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Mobian Adalia: ROAR Academy-04 Deryk's Journey

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    Mobian Adalia: ROAR Academy-04 Deryk's Journey

    Mobian Adalia
    Realm Order Ace Rangers Academy
    Deryk's Journey -- May 21st, 2016

    By Darrel James Vanwinkle
    Co-Written By Lexington "David" Lonewolf
    Starring: Power Rangers Mascot Spirit [Knothole Island]
    Reynard Miller, Gold two-tailed Fox Spirit Ranger
    -- 18, Male, Reddish-orange curly hair, tanned skin, freckles, green eyes
    Bender Wolfe, Black Stallion Spirit Ranger
    -- 18, Male, Black hair, black skin, dark brown eyes
    Lucinda Steele, Pink Skunk Spirit Ranger
    -- 18, Female, Blond shoulder length hair, fair skin, blue eyes
    Farrel Everett, White Shark Spirit Ranger
    -- 19, Male, No hair, medium tan skin, violet eyes
    Devon Sauventreen, Green Hawk Spirit Ranger
    -- 17, Male, dyed black hair, pale complexion, grey eyes
    Serenity Fujiwara, Crimson Tanuki Spirit Ranger
    -- 18, Female, cropped red hair, fair skin, golden brown eyes
    Power Rangers Mountain Breeze [Planet Petalpaw]
    Stud, Red Breeze Skunk Ranger
    Vavoom, Pink Breeze Skunk Ranger
    Fabio, Blue Breeze Skunk Ranger
    Bushy, Black Breeze Skunk Ranger
    Violet, White Breeze Skunk Ranger
    Orville Wright, Silver Skunk Cyclone Thunder Ranger
    Also Starring: Power Rangers Warrior Force
    Adonis Battlehoof, Sunshine Pony Warrior
    -- 178, Male ponylord, Blond mane and tail, tanned fur and hoofs, blue eyes
    Hiroto Itou, Violet Griffin Warrior
    -- 20, Male human, multi-colored hair, grey eyes; wrestling jacket, t-shirt, wraps and boots
    Daniel Hall, Red Reindeer Warrior
    -- 19, Male human, Brown hair, ruddy skin, freckles, brown eyes; silver earring (left)
    Commander Thunder, Emerald Reindeer Guardian Ranger - mentor
    Commander Liner, Silver Reindeer Guardian Ranger - mentor
    Power Rangers Yronix Surfers
    Hiro Easterpaw, Diamond Yronix Surfer Ranger
    -- 17, Male rabbit, White fur, steel grey eyes; Lifeguard, red and white scuba suit
    Alexander "Lexie" Lonewolf, Blue Yronix Surfer Ranger
    -- 18, Male human, Red hair (faux hawk), pale freckled skin, navy blue bespectacled eyes; semi-slender build, shark birthmark; surfboard maker
    Dreamcast the Hedgehog, Orange Yronix Surfer Ranger
    -- 18, Mobian Hedgehog female, powder blue eyes, black and orange catsuit with matching skort; suited for combat.
    Power Rangers Corsair Knights
    Finn Kisame Lonewolf, Blue Shark Corsair Knight
    -- 16, Male human, Red hair (faux hawk), pale skin, blue eyes; contact lenses, silver ring, shark earrings
    Boscone Axefist, Black Minotaur Corsair Knight
    -- 182, Male Minotaur, Black fur, gray horns, black hoofs, red eyes; gold nose ring
    Machiko Itou, Pink Phoenix Corsair Knight
    -- 15, Female human. Raven black and bleached yellow hair, brown eyes; tomboy clothing attire; Sukeban wannabe
    Deryk Devlin II, Were-Kangaroo aspect [Lord Kiel's son through Auranea Sherwood-Devlin]
    Warp the Hedgehog, an aquamarine colored Mobian hedgehog wearing a really rad jacket and high class running shoes.
    Epoch, a chronological firebird who is a scholar and a magic teacher for Deryk.
    Raker, Shadodrak and Mentor.
    Zander Dragonheart, Were-Crocodile aspect [Lord Brock's son through Valon Dragonheart] - Academy Dean
    Severn Radson, Were-Dingo aspect [Lord Tally's son through Locke Radson] - Academy Dean

    Guest Starring:
    The Musketeers Order:
    Kiel: Also known as 'Dad'. He is a Were-Kangaroo boomer who was one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the Mentor of the team.
    Brock: Also known as 'Rack'. He is a Were-Crocodile male who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He owns the pool table.
    Daiquiri: Also known as 'Tally'. He is a Were-Dingo alpha who was also one of the original members of the High Orders. He is the bartender of the order.
    Studpaw: Also known fondly as 'Studdy'. He is the only non-Were member of the order, being a Kangaroo of the Kangaroo Order and mentor to the Boomer Force.
    Larry Knight: Also known as 'Knight'. He finally earned his place in the order since he was not only the real Lari, but the most noble of the line.
    Roolock and Clarissa: Immoral Lord of Witchcraft and Fun along with his rarely seen wife, a sheila who can paralyze a boomer with her long eyelashes.

    Guest Appearances By:
    Power Rangers Adventure League, Power Rangers Yin-Yang Tao, and The Mobian Freedom Fighters[/B]
    None Currently

    3012 New Adalia Time [NAT] = 2032 Prime Earth Time [PET]
    Chapter 01: ROARE On the Road.
    Ranger Academy Promotional Tour Bus, Briarwood, California; New Adalia, Mobian System; 3012.
    Lord Deryk was in his human form for a change as he sat in the drivers seat of the promotional tour bus that Lord Thunderbird had acquired for their usage. It was formerly the tour bus for a rock band and had ample seating and spacing for everyone who was to be making the trip with Deryk on his wanderlust journey around the highways and byways of the land. He had opted to bring the premiere graduate team as well as the Mountain Breeze Rangers and all three of the newest sign-up teams to the academy. Raker, Epoch, and Warp were also on the bus as well as Daniel who couldn't understand why Deryk insisted he come along; he still thought Deryk hated him. The two reindeer guardian instructors were among the Warrior Rangers as well. Even though the bus had enough seats and beds for all of its passengers, there were many open seats still upon the bus itself. Deryk needed extra seating in case new people wanted to join the tour bus and eventually join the academy. He had also agreed to keep in touch with Severn and Zander via telepathy just in case they needed something or to get an update on the road tour group.

    At current, Warp was seated just behind Deryk in the closest seat while Epoch rode on Deryk's shoulder and Raker was in his usual spot on top of Deryk's head.

    Further back on the bus, Hiro the Fresh Water alien rabbit remarked, "This is the most land I have ever seen since the R&R stop on Planet Vega."

    Boscone had a similar comment, "Not enough water for my tastes."

    Daniel stopped briefly to speak with Deryk as he was being herded on to the bus by the reindeer instructors. "Why did you insist I come on this trip? I thought you hated me."

    Deryk replied, "Yas are 'ere because it is my fault that Ah failed to realize that yas 'ad a serious problem that cold-shouldering made worse to the point of suicide. At the same time, Ah am 'aving a similar problem but unlike yas, Ah didn't try to kill myself. Ah don't want to cause carrier infection when and if Ah take a mate. Joey Stryfe was growled at often enough for accidentally causing that in 'is lovers."

