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RS-07 Stroking the Wings of Ruin

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    RS-07 Stroking the Wings of Ruin

    Synopsis: With the Legendary Powers of Legend Dragon, Storm Panther, Swamp Lizard, Metal Lion and Silver Rhino in their possession, the heroes split up to remove a curse, and to locate the next two Legendary Powers. Will Chester be able to rest away from the zombie bunnies; can Rheuban get his power from Spectra's lands; and will Kyr succeed in her mission? Stay tuned to find out.

    Coming up on the next episode of Medievon: Rebel Squadron!

    Episode Seven: Stroking the Wings of Ruin
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle (Ratseye/Pouchlaw)
    Co-Written by Lexington Lonewolf
    January 28th, 2017

    "An adventure is calling,
    From monster lairs now,
    A mage comes...
    To take them away!
    Rebel Squadron are here, today!
    Let's go!

    Draconic and quick, his legends rise,
    Chester rides forth, with no surprise!

    Lionish and cunning, his voices roar,
    Benji dashes forward, to even the score!

    One with the brambles, her spirits glow,
    Wendy sprouts ahead, to make plants grow!

    Random with danger, his battles thunder,
    Davis charges forth, tearing foes to sunder!

    Galloping forces, his courage derived,
    Cade the champion, has now arrived!

    Shining with glory, her auras glimmer,
    Kyr flies forth, the suns rays shimmer!

    Rebel Squadron! Let's go!

    An adventure is calling,
    From monster lairs now,
    A mage comes...
    To take them away!
    Rebel Squadron are here, today!
    Let's go!

    Chester Lamar, Red Dragon Legend Rebel Ranger (Steppes Clydesdale)
    Benjamin Twayn, Adamantium Metal Lion Rebel Ranger (Majestic Pride Lion Shaman)
    Wendy Leonard, Violet Nightshade Rebel Ranger (Drudic Night Panther)
    Rheuban Elvenwood, Bronze Shield Myth Rebel Ranger (Winged Minotaur)
    Davis Storm, Black Storm Rebel Ranger (Dojo Wolf)
    Cade Stevens, Silver Rhino Rebel Ranger (Griffin)
    Kyrsten "Kyr" Robin, Gold Sunrise Rebel Ranger (Angelic Tiger)
    Derek, Green Swamp Rebel Ranger (Crocodile)
    Clipper, Crystal Rat Ranger Rebel (Portal Mouse)

    Also Starring: The Medievon Ranger Lords.
    Dardarus Jarrett "DJ" Van Whitelaw, Red Warhorse Ranger Lord
    Darrel Lockheed Lonewolf, Orange Battlewolf Ranger Lord (Arctic Courier Reindeer)
    Quiana Irene Magnus, Yellow Seafalcon Ranger Lord
    Niobe Levelly, Blue Starhare Ranger Lord
    Buchanan "Bucky" Lorimer, Bronze Purehart Ranger Lord
    Amata Roze, White Waveshark Ranger Lord
    Shuriken, Flame Ninja (Wolfwere)

    Lord Gryff, Kind Griffin Lord of the Blue Bay Harbor Kingdom.
    Dragon King Fire Heart of the Briarwood Kingdom
    Dragon King Cedric of the Blue Bay Harbor Kingdom.
    Blue Bay Harbor Kingdom's Wind Ninja Rangers of Lonefall:
    Trevor Lanz, Red Wind Ranger (Air)
    Blake Hamilton, Yellow Wind Ranger (Earth)
    Cora Leo, Blue Wind Ranger (Water)
    Cam Watanabe, Green Samurai Ranger
    Sensei Kanoi Watanabe, Ninja Master of the Wind Ninja Academy
    Patch, Blacken and Holly, three rabbit brothers (friends to Chester and Cade)
    Nightmare Stallion, Necromancer Prince Scarecharger (friend to Darrel)

    Minotaur Commander Raunothyme
    Lizard Man Commander Drizzala
    Jade, horned dragon lord of the Sea of Poisonous Reeds
    Spectra, horned dragon lord of the Cemetery Mists of Ruin
    Spellgate, Alien Mystic of the Haunted Forest
    Special Note on Spellgate: When this enemy appears, kiss your rump goodbye. He cannot be defeated and nothing you do has any affect on him.
    Lizardmen, minions of Jade
    Minotaurs, minions of Spectra
    Wolfweres, roving bandit lords

    Chapter One: Dragon King Marinus.

    Docks, Mariner Sound Kingdom; World of Medievon
    Sunday Morning.

