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[GNA-2009] PRCS-01 Ride 'Em Cowboy

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    [GNA-2009] PRCS-01 Ride 'Em Cowboy

    [GNA-2009] Power Rangers Cowboy Spirit
    Episode One: Ride 'Em Cowboy
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    October 17th, 2017

    Power Rangers Cowboy Spirit:
    Jiles Colorado, Wild Red Cowboy Ranger
    Logan Dakota, Wild Blue Cowboy Ranger
    Marsha Montana, Wild Yellow Cowboy Ranger

    Known Allies:
    Indian Shaman: Mysterious Native Spirit. He is the mystical mentor of the Cowboy Rangers.

    Cattle Rustlers in eps 1-3:
    Delaney Forester
    Zane Forester
    Dick Thomson
    Albert Shoemaker
    Bertha Shoemaker

    Known Villains:
    Emperor Wildstorm, Demon Stallion of the Plains
    The Weather Herds frightening nightmare horses, buffalo and other demonic wild animals usually appearing in a stampede accompanied by bad weather.
    The Storm-touched frightening moon-touched humanoid nightmare generals, each representing a different bad weather related event.

    Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers, Power Ranger Productions, Kamen Rider, nor any semblance of the Super Sentai franchise references in said series. All characters and villains are of my own creation. All rights are reserved.
    July 12th, 2009
    Chapter One: Great Comet from the Western Skies.
    Colorado Ranch; Blue Mesa ranch communities, Texas USA

    A young teen age man in typical western gear (red shirt, blue denim jeans and cowboy boots) sat in a wooden chair just outside of his bunk house bedroom where he was playing his guitar and singing a modified song. "Comet raised a mesa to the western skies, with the sound of a thousand cattle drives; A chosen few would see the light and fight the wrong with right. Up on Blue Mesa! High above the clouds! There's a world apart from all the rest! On Blue Mesa! Live the real cowboys! Standing up for law and order; and livin' by the code of the west! Leanin' up the territory; Keepin' evil on its toes; Takes a different breed of riding, roping, brave heroes! On Blue Mesa! Live the real cowboys! Standin' up for law and order! And livin' by the code of the west! On Blue Mesa!" The young man had blond hair and dark blue eyes with tanned Caucasian skin.

    The boy's father suddenly called out from the back door of the main house! "Jiles! Come and get your breakfast! We have cattle to move in an hour!"

    Jiles hopped up to his feet! "On my way, dad!" And letting his guitar sling by the strap over his back, he pulled his cowboy hat up over his head as he headed for the main house to get his morning meal. Heading down the corridor of bunk houses, Jiles rounded the corner and as he began to approach the back door of the ranch house at the end of the yard, he saw in full tribal Native American leather garb and moccasins what appeared to be an Indian Shaman standing just inside the fence simply staring directly at him. Jiles came to a stop as he saw the man. "Are you lost mister? This is the Colorado Ranch."

    At that moment, Jiles' father opened the back door and said, "Who are you talking to, Jiles?"

    The surprise of his father opening the door made Jiles take his eyes off of the shaman to look at his father. "I was asking the Indian shaman over there if..." he then looked back and saw no trace of the shaman. "...he was lost? Where did he go? He was standing just inside of our fence where we let the horses roam around in the afternoon."

    Mr. Colorado then asked, "Was he smiling?"

    Jiles replied, "No, he seemed to be unhappy about something."

    Mr. Colorado looked pale when Jiles said those words. "You saw a local spirit. The Western Triad sometimes utilizes them as messengers. A frowning spirit means hard times are coming. I just hope it doesn't ruin the cattle drive."

    Dakota Ranch; Blue Mesa ranch communities, Texas USA

    A muscular male teenager in a faded blue shirt, blue jeans and cowboy boots was saddling up his horse in preparation for the collective ranches cattle drive. He had black hair, grey eyes and had an African American complexion. "It won't be long now, boy. Jiles and Marsha will be on this cattle drive this time. People my own age to shoot the breeze with. Well, not really shooting the actual breeze, but talkin' about things. I don't know why I am always trying to talk to you, boy. Did you enjoy the apple I brought to you after breakfast?"

    At that moment, the stallion shifted to one side and that was when the young man saw the Indian Shaman in full tribal Native American leather garb and moccasins who appeared to be standing just inside the barn entrance simply staring directly at the boy.

    "Where did you come from, shaman? I'm Logan Dakota. How did you get past the guard dogs in the front yard?"

    And then in the blink of an eye, the shaman was simply gone.

    Logan shook his head as he blinked his eyes hard. "What do you suppose that was about, boy?"

    The stallion whom had been quiet before was now heard, "I am not quite sure, Logan. But you need to tighten that saddle if you plan on riding me during the drive."

    Logan shouted, "Ahh! You're talking!"

    Montana Ranch; Blue Mesa ranch communities, Texas USA

    Having finished her target shooting gun practice, a teen age girl in a dark yellow blouse and blue jeans with Cowboy boots was now practicing with her lasso. She had long fiery red hair, red lips, green eyes and fair skin. "I'm no Wonder Woman but lets see if I am better than yesterday with my lasso."

    As she got the lariat loop swirling over her head, she flung it out in front of her toward a wooden practice bull that was set up. Without warning, the Indian Shaman in full tribal Native American leather garb and moccasins appeared directly in front of the wooden bull simply staring directly at the young lady and then the lasso snagged the shaman securely directly over his head and shoulders. "Oh!" She slowly began to close the distance between herself and the Native American. "I am so sorry, sir. I'm Marsha Montana. Who are you and how did you appear in front of the practice bull like that?"

