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DHM-08 A Training History: Year of the General, Part 4 of 4

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    DHM-08 A Training History: Year of the General, Part 4 of 4

    Demon Hunter Metallix
    Episode Eight -- A Training History: Year of the General, Part 4 of 4
    By Darrel Vanwinkle and Lexington Lonewolf
    May 15th, 2016

    Demon Hunter Metallix:
    Dirk Devlin (Dirkonga)
    Samson Belmont (Delvyroo)
    Luca Sheridan (Phoenicia)
    Ryan Cross (Rynagaru)
    Vlad Lonewolf III (Vladahawk)
    Derek McCartney (Riklodyr)
    Wyatt Sauventreen (Wyingo)

    Legal Experience Academy for Police Specialists Roster:
    Lord Pouchlaw, Head of LEAPS of Kangaroo Town
    General Pinker
    General Tailthud
    Captain Ramses
    Sargent Yardfoot
    Commander Grinsnap
    Mudronny (were-crocodile)
    Roadkill (were-dingo)
    Goldpaw (were-kangaroo)
    Padpaw (Dreamtime kangaroo)
    Silverfeet (Dreamtime Kangaroo)
    Deryk "Robinpaw of Sherwood" of Dreamwolf (Dreamtime Kangaroo)
    Sadavir (Dreamtime Kangacroc)
    Tailhop (Dreamtime Kangaroo; formerly Joseph Devlin)
    Zander Dragonheart (suppressed Were-Croc)

    Courier Kangaroo Roster:
    Lord Parcelpaw, Head of the Courier Kangaroos
    Yardfoot II
    The Tree Kangaroo Couriers:

    Interested Lords and Ladies:
    Lord Raven North America
    Lady Jaguar South America
    Lord Owl Great Britain
    Big Bad Wolf Baron Gott'schlecht Europe
    Great White Were-Shark Lord Triden Oceania
    Were-Lion Lord Kennison Africa
    Stallion Lord Kubla Asia
    Rabbit Queen Omi'hari Quicksound Japan

    Auranea Martelle Sherwood Devlin, the Artificer
    Derek McCartney, Artificer
    Valon Dragonheart, Valosphinx
    Ramses I
    Marshall Slystalker, the Mystic Investigator
    Joshua Radson

    The Offspring: (12 years old)
    Zander Dragonheart
    Deryk Kielson Devlin
    Joseph Devlin (Tailhop)
    Ramses II
    Ramsey Stalker

    Chapter One -- The Final Term.

    Pouchlaw's Legal Experience Academy for Police Specialists
    LEAPS of Kangaroo Town

    A few mornings later, Pouchlaw was hopping along paw in paw with Parcelpouch beside Lord Zeustail through a pretty quiet academy. Most of the Captain graduates were in class room buildings studying the art of being a General. It was probably the most boring part of the training. Aside from that, cadets whom had not graduated as Captains were once again re-enrolled at the new academy although no one was complaining at this point especially since not only was Outback Legend and his wife Fern East on hand to handle trouble makers, there were also several of the Holy Pouch's own Elite Guards Roos making sure no one got any funny ideas to make another academy burn to the ground. Perhaps more serious, the Mobian Freedom Fighters were still around to help keep things in check. Even Sakar had personally come to check out the new academy just the day before and this place commanded the kind of respect he could understand.

    Pouchlaw smiled at Parcelpouch. "Told yas that Zeustail makes a good breakfast. Ah wonder where yer pop is 'opping around at this morning?"

    Parcelpouch said, "Daddy runs a lot... where's Lawty?" referencing Lawtail. She met him once and proceeded to cause the joey problems.

    Dragoon, Arizona, United States; Gadsden Purchase Territory
    The New Devlin Station

    Having just made the new purchase acquisition to the Devlin holdings with the assistance of Martelle Sherwood, The Devlins and Derek McCartney, Ramses I and Marshall Slystalker and their offspring, along with Roolock and Clarissa were here to get the huntsman business back up and running once again. Martelle had rescued Vlad Lonewolf III from the Dreamtime lord whom had him prisoner and she had just called Virginia earlier to let her know that her husband had been rescued from a menace although no details were given in regards to the culprit responsible. She was told that after Vlad was rested, he would be coming home via motorcycle to join the family. Dirk and Derek had gotten a hold of a few others in regards to Martelle's new idea to revive the DCP as an all new huntsman corp dedicated to not only hunting demons and devils, but all supernatural kind. Harley Davidson Sr. had been called in to assist with building all new motorcycles for the team while Lord Thunderbird and Lord Raven were contacted in regards to the new huntsmen gear.

    Dirk gave Ryan Cross and his lady friend a firm hug when he saw the two arrive at their request. "Good to see yas again, Ryan. And is this yer wife or 'ave yas done the deed yet?"

    Ryan remarked with a smirk. "Am I ever glad to see you, Dirk. A demon about did me in back in Kansas earlier this month. If my wife hadn't used a garden hose with blessed water on him, I would have been down for the count. When you told me that you were reinventing the network locally here in Arizona, I knew we had to come down to get involved in the project. Who else do you have coming in?"

    Dirk led Ryan over to the group of the others. "Yas remember Derek McCartney, my wife's apprentice. 'e will be officially joining us this time. Old Valon is off in Egypt on a dig or some such. No one 'as 'eard a word from 'im. Ah think a mummy got 'im. And yas know Vlad Lonewolf III, one of the original Demon 'unters. 'e is the one Ah originally learned the craft from. Sadly what worked back then no longer works now. As for the rest... Samson Belmont, Luca Sheridan and Wyatt Sauventreen. Ah know what yer thinking, Ryan... We 'ave a sheila on the team; the world is coming to an end. Well, as yas said when yas arrived, yas were almost done in just last month. We need an edge among the group."

    Ryan shook hands with everyone although he stayed near his wife.

    Martelle soon had the group centered around a camp fire in the Devlin's front yard. "The new team focus includes the entire world of the supernatural, not just demons and their kind. Also, stepping away from the common huntsman line, a more uncommon route is being added to your arsenal. The Kamen Rider Ability. Overall, you will be called Kamen Rider Reliquary. For the record, a reliquary is a container for holding holy relics. In this case, your new arsenal will be blessed with the Holy blessing making everything you use into a holy relic. This means your outfits, your motorcycles and your new weapons. Even your huntsmen identities will have access to the holy equipment. My daughter, Marshall and Derek set up the new DCP network tower on the station just earlier and it has been tested and it works with your new communicators. Lord Thunderbird has offered the use of Station shortcut portals to major locales around the world for the specific use to your team. This will help you access other areas even faster."

