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KR: SL-01 Legendary Spirits

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    KR: SL-01 Legendary Spirits

    Kamen Rider Spirit Legacy
    Episode One: "Legendary Spirits"
    By James (Aragh Darktalon) Ghaleon
    February 26th, 2008

    Raion "Kaemon", Legendary Spirit Red
    (Japanese Translation: Joyful Lion)
    Long "Li Shen", Legendary Spirit Black
    (Taiwan Translation: Strong Spiritual Dragon)
    Ma "Jin", Legendary Spirit White
    (Chinese Translation: Gold Horse)
    Captain Saku "Renjiro" (Police Officer)
    (Japanese Translation: Honest Memory)
    Usagi "Taro" (Friend)
    (Japanese Translation: First Born Rabbit)
    Dynasty War Lord Kyaku Livion the Conqueror
    Hihonoo, Master Soldier of Fire
    Tsuchiyakiin, Master Soldier of Earth
    Mizuumi, Master Soldier of Water
    the Akumakyoufu, demon horror grunts

    Chapter One -- Disturbed Slumber
    "Now let's see... X quotient squared over double Y factor equals quadruple Z solution," said the young Japanese male sitting at his desk in the one room building near the Miyazaki cemetery. "I hate calculus. There has to be an easier way." As he was reaching over grab his coffee cup, there came a knock at his door. "I wonder who that could be at this late hour?"

    He got up and walked across the floor to the door and opened it. To his surprise, there was a dark cloaked man, whose face he could not see, standing there before him. "The cemetery offices are on the other side of the grave plots, good sir."

    The cloaked man suddenly and speedily grabbed the young man's hand and pressed something into it. "I am not long for this world, honored rider. Take this spirit stone and protect it with your life. For only it can save you from the evil warlord and his horrific minions. When the time comes, you will be able to call upon the Legendary Spirit and afterward, you will know what to do. This is no joke, my friend. Lord Kyaku is returning. Tell the police. Please."

    The young Japanese male was shaken by the man's movements and his story. "Calm down, good sir. Let me get you something to drink and..."

    But the mysterious man backed away from the young man at that point. "Protect the spirit stone. Remember the Legendary Spirit. I do not lie." And with that, the cloaked man departed, vanishing into the nearby darkened woods behind the cemetery, leaving the young man holding a glowing stone with odd markings upon it.

    The young man gazed off toward the dark wood, then slowly looked down at the warm and glowing stone in his hand. "Why do I always get the...weirdos...?" He paused when he noted how the stone glowed. "By the Celestial Ones... maybe he wasn't kidding." He once again gazed off into the night, before closing the door and returning to sit at his desk.

    The night passed and the morning came slowly. There was a light rain falling, but the morning also brought forth the sound of many police patrol units combing over the cemetery looking for clues.

    The young Japanese man climbed out of his bath tub and stood before his bathroom mirror. He had spiky black hair, green eyes, and tanned skin. He glanced over to his wardrobe and began getting dressed in his usual clothing and gear. A long sleeved red kimono like shirt, black cloth pants, white socks, and shoes with wooden soles. He then put on his grey scarf, as he looked into the mirror once again. "What am I forgetting?" He smiled, as he picked up his silver necklace and placed it over his head and around his neck. He put on his school ring, and placed his wristwatch on his right wrist. The young man was clearly left handed. Finally, his eyes slowly drifted over to the spirit stone that was sitting on his bed stand table, still glowing with an eerie light. "I suppose I should take that as well." He picked it up and pocketed the stone. "Never let it be said that Kaemon shirked the warnings of honored visitors in the night."

    Kaemon chuckled, as he grabbed his backpack, as he placed his books and school supplies within. Then he walked over to the door and opened it, only to be surprised by two individuals standing there. But perhaps what was more unusual was the fact that he could see right through both young people. "By the Celestial Ones... ghosts."

