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ADT: RUSH-01 Samurai Power (Part 1 of 2)

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  • Aragh Darktalon
    Chapter 09 - Kin Reminds Me of Ren

    As seen in PRSS-22: Atlantean Prelude, Part Two : Chapter 15
    Location: Aquabase near Briarwood, California, United States

    Wan whispered back, "Yes please. I have never felt this way about another male, before I had met Ren at the mountain shelter. He is attractive, too. Kin reminds me of Ren. I hope I am not making a fool out of myself."

    "You aren't at the moment," whispered Kwon. "What I would do in your situation is try to get to know him better, first. It wouldn't help if you came out with your emotions if you don't know him properly. That will lead to suffering. One of my teammates is worried about his looks, but the one that seems to be his boyfriend doesn't care."

    Wan smiled. "I almost kissed Ren just before coming outside earlier. He's so cute. And you get to spend time within reach of him."

    Kwon smiled. "One of these days, I'll ask Chip if I can borrow him so he can visit you." He then sighed. "You are a Samurai Hero, now. Though you don't have to worry about Ivan Ooze or that Witch Doctor, you have new evils to face. I envy you."

    Wan smirked. "Three evil princesses who make Sadistic Lisa seem angelic in comparison. I will miss you every day, my brother."

    "As will I," said Kwon, who hugged him for one last time. "Besides, from what you have described of the princesses, they would make the Hotheaded Redhead duck and run for cover." He chuckled a bit. "I'll come and visit as soon as I am able."

    Wan smiled. "Look on the bright side, Kwon... I'll be working with a law enforcement officer. Perhaps he will be able to help me turn over not only a new leaf, but an environmental one, as well."

    At that moment, Kin poked his head out of his zord and exclaimed in perfect Japanese, "I don't want to rush you, Wan, but time is fleeting and the rising sun wanes in the West."

    Wan chuckled. "...and I will have to get used to his poetic way of speaking." He winked.

    "Don't be afraid to call the Shark Rangers if any Pollutants are in Japan," Kwon smiled, before whispering, "and don't get into any trouble with Kin."

    He then looked up at the Dragon Topaz, and said, "Take good care of him, Kin-san." Though he is worried about how his brother is going to behave himself, but he knows that it is time for Wan to join his own team.

    Kin smiled. "Come along, Wan, and I'll introduce you to some girls."

    Wan laughed out loud! "If you think a girl is going to keep me out of trouble, then you don't know me very well!" He then whispered back to Kwon, "Kin has a lot to learn, I think... as do I." And with that, he leaped into the Karasu Emerald Zord's cockpit and gave the thumbs up sign to Kwon, then nodded to Kin.

    It was then that Kwon teleported off of the Karasu Emerald's wing and onto the ground nearby. He then holstered his Were-Shark Tracker on his left shoulder and muttered, "May the power protect you, brother."

    The LeoDragon Topaz and the Karasu Emerald Zords then lifted off, and after a brief fly by over the Aquabase, they vanished into the West... toward the land of the Rising Sun.

    End of Chapter 09

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  • Aragh Darktalon
    Chapter 08 - A Brother's Farewell

    As seen in PRSS-22: Atlantean Prelude, Part Two : Chapter 15
    Location: Aquabase near Briarwood, California, United States

    Owen approached Kwon when the eight rangers returned to the Aquabase. "Would you like to say your good bye's to your brother? He was chosen to help in Hytakarasu's home land."

    "But why so soon?" Kwon said, looking at the new uniform that was handed to him earlier. "How would he stay out of trouble?"

    "Don't worry too much," said Evan, who was hiding his concern for Owen. "You'll get to see him again sometime. You are a Shark Ranger, now."

    Max Cooper was looking at his text messages on his Growl Phone. "Looks like Danny is waiting for me at the Animarium. We are trying to get the old team back together. I gotta get going to convince Taylor to rejoin."

    Wan was sitting outside, on one wing of his Karasu Emerald Zord, while resting nearby was a Dragon Topaz Zord, that looked like a large glowing gold and white zord in the shape of a Japanese Leo-Dragon. Sitting on its back was a Japanese teenager who wore the uniform of a police cadet.