    As the necromancer Scarecharger, Darrel, Bucky, DJ, Wendy, Clipper, Chester and Cade arrived at the harbor of Mariner Bay, they were greeted by a large though somewhat slender dark bluish black dragon wearing a golden neck and shoulders decoration as he had cerulean blue-grey eyes who didn't look all that upset. "So... aside from my one other human guest, a nightmare necromancer, a portal Mouse and a collection of humans arrive in my kingdom. I am Sea Dragon King Marinus, extreme ruler over the Mariner Sound Kingdom. I will give you all one chance to tell me the truth. What brings six humans into my realm?"

    Chester stepped forward and knelt to one knee. "Great lord... My friends escorted me to your kingdom in hopes of having the Stroke help me to remove a curse that plagues my travels to attract zombie bunnies to my immediate location. A magical item they originally had merged with my body and they want it back. The item is a Legendary Power which I need to complete a quest that I have been sent upon. Do you know of this man called the Stroke?"

    Marinus placed a claw to his chin and hummed quietly, his eyes closed. "He is currently my guest; although not my prisoner." Marinus opened his eyes and nodded his head once. "It is a welcome change to have one with etiquette to speak to in a parley over negotiating for the Stroke to lift a curse. And what of your names and why do I sense that you are not meant to appear human even though you are humans?"

    "This next part you may have trouble to believe, King Marinus; in our world, my friends and I are all humans and this world is a... fantasy game with rules, guide books, maps and portraits. We created what we thought would be normal citizens for this world whom we would pretend we would be in Medievon. And that is why you sense that we shouldn't be human even though we are. My character's name is Legend the Clydesdale of the Clydesdale Barbarians, but as you can see; I, Chester Lamar, am human. Davis Storm created a character named Lupine of the Storm Fist, a Martial Artist who craves action. Benjamin Twayn created a character called Adamantium the Tribal Lion Ranger, Adam for short. Cade Stevens, although his libido is often legendary in our world, created a character called Rhinax of the Griffins who was an Aerial Knight. Wendy Leonard had a character she had made months before who was quite experienced. Nightshade the Forest Panther who was very close to being a Lord status Druid. And Kyr Robin likewise had a character made months ago named Sunrise the Angelic Tiger who like Nightshade was very close to being a Lord status Priest. The Portal Mouse is called Clipper and he travels with Rheuban the Winged Minotaur and Derek the Lizard Man, both of which we befriended not long after arriving in this world. The Nightmare Stallion is Prince Scarecharger of whom was befriended by Darrel Lonewolf, who is in turn the new Orange Battlewolf with Dragon King Cedric's blessing. DJ Van Whitelaw and Bucky Lorimer are Ranger Lords who chose to be our guides during this part of our quest. Our group is currently split up into three separate teams to attract less attention from the two warring dragon brothers. I know this is all very hard to believe, but you asked for honesty and nothing could be more true."

    Marinus nodded his head again and closed his eyes to think this over.

    Wendy was shocked that Chester chose to go the extreme honesty route. But she was too scared to speak herself.

    Chester remained in position unsure of what the dragon would do. Although his knee was starting to hurt, he remained in place.

    Marinus opened his eyes once again. "I... actually believe your story. No localized human could come up with something this fantastic and look me in the eye to say it with the conviction I see in your gaze."

    Chester felt as if a huge sigh of relief had just left him.

    Marinus said, "In exchange for this boon of meeting the Stroke, I only request that you return to my kingdom when you are not embroiled in the battles that are sure to come. If the Minotaurs and the Lizard Men dog your trail, lead them here and I will introduce them to my warriors. Come... we will retire to my castle and it will be there where we will straighten out the mishaps that have befallen you."

    Castle Mariner

    Deep in the heart of the kingdom nearest to the coast was a majestic castle draped in seaweed and the warriors were various blue colored versions of the Gargoyle called Brooklyn. Sexy stud warriors, in other words. With the horses stabled properly, Marinus led the six adventurers into his inner sanctum where a gigantic layout for powerful incantations and mystical productions were apparently conducted quite often.

    "The last time I enjoyed the visit of humans were when the Wind Rangers of the Blue Bay Harbor Kingdom arrived on a mission for Lord Gryff. He had wisely sent along a payment of gold and gems, and his powered human warriors were most polite to me."

    Clipper exclaimed, "You mean... the Wind Ninja Rangers?"

    Marinus smiled at the Portal Mouse. "Yes, I believe they mentioned that phrase while they were here when they helped my gargoyles fight off the Minotaurs who tried to follow them here."

    Chester said, "And now, you are going to help us, right?"

    Marinus replied, "Yes, I think it wise to help heroes such as you. The first thing we need to do is to summon the Stroke from his chambers so he may examine your curse first hand. Then we should follow that up with a gift that will make using your characters all the more useful in your battles." He glanced at the Earth humans with a grin. "Ever wonder what it would be like to be able to actually change into your characters?"

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: Meeting the Stroke.

    Wendy looked interested now. "You can do that?"

    "Why bother having characters if you can't use them?" replied the dragon as he began to get the incantation chamber set up. While doing this, he mentally sent word to his other guest to come and join them.

    Chester then said, "I think our other friends should also receive this gift, noble dragon, sir. As I explained, they are not here as of this time. Kyr is on her way to get the Legendary power of Sunrise. Rheuban and Derek were on their way to raid the cemetery of ruins for the Minotaur's power. Benjamin and Davis are at the Playful Dolphin Inn and Tavern with Shuriken and the rabbit brothers of Patch, Blacken and Holly. The three were helping Benjamin with an allergy he sadly has."

    Marinus smiled. "Oh I know Shuriken! It's been ages since I have seen him! Does he still get sick at the mention of 'sifting his own'?"

    DJ laughed. "I was the one who told him that joke. I didn't know he had shared it with you, noble dragon."

    Cade looked toward DJ. "May the partners forgive me if I'm wrong, but does 'sifting his own' mean picking up his own sh-"

    DJ replied, "Initially when I got my Legendary Power, Shuriken was under the impression that it could be passed out of me through bathroom needs. And I said that I certainly hoped not and then I asked him if he 'sifted his own' to find possible treasures embedded within. And he stuck out his tongue as he made the 'bleh' sound before saying that he wouldn't tell me if he did. Wolfweres have funny ideas, Cade."

    From one side of the chamber standing within an open doorway was an older human man with greying black hair, silver grey eyes and pale skin. He was wearing a housecoat and had a pencil over one ear. "So that is the full story on that humorous joke. I would imagine that someone hired him to get the Legendary Power out of you. Permit me to introduce myself, friends. I am Josef Stroke, the creator of the Medievon Multiplayer Gaming System."

    As he said this, he raised a hand up and seemingly touched a spot above his head which made his Admin character sheet appear for all to see. "Although I never expected other Earth humans to be able to enter the dimension that the game is based off of, never the less, I bid you welcome to my fantasy and likely your nightmare, no offense to your princely friend, Scarecharger. As you likely learned the hard way, the 'evil dragons in charge of the world' scenario is mainly based off of two warring dragon brothers. But as you also likely learned, not every ruler nor non-human citizen is a prick to deal with. I am the one to ask for the gamers who have game world questions; Marinus and I often discuss world concepts that eventually make it into the role playing game itself."

    He then glanced over at Chester and Cade. "The Clydesdale Barbarians were the most recent addition to the game. The Thoroughbred Equestrian Knights have been around since the beginning and the draft horse species have the bigger packages, in case anyone with an unclean mind has been wondering in regards to the pictures." Yes he guessed at what they had been discussing in private, although it was really no surprise since he was the Creator of the game.

    Wendy approached Stroke and said, "Wendy Leonard, veteran gamer. Nice to meet you, Mr. Stroke."

    The Stroke chuckled as he replied, "Veteran cheater you mean. I have heard Convention tales from other gamers on what they think of you, Ms. Wendy. They think you should be banned from the game. Although it often takes a mind like yours to get through a world like Medievon and live to tell the tale. Tell me... you haven't had sex with a local as yet, have you?"

    Wendy looked as if she wanted to slap his face at that question. "I was tempted to when I assisted Robin Locksley the black panther Bandit." (Last seen in episode three, chapter five.) "He had asked em to help him defeat some temple treasure riddles. Although we did kiss, he did reward me for my assistance before he departed."

    The Stroke rubbed the stubble on his chin. "Robin Locksley. I was wondering where he had gotten off to. You see, he was part of another gaming group much like your own. They were bored with the standard typical adventure and being Live Action Role Players, they asked me if there was anything more challenging, as in Medievon style. I brought them over to Medievon although I also told them to stay within the Mariner Sound Kingdom, I suppose they wandered outside of the borders and couldn't find their way back. Their being here is my responsibility and I really need to see about getting them back to Earth."

