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HS-22 Here There Be Dragons [Seth]

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    HS-22 Here There Be Dragons [Seth]

    Power Rangers: Hawk Storm
    Episode Twenty-Two - Here There Be Dragons | August 24th, 2013
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle (Ratseye/Pouchlaw)
    Recovering from their latest Clay General attack, the Hawk Rangers receive a traveling dragon from afar who assists them with insight and knowledge for their next battle. Hastsezini sends forth General Gila once again to finish the job he started to totally obliterate the Hawk Rangers. Will he succeed?

    Coming up next on Power Rangers Hawk Storm!
    Hawk Storm Rangers:
    Cutter Devlin, Red Hawk Storm Ranger
    Kyle Landers, Green Hawk Storm Ranger
    Teresa Jeanne "T.J." Rose, Yellow Hawk Storm Ranger (former Yellow Patriot Ranger, Communications Operative USPRF-14721-7-Omega. Code Name: Whisper.)
    Joey Fletcher, Blue Hawk Storm Ranger (former Blue Patriot Ranger, Combat Operative USPRF-14721-5-Gamma. Code Name: Hammerhead.)
    Celene Gaul, Pink Hawk Storm Ranger
    Tam Meadowjumper, Thunder Hawk Storm Ranger

    Power Shamans:
    Anton Sunstriker, Red Fire Shaman of Summer
    Glacyra Yceswan, White Wind Shaman of Winter
    Grim Shadowsarc, Black Harvest Shaman of Autumn
    Pandemona Yceswan, Crystal Song Shaman of Spring
    Baphozak Honorsmaze, Bronze Equinox Shaman of Honor

    Lord Thunderbird
    Oliver Knight, former Red Patriot Ranger (Squadron Leader USPRF-14721-3-Alpha. Code Name: Meteor.)
    Paul Knight, former Black Patriot Ranger (Engineering Operative USPRF-14721-4-Beta. Code Name: Peregrine.)
    Amber Leigh, former Green Patriot Ranger (Medical Operative USPRF-14721-6-Epsilon. Code Name: Demeter.)
    Dr. William Johnson, a local doctor
    Seth Sidarius, Green Dragon Soul Ranger
    (Character concept by Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf)

    Hastsezini, the black lord of fire
    Claymen, grunts
    General Gila, Lizard Man Warrior

    Chapter One - Recovering From a Beating

    Shaman's Circle, Medical Building

    Dr. Johnson finished bandaging up Cutter's bruised ribs, while the other Hawk Rangers sat back in their own beds, all of whom were likewise bandaged in various ways. "You people are lucky the shamans know such a good doctor. Care to elaborate on how this happened?"

    Joey opened his eyes and grunted, then said, "The Black Lord's newest monster, General Gila, is what happened. He isn't clay like the other generals were. This guy is scales, blood, and bone. He's actually alive. He beat the shit out of us."

    "And that tail of his," added Celene, "is far worse than his fists. It acts prehensile. When anyone tried getting behind the guy, the tail literally struck us as if it had eyes back there and could see us."

    Kyle moaned a little and said, "Don't forget about his flyswatter like tongue. When you least expected it, he would shoot that out like lightning and nearly knock your head off."

    Tam sighed. "My defender maneuver almost worked. But then he seemed to gain strength for no reason."

    Cutter smiled. "Ah'll bet the Black Lord is chewing Gila out for not killing us when 'e 'ad the chance."

    T.J. chuckled at that thought. "I can see him doing that. I really can. By the way, Dr. Johnson... where are the Shamans and the others at? It seems mighty quiet around here right now."

    Dr. Johnson grinned as he turned and walked toward a window, looking out and down into the training yard. "The Medical Building is soundproof, my friends. You don't hear them because they are all training right now. Your former Patriot friends wanted to help out while you were gone. And they even got to tango with their first Claymen attack, too. And they won. Now the Shamans are giving them a good workout. And they aren't too shabby, either. I guess the former military training is what is keeping them on the ball."

    T.J. grinned slyly. "Amber is a medic. And everyone knows that medics always know how to inflict the most pain."

    Shaman's Circle, Training Yard

    True to the T.J.'s word, Amber was indeed doing the most hurt to her opponents. Oliver and Paul played good defense around Amber, but it was Amber's attacks at key locations that had the Shamans nearly on their knees.

    "Give up yet," she said with a smile, "or do I have to aim for the bodily control center next?"

    Grim chuckled. "You're good, Amber, but we are Shamans. We haven't been using our full abilities against you."

    Amber laughed. "I could still take you on if you did, Grim Boy!"

    Grim smiled. "May I?"

    The moment Amber nodded her head, the next few seconds were a blur of shadows and all three former Patriot Rangers found themselves flat on the ground being held there by their own shadows!

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two - The Costume Shop INP

    The Costume Shop
    A secluded INP community somewhere in Connecticut; Dreamtrail sector

    While the Grey Elf fulfilled the costume order for the visiting ex-Dragon Soul Ranger, the one-foot tall Alien Mousy entertained his visitor by showing him the INP entry/exits.
    1. Dreamwolf, home of the Superheroes and Super Villains;
    2. Terra in the P.A.W.'s universe, home of the Trigram Tao and the Lightning Legion;
    3. Medievon sector, home of the Ranger Lords and the Dragon Spirit Riders;
    4. Adalia/New Adalia in the Mobian Sector, home of the Shamans and Demon Hunters;
    5. Ozark in the Wolf Journey sector, where Wolves, Surfers, and Marshals fight evil;
    6. Caspian in the Role sector, where the Druids and Lions fight Le Fay.