    Wan relaxed on the wing as he spoke to the other young man, though the entire conversation was in Japanese. Wan didn't want to leave without seeing Kwon once more.

    As Max departed the now sinking vehicle elevator on his Savage Cycle on his trip east to Turtle Cove, Kwon teleported onto the other wing of the Karasu Emerald Zord. As he heard what they were saying in Japanese, he decided to politely interrupt.

    The Gold Ranger ahemed, and spoke in the Japanese dialect. "Pardon me for interrupting your conversation, but I would like to speak to my brother, Wan, before he departs."

    The Japanese LeoDragon Hero nodded his head once and replied in the Japanese dialect, "You must be Wan's brother. I am Kin Raidon, the Gold Dragon Ultra Samurai Hero and leader of the Ultra Samurai Heroes." He then stood and bowed properly, before leaping up and into his Earth Dragon Zord's cockpit.

    Wan stood up and smiled to Kwon. "Brother... please do not think of this as a farewell. While it is true that I will be in Japan with the others, I am the only member of their team who can speak another language, English. Kin is glad to have me with them as a linguist translator. Apart we may be, you have the shark powers and sharks can navigate the Pacific easily. You could come check on me whenever you wanted." Wan then stepped over to Kwon and hugged him firmly, holding him closely. "I am sorry I was so much trouble for the both of us."

    Kwon smiled, as he hugged back. "It is okay, Wan. You won't have to worry about that awful witch doctor anymore." He then looked at his twin brother. "I may worry about your behavior sometimes, but I know that though we are twins, we should lead our own lives and destinies."

    Wan smiled back, then whispered, "My past behavior is not my current problem, Kwon. Kin is, for some unexplained reason to me... extremely attractive. I think I am interested in him." He then blushed somewhat with the admission.

    "There's nothing to worry about, Brother," Kwon whispered back in a reassuring tone. "If you are interested in him, it is fine with me. He is rather nice person." He then looked at the Dragon Topaz for a second. "Would you like some advice, Wan?"

    End of Chapter 08

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  • Aragh Darktalon
    Chapter 07 - Golden Shark & Emerald Storm

    As seen in PRSS-22: Atlantean Prelude, Part Two : Chapter 10
    Location: Briarwood beach, California, United States

    Sekolah then placed his hands upon Kwon's morpher and there came a rigid shock and a flash of lightning as the angry evil power was siphoned out and it was replaced by the powers of good and it's color changed from a dirty gold into a sparkling gold. "It is done, Kwon. When you morph, the filth will be replaced with purity and your zord will receive this benefit as well. It is done, Kwon... I must return to my undersea palace. I will see the Rangers again after Atlantis fully rises." And with that, he leaped into the sea and was gone.

    Hytakarasu was, in the meantime, placing an interesting transformer necklace and wristband ensemble on Wan. "As an Ultra Samurai, you strike your pose, shout Ultra Storm, then when your necklace glows, you bring your wristband up in contact with it and shout Samurai Power. You will then become the Green Crow Ultra Samurai Hero, your weapon will be the Green Ultra Storm Halberd, and you will pilot the Karasu Emerald Zord. It can fly. I am sure you will like that."

    Wan smiled. "Thank you, Hyten." He hugged the bird spirit. "I will help my brother in this battle, then afterward... you can take me to your brethren where your own problems lie."

    Hytakarasu then bowed to Wan and stepped back from the two Kiau brothers.

    Luna smiled. "Are you ready to rejoin the battle, Kiau Brothers?"

    Wan looked to Kwon. "I think I am."

    "Then let's work together, and show the Pollutants not to mess with the Kiau Twins," Kwon said.

    Owen glared, though it didn't show, for his eyebrows were gone. "Then it's morphin' time, Rangers!"

