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PRSV-00PE: Actions of the Rat

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    PRSV-00PE: Actions of the Rat

    When you're nothing but a rat, life can be pretty hard. But when one rat receives a wish, he uses it in a most fantastic way, as he begins the greatest adventure that he's ever seen. But with any great power, a price must be paid for, as he finds out, all too soon.

    Coming up next on the pilot episode of Power Rangers Street Virtue!
    Power Rangers Street Virtue, Featuring Dominik Ratt
    PRSV-00PE: Actions of the Rat
    (Originally written on 10/01/2005)
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Pilot Episode -- Theme Song

    From a world of darkness, his sight catches all;
    his claws are like razors, his voice leaves you awed.

    In a world of dinos, he dines on the nigh;
    a coin of gold, falls from the sky.

    Actions of the Rat! Actions!

    "The power claims me, my life is changed;
    I'm a human, my goals rearranged!"

    Actions of the Rat! Actions!

    A quest he now follows, to find his new place;
    to fail's not an option, onward he must race.

    Together with Rangers, proving his worth;
    using his powers, to save his home the Earth.

    Actions of the Rat! Actions!

    Actions of the Rat!
    Actions of the... Rat!

    Bronze Rat Virtue Ranger, Dominik Ratt

    Guest Starring, Mighty Morphing Power Rangers (@ Saban Brands):
    Red Morphin' Ranger, Jason Lee Scott
    Black Morphin' Ranger, Zachary Taylor
    Blue Morphin' Ranger, Billy Cranston
    Yellow Morphin' Ranger, Trini Kwan
    Pink Morphin' Ranger, Kimberly Hart

    Also Starring:
    Alpha 5
    Farcas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
    Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch

    Rita Repulsa

    Chapter One.

    A dark alley behind a greasy spoon cafe. A garbage can lid is knocked off of it's resting place, as two grungy paws pull it's dark brownish-gray rat head and body up, so as to gaze into the smorgasbord of thrown out food. Looks like Antonio is throwing out his best food again. Pasta and pudding... what more could a rat ask for? And then, as he began to dine on the mixture of garbage and fluids, he glanced over at a newspaper that was lying on top of another trash can. The headline read, POWER RANGERS DEFEAT ANOTHER MONSTER

    The Power Rangers... I'll bet they never have to dine out of the garbage pails, like I do. But still... I wonder what it would be like to be a Power Ranger? It's not like I'd have to worry about a secret identity... I'm a rat, after all.

    The rat continued to eat the messy mixture of gooey cheese and runny grayish-green pudding.

    Suddenly, a golden disk fell out of the sky and landed in the pasta mess in front of the rat! What is that? The rat reached over and grabbed the shiny disk in both paws and examined the item closely. It looks like... a gold coin. At that point, the rat gazed upward at the sky. A cruel joke, is it, oh lord of us all? A rat such as I cannot cash in such a coin as this. I wish I could be a Power Ranger. I wish I could change forms and interact with the people in the world. I wish I lived a better life... but I don't want to give up being a rat. It's what I am.

    The rat sighed, as he leaped down to the street level, with the coin in his muzzle. But you gave me this gift, oh lord of us all. And I must cherish anything that you give me. But someday... I will repay you for this great gift. The rat scurried off toward his underground sewer lair. Down a drainage grate, along a stinking sewer track way, and finally, over a fat water main pipe, and into an enclosed and abandoned basement underneath an old abandoned school building.

    Home sweet home. Now, where can I place this coin? Ah, under my pillow, of course. And the rat took the coin over to the pile of hay that was his bed, and placed the coin under the straw that made his pillow. There. A gift from the lord of us all. But why me, I must wonder? Why was I given this gift? The rat yawned, his tummy full of his night's scavenging run, as it made burbling sounds of disgust.

    The rat then lay his head on the lump of straw and gold coin, as he fell asleep immediately.

    Within the rat's dreams, he saw an unexpected scene unfolding... a colorful old witch and a golden clad winged gorilla was casting a spell on a golden coin that had a dragon etching upon it. Suddenly, there came a mighty explosion, as the golden coin magically became two coins... one had the dragon, while the other was completely blank. And the blank coin had been hurled out of the nearby window, where it fell from a palace on the moon into Earth's atmosphere and landed within a messy gooey open garbage can behind a greasy spoon cafe...

    When the rat awoke the next morning, he was coated in a layer of his own sweat, but something seemed different. And then, he noticed the human hand in front of him in the hay.

    He slowly stared at the human hand, as he followed the arm it was attached to with his eyes, upward, until he realized that the arm was connected to his own body. He then experimentally lifted his arm and hand. He spent the next few minutes quietly examining his whole transformed body. At that point, it was time to find out what sort of head he had. He raised his hands to his face and gingerly rubbed himself, ever so slowly.

    "I'm human." At the sound of his own voice, he froze slightly, then said, "This is my voice. It's not a horrible voice, but it is my voice. What cruel trick is this, oh lord of us all? What have I done to deserve this fate?"

    He then slowly stood up. "Humans wear... what they call clothes. I will need clothes if I am to be out in public. The golden coin. I need the coin." And he dug out the golden coin and looked at it.

    Engraved on the face of the coin was the likeness of his former rat self. "I don't get it. Why does the coin have my picture on it?"

    He then explored the abandoned basement thoroughly, something that he had been limited in doing before because he hadn't had human hands to open things with. After a while, he stood there gazing into a cracked mirror at himself.

    The boy had greased up spiky brown ratty hair, pale yet fair skin, and narrow beady eyes. He was slender yet of medium height. He wore faded dirty blue jeans, a pair of dirty gym sneakers, and an oily and dirty solid brown tee shirt. He then hefted up the dirty dark hooded cloak and placed that over his shoulders, as he tied it around his neck, and flipped the hood up to shield his head.

    He smiled at himself, slightly, then said, "I am one of the world, now. But internally... I am just a rat. But wait... humans need one more thing to be human..." He slowly turned around and silently strode across the chamber to a massive amount of very old graffiti that was on one wall. "Humans must have a name." He looked at a word in the center of the colorful graffiti. "Dominik Ratt. That's who I am now. Dominik Ratt."

    Dominik then stared at the coin again. "How do I use this? I cannot bear to part with it. It feels as if it is a part of who I am now. No, I must keep this. Perhaps the lord of us all has chosen me for some unspoken purpose. I cannot question his actions."

    Dominik glanced around at his lair of many years. "I cannot abandoned this place, either. It is my home. Whenever I am not exploring the world, I will dwell in this old basement and ponder what the lord of us all has planned for me." He then glanced over at his reflection in the broken mirror and smiled. "I wonder what Antonio will think of me now? Yes... humans in this world work for others to gain money and food." Dominik grinned in his most rat like manner, before heading out of the old basement.

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.

    He soon found himself in Angel Grove Park. Humans... so many humans... the lord of us all has sent me into their world. But why? As he continued to walk along the line of high bushes and trees, something sounding like a fight drew his attention to one side. Dominik carefully crept up on the scene, as he remained hidden in the bushes.

    Out in the secluded part of the park, Dominik saw a group of five teenagers, wearing red, blue, black, yellow and pink clothing, and they were fighting some dull gray clay men, by using martial arts moves and shouting.

    The boy in red punched a clay man, as he shouted to the girl in pink. "Behind you, Kim!"

    The girl in pink, evidently the one called Kim, kicked the clay man behind her. "Thanks Jason!"

    The girl in yellow flipped a clay man unto his back on the ground, as she called out to the boy in blue. "Watch out, Billy!"

    The boy in black suddenly hit the clay man coming after the boy in Blue, who was evidently Billy. "I got him, Trini!"

    The boy in blue exclaimed, "Thanks, Zack! Let's get the rest of them!"

    Dominik quietly watched the teens fight the clay men, when suddenly, a bluish-black winged dog man wearing gold armor and wielding a sword appeared and exclaimed, "I have you now, Rangers!"

    The boy in red, who was evidently Jason, exclaimed, "That's what you think, Goldar! Let's do it, guys! It's morphing time!"

    Dominik watched as the five teens pulled out... gold coins... just like his gold coin... and went through the motions of using their coins. Zack shouted, "Mastodon!" Kim shouted, "Pterodactyl!" Billy shouted, "Triceratops!" Trini shouted, "Sabre-toothed tiger!" Jason shouted, "Tyrannosaurus!" And in a flash, the five teenagers were transformed into the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

    Dominik blinked his eyes. So that's how it's done. But why would they give me, a humble rat, a coin of the power like theirs? Are you trying to give me a message, oh lord of us all?

    The one called Goldar exclaimed, "You don't scare me, Power Rangers! I want you to meet a friend of mine!"

    And instantly, an ugly tentacled monster appeared next to Goldar! "Greetings Rangers! I am Squidzilla! Have a taste of my special ink spray!" And the moment he said that, a thick cloud of Indian ink like black spray hit the Rangers where they stood, causing them to not be able to see out of their helmets! "Like three blind mice, so shall you be, Rangers!"

    Dominik quietly gasped when that happened, as the Rangers were now fighting blind.