    Daniel asked, "Why are Yin-Yang on the bus? Didn't they just have a vacation on Earth?"

    Deryk shot a sly smile at Epoch as he rolled his eyes a bit. "If yas knew my friends the way Ah do, then yas know that they cannot 'ave a proper vacation with just one trip. They needed a vacation from their vacation."

    Daniel then asked one last question. "What about the rat in oriental clothes in the tenth seat back?"

    Deryk glanced back that way. "That is Stanley Thunder. Ah guess 'e finally got my request to 'ave 'is presence on this trip. Ah need 'is reassurance in regards to my being meant for bigger things."

    Alexander "Lexie" Lonewolf was not fond of too much land himself, but he wanted to go since he didn't enjoy seeing someone with that sad of look. Finn was more into working on stitching his own clothes. Like Legendia Lexington post-Legend Corsairs, the son of the Dojo Master was quite responsible. Though he was wanting something to do on the road. Idle hands and whatnot. Machiko looked towards the surfer Lonewolf and said, "Why are you always looking at Lord Deryk from time to time?" she asked, finding out by surprise when they gathered that Alexander and Finn both knew how to fluently speak Japanese. "Are you interested in him or something?" Hiroto put her in a headlock, and admonished her. "Don't be rude, little sister."

    Lexie smiled and nodded his head to their Dean and traveling host. He then said in a bit of outer dialog. "Ah never saw 'is 'uman side before. Quite a 'andsome young bloke. All the Lords are attractive in their own ways, though." Then he said in Japanese, now looking to DoragonBlack's children. "The waves take me wherever Ah need to go, and Ah 'aven't been this far from the sea since Mum divorced Father when Ah was four. But the waves brought me to the academy for a reason. Ah saw the sad look on Lord Deryk's face. Ah never saw anyone - bloke or sheila - 'ave such a sad face. If Ah can 'elp in any way to see 'im eighty-six the sadness, then Ah'd feel like Ah'd accomplish more than making surfboards." He brought an unfinished fish style board with him and a travel kit of board-making tools to work on at night. A good tradition for when he was thinking about someone that fuels inspiration.

    The Surfer Rabbit and the Corsair Minotaur were seated across from each other in the back of the tour bus. "At least the seating is comfortable in here, Corsair," said Hiro. "I do not think I have had better than this in my entire lifetime, Surfer," replied Boscone.

    Adonis was choosing to sit as close to the front as possible as he read over an academy booklet explaining Warrior training stances and other positions of importance. "I wonder if my father is looking for me yet." Deep Space: "What do you mean he isn't in the palace?! FIND HIM!! Adonis chuckled as he resumed reading his text book.

    Daniel went and sat near the Hengeyokai Rat. "I don't understand what I did wrong to Lord Deryk. He obviously hates me."

    Stanley opened one eye and looked at Daniel. "Do you know what carrier infection is?"

    Daniel replied, "...No...."

    Stanley handed the young man a laptop that had the Carrier Infection movie preloaded that fully explained what the affliction was to Were-Kangaroos and what usually happened to the victims... all the way up to the funeral. It was a gruesome movie to watch.

    Daniel was, to say the least, horrified. And it showed.
    End of Chapter 01.

    Chapter 02: Rebound and Down.

    Stanley took the laptop back and closed it when the movie ended. "Deryk doesn't want that to happen the next time he has sex with someone, but he has gone on for so long without sex he is on the verge of doing this to the next person he mates with. And if this happens.... He wouldn't be able to live with himself. I didn't join this bus tour for Deryk; I came because you needed an explanation. But I sense there are others who feel the same as you do."

    Daniel sighed. "But I still love him."

    Raker made the stealth move from Lord Deryk's head to Daniel's head. "I was on Earth before the fake made to look like Lord Deryk when that one spurned a potential paramour." He said to the recovering person. "I make it a habit to find out the goings on of surroundings when I go to different worlds. The Red Boomer Ranger (a were-kangaroo with a black cloud over his head). He waited over a month for his mate, and ended up falling to temptation and bred a human in Lord Kiel's Pouch World during a mission. The boy was near death after that when I was there, and that Ranger was letting his guilt affect him a lot more than I have ever seen in many of my students." He then looked down towards Daniel. "To good were-kangaroos, passing on Carrier Infection and making their partners sick to the point of death is enough to cause great sadness."

    Finn looked towards Lord Deryk and hummed. "That Lord looks like someone my Father would go for... maybe then he wouldn't be such a nuclear person." He went back to stitching a jacket, keeping to himself not only to differentiate himself from the surfer Lonewolf, but to also to patiently wait for when he is needed.

    Daniel said, "I was dumped by my last boyfriend just after high school graduation and I was on the rebound when Lord Deryk contacted me. Just seeing how wonderful he was made me feel so alive once again. So when I tried my favorite pick up lines with him, he started avoiding me. After that he would show up with these LHGs whom would end your reproductive processes. Since he didn't want me, I saw no reason to stay where I wasn't wanted so... I went to lovers leap to hang myself. Landing in water is for real lovers; I couldn't even reach that plate."

    Stanley remarked, "Adonis loves you; true he isn't Lord Deryk but you treated him the way Lord Deryk did toward you. While Adonis isn't looking for an instant love, he does care about you. Very much in fact."

    Daniel replied, "No offense to him, but his tools are a little too big for my body. He was really nice but he might have accidentally gave me a colon injury. I knew Deryk wouldn't do that himself. What about you, Mr. Thunder?"

    Stanley replied, "I regard Deryk as a special student whom I was assigned to long ago. He is meant for bigger and greater things. And while striving to stay pure, no one said he had to remain chaste. We may have to make a stop by Lord Huxley's place so that Lord Deryk can get medical treatment. As I showed you in that movie... if Deryk were to give you what you think you wanted, you would die anyway. He is wary of doing that to his friends. His Friend Alexander Lonewolf wanted to bed him during the young man's Dragon Guardian training days. Raker was the instructor; how do you think he would have reacted to one of his students succumbing to a condition that leads to death?"

    Daniel released a slow sigh once again. "I still want Deryk. I don't want to be immediately in bed with him; but if he pushes everyone away, then he will never have children of his own someday. Is it so wrong to want to love and be loved by someone more your size and appearance?"

    Suddenly and directly in front of Daniel, Raker and Stanley was an apparition of Lord Deryk. "Ah cannot do this for too long. But Stanley is right; Ah went too long without monthly sex; Reed 'uxley cannot 'elp with this problem. Ah will need a blessed wash from the 'oly Pouch 'erself. After that, Ah could give yas the time of day, Daniel, but keep in mind that Ah am no nymphomaniac. Ah do not go for every cute bottom that moves. Warp and Ah 'ave been safely dating because Ah do love 'im as much as Ah love Stanley. Ah was going to pop the question to Stanley before Thunderbird dragged me off to 'elp 'im with 'is project. Even if Stanley said no back then, Ah could 'ave moved on to others."

    Stanley looked to Lord Deryk's apparition. "You are sweet to ask, Deryk, a few centuries too late. I am far older than you think and my sexual processes were sterilized ages ago. I fathered thousands of children. Yet as a member of the Celestial Bureaucracy I do not age. I have already outlived many of my own children. That is hardly the life for a lover. Thus now, I focus on teaching others. Raker could understand."