    Owen pulled out his Shark Morpher, and raised it in the air. "Atlantean Power!" He then brought it in front of his chest, and held it in front of him. "Great White Shark!" After pressing the morph button, Owen invoked the power of Atlantis. An Anthro Great White Shark appeared, super-imposing itself over the his body. As they merged, Owen was empowered with a protective wet suit, dorsal fin, golden collar, gloves and boots, and a belt. The Great White Shark opened his mouth, becoming the helmet. In an extravagant pose, Owen shouted, "Blue Shark Ranger!"

    Kwon struck his pose, grabbing the Were-Shark Tracker, sliding it down his arm as he shouted, "Were-Shark Avenger, Accelerate!" As the morphing sequence activated, a holographic schematic of his were-shark ranger uniform appeared in a grid before him, as each part flashed and appeared on his body. And then, as the visored helmet appeared over his head, the image of a golden shark warrior executioner appeared just behind him for an instant before exploding into a force of pure wind and holy rain. As the morphing sequence ended, he shouted, "Gold Were-Shark Ranger!"

    Wan struck his pose and shouted, "Ultra Storm!" When he did this, his Karasu Necklace began to glow brightly. Then he brought his wrist band up and touched his necklace with it. "Samurai Power!" The scene around Wan changed into that of an old Japanese temple with green paper lanterns, as an emerald storm of green leaves and crow feathers whipped around him like a tornado. Within the vortex, his green leather samurai hero uniform appeared on his body, followed by his gloves, boots, and belt. A green scarf appeared around his neck, as his visored helm appeared over his head. Then twin bolts of lightning struck him from the heavens, which formed his green with gold and black trimmed cape. When the tornado faded away, Wan spun in a circle and struck his battle pose... his halberd appearing in his grasp and the image of his Karasu Emerald Zord appearing behind him. He then shouted, "Green Crow! Ultra Samurai Hero! Rush into action!"

    "Let's go, Rangers!" Owen said, "It's time we get back to action!"

    End of Chapter 07

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  • Aragh Darktalon
    Chapter 06 - Enter Wan Kiau

    As seen in PRSS-22: Atlantean Prelude, Part Two : Chapter 10
    Location: Briarwood beach, California, United States

    Sekolah shared a large fish with Hyten, while Luna, Wan, and Ren waited for Kwon and Owen to arrive.

    Owen did make a good escape with Kwon on his Shark Cycle, and stopped close enough to the beach. Upon dismounting the Shark Cycle, both Blue and Gold Rangers powered down, and approached the group on the beach.

    Kwon said, "Thank you for saving my brother from that evil freak."

    Owen then said, "You're welcome, but we're not out of the woods just yet."

    The Atlantean then looked at the Were-Shark Spirit King. "It is good to see you again, Sekolah."

    Sekolah smiled at Kwon. "When I first granted you your powers, I was angry and rightfully so. Ivan Ooze lied to me so I would help them with their scheme. But now I would like to replace the angry and evil power that I imbued into your morpher with the power of understanding and good. When I attempted to do the same for Wan's collar morpher, it disintegrated. Apparently Auklivok had a fail-safe on the morpher to prevent a power override. If such proves to be the case with your morpher, Luna has offered a solution to the situation. When I change your power, Kwon, the polluted aspects of your powers will be replaced with environmental aspects, which will greatly increase your natural powers even more so."

    Hyten glanced up at the Rangers, with an intelligent gleam in his eyes. As if he wasn't a Hyper Tenga at all... but something else in disguise.

    Kwon said, "I understand, but what will become of my brother, chopped liver? I mean... wouldn't that make him jealous if I was a Ranger and he wasn't?"

    Owen looked at Hyten in interest, then said. "What interesting look in this Tenga. As if he is not at all like his brethren."

    Sekolah grinned. "Would be that if he were a Hyper Tenga, not even Wan could have taught him anything. The Hyper Tengas are loyal only to Ivan Ooze."