    Auranea handed out drinks and food to their guests as they got prepared for their new powered down gear.

    Roolock now was hopping around the campfire. "Dragoon, Arizona was chosen as the 'ome base for the station because as yas remember, most of yer chosen 'untsman partners are part dragon, so this region only made sense. There is a DCP tower erected over on Dragoon Peak to 'elp get the signal out faster. And now to dispel one more little fantasy. Ah am a married boomer and my wife is right over there. A step further, a short cut teleportation chamber was set up in the new Station 'ouse to permit yas people to reach Australia even faster. The other end of the teleport corridor is in Kangaroo Town; which is a 'oly Pouch protected zone. Evil cannot even set a footsie on the land therein."

    Martelle now said, "In order to ease the minds of the government over this idea, we had to inform both the C.I.A. as well as the F.B.I. of our activities in this region. They will be sending representatives out 'ere within the next few weeks to check to see if we're keeping things on the up and up."

    Wyatt hummed. "Just so you know, not all Sauventreens are isolationists, like my Artificer brother and his Surgeon wife." He did worry about their only child, though. Twelve years old and not know if he had any other friends.

    Vlad was still bandaged up from where he was bleeding from before he was rescued. Properly treated wounds was a good exchange for getting help. "I honestly hope Virgie didn't think of putting up my second-born for adoption." He grumbled. "How long was I missing from this world? Even a good warrior can lose track of time when imprisoned." He looked over to Deryk. "So you're my brother in-laws lover, huh? You do look like the type he goes after. I'd have married him instead of his sister if it would've been socially acceptable."

    Derek looked the other way. "I dunno what you're talking about."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two -- Lawtail's Education.

    Pouchlaw's Legal Experience Academy for Police Specialists
    LEAPS of Kangaroo Town

    Within Tailhop's pouch, the young Lawtail had several books and tablets explaining academy protocols and officer lifestyles in which he was studying and reading with earnest. After meeting Parcelpouch just once, he decided that he wanted to be like his parents. The Couriers were not for him. Outside of the pouch, Tailhop was reading some General ranked books of his own as he did the questions at the end of each chapter. Occasionally he would glanced across the table toward his loving mate, Comethop, whom was working on Courier finals of his own.

    General Tailthud watched Tailhop's and Comethop's progress from nearby as the head officer in charge of monitoring these two's activities. Normally if you did your work in a classroom, you didn't have to be monitored. But since they were studying in their own home, Tailthud was assigned to them in case they needed help with some educational issue.

    Tailhop closed his text book with a smile. "There. Ah finally got my assignment finished. 'ow are yer assignments coming along, love?"

    Comethop giggled as he closed his book. "Ah finished my work an 'our ago. Ah've been double-checking my work. Ah am a fast roo, yas know. Just as Ah 'ave always enjoyed the way yas rub on my feet. Yer fun sex, too. Okay, Tailthud, yas can take our finished assignments back to the main classroom building now. Unless yas want to watch a sex education lesson instead..."

    Tailthud collected the finished work and departed their home. He had no intention of watching two lovers doing it.

    Tailhop said, "If we're going to be 'aving some fun then Ah better place Lawtail in his crib with 'is books so 'e doesn't get 'urt during our foreplay." And he took Lawtail out of his pouch and placed him into the baby crib and then he unloaded his pouch placing the books into the crib with the young joey. Finally, he took Comethop by the hand and they headed into the bedroom to get it on.

    General Tailthud entered the classroom building where upon he turned in the work assignments from Tailhop and Comethop, as he noticed Zeustail hopping along the classroom study tables checking on every roo's progress. Then Zeutail came over to Tailthud and nodded his head at him to come with him into the instructor's office.

    Not long after they departed, a handsome teenage human boy came in pushing a wheeled cart with meals and drinks loaded upon it. He went around to each kangaroo handing out food and drink; when he was finished, he went back by Silverfeet where he stopped and gave the kangaroo a hug and a kiss on his muzzle, before sliding a folded note into his pouch and then departing as quietly as he had entered. This teenager worked in the academy kitchens but he had a crush on Silverfeet ever since he first saw him. In fact, he thought Silverfeet was like Casanova.

    Goldpaw whom had seen the hug and kiss but not the note shot a smile at Silverfeet. "That kitchen servant likes yas, Silver. Some roos 'ave all the luck."

    "I'm surprised 'e would," said Silverfeet, having since returned from his medical training under Reed Huxley in America. He pulled out the note out of his pouch and opened it up to look at it. "Ah 'aven't found anyone worthy of being my mate, even my education under Lord 'uxley was platonic at best. 'ow can Ah make an exception to that fact now?" He started to read the letter. What does it say?

    The note read: I've been working in the kitchens since before you headed off to train under the Huxley brother in the States; although I have always admired your handsomeness and dedication to your chosen field of study. And now you are back and I can look upon your incredible awesome and sexy body once again. Some of the other kangaroo help around the kitchens call me Peelpaw. I have a human friend who cannot afford medical assistance and his parents say he is near to his end. His nickname is Icytail. Since you just finished up with the Huxley training, perhaps you can help my friend where the human doctors cannot. The rest of the note explained where Silverfeet could find Icytail and how Peelpaw would agree to owe Silverfeet a favor later for his assistance with this problem.

    Silverfeet hummed, and put it in his pouch. "Seems that a friend of a bloke is pretty ill. 'uman doctors are being too greedy, they might as well be turned into posture-problematic Donkeys in Pleasure Island for not healing their own kind!" He then said. "This is where I'll make an exception." Alert the media! 'No Exceptions' Silverfeet is making his first exception to his staunch rules!

    Goldpaw smiled. "Ah'll cover for yas if yas want to go right now, mate."

    Down the street, Lord Pouchlaw couldn't believe his eyes when he saw grouchy old hates-all-humans General Pinker actually smiling while talking to and hopping along with a human teenage boy from one of the stations in Devonshire. "Great Mathilda! The world is coming to an end!"