    Surely they will need my help, for am I not a humble rat who serves the lord of us all? Dominik quietly backed away from the scene, into the bushes. And I know now what words of power I must use and how to use them. I only hope they are not offended when helped by vermin such as I.

    Dominik struck a pose, like he had seen the five teenagers do, and held his power coin in front of himself, as he shouted, "Rat!" There came a flash of bronze light, as his human features melted into a were-rat's features. His white and bronze costume appeared, with a flap in the back for his long rat's tail. Then, a rat-shaped bronze helmet appeared over his head, as the image of a giant rat zord appeared behind him, as he struck a finishing pose.

    "I did it! Thank you, lord of us all!" He then ran forward and leaped out of the bushes, his hands extended, as he took Squidzilla by surprise and knocked him down with a heavy rolling thud.

    Goldar growled, "Another Ranger? I don't know where you came from, but you chose the wrong day to challenge Rita Repulsa!" Goldar pulled his sword and charged at Dominik.

    Dominik meeped, when he saw Goldar approaching! I need a weapon or I am done for! Help me, lord of us all! Help me! And instantly, bladed claws appeared in each of his hands, as he parried Goldar's approaching sword swing! "Take that, winged monster!"

    As Goldar and Dominik danced the duel of blades, the ink that was on the rest of the Power Rangers slowly evaporated, allowing the five teenagers to see just what was occupying Goldar's undivided attention.

    Jason exclaimed, "Another ranger! But he's... brown! Where did he come from?" Billy said, "I don't recall Zordon mentioning a brown colored ranger!" Zack grinned. "But he's really whipping Goldar's tail, that's for sure!" Trini said, "He fights like he was raised to fight!" Kimberly arched her eye. "Um, guys... the new ranger has a tail!" The others all exclaimed, "A tail?!" And everyone looked toward what Kimberly had pointed out. Sure enough, the new Bronze Ranger had a tail!

    At that moment, Goldar pulled away from the Bronze Ranger and gathered up Squidzilla to him, saying, "You haven't seen the last of me, ranger!" And with that, Goldar and Squidzilla were gone!

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.

      Dominik then turned toward the other rangers and said, "I apologize for interfering in your fight, Power Rangers. I had no right to do that. But I couldn't just stand by and do nothing."

      Jason extended his hand and shook the Bronze Ranger's hand. "Maybe not, but we're glad you did show up to help us. But... just who are you and why do you have a tail?"

      Dominik glanced at his tail for a moment, then looked back to Jason and the others. "Um, I am a rat. By the lord of us all, it should be obvious." He swished his tail a bit.

      Zack said, "Don't you have a name? Other than rat, I mean."

      Dominik grinned under his helmet. "I have one. But a trade only means something if you exchange something of equal value with the one you deal with." Then he sighed. "This is all so new to me."

      Billy asked, "How'd you get your powers? Did Zordon send you to save us?"

      Dominik looked skyward. "The lord of us all dropped a golden coin into my trash can meal and this coin enabled me to become the hero you see before you... except... I don't like being a human. I am a rat, after all."

      Trini said, "Maybe Zordon can suggest a way you can return to being a rat. If you come with us, we can see him together and..."

      Dominik stepped away from the teenagers. "I am sorry. I don't know you people very well yet. Only yesterday I was a rat; today I am a human... except when I morph... then I return to a facsimile of my former self. A cosmic joke."

      Kimberly stepped over and held Dominik's hand. "Will you please come with us? Once we're back at our base, we can properly introduce ourselves to you. You did say that you needed something of equal value, didn't you?"

      Jason stepped forward at this point. "You came along just when we really needed you, friend. If anyone can help you, it's Zordon."

      Dominik smiled. "Okay. By the lord of us all, I will come with you. But the lord gave me the coin. I will not surrender it to any but the lord of us all."

      Billy then asked, "Who are you referring to when you say 'the lord of us all'?"

      Dominik replied, "The great maker, of course. I am merely one of his creations, as are all of you. Each of us have our purpose, and this seems to be the purpose that the lord of us all has directed me to pursue. Although... I'm not sure why the lord has changed me into a human."

      Jason smiled under his helmet. "I am sure Zordon will be able to figure it out. Let's go." And he and Kimberly each took one of Dominik's arms, as the teenagers activated their teleporters sending them across the sky, rocketing toward the Command Center.

      As the six rangers landed inside the landing area within the Command Center, Jason directed Dominik toward the central chamber, where floating within a glass cylinder was Zordon. And awaiting the rangers on the side was the robotic automaton, Alpha 5. Zordon exclaimed, "I bid thee welcome, Bronze Ranger. I am Zordon and this is Alpha 5."

      "Ayaiyiyiyi! Another ranger, Zordon! Where did he come from?"