    Hyten slowly stood up, as his form shimmered and changed slightly. He now looked like a Japanese crow who wore the traditional garb of a samurai. And he was far better looking than a Hyper Tenga. "My full name is Hytakarasu ((which means mountain-crow.)) I am the Were-Spirit Crow King of Storms. My homeland is in danger and I came to the far west to find warriors who could assist us in our time of need. When I saw Wan and the trouble he was in, I thought I had found my warrior. But then Auklivok captured him and I followed them in secret in an attempt to get a chance to free Wan myself. I replaced the Hyper Tenga in Auklivok's cavern with myself in a disguise. The rest is public knowledge. There are others my homeland brethren have been gathering, as well. For Wan... I have a transformer for his usage. Wan is my choice for the Green Crow Ultra Samurai Hero who would have the power over storms."

    Sekolah smiled. "I knew what Hytakarasu was the moment I saw him. But I kept my mouth shut. Such is the way between Spirit Kings. So you see, Kwon, your brother will still be a Hero. And the Shark Squadron need your help against Acid Warrior."

    "Everything seems to work out, like all things are meant to happen." Owen said, silently hoping that Evan would be okay.

    Kwon smiled. "Then I will help the Shark Rangers against Acid Soldier. I didn't like his first impression of me."

    End of Chapter 06

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  • Aragh Darktalon
    Chapter 05 - Dragon Up

    Inside the Ultra Samurai Dojo, Kin and Guiloni stood together on a platform as they watched the gold dragon buckle down and suddenly look very pale on the stone floor of the central training chamber.

    "Are you okay, honorable gold dragon?" asked Kin. "You look ill."

    The gold dragon replied, "My time in this world is nearly gone, Kin Raidon. Finding you was my last quest. Now I can rest assured that the gold dragon will continue to live and be able to protect the world in the coming millennium. A dragon such as I can only live for a thousand years. I have been hanging on for weeks because I had no successor. But now you are here. And I can finally give you my power. Guiloni will become your training partner. He will teach you all you will need to know. And now, give me your hand, Kin Raidon, and I will give you the power of the gold dragon."

    Kin was touched, as he swallowed quietly and slowly held out his hand toward the gold dragon. And yes, he was very frightened. He had no idea on what to expect.

    The gold dragon's voice was heard as the chamber filled with a golden brilliance. "You are the Ultra Earth! You are the Samurai Power! When you call upon the Ultra Earth, you will touch your dragon necklace to the wrist band that Guiloni will give you. Then you will call on the Samurai Power. You will receive my full power at that point, Kin Raidon. For your very name actually means... Gold Dragon!" And with that, the golden brilliance exploded into a shower of glowing golden dust, and this dust rushed through the air and reassembled in Kin's outstretched hand forming... a Gold Dragon Necklace.

    And the gold dragon was gone.

    Kin was motionless in shock. He had never known what his name really meant. But now he knew. He was truly a gold dragon. And the other gold dragon had given him the power to carry on in his place. And that is when he became aware of a wristband being snapped on to his left wrist.

    Guiloni smiled. "It was his wish, Master Raidon-san. I, Guiloni, am now your partner. What is mine is now yours."

    Kin released a breath of air, as he brought the Dragon Necklace close to him and looked it over. "Is he... really gone?"

    Guiloni nodded his head. "Yes, Master. He is really gone. He defied time to find a good successor and he chose you. Do you want to try out the power in honor of your predecessor?"

    Kin was placing the necklace around his neck when the question came to his ears. "Yes, Guiloni. And you don't have to call me Master if we are both equal partners. You can call me... Friend."

    Guiloni smiled. "Friend it is, then. And now... let's see the new dragon samurai. Dragon Up."

    Kin shouted, "Transform! Now!"

    Kin struck his pose and shouted, "Ultra Earth!" When he did this, his Dragon Necklace began to glow brightly. Then he brought his wrist band up and touched his necklace with it. "Samurai Power!" The scene around Kin changed into that of an old Japanese temple with yellow paper lanterns, as a topaz cyclone of golden stones and dragon scales whipped around him like a tornado. Within the vortex, his gold leather samurai hero uniform appeared on his body, followed by his gloves, boots, and belt. A gold scarf appeared around his neck, as his visored helm appeared over his head. Then twin bolts of lightning struck him from the heavens, which formed his yellow with silver and black trimmed cape. When the tornado faded away, Kin spun in a circle and struck his battle pose... his twin katanas appearing in his grasp and the image of his Dragon Topaz Zord appearing behind him. He then shouted, "Gold Dragon! Ultra Samurai Hero! Rush into action!"