    Cade looked the other way when the Stroke made his remark about 'sex with the locals.' He had multiple sex partners since he came. All times he was the dominant one... He didn't get any since before he was told of importance off by Lord Gryff. But he did have interest in DJ. He knew Chester and he were romantic with Patch, Blacken and Holly, and Benjamin did seemingly get romantic once with Derek. But nothing came of it; it was male-on-male. Cade might've loosened his belt too many times to count, but at least the cowboy wasn't interested in girls (and getting them in trouble). "Other people of Earth in this world? So we're not the first? And do you know of that Elf that had a griffin steed in Blue Bay Harbor Kingdom?"

    The Stroke replied, "That would be Elrohir Felagund the Emerald Griffin Ranger of the Griffin Storm Power Rangers from Earth. He is an elf from a secret land who travels to find a method to let the last griffin egg of Dreamtrail hatch. His team is fighting against an enemy known as The Witch King. The Griffin Storm's mentor is none other than former Dragon Soul Ranger, Britton Carson the former Gold LeoDragon Ranger, currently retired."

    Darrel then approached the Stroke and asked, "There is a question I have always wanted to ask if I ever got to meet you, sir. I used to play the reindeer triple class character known as Comethoof the Courier. I would like to know why triple classing was discontinued when Second Edition was released."

    The Stroke replied, "The Triple Class ability was replaced by the new Skill Path system which didn't exist in the First Edition. We were also in the process of repairing several classes that were unbalanced and unfair toward other more honest players. We were also releasing some new classes which were combos of old classes. Have you read the Courier Source Book yet?"

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: The Angel Tiger Amazons of the Sun.

      Range of the Winged Tigers

      Quiana, Niobe and Amata along with Kyr rode mares into the forbidden range of the winged tigers. Although Lord Gryff did also assign an aerial contingent of female griffin warrior/archers to accompany the ladies into the range, so the lady rangers did have an armed escort representing Blue Bay Harbor.

      Quiana remarked, "In all of my travels with the Ranger Lords, this is my first trip into this mountain range. I just hope it isn't my last. It was good of Lord Gryff to supply us with mares instead of stallions and to permit these female warriors to protect our backsides. How are you holding up, Kyr?"

      Kyr said, as she felt in her bag with her free hand the Good Book. "Feeling as if I should've let Darrel borrow my Good Book to keep Cade in check. That cowboy could do a lot more better if he had someone there to hit him when he gets out of line. If Adam not Eve have eaten first from the Fruit of Knowledge of Good and Evil, he would've had a lot of children by now." Luckily Man didn't end up in that manner with other Humans.

      Amata then said, "The way you carry on about your team mate, one might assume that you actually like him were it not for his lecherous ways."

      Niobe remarked, "You would think that someone who lives religion would have better things upon their mind. I assume you prefer Darrel Lonewolf. He has an odd middle name; 'Lockheed'. I wonder how he got that kind of name?"

      One of the griffin females then said, "Winged tiger amazons spotted, ladies. And they seem to know we are traveling this trail. What would you have us do?"

      Setting aside her issues, she looked towards the sky. She did prefer Darrel Lonewolf; he was more of a dreamboat in mind and faith. Cade is walking libido to her. "We should do nothing to provoke them. A battle now could potentially jeopardize this quest."

      As their party traveled onward, they did indeed come upon the Angelic winged tiger amazons welcoming committee. The head priestess/warrior stepped forth and said, "You show wisdom to travel without men, noble ladies. For why do the three Ranger Lord women and Blue Bay Harbor's finest travel through our range?"

      Quiana spoke up at this point. "We have heard of your accursed item that can kill a creature at the merest touch and out of curiosity, we would like to see it for ourselves to see if the rumors do it justice. As you know, we Ranger Lords are protected from the stupid actions of men thus why we are able to travel without them even at night when Spellgate roams the land. For he is a male entity for whom we have nothing to fear. May we have this permission to see this accursed item?"

      The winged priestess considered the Seafalcon's words before replying, "Since you only seek to see this item and have no ill will toward our people, we will permit your party an escorted passage so you can see this strange item for yourselves." And as the item's current shape, Kyr would later recognize on sight but to these winged tigers, the shape makes no sense at all.

