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Mobian Adalia: ROAR Academy-06 Schooling With Quota

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    Mobian Adalia: ROAR Academy-06 Schooling With Quota

    Mobian Adalia
    Realm Order Ace Rangers Academy
    Schooling With Quota -- November 21st, 2017

    By Darrel James Vanwinkle
    Co-Written By Lexington "David" Lonewolf
    Starring: Power Rangers Mascot Spirit [Knothole Island]
    Reynard Miller, Gold two-tailed Fox Spirit Ranger
    -- 18, Male, Reddish-orange curly hair, tanned skin, freckles, green eyes
    Bender Wolfe, Black Stallion Spirit Ranger
    -- 18, Male, Black hair, black skin, dark brown eyes
    Lucinda Steele, Pink Skunk Spirit Ranger
    -- 18, Female, Blond shoulder length hair, fair skin, blue eyes
    Farrel Everett, White Shark Spirit Ranger
    -- 19, Male, No hair, medium tan skin, violet eyes
    Devon Sauventreen, Green Hawk Spirit Ranger
    -- 17, Male, dyed black hair, pale complexion, grey eyes
    Serenity Fujiwara, Crimson Tanuki Spirit Ranger
    -- 18, Female, cropped red hair, fair skin, golden brown eyes
    Featuring: Power Rangers Titanic Force (Warp/Epoch's Class)
    Marcus Macardle, Red Apollo Sun-Stallion Titan Ranger
    -- 16, Male, Scottish, Human, Average Height, Short Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes.
    Ingram Robotnik, Blue Hades Centaur Titan Ranger
    -- 16, Male, Mobian, Human, Slender Build, Strawberry-Blond Hair, Blue-Grey Eyes.
    Annika Cherry, Pink Aphropdite Griffon Titan Ranger
    -- 16, Female, Human, Shapely Figure, Medium Pink Hair, Green Eyes.
    Vinod the Otter, Bronze Poseidon Seawolf Titan
    -- 16, Male, Mobian, Otter, Muscular Build, Brown Fur, Dark Brown Eyes.
    Raphael Ratt, Yellow Lord Satyr Titan Ranger
    -- 16, Male, Were-Rat, Slender Build, Dark Grey-Silver-Blond Fur, Blue Eyes.
    Also Starring: Power Rangers Warrior Force
    Daniel Hall, Red Reindeer Warrior
    -- 19, Male human, Brown hair, ruddy skin, freckles, brown eyes; silver earring (left)
    Adonis Battlehoof, Sunshine Pony Warrior
    -- 178, Male ponylord, Blond mane and tail, tanned fur and hoofs, blue eyes
    Hiroto Itou, Violet Griffin Warrior
    -- 20, Male human, multi-colored hair, grey eyes; wrestling jacket, t-shirt, wraps and boots
    Commander Thunder, Emerald Reindeer Guardian Ranger - mentor
    Commander Liner, Silver Reindeer Guardian Ranger - mentor
    Power Rangers Yronix Surfers
    Hiro Easterpaw, Red Yronix Surfer Ranger
    -- 17, Male rabbit, White fur, steel grey eyes; Lifeguard, red and white scuba suit
    Alexander "Lexie" Lonewolf, Blue Yronix Surfer Ranger
    -- 18, Male human, Red hair (faux hawk), pale freckled skin, navy blue bespectacled eyes; semi-slender build, shark birthmark; surfboard maker
    Dreamcast the Hedgehog, Orange Yronix Surfer Ranger
    -- 18, Mobian Hedgehog female, powder blue eyes, black and orange catsuit with matching skort; suited for combat.
    Power Rangers Corsair Knights
    Finn Kisame Lonewolf, Blue Shark Corsair Knight
    -- 16, Male human, Red hair (faux hawk), pale skin, blue eyes; contact lenses, silver ring, shark earrings
    Boscone Axefist, Black Minotaur Corsair Knight
    -- 182, Male Minotaur, Black fur, gray horns, black hoofs, red eyes; gold nose ring
    Machiko Itou, Pink Phoenix Corsair Knight
    -- 15, Female human. Raven black and bleached yellow hair, brown eyes; tomboy clothing attire; Sukeban wannabe
    Duncan Asgard Ward, Bronze Donkey Union Ranger
    -- 18, Male, Human, Black Skin, Black Hair, Green Eyes.
    Lord Deryk Arledge Devlin, Amethyst Cosmic Battlizer Ranger; Kangaroo of Lost Legends
    ~~ Holy Pouch; "Chosen" son of Lord Kiel
    Deryk Devlin II, Kangaroo aspect [Roolock's son through Clarissa]
    Warp the Hedgehog, an aquamarine colored Mobian hedgehog wearing a really rad jacket and high class running shoes.
    Epoch, a chronological firebird who is a scholar and a magic teacher for Deryk.
    Raker | Roilriniam Kyzuniss, Unparalleled Master of the Silent Practices; Shadodrak and Mentor.
    Zander Dragonheart, Were-Crocodile aspect [Lord Brock's son through Valon Dragonheart] - Academy Dean
    Severn Radson, Were-Dingo aspect [Lord Tally's son through Locke Radson] - Academy Dean

    Guest Starring:
    The Musketeers Order:
    Kiel: Also known as 'Dad'. He is a Were-Kangaroo boomer who was one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the Mentor of the team.
    Brock: Also known as 'Rack'. He is a Were-Crocodile male who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He owns the pool table.
    Daiquiri: Also known as 'Tally'. He is a Were-Dingo alpha who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the bartender of the order.
    Studpaw: Also known fondly as 'Studdy'. He is the only non-Were member of the order, being a Kangaroo of the Kangaroo Order and mentor to the Boomer Force.
    Larry Knight: Also known as 'Knight'. He finally earned his place in the order since he was not only the real Lari, but the most noble of the line.
    Roolock and Clarissa: Immoral Lord of Witchcraft and Fun along with his rarely seen wife, a sheila who can paralyze a boomer with her long eyelashes.

    Guest Appearances By:
    Power Rangers Adventure League, Power Rangers Yin-Yang Tao, and The Mobian Freedom Fighters

    None Currently

    3012 New Adalia Time [NAT] = 2032 Prime Earth Time [PET]
    Chapter 01: Settling Lakeside.
    Academy for Ranger Excellence, Knothole Island; New Adalia, Mobian System; 3012.
    Sonic the Hedgehog arrived at the uniform station with a Mobian Donkey Boy whom he helped to get fitted into an instructor's vest with the official Academy ID badge. He then led the guy through campus toward the farm quarters where Duncan Asgard Ward, the new Bronze Donkey Union Ranger was stationed currently. When they found the young man, he was out in the crop field plowing the rows by himself. Anyone on campus could have asked to help him, but no one had. "Duncan? This is a friend of mine from Mobius. His name is Jax I've asked him to help you learn all of the Mobian Donkey tricks that he has knowledge of. How come you are out here working the field by yourself?"