    End of Chapter 05

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  • Aragh Darktalon
    Chapter 04 - Japan Needs Samurais

    Kin blinked his eyes, surprised that the black winged lizard spoke to him. "You... spoke..."

    He chuckled. "Master! Raidon-san is not injured! He is as excellent a fighter as you said! And honorable, too!"

    The gold dragon was heard to reply, "Good. I am very glad that we were able to get him. We will be in the Ultra Samurai Dojo very soon. Check our guest for injuries that are not apparent. Our intention was not to hurt him."

    Kin was a little surprised again when he heard what the dragon had said, as the black winged lizard began to examine his body all over. "Wait a minute... you made it sound like you were after me all along."

    The gold dragon replied, "That is correct. Had you shown up to investigate the imperial garden, we could have spoken then. But when I saw that you weren't there, I called in a tip for a gold dragon meeting at the farm. Unfortunately, the police phone lines seem to be bugged, because the actual street gang of the Gold Dragons showed up out there and I knew that I had to get rid of them without causing them any lasting harm. But then one of them stabbed me with a stiletto and that is when the illusions fell away and they got to see just what they were dealing with."

    Kin hummed. "Which one of you gaze-locked me in the hayloft?"

    The black winged lizard creature replied, "That was me. I wear the form of a golden parakeet when my master wears his favorite guise, and I sit on my master's shoulder. I used my oni-paralysis gaze on you to keep you out of trouble while the fight was occuring. But for some reason, you shirked off the power and in the next moment, you were on my master's head. Once you were there, we proceeded to get you out of there."

    Kin looked at the black lizard. "So you are an Oni?"

    He grinned. "Don't be so surprised. I am a Guiloni. Television show producers saw some red coated versions of my people once and they mis-titled my species as Guilmon. We consider it to be an insult. I am as equipped between my legs as you are."

    The gold dragon cleared his throat. "What have I said about that kind of talk?"

    Guiloni replied, "I was providing information only. It was not meant to incite a sexual mating, master."

    Kin said, "So why did you bring me here? Why am I needed all of a sudden?"

    The gold dragon replied, "You are Kin Raidon, the samurai spirit of the gold dragon. You were brought here to help save Japan and the rest of the Orient from total destruction. The imperial garden was just the first. That was mild in comparison to what the three princess can do with their growing power."

    Guiloni grinned. "In short, Raidon-san, we brought you here to become a Sentai Hero. You will rush into action with the rest of your team and you will thwart the princesses and their evil and misguided minions."

    Kin blinked his eyes again. "Me? A Sentai Hero?"

    The gold dragon said, "Japan needs samurais, Kin, and we chose you to be the leader of that team. This is to be your headquarters. And you are to become the Gold Dragon Ultra Samurai Hero. And your element is Earth."

    End of Chapter 04

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  • Aragh Darktalon
    Chapter 03 - Gold Dragon Vs. Gold Dragon

    Finally the hour of the tolling bell had arrived. Losoko and Kin were perched in the hayloft as they saw the street gang arrive on their bicycles. All of them were armed with stolen weapons. And once they were all gathered, that is when the guest of honor arrived. It was a three foot tall elderly gentleman with a golden parakeet on his left shoulder.

    Kin whispered, "What... who... is that?"

    Losoko had a thought as an old case file came to his mind. "Oni fire..." he whispered in return. "These kids are in danger and they don't even know it. We have to intercede before it is too late."

    Kin arched an eye. "What do you mean, Hon Losoko?" But his words were spoken to an empty spot, as the older police officer had already departed his position and was heading down the ladder. Kin turned his attention back outside and in that very instant, his eyes and the eyes of the golden parakeet locked in a gaze.

    And time itself seemed to stop.

    What aroused Kin from his daze was the sounds of a fight and explosions throwing street gang members all over the place.