      Before the day was done, while most of the warriors waited outside of what looked like a tomb with a round stone slab door that was currently rolled aside, the priestess along with the Ranger Lords and Kyr were within where the winged angelic tiger's best warrior guarded over where the solar powered item simply lay in the open on a pedestal that resembled a church's podium where a minister might stand. Upon the Podium lying as flat as a coin, a metallic solar powered glowing holy cross shape. As each Ranger Lord looked upon the item, they felt nothing in regards to the item. But as Kyr approached it, the cross flared up one time and only she heard the words, By the Lord of us all, Kyrsten Robin, you have come. As you can see, my shape is for you alone. Claim me so we can spread the word of the Lord. Speak my name.

      Its way of speaking was very similar to that of Dominik Ratt from Adalia.

      She smiled, saying a prayer of thanks to the Lord above, then she claimed the powers and said, "Let the Lord's Light Shine on the power of GoldSunrise!"

      Kyr held her Golden Sunrise Tiara on high, as she shouted, "Angel Sunrise!" She then placed the tiara on her head. "Golden Power!" As she was spun around, a sunrise burst through the clouds, as her gold tinted white suit appeared on her body in a flare of golden sunlight. Then Gold armored Chest Plate with wings appeared, followed by her armored angelic boots and gloves. As her blonde hair wrapped itself in a neat bun, her majestic helmet secured itself on Kyr to protect her head. With a powerful flare, her Golden Sunrise Baton appeared in her hand. With an elegant pose, Kyr announced herself as "Golden Sunrise Angel!"

      Many rapid close-ups of the first Lady Rebel's form occurred in succession, before finalizing on her visor covered eyes, then the crucifix on her chest plate!

      Kyr could feel the majestic wings on her armor exude power as she felt the need to jump for joy. "Praise the Lord in Heaven for the advent of the miracles that will happen around the coasts!" When she finally started to jump, she flew high in the air and zoomed out of control with her flight powers. Unlike Chester, Kyr was having a comedic mishap with her first flight! Talk about embarrassing! But we all know what they say about Karma... ;-)

      At that moment, Clipper's image appeared via hologram in front of the Ranger Lord ladies. "As soon as Kyr is ready to return, my friends, I will be opening a magical portal for your group to return to Blue Bay Harbor to drop off your escort before utilizing a second portal to transport your group up here to Mariner Bay. We are attempting to get the Rebels back together here at Castle Mariner."

      Quiana replied, "Kyr just acquired her powers and the power seems to have taken her on a sky flight against her will. The Blue Bay Harbor portal would be desirable at this time."

      Clipper then cast the portal generator spell and the ladies used it to travel back to Blue Bay Harbor where Clipper had the second portal awaiting them.

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: Raiding the Cemetery.

        Rheuban and Derek quietly entered an old cemetery where at best, they saw no Minotaurs nor Lizard Men at all; only skeletal soldiers. "I actually expected the security to be a lot more defensive around here, old chum."

        Derek hissed. "This dreaded place lives up to being a cemetery, old friend. And to think I would be able to test my magic on the necks of Minotaur warriors first... yours excluded." He then growled. and lit a flame with his Mist Wizard Magic. "Lets try something... warming." He blew on the flame, and instead of putting the fire out, it let out a snake of very hot fire that caught a whole row of Skeletal Warriors aflame. One might confuse Derek for a dragon if the Crocodile wasn't too careful with his strength with Mist Wizard powers.

        Rheuban... I am here, but beware... Spectra himself is laying in wait for you.

        Rheuban mentally replied, I hear you, Mythian! I will free you and Spectra will gain no power from our visit! "I just got a warning, Derek. Spectra himself is guarding the Legendary power location. We don't have the power to take on a dragon king by ourselves. This will be at best a suicide run. I must zoom in, grab the power and get out as fast as possible. Be ready to pull out as fast as possible. I knew the skeletons were making this too easy."

        Derek hissed, as runes started to appear on his body. "I have high doubts we can escape just like the humans and I did after saving the Idol in Jade's domain. But I will ready a Teleportation Portal. I am not as magically tested as the Idol, but if a rapid escape is needed. I will have it done." He thought of the diagrams in his head and started to weave the magic to start making the seal. "You might need to thread the needle if I can't make a portal large enough."

        Just ahead, Rheuban saw a tombstone with several bodies of Minotaur soldiers rotting around it. He also saw Lord Spectra just beyond that location But perhaps more serious, the dragon had Minotaur children at the ready to force to touch the Legendary Power.

        "Father! I don't want to die! Don't let the dragon do this to me!"

        Spectra growled, "If these goody good rebels can claim these powers then surely a selfless child can do it! The adult soldiers all died trying to grab that coin! Claim the coin so you can help me defeat these rotten rebels and ranger lords!"