    He paused and looked up at Seth Sidarius, while fingering his measuring tape that hung around his neck. "I am surprised that you're interested in secluded INPs. We're one of the only places in the world, I mean worlds, that host their portals."

    Seth Sidarius hummed, remembering his trip to Dreamwolf. "My husband came home through a secluded INP in Australia when he went on vacation in Dreamtime." He smiled, remembering the adventure he had in Dreamwolf with most of the males in the Shark Ranger team. "I am wondering if you still have my brother, Owen Sidarius' measurements on file? Some of his outfits got scuffed up, and I am wanting to replace them for him."

    The alien mousy hummed. "I would have to say yes. We keep our records up to date in a very sneaky manner. In fact, you might not ever know that we track down our customers, covertly, and remeasure them without their knowing about it. Are you interested in anything else? It will take a few days to a week to fulfill your Shark King's order. We are always making clothes and costumes for people. Though it is quiet currently." He smiles and winks. "Knock on wood." He knocks on a wall.

    Seth looked at the other costumes. "I may look for something interesting for my husband to try. He hasn't had much time for fun between teaching lessons, fixing up the Station, and sleeping." He winked. "In the meantime, you may charge my current order onto this card." The bulky former athlete placed his card on the counter.

    The alien mousy scanned in the card's data, then slid it back to Seth, as he piped up, "Grey! We got an Imperial Order! The Shark King needs some new clothes!" And with that, the alien mousy headed off into the back rooms where the Grey Elf was busy working. And now, the Italian meatball stallion has some free time to explore.

    The Italian that his husband liked to call 'Meatball' was looking at the nicest costumes, imagining his husband of nearly nine months in elven garb, a Greek toga, and even in a football quarterback gear and space age uniform! He shuffled deep into a bunch of clothes, thinking he found something that looked like a good change from a kangaroo fursuit, and couldn't seem to reach it, not knowing that he was heading into an entry of another dimension.

    Passing through the entry produced no felt effect. It was like walking from one room to another in the Penny Man household in West Virginia. You simply didn't know where you would end up.

    Where Seth did end up was walking out of the Costume Shop through what appeared to be an exit that was thought to be closed off. Apparently it wasn't, as the Italian male ended up outside the shop facing a newspaper stand where the cover story caught his eye...


    And the black and white newspaper photo was all too familiar to Seth. The Hawk Storm were Power Rangers. And there was a smaller picture below that showing the Power Shamans. And one was someone that Seth knew all too well. Glacyra Yceswan.

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three - A Dragon in Rabbit Rock

      A day and half later at the Greyhound Bus Depot in Rabbit Rock, New Mexico; Adalia

      "Final call for Rabbit Rock!" The driver helped Seth off the bus. "Don't know why a big rugged guy like you came to a tiny little place like this, but we're in Rabbit Rock. The only thing of importance is Shamans Circle some 5-10 miles out that direction in the barren wastelands. Some call it a desert. Others call it the Badlands of the Southwest. No transports go out to Shamans Circle, so you either have to walk it or see Zeb about borrowing a horse to go there. Anyway, good luck."

      Rabbit Rock was one of those tiny towns on a dead end paved roadway that was on the edge of a massive Indian Reservation. There wasn't a lot to see there, save for the general store, a small bus depot, a post office, a cafe, the hotel, and an old fashioned saloon. The stables were located just beyond the city limits, but still close enough to walk to in under a few minutes.

      Seth walked out in deep thought as he walked his way towards the stables. If the Hawk Storm Rangers are here, I must've ended up in Adalia, but why would the Shamans be here if they were in Australia when we went to save the Unknown Devlin and his Lex from Dildilio? This is a bit weird... I haven't heard anything about the Shamans outside of the Adalia comics Chip had.

      Once his pondering of random thoughts came to a close, he looked up, and noticed that he was at the stables. He let out a small smile, and went into the stables. "Hello? Is anyone here?"

      Stepping out of the tack room was a six foot tall muscularly built white and calico fur colored rabbit wearing cowboy clothes and the gear to go with it. "Howdy partner. I'm Zeb Rock. What can I do for you today?" Yes, it was indeed an anthropomorphic rabbit. Not a toon bunny from Toonmasters; but an actual rabbit man.

      Seth was taken back a bit by surprise at the sight of a humanoid rabbit, but adjusted himself. "I was told by the bus driver that I could ask you about borrowing a horse for travel to the Shamans Circle."

      Zeb smiled. "I get that reaction a lot from visitors. I'm for real, all right. As for the horses, that's really the only reason anyone ever comes around here. I have a deal with the Shamans for when anyone wants to go to the Circle. Well, everyone except for Doc Johnson. He has a jeep and he's often making runs out to the Circle. In fact, word is he's out there right now. The local team got hurt again."

      The rabbit saddled up a nice stallion for Seth, then pointed him in the right direction, reminding him that the horse knew the way regardless. Then Zeb returned inside the stables.