      Zordon replied, "That is what we must find out, Alpha."

      Dominik was already backing away, though slowly. "Forgive me, but your Zordon frightens me."

      Jason removed his own helmet. "No, it's okay. Zordon won't hurt you. I'm Jason."

      The others were removing their helmets, as they smiled to Dominik.




      "Kimberly. And now... what do you call yourself?"

      Dominik sighed, as he fidgeted. "Um... I... er... don't know how to get my helmet off." Jason and Billy came over and guided Dominik's hands to the helmet latches, and directed him on how to utilize the latches.

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four.

        And as Dominik's helmet came off, Kimberly gasped a little, as beneath the helmet was revealed a large rat's head. "As I said, I am a rat, of course. But the name I have chosen for myself is Dominik. By the lord of us all, I would not harm you, Kimberly." He then sighed again.

        Zordon exclaimed, "Dominik, would you please show us your coin? You may hold on to it yourself, of course."

        Dominik held out his coin and everyone was surprised that it was very similar to their own power coins. Dominik took the time to repeat his story on how he gained his coin and of the dream he had the previous night. "I wasn't sure what it meant, but by the lord of us all, any gift from the sky is the finder's property once claimed. It is the way, of course."

        Zordon scanned the coin, then replied, "It is as I suspected. Rita Repulsa is trying to create her own evil Power Rangers and the power coin you possess, Dominik, is the one she has lost in the creation attempt. And now that you have fought against Goldar, it is most assured that he will tell Rita about your existence. It will no longer be safe for you in Angel Grove."

        Dominik put his power coin back into his hiding spot for it. "Angel Grove is my home, Zordon. What would you suggest that I do with myself?"

        Zordon replied readily, "Power down into your human form and let your new friends help you adjust into life at Ernie's Juice Bar. In the meantime, Billy, Alpha, and I will work on creating a special zord for your usage only. Power Rangers, take good care of Dominik."

        After the team had powered down, Billy parted company with the others to assist Zordon is the creation of the new Zord for Dominik. The others took hold of Dominik and teleported back to Angel Grove, to a location just outside of the juice bar. As they were walking into the building, they saw Bulk and Skull harassing a few kids.

        Dominik strode over to the two and grabbed them both by their shoulders, yanking them away from the kids. "By the lord of us all, have you no shame? Grown boys picking on those who are weaker. Courage you must lack, for actions speak louder than words."

        Bulk exclaimed, "What's it to you, dude?"

        Skull repeated part of Bulk's statement. "Yeah, what's it to you?"

        Dominik lifted both boys off the floor and slowly carried them out of Ernie's Juice Bar to the garbage bins, then he stopped. "Why should I soil a meal when other punishments would serve better?" At that point, he flipped open a manhole cover with his foot, and dropped Bulk and Skull down the opening, one at a time... resulting in a disgusting echoing splash! Dominik then flipped the manhole cover back into place and reentered the Juice Bar.

        Jason confronted Dominik, whispering, "You need to learn not to use your powers when you're not in your costume. Do you want to displease the lord of us all?"

        Dominik was abashed. Jason spoke to him the way he would speak to others. He lowered his head, whispering, "I am sorry, friend Jason. I forgot my place. Please forgive me."

        Jason whispered, "No harm done, this time... but you need to be careful. If Rita finds out who you really are, you'll have no protection later."

        Dominik nodded his head slowly. "I know. I forgot momentarily. I'll try harder to be a normal human in public."

        Jason smiled. "Good. Now come on over and we'll introduce you to Ernie."

        Soon after, Dominik sat at a table in a far darkened corner, eating one of Ernie's special pizzas and drinking a nice cold cola. It was literally his first non-garbage pail pizza. But it was just as delicious. And it was still warm, unlike the food in the garbage pail.

        Kimberly sat down next to Dominik and said, "You look lonely over here by yourself. Are you okay?"

        Dominik sighed. "I am worried about Antonio. He's a human who runs an Italian pasta restaurant over on Park Lane. Back when I was a rat, I would have my dinners in Antonio's alleyway. And there would always be a newspaper to read. No one ever bothered me there. Now I fear for his well being because I am not there to watch out for him."

        Kimberly smiled, petting his hand. "Why don't you take me on a date there tonight?"

        Dominik grinned at Kimberly. "You are kind to ask, but I must decline, for your friend Trini has already asked for that honor and I said yes."

        Kimberly pulled her hand back slowly. "Oh. Right. I just thought... But I would like to see Antonio's Restaurant."