    Duncan replied, "Oh, I don't mind, Sonic. I guess none of the other students want to get their feet dirty. I don't mind a little hard work. Keeps the body in shape. Plus I noticed that the academy didn't have a community garden. So I am making one."

    Jax walked out to Duncan and shook his hand. "I'll be living with you and helping you with this garden from now on, Duncan. I think Deryk the Pouch was looking into bringing in the Planet Bremen Bardic Brayer Rangers. They are three Donkey boys who form a musical ranger group (Red, Yellow, Blue) on their home world. Their enemy hates music."
    Warp's Lakeside Academy Dojo.
    Marcus was sitting with Warp on this quiet afternoon paying astute attention to the hedgehog's teachings. Ingram was working in the vehicle garage. Sega and North were watching over the rest of the young rangers in training.
    Deryk's Rock Skipping Spot.
    Deryk the Pouch, Lord Deryk, Roolock, Clarissa, Epoch and Raker were gathered and the Holy Pouch had requested that Lord Kiel join them that morning at the private spot. Once it was explained what had just occurred not more than 48 hours ago at the Academy, Lord Kiel sat down and said, "Ah never meant to imply that Ah 'ad created Lexie. I 'ad made a copy of Lexington Lonewolf and the copy chose to call 'imself Alexander so as to avoid confusion on Earth. Later as Deryk Pouch learned when 'e tried to pull Alexander out of the Dream, unless yas use their true name, then yer attempt will seek out the next closest similar being that matches that person yas were trying to summon. So... 'e accidentally removed the dedicated version of Alexander out of Lexie which left a person full of Lust. Lexie was in love with Deryk Devlin of Gaea whose brother was captured and shipped off-world to a prison colony on another planet. Ah wanted to 'elp the joey but there were way too many generals and guards at that prison. Joseph of Gaea got a crash course in the Renny experience off world. Difference being... he never back-talked his jailers; he always obeyed their orders; and 'e never tried to escape. The prison world 'e was sent to was called Glutardo. It was a world of Asinine and Canine slaves and the main export products there are Rubber, Glue and Tar products. The prisoners were almost always coated in black dye that stained their fur, hide and skin (in Joseph of Gaea's case.) Not to mention, there is a scent in the air which makes the prisoners very submissive and obedient."

    Raker said, "I made a promise that I would finish all my training with all my students. Terran Seth and Alexander succeeded and earned their spurs, as Deszald Harnklauth would say. If Lexie is indeed dead as Severn says, then I failed my task. And if I failed my task, it would ruin my reputation as a Dragon Guardian instructor. Last I seen of him was in Gaea trying to do something to turn a new leaf after his lust was tempered with a sense of duty as Alexander and Lexie were balanced out, after Alexander shown pure devotion to duty and little else. I cannot retire from that position with that blemish on my record." He then looked towards Deryk the Pouch. "I know I am not in a position to make a request, but if there is a hope of saving Lexie, please help me to do so and complete his training. I must fulfill this debt before I can retire again in peace."

    Zander glared; though he was overseeing training of his current team in-training, he had to tune in; he was a supporter of biological family on his human side, counterparts or not. But what does that mean for the copy-Lexington that named himself Alexander to avoid confusion? Did that version of my cousin fall into oblivion? Surely a copy made by one of the Major Three matters just as much as the original recipe. They 'ave lives to live like all of us do.

    Severn had been with his students as well, but they encouraged him to focus on Deryk no matter what he was doing. He mentally remarked, 'oly Pouch, my suggestion in this case to locate Lexie... is to scan the worlds for Electrum the Blackmailer: Lexie's unique partner. There would surely only be one of 'is type out there. Find 'im and yas could find Lexie 'imself. As for the original Copy-Lexington, It may take more than a trick to find 'im, but Ah 'ave a plan on that angle. Permit me to work on that angle while yas look for Electrum. That one boy at the Arcanum Universum was in love with Electrum so it is good angle to start from. The Instructor at the magic school was Samay the Drake Mouse.

    Deryk the Pouch smiled at that point. "Severn came up with a good way for us to look for Lexie. If this works, then my granting yer request will be as easy as pie. But Ah think Lexie's training should be moved to a more local location so 'e isn't lost again. Ah will also grant Samay the Drake Mouse permission to extend a magic class from his school to ROARE when 'e 'as the time to do so. Anyway, Raker... Severn's suggestion; find Electrum and we can find Lexie. Comments?"

    Raker said, "A wise decision. Electrum the Blackmailer is the only one that can keep Lexie on track. The Dragon is Guardian level, unlike Sylvari whom is a young Paragon that prefers a Shadodrak form." He then looked to Lord Deryk, "Any rescue mission you plot out, Terran Seth could use the diversion from his security post. He's been working double-shifts to make sure he earns enough for his family. Adamantium is concerned for his partner's sanity for working so much."

    Zander mentally said to Severn. Ah 'ave faith in yas to do what yas can, Sevvy... Ah know yas are going to do well with whatever yas put yer mind to... He then paused. How much does this favor going to cost me to find this bloke?

    Severn mentally replied to Zander. If we were on personal time, then Ah might 'ave charged yas for this favor. But because we are doing these things for Deryk, Ah cannot charge yas anything. 'ow about this instead...? Yas 'ave yer students score a 'igher grade than mine this year and yas owe me nothing; otherwise, yas and Ah go 'it a gay night club off campus and yas sing karaoke on stage. Yer choice.

    Deryk the Pouch looked to Lord Deryk. "While Ah am focusing on finding Electrum and Lexie, yas put together an Adalia alumni strike force to rescue the prisoners on Glutardo and bring them back 'ere to Knot'ole Island where we will give them a cleansing and medical treatments along with a necessary meal. Make sure to tell the strikers to use gas masks. Submissive Power Rangers would be embarrassing. Ah would never let Janet live it down."
    End of Chapter 01.

    Chapter 02: Parousian Interlude: Chance Encounter.
    Ruins of the Devlin Station.
    Hells Gate Down, Queensland, Australia; Planet Parousia.

    Sega the Gold Hedgehog (son of Shadow and Tails) had Adalian North Lonewolf the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog, Grandfather Irons with his raven, Adalian Lari Kingston Knight and Earthian Joey Stryfe (Konga Rao) with him on behalf of Lord Deryk of Gaea and Adalian Deryk the Pouch as the ultimate and eventual investigation was conducted on the former station that the dream version of Adalian Deryk Devlin had lived in before the cyclone. As Tails had often said, 'visiting that area always scared the be-jabbers out of him.' It was high time to learn why. Grandfather Irons held up a vision cube and said, "Lord Kiel provided this truth cube to me to project how the Dream station supposedly looked in this area. Leave nothing to chance during this search, my friends. A new mystery cropped up at the Academy for Ranger Excellence. We are exploring this angle of that mystery."