      He was thankful that he was able to borrow the stallion. Once he got on to the saddle, the athlete felt like he was a kid in Briarwood eleven years earlier, as he coaxed the stallion to get there at a steady, but quick pace. Next stop for Seth; the Shamans Circle.

      As Seth rode and put some distance between himself and the town, a dark set of eyes focused on his trajectory. So, Thunderbird has summoned another warrior. I must test him. Never let it be said that the Black Lord was not a good host.

      "Claymen! Go forth and test this newcomer! But if a Shaman appears, flee! Now go!"

      And the Claymen all vanished into the soil of the lair heading to intercept the newly arriving Seth.

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four - Black Rose of Fire

        It was at about the mid way point for the stallion, when suddenly, just ahead in the direct path of the mount, the Claymen began popping up in droves!

        Seth looked and measured up the grunts, and sighed. "These grunts look like they can cause damage, not like the Demons or the Toxics." He stopped the horse for a moment, just to dismount, and pull out his Dragon Comm Morpher and the Dragon Power Coin. "You get to safety in the Shamans Circle, kind stallion." He slapped the hindquarters. "Time for me to Dragon up!"

        Seth brought out his Dragon Comm Morpher and Power Coin, and struck a fighting pose. "Sea Wyrm of Legend!" He then placed the coin into his morpher. "Soul Awaken!" As the sequence began, Seth was standing on the ocean floor, as a green sea wyrm swimming above him unleashed oceanic energy upon the human. As the energy faded, Seth was in his full buff ranger suit, with black boots, green and black gloves, and golden accents! Seth struck a battle pose, as the green sea wyrm swam down and configured itself into a helmet, which secured itself to the warrior nicely. When the SWAT Armor enhanced his suit, Seth struck another fighting pose, and shouted, "Green Sea Wyrm Ranger! Soul of Legend!"

        Seth unsheathed his Dragon Dagger, and played the ever-famous tune that the musical weapon is famous for, but instead of a massive DragonZord coming from the depths of Angel Grove Bay, the Dagger unleashed a Legend Pulse at Claymen that got too close. "Five! The faithful warrior of Legends, Dragon Soul Green!"

        The Claymen then surged forward, but didn't get too far when suddenly, a heavily armored warrior whose helmet appeared to be bull like, somersaulted over their heads, bashing a few claymen heads, as he landed near Seth, though facing the enemy. His armor was a very shiny brownish color and he wielded a bronze smithy's hammer. "The wise warrior weighs his enemies numbers versus his own capable strengths!" Then he struck his pose and shouted, "Bronze Equinox! Shaman of Honor!"

        Baphozak Honorsmaze had arrived on the scene and with him was a smaller version of Lord Thunderbird. A Thunderbird that was shoulder perching sized. Though his lightning breath was just as powerful as the full sized version.

        Seth was taken back a bit, as he saw the smaller version of Lord Thunderbird himself. The Green Ranger sheathed his Dragon Dagger, and brandished his Dragon Scepter. "I am guessing these are the footsoldiers of Hastsezini," He said, as the Dragon Scepter went into its extended mode. "Trans-Dragon Cycle, rev up!"

        And the dimensional capsular cycle was back in the emergency cargo hold elsewhere, unable to be summoned into battle. Seth shook off the regret, as he swung his Dragon Scepter at a Clayman.

        Baphozak bashed another Clayman into powder. "Blunt weapons work best, ranger. Although I know you're a ranger, I don't recognize your designation. I know you're not a Patriot Ranger, and the Gear-Shift Rangers disbanded the year before them when they lost their powers to defeat their main foe in a battle."

        The mini-thunderbird blasted another Clayman with a horrendous lightning bolt, but said nothing.

        Seth used the blunt ends of his Dragon Scepter to beat down the Claymen coming his way. "It's a long story, warrior," he said, as he gave a super-charged Kamen Rider-style high-jump kick. "Though I admit that this is getting my blood pumping... just as good as a battle with the Leviathan."

        And as quickly as the Claymen came, they vanished, becoming one with the ground without a trace.

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five - Shamans Circle

          Baphozak, along with his mini-thunderbird companion, and Seth were soon riding into Shamans Circle on Baphozak's horse. "Welcome to Shamans Circle." The compound was several buildings arranged in a circle around an ancient and powerful Shamans Medicine Circle and fire pit in its center. There was a forest green jeep parked nearby with a red Medical symbol on a white square field imprinted on the sides: Doc Johnson's transport vehicle.

          Baphozak dismounted, helping Seth to the ground easily, then he sent the horse into their own stables for feed and rest. There were sounds of a training session occurring somewhere close by.

          Seth took a good view around the Shaman's Circle, taking a good view of his surroundings. He felt a little bit more comfortable there. As his ears were set to the attention of the training session, he walked towards it, curious of what was going on.

          In the training yard, Seth got to see a classic line-up of the shamans as they faced off against those they were training, three of the Patriot Rangers. On the Shamans team were:

          Anton Sunstriker, the Red Fire Shaman of Summer; Glacyra Yceswan, the White Wind Shaman of Winter; Grim Shadowsarc, the Black Harvest Shaman of Autumn; and Pandemona Yceswan, the Crystal Song Shaman of Spring. They each had mini-thunderbirds perched on their shoulders. Apparently, it was required for every official shaman to have a mini-thunderbird of their own.