        Rheuban was torn since he had to change his plan now. He was good in his heart but he could never allow children to suffer at the claws of the dragon. Steeling up his courage, Rheuban stepped out into the open slowly with his weapons returned to their scabbards. "Lord Spectra. Do not make children die just so you can claim a new soldier. As we have learned in our journeys, those who try to fool and trick the Legendary Powers are destroyed from within by the forces of goodness. This same thing happened to your brother Dragon King Cedric when he was stuck as a human. As long as he stayed human, the power accepted him; but the moment he regained his dragon form, the Legendary Power tried to kill him from the inside out. You will only win against Jade if you sponsor the Rebel Squadron in our quests against Jade and his forces. If you persist in harming children, I will have no choice except to fight against you to save the children. For I fight for truth and for justice as a Minotaur Paladin. I know there are other Good Minotaurs in your ranks. Such as the one who befriended the Red Ranger Lord and still keeps track of where he goes in your glorious name. Jade thinks the Ranger Lords are useful pests to use against you. But if you sponsored some useful rebel pests to use against Jade, you would no longer be at a disadvantage in your brother's wicked plottings. So I ask you... please do not make children do this. I am willing to throw my life away to claim the power but please by the gods do not make children sacrifice themselves."

        Spectra was taken aback that Rheuban would come out of hiding to pitch this idea to him to save the Minotaur children. "Return to your families, boys. The one I was waiting for has arrived. Rheuban Elvenwood; you were once a loyal sailor soldier in my royal navy. But after a fight against a stupid drakling which gave you his own wings, your loyalties seem to change without reason. Give me another reason on why I should permit you to take this power and the real reason for why you left my navy. My sponsoring the Rebel Squadron is a promising idea. But make it worth my while and answer my questions."

        Rheuban said, "When I was aloft in mid-air after gaining my wings, I heard the words of the Minotaur god of Justice (Torm-Kattalas) and he told me that my current path was evil; how I could be doing more with my life. I went to a monastery devoted to his glorious power and studied his teachings for two years. But then, at the end, the god told me that in order to complete my training I had to find a Legendary Power. He didn't say that I had to claim it; only that I had to find it. Then during my travels, I bonded with the other rebels one at a time; the rebel known as Chester is my favorite among the humans since he and I can both fly; he has a most unfortunate curse that he has to deal with in regards to his Legendary Power. Zombie Rabbits flock to his location and they will not leave him alone. Chester has even befriended your father, Dragon King Fire Heart. And befriending a dragon takes some real balls when you are a human. And now sadly in the name of justice and fair-play, I must burst your love interest bubble. Your father and all of the rebels and ranger lords know this truth; The mortal known as Lisa Sails is one hundred percent human. The white dragon form she wore is simply a machine that she controls. You fell in love with a machine. Your father thinks this is funny. She did not trick you, Lord Spectra. She was never attracted to you in the first place. And now with this explanation, will you permit me to take this power?"

        Spectra was again at a loss; he never considered that the white lady dragon was a machine. "Since your faith will not permit you to lie even to your enemies, Rheuban, I will permit you to take this power. But never forget that you offered the Rebel Squadron in exchange for this favor. I want to watch to see how this works. This is something that I will be able to hold over Jade's head when I learn how this is done and he is still in the dark." He stepped to the side to watch this from the side view. "Go ahead, Rheuban. Either claim the power and live or touch it and die like all the rest."

        Rheuban approached the spot where the coin was embedded in clear view of the upright tomb. He was scared of course. He still remembered what Chester had revealed months ago on how these powers were gained. The surrounding Minotaur soldier bodies didn't make the experience any less scary. He then removed his gauntlet and placed his bare hand upon the coin. "Although I have tried to do what is right, Mythian, please do not kill me and my promise will be fulfilled."

        Rheuban extended his wings out behind him. as he called out, "Shield Myth! Justice Paladin!" And then his true sequence began as he was enveloped within the power. "For Truth! For Justice! Minotaur Paladin!" A blast of reddish brown light nearly blotted him out from sight as his entire body was then covered by his Bronze, Red and Dark Yellow full plate armors as his wings seemed to become metallic. "Torm-Kattalas guide my quest!" And then his holy sword and shield of defense appeared in his hands and finally, his bronze ranger helm appeared over his head. As the light subsided, he held his sword over his shield as he shouted, "Bronze Mythian Rebel Ranger!"

        End of Chapter Four.