    Kin wasn't sure how much time had passed while he was gaze locked with the parakeet, but the bird was gone now and in its place was a huge gold dragon and next to him was a small black guilmon like winged creature wielding a katana sword and a wakizashi blade. Both were fighting street gang members and throwing the youths all over the place.

    "I have to stop this." Kin muttered. "Here goes nothing..." And he leaped out of the hayloft at the right moment and landed on the gold dragon's head, as he grabbed the golden feelers atop on each side and yanked them back with all of his might.

    The gold dragon roared, as he and his small friend turned their focus on Kin.

    Losoko then quickly began pulling all of the street gang members away from the battle scene, locking them all up in an awaiting police van. Then he turned his attention back to the scene of terror.

    Kin was now holding on to a feeler with one hand and fighting the small winged lizard with his other hand and legs. The gold dragon roared again, as it lifted off into the sky and vanished into the black clouds of the night sky.

    Losoko sighed. "No... Kin..."

    Off in the night sky, the fight continued. Kin refused to let go of that one feeler during his fight with the small winged lizard warrior. The small lizard warrior was finding Kin to be very adamant about the whole situation.

    Finally, the gold dragon plummeted downward toward a mountain side, and Kin was certain that he was dead for sure. Yet he continued to fight. He would fight until he couldn't fight anymore. But instead of striking the mountain, the gold dragon seemed to pass right through the ground, with both passengers. And on the other side, Kin saw a majestic looking scintillating palace of precious metals and jewels. And the gold dragon was slowing his flight and heading to land there.

    Fortunately, the small lizard like warrior was no longer fighting him either, which allowed Kin to get a refreshing breath.

    The small black winged guilmon then said in a heavily accented voice, "You fight with honor, Raidon-san. I bow to you."

    End of Chapter 03

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  • Aragh Darktalon
    Chapter 02 - Enter Kin Raidon

    A Kyoto police captain slowly entered his office and slumped down in his chair behind his desk. "Brutal. Just brutal."

    Across the room sitting at a side desk was a male teenager dressed in a police cadet uniform researching something on the captain's computer. "How bad was the imperial garden, Hon Losoko?"

    Losoko replied, "It was like a tsunami had hit the entire garden. Witnesses say it was done by a single female in the company of a horde of miniature blue dragons. I do not know if I believe that, but only one thing was stolen."

    "What was taken, if I may ask?" the teenager inquired without turning around.

    Losoko arched an eye as he stood up and walked over to look over the teenager's shoulder. "A flat stone with markings on it. Just what are you up to this time, Kin?"

    On the computer screen was the image of a glorious Japanese gold dragon and information about a minor street gang that called itself The Gold Dragons.

    Kin Raidon smiled over his shoulder at Captain Losoko. "Got a lead on the Gold Dragons while you were out. I knew you had been after that bunch for a while now. So I was updating your case file on the gang. But after I finished, I began to read the data and I guess I lost track of time. Forgive me, Hon Losoko. It won't happen again."

    Losoko hummed. "What was the lead, Kin? Or are you going to make me look it up like last time?" He winked with a smile.

    Kin chuckled as he stood up and grabbed his coat and badge. "The Gold Dragons are planning a meeting on the outskirts of Kyoto at the old Jin Kaga farm tonight. If we head out right now, we can get into position and catch a good many of them in the act of whatever scheme they are planning to do later."

    Losoko grinned as he grabbed his coat and badge as well. "If I told you not to go, you would go anyway, wouldn't you?"

    Kin winked. "You know me too well, Hon Losoko. Let us go catch some gold dragons."

    The two exited the office and headed outside where they mounted up on their police motor bikes. After donning their helmets and nodding to each other, the two pulled away from the curb and sped down the street. They rode together as if they were a matched team.

    Outside of Kyoto just behind a stable building, Losoko and Kin parked their motor bikes and took up residence in the hayloft of the upper portion of the stable building.

    "Remember, Kin," Losoko remarked quietly. "If things get too hot, you get away. No sense for both of us to be captured."