    General Pinker was saying to the teen age young human, "Ah really 'ope yer idea works, Joshua. If it does, Ah will turn over a new leaf and make an effort to like 'umans once again."

    Lord Pouchlaw looked up at the sky and said, "Yer 'oly grace... please don't destroy the world while this is going on. Pinker turning over a new leaf is something we 'ave all dreamed of for ages. Ah don't know 'ow yas pulled off this miracle, but Ah want to see 'ow this turns out."

    Joshua had dark brown spiky hair and hazel eyes with fair to tanned skin. He was in good shape. He wore a white tee shirt with a red stripe across the stomach, a backpack and blue jeans with dirty white sneakers and white crew socks to protect his feet. "It is the one thing you haven't tried, right? The advertisement claims it will safely work on anything. So if it doesn't work, you get to have the Holy Pouch break dance on top of their chemical factory."

    The rest of the conversation was lost as General Pinker and Joshua entered the Academy Officer's bathing building where other officers also couldn't believe their eyes when they saw Pinker with a human and the old roo was smiling.

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three -- A New Leaf.

      Pouchlaw's Legal Experience Academy for Police Specialists
      LEAPS of Kangaroo Town

      Lord Pouchlaw gathered up the other important officers and such to gather across the street from the Officer's bathing building. "Ah'm serious, Parcelpaw... General Pinker had a new human with him. And worse, the old crotchety roo was smiling."

      Parcelpaw was on the ground laughing his sizable tail off. "That is rich! I never thought of that roo ever turning over a new leaf!" He was starting to settle down, but he still found it funny as he would if he heard that the Holy Pouch's impostor had grown a rather large penis. "The bloke's too ornery to trust 'umans, even in the shower!"

      Those outside could hear Pinker saying, "It's coming off. 'ow is this possible?"

      Joshua said, "They use this stuff on oil spill coated sea gulls in the gulf of Mexico and this formula has Oxy-Clean combined into it thus Dawn is removing the pink dye from your fur, General sir."

      Lord Pouchlaw chuckled with a smile. "So that's the secret; Dawn dish washing liquid with Oxy-Clean. Ah am going to be surprised to see what old Pinker is going to look like in 'is natural fur color."

      "I'm not fond of the scent of Oxy-Clean," admitted Lord Parcelpaw. "Makes the dish soap scent seem repugnant in combination. The combination of the two must be a necessary evil if we get to see ol' Pinker back in 'is normal fur..." He then paused. "Do we even remember 'is name before the nickname took over?"

      "Now hold still while I apply your cologne over your fur so you don't smell like dish soap. Don't forget your promise. You have likely never looked better. There," said Joshua finally. "All done. What do you think, sir?"

      There was a quiet pause which indicated that he was examining himself all over which included sniffing himself. His cologne was a type that put the boomer scent back into fur, down to the very skin/hide level. "All normal color 'as returned. Time to 'op out and meet up with my superiors. Despite 'ow the soap and Oxy-Clean smelled, the blasted stuff actually worked." And there came the following pause which indicated they were about to come outside.

      Joshua emerged from the Officer's Bath House first, then as he stepped out of the way, the turquoise and tan boomer hopped out into the light. Every inch of the extremely heavy hot pink was gone. He was wearing his officer's medals along his shoulder pads and he had his badge of courage on a cord around his neck. He then saluted Lord Pouchlaw as he exclaimed, "General Camoupaws reporting for duty!" (His name was similar to Camouflage; which he wasn't by a long shot.) He then posed as he turned in place showing off his natural coloration. He was more the color of shallow ocean water than the standard camouflage colors of the land. When he finished posing he gave Joshua a big hug in front of everyone. "Thank yas so much for 'elping me get back to normal, mate." Joshua replied, "Um, you're welcome but not so close. The cologne is still fresh."

      Lord Pouchlaw straightened up as he hopped over to examine Camoupaws for himself. "Yas were part of the old Dreamtime seashore division, weren't yas?"

      Camoupaws nodded his muzzle up and down as he gave Joshua a healthy slurp on his face. "This boy 'as won a place in my 'eart. If the rest of yas officers want to bring yer own 'uman boys in, Ah 'ave no issues with the idea whatsoever."

      Lord Pouchlaw turned to the others and smiled. "Yas 'eard 'im, mates! Get busy! And don't tell me yas blokes 'aven't been looking at some boy's bottom on Earth now and then!" Hey, he wasn't about to let this kind of opportunity pass them all by. The former Pinker said it himself. He then said to Parcelpaw, "What do yas think, Parcy?"

      "Ah think Camoupaws is a worthy Boomer that would make a fine mate to a good Lord," said Parcelpaw, mused by the idea of finding him to be just as studly as Lord Pouchlaw. "And yas, Pouchy?"

      Pouchlaw smiled. "Ah think it will be fun getting some cute 'uman boys in 'ere to motivate the boomers and joeys in the academy. Per'aps Ah should go get one myself to set an example to the cadets and officers." And he turned to hop off so he won't be left out.

      Camoupaws held Joshua as he escorted him off to his personal quarters. "Since yer idea worked, mate, we should discuss what kind of reward Ah can give yas for yer selfless assistance."

      Joshua replied, "I thought you offered to turn over a new leaf. How could I possibly ask for anything beyond what we originally agreed upon unless you are interested in something else."

      Camoupaws then said, "What did you say yer full name was again, mate?"

      "Joshua Radson. My father's brother recently became a were-dingo. Our family raises kangaroos at our station in Devonshire just south of Longreach. In fact, that is how you happened upon me doing this trick to clean up some kangaroos who got grease paint and magic marker on their fur. After a good romp among their mob and the Dish Washing scent will be completely gone. I have a younger cousin in the Devlin family who is 8 years old currently. He has a donkey companion; I am not sure I understand his infatuation in the asinine species. But he is still young at this current age of his life."

      Camoupaws replied, "Donkeys get the fewest of fanfare in Australia, although in Dreamtime they 'ave often been the servants to the major three species; they 'ave never asked for more."

      Joshua then said, "Servants often know more than they let on and are more often than not more loyal than members of ones own species. At least, that is what dad always says."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four -- Quiet Times at the Devlin Station.

        Auranea Martelle Sherwood Devlin and Derek McCartney were once again back at the Australian Devlin Station in Devonshire where Mrs. Devlin was taking care of her 8-year old son Xanth Devlin-Radson. Xanth was a youngster procreated during Dirk's absence with the assistance of a neighboring man before he joined the moon-touched ranks of the were-dingo packs.

        Xanth's favorite childhood animal companion was a young donkey jack named Cousteau whom wore an ambassador collar like a few of the Kangaroos at the residence did.

        Others who stayed around the Devlin station were the kangaroo Ramses I and his human mate Marshall Slystalker the Mystic Investigator, along with their offspring Ramses II and Ramsey Stalker both of which were the equivalent of 12 human years old. Ramsey was born as a natural Changeling Kangaroo who could shift between human and Kangaroo forms.

        On this particular day, a few ultra-dimensional Lords were visiting Mrs. Devlin to hire her for services in getting things done for a payment fee of her choosing. Artificers often did this for important people. Derek had learned this during his training under Auranea. A Pleasure Island Donkey Lord claiming to be Lord Lampwick II had brought a restoration recipe along with an empty barrel for holding the mixture once it was made. "I have brought gold as per the usual amount you usually charge, Mrs. Devlin. If you need anything more, please let me know immediately." He then noted Derek nearby. "Your apprentice is quite the handsome young man. Is he taken by anyone as yet?"

        Auranea smiled. "Derek McCartney is choosing to stay single for now. Although 'e graduated from my tutelage a few years ago and is quite the accomplished Artificer these days. If yas would like, yas can go spend some time with my son Xanth and 'is companion donkey Cousteau in the library at the moment where Xanth is finishing up some 'ome schooling assignments."

        Lampwick II headed into the library. Of course there were other Lords and Ladies from various parts of Dreamtime around the station as well. Auranea said, "Time to make a cure."

        As good ol' Roe can attest to, Derek was good at mixing drinks as he was enchanting items for use. He was good at what he did, but he couldn't replace limbs. That is what the Sauventreen artificers do. "International Hard-on for yas, M'Lord... Sex on a Beach for yas, M'lady, and A Slow Screw Up Against the Wall for yas, Lord Clubtail. It's an 'onor to see yas again. Last time Ah saw yas seemed like ages ago."

        As Mrs. Devlin worked, she muttered, "Once a bartender, always a bartender. Ah am beginning to think that Roolock's idea to 'ave my 'usband and 'is friends in the states is a precursor to some other plot. And because Ah despise being out of the loop... Ah think it is time to contact my mother and 'ave 'er do some snooping for me. No one messes with the Sherwood voodoo queen of Jamaica. Ah aim to 'ave my 'usband back in the outback by the end of the week or Ah will cause ripples in Dreamtime."

        Just as she said that, Outback Legend was standing on the other side of the table where she was working. "Ah would prefer yas didn't do that, Mrs. Devlin. What's the problem anyway?"

        And she told him what suspicious activity Roolock arranged for the men folk of the Devlin family along with his demon hunting friends. "It just seems too strange, Legend. If Old Roolock secretly still 'as my 'usband in 'is realm, then expect me to go 'unting in Dreamtime, whether yas like it or not."

        Outback Legend shuddered with a little fear when she said that statement with that look in her eyes. "If Dirk isn't in the States, then who is that person up in New Mexico with the others? If 'e is a demon, then 'e is living dangerously by pretending to lead demon 'unters."

        Auranea replied, "Ah 'ave been saving some Extract of Angel Wing for just such an occasion. If a demon so much as touches the stuff, they erupt in a blaze of 'oly flame. It 'as no affect on 'umans and lovable kangaroos. Ah can prepare a glove for you to wear on one 'and and then yas can playfully slap Dirk's face with the treated glove and if 'e is truly Dirk, then it will do absolutely nothing to 'im whatsoever. Otherwise, 'op out of range so yas don't get burned, Legend. Yas can return later and tell me 'ow it went. Also, send secret word to Clarissa for me and tell 'er that Ah would like to meet with 'er 'ere at my station. She will know where 'er 'usband truly is and whether 'e 'as a 'uman in the realm or not."

        Outback Legend then departed via teleport to go fetch Clarissa clearly scared of what Mrs. Devlin was plotting and planning behind the men's backs.

        While the heroic Dreamtime Warrior was gone, Auranea prepared the special glove for the hero kangaroo to use later. When Outback Legend returned with Clarissa, Mrs. Devlin handed the special glove to him and said, "Go slap 'im. If 'e doesn't burn, yas tell 'im that the slap was from me, 'is wife." And then Outback Legend departed once again with the glove.

        Auranea now turned to Clarissa and said, "Where is yer 'usband at right now, Clarissa; and don't yas dare lie to me."

        Clarissa replied without having to think about it. "Roolock is on Planet Earth at the Sidarius Station where 'e is assisting Sethie with a dragon problem."

        Auranea then grabbed Clarissa's shoulder with her hands and looked her right in the eye. "'ere on Adalia, yer 'usband is in New Mexico with my 'usband, Dirk, and the other demon 'unters. Ah want yas to confirm that Roolock is on Planet Earth with Seth Sidarius right now. And do not let 'im know why yas want to know."

        Clarissa placed a paw over her own eyes as she lifted her muzzle into the air and focused. Love? This is Clarissa. Are yas still with Sethie on Planet Earth in Australia? And if yas are not, please tell me where yas currently are. It is important and Ah cannot tell yas as to why at the moment.

        Roolock whom was still eating his meal with Seth in Kangaroo Town at the Absolute Zero (see Dragon Memoir Chronicles, Episode 03: Immorality, Post #16), mentally replied to his favorite love, Seth and Ah are 'aving lunch at the Absolute Zero and Ah found yer PASA comic book by accident; we were planning on going to Adalia to check on Deryk Devlin who according to the reboot is in some trouble after being raped by another teenager; also, Seth's dragon is in rut and we need to find 'im someone to fornicate with.

        When Clarissa opened her eyes and looked at Auranea, she was clearly upset. "Yas were right, Mrs. Devlin, the Roolock in Adalia's New Mexico is a fake as Outback Legend is about to find out for 'imself." And in a flash, the heroic Dreamtime Kangaroo was back in the room with them looking wild eyed as he muttered, "They all erupted in flame; Ah barely got away."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five -- Making Waves in Adalia.

          Auranea then growled impressively. "my real 'usband is locked up in Roolock's labs somewhere, Clarissa! Ah want 'im home this instant or else ALL of Dreamtime gets their Annual Inoculations today rather than in a few months! Starting with yas and Outback Legend! Go fetch Dirk out of those labs; destroy them if yas 'ave to! Yas don't see me kidnapping yer 'usband for my own designs, do yas?"

          And Clarissa vanished fast via teleport. She had never seen Mrs. Devlin that angry before.

          Auranea then poked her head out of her lab and shouted, "Anyone who isn't in my station to get Artificer assistance 'ad better leave before the inoculations start! Including yas, Derek, if yas are really the one Ah trained! Ah am through playing around!"

          In the side library, Lampwick II lowered his head and struck a rigid pose as he lifted his tail. "If you are going to give me a shot then I will hold still for it, Mrs. Devlin. I came to get the cure we ask you to make each year and nothing more."

          The other Dreamtime Lords and Ladies looked scared and with good reason; Mrs. Devlin rarely ever exploded like this.

          Some of the Lords and Ladies have disappeared. Derek wasn't afraid of needles, unlike the newly christened Professor of Egyptology. Derek did worry about Zander, as some of his early years were under his care, as well as the protection of Lord Brock. At least young Zander had one parent that is in his life more often than the other. "If yas need to give me an injection than so be it, Mrs. Devlin. Ah am trying to make sure Ah have enough time on this one formula to enchant some sunglasses for a client's pupil. Allow 'im to see any demon activity concealed to the naked eye. If Ah use it too early it won't work; if Ah wait too long, it will end in disaster." He looked at his timer as he set the tray aside. and took care of the empty glasses. He knew that Clarissa would have Roolock dead to rights. He remembered hearing stories about how Roolock boasted about his wife. "Ah've been keeping track of time before Ah need to get back to my work."

          Auranea focused a Sherwood eye upon Derek before saying, "Yas are for real all right, mate; resume yer project. Ah know Ah didn't train no demon, otherwise, yas would 'ave burst into flame the first time yas 'andled Extract of Angel Wing during yer training."

          Mrs. Devlin then said, "The other Dreamtimers will return when they are sure that Ah 'ave calmed down enough."

          Clarissa then reappeared with a naked Dirk Devlin who looked like he had been dipped in Dreamtime Oil. "Ah found yer mate within a preservation canister. 'e told me that Roolock was the one who placed 'im there. My 'usband will be so punished for doing this when 'e gets 'ome. Ah did 'ave to wreck the lab to find Dirk."

          Before Auranea could reply nor do anything else, a great voice was heard throughout the Devlin station. "Auranea Martelle Sherwood Devlin; I am Lord Thunderbird of the United States of America! Clean up your husband and make sure he is garbed decently; then call for all outback Australians that you may care about! Offer free Fosters if that is what works! I have an urgent proclamation to share with you regarding the future of Planet Adalia! As Sonic the Hedgehog may say... I am waiting; and it is something I do not like to do!"

          Figuring that they had time to finish up their projects which they were commissioned to create, Mrs. Devlin had Derek continue working on his artificing project and she went ahead and made the Pleasure Island cure for Lord Lampwick II. In the meantime, the heroic Outback Legend and Lady Clarissa both helped Dirk to get cleaned and properly dressed in his typical demon hunting clothes that all of the Outback was more than familiar to see him wearing on a standard day. Then Dirk got on the emergency CB radio and contacted Roe's roadside tavern and he told Roe to bring a stock of Fosters out to the Devlin Station in Devonshire for an important lordly meeting being hosted by that Thunder Bird spirit from the States, Lord Thunderbird himself. Roe was happy to finally hear Dirk's voice once again and he did as asked, as he informed the patrons of the tavern that he would be closing up for a life and death meeting at the Devlin Station. And then a convoy of vehicles departed Roe's tavern as they headed for the Devlin Station.

          Just before 5 PM, the Devlin Station had the most Outback patrons gathered there only seen in these numbers once before in the history of the Outback. There were even Dreamtime patron Lords and Ladies who had chosen to personally show up rather than to simply listen in as most Dreamtimers might have attempted in times past. Apparently when the host was Lord Thunderbird, you didn't lurk in the shadows; you showed up personally. Of the Crocodile Lords, Dildilio was in attendance with several of his most trusted advisors which included Dreamtime's greatest war hero, Border Captain Sakar, a crocodile whom had been trained as a Dreamtime Realm Guardian from the old days and whom had single-clawed saved all of the Dreamtime crocs from total genocide. Lord Pouchlaw and Lord Parcelpaw were both here since Auranea made damned sure they knew what was going down. There were even lesser known Lords and Ladies attending whom most humans would never had known to exist, for example: the Koalas, the Wallabies, the Bush Rats, the Kiwi, the Dolphinoids and Shark Men of Mu, and a few poisonous Spider and Serpent Lords and Ladies, et cetera.

          Dirk picked up a trumpet type of horn and he blew it to get the attention of those gathered at the station. "Attention my friends! Our 'ost arrives; please give 'im yer utmost attention." And as Dirk lowered the horn, from the Northeastern skies a lightning bolt flashed across the sky and struck in the Devlin's front yard where it became Thunderbird himself!

          Lord Thunderbird raised a lightning covered wing and said, "Greetings citizens of the Outback! I wish I could say that my visit was for jovial reasons but this is not the case! The end times are nigh! This is not the first time we of the spirit and divine standing have spoken these words to our followers! This is actually the second time; the first occurred back when we all lived on Planet Earth in the Dreamtrail Sector! A new movement arose in times past which was called Christianity! Their god in his fairness asked of us... for those who wish to stay on Earth, surrender all of your divine power; otherwise, gather your followers and make an exodus to another Goldilocks world that can sustain life as we know it! He said he would rather not destroy us if we simply left of our own free will! Artifacts of whom we once represented were left behind for whom archaeologists have since discovered and have in museums on Earth! Occasionally, we will hear someone on Earth offering a prayer to us but we can never return there! We knew our stay on this world would be temporary at best! And now, we of the divine watch have spotted the doom that is approaching this world! A massive meteorite will strike this world in the next decade once up to ten to twelve hero teams have existed upon this world! We only plan on taking those who are not corrupt nor full of greed with us to the new world! In the new world we will need good carpenters and builders who can rely on each other! For those who would rather not bother with this plan... they will be left behind to survive the meteor strike! If possible..."

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six -- Challenging a God, Part 1.

            Dirk then stepped out to stand directly in front of Lord Thunderbird as he stood point blank near the bird's lap between his legs. "Since yas 'ave chosen to come 'ere, Lord Thunderbird, there is a bit of an ultimatum that Ah personally want to broach with yas. Right 'ere; right now. In private only proves that yas gods are cowards."

            Lord Thunderbird lowered his gaze to look down upon Dirk Devlin. "My lords, human! You smell like a kangaroo's afterbirth! What words would you have of me?"

            Dirk smiled. "Yas can thank Lord Roolock for my current scent if 'e chooses to come 'ome from Planet Earth to face 'is wife."

            Dirk then focused his gaze directly up at the lightning covered thunder bird of massive size. "My wife Auranea told me of the divine plan in which the 'oly Pouch gave 'er blessing to Lord Kiel to carefully procreate a divine champion of Adalia for yer purposes through my wife. 'owever, not long after Lord Kiel 'ad sex with my wife, Ah also due to my right as a 'usband 'ad sex with my wife. Kiel's seed and my seed mixed and fertilized the egg within my wife and this fertilized egg, much like an amoeba, split into two fetuses both 'aving the potential to be a divine champion. The first born and only by a few seconds was 'e who became the child Kiel named Deryk Devlin. The second son born within seconds was named Joseph Devlin by me; a name both my wife and Ah 'ad chosen just after the two of us 'ad married once my first wife 'ad passed on to the next life. It was both the name of a still-born older brother that Auranea could 'ave had when she was growing up and it was also the name of my first wife's grandfather. Good 'istory on both sides. Kiel showed up a few days after the birthing and 'e gave young Deryk a nice toy and told 'im the following words: Yas Deryk will be meant for better things; always strive to be better than yas are now. This toy Ah give yas now is what yas choose to do with it. For it isn't the end of what yas can be. And then Kiel departed. 'e never once looked at Joseph as if the joey didn't matter. This made me angry. Some time later, Ah noticed that Deryk 'ad given the toy kangaroo to 'is brother Joseph and Deryk was playing with a wooden donkey figure that Ah 'ad carved a long time ago. Then during a demon attack when a demon lord 'ad the balls to actually attack the station itself, the stupid bloke said that 'e 'ad come to kill and destroy the chosen one. 'ow 'e didn't care about the useless 'uman get that even the Dreamtime lords 'ad no care for. Even the damned demons knew that Kiel 'ad ignored Joseph and they didn't want that joey; they wanted the still young divine champion. Ah 'ave learned that my son Joseph joined the kangaroos of Lord Pouchlaw's academy and is currently a kangaroo 'imself after 'e fell in love with one of Parcelpaw's courier roos. Furthermore, Joseph could not 'ave made the species change unless 'e already had the ability in 'is blood; as a divine champion would. Deryk Devlin is currently in the United States possibly being tortured worse than 'e would 'ave if 'e stayed at 'ome. My ultimatum is that if yas truly want non-corrupt and non-greedy people for the new world, then the demon incursion must be dealt with first or else it will be more of the same on the new world. Yer new start would be an utter failure."

            Lord Thunderbird wasn't the only one quieted at Dirk's resolve and words to a divine being. Everyone knew that if Thunderbird wanted to, Dirk could be reduced to a pile of ash where he stood for being that bold to a god-like being. "Your ultimatum is not one that is unheard of, Dirk Devlin! But please, I beg of you... take another bath and use this pumice to remove that odor from your body!" And he deposited a piece of pumice into Dirk's hands. Then he looked to the rest of those gathered there. "Does anyone else have any possibly divine related business you would have me look into?"

            Dirk then said as he backed away from Thunderbird's beak. "Ah am not exactly finished, Thunderbird. Yas can deal with the aftermath of this next part. Ah 'ave learned that the Dreamtime itself was a creation of a powerful demoness who was masquerading as the 'oly Pouch; she called 'erself 'Mom'. The spirit deterrent fences were suggested by her and are not an absolute protection against demon kind. So please do not rely upon them alone. Guard dogs may be the best bet. For the Dreamtime, 'owever, every Lord and Lady who acquired a realm in Dreamtime unwittingly gave the demons more power in which we demon 'unters were overwhelmed to fight against. If yas are truly on Thunderbird's side, please abandon the Dreamtime so the demons lose their power. Yas may reside in Devonshire until Thunderbird's exodus occurs in the coming decade. And now, Ah really should go take another bath. Outback Legend, Ah could really use yer 'elp with this! Ah can trust yas!" And Dirk headed off for the station house as Outback Legend along his wife Fern East followed the Devlin man.

            Lord Thunderbird turned to look toward the others gathered there. It was quiet at first since many were thinking about what Dirk had just said.

            There was some hubbub among some of the Outback inhabitants. Derek looked to Auranea, and asked. "No word from Valon when the call came out?" He was surprised. when someone had to say something important, he was there, and now he wasn't. It was making him feel worried about his own future, let alone the future of his ex-boyfriend's son.

            Auranea replied, "When the call went out, 'e was still in Egypt. 'e could be 'obnobbing with the clan of Al'Nubis for all we know. Don't worry, Derek; when the time comes in ten years, we won't leave 'im be'ind. Unless yer sick of 'is advances to marry yas by then."

            Lord Thunderbird then said, "Since Australian Dreamtime is suffering from demonic corruption, those who seek to be on the good list for the new world can be given anti-demon protection if you would rather spend your time wisely getting your reaalms' people organized and to make sure you have no demon infiltrators. As for the rest of you, please do not be telling everyone who will listen about the coming doomsday or else the public will think you are crazy. As I said before, we are not going to save corrupted citizens. We have had to do this before and most of us gods have learned our lessons from the old days."

            Lord Pouchlaw then said, "Ah suppose that explains 'ow demons were able to get into Dreamtime where upon they destroyed my first academy at KA Prime. We just barely got away to set up shop at my back up academy that the 'oly Pouch 'ad arranged for me in times past in Kangaroo Town."

            Lord Thunderbird hummed for a moment. "So they were that organized, were they?"

            Pouchlaw replied, "They caused a 'eck of a mess when they launched their sneak attack the way they did. Now Ah know that different Earth like worlds all 'ave their own Dreamtimes, but ours may 'ave been only the first of those they 'ad put one over on. As firm supporters of the 'oly Pouch, all land around Kangaroo Town 'as been blessed with power that would literally make a demon explode if they ever set a paw or hoof upon the land. The air around Kangaroo Town 'as a perpetual 'oly mist that blankets the surroundings and the streets daily. Therefore, if any Dreamtime Lords and Ladies would rather set up temporary shop in Kangaroo Town we can make the arrangements through the 'oly Pouch. In fact, the Crocodile embassy is still awaiting visitors as Lord Dildiliio and Sakar are more than aware of from the last time they visited."

            Lord Thunderbird then said, "Then I leave the Dreamtime Lord and Lady arrangements to you, Lord Pouchlaw. Are there any other dockets of business?"

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven -- Challenging a God, Part 2.

              Auranea then said, "Thunderbird, my son through Lord Kiel is in the United States somewhere. Ah do not want to leave any of my children be'ind when we leave. Is Deryk Devlin alright?"

              For the first time since the meeting started, Lord Thunderbird actually looked a little scared. "Roolock went to check on him after Deryk had an unfortunate human caused situation. An older teen age young man raped Deryk within a public restroom of a pit stop along the Greyhound bus route that Deryk had been traveling on during his trip to River Bluff. His ID and money were stolen from him along with his bus tickets which the other boy used to leave Colorado with while pretending to be your son. Deryk hitchhiked from Colorado to Missouri in an attempt to reach his grandparents farm in River Bluff. Last word Roolock had told me was that Deryk had collapsed in a field just outside of River Bluff and the immoral old fart wanted to personally go and make sure the boy was okay. He had nothing to do with this situation, Mrs. Devlin. I am sure he is in enough trouble with Clarissa."

              The Devlin wife growled, "And yas would be right. Ah am going to go find my son; Ah knew it was a stupid idea to send my son to the States without supervision."

              The native American avian god then said, "Auranea, Deryk is meant for bigger and more lasting events in his life and if you prevent him from earning this education and the ability to make real friends, then the plan to move in a decade is doomed since we know that Deryk will be a key power in making the new world possible for the rest of us. Deryk must reach River Bluff so the first part of his education may begin. Hardships are part of development but if you prevent him from developing, then you might as well admit that you are nothing more than a slaver who cares nothing about children. The Celestial Court already has an agent in River Bluff to help educate Deryk in the things he will need to learn."

              Auranea then stated, "If Ah am not allowed to go, then Ah will ask my mother, the Jamaican Voodoo Queen to go check on 'im. Ah do not trust Roolock to only check on my son. This is the sleazy kangaroo slut who wants to 'ave sex with the Devlin men in our family. Ah personally complied with the 'oly Pouch's plan to procreate Deryk in the first place; letting Roolock 'ave 'is way would mean that 'er great plan 'as failed."

              At that moment, a great motherly voice was heard from mid air, "Lord Thunderbird, Ah would like to see yas 'ere within my valley for a private discussion. If yas do not come, Ah will use yer avian sac as my 'oly golf balls in my next tournament."

              Lord Thunderbird then said, "I must go see what she wants. If you will all excuse me." And he vanished from the station grounds.

              Lord Pouchlaw then said, "Mrs. Devlin... Joseph (also known as Tail'op) and Zander will be graduating from my academy next week. Zander would like to see 'is father and 'uman mother at the graduation services. Please find a way to get word to Valon to attend this event. Otherwise, we will 'ave to assume that the man 'as abandoned 'is son. And Ah am sure Lord Brock won't be too 'appy with that."

              Auranea now looked to Derek. "We 'ave our jobs cut out for us. 'ow do we get word to Valon when we don't even know where in Egypt that 'e is within at the moment?"

              "Since there are a lot of crocs in the Outback as well as Egypt," deduced Derek, "There is way for ones to send word. I don't imagine Sobek would mind if a visiting Croc sends word. I wonder if any of the Croc Lords, or even Lord Dildilio, Clubtail, or that Sakar fellow would like to assist us in getting word to the Crocodiles over there to find him."

              Auranea replied, "Ah imagine that the 'elions would be very 'elpful. We can give it a try. They don't 'ave Courier Roos in their region so per'aps the crocs might like the opportunity to be as important as the other species. Lord Pouchlaw, we will do what we can to get a message to Valon. And while that is going on and now that Thunderbird is distracted, Ah am going to go personally check on my son. If yas would like to come along, yas can. Dirk will be fine as long as Outback Legend and Fern are nearby."

              Lord Pouchlaw replied, "Ah will come along since Ah know some spirits up in North America that Ah need to pass messages along to. Ah don't need the courier roo service for this as that it is lordly private. Ah 'ave a few Spirit friends in the River Bluff region. Whenever yer ready, Mrs. Devlin."

              Auranea went and retrieved her blank medical bag along with some smaller medicines just in case, and then she returned and placed an arm around Pouchlaw's neck. "Until Tara; to the States, my lord." And in a rush of air and dust, kangaroo lord and human female disappeared from the station yard.

              Moments later, a nicer smelling Dirk clothed in his best hunting clothes emerged from the station house with Outback Legend and Fern East. "My wife and Lord Pouchlaw went somewhere. Not that Ah mind 'er assisting kangaroo lords in making dependable warrior children. She often 'elps out anyone who needs an emergency son created from the best stock. Thankfully, she isn't a whore for 'ire, but some might get that idea when yas think about who all she 'as made it with."

              Outback Legend trembled when Dirk said that, "Yas live dangerously, Dirk. Ah don't want any of yer wife's needles in me bum."

              Fern said, "Ah remember one time when Dirk got a needle meant for a kangaroo boomer, isn't that right, Dirk?"

              Dirk smiled. "Ooh boy! Ah about forgot about that one time. My first Dreamtime spirit walk; Ah 'allucinated something fierce and Ah woke the first time within a kangaroo boomer's body where Ah underwent some sort of Boomer Warrior training, although Ah do not remember where it was. Ah barely learned a new boomer fighting technique and then my vision shaded out and Ah awoke in my own body back at 'ome. Then during my next demon 'unting outing, Ah found that Ah retained the knowledge of the fighting technique which likely saved my life that night."