    Lord Deryk looked to Daniel once again. "Now that Stanley has released the ribbon Ah 'ad for 'im, Ah am free to pursue anyone else whom 'ad caught my eye. It is a shame that Alexander isn't 'ere and is in the process of marrying my Earthian counterpart. Ah would 'ave asked 'im if 'e were still interested. Warp is out of the question because 'e 'as already admitted that 'e likes being my Mobian brother; being an intimate lover would complicate our relationship. Ah still love that hedgehog and Ah am glad 'e considers 'imself to be my brother. Since Alexander couldn't wait, that puts you in the drivers seat, Daniel. But please let me get the Pouch's medical wash first. Ah don't want to be the cause of yer death. There is a right way to do this and the worse case scenario way of doing it. If yas are in a 'urry to see the Grim Reaper, my red king is in my lap 'ere in the drivers seat. But please. Give me a chance to get sanitary first. Another warning, Daniel... if Ah do mate with yas, yas will become an infected Were-Kangaroo. No ifs, ands nor buts in the matter. It almost always 'appens."

    Then his apparition faded where Deryk resumed driving the bus. Good thing they had been on a straight stretch of roadway.

    Stanley smiled. "It seems we have cleared that up. He was holding out because of how he felt for me. Sadly while I can date, I lost the ability to reproduce far back before I died. Joining the Celestial while still alive is not possible. You might call me an angel. But unlike the Judaeo-Christian angels, within the Celestial, we can be of any species."

    "Ah wonder when we're going to stop for the night," mused Lexie as he thought about how Lord Deryk might look good in a wet suit like he complimented the group. "Ah 'ave the nerve to work on that surfboard."

    "Why do you wait until night to make it?" asked Hiroto curiously.

    "It's the only time Ah can feel free enough to make a surfboard. Nothing to inhibit my inspiration... no clothing to inhibit my movements," said Lexie.

    End of Chapter 02.


      Chapter 03: Its Too Heavenly Here.

      Lexie then continued. "Just the calm wind and the night sky to make it a spiritual experience. Maybe our Dean would like the surfboard design inspired by 'is lordly form. Ah don't like seeing blokes as good as 'im with that sad look." He then brought out his design notebook, and flipped through the pages of it. Each page detailed the dates of when they were designed and when they were made into actual boards. It even named who or what inspired them, and the current owners are. His old friend and regular of his father's surfboard shop Terry Riptide has the dolphin-inspired longboard, which was the last one he made before he turned the page to a were-roo inspired design, in a deep soulful purple silhouette. "Father taught me 'ow to make the boards. Being in the natural while Ah do them makes it more of a liberating experience."

      Hiroto cringed at the free-spirit's attitude towards nudity. He didn't even want to think of him naked. Machiko knocked him on the head, and called him a "Perverted Surfer" in her foreign lilt before going up towards the front cursing out the surfer under her breath for his openness.

      Lord Deryk then raised his voice, "We will be stopping at Angel Glen, Washington, for a few days before continuing the trip. Angel Glen is the 'ome of Power Rangers Marvel Thunder; The Marvel Rangers are the only ones Ah know of whom can morph without a Morpher. Angel Glen 'as a zoo, although Ah'll be making use of the short cut to go see the 'oly Pouch for my emergency cleansing. Without this cleansing, the next person Ah 'ad sex with would die from a 'orrible illness. And Ah cannot do that to nice folk and keep a clear conscience."

      Lord Deryk then mentally asked Planet Janet and Vavoom the Pink Breeze Skunk to come up to speak with him at the driver's seat and when they did, he told them to prepare a sex education lesson for the next stop since it was apparent that everyone on the bus would need the lesson and then they would have to institute that lesson into the Academy itself so those with broken hearts didn't make boobs and asses out of themselves after signing up to attend classes. Deryk mentally forwarded the sex education request back to Lord Zander and Lord Severn as well as Brida, Lisa, and any other LHG teaching classes at the academy. Adding this class in and attending it would have to become mandatory.

      Epoch said, "You are doing the right thing, Deryk. This should have been implemented back when Orville made a pass at Severn."

      Deryk replied, "Ah know; Ah missed the warning signs then and now we pay the price. Ah just 'ope we can salvage the student experience."

      When the bus stopped in Angel Glen Washington at the entrance to the Marvel Rangers new base that the city had built for them years before, the human rangers and the rabbit ranger with them greeted the students as they got off the bus. Hiro smiled widely when he saw the Marvel Rabbit Ranger and he hugged him closely. "No one said that this world had other rabbits living here. My name is Hiro Easterpaw; what is your name?"

      The Adalian Marvel Rabbit replied, "Sorry to burst your bubble, but I am originally human. My name is Gene Skullovitch and I have been stuck as this species for the past several years. My friends and I had to eventually tell my parents what had happened to me so they didn't declare me as dead. While it is good to see another rabbit, there is no reason why we cannot be friends."

      Boscone said, "I see some nice ships in their marina/harbor."

      Adonis smiled. "That must be the Space Needle just across the bay. it doesn't look like a space needle and I have seen my share of them."

      Deryk introduced everyone to the Marvel Rangers but then he grabbed Daniel, Lexie, Warp, Epoch and Raker before heading over and using the teleportation shortcut to arrive at the Holy Pouch's realm where several Elites were waiting on them. Lord Deryk was gently grabbed by both arms and escorted up to a slab of stone directly in front of the biggest kangaroo sheila Daniel and Lexie had ever seen. One of the Elites had Deryk shift into his Were-Kangaroo form before they shackled him down to the stone slab for his detoxification session aka Holy Cleansing.

      Daniel didn't look at the Holy Pouch for all that long as his eyes seemed drawn to the artwork on the stone walls nearby. "Someone is a good artist."

      Warp was keeping an eye on Daniel. "I imagine the Elites did those pieces of art. There are enough Elites around this place. If you hadn't been told that Deryk was sick, would you have had sex with him anyway?"

      Daniel looked at the hedgehog. "Yes. But I would have asked first. You aren't bad looking yourself, Warp. Aquamarine is a pretty color for one of you Mobian Hedgehogs to have."

      Warp smiled. "Any time you want to try out this aquamarine hedgehog, just ask... I can take it easy with nice boys. Even though I am one of Nitro's offspring from the future, He was submissive but I prefer to be on top."

      Lexie looked as Lord Deryk was shackled. "Is that really necessary for the bloke to be shackled like that?"

      "Don't be disrespectful, Alexander Lonewolf," hissed Raker in a hush-tone as he perched himself in the surfer's saltwater-scented hair. He preferred the smell of the sea whenever he was away from the Draconic Cliffs just as he liked to perch in other people's hair. It made him feel at home. But the caring thing reminded him too much of mainly the Sheriff's struggles before the first exodus. "You are within the presence of the Holy Pouch herself. I'm surprised you haven't seen her before." But then again, he wasn't the two Lonewolfs he had the honor of teaching. "We are in her realm."

      The surfer looked up to the huge kangaroo flyer, and was amazed by her size and beauty as a kangaroo. "Ah've 'eard of 'er from my Uncle... But Ah never thought that she would be real."

      One of the head Elites then said, "We are about to perform the 'oly Cleansing; if anyone of interest who wants to watch this, please pay attention. Otherwise, if ya 'ave a weak constitution, yas might want to look away and find something else to focus upon. Like the 'oly Pouch's golf clubs at the far side of the valley."

