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RL-02 The Pirate Princess

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    RL-02 The Pirate Princess

    Medievon: Ranger Lords
    Episode Two - The Pirate Princess | September 16th, 2012
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle (Writing as Aragh Darktalon)
    Partnered with the Fire Ninja wolfwere and the Orange Ranger Lord, DJ and his friends travel to the coastal port kingdom of Reefside where rumors of another Legendary Power has appeared. But will they be ready for the high seas, lizard men, Minotaurs, and dinosaur troopers? Only by joining with the princess of the Jolly Roger will they be able to escape from a three way squeeze play.

    Coming up next on the second episode of Ranger Lords!
    "Welcome to the Year of our Lord, 1993."

    *planetoid crashes into Zordon's command center and explodes*

    Okay kids, listen to an old codger,
    Hiding from the monsters, like a true dodger,
    But let me tell you all,
    Of the few who got the call,
    And they lifted aloft their swords,
    And became the Ranger Lords!

    Go! Go! Outlaws!
    Go! Go! Ranger Lords!
    Go! Go! Outlaws!
    Sock it to me! Ranger Lords!

    Found the coin, lying there,
    Running from monsters, what a scare,
    Backed up against a wall,
    Held the coin and gave the call,
    Power of legends at a word,
    Transformed, a Ranger Lord!

    Go! Go! Outlaws!
    Go! Go! Ranger Lords!
    Go! Go! Outlaws!
    Sock it to me! Ranger Lords!

    Coastal kingdoms, go the three,
    Seeking allies, what a spree,
    Dragons, bulls, wolves galore,
    Fighting evil, what a chore,
    Join the battle, climb on board,
    You can be a Ranger Lord!

    Go! Go! Outlaws!
    Go! Go! Ranger Lords!
    Go! Go! Outlaws!
    Sock it to me! Ranger Lords!

    Dardarus Jarrett "DJ" Van Whitelaw, Red Warhorse Ranger Lord
    Cedric Lonewolf Aylward, Orange Battlewolf Ranger Lord
    Quiana Irene Magnus, Yellow Seafalcon Ranger Lord

    Also Starring:
    Shuriken, Flame Ninja (wolfwere)

    Hank, owner of the Haunted Forest Trading Outpost

    Minotaur Commander Raunothyme
    Lizard Man Commander Drizzala
    Jade, horned dragon lord of the Sea of Poisonous Reeds
    Spectra, horned dragon lord of the Cemetery Mists of Ruin
    Spellgate, Alien Mystic of the Haunted Forest
    Special Note on Spellgate: When this enemy appears, kiss your rump goodbye. He cannot be defeated and nothing you do has any effect upon him.
    Lizard Men, minions of Jade
    Minotaurs, minions of Spectra
    Wolfweres, roving bandit lords

    Chapter One - Blue Bay Hideout

    Rather than heading on into Lