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[VDS-AH1] Metal Hero Spirit Moon

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    [VDS-AH1] Metal Hero Spirit Moon

    Metal Hero Spirit Moon
    an "Alternate Dreamtrail" series
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle

    In 2007, Power Rangers Dragon Soul combated demons on the West Coast, while a separate uprising of demons arose in Texas being led by a fabulously beautiful demon lady called Princess Alura. Using her Soulless Rustlers, she launched her campaign of nightly terror upon the ranchers of the region, stealing their cattle and nearly ruining their livelihoods. That is until the Native American Spirit Elders of the region chose five worthy teen age ranchers to take up the mantle to fight against the wicked hombre demons by using the power of the mystic Metal Hero...

    Derived from the spirit of the moon, the Spirit Elders lend their powers to these young heroes to create a law enforcing Metal Hero team.

    Mark Merritt, Australian; Friesian Spirit
    -- He is an Australian with black hair, blue eyes, and tanned skin. He wears clothing appropriate for working on a ranch and he migrated to the states from a ranch down under along the coasts.
    Chris Andrews, New Englander; Palomino Spirit
    -- He is a New Englander with blond hair, walnut gray eyes, and fair skin who dresses like his friend Mark and he has his own Eastern brand of accent.
    Victoria Wayne, American; Percheron Spirit
    -- She is the "Local Hometown Girl" on the ranch. She has long reddish-brown hair, green eyes, and tanned skin. She often wears boy's clothes and prefers to use her fists over her feet.
    Swift Coyote, American; Appaloosa Spirit
    -- He is a Native American with a black Mohawk, grey eyes, native skin, and facial paint. He usually only wears the standards for his tribe with no shirt. Spry and sneaky; often sleeping on top of the stables.
    Felix Smith, European; Gypsy Spirit
    -- He is a Romanian gypsy with short brown hair, piercing blue eyes, and fair skin. He will only wear gypsy clothes which he claims are more comfortable but he is no slacker at chores and is the ranch cook.
    Cade Stevens, American; Mustang Spirit
    -- He is well known in the area for being a rodeo cowboy with a constant need for a sexual release. A very muscular Cowboy that wears stereotypical cowboy clothes when not in the buff doing his best friend.

    Spirit Elders:
    ~ Raven "Raven"
    ~ Thunder Bird "Thunder Bird"
    ~ Grizzly "Tobadzistsini"
    ~ Coyote "Coyote"
    ~ Jack Rabbit "Hotoru"
    ~ Mustang "Hastseltsi"
    Rachel Wayne: the lady owner of the ranch; her husband died several years ago and she has been running the ranch ever since.
    Robert Wayne: the oldest brother to Rachel; he is often shoeing the horses and repairing the ranch equipment.
    Richard Wayne: the youngest brother to Rachel; he is both a deputy sheriff to the local marshal as well as the sole owner of the Spirit Lake Weekly newspaper office.
    Kevin Baxter: the local marshal in Spirit Lake; he doesn't want anything 'bad' to happen to Rachel. He is also a crack marksman.
    Slyfox Nightrunner: a mischievous Native American boy from Swift's tribe; often getting into trouble.
    Darsey Fletcher: the prissy "too good to do real work" bitch; often the thorn in Victoria's side. Her father is a local minister.

    Princess Alura, fabulously beautiful demon lady
    ~ Soulless Rustlers, demon grunts


    Powers & Abilities:

    (This list will be forthcoming.)


      Episode Guide:

      1) Moonlight Ride.
      2) Merritt Badge.
      3) Chris Crossing.
      4) Vicious Victoria.
      5) A Coyotes Tale.
      6) Jeweled Jack Rabbit.
      7) A Cowboy Called Cade.

      (This list will be updated periodically.)