          The three Patriot Rangers, though unmorphed, were:

          Oliver Knight, the Red Patriot Ranger (Squadron Leader USPRF-14721-3-Alpha. Code Name: Meteor.); Paul Knight, the Black Patriot Ranger (Engineering Operative USPRF-14721-4-Beta. Code Name: Peregrine.); and Amber Leigh, the Green Patriot Ranger (Medical Operative USPRF-14721-6-Epsilon. Code Name: Demeter.) They were dressed in white heavy-duty pants, tee shirts of their ranger colors, with a Patriotic blue leather jackets with white stars and red stripes on the right side. On the left was their military nameplates indicating who each one were. The were each also wearing morphers on their wrists.

          Anton said, "Using your natural abilities in a battle is all fine and well, but when your enemy gets a little too strong, then you must morph to even up the balance of the battle. And that is what we'll be doing now. After you morph, I would advise that you don't hold back with your attacks. If you hold back, then the Hawk Storm Rangers will have some roommates in the infirmary building."

          Seth couldn't recognize the shamans present though, since the Anton Sunstriker and Glacyra Yceswan he remembered were both dragons with the likenesses of a panther and a trumpeter swan respectively, though he did recognize the voice of Anton. However, hearing about the Hawk Storm Rangers being in the infirmary building has gotten Seth a bit concerned. He didn't dare want to get on the bad side of the Shamans, so he stepped out of the place where he was watching. "Pardon me for overhearing, but what happened to the Hawk Storm Rangers?"

          Anton replied, "The Hawk Storm Rangers were injured in a battle with their newest foe, a general with the likeness of a Gila Monster. They weren't prepared for a living opponent as a General and they were lucky to survive the encounter. They are recovering in the infirmary to the right if you want to go see them. Although I do not know who you are myself, as long as you are not evil, you are welcome in Shamans Circle. And now, we should continue with our lesson. And for this, we will suit up in the gear of our trade."

          The Shamans and the Patriot Rangers took their positions in their teams line-ups and began their sequences.

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six - Paths of Morphing

            Baphozak shouted, "It's time to walk the path of the Shaman!"

            Anton raised his left fist over his chest. "Shaman Spirit Power!" The Red Fire Pentagram Morpher glowed with the power of fire! "Flaming Panther!" Anton's entire body glowed with a flaming red light, as his tan plated leather boots and gauntlets appeared, followed by his tan leather shirt and pants. Next, reddish steel greaves affixed themselves to his thighs, as a reddish steel breastplate affixed itself to his torso. A flexible brown steel belt appeared around his waist, as a red panther head buckle appeared, centered on the belt itself. Then, the image and sound of a non-morphic red panther snarling behind Anton's head occurred, as the image reached forth on both sides, wrapping itself around his head, becoming a red panther like helm with two dark shiny oval visors. Finally, a tongue of flame arced out of his visors, forming into the Red Panther Saber. The Pentagram Morpher glowed once more, as Anton shouted, "Summer Fire Shaman!"

            Glacyra raised her left fist over her chest. "Shaman Spirit Power!" The White Wind Pentagram Morpher glowed with the power of ice! "Winter Owl!" Glacyra's entire body glowed with a wintery white light, as her tan plated leather boots and gauntlets appeared, followed by her tan leather shirt and pants. Next, whitish steel greaves affixed themselves to her thighs, as a whitish steel breastplate affixed itself to her torso. A flexible brown steel belt appeared around her waist, as a white owl head buckle appeared, centered on the belt itself. Then, the image and sound of a non-morphic white owl hooting behind Glacyra's head occurred, as the image reached forth on both sides, wrapping itself around her head, becoming a white owl like helm with two dark shiny oval visors. Finally, a frosty gust arced out of her visors, forming into the White Owl Staff. The Pentagram Morpher glowed once more, as Glacyra shouted, "Winter Wind Shaman!"

            Grim raised his left fist over his chest. "Shaman Spirit Power!" The Black Harvest Pentagram Morpher glowed with the power of shadow! "Shadow Wolf!" Grim's entire body glowed with the harvest moon, as his tan plated leather boots and gauntlets appeared, followed by his tan leather shirt and pants. Next, blackish steel greaves affixed themselves to his thighs, as a blackish steel breastplate affixed itself to his torso. A flexible brown steel belt appeared around his waist, as a black wolf head buckle appeared, centered on the belt itself. Then, the image and sound of a non-morphic black wolf howling behind Grim's head occurred, as the image reached forth on both sides, wrapping itself around his head, becoming a black wolf like helm with two dark shiny oval visors. Finally, a wisp of darkness arced out of his visors, forming into the Black Wolf Sword. The Pentagram Morpher glowed once more, as Grim shouted, "Autumn Harvest Shaman!"

            Pandemona raised her left fist over her chest. "Shaman Spirit Power!" The Crystal Song Pentagram Morpher glowed with the power of spring! "Pure Swan!" Pandemona's entire body glowed with a life-giving crystal light, as her white plated leather boots and gauntlets appeared, followed by her white leather shirt and pants. Next, crystal greaves affixed themselves to her thighs, as a crystal breastplate affixed itself to her torso. A flexible white steel belt appeared around her waist, as a crystal swan head buckle appeared, centered on the belt itself. Then, the image of a non-morphic crystal swan appeared behind Pandemona's head, as the image reached forth on both sides, wrapping itself around her head, becoming a crystal swan like helm with two mirror like oval visors. Finally, a stream of flower petals poured out of her visors, forming into the Crystal Swan Bow. The Pentagram Morpher glowed once more, as Pandemona shouted, "Spring Song Shaman!"

            Oliver exclaimed, "Okay team, we're next! Let's do it!" He, Paul, and Amber took a stance, raising their left fists over their chests, saying together, "Patriot Honor! Hero Operative! Online!" Together as one, they touched the buttons on their morphers. This was followed by their individually appearing in a landscape of computerized gridwork. Their bodies glowed as an electronic voice recited their official operative code names. "Red Meteor!" "Black Peregrine!" "Green Demeter!" Then their ranger uniforms and weapons appeared on their bodies. Next they held a pose as a close up on their faces showed their helmets appearing over their heads with the visors downloading various tactical data. "Power Rangers! Patriot Force!"

            Baphozak then powered down, as he had arrived morphed, and said, "And I will play the referee. Let us begin."

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven - Eyes of Thunder

              Inside the Infirmary, Cutter said, "Do we 'ave to lay around in these beds, Dr. Johnson? Ah need to use the bathroom."

              Dr. Johnson smiled. "As long as you promise to heal you can get out of the beds whenever you like."

              All of the Hawk Storm Rangers exclaimed, "WE PROMISE TO HEAL!" And then Cutter headed for the bathroom immediately! He really needed to go badly.

              After a minute passes by, Seth powers down and decides to look at the buildings of the Shaman Circle. He also had in mind about what Cosmic Mouse told him in Dreamwolf about his powers. He didn't know what he should do next, though he decided to leave the Patriot Rangers to their training with the Shamans. He knew that he felt concerned about what happened to the Hawk Storm Rangers prior to his arrival in the dimension. Once he heard the exclamation coming from one of the buildings, he walked towards it, deciding to be polite, and introduce himself properly after knocking on the door.

              Doc Johnson opened the door and invited Seth inside although he didn't know who it was.

              Just as Cutter was returning from the bathroom, however... he saw the "Meatball" and said, "Seth? What are you doing here? And where is Lexington? You two didn't have a fight already, did you?"

              Doc Johnson arched an eye. "You know this man, Cutter? Very well... perhaps visitation will help you rangers to heal." And he headed off to pack up his medical gear.

              Cutter Devlin, the Red Hawk Storm Ranger chuckled. "Of course I know him. He's Seth Sidarius, the Green Dragon Soul Ranger from Earth. Don't know why he would be up here on Adalia without his lover though." He winked with the classic Devlin smile. "These are my teammates, Seth... Kyle Landers, the Green Hawk Storm Ranger, Teresa Jeanne "T.J." Rose, the Yellow Hawk Storm Ranger, Joey Fletcher, the Blue Hawk Storm Ranger, Celene Gaul, the Pink Hawk Storm Ranger, and our special addition, Tam Meadowjumper, the Thunder Hawk Storm Ranger."

              The others politely greeted Seth from their recovery beds, then Cutter gave him a firm hug. "So... what brings the curious Italian Meatball to Shamans Circle?" Again he winked since he knew what the reference meant.

              Seth smiled as he hugged Cutter back. But this time, he tried to keep his hormones under control. He may like Devlin aussies, but if Lexington heard about him being tempted, it would mean HELL for him when he got back. While he was interested in behaving himself, the Meatball explained that he was returning from aiding the Shark Rangers in Dreamwolf. "I was checking to see which costume can fit Lexie, when I just stumbled into your world. I noticed there were Power Shamans. I should've noticed your Ranger form sooner."

              Cutter smiled. "Things haven't been quiet since the Black Lord summoned the General Gila. We fight the Claymen all over the Southwest. I'm just glad Ultrasnap doesn't come down this way; they are dealing with the Ghost Emperor still. I hope your brother and his team are doing okay. Since the Dragon Soul days, we haven't heard much word from Earth."

              Joey smirked. "Does Lexie like kangaroo costumes? You made it sound like you wanted to get him stuck in one."

              Seth said, "I got him a roo suit on a secret visit I made to the Terra sector's Earth before we got married."

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight - Coincidences

                "It was my wedding gift to him," continued Seth as he explained the purchase. "since I found how lovely his Aussie accent was." He then sighed. "I don't know how he's going to handle the fact I am considered a Dragon Warrior by the way I was able to call the Royal Dragons against the Leviathan."

                Celene then said, "Perhaps your calling the Royal Dragons was just a one time fluke made possible during your stay in the other dimension. Stranger things have happened and this could explain how you were able to do it. It isn't likely to happen again, so it might be better if you just put it out of your mind. Worrying about it might make you make mistakes in battle. Right?"

                Cutter patted Seth's shoulder. "She's right; if you dwell on it, you won't perform well later on. But if it is meant to be, you will be able to call them again. Even I've heard of the Royal Dragons comic book mini-series. It was about the only good comic to read when it came out. But... the regular comic book readers weren't too kind over the series and the publishers pulled the comic after only three issues citing that it was too advanced for the target audience."

                Joey added, "But with a target audience who are more familiar with Power Rangers, the comic could make a great come back. The boy who was able to call on the Royal Dragons likely still lives in Dreamwolf at that mythical town they created specifically for that series. What was the name of that place...?" He wracked his brain for a moment, then he snapped his fingers. "Oh yeah! It took place in Briar Bay, California!"


                "Stranger things have happened to me," said Seth, unsure of himself, and remembering his time his battlizer was too difficult to keep up after he launched an extremely powerful attack. "If it's only a one-time thing like you said, then it is something not worth prying into."

                T.J. and Kyle then got out of bed and began to rub their sore arms and legs.

                Cutter smirked. "In the meantime, we need to be alert for when 'astsezini sends General Gila out again. Although Ah don't know 'ow we're going to defeat that brute. We were barely getting used to the Claymen and clay monsters before this beast showed up."

                Joey grinned. "Doc Johnson treats us like babies when we get hurt these days. But we're Power Rangers; if we didn't fight back against the Black Lord's forces, who would?"

                Tam quietly exited the building, Native American style. He was a reservation Indian through and through and he didn't like being cooped up inside a building like the others did. Ah, special sixth rangers... brings back the memories, doesn't it?

                Celene hummed as the thoughts of the Royal Dragons comic book was still on her mind and she went next door to the dormitory. When she returned, she had the three comic books with her from Cutter's collection of comics. Ever since he moved to the states, he got interested in comic books since it was a reading resource he didn't have back home in Australia. He even had a subscription to Super Duper Crazy Cat and the Mighty Courageans.

                "According to Issue #1 of the Royal Dragons..." started Celene. "A team of environmentalists were restoring a natural peninsula outcropping just after a seasonal storm and they discovered a strange metallic seal embedded in the cliff of the rocky spire. It had apparently been exposed finally by the erosion from the storm itself. Days later after calling their superiors, there were scientists and a crane crew out there trying to remove the metallic plate from the rocks."

                End of Chapter Eight.


                  Chapter Nine - Origin of Royal Dragons

                  Celene then continued. "When they finally pulled the seal free of the cliff facing, there came an explosion and a swarm of demon creatures called the Neonytes emerged from the opening along with their demonic leader, yes, here it is... Simulacrum Ninja. They began attacking the humans who they found close to the excavation site and taking prisoners when possible. The armed forces were called in but they were no match for these supernatural menaces."

                  "The Celestial Spirit of the Dragons, it says her name is Iona, makes contact with a potential human boy who barely escapes a demon attack and she tells him what great danger has come to Briar Bay. When asked to give his name, the boy tells her that his name is... Alexander McGinnis "Magnus" Sitaris. He wanted to play rugby someday, but with the emergency occurring, he received a bracelet that had a dragon symbol on it. Iona told him that the soul of the dragon resided within the bracelet and when trouble arose, he could touch the dragon symbol and he would be magically suited up in a battle suit with a helmet and visor, and he called himself the Dragon Warrior. But when the evils he fought grew too large for his fighting ability alone, he could mentally call for the Royal Dragons and they would come rocketing out of a strange portal in mid air."

                  Cutter giggled. "They claimed to be from Dragon City in another dimension. Does that 'elp yas any, Seth?"

                  Seth's mind was blown at this point by some of the similarities, but then he remembered something that he originally dismissed as a dragon god trying to pull his leg. His hands were handling the Dragon Coin, remembering "A lot of it sounds familiar, I admit. But others sound different." He then muttered lowly, half to himself, "Was Cosmic Mouse wrong about this claim?"

                  Cutter hummed again. "Since Magnus 'ad the dragon bracelet and Seth 'as the Dragon Coin, per'aps that is the link for calling the Royal Dragons. It would be the coin."

                  Of course if Seth was absorbing the coin's power all this time, then he could easily summon the Royal Dragons without the coin.

                  At that moment however, alarms began going off and Tam poked his head in the door. "General Gila and the Claymen are attacking Santa Fe, guys! Time to suit up!"

                  Cutter nodded his head at Tam. "Duty calls, Seth. Yas aren't officially 'ere so yas can do as yas like."

                  The six teenagers lined up and struck a pose, as they held their bracers up into the air, shouting, "Hawk Storm Spirit Power!" The image of the moon and a nightmare stallion appeared around Cutter, as his body glowed brightly, causing the ranger uniform and helmet to appear over his body. This was followed by the arrival of his Red Moon Sea Swallow. The image of the earth and a fox appeared around Kyle, as his body glowed brightly, causing the ranger uniform and helmet to appear over his body. This was followed by the arrival of his Green Earth Saber. The image of a tornado and a starhawk appeared around T.J., as her body glowed brightly, causing the ranger uniform and helmet to appear over her body. This was followed by the arrival of her Yellow Wind Hawktalon. The image of a storm and a phoenix appeared around Joey, as his body glowed brightly, causing the ranger uniform and helmet to appear over his body. This was followed by the arrival of his Blue Tail Lick. The image of a meteor shower and a Pegasus appeared around Celene, as her body glowed brightly, causing the ranger uniform and helmet to appear over her body. This was followed by the arrival of her Pink Meteor Bow. The image of the sun and a wolf of lightning appeared around Tam, as his body glowed brightly, causing the ranger uniform and helmet to appear over his body. This was followed by the arrival of his Thunder Star Staff. Then each ranger called out their designations.