      End of Chapter 03.


        Chapter 04: Just Like New.

        Daniel decided that he wanted to show how much he cared by directly watching to see how this was done.

        Some sort of rubber dildo hose was connected to Lord Deryk's anus just under his tail base while another hose was affixed over his sheath, prehensile and sac. The hoses extended down into a barrel of some sort and then the elites began rubbing Lord Deryk's body and tail in a thorough manner which began to cause him to make bodily functioning sounds out his bottom and out from his sheath.

        To Daniel it sounded like manure and gallons upon gallons of urine and semen that might have been built up for the last several years. From the sound of whatever was filling the giant barrel, it was disgusting but not enough to make a lover lose interest in the subject. What eventually made Daniel rethink his choice of lovers was when one of the elites commented, "At least his isn't acidic like the Red Boomer Ranger's was that one time. He almost destroyed his colleague's body without meaning to."

        The Holy Pouch then came over and set a soaking silver tub of hot mineral oils which contained a mixture of soap and corrosive lotions into full view before finally unstrapping Lord Deryk from the hoses and gently submerging him into the silver tub which made the kangaroo lord release a shout of abject pain.

        "!BLOODY MURDER!"

        The Holy Pouch said, "'urts, doesn't it? Maybe next time yas joeys won't go so long between love sessions. Do yas think Ah 'ave nothing better to do than to fix yer sexual problems?"

        Lord Deryk gritted his teeth within his muzzle. "Ah'm sorry... just make the pain stop! Daniel! This is why Ah was asking yas to think about someone else to make love with!"

        Daniel closed his eyes for a moment. "I need to talk to Warp," he said quietly.

        Warp looked to Epoch and Raker saying, "Daniel certainly changed his mind pretty fast. Although I didn't think the cure would hurt Deryk this much."

        Lexie stayed to observe; as much as he hated to see Lord Deryk in pain like that. He has seen people cry bloody murder when they lost limbs to sharks while surfing. He knew to be safe on the sea, but regardless he was already desensitized to seeing blood, torn flesh, and exposed bone (thanks to his father helping hurt surfers on the beach). Even though the Dean was in worse pain, he didn't see anything that was happening within the pool, thankfully. But he decided to endure the pain, if it even meant that the Dean that accepted him into the Ranger Academy could lose the sadness in his eyes for just a small moment. "Pain is a part of where the waves guide us," he said as he wiped tears from his eyes after seeing how the were-kangaroo was suffering. "My father told me that when Ah threw up after seeing a bloke lose an arm to the sharks. 'Yas can avoid the pain all yas like, but the waves will see that yas feel it, so the best way to face pain is to endure. Endure and the pain will be less.' Please endure, Lord Deryk... so yas may allow yerself to be 'appy again."

        Lord Deryk muttered, "If yas think this is comparable, Ah can mentally share this with anyone who wants to know what the cure feels like. Joey Stryfe already knows; this is no fun."

        The Holy Pouch then lifted Deryk out of the silver tub and dunked his kangaroo body under the nearby falling waters of a clean waterfall and held him there letting the natural waters rinse and clean his were-kangaroo body. "Ah 'ope Ah don't 'ave to do this to any more of my grandchildren in the coming years. Yas were brought up better than this. Now get yer buns back to that academy and educate those students in 'ow to be rangers and riders and super'eroes." She pulled Deryk out of the water and dried his body with a towel followed by a giant hair dryer before setting him on his feet near Warp and Epoch. "Ah need to clean this mess up unless anyone else needs an acidic wash across yer genitals."

        Lord Deryk looked at his peers and students and said, "It is over... 'opefully for good. Although it is recommended for anyone 'aving love issues."

        Epoch grinned through his beak. "You just want to hear how others got their sacs fried in acid."

        Warp smiled. "You heard him, Epoch. He recommends it to anyone who has love problems."

        Daniel opened his eyes and said, "Will it kill a human upon submersion?" The Holy Pouch growled, "NO!" Daniel sighed. "Then it doesn't work on every love problem." The giant she-kangaroo was now glaring at Daniel; she wasn't sure what to think of this boy.

        Raker flapped over to Daniel's head, and landed in his hair. He was not pleased with this human's attitude towards love. "If students of mine thought that way, I would have them training day-in and day-out just to get those thoughts right out of them! One of the last human pupils I taught for the Elite Guard before I retired had issues with love and infatuation, and upon graduation, he was doing just fine, and not thinking with his phallus. Though he could use decent healing every once in a while. Sacrificing an arm to earn the respect of a teenager... what was he thinking?"

        Lexie walked over to see if he can help the exhausted roo. "If it includes those who 'ave their 'eads in the clouds like my father says Ah do too often, then Ah'm sure 'e would agree with yas, Lord Deryk." He then said. "That sad look is the one thing that bothered me the most since Day One. It made me feel like the waves 'ave sent me to your Academy for a reason. They are enigmatic as they are turbulent, so Ah wouldn't know the reason why." He was looking at the were-kangaroo Lord with an air of respect, and a very minor hit of interest. Do yas need 'elp 'opping back, Lord Deryk?"

        Lord Deryk waved off Lexie's offered hand. "Ah can walk or hop just fine." And he instantly transformed back into his human form as he summoned his dean's clothes upon his body covering himself entirely. "Come on, people, Ah need to get yas blokes back to the academy. As for yas, Daniel; yer under 'ouse arrest. Since yas want to act like a goon, yas can be treated like one for a while. Yas didn't join my academy to try to get yer penis into someone's hole. If that is the only reason yas joined my school, then yas lied to yerself and it will be fun to watch yas explain yerself to yer parents next week."

        End of Chapter 04.


          Chapter 05: Back to Campus.

          Academy for Ranger Excellence, Knothole Island; New Adalia, Mobian System; 3012.

          Even though Deryk wasn't supposed to return to the Academy this early, the Daniel issue had pissed him off. When he parked the Academy bus and entered his Dean's office, he found a series of answering machine recordings waiting on him. It is unusual because the phone number in question was Daniel Hall's parents' phone number. That had to be a huge coincidence since he was going to call them anyway. When he pressed the play button, he got a shocking surprise:

          Dean Deryk Devlin? This is Robert Hall, Daniel's father. The police just brought Daniel home from where he was found tied up and gagged in a school warehouse behind the high school. Apparently he had been held there since the day before he was to take the bus to the academy. We don't know who did this to him. But if someone is at the academy claiming to be Daniel, please whip their hides off and find out who they really are. Daniel still wants to attend the academy, but since this other guy stole his ID and travel ticket, he feels that it is too late to join you now. He hopes his reputation isn't shot by whoever this thug was who stole his ID. Call us if you still want Daniel to attend the academy. Thanks.

          Now Deryk growled heavily over the mental network! "GROWWWWLLLLLL!!!"

          Severn immediately piped in, "What's wrong, Deryk? I'm on my way!" and he teleported with Raker on one of his shoulders to Deryk's side instantly arriving at the same time that Warp, Epoch and Zander arrived from the outer offices. "What happened, Deryk?" Severn asked again. And Deryk played the recording for his fellow Lords and friends once again.

          Dean Deryk Devlin? This is Robert Hall, Daniel's father. The police just brought Daniel home from where he was found tied up and gagged in a school warehouse behind the high school. Apparently he had been held there since the day before he was to take the bus to the academy. We don't know who did this to him. But if someone is at the academy claiming to be Daniel, please whip their hides off and find out who they really are. Daniel still wants to attend the academy, but since this other guy stole his ID and travel ticket, he feels that it is too late to join you now. He hopes his reputation isn't shot by whoever this thug was who stole his ID. Call us if you still want Daniel to attend the academy. Thanks.

          It was obvious why Deryk was so angry now. He went and got a cleansing for a situation that didn't even involve the real Daniel Hall. "The real Daniel is still at home healing up from his own ordeal that this jerk did to him before using his ID and travel ticket to come here to the academy and try to get down my pants. I want to murder him myself now."

          Raker went up to Severn's head for a moment. "Easy, Deryk. Growling and shouting like this would end in the impostor thinking that the jig is up. Using stealth will put an impostor in a false sense of security, until he slips, and then you've got him. You gotta use knowledge like a precision tool, not a battering ram. The Mobians did the same when they found your copy on the Old Adalia wasn't the real you."

          Zander growled. He wanted to snap the impostor's head off with his jaws, but he had to have some restraint. He didn't want to be responsible for a rift between him and his son, like the rift he had with his maternal father. "For once, I agree with Raker. This is something we shouldn't confront in a tactless roar." But still, he was the one with the glowing sansetsukon in his clawed grasp. Made for detaining intruders, it seems.

          Deryk was still hot and angry. Although he said, "We 'ave 'im locked up in confinement at the moment anyway. So 'ow should we 'andle this creep? The jig for 'im is already up. It would 'ave been officially up for 'im when Ah 'ad the parents come in to talk to 'im next week. But since they contacted me 'is time ended when 'e made the 'oly Pouch upset. She mentally told me that she wanted to kill 'im for being so rude to 'er. If Ah 'adn't placed 'im under 'ouse arrest, the nasty bloke wouldn't 'ave lived to get out of 'er valley. Ah want to go get the real Daniel in 'ere ASAP. Preferably by tomorrow morning. The rotten impostor already tried to kill 'imself when 'e realized that Ah wasn't about to let 'im 'ave any private time with me by showing up to see the students with an LHG in tow. Who wants to interrogate the impostor while Ah head off with Warp and Epoch to fetch the real Daniel?"

          "Leave it to me and my special ops team," said Raker then he looked at that Sansetsukon Zander was holding. "May my troop borrow that as one of the tools?"

          Zander tossed it in the air, and the Dragon Instructor in Shadodrak form grabbed onto it. "Be careful with it. It's enchanted to restrain victims against the wall, and brings out their malicious intent for all to see if they continue to lie their asses off."

          Raker grinned. "A worthy tool." He then looked to Severn. "A little assistance if you please, Severn? I could use a teleport to my special ops bunker before we confront our prisoner."

          Severn nodded his head, "Of course, Raker, You and I were spending a moment together anyway. Drive carefully, Deryk. At least you are getting the real one now." And Severn reached up and held on to Raker before he teleported off to Raker's special ops bunker.

          Deryk looked to Zander. "Ah would like yas to come with Warp, Epoch and Ah to get Daniel. Ah am also going to be asking Commander Liner the Silver Reindeer Guardian Ranger to come along with us. 'e is both a doctor and a 'ealer for the reindeer guardians and 'e might be able to patch up Daniel's injuries and/or bruises. Not to mention, Daniel likes reindeer a lot; 'e might perk up if 'e sees that we 'ave one with us."

          Some time later, Deryk had Zander, Warp, Epoch, Liner, and Princess Adora of the Eternal Protectors aboard the Academy shuttle en route to Daniel Hall's house in Deerfield, Kansas USA.

          When they arrived, Deryk knocked on the Hall's front door and when the door opened, Mr. Hall smiled when he saw that Deryk had brought a reindeer. "This is going to cheer up Daniel immensely, Mr. Devlin. Please come in; all of you. Daniel is in his room feeling pretty miserable."

          When they entered Daniel's bedroom, they saw anthropomorphic drawings of hoofed beings on every wall including reindeer, horses, ponies, donkeys, unicorns, pegasi, goats, bulls and even Odin's personal eight legged horse, Sleipnir in morphic warrior form. Daniel's art was very good. The donkey boy art did justice to the pleasure island donkeys of Lampwick's fame. Daniel smiled widely when his guests entered his bedroom. "You came. Thank you, Dean Devlin. What a pretty hedgehog. And who is this reindeer?"

          End of Chapter 05.


            Chapter 06: Never Too Late.

            Having packed up all of Daniel's belongings and loaded it up on the shuttle. A brief stop was made to get Daniel a new ID card at the county seat. After that, they returned to the academy to get Daniel registered. They had been gone from the academy for about six hours total, but upon returning, the sounds were as normal. Meaning the sound of someone lying their ass off was not being heard or maybe it was over with. Weighing Daniel upon the Spirit Reader resulted in Red as a primary color and Silver as a secondary color. Once his spirit slip was printed out, Deryk took Daniel inside to meet Commander Thunder and the rest of the Reindeer Guardian Rangers. Daniel was overjoyed as he shook everyone's hands and offered to draw them.

            Deryk smiled as he sat to the side with Zander and the others. "This is 'ow it should 'ave been on the first day. Ah wonder 'ow Raker made out?"

            Zander was in his human form for a change, sipping a cup of rather strong tea. "Whatever he's doing to get the impostor to talk, he will probably use that enchanted Sansetsukon 'e borrowed to the fullest extent."

            Surprisingly enough, Raker was already atop the Were-Roo Lord's head. "It's already done, Deryk. And I didn't have to use Dragon Fear on that lump of diamond diarrhea." He was smiling. It was rare that he gets to do an interrogation anymore. "And it was a learning experience for my special ops group. If only Montblanc stayed around." The Dragon then made a noise. After which, one of his Special Ops Rangers from the first year appeared. "I'll let this one report on the tactics, since I won't be so eloquent about describing my tactics."

            Raker's Special Ops student then said, "We were able to glean that this impostor was a left over infiltrator from the evil planet we had temporarily squatted upon when Adalia made its first move. His disguise would only remain in place as long as the original subject lived. Had the original Daniel died, this phony's disguise would have crumbled instantly. His original plan was to procreate a lordly powered member of their species in their plot to take over multiple worlds. They were going to use you as the surrogate mother or father since you were the newest lord with not as much experience as the others on this planet. The phony was willing to be converted into a were-kangaroo because that would have made him stronger and thus harder to defeat later on. But you got suspicious too early and with that trip to see the Holy Pouch nearly made him reveal himself right in her valley. He had planned on getting Warp to help him to get you to have sex with him anyway. The old 'use your friends to help him get what he wants' ploy. But that fell through as well when he realized that you were serious about locking him up upon return to the Ranger Academy. Not only locked up, but under constant watch. He knew there would be trouble when you contacted Daniel's parents so he was preparing to escape when Raker and the rest of us arrived to interrogate him."

            Deryk hummed. "So we missed a few of them. Ah need to mentally send word of this plot to Lord Thunderbird so 'e and the others can screen the rest of our people in a search for any other left overs 'iding on our new world. Either that or initiate mandatory switchings from Switcher Woman. Cross 'aven learned once upon a time that yas don't mess around with a little old ladies who sport a bundle of switches. Good report, student. And a job well done. Raker must be proud of yas and yer fellow students."

            The real Daniel glanced over from where he had his easel set up on its easel stand where he was drawing the entire group of the Reindeer Guardians. "Thank you for letting me come to the academy, Deryk. I will work real hard to do good here." And then he resumed his drawing of the reindeer group.

            Lord Thunderbird soon arrived as he spoke quietly with Lord Deryk in regards to what they had discovered. "Nasty plot. I am so glad you boys have such alert students here at your academy. There is no telling when we might have found this out otherwise. I will contact the other gods and we will begin the screenings immediately. Hopefully they only had the one in position. But such would be wishful thinking. We will be taking the impostor off of your hands and we will use him to locate any of the rest." He then departed to do as he said he would.

            Lord Deryk smiled as he mentally reached out to Adonis Battlehoof and Hiroto Itou. "We 'ave located and brought in the real Daniel Hall. Please come to Assembly 'all so yas two can meet yer team mate and see 'is excellent side 'obby/ability for yerselves. This joey is an artist."

            Not long after that, Adonis arrived with Hiroto; the two of them had been in training once again in the art of hand to hand. Swords were all well and good but nothing beat good old fashioned natural physical training. Adonis peaked around one edge of Daniel's easel and smiled when he saw how good it was. "Yas 'ave a skill like none other. My name is Adonis Battlehoof. I am one of yer assigned team mates. I hope you perform better than the impostor did."

            Hiroto looked over at the drawings. "That kind of drawing talent would put the Mangaka in my home of Japan." He then bowed gently. "Hiroto Itou, second generation puroresu athlete."

            Zander chuckled, before putting his clawed hand gently on Lord Deryk's shoulder. The surfer under my tutelage said that 'e witnessed yer cleansing. Was it a point to turn 'im off towards yas? 'e said 'e witnessed things that looked more painful. Ah know yas made sex education mandatory, but yas should know that blokes like 'im won't be deterred. But Ah don't think 'e is infatuated in blind lust like the impostor Daniel made 'imself look like. He then had to ask. Was it that painful for onlookers to watch or was the Lonewolf blowing smoke up my tail? Unlike were-roos, the problem with love-making cycles weren't the same as were-crocodiles.

            Deryk smiled. After the mandatory sex education classes to explain the mating habits of different species, especially were-species, if someone still wants to do it with one of us, we can then consider it because 'opefully by then they will understand better just 'ow painful one of our tools in their anus or vagina will feel. Of course, we are also going to have to include the Carrier Infection part of the education. And that was the whole deal with my cleansing, Zander. Ah was primed for Carrier Infection with the next joey or sheila Ah mounted. There is no way Ah could ever do that to one of our students. Yas and Severn would never forgive me if Ah did that to one of our students. 'owever, Ah am clean and proper now. Safe to play with for the ones Ah choose to show my affection to.

            Severn was suddenly in the blink of an eye sitting behind Deryk and Zander. So that's what was going on with yas armoring up with LHG shields. Ah wish yas would 'ave told us before things got so out of paw, Deryk. Once a month, Ah 'ad been popping off to a were-dingo companionship club so Ah never ended up as bad ass yas got. These clubs are awesome, Deryk. They prevent me from going feral on a cute sexy student. That is another reason Ah was able to prevent myself from letting Orville in bed with me all those times before Ah brought in the Mountain Breeze Skunk Rangers from Planet Petalpaw. Ah am glad the Katherine thing was unfounded. Ah was just worried over nothing.

            Deryk mentally looked to Zander. 'ow 'ave yas been 'andling yer urges, Zander? Truth or consequences time, mate. Ah think Severn's idea is a good one.

            End of Chapter 06.


              Chapter 07: Mandatory Understanding.

              Ah lost the urge to mate when Ah was told Devon's mum died, admitted Zander, a tear coming to his natural eye. After Joseph became Tail'op and Sadavir took 'is mantle as Prince a lot more seriously, Phillip was the only one that Ah felt that much affection for. Meaning he hasn't been aroused in a VERY long time.

              Daniel finished up the group portrait as he then shook hands with Hiroto and Adonis. "I realize that I am going to be behind in the class with you two. But he who keeps the team together makes the best team captain. And I am not put off by being a follower for now."

              Adonis said, "Don't worry, Daniel. Hiroto and I will help you catch up with the rest of us. You honestly haven't missed all that much."

              Hiroto said, "Adonis' fighting styles are different to mine. I hope your ready for the Hokkaido Meteor." The finisher used with his father's blessing. A name for the Shooting Star Press; a high risk move that his father botched, and injured his knee before he became DoragonBlack.

              Then aloud as if to lighten the mood, Deryk said up toward Raker who was still on top of his head. "And 'ow does a dragon instructor 'andle 'is mating urges?"

              Adonis helped Daniel to pack up his drawing gear and easel before the three of them headed back to their dorm/training dojo to get Daniel settled in and to get the boy started on learning to use his morpher and weapon. Adonis had since decided that having the grip morpher on one's wrist like Hiroto was doing was a lot more handy than having it on one's weapon.

              Blushing underneath his face scales, Raker said vaguely, "It is an internal matter," Then he lifted off and returned to the tunnel network to his own quarters.

              Zander chuckled. "What a secretive creature... for a dragon instructor." He then mentally said to Lord Deryk. If yas need to satisfy yer needs, it should be one who willingly shows support without expecting anything in return. Good companionship with a bloke or sheila don't come that often, mate. Yas don't 'ave to take from mine or Sev's examples. Yas 'ave at least one on yer side, though 'e isn't being taught directly by yas.

              Deryk smiled at Zander. Yer offer is kind, although we are not compatible due to species differences, so nothing would come of our mating either way. Unless Kiel didn't tell me about something during all of those father and son discussions we 'ad. My brother Joseph made his decision based off of not being able to be as great as my upbringing turned out to be, so no one can blame 'im for the road 'e traveled. Although Kiel did mention that Ah 'ad a brother named Xanth who was studying Asinine culture somewhere near Italy. The way we are spread all over creation like this, yas would think that we Devlins were trying to take over the world or something. Regarding your student who thinks he likes me... As long as 'e is educated in the dangers of were-kangaroo sex before we do it, then Ah wouldn't mind giving 'im a live session provided it was monitored. Remember: we are not at ROARE to make babies.

              Honor of the Warrior Dojo

              Adonis Battlehoof and Hiroto Itou had removed the linens from Daniel Hall's original bed and said linen had been burned while replacements were being properly arranged over the bed. This was being done to remove any left over taint from the impostor. In the meanwhile, Daniel was getting his easel and supplies set up for later usage. Then he walked outside of the sleeping quarters where he was looking over the training Dojo itself. He smiled when he saw the Reindeer Warriors setting up part of the training courtyard for educational purposes. He chose to stay out of their way for now. He was definitely a reindeer fan.

              When Adonis and Hiroto emerged from the bedroom to stand with Daniel, the pony warrior said to Daniel, "Your room is in order, Daniel. Um, which sexy hoofie has your attention?"

              Daniel replied with a far away smile, "Commander Dasher at the moment. I noticed that when he saw me watching them, he began flicking his tail in an almost presentation sort of way. He does have a nice ass."