        Dominik smiled. "Then why don't you see if the others would like to come along with us? Please keep in mind that Antonio has no idea on who I am, therefore, I cannot just introduce you or the others to him as if I knew him. He would ask questions about who I was. What would be his reaction toward my saying, I'm the rat that frequents your alleyway at night and eats out of your garbage cans while reading a newspaper?" Kimberly looked as if she was about to turn green. " out of the... garbage cans? Um, please excuse me..." And Kimberly quickly headed off to the girl's bathroom.

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five.

          Dominik chuckled. "I forgot what effect that has on humans. Trini was able to uphold herself with a little more dignity." He continued to eat his pizza.

          A few tables away, Dominik's keen hearing overheard Bulk and Skull talking about him.

          Bulk whispered, "Did you hear that, Skull? He said he wasn't human. And you know what that means, don't you?"

          Skull whispered back, "That he's rich?"

          Bulk slapped Skull! "No, you nincompoop! It means that he knows who the Power Rangers are. If we follow him tonight, he'll lead us right to the Power Rangers, and then... we can unmask them."

          Skull smiled. "Oh yeah. The Power Rangers. Then we'll be famous."

          Bulk said, "Right. Just stick with me, Skull." Then he shoved Skull away from him. "Not that close!"

          Dominik sighed, as Bulk and Skull noticed him standing right at their table looking at them with a very cross facial expression. "By the lord of us all, why do you seek to commit such wrongs? The Power Rangers are heroes who are the servants to the people. And yes, that means that you are under their protection, as well. If you unmasked them, a fleeting fame you'd have for but a moment... but then, you'd be despised like... a common street rat. Do you really want to take away the only defense that Angel Grove truly has?"

          Bulk replied, "We just want some fame and fortune. What's wrong with that?"

          Skull mimicked Bulk. "Yeah, what's wrong with that?"

          Dominik sighed, closing his eyes for a moment. When he opened them again, he said, "Fame and fortune. Very well, come with me. I want to share something with you."

          While Dominik had Bulk and Skull step outside to wait for him, he had Zack contact Billy and Zordon for him to make a very special "arrangement" for what he was about to do. Then, he stepped outside to where Bulk and Skull were waiting for him. "Forgive me for making you wait. I am now ready to show you what you are thinking that you wish to have."

          Skull asked, "Thinking what we wish... to have? What does he mean by that, Bulkie?"

          Bulk lightly bapped Skull with his hand. "He means that he's going to take us to the Power Rangers, you dolt." He turned to Dominik. "We're ready! Take us to the Power Rangers!"

          Dominik smiled. "By the lord of us all, what you are about to see and beyond will grant you a personal fame and fortune, but you must keep it to yourselves. For in the future, it will be YOU that the power might call upon to aid it, when no other person will be available. I want to hear you both swear that you will keep it to yourselves. And keep your hands and fingers where I can see them. And look me right in the eye when you say it." He was hopefully covering all of the bases by asking Bulk and Skull to do all of this.

          Skull surprisingly complied with the request first. "I swear to keep what I am about to see to myself. I promise."

          Bulk balked at Skull, then after a very quick frustrated moment of decision, he complied as well. "I swear to keep what I am about to see to myself." Unlike Skull, however, he withheld the 'I promise' part, hoping that it wouldn't come back to haunt him later.

          Dominik's eyes glowed a little. "Skull seems to want this more than you, Bulk. So help me and the lord of us all, if you are not sincere in your swearing... bad tidings will befall you." He then closed his eyes and turned aside, peeking in a certain direction where Zack and Jason were both watching secretively. Both were ready for Dominik's signal. Dominik made a brief nod at them, then turned back to Bulk and Skull. "Very well. First, I need to morph. As you already surmised, I am not human."

          Bulk grinned at Skull. "I told you so!"

          Dominik struck a pose, holding his power coin in front of himself. "Rat!" There came a flash of bronze light, as his human features melted into that of a wererat. His white and bronze costume appeared, first, with a flap in the back for his long rat's tail. Then, a rat-shaped bronze helmet appeared over his head, as the image of a giant ratzord appeared behind him, as he struck a finishing pose. At that point, close up shots of his individually different ranger aspects were shown very quickly, as he slowly turned his head toward Bulk and Skull. "Bronze Virtue Ranger!"

          Bulk and Skull were obviously dumbstruck over the morphing sequence. Dominik then said, "Both of you hold on to me as I teleport the three of us to the Command Center." They both did as they were asked, as Dominik glanced over toward Zack and Jason, giving the signal. Jason activated his communicator, quietly saying, "They're ready, Zordon." And instantly, Dominik, along with Bulk and Skull, were teleported off across the sky in a brown colored light, where they were soon zooming over the Command Center and down into the oval shaped hole in the top of one of the towers.