              Outback Legend smiled. "Sounds like yas ended up at KA Prime, Lord Pouchlaw's original academy. It is the only place where Boomer Fighting techniques were taught in the early days."

              Dirk smiled back at the legendary kangaroo. "Too bad it doesn't exist anymore; Ah would love to finish that training course that Ah got a taste of."

              Fern then said, "Lord Pouchlaw would be the one to ask as soon as 'e returns with yer wife."

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight -- Destiny and Better Things.

                A roadside horse and donkey grazing meadow just outside of River Bluff, Missouri.

                While young horses and young donkeys nosed around the fallen young Australian in their field, an American adult human man and his young son came across the boy lying face down in their grazing meadow. "Dad? Who do you suppose that is?"

                "I'm not sure, but he looks exhausted. The horses and donks are leaving him alone though. That must mean that they think he is not a threat. Let's move him out of the sun and into the barn over here. I'll give him some water out of my water jug."

                Moments later, with the Australian young man propped up against a hay bale, the adult man carefully gave the Australian boy a drink of water who in turn winced and coughed a little. "Easy now, son... you are in good hands. My animals found you and they thought you were an okay guy. Who are you and where are you bound for?"

                After a moment to allow his vision to clear up, the youngster gave off an Aussie trademark smile and said, "Ah am Deryk Devlin from Australia; my ID was stolen from me after Ah was mugged in Colorado. Ah am trying to reach my grandparents' farm in River Bluff, Missouri. Ah know Ah saw the sign for the city two miles back. Ah am sorry if Ah trespassed into yer field. But Ah was so tired from 'iking. Ah only meant to rest for a little bit."

                The son of the man came over and knelt next to Deryk and said, "I can take you over to your grandparents place as soon as you are rested, Deryk. I am Cornelius Ward, a local here in River Bluff. I hope you and I can be real good friends especially if you are going to be in the area for awhile. You and I have the same hair style and the same color of eyes. It is nice to meet someone so similar to myself out in the farms. Would you like to be my friend?"

                Deryk slowly smiled as he clasped Cornelius' hand into his own. "Ah would like that a lot, mate. Ah just 'ope yas can get use to my Aussie slang; some people get annoyed by Outback speak. The word 'mate' simply means 'friend'. We refer to adult 'uman men as 'Boomers' and adult 'uman women as 'Sheilas'. An unnamed 'uman boy is a 'joey' and an unnamed 'uman girl is a 'flyer'. Most of us attuned Outback folk can discern spirit movement when normal folk will see nothing. As a matter of fact, there are two spirits nearby right now. A raccoon and a big buck deer. They are standing over by the fourth fence post looking this way. They mean no 'arm but they are curious as to why Ah am in this area."

                Mr. Ward said, "Do you think they would like a treat taken over to them, Deryk? Deer move through this area all the time. And they occasionally like to enjoy a salt block."

                Deryk replied, "They might back off if yas approach them without warning. Although the deer is sure to like the salt block, Ah was to understand that raccoons like fish."

                Mr. Ward then said, "I know your grandfather Matthew Devlin quite well. We all just shorten that to Grandpa Matt. He thinks flying saucers are real. But then again, I have seen your grandmother throw a saucer before so they might be real. As in real painful." He laughed.

                Even Deryk found that humor funny.

                Following that, Mr. Ward loaded Deryk and Cornelius up into his pickup and then he drove them over to Grandpa Matt's horse form. Upon arriving, Deryk got that sensation he usually had when there were kangaroo kind around. But he didn't see any off hand. But he did see Grandpa Matt and Grandma Angela waiting on their front porch. Mr. Ward stopped the pickup truck and got out saying, "Yo Matt! We found your grandson passed out in our herd field. My son Cornelius really likes him."

                Matt smiled and said, "A joey like Deryk cannot have too many friends in a new country! We just got off the phone with his mother who had heard that he hadn't gotten off of the Greyhound bus in town! And one of those Kangaroo Couriers brought you a new wallet with a new official Australian ID, Deryk! Come on over here and give us a real Aussie hug!"

                Deryk ran over and gave his grandparents a hug. "Ah suppose the kangaroo sensation Ah was getting was one of those courier roos. Too bad Ah missed seeing 'im, they are real sexy cuties."

                Grandma Angela then said, "Your luggage made it through the Greyhound just fine, Deryk. So you have your spare clothes and other personal goods here awaiting for you." She then handed him his new wallet with his new identification cards. "Now you are official once again. We didn't open your luggage in case you had a surprise in there you wanted to show us yourself."

                Deryk smiled. "Mom allowed me to bring a few of the Ambassador Collars up here so we could place them on a few of the animals here on the farm and then we could talk to them."

                Angela smiled. "That should be a lot of fun, especially for that nice cow we have where we get our milk from."

                Matt chuckled, "Only you would want to talk to a cow, dear." He stepped off of the porch to go talk to Mr. Ward.

                Grandma Angela led Deryk and Cornelius off to the side of the main house where a bunkhouse was built within view of the kitchen door. "Cornelius, This is where Deryk will be staying while he is with us. Now that you know this, you can come over and visit with him any time you like. Deryk, we don't have any spare bedrooms inside of our house, so this will have to do. We used to have hired hands out here helping Matt with the horses and now you get to take over their bunkhouse. The hired hands got drafted into the army and we haven't seen them since. We know that won't happen to you."

                When the door to the bunkhouse was opened, standing in the back of the bunkhouse was a kangaroo boomer wearing a stylish black and silver vest. "'ello Deryk. Nice to see yas finally made it 'ere. Yas think Ah am a sexy cutie, do yas? Well, on be'alf of my lord, Pouchlaw, Ah am to assign yas yer own KSP Dreamtime Magic Instructor. Yas are to be learning magic while yer in the states." He reached a paw into his pouch and he pulled out a small floating kangaroo spirit. "This is yer kangaroo spirit partner and magic teacher; 'is name is Clipper. Only yas and those yas trust will even be able to see 'im." He then turned his muzzle toward Cornelius. "As long as yas are nice to Deryk, yas could gain rewards for yerself."

                End of Chapter Eight.
                End of Episode Eight.
                End of [PASA-01] Demon Hunter Metallix.

                Deryk's story is to be continued in [PASA-09] Yin Yang.

                Stay tuned for the next series, [PASA-02] Hawk Storm.