              Adonis chuckled, "If you do well in your studies with us, I will assist you in getting a dinner date with the nice reindeer."

              Hiroto shrugged his shoulders. "Whomever you are interested in is your business. It's as long as we train well that we don't have troubles." He was tending to the fire so no one got in trouble for being careless or accused of being a pyromaniac.

              Adonis then said, "Don't mind Hiroto, Daniel... His interests reside in wrestling combat instead of social attractions."

              Daniel replied, "But he does have a point; I should focus on why I came to the academy and not on what interests me. But Commander Dasher is making it so hard."

              Lord Deryk then arrived in the Dojo as he shook hands with the reindeer instructors. "That yas for agreeing to 'elp out in the training of Daniel; 'e 'as a reindeer fetish."

              Commander Dasher replied, "I can tell, sir Deryk; I am attracted to him already. Will you be staying for our initial lesson?"

              Lord Deryk replied, "Alas but no. One of Lord Zander's students wants to spend some time with me and I only hope he doesn't get himself in any trouble by doing it." He then departed.

              Commander Dasher then approached Daniel and said, "It is time to get you started in your Warrior training, Daniel. We Reindeer Guardians know fully well how to fight warrior style. I only hope you are up for the challenge. If you do well, we can see about entertaining you with some social playtime."

              Daniel smiled. "I am ready, Dasher. Please put me through the initial training moves so I can hopefully get with the program to the level my classmates are already at." And the next portion of Daniel's training was definitely not easy, nor was it painless, but getting a kiss at the end made it all worth while.

              End of Chapter 07.


                Chapter 08: Second Chances Keep Rolling Along.

                Knothole Beach Near a Row of Lifeguard Chairs

                Hiro Easterpaw, the young male lifeguard rabbit, Alexander "Lexie" Lonewolf, the young male surfboard making human and Dreamcast the Hedgehog were cleaning their scuba equipment under Lord Zander's request when Deryk arrived on the beach near their location. "'ello students. Ah specifically came to see Lexie since the joey recently showed some concern over my condition. Although Ah'd be lying if Ah didn't say that every student that 'as ever come to the academy 'asn't turned my eye at least once." Then mentally to Zander, Deryk said, Ah came to spend some quality time with Lexie since yas stated that Ah should.

                Zander said mentally, Ah 'ad Janet take 'im through the special sex ed course yas wanted all students to 'ave... Maybe it was wrong to show 'im yer pain, but 'is 'ead seems less... up in the clouds than it used to be. He then said to the others. "Ah think that the scuba gear 'as received the proper care. We'll start things off again in the morning." He then placed a webbed-claw on his student's shoulder gently before moving to put away his scuba gear into the proper locker.

                Lexie looked genuinely curious about this particular Lord's presence, sans the LHG Instructors. He knew all the risks, but he didn't think that Lord Deryk going through another cleansing like that after the Holy Pouch's warning was all that great. Unlike the other times the Lord visited, his wet suit was down to his waist. Even a seasoned surfer like he was didn't like to be in the tight confines of a wet suit for long. He locked away his gear, as well as Dreamcast's (fitting, since the hedgehog always zoomed away before properly putting away her gear). He said as he got up from his squatting position. "It seems that the waves have a way of mystery for those that follow them... sometimes the way of finding out its meanings could make for some rough surfing. What can Ah do for yas, Lord Deryk?"

                Hiro watched with a smile as he slowly packed up his scuba gear.

                Deryk placed one hand on Lexie's neck and said, "Despite my growing up with 'umans for most of my life, Lexie, Ah am more were-kangaroo than 'uman. Being the son of Lord Kiel of the Musketeer Order of Australia, the gods always 'ad 'igh expectations for me even from the very beginning. But when it comes to a love-life, Ah never seemed to get with the program despite my being in love with one of my 'igh school friends whom still loves and adores me more than Ah think 'e should. Wallace Blayze or Wally is one 'eck of a nice friend to 'ave. Ah really don't deserve to 'ave 'is love, although 'e would say otherwise. Alexander was another whom threw 'imself at me multiple times but Ah spurned 'im during my insecurity. 'ad Ah known then what Ah know now, Ah don't know if Ah would 'ave allowed 'im to get away. Don't get me wrong... Ah still love Wally. But now Ah am to understand that yas also 'ave feelings for me."

                "Ah never seen a bloke with such a sad and lonely expression. And Ah've seen surfers that lost both their legs along the shore near my father's surf shop, sad they can't ride the waves." The ginger surfer just came closer with eyebrows raised, placing his hand on the were-roo's thigh, yet did nothing more than that; he had to much respect, even though the wet suit was betraying his mild attraction. His face was soft and warm unlike the Earthian Blue Dragon Ranger or the Ottercrest Sheriff, whom were stuck with a perma-glare. Looking in Deryk's eyes, he said honestly, "Ah want to see what can be done to turn that frown upside down. Yas went through a lot... and the pain yas went through doesn't 'ave to be repeated."

                Deryk tilted his head as his were-kangaroo features emerged fully. "Ah am trying to control myself, mate, but if yer going to be coming on to me like this, what's a roo to do? Normally a mating is a private affair, but as Ah told Zander and Severn, if a student wants a session with me, then the activity should be monitored and supervised. If yas get changed into a were-roo and yas don't want to be one, then we can get yas to Reed 'uxley so 'e can give yas the cure and we can restore yas to normal. Keep in mind, if yas get changed by me, it does not mean that Ah automatically love yas. Wally is my light and 'e always 'as been. Ah do love 'im more than anything. Also remember that yer not in this academy to 'ave sex nor to make babies. We do 'ave a daycare on 'and for the offspring to some of the instructors. If yas want to experience a were-roo's pride, then Ah need yer word that yas will not hold anything against me if yas get transformed into a were-kangaroo yerself. Ah want witnesses that yer decision was yer own idea."

                Lexie didn't feel at all uncomfortable with the idea. The waves that guide him have their reasons. he cupped his hand underneath the jawline of the were-kangaroo close to him, Keeping the embrace a little personal. "Ah will remember that Ah'm not enrolled to sleep with others and 'ave children. And it is my decision to experience this mating... and Ah won't be mad should Ah change. Where the waves will guide, it shall be so. By the Pouch, as those in the Outback say... yas 'ave my word."

                Deryk then sent a mental message to Zander. Lexie and Ah are about to do it with 'iro as my witness. 'e 'as 'eard 'im say that 'e will not be mad if 'e gets changed into a were-roo should it 'appen during this session. Ah still love Wally, Zander. And then Deryk looked to Hiro. "What is going to follow is a lesson in intra-species sex. Ah promise that Ah am not trying to get Lexie pregnant. If 'e starts changing into a were-kangaroo like me, please say something immediately." And then Deryk proceeded to remove his smock as he began to get close and personal with Lexie.

                Hiro watched quietly with that ever present lapine smile on his muzzle. "This reminds me of sessions back on my home world. Our people are very open about social displays."

                Zander mentally supported Deryk, It's not a crime for us were-beasts to 'ave more than one mate and 'ave another that they fully love. Don't be discouraged if things get a little furry for 'im. 'e'll 'ave the 'elp 'e needs, should the bloke gets more than he thought from this experience.