          The chamber that the three arrived in was darker than the usual Command Center that the other rangers were accustomed toward having been in. In truth, through the prearrangement with Zordon, the three were standing in the prototype Command Center chamber that the true command chambers were later based off of.

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six.

            Bulk and Skull dislodged themselves from Dominik and quietly began to look around. Dominik smiled, thankful for the darkness. "Forgive the mess, please, and the darkness. Let me get the lights for you. We rangers rarely come here except in dire and extreme emergencies."

            From a peephole in one wall, Billy was watching and caught Dominik's cue for the lights, as he flipped the switch for that chamber's power grid.

            And with the lights, Bulk and Skull saw, not an awesome headquarters, but a less than fantastic chamber with computers, equipment, a partially built motorcycle, and a central table with colored chairs, one of each of the ranger's colors including a bronze colored chair located next to the red chair.

            Dominik smiled when he saw that. "The Red Ranger is the leader, and I am one of his two second in commands. I apologize that the other rangers are not here to greet you themselves, but they are all off on a mission for our mentor."

            Bulk glanced suddenly at Dominik. "Your mentor? Who is that?"

            Dominik smiled. "You know him. You see him all the time. He's a bigger genius that even that kid Billy Cranston is."

            Skull arched an eye. "We see him all the time? Who is it? Tell us!"

            Dominik seemed to be an expert at preventing himself from laughing, because Billy, who knew what Dominik was about to say, was having a hard time NOT laughing. Dominik replied, "You see him at the Juice Bar every day. In fact, he owns it."

            Bulk and Skull glanced at each other quickly! Then at Dominik! Then at each other again!

            Dominik grinned. "Is there anything else you'd like to see while we're here?"

            Skull turned to Dominik and said, "Yeah! I'd like to ride in your Zord one time!"

            Dominik quietly frowned beneath his helmet. Skull had asked for the one thing that he wasn't sure he could grant or not. In fact, Dominik had not even gotten to use the work in progress himself.

            Billy was quick to Dominik's rescue, however, as he, already morphed into the Blue Ranger, teleported into the chamber with the others. "I just finished repairing your Rat Zord and..." He turned to look at Bulk and Skull, feigning surprise. "Oh! I didn't know that you brought some of the humans to see the place. I am Lab Rat, the Blue Ranger."

            Dominik almost laughed out loud, before he caught himself just in time. He hadn't expected Billy to call himself THAT. "Thank you... er, Lab Rat. And just in time, too. Skull, here, wants to go for a ride with me in the Rat Zord."

            Billy replied, "Mentor can teleport the two of you to the Rat Zord, while Bulk watches from the viewing monitor here in the... Command Center."

            At that moment, Billy's communicator beeped, and Alpha 5's voice issued forth from it. "Blue Ranger! The others are in trouble! Please go help them immediately! And tell Dominik that Mentor needs him to remain around the base and keep Bulk and Skull entertained! Also, Dominik's communicator is still being repaired!"

            Billy replied, "I'm on it! Thanks!" He turned off the communicator and made the same motions that Dominik had made, and was teleported out of the Command Center!

            Bulk said, "The others are in trouble and you can't help them because of us?"

            Dominik replied, "That's how it works out, this time. My responsibility is to the two of you, just as the others' responsibilities are to all of Angel Grove. Evil would conquer the Earth if not for those who are sworn to protect it, and to protect you."

            Skull sighed. "Why don't you let Bulk and I both ride with you in your Zord, and then, you go help the others anyway?"

            Bulk's mouth fell open! "Um, no offense, Skull, but I'd rather just be teleported back to the Juice Bar, if it's all the same to you, Dominik!" Bulk was obviously afraid and wasn't afraid to admit it this time.

            Instantly, Zordon teleported Bulk back to the Juice Bar in Angel Grove.

            Dominik said to Skull, "You promised to keep silent about all of this. I think you're more trustworthy than your friend is. Come, we have a battle to attend to."

            And instantly, once again, Skull and Dominik were teleported. But this time, they both arrived in the real Command Center. And Zordon was quick to speak up. "Eugene Skullovitch! I am Zordon, the real mentor of the Power Rangers! And this is Alpha 5, my friend and assistant! That which you and Bulk were shown before was to test the two of you to see who could be relied upon to know the truth! Farcas Bulkmeier is a good young man in his own right, but he just wasn't ready to accept the truths that have now been granted to you alone!" Skull was obviously in shock.

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven.

              Zordon continued. "Dominik is a ranger who is visiting our team from another realm! He is not officially one of the true Power Rangers! Because he trusted you with your promise, I hope we can trust you to keep it now, Eugene! You can never tell anyone about what you have seen here!"