    As Marsha got closer, she then noticed that she could see right through the Shaman and her noose was actually around the wooden bull's head. "Please don't kill me, sir. I know we are supposed to respect you spirits." And then he was simply gone. Marsha blinked her eyes. "That's enough lasso practice for now. I need to go saddle up my horse."

    As she walked off toward the barn to take care of her horse, the family's herd dog padded up along side of her and said, "That was some show you did with the gun and lasso. Snagging a spirit takes the cake. Good thing you apologized to him." Marsha looked to the family dog. "The whole world is going crazy. That has to be it."
    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two: With the Sound of a Thousand Cattle Drives.
    Three families and their hired hands steering three large herds of cattle toward the market some miles to the South. Jiles was playing his guitar while riding his horse to one side of the line of the cattle while the hired hands made sure the cattle stayed in the drive path. Riding close to Jiles was his two friends, Logan and Marsha. Jiles was singing another altered tune he liked to sing when his friends were close by. "We're the cowboys of Blue Mesa; we uphold the code of the west; since the comet done come down; raise Blue Mesa from the ground; We walk, talk and ride like all the rest; Yes sir! We're the cowboys of Blue Mesa...! She's Marsha, everyone calls true; M'name' is Colorado, Yee Haw, that's Jiles to you; That's Dakota over there, Logan's the toughest hombre' anywhere; Yup! On this Mesa we call Blue; We're the Cowboys of Blue Mesa...!"

    Jiles then asked, "Did anyone else have a weird encounter this morning with a spirit?"

    Marsha replied, "If you mean the Indian Shaman that I accidentally lassoed, then the answer is yes. I apologized of course."

    Logan commented, "I saw him." He wasn't about to mention that he heard his horse talk after seeing the spirit; especially since no one asked about that specifically.

    Jiles then said, "It seems that we three are the only ones who saw him. I asked my dad about it seconds after I saw the spirit and he, without seeing the spirit, said that sometimes the Western Triad employ spirit messengers and that is likely what we saw. Did anyone get a message out of him? He was just frowning when I saw him."

    Logan grinned. "The only message I got was that we didn't know what the spirit wanted and how I should tighten the straps on my saddle." Again, he never mentioned whether it was the spirit or his horse who spoke.

    Marsha said, "I got a compliment on my target practicing session and how it was good that I apologized." She was likewise going to be as smart as Logan thought he was being. No one asked what spoke to her. She wasn't going to mention that the dog spoke to her.

    Jiles then asked, "Why do you think the messenger was sent to the three of us?"

    Logan and Marsha chose not to answer that one and when they didn't, Jiles' horse spoke up but only the three of them seemed to hear him. "You three were chosen to carry the light. And fight the wrong with right; Or is Jiles' opinion of you two false?"

    Logan growled when accused by a horse of being unworthy; Marsha wasn't too happy to be regarded like that by an animal either. And then without warning...

    All three of their horses suddenly bolted down a side trail toward a small gorge where they reached a stream and then they all three came to an immediate halt throwing all three teenagers out of their saddles and into the water.

    Jiles slowly stood up and he poured the water out of his guitar. "Why did you do that for, Sunshine? This is the only guitar I have!"

    Marsha got out of the stream looking very angry. "Damned stupid stallion! Are you saying you want to be replaced with a mare?"

    Logan climbed out of the stream and walked passed his horse before turning swiftly and kicking his stallion square in the nuts from behind. "I don't get mad; I get even." And then Logan got kicked into the wall of the gorge by his stallion before the horse spoke. "The next time you lie about who told you to tighten your saddle, it will be more than a bath and a kick."

    Marsha's stallion looked directly at her and said, "The shaman spirit made me go with the others and stop when they did. I am sorry, Marsha. Please don't replace me."

    Sunshine stepped into the stream to stand with Jiles. "He is right. The shaman spirit wants to see you three. Just remember; the spirits don't like dishonest folk. Now please mount back up and we will take you to where the shaman spirit is telling us to bring you three to. You will want to see what he wants before nightfall so we can get back to the cattle drive."

    Jiles then looked to Logan and said, "Let us just humor the animals and go see what this spirit wants so we can get back to serious business. We need to do this before our fathers come to check on us. You too, Marsha."

    Logan's horse went over to him and bit into the young man's shirt and tugged him away from the gorge wall. "Want to give this another try, toughest hombre' anywhere?"

    Logan growled again as he grabbed the reins of his horse and swung himself back up into the saddle. "No more tricks or my dad gets told about this outing minus the animals talking part."

    Jiles and Marsha got back into their saddles as well; then Jiles said, "Okay, Sunshine... take us to the shaman spirit."

    Marsha wasn't very happy with the free bath. "I was wearing deodorant before that dip in the stream. If I start stinking, don't blame me."

    Logan grinned as he held on to the saddle firmly this time. He wasn't about to comment that he thought that Marsha's taste in deodorant and perfume made her smell worse than natural flowers. Instead he said, "I probably got a bruise from that kick to my thigh; good thing I turned when I did or I would have been unconscious."

    Logan's horse remarked, "Don't be bragging so soon, Logan. I know where plenty of cacti are at around here."

    Jiles said, "Please, no more punishments, guys. We agreed to come along to see the spirit."
    End of Chapter Two