                Lexie worked to remove his wet suit after getting his wet-shoes off. He felt the were-roo get close to him. He thought their 'first contact' was unusually furry, but he adjusted to having the odd sensation of fur to his skin. The surfer was taught well. He didn't expect love or instant affection from Lord Deryk; he was taught well about the species in the 'sex ed' lesson He was proving to be a cooperative partner, even though he was still a virgin compared to the other Lonewolf that was in the Lordly Were-Kangaroo boomer's life. He kissed the roo on the muzzle, then allowed Deryk to position him like a flyer to get atop of him and rub his surfer body gently, as he allowed the Lordly were-roo to take him.

                The ginger let out a grunt as he felt the big were-kangaroo penetrate him. He didn't show any real pain or discomfort. This kind of closeness made him a little more explorative. He orgasmed in surprise when he felt the prehensile move and bend near his prostate. He started to expel his last seed as a human onto the floor, and the thrusts began soon after. Two orgasms later, Lexie's pride started to elongate slightly and become a bit pointed, and his sac started to inflate, and move up his body His feet started to stretch a little more longer and a lot more narrow to be human.

                End of Chapter 08.


                  Epilogue: The Aftermath of Experience.

                  Hiro's rabbit ears dipped a bit as he watched Lexie begin to change into a kangaroo himself. "Lord Deryk, he is changing. You said to let you know immediately. Despite seeing this, I still trust you as my college dean."

                  It wasn't long before Deryk fully hilted and filled Lexie's insides with hot were-kangaroo seed. The surfer gasped as he reached a seventh orgasm. He was filled to the point where his stomach started to lose its six pack and distend a little bit. He felt the strain of his hands and arms, as he lowered himself down to rest his hands, still being connected to Lord Deryk's 'red king.' He was panting roughly, the experience of being mated was starting to take its strain upon him. He felt the most weird sensation... as if his stomach was turning, yet it was something different. It was a hard sensation for him to describe while being filled.

                  Deryk then raised his muzzle up a bit as he looked to Hiro. "Thank yas for the vote of trust, mate. 'aving supporters makes this experience a little easier. Ah was scared of actually doing this to someone. But since this went so well, per'aps Ah am ready for Wally afterwards. We can always restore 'im if Aslan needs 'im 'uman. Tell me, 'iro... do yas 'ave a mate back 'ome?"

                  Hiro looked a little embarrassed at that question. "Not exactly a mate. Our world practices what we call a fornication lottery. A winner gets to mate with up to twelve individuals at a time, although only one winner is ever chosen within a three decade period of time. I got tired of losing the lottery so I applied for classes here in your ranger school. And I feel that I have finally won. Everyone is so open and friendly here. I have been meeting with some of the other students during cafeteria times and they have been very nice to me. Unlike you, I am not infectious. But I am willing to learn from the other students. As per the rules, I did not come to your school looking for love. I came here to be a winner."

                  Deryk nodded his head as he shot a mental message to Zander. It is done. And Lexie did transform. Yas better bring in the were-doctor now. Ah think Lexie is pregnant; Ah was not planning for this but thank god for Daycare. Then he included Severn in on the next part of the message. Since Ah 'ave 'ad a sex session with a student, Ah would be a 'ypocrite if Ah did not permit the instructors and other deans the same opportunity. Even though this is not why Ah opened this school, everyone should get get equal chances. Although Ah am rather appalled by the sexual practices of 'iro's 'ome world. 'e just told me that they conduct a fornication lottery once every three decades and he usually lost out in every lottery. Wanting to be a winner, 'e enrolled 'ere at our school.

                  Severn shuddered at the thought of not getting to have sex except once ever few decades. That sounds barbaric. The poor bunny rabbit.

                  Zander could empathize with Hiro, but he hasn't had any romantic partners since he heard that the first one he really cared for died of an illness. Sev, Deryk and Raker all knew that he lost interest in sex and love years ago. But he was proud of his son, whatever path he chooses. He used his teleportation ability and brought with him the were-doctor. Welcome to the parent club, roo-butt! He mused mentally, and looked at how Lexie was transforming. "Ah wonder if it was like this for Phillip when 'e was pregnant with Devon..."

                  Deryk then shot off a message to Wally Blayze. Wally, Ah would like to see yas tonight; Ah am ready to make a commitment to yer sexy giving self. Please tell me yas 'aven't married someone else. And the reply Deryk got back was, I have been waiting for you to accept me, Deryk. You know I love you immensely. The ladies in Yin Yang just don't turn me on. Orion and Varvara have been dating; Rikki is obviously bisexual even though he and Janet have had the longest courtship of any couple out there. Rikki has had sex with guys before, including you and Lord Rein Akinobu on Earth. I know you really wanted to be Stanley's mate since he is immune to were-ism, but because of his connections to the celestial, he cannot marry yas... which I do not think is fair since you love him so much. Just come on by the rock skipping spot and we can make things official there.

                  Deryk smiled at that point since apparently tonight was going to be the night that would bring him past a hump that had been bothering him for the longest time. Thank yas, Wally. Ah am not going to be sad after tonight. "Wally said yes to me." He then looked down at Lexie as he slowly pulled himself out of the newest were-kangaroo. "Doctor... as soon as the joey or flyer is born, please make sure Lexie gets the offer to resume his normal species. 'e didn't enroll at this school to give up 'is 'umanity because if 'e did, then Ah will be pressing charges for 'is taking advantage of me." Deryk then backed off with a happy hop; he was happy that Wally still wanted him.

                  As the were-doctor worked over Lexie, Lord Thunderbird arrived and began conducting a scan over Lexie's body. "As per Deryk's request, Zander, we have to conduct a verification scan on anyone who wants to have sex with Dean Deryk. I just finished with Wally Blayze earlier at the Rock Skipping Spot. I hope Lexie proves to be formerly human or else his being a were-kangaroo will be very limited."

                  Lexie proved to be human from Planet Caspian, though there is some markers in his genetics that implied that one of his distant ancestors had relations with one of elven kind, but it was so far off by too many generations to affect his current condition. Ultimately, he is what he said he was; human. A human with a selfless kindness more pronounced than the rest of his family tree. And as the were-doctor might confirm, a new life was starting to gradually form within him.

                  The coastal Lonewolf was near complete in his transformation and fur was starting to cover his body. He tried to get up, but his new form was less flexible than he used to be as a human. He looked up to Zander, and grunted. "No regrets..."

                  Zander arched an eye. "Yas are unlike my 'uman cousin, and 'e is of Lonewolf blood." He then shifted to his human form and squatted down. "Why did yas really do it..."

                  "So Lord Deryk won't fear the waves..." He smiled warmly, then felt very lightheaded as the need for sleep overtook him, and he slumped back to his position on the ground. It took a lot of energy from him to stay awake during the transforming experience.

                  Lord Thunderbird then said, "Human although with an elven heritage; no infiltrator within this new were-kangaroo. Although kangaroos have been known to have trouble swimming. I hope you have an idea on how to fix this set-back, Zander and Deryk. Now I need to check the rest of your school. If you will excuse me." And the great bird departed to do just that.

                  Lord Deryk smiled. "Ah am off to show Wally a good time. But think what possible new students we will get during the next registration." And he too headed off to sow his seed.

                  End of Epilogue.
                  End of Episode Four.

                  Stay tuned for Episode Five: Warp's Epoch Titans (4th Semester).