                  End of Chapter Nine.


                    Chapter Ten - General Gila Returns

                    "Power Rangers Hawk Storm!" Although this was followed by Tam's almost inaudible whisper, "...and about to get our butts handed to us yet again..."

                    Seth brought out his Dragon Comm Morpher and Power Coin, and struck a fighting pose. "Sea Wyrm of Legend!" He then placed the coin into his morpher. "Soul Awaken!" As the sequence began, Seth was standing on the ocean floor, as a green sea wyrm swimming above him unleashed oceanic energy upon the human. As the energy faded, Seth was in his full buff ranger suit, with black boots, green and black gloves, and golden accents! Seth struck a battle pose, as the green sea wyrm swam down and configured itself into a helmet, which secured itself to the warrior nicely. When the SWAT Armor enhanced his suit, Seth struck another fighting pose, and shouted, "Green Sea Wyrm Ranger! Soul of Legend!"

                    Seth rotated his arm and said. "Let this be the day that your team makes a comeback, Cutter. I'll join up, but as back up."

                    Holding on to Seth, the Hawk Storm Rangers vanished in a bolt of lightning and appeared in Santa Fe, New Mexico where the Claymen were already making their mischief while General Gila watched further back. Seth's first look at the lizard man warrior told the whole story on how the young Hawk Storm Rangers got their heinies handed to them.

                    "Come on, mates..." said Cutter. "get rid of the Claymen first. Just like last time. Just remember to keep out of striking range of General Gila and that tail and tongue of 'is." And the rangers began pounding and breaking the Claymen with ease.

                    General Gila wasn't even armored nor did he wield a weapon. But for a giant lizard man, he looked strong enough without the need of extra equipment. "Looks like the Hawk Storm recruited a new rookie for me to play with. Pathetic little pipsqueaks."

                    And then came the surprise attack that they were all on edge about, as that tongue rocketed out and knocked every ranger off their feet and down on the ground!

                    "Just like last time," said the lizard. "I suppose I need to teach you baby hawks another lesson. Hastsezini told me that I need to kill you this time, though. So you won't be leaving the fight this time."

                    The rangers were quickly getting back on their feet. "THAT is what we've been dealing with, Seth!" exclaimed Cutter.

                    "Seems that your tongue could use a bit of a shortening," said Seth as he unsheathed his Dragon Dagger upon getting up. "Allow me to be the one to cut it down to size!" Then he leaped in the air, and took on the Gila monster head on!

                    And that tail of the Gila monster connected with Seth -- head on! Sending the Green Dragon Ranger falling back to earth back behind the Hawkstorm Rangers.

                    "Was that the best Thunderbird could muster?" taunted General Gila. "He is no better than you wimps were!"

                    But before he could issue forth another taunt, three aircraft missiles exploded into his chest knocking him backward into a roll into a wall. Overhead, the three Patriot Ranger jets flew over as they headed back toward Shaman Circle.

                    Glacyra was then helping Seth to his feet. "Ready for another round, Seth? Remember: you don't have your team backing you up this time. So remember to play it carefully or you might end up on your rear again."

                    And then the other Power Shamans were behind the rangers.

                    End of Chapter Ten.


                      Chapter Eleven - Storm Dragon

                      General Gila was on his feet again growling loudly, "Sneak attacks won't save you Hawk Rangers! I beat you once and I will do it again!" And he pulled a grenade out of his mouth and slammed it down on the ground in a massive explosion which caused him to grow massively in size. "Now you rangers will die."

                      Cutter raised his communicator to his helmet. "Thunderbird! 'e just grew! Like yas warned us 'e might!"

                      Lord Thunderbird's voice was then heard. "Time for your newest upgrade, Hawk Rangers: the Maelstrom Hawk Megazord!"

                      With the cry of the Hawkstorm Zords each of the rangers leaped and merged into their respective zords, except for Tam who just grinned as he moved out of the way and seemingly out of the scene itself. Cutter shouted, "Initiate the Maelstrom, mates!"

                      Cy-clone... a power and a force you ever seen before!
                      Cy-clone... the power of the storms will even up the score!
                      No one... could ever take him down!
                      The Storm Dragon Knight fights on your side!

                      Johnathan "Johnny" David Stryfe, the Cyclone Talisman Rider otherwise known as the Storm Dragon Knight arrived near Seth. "Foxy sends his regards, Seth! Time for some Kamen Rider Talisman Knight action!"

                      Johnny placed his left hand over his talisman belt. "Tatsu-lan! Cyclone Knight!" A massively dark storm cloud appeared over him, as a tornadic whirlwind descended downward atop his body. Lightning flashed out of the storm cloud, and each location on his now ashen grey glowing body where the lightning struck, his armored uniform appeared. First were his black plated boots and gauntlets. Next, his one-piece uniform appeared. This was followed by storm grey steel greaves on his thighs, and a storm grey steel breastplate around his torso. A flexible black steel belt appeared around his waist, as a storm grey dragon's-head buckle appeared, centered on the belt itself. Then, the image and sound of the Storm Dragon roared behind his head, as it reached forth on both sides, wrapping itself around his head, becoming a storm grey and black dragon like helm with a dark shiny visor. Then, the tornado laid itself backward, revealing Johnny in his ever powerful warrior pose, his Storm Dragon Sword at the ready. "Storm Dragon Knight! Escalating the power!"

                      "Ready to go big, Seth, old buddy?" Johnny asked with a grin.

                      Seth closed his eyes. Let this be the day that evil doesn't prevail... please. He then retrieved his Dragon Dagger, and played an eight-note tune that swathed the Green Sea Wyrm Ranger in a magical light, as he grew and transformed into a massive warrior-like sea dragon. Equipping himself with the legendary Swallow, Seth has become the Legendary Hydro Dragon! The Dragon Titan of the Legends!

                      Seth let out a mighty roar, as ancient runes started to flicker into existence throughout most parts of the Dragon Titan's august form, but just barely. They were pulsing as if they were trying to emerge from out of the metallic body that Seth was in control of.

                      As the Hawk Zords flew in and the Hawk Rangers leaped skyward to join them, Johnny shouted, "Storm Dragon Mode!" And in a roar and a flash of tremendous power, Johnny was replaced by the storm dragon who was actually wearing the battle armor of Tatsu-Lan for a change. In the old days, he wore nothing, but was no less dangerous now. "Deszeld Harnklauth! The Storm of Tatsu-Lan!"

                      The Hawk Zords merged to become the Maelstrom Hawk Megazord and then they were joined by the Patriot Freedom Megazord which was being piloted by the remaining Patriot Rangers. Four large heroes now faced off against General Gila.

                      End of Chapter Eleven.


                        Chapter Twelve - Grand Finale

                        General Gila first shot his giant tongue out toward the Maelstrom Hawk Megazord, his assigned target, but just as it struck the megazord, a crackling silver lightning bolt flashed down from the sky and struck the tongue, severing it and causing it to detach from the giant monster.

                        Tam in the Silver Thunder Hawk Zord flew over at that point and arced back around and attached to the back of the Maelstrom Hawk Megazord. "Sorry I was late, friends! I had to retrieve my zord from the cleaners!"

                        The Legendary Hydro Dragon unleashed an unusual Dragon Fear Aura towards the Gila Monster, as it slammed the forked end of his Legend Swallow to the ground. "Legend Geyser!" Suddenly multiple streams of scalding hot water from the Legend elementals! The power between the path the geysers were varying between strong and weak, as the runes were still glowing upon him. It was a strange sight to behold! Though the penultimate geyser was a very weak stream, the last one was as strong as the power of one of the Royal Dragons, and it hit the Gila Monster dead-on!

                        The Gila Monster was slammed hard as he hit the ground, but as he was getting up to use his tail, he found that Deszeld Harnklauth was holding his tail in a firm grip off to one side. "Hey! Let go of my tail! I'm supposed to win! This isn't fair!"

                        Deszeld grinned. "Take him out, rangers!"

                        The Maelstrom Hawk Megazord lifted one hand to the sky and a giant sized lightning bolt appeared in his grasp. The Patriot Freedom Zord grabbed the laser guns off of its sides and aimed them directly at the Gila Monster. Just as the white lightning bolt was thrown, the blue and red lasers fired. All three struck the giant scaled general and there came a massive explosion which resulted in an aerial display showing the American flag in all its glory before finally dissipating harmlessly into the sky.

                        From his hidden base, Hastsezini growled and ranted in his native tongue. All that energy and effort wasted. Grr.

                        Days later in front of the Costume Shop, on the Adalia side, the Hawk Storm team and Seth were gathered there to say their farewells to the Legendary Green Dragon Soul Ranger. Cutter was holding the third issue of the Royal Dragon's comic as he showed the last cliffhanger page to Seth. "...and as yas can see, the Dragon Warrior was about to enter their lair to rescue all of the people who were captured. The following issue was to 'ave 'ad loads of fighting and according to rumors... the appearance of the rest of Magnus' team mates. But as yas know... the mini-series was cancelled, so the fate of the 'ero before 'is time was never resolved."

                        Joey said, "So where will you go now, Seth? Will you explore the rest of your mystery or will you just grab your brothers new clothes and go home?"

                        "I'm going to see if they can deliver the clothes to Owen in Briarwood, to save me. I already called Lexie, and told him some old friends needed help, but he wants me home as soon as possible." a good partial-truth to make Lexington less angry. "Besides, I haven't decided on what new costume I should get him, yet. There is so many I can ponder." Seth was a little drained, even three days after the battle. "I need to continue figuring out that mystery. Even if it means stopping at home to quell Lexie for a bit." He winked.

                        Seth then hugged Cutter in a friendly embrace, but not enough so it would get back to his husband. "If you ever find the time to visit, the gates will be open for you and your team. I think my next stop will be at the Terra sector's Earth, whenever I can get away. Maybe if I go there, it can find at least some answers if I visit Oregon, if that is what I remember Britton saying that was where Trigram Tao is from."

                        End of Chapter Twelve.
                        End of Episode Twenty-Two: Here There Be Dragons

                        Stay tuned for Episode Twenty-Three: Temptation is a Deadly Sin