    Kin nodded his head. "As you say, Hon Losoko. But I dislike leaving anyone behind. You are my superior, so I will do as you say without question. But you can expect to be rescued later on."

    Losoko smiled. "You are a good boy, Kin. I expect great things of you."

    The two then quieted down and began the long wait for nightfall.

    End of Chapter 02

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  • Aragh Darktalon
    started a topic ADT: RUSH-01 Samurai Power (Part 1 of 2)

    ADT: RUSH-01 Samurai Power (Part 1 of 2)

    Ranger Ultra Samurai Hero
    Episode One: "Samurai Power Part 1 of 2"
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle (Aragh Darktalon)
    February 21st, 2011


    Kin Raidon -- Gold Dragon Ultra Samurai Hero (Earth/Dragons)
    Wan Kiau -- Green Crow Ultra Samurai Hero (Storms/Crows)
    Nami Kameko -- Blue Turtle Ultra Samurai Hero (Water/Turtles)
    Miki Fudo -- Black Raccoon Ultra Samurai Hero (Fire/Raccoons)
    Akako Sorano -- Red Fox Ultra Samurai Hero (Wind/Foxes)


    Princess Kandoria
    Fire Drakes

    Princess Aluisha
    Sand Drakes

    Princess Magnusa
    Water Drakes

    Remember that only Wan Kiau can speak English, in underlined italics.
    All other quoted speaking is strictly in Japanese. Enjoy the story.

    Chapter 01 - Reading of a Will

    Konnichi wa, honored visitors. Welcome to my mountain shrine. My name is Kau Jing Fu and I have been expecting you. Please seat yourselves and imbibe on a cup of my freshly brewed tea. What's that, you ask? You came to ask about the Samurai Heroes? Yes, I know many things about them. You have indeed come to the right place. Allow me to recite some haiku.

    Ancient Emperor.
    Death calls thrice.
    Tokens in the will.
    Princesses search.

    To understand why the Samurai Heroes were formed, we must first travel back in time to when the Ancient Emperor of Power died. And for this, we will require a setting. Stories such as this one need a proper setting.

    And with that, the mountain shrine faded from view in the wispy clouds, as an ancient celestial palace came into view.

    Princess Kandoria, the oldest child, wore red clothes of varying shades and hues. She even had dark red hair. "Father died finally. The old goat. Perhaps I will finally gain my proper birthright that is due to me."

    Princess Aluisha, the middle child, wore yellow clothes of varying shades and hues. Her hair was the fairest of the blonds. "At last. Father is no more. I will finally reap the rewards of enduring his tongue all these many years. No one is more deserving than I."

    Princess Magnusa, the youngest child, wore blue clothes of varying shades and hues. She had dark blue hair and blue eyes. "Poor father. Alas, I cared for him the longest and only hope that he has left me something important to call my own."

    The Executor was a wise looking ibex humanoid with large glasses. "...and to my three daughters who have fought endlessly against each other... I leave an opportunity to earn their rightful place as the next Empress of Power. Scattered across the Japanese landscapes, I have hidden twenty five power tokens. The rules are simple. The first princess to locate and possess all of the power tokens will win the contest and be crowned as the new Empress of Power. The Executor will give each of you your first power token so you may know what the other tokens will look like. As you may have guessed, it will be impossible to end in a tie, for there is one extra power token that would make that princess one token more powerful than her two sisters. How you find the other tokens are up to you, my daughters. You have all been the most hateful excuses of life that has ever been devised. I curse you on your journey. That is more than you deserve."

    The Executor was surprised as the scroll was snatched out of his hands by the oldest princess!

    Princess Kandoria growled, "Does it really say that?"

    Princess Aluisha was also growling. "Let me see that thing!"

    Princess Magnusa was holding back a grin, as she had the Executor give her the first token. Then she slipped out of the office to begin her quest, leaving her sisters behind to growl and fume over the words of the will. She had an idea on where to begin her search. She often took her honorable father there during his final days. The imperial gardens in Kyoto.

    By the time the other sisters received their first tokens, Princess Magnusa already had an enormous head start.

    End of Chapter 01