              Skull was slowly recovering from his shock of not only the talking head that was Zordon, but of the majesty that was the real Command Center. "Can I help... the team... sometimes?"

              Dominik smiled, as he removed his helmet. "You're helping them now, Skull. This is what I really look like. I am a rat."

              Skull gingerly reached out and tenderly stroked Dominik's whiskers and muzzle fur. "If I wasn't so much in shock... I'd probably be unconscious on the floor..."

              Dominik was then putting his helmet back on. "And now you know, by the lord of us all, what I meant when I said, what you think you seek to have. Keeping all of this a secret can bring you greater fame and fortune than the mere 5 minutes of fame you'd get if you revealed all of this to the public. I can almost guarantee that Bulk is, right now, trying to convince people that he's been to the Power Rangers' headquarters. And you, my friend, must debunk his statements. You did promise, after all."

              Zordon exclaimed, "Dominik is correct! Look to the viewing globe! Bulk is indeed, right now, trying to do as Dominik said! And for that reason, Eugene, if you want to help the Power Rangers, now more than ever, you must keep the promise to Dominik that you have made! Tell no one what you saw here! Not even the other Rangers! No one must know what you now know yourself!"

              Skull was currently staring at the viewing globe, clearly watching his friend Bulk in his attempts to tell anyone who'll listen to his tale. Skull then slowly turned around to face Dominik and Zordon. He had some tears in his eyes. "I promised. And I'll keep that promise. I had no idea that you guys could see everything we did from here. It will be hard for me to keep Bulk out of trouble, you know. He's really the only friend I have. He's the only one who'll tolerate me." He wiped the tears out of his eyes. "May I... still have a ride in the Rat Zord?"

              Dominik smiled. "What do you think, Zordon? May I help the others with my special co-pilot of the day?"

              Zordon exclaimed, "Yes! Take Eugene with you! For some day, he will need to know how to pilot a Zord of his own! You both will be teleported to the Rat Zord! Go, and may the power protect you!" And instantly, again, the two were teleported to the pilot's helm of the Rat Zord!

              Dominik sat down in the pilot's seat, and flipped a switch, which caused a co-pilot's seat to open up from the floor. "Sit down and strap yourself in, Skull! Today, you get to be a Power Ranger!"

              Skull grinned and sat in the seat, buckling himself into the co-pilot's seat! "I'm ready!"

              Dominik shouted, "RatZord! Online! Launching in 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!" And with that, the RatZord shot out of a long tunnel and into the sky, as it flew across the landscape toward the battlefield where the other rangers were already in their zords fighting the now gigantic sized Squidzilla monster, that Dominik had seen in action earlier that day!

              The others were in trouble because they couldn't free their Dino Zords from the tentacles of Squidzilla, and thus, were unable to form the Megazord.

              As the RatZord came into view of the battlefield, Dominik said to Skull, "Pull the blue lever, while I activate the mega oscillator!"

              Skull replied, "I'm on it!" And he proceeded to do just that!

              Dominik grinned, as he saw how well Skull was doing, as he activated the mega oscillator! "Wererat Megazord Formation!"

              An electronic voice said, "Wererat Megazord sequence initiated!" And the RatZord underwent a few minor changes, as it slowly stood up on it's hind legs. It's tail dislodged from the forming megazord and flew high into the clouds above, and when it came back down, the tail had changed into a mighty battle trident! "Wererat Megazord sequence complete!"

              Dominik exclaimed, "Hang on, Rangers! By the lord of us all, help is on the way!"

              Jason shouted, "It's Dominik!"

              Kimberly said, "Watch out for his tentacles!"

              Dominik grinned at Skull. "Aren't you going to say hello to the others?"

              Skull nodded his head and replied aloud, "Hi Rangers! I'm co-piloting with Dominik!"

              Zack blinked his eyes! "Skull? Why is Skull here?" Trini said, "I am sure Zordon has a good reason to allow it!" Billy exclaimed, "We need to break free of these tentacles, guys!" And then, to everyone's surprise, the Wererat Megazord bit into one of the tentacles, severing it completely OFF of the main host body!

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight.

                Squidzilla cried out, "Hey! Don't do that! I don't have any accident insurance!"

                With the Tyrannosaurus Zord freed, Jason had it help Dominik in doing the only thing that seemed to work! And it worked well, as soon, all of the tentacles had been bitten OFF of Squidzilla!

                Skull shouted, "Form the Megazord, Rangers!"

                The Power Rangers all shouted, "Right! Let's do it!" And within moments, the Dino Megazord had been formed. "We need the Power Sword, now!" And out of the heavens came the mighty Power Sword, stabbing into the ground, where the Megazord grabbed it's handle and stood ready!

                The Wererat Megazord then took his spot next to the Dino Megazord, aiming the Power Trident at Squidzilla! Dominik shouted, "Give it up, fiend!"

                Squidzilla exclaimed, "No way, rat boy! Now that you're here, the trap can finally be sprung! The others weren't my target! YOU were!"

                Dominik gasped, as the Wererat Megazord stepped back a step! "Me? Why am I your target?"

                Squidzilla replied, "Because the power coin you possess belongs to Rita Repulsa! When she figured out that you had to have it, she started planning a way to get it back! And the best way to force you to make an appearance was to attack the other Power Rangers! And it worked perfectly!"

                Dominik turned to Skull. "I am afraid that it's now too dangerous for you to be my co-pilot. I am going to have Zordon teleport you to safety. Thank you for making your promise to me for keeping the Ranger's secret."

                Skull sighed. "Will I ever see you again? Ever?"

                Dominik smiled. "By the lord of us all, I swear that we will meet again, someday." He held out his hand and shook Skull's hand, slipping something into Skull's hand as he did this. Then, Skull was teleported out of the Wererat Megazord. Dominik then exclaimed, "If it's the rat you want, then it's the rat you shall have! By the lord of us all, it's time to end this!" And he caused the Wererat Megazord to leap at Squidzilla, grabbing the body full throttle, as the two went flying backwards through the air!

                Trini shouted, "DOMINIK! NO!!"

                And suddenly, a strange atmospheric anomaly appeared in mid air, as Squidzilla and the Wererat Megazord vanished into it's swirling mass! Then, the anomaly closed up, vanishing from sight! The second Dominik and Squidzilla were gone, the rangers suddenly blinked their eyes, as if awakening from a dream.

                Jason exclaimed, "Guys? Does anyone remember why we're in the Megazord?"

                Trini replied, "I thought... I thought we were... something about a rat, I think."

                Billy said, "We better get back to the Command Center and see what Zordon has to say about this."

                On a tall hill over-looking all of Angel Grove, Skull sat on a tree stump holding a rat headed golden ring that had been given to him before he was teleported to safety. He slipped the ring on his finger and solemnly said, "I'll never forget you, Dominik. You better keep your promise to me and come back someday." It was a memory ring that allowed one to remember anything. "I wish I could go with him. By the Lord of us all! Please do not let Dominik be alone!" As he made the wish and the oath, the ring vanished.

                Within the anomaly's vortex, Squidzilla struggled to free himself from the Wererat Megazord's grasp, as the two fell deeper and deeper through the strange swirling anomaly...

                As the ring reappeared on Dominik's finger, Squidzilla finally managed to dislodge himself from the Wererat Megazord seconds before the heroic machine dropped through a portal at the end of the anomaly vortex. And as the Wererat Megazord began to fade out of existence upon entering a dimension called Adalia Ultra, Dominik noted that his co-pilot was seemingly still with him. Quickly grabbing his arms around the young man and holding on tightly, Dominik bailed out of the rapidly fading Megazord in an attempt to score a safe landing in a flooded drainage ditch which was located just behind a back street of warehouses within a city he did not recognize.

                Oh Lord of us all! Why have you returned this young man to my care? And where have you guided us to upon this trip? But before the inevitable splash down in the drainage ditch, Dominik smiled when he saw that a net of some sort had been extended across the ditch and he strove to make a landing in that netting instead of the flood waters below it.

                Grasping into the netting with with his flexible foot claws, Dominik carried the Skull look-alike toward an open back window of a warehouse where upon he jumped inside and he laid his new friend out on an old mattress which was sprawled out inside the storage room they were now within. Laying himself next to the young male, he whispered, "Are you awake, Skull?" Stirring as if awakening from a deep dream, the young man with raven black hair said with a Russian accent, "I am Eduard Svalovich. Did I hurt my skull? Is that why you called me Skull?" The still suited up Bronze Virtue hero replied, "I just saved your life from a great fall. You may call me Dominik Ratt. We will be safe here. By the Lord of us all, I swear my protection to you, Eduard. Stay here while I go fetch a newspaper." And he got up and sneaked out of the building to search the local dumpsters to find an old newspaper. Such a media item would have the name of the city they had landed in. Returning to the storage room with his find, he noted rat eyes peeking out of the darkness near a hole in the wall. "Eduard... according to this newspaper, we are in a city called Crystal Hope, California. I have no idea where this city is."

                End of Chapter Eight.
                End of Pilot Episode.

                Stay tuned for Episode One, The Virtue of the Streets.