    He then activated the truth cube which erected the hologram of how the entire station once looked at their current location. Instantly, the entire property looked as it had during Episode One of Arcanum Universum. Joey and Lari could see right away why it held importance to Deryk Devlin. The Station was a lot like Sidarius Station of Boomer Force had been in the old days. Almost a direct copy of it.

    Lari remarked, "Either Kiel or Deryk's parents copied the Sidarius Station to Adalia currently Parousia. This is amazing."

    While the humans stayed topside, the Mobians entered a stairwell leading off of the pantry in the Station house's kitchen which led down to a crude cavern like tunnel which for reasons unknown ended at a space ship like metal door with a Alphabetical letter keypad in oval buttons. Chiseled into the closest cave wall was crude words which read as, 'Station Owners Name'. On a fearless whim, Sonic tapped in 'Deryk Arledge Devlin' and then he hit the enter key. The metal door made a PING sound as the door pulled inward before sliding to one side to reveal a space age chamber just beyond. "Okay guys..." said Sonic. "Deryk's full name opens this door. Shall we see what is inside?" And the blue hedgehog went inside. He was a real trooper when it came to defending Adalian Deryk Devlin. Sega holding North's hand followed Sonic inside.

    When they reached the chamber where Sonic had stopped. Just beyond the Blue Hedgehog was a medical chamber containing Suspended Animation Capsules. There were two inactive robotic Kangaroo guards on both sides of each capsule. Four of the twelve capsules were occupied with what looked like human bodies. Three males and one very pretty female. One male looked identical to Deryk Devlin. Another male had a similar appearance to Deryk, but looked nothing like him. A third male looked like the Copy of Lexington Lonewolf last seen before the first opening of the Ragnarok Keystone. And the female had the Devlin appearance but was not known to the Mobians. All four humans appeared to be close to the same age; somewhere around 16 to 19 The youngest male looked to be 16 years old; The others seemed three years older at the most.

    Sega said to North, "So, love... what do you make of this?"

    "Some Future's foolish captivity joke..." glared North sarcastically, especially after seeing the Lonewolf. "... or they were severely injured that they had to be kept in medical stasis." He then looked to the love of his life. "A chamber like this would likely have maintenance logs and/or even medical logs if my latter theory is the case. Would you mind checking the computers for them while I test another theory myself?" He pulled out a knuckle-duster, and looked tactfully at the robotic roo guards protecting the Lonewolf subject.

    Konga Rao had already shifted into his human form, and got into clothing. He was looking at the technology skeptically. "This is far too advanced to be Dreamtime, or at least the Dreamtime Ah know about." Joey said. He entered the chamber, and noticed one of the capsules. "S-sensei?!"

    As Sega did a data search on those in the capsules cautiously so as to be wary of the robot roos, he read the names off of the screen. "19 year old Alexander Lonewolf, 19 year old Deryk Arledge Devlin, 18 year old Sabrina Leila Devlin and 16 year old Joseph Hunter Devlin. These people were placed in suspension after the Ragnarok Keystone wipeout was initiated the first time. Their copies were sent to the new worlds when possible while their original bodies were stored here."

    Sonic said, "So these people are still alive, Sega?"

    Sega said, "Yes, they could be revived right now. As for the tech level and where we are. This has nothing to do with Dreamtime technology. And yes, we are on the former Adalia currently Planet Parousia. The data does not say who placed them here. The robot roo guards are merely statues. They have never been active."

    Sonic then said, "See about reviving them, Sega. And afterward, we can see about rebuilding the station topside. My only question becomes... if this guy is the Adalian Deryk Devlin, then who is the Deryk Devlin who became the Holy Pouch? And are we going to have to borrow Dr. Pfeiffer's little friend to threaten Lord Kiel again?"

    Sega was working on opening the Suspended Animation capsules as Lari came inside and said, "Maybe one of the stored Devlins can tell us what this place is when they wake up."

    Grandfather Irons entered and said, "Rebuilding the Devlin Station has been accomplished using my Shaman magic. I even replaced the livestock in the stables and barn. As for the Mobian grave marker, I moved it to a more private location intact. The Mobians will get round-trip access to this station as they should have had before." "CAWWW!"

    North was about to smash one of the chambers to see if those roos would react until Sega said that. Luckily he stopped short of breaking the glass of Alexander's chamber. "Alexander should come out of his capsule as well; he might be able to assist if he truly has the memories of Lexington of Earth. From what Russell said of his friend, he's better at technology than he was." He quickly removed the knuckle-duster, and placed a gentle hand on the chamber. He then noticed something about the blokes and sheila. He got a peek of Alexander's family jewels. "We didn't think to bring clothes."

    Joey blushed. "Ah should go get some provisions for them." He walked out of the chamber and entered the station above, just so he can keep his own tendencies in check.

    Lari quickly darted after Joey and hugged him from behind. "Love! Ah will come with yas and Ah will 'elp yas get the supplies; A nice boomer like yas should not be alone!"
    End of Chapter 02.


      Chapter 03: Parousian Interlude: Clarissa's Clinic.
      Without warning, the Dreamtime Elder-powered Lady Clarissa was in the chamber as she said, "'ow would yas like for me to teleport into yer 'obby room and break yer things, North 'edge'og? What are yas people doing in my Suicide Clinic?"

      Grandfather Irons then said, "Clarissa! Recently an issue came up at the Academy for Ranger Excellence when it was realized that Gaean Lexie Lonewolf had simply vanished and that Dean Lord Deryk was actually Deryk Devlin of Gaea. They also believed that the Copy-Lexington that yer husband Roolock had made in the dream was also missing. And finally, since you have a Deryk Devlin here, everyone is wondering who the current Holy Pouch is since he was supposed to be Adalian Deryk Devlin."

      Clarissa placed her roo hands on her hips. "Ah was at the Rock Skipping Spot meeting with the others, Mr. Irons, so yas don't 'ave to explain all that to me again. It was more fun to see 'ow long it would take the 'oly Pouch to find this place. In fact, 'e is on 'is way since 'e is 'oming in on Electrum whom is simply resting inside Lexie's body."

      Sega then said, "So who are these other look-a-like Australians, ma'am?"

      Clarissa smiled. "Yas don't do yer 'omework much, Sega. Every Earth-like world out there 'as a situation that a lot of people forget. Just as there are two Nick Kanes on every Earth-like world... every 'uman on their 'ome world 'as a twin in the world. This Adalian Deryk Devlin is the Adalian Deryk Devlin of Alice Springs..."

      Deryk the Pouch was suddenly there in time to hear Clarissa start the explanation but he remained quiet to allow her to finish.

      "...whom believed that the Doomsday Meteor was going to 'it Adalia so, 'e tried to commit suicide. Ah stopped 'im and Ah brought 'im 'ere; The Lexington yas are seeing in that capsule is none other than Lexie Lonewolf of Planet Gaea. Electrum is resting inside of 'im. Lexie was so distraught from not being able to find 'is Deryk Devlin of Gaea that 'e wanted to kill 'imself. Remember when Mick Kane of Terra thought that Electrum was never coming back and he tried to kill 'imself? Almost the same story; so Lexie and Electrum ended up 'ere; Despite the young man in the third capsule being named Joseph 'unter Devlin, 'e is actually Adalian Nick Kane's Ringwood River twin. 'e almost died when a train derailed within 'is 'ome town which slammed through the tourist station 'e 'ad a part time job in for 'is parents. Ah was barely able to save 'is life. The thing to remember about both Earthian and Terran 'Joseph 'unter Devlin' is that in Adalia, Deryk the Pouch never 'ad a twin brother named Joseph. When 'e was initially born, 'e was an only child and Dirk Devlin was a guest in my 'usband's workshop when Kiel's Deryk was conceived; The lovely sheila is Sabrina Leila Devlin. The Arabian wife to Alice Springs' Deryk Devlin. When she learned that Ah 'ad saved 'er 'usband from certain doom, she agreed to join 'im in suspension so on the day 'e was revived, they could be together again. Such is true love. There was nothing wrong with Sabrina. Like most Deryk's, 'e 'ad the ability and luck to find a magic using wife whom truly loved 'im enough to join 'im no matter what. Remember again, until the Demon 'unting Devlin males were molested, they were all straight. This Deryk is more mortal than Mr. 'oly Pouch is."

      Deryk the Pouch then said, "Yas are a sneaky sheila, Clarissa. 'ad yas said this from the start at the meeting, Ah could 'ave gone with the others to rescue Joseph of Gaea. Raker is upset enough as it is, sheila, as yas 'eard at the meeting. We are just barely at a truce with the Dragons of Tatsu-Lan without another dick in the brains kangaroo stirring up more trouble."

      Clarissa then hopped over to the capsules and she simply touched a spot on each of the statues which caused all of the capsules to beep once and then the transparent hatches popped open. "Wake up, Electrum. As Ah promised, Gaean Deryk Devlin was finally found. Maybe now Lexie will act like a decent joey."

      Sabrina sat up as she re-affixed her veil over her face and she went over to the other Deryk Devlin and helped him off of his Capsule bed. "I am here, love." To which that Deryk lifted the veil and kissed the girl deeply.

      The Nick Kane counterpart from Ringwood River sat up slowly as he leaned against Clarissa and said, "Ah thought the train killed me."

      Clarissa said, "Ah saved yas just in time, my joey. Yer family were not so lucky; Ah am sorry. But yas 'ave a 'igher calling since yas are the twin of Nick Kane in Eastern Australia. That was sneaky of yer parents to purposely give yas an alternate name so no one would be able to track yas as Nick Kane."

      Deryk the Pouch activated his communicator and said, "Raker! We found Lexie and Electrum. Clarissa knew where they were all this time."

      Sega went over to North and hugged him. "Clarissa? We restored the station topside just before you showed up."

      Clarissa said, "Good because three of these patients need a new 'ome to make their own. And if the Mobians still want to check up on this Deryk, they may."

      Electrum risen out of his partner and let out a long howling yawn, "Even though he tried to turn a new leaf after Alexander and himself was balanced, he still couldn't give up his love or search for him."

      Lexie opened his eyes, and looked grim "Ah... expected to be demon roo bait after Ah took the fall when Ah gave-up 'ope." He tried to feel where the noose would leave marks. Surprisingly, he saw none. "Where am Ah?"

      "Fully alive and still a love-sick fool." Electrum teared up in frustration towards the despair that made many a blackmail useless. "Your despair was strong enough to shut me out of your mind, so I didn't know what you were doing until it was nearly too late. Just be glad Roolock's wife Clarissa was able to save you from yourself when I cannot. Lord Deryk of the Kangaroos is found." He placed a gentle claw atop Lexie's head. "Promise me one thing though. Never do anything extremely stupid like that again. I still feel guilt over when Terran Mick attempted it."

      "Electrum..." Lexie was tearing up himself. "A-ah didn't know yas cared that much about my stupid arse."

      "Promise. Me." Electrum emphasized his words.

      "Ah promise, Electrum..." He then looked down and realized he was naked. "Ah... didn't wear clothes."
      End of Chapter 03.


        Chapter 04: Reunion with Raker and Lord Deryk.
        Leaving Sega and the others to finish getting the Parousian Station up to par, Deryk the Pouch clothed Lexie in appropriate gear and then teleported the Dragon Guardian and Electrum back to the Academy for Ranger Excellence where they were handed over to Raker and Lord Deryk before the Holy Pouch returned to Sega and the others.

        Lord Deryk looked sorry and apologetic that he had spurned his one true love from Gaea. "Ah am so sorry, Lexie. My mind got jumbled and Ah thought Ah was the Adalian Deryk Devlin of Prophecy. So when the real one eventually came back from where he was healing at and 'e restored my memories, Ah felt like a real 'eel when Ah recalled that Ah spurned yas. Now Lord Severn needs to find Copy-Lexington and we can end this madness once and for all. Oh... my manners... Welcome to the Academy for Ranger Excellence 'ere on Knot'ole Island upon Mobian Adalia in the Mobian Star System. Ah 'ave been running this college on be'alf of the new 'oly Pouch to teach and train the newest Ranger and Riders across the universe. We 'ave some great students 'ere. Some whom deserve some personal time with this fool of a Were-Kangaroo Lord. But yas and Raker 'ave some make-up time to complete."

        Lexie gave a hug to Lord Deryk. "Ah guess the both of us 'ad moments were not in right of mind, Deryk. Ah apologize for letting my love degrade into a single-track obsession. And to me, if yas 'ad to call yerself a fool, than yas are a lovable one." He was sad that all his engagement rings were gone. But Electrum told him that some of the money that were sold went to his and Mick's training. Besides his priority right now was to complete his training. "Raker, I may think with my 'eart more than Ah do my 'ead, and used up all my chances. Is there a way Ah can be forgiven and be allowed to learn from yas once more?"

        From Lord Deryk's head, Raker looks at Lexie, then flapped down to give the human a Shadodrak-sized hug. "You and I have goals in life. You love Dean Deryk, and I seek to retire fully from Instructing the Elite for Tatsu-Lan." He pulled out from a fold in his wing the first engagement ring; a priceless heirloom that would be wasted if sold. "You will learn from me in this Academy, where training goes a full year. Since I was also in the wrong, I will strike a deal with you."

        Raker put the ring back in the fold of his wing. "I will pay for any fees and boarding at the Academy with the tuition gained from the sale of several of the rings you bought when I swiped this. Expect difficult trials ahead if you expect to if you want to earn your spurs like Seth and the other masochistic graduate has done. You are currently at the intermediate stage. As you resigned yourself to a simple hug, I trust that you will prioritize your studies over spending too much valuable time with the Dean. Deal?"

        "Deal." Both Raker and Lexie shook on it. "Then the first difficult portion of training will start tomorrow morning."

        Lord Deryk then said, "Come, Lexie, Ah will give yas a tour of the Academy. Since we are still blueprinting the restoration of Gaea, this is our 'ome for now. There is one important skill Ah did learn from Deryk the Pouch and it 'elps me to calm my 'eart when Ah feel Ah 'ave messed up something fierce. Rock Skipping definitively aids me in finding peace. First up is the Spirit Reader device. It reveals your internal aura colors that best suits yer internal elements and nature. Ah 'ad a new Spirit Reader on order for next year but Ah am not sure if Ah will still be Dean by then. Ah do love this academy. Both the Instructors and the students 'ave assisted me in finding my internal peace while Ah 'ave been 'ere. The new Spirit Reader is to reveal main and secondary Aura Colors as well as yer main and secondary Spirit Animals. If yas would like to try out the current Spirit Reader, yas may. It will only be for fun since yas are already an established student."

        "Of course." Lexie stood upon it curiously, and the readouts were weird. It shown Silver alright, along with Brass, Obsidian, Skyblue and oddly enough... Bubblegum Pink! "Blimey," he reacted looking out at the readouts. "Ah'm girly?!"

        Suddenly Lexie got a full-on body tackle from a blur, knocking him off the scale. Luckily Raker was out of the way before his charge got knocked out from under him. The large-footed half-Mobian Human child Adam Maseo Lonewolf was sitting atop Lexie's chest! "DA!" He said while grinning. Then he got a good look at Lexie. "Wait... Yas look like Da', yas smell and feel like Da', but 'e 'as one real arm and one fake. And 'e wears a cape. And 'e 'as a tiny silver draggy."

        Suddenly two clawed hands were gentle picking Adam up off his partner's chest as the guardian-level Dragon emerged out of his partner, and he was a lot larger than the 'tiny silver draggy.' "You smell like the other Silver Dragon Guardian I was partnered with... with a hint of... Mobian?" He looked towards the Dean. "Seems like that explanation is forthcoming." Adam was starting to struggle in the Dragon's grasp, hitting the side of his clawed-hand with one of his boomerangs. No damage is being done. "Okay, you little hatchling... down you go."

        Adam sat on the ground after being sat down, and pouted cutely. A four year-old in an eight year-old's body. "Yer not Da's Silver Draggy."

        Lexie dusted himself off as he got up from being knocked over. "A child? Whose kid is this?"

        Lord Deryk giggled. "Adam Maseo belongs to Alexander Lonewolf and Shadow the Hedgehog through an accidental union that occurred on the former New Adalia before we 'ad to move to the Mobian Star System. Adam? Your Da will be getting a new Mommy during Christmas; But 'e still loves Shadow regardless." He looked to Lexie once again. "Adam is a big hurry to reach the age of sixteen so 'e can join the academy officially to become a Power Ranger 'imself. Adam, this is Lexie Lonewolf someone yer Da knows from the world Ah came from."

        Lord Deryk then grinned at Lexie once again. "Wait until yas meet the Lexie Lonewolf whom joined Lord Zander's Yronix Surfer Rangers. That is also where Dreamcast the 'dge'og and 'iro Easterpaw are stationed at. The poor bunny rabbit came from a barbaric mating society. Everyone who 'ears 'is story feels sorry for 'im."

        "Ah can't wait," said Lexie.

        Speaking of Dreamcast, the Hedgehog was holding North's Bubble Gun, and fired off a bubble containment. "Sorry, Uncle Adam. But your Uncle North said you leave school to be at Academy, you get the bubble treatment."

        "Aw... No fair, Dreamcast! Bye Godfather Deryk!" He zipped away before he could get captured, throwing a boomerang to pop the bubble from the outside, and he was Up, over and gone! Dreamcast lamented, "URGH! How does North do it?" Last time he got captured, it was at Thomas and Impulse's wedding.

        Electrum grimaced. "Such an interesting kid." Raker nodded, then said. "I must take my leave to check on Warp. My non-dragon guardian student's lessons won't be neglected either. Lexie is yours for now, Dean Deryk; please don't return him pregnant." He then flew towards Warp's lakeside house.
        End of Chapter 04.


          Chapter 05: Parousian Interlude: Detoxing the Slaves.

          Devlin/Kane Station.
          Hells Gate Down, Queensland, Australia; Planet Parousia, 2030 A.D.

          Deryk the Pouch arranged for Clarissa's Suicide Clinic to be moved to the North side of Hells Gate Down where it could be publicly found with a security fence around it. He then arranged for the cavern space under the New Devlin/Kane station to receive a massive headquarters upgrade and it was within where the detoxification of the rescued asinine and canine slaves from Planet Glutardo along with Joseph Hunter Devlin of Gaea were cleaned up, fed and sanitized to civilized status.

          Lord Kiel hugged his son and said, "Like Renny, Joseph didn't want to leave without rescuing all of the slaves on the planet. 'e 'ad made friends among them and 'e loved them. As for the Zeddite Slavers, they screamed in agony when the galaxy girl (Janet) ended their ability to sing in a lower octave. As usual, Ah love what yas did with the real version of the station, son."

          Deryk the Pouch said, "We found Lexie and Electrum; and they are currently off with Dean Deryk at the Academy. Ah am sure Dean Deryk will be glad to see 'is brother Joseph."

          Sega was making sure all of the former slaves were getting their share of fresh food and clean drink. "Amazing, there must be over a thouand former male and female slaves getting detoxed." He continued to make his rounds being helpful to all of the now cleaned up humanoids in the chamber.

          Topside, normal Deryk Devlin and his wife Sabrina were having a meeting with Grandfather Irons and Princess Sally in regards to how the Mobians had made it a personal mission to guard over every Deryk Devlin they learned about.

          Over in the Station Garage, Ringwood River Nick Kane watched and spoke to Adalian North Lonewolf the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog as they worked with Tails to get a Forest Speeder built and operational for Nick himself. Yes the same kind of ride that the Nebulan Dragon Ranger (Helga) often rode on Planet Foresta. Nick said, "The train wreck of 2011 nearly ended my life and now it is 2030 A.D. and I am getting my second chance. What's in this for you guys by helping me?"

          Tails said, "We know both your Desparian counterpart who leads the Aquarian Force on Planet Verminoi and your WolfJourney counterpart who is with the Last Rebellion on their world. Since they both got to be Power Rangers, we didn't want you to feel left out of the morphing game. Besides, we thought we could be friends with you and learn about you."

          Sonic said, "Deryk the Pouch will be making your morpher for you, Nick. He is the new Holy Pouch. I am surprised that this new Deryk Devlin and his wife are not that interested in being Power Rangers. But I suppose they may be more into the Metal Hero genre since everyone has a different twist to embrace."

          Nick then looked to North. "And you are married to Sega the Hedgehog. I will admit that his gold fur is really awesome."

          Tails then said while tightening a bolt. "Sega is mine and Shadow's son. We were glad that he chose to marry North."

          North nodded. "We fell in love while we were both in Storm Horizon. As soon as the Exodus was over and we were on the Old New Adalia, we got married, and I joined the species with the blessings of the Master Emerald." He was a bit taller than Sega, and was white-furred with Lonewolf redhead markings similar to Shadow's stripes. "Shadow ended up pregnant with a human subset of Mobian, and when not on special missions, I am keeping an eye on a big-footed Mobian Human that is far wilder than any child I ever met." He then said. "I hope Dreamcast can handle him." He smelled something odd. "Where's Joey and Lari? They haven't been seen since they went for food."

          Deryk the Pouch and Lord Kiel then came in with Sega whom sat down with his mate. The Holy Pouch said, "Lari and Joey are in the 'ayloft of the livestock barn. Joey was about to enter 'is 'eat yet again and they chose to take the action away from innocent bystanders. Joey acts like Nitro these days and that is sadly saying something. Nick, Ah need to work with yas to get yer transformer device created and empowered solely for yas. Yer lucky everyone 'ere cares so much for yas. Ah am not surprised that my Alice Springs counterpart is accepting the quiet life with his wife. Reminds me of Dirk and Auranea's earlier days when Ah was younger."

          Nick smiled. "Ah 'ave some ideas on a Metal Hero theme, Mr. Pouch. We can talk about it to the side while the others are working on the Outback Speeder."

          Sega hugged North. "Finally got them all fed. The other rangers were making sure they continued to get the rest of their cleaning and medical treatments. Joseph of Gaea was saying that he wanted to stay with his former slave friends; he said that he didn't have a world to return to otherwise."

          North grimaced. "No wonder why I smelled the scent of semen nearby. Guess either Joey couldn't wait to get home, or Lari anticipated that he was going into heat and wanted to help him." He shook the nasty mental image of a were-roo doing censored activities with Lari. "Not my business to know which one. I'm a married hedgehog, and though we don't see each other too often because Sega works mainly in the Mobian Starship, and I am learning how to teach at the Ranger Academy while keeping an eye on that kid I mentioned earlier." He grinned towards his husband, Sega. "Our sons seem like well-behaved angels compared to him."

          Sega grinned. "They get their good manners from you, love. Mobians have a natural wild chaotic streak but you temper that with the Order of Love."

          To the side, Nick was saying to Deryk the Pouch, "Ah would like a Black Metal Anubian Dingo with Golden Aborigine pinstripe swirls. No offense, Mr. Pouch, but the Dingo rarely gets any fanfare in Australia on any world. And Ah would like to fix that; Kangaroos are all over the damned place. Ah would also like to 'ave a Crimson Rider Cloak and Hood to wear during rainy days in either form. When Ah transform, the Outback Speeder would also make the change with me so Ah become Metal Hero Anubian Dingo. The Outback Speeder would become the Dingo Dasher with the talking 'ead of a metal dingo. Per'aps Lord Tally could become my mentor."

          Deryk smiled. "Ah am sure yas will make a fine Metal Dingo Rider. Ah will make the transformer for yas and then Ah will link it to yas and yer speeder. Ah will also contact Tally at the same time. 'e will be tickled to get 'is own 'ero." Deryk and Nick continued to work together to make the new Metal Hero Dingo Rider come to life. Deryk thought that Ringwood River Nick Kane had chosen something quite unique and special. None of the other Nicks had something like this.

          End of Chapter 05.


            Chapter 06: Just Like Old Times.

            Warp's Lakeside Dojo; Academy for Ranger Excellence, Knothole Island; Mobian Adalia; 3012.

            Marcus Macardle was laying in Warp's bed resting comfortably with the Aquamarine colored Hedgehog on top of him. Both had been naked and Warp felt a little foolish that he had given in to having sex with a student.

            Warp said, "I am so sorry, Marcus. I think we went too far."

            Marcus asked, "What do you mean, Warp. You were great."

            Warp sighed. "We are both pregnant. Mobians are highly fertile and virile. What might have seemed like innocent sex has resulted in your getting to be a parent too early. If you want to hate me, go ahead and slap me. I thought I was strong enough to resist making out with a student. Lord Deryk is going to kill me."

            Marcus then asked, "What happened to the condoms we had been wearing?"

            Warp cringed awaiting the fist to his body. "They broke when we filled them too much. Do you hate me?"

            Marcus hugged Warp and kissed him on the lips. "We will just have to add in parenting into the training that I was getting. I've never been pregnant before. And I recall that you said you hadn't either. How are we going to handle this?"

            Warp smiled as he kissed back. "You are also infected with my Courier Speed and my magical abilities. We will just have to help each other through this."

            Just outside of the bedroom, Epoch the firebird magic instructor said to Raker, "Warp finally did it with a student. They are both pregnant. Warp really thought Marcus was going to pulverize him."

            "Not everybody is enlightened," said Raker with a grimace. "I have been guilty of being unbelievably stupid myself." He then told Epoch about his forgetfulness that, if it weren't for Roolock's wife Clarissa and her Suicide Clinic, would've been fatal to one side of his Gaean student. Followed by a deal that would allow the student to marry his rightful mate. "Along with Ms. Cherry, I have my work cut out for me."

            Epoch remarked, "At least only Warp and Marcus are pregnant and not Lexie. I am sure he wouldn't want to plump up like a damned blimp. I still don't know and don't want to know how the Mobians do it. They are seemingly getting knocked up all the time."

            At that moment, Reynard Miller, the Gold two-tailed Fox Spirit Ranger, walked up to Epoch and Raker. "Pardon my interrupting a mentor discussion, but my team are needing a magic lesson and Lord Deryk said I should find and ask you about it, Epoch."

            Epoch arched an eye. "Was Lexie with Lord Deryk?"

            Reynard nodded his head with a sly smile. "They were laughing over the color results for when Lexie tried out the spirit reading scales. You might get a kick out of this, Raker... Lexie's colors are Silver, Brass, Obsidian, Skyblue and... wait for it... Bubblegum Pink."

            Raker looked in disbelief for a moment, snorted out smoke and started laughing uncontrollably! "I can HAHAHAHAHA understand Silver and Skyblue. HAHAHAHA! But BUBBLEGUM PINK?! HAHAHAHAHA! Oh! My spots are starting to ache right now! It is so HAHAHAHA Ludicrous!" He started to calm down, then the thought of Lexie's face when Bubblegum Pink fed out of the reader, he started laughing again! "Oh IO forgive me for laughing about my student's plight! I just think that color and THAT Lonewolf... that seems too bizarre of a coincidence!"

            Epoch then excused himself as he headed off with Reynard to join their team for the requested magic lesson.

            Lord Deryk then led Lexie over to Zander's Surfer Rangers locale where Hiro Easterpaw was taking care of their scuba equipment and the other Lexie was polishing surfboards. Zander Dragonheart sat nearby watching their performance. They were not in a lesson what with Dreamcast off sitting on the baby Adam Maseo. Lord Deryk said, "And this, Lexie, is Zander's Surfer Rangers class. The student at the surfboards is Alexander Lexie Lonewolf; the 'andsome spacer bunny is 'iro Easterpaw. Yas saw Dreamcast earlier chasing Adam."

            Hiro lifted his muzzle and smiled. "Hello Dean Deryk. Another Lonewolf? You seem to find them everywhere."

            "The Silver Energy Dragon Guardian, mind yas... not to be confused with my stormy 'brother.'" The Gaean Lexie said, looking very similar sans the shadodrak-sized partner on the outside. "And one of Raker's final three students. Used to be two..."

            "If yas are looking for Lord Zander, 'e's teaching the 'eritage to 'is son Devon. Everyone should know 'ow their species are in the waves and tides that is life." He then said. "Getting used to 'opping was an interesting life experience as well." He had a different quality to him compared to the other Lonewolf clans of other worlds.

            "'opping?" Lexie mouthed. Something must've happened when the Dean's memories were scrambled like eggs.

            Lord Deryk blushed. "'e is referring to the temporary experience 'e 'ad with me recently. The bloke was temporarily a Were-Roo before 'is restoration. Of course, trying to surf with feet as large as Kiel's would 'ave been comedy in itself."

            Hiro remarked, "I am glad he is back to normal. I think he would have been sad without the ability to do his favorite sport."

            End of Chapter 06.


              Chapter 07: Parousian Interlude: Borrowing an Idea.

              Devlin Station/Storm Horizon Base.
              Holy University of Ranger and Rider Yielding (HURRY,) Kimberly Plateau, Australia; Planet Parousia, 2030 A.D.

              Deryk the pouch had just finished setting up their version of coast side Ottercrest and now he was using his powers to set up Parousia's version of ROARE. It was a good idea and it could only benefit heroic minded citizens world-wide. On Dreamtrail Earth, Kimberly Plateau was the local for New Blackall and Ottercrest as well as the protected stations zone. But on Parousia, aside from the newly built Ottercrest, Kimberly Plateau only had Deryk's station, the Storm Horizon base and now his version of Lord Deryk's ranger school, although he was going to extend this one year training facility to include legal classes as well as Dreamtime Warrior training grounds, and police training grounds.

              Sega was glad that Deryk the Pouch was doing this since he never liked being close to Mobius and he liked Storm Horizon since they also doubled as Air Parcel Services.

              Of course, Sega had some other ideas that he would ask Deryk the Pouch about later.

              The Adventure League agreed to migrate between Parousia and Mobian Adalia so they could benefit both hero schools. But Parousia was their home world. As for Yin-Yang, no one stopped them from going where ever they liked. They felt about Parousia the same as the Adventure League team did. It was the original home. If a god didn't like that, then Planet Janet would end their ability to procreate. The Lunar Crusaders also agreed to assist Deryk the Pouch with the new school. Thus, with at least four teams agreeing to help with the school, Deryk felt ready to advertise his new venture.

              The first thing Deryk the Pouch did was to verbally announce to the entire planet that the Doomsday Meteor had missed the planet and for the people to settle down and try to resume calm and peaceful lives. Only then did he announce the opening of his new hero school to the public. He was no sooner off the horn and about to give Sega a hug when it started to snow everywhere on the planet at once. Although it only light flakes currently, no one suspected anything wrong.

              Sega asked, "Did you cause this, Deryk?"

              Deryk the Pouch replied, "Of course not. Ah am as surprised as yas are. It is only light snow at the moment, but if it gets thicker, then we will 'ave to look into this."

              Adventure League Lari and Boomer Force Joey were standing nearby. "Deryk? Ah think yas better not wait. Feel the air... It is getting colder. Ah know yas just got this place built, but if Parousia is about to be 'it by a second ice age, then yas really would be mad."

              Deryk then cast a spell to check the world temperatures. After a few hastily cast spells, Deryk the Pouch was growling. "Stupid assed gods! They took the life seed of the planet with them! Parousia is about to freeze since the divine anchors were removed from this planet! Ah am going to 'ave to evacuate the planet for real this time since without that Life Seed, Parousia or rather, Old Adalia, will become lifeless and frozen! No wonder the Judaeo-Christian god kicked these guys off of the Earth! They are stupid and petty!"

              Sega then said, "I happen to recall what Drayce told Lord Kiel and your Gaean counterpart about available Earth-like worlds in space. If you transplant all of your work and the left over humans to the new world, then you can continue to make the plans you wanted to perform."

              Deryk said, "Give me the list, quick."

              Sega closed his eyes and from memory he said, "Earth, Gaia, Firma, Adalia, Orion Four, Edenoi, Adalia 2-X, Los T'erath, Third Earth, Paradign, New Earth, Terra, Islantis, Medievon, Toonmaster Space, Dreamwolf, Faria, and Outer Rim 78-Z. Drayce said that these were the only life sustaining Earth-like worlds that were not in the middle of a very nasty war."

              Deryk smiled. "Ah am beginning to see why Toonmasters and Dreamwolf are set up way out where they are stationed at. No idiocy to deal with at those locations. Ah would prefer a world that was not already settled. Therefore, Ah am going to scan each one of those listed worlds and see if it would be viable to move people in without setting off a war." And he closed his eyes and began scanning each of the worlds listed. Earth was out of the question. Gaia was now called Desparia, so it also was out of the question because they would be fighting Zedd every day. Firma was populated by a bunch of angelic human like people. Religion was keyed at the top of all activities on the planet. And non-Judaeo religions were not acceptable. There were on Adalia and it was about to freeze. Orion Four was a slaver world that slavers had taken over. Again, they would be fighting all the time. Edenoi was where Prince Dex was located and it was not suitable for human life. Adalia 2-X was in the Mobian System and Sega wanted nothing to do with that. Los T'erath would change all the humans into animal people. The Thundercats and Mumm-Ra were on Third Earth. Paradign was in the Royal Rescue zone within the PAWs galaxy; too dangerous for migration. New Earth was also located in the PAWs Galaxy and were dealing with the Sirian Tribes. Terra was likewise located within the PAWs galaxy; their world was hard core. Islantis had broken up and crumbled; the instability was not safe for migration. Medievon was definitely out of the question; although the Ranger Lords would make great allies. Toonmaster Space was just toony and zany; humans had to get permission to go in. Dreamwolf was the comic book home of heroes and villains of the super variety; getting switched by Switcher Woman was not high on anyone's likes list. Outer Rim 78-Z although Earthlike was tiny and populated by space going mice and rats. The only one that was viable for migration was the unpopulated and pristine world in the Faria Star System. Deryk the Pouch would have to do some minor terraforming to make it suitable for the nation's humans to be ported in. Faria was also located within Dreamwolf space. Just not the same solar system. Deryk opened his eyes. "Sadly, only one of those worlds is suitable for us. Ah'll 'ave to inform Roolock and Clarissa on why we 'ave to abandon this planet. The Evil Pouch couldn't 'ave known that without the life seed, 'er so-called acquired planet would 'ave frozen over. It is good that we found this out before we got settled in only to end up frozen in glaciers like the Mastodons. Brace yerselves, mates... next stop, the Faria star system!"

              And since he couldn't make use of the old system, he would make sure no one else got to either after their left. Utilizing his powers, Deryk the Pouch set off his most powerful Holy Spell he knew of which caused a Ragnarok Keystone like white out all over the planet and things in its orbit as every human, animal, building as well as city streets, artificial orbital satellites vanished away from Old Adalia, where upon arriving in the Faria System on the Earth like world therein which was third from the sun. Old Adalia then turned to space debris and began to drift as space clouds tend to do.

              When the whiteout ended, Deryk opened his eyes as he helped the vision of his friends to return to normal as he said, "Welcome to Adalia Ultra in the Faria star system within Dreamwolf Space. Our new 'ome to develop 'owever we need to. Old Adalia was a disaster waiting to 'appen. Now to get the anti-evil INP shortcuts arranged between allied worlds so as to make it easier for rangers and other 'eroes to make the trip more easily. The Pouch's work is never done..."

              End of Chapter 07.


                Chapter 08: Another End of Term Dance.

                Academy for Ranger Excellence, Knothole Island; New Adalia, Mobian System; 3012.

                As before, everyone at ROARE was wearing their best to attend the event of events at the academy. Lord Deryk as usual was glad that this year was about over with. He didn't recall when he felt so tired before. At least he wasn't ripe for Carrier Infection anymore. Severn and Zander were also standing nearby preparing to enjoy their one night off from classes.

                Severn said, "It won't be long now before we will get to greet newly arriving students, eh 'eadmaster?" He grinned.

                Lord Deryk sighed. "Ah must be getting old, mates... Ah'm not as enthused as Ah used to be about all this. The Media Rangers got into a fight with the militant Aura Rangers last week. And they lost. Ah tried to warn those camera wielding types not to stick a camera into another team's business. We live we learn..."

                "The Media Rangers still 'ave a lot to learn about tact, that Ah agree with." Zander said, then gave a caring nudge to Lord Deryk. "We've 'ad a good few years, 'eadmaster Deryk. Ah discovered my son, yas recovered yer real memories and got yer lover back, and Sevvy and Ah are going out to Karaoke... maybe will find 'im a beloved. Yas are welcome to join of course, unless yas planning to elope and miss out on partying if yas feel like yas are getting old, 'Grandpa.'" he teased.

                Lord Deryk shook his head. "No! Ah am not that old yet! Ah 'ave been keeping my eyes open for potential new rangers around the world. As yas know, Ah 'ave a pension for being able to pick a good one. True, there 'ave been some 'ardships along the way, but what kind 'eart can say that good intentions do not involve a few 'ardships?"

                Severn grinned. "Yas don't know what yer missing, mate."

                Lord Deryk said, "Ah 'ave important paperwork to take care of, but if yas two want to go out and get 'itched and allowing me to replace yas guys at the academy, then just give the word. Ah can process yer termination papers at any time. Deryk the Pouch told me that the gods removed the Life Seed from Old Adalia when they left, so 'is plans for reinventing Parousia as a functioning world 'ad to be changed. 'e moved the populace over to Dreamwolf's Faria Star System. It was literally the only Earth-like world left that could sustain 'uman life. Sega is helping 'im with the INPs on the new world although the terraforming was little to make the continents look exactly like the Earth. If it weren't for the INPs, the only ways to get there would be through the Dreamwolf Stargate or the Cross'aven dimensional jump software. We know the Shark Squadron went to Dreamwolf's prime world once. The Toonmaster Star System as well as 'aji are both located in the Dreamwolf Universe. So Deryk the Pouch is among good company there."

                Severn said, "'e 'ad to move Parousia? That sucks. At least 'e let yas know where 'e 'ad to go."

                "So 'e is far off the beaten path with that bleepin' Dirtball." said Zander. "'e is filling 'is role as 'oly Pouch quite well."

                Raker made himself known from the head of Severn. "At the very least, I am happy with the results of the special trainings of my two 'elective' students. I'd be surprised if Ms. Cherry can master and make the master of disguise."

                "We 'aven't seen yer other student in a while, Raker," said Zander. "Is Lexie in traction somewhere?"

                Raker grinned. "Actually, he's transferring heavy crates of supplies from the Cliffs to Knothole Island. Back and forth and whatnot. Also my lair with my horde is being transferred here by him too. His training is almost completed, as is my official retirement as an instructor for the Draconic Elite. Once he's done I will give 'im 'is final task. Should anyone need specialized training next year, we will be prepared in spades. I also asked the Special Ops team to keep an eye on skies for any surprise. I learned my lesson from the Old New Adalia. They can do most anything even with one member short as Ms. Montblanc has since joined one of the Aquarian teams."

                Severn asked, "Ah know yas invite a potential student to the academy every year, Deryk. Does that mean that we could be doing the same thing?"

                Deryk smiled at Severn. "There is no rule that says that yas cannot. Just remember that whomever yas invite... yas make sure they can keep up with the rest of the eligible others once enrolled. And finally, yer responsible for whomever yas invite. Also remember that this next term will be Loners year. We 'ave 'ad a request to permit the teaching of Sixth Ranger positions. We 'ave already been training Kamen Riders, but now we are opening up the academy to Loners since it 'as been requested. And Ah 'ave someone in mind that would fit the role quite well. Been watching them distantly for over a year."

                Severn then said, "I am asking because one of my other students told me about a young lady whose parents wouldn't let 'er attend the academy unless she won a trophy in a gymnastics meet. And once she won the trophy, the parents back-pedaled doing an about face to deny their daughter to attend unless we send 'er a scholarship to attend our academy. Ah was going to just nab 'er if yas said no to my inquiry. But since we can bring in potentials ourselves, Ah really want to 'elp this girl."

                Deryk said, "If it means that much to yas, then we will prepare the scholarship for the young lady. But Ah meant what Ah said, Severn. She will be yer responsibility."

                Severn looked to Zander and said, "Yas 'ave been awfully quiet, Zandy-boy. What are yer thoughts on the coming year?"

                Zander popped out of his bubble, and said, "Oh. Ah wasn't thinking about that. But Ah might look into traveling during the interim to find a potential. Ah know that the Sauventreen artificers would 'unt down my tail if Ah showed up around their part of Australia to see if any of Devon's friends were of the Ranger or Rider mindset. Maybe Ah'll just see if there is a bloke or sheila around the swamps of the American South." He then said, "And before yas two arch an eye, my intentions are not carnal." It has been established that he hasn't bed anyone since news of Phillip's passing came to him.

                Deryk said, "Ah 'ave warned the Academy that we will be training Loners in the coming year. Many are looking forward toward the idea. Others want to focus on existing teams."

                Severn smiled. "Letting the faculty choose their poison keeps the Planet Janet foot out of our groins, eh mates?"

                End of Chapter 08.
                End of Episode Six.

                Stay tuned for Episode Seven: Lone Students and PRMS Adventures.