    The young Chinese woman who seemed to be wearing a temple gown and sandals said, "I told you we would find him, Li Shen. There is only one spirit stone. And he has been bequeathed with it."

    The young Taiwanese man who seemed to be wearing the outfit of a martial artist, obviously the one called Li Shen, replied, "Yes, Jin. We found him. But he isn't a spirit like we are. Perhaps he is the leader."

    Kaemon blinked his eyes as he came to the immediate realization that these two ghosts were drawn to the spirit stone.
    End of Chapter One.
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon

    Chapter Two -- Police Mystery Discovery
    Kaemon wasn't sure what to do next, and Li Shen and Jin refused to leave him alone, so he took them to the local Keikan Precinct and asked to speak with Officer Saku Renjiro. The basement garage, or more rather, the far back section of it, was the home of the Shinpi Hakken Division, or as it was known as on the street... the spook squad.

    Kaemon smiled when he saw Captain Saku finishing an interview with something that looked like a vampire. "Renjiro! Have I got a case for you!"

    Captain Saku glanced up from his work and blinked his eyes at the two ghostly spirits standing with Kaemon. "Where did you dig them up at, Kaemon? I can see right through them."

    Kaemon said, "Listen to our tale and then maybe you can help the three of us." And then the three took turns explaining just how they happened to come about and what drew them to Kaemon. He then showed the spirit stone and explained the stranger's story to Captain Saku. "So... Li Shen and Jin both came to me because I now possessed the spirit stone. But I don't know what to do with the stone nor with the two of them. I thought you might have an idea."

    Captain Saku hummed, as he handed the stone back to Kaemon. "Yes, I might have an idea. Li Shen, Jin? I want you both to reach out with your hands toward the spirit stone. Kaemon? You have to hold the stone in the palm of your hand and let your two spirit friends touch the stone."

    Kaemon gulped, as he wasn't all too thrilled with having to deal with ghosts in the first place. But he obeyed Captain Saku's suggestion and held the spirit stone in the palm of his hand for the two spirits.

    Li Shen and Jin reached out and touched the spirit stone at the same time.

    And... nothing happened.

    Captain Saku hummed again. "Did you tell me the entire story, Kaemon? Think back carefully. What did the stranger tell you? You can do it. Remember."

    Kaemon closed his eyes, while Li Shen and Jin kept their hands on the spirit stone.

    Suddenly, Kaemon was remembering something that the stranger had said before departing. When the time comes, you will be able to call upon the Legendary Spirit and afterward, you will know what to do. This is no joke. Lord Kyaku is returning. Kaemon then opened his eyes slowly. "I remember." And then he glanced to Li Shen and to Jin, before he focused on the spirit stone in his hand and shouted, "Spirit Storm! Legends Transform!"

    Sparks flew from the spirit stone, as the stone became three spirit stones and each lifted into the air and floated over the heads of the two spirits and Kaemon. Then a red shower flowed out of Kaemon's spirit stone covering his entire body, as a colorful armored red and gold Sentai uniform appeared over his body. Li Shen's spirit stone released a dark shower of smoke over his spirit form and in a flash, he seemed to change from spirit to flesh, as a colorful armored black and gold Sentai uniform appeared over his body. Jin's spirit stone released a white shower of light over her spirit form and in a flash, she seemed to change from spirit to flesh, as a colorful armored white and gold armored Sentai uniform appeared over her body. Then all three spun around back to back to back, as their spirit stones changed into helms with dark visors as they reached up and pulled their helms down over their heads. Then each one struck a martial arts pose and began to shout out their designations...

    Kaemon shouted, "Legendary Spirit Storm Rider Red!"

    Li Shen shouted, "Legendary Spirit Storm Rider Black!"

    Jin shouted, "Legendary Spirit Storm Rider White!"

    Then all three struck their final pose as they shouted, "Legendary Kamen Rider Spirit Storm!"
    End of Chapter Two.
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon