So if you manage to get above that, I'll see to it that you get a milk shake in town tomorrow... Unless you really are going to the bully's club meeting on the Lord's day."

        General Tailthud said, "You're up first, Deryk; so yas can set the benchmark for Janet. And may the best bloke win." Don't blow this, Deryk! Aussie pride is on the line!

        Deryk took his position and then he shot a message mentally toward Tailthud, Ah'll let yas explain to Spiritua why Ah 'ad to use magic to cheat in a contest versus a girl.

        Then came his run and jump into the air as he cast the levitate spell which made his body fly up the pole an extra ten feet where he managed to kick the dummy in the forehead in such a way, the dummy lifted up and fell off the hook where it hit the ground at the bottom of the pole. And then Deryk flipped over once before he came down and landed on the back of the soft dummy's body. General Tailthud gave Deryk a hug and helped him over to the side so he could rest and watch Janet make her attempt.

        Janet was standing there with her mouth agape.

        General Tailthud looked at the human teenager before quietly saying, "It isn't too late to take back that challenge yas made back in River Bluff, Janet. Or can yas also make a 'ead shot with yer foot?"

        Janet finally said, "You just get that dummy back up the pole. A head shot, you said, exact words, right?" She then looked at the two lords. "He said a head shot, right?"

        Both lords nodded their muzzles although unsuspecting of what Janet had planned for her jump.

        Janet ran around the pole three times before dashing away from the pole before turning back to run at the pole with a shout, "River Bluff Bucks! Go!" And she grabbed a hold of the pole half way up and she made a cheer leader somersault spin and her gogo booted stiletto tipped foot struck the kangaroo dummy directly in the crotch before she tumbled back down where she rolled out of the way, just barely avoiding the sand pouring out of the groin of the sand filled Kangaroo dummy. The Kangaroo superiors were now muzzle agape as their eyes were wide at the rapidly deflating dummy until the body fell off the hook and dropped to the bottom of the pole. When the dummy reached the ground, Janet kicked the dummy in the forehead. "I didn't do what Deryk did but I hit both heads. Which one do you think did the most damage?" She then looked to Tailthud. "Looks like I lose, General. I will do your chores like I offered. Just be thinking about which head I kicked first." She then looked to the two lords. "Any comments, your graces?"

        Lord Pouchlaw grinned. "That was an old dummy anyway. Good shot, Janet. But yas are going to be busy with Tailthud's chores when training ends. Now for the 'onesty; we sorta set yas up just then. We asked Deryk to use 'is levitation on 'imself when 'e made 'is jump. 'e 'ad incentive to do this since yer boast is something that no self-respecting team player should ever bow down to temptation like what yas proudly said to an Academy Boomer Warrior. We 'ave all been in the Dreamtime Wars, Janet. So when a pompous little 'uman brags like yas did, we felt we 'ad to teach yas a lesson. As long as yas make an effort to not brag like that anymore, we can make it up to yas, Miss Renton. Deryk felt guilty over 'aving to use 'is magic to make that jump. 'e is an 'onest joey boy and it isn't right that 'e should ever feel 'e got to win in an under'anded way. But now, the real training will begin. Deryk is 'ere on Saturdays for private Self Defense lessons. Yas see, Deryk is meant for better and heroic things. Although it is 'ard to be a 'ero by oneself in this world. That is why we needed to know 'is friends were in River Bluff. We knew 'e 'ad made friends with Cornelius and Wally the first weekend 'e 'ad been in River Bluff. But again, three people does not a good team make. Yas see... We are going to be sponsoring Deryk's Power Rangers team in River Bluff. There is true evil lurking around just past the night drawn gullies and valleys."

        Janet said, "I'll uphold my offer to do Tailthud's chores. Besides, if I am doing these chores, I cannot attend Mike's be there or else bullies meeting."

        Tailthud said, "Come with me, Janet, and Ah will show yas what my chores entail. When we return, we will resume training for Deryk's team. Teamwork will make yas and yer friends better people in yer 'uman lives back in River Bluff." And the two headed off on a short tour of Tailthud's personal quarters and chore zones. While they were gone, Lord Pouchlaw beckoned to Rikki. "Rikki, please come over 'ere. Since Ah was sure yas were going to lose that bet with yer girlfriend, Ah want to ask if yas would still give me a fellatio."

        Rikki got on his knees in front of the kangaroo lord and he proceeded to give the large kangaroo lord a pleasing blowjob right up to the magical moment when he got a mouthful of incredibly delicious fluids that he ended up swallowing as he just barely avoided getting a face full of the boomer fluids. "Man, Pouchlaw, that was actually good."
        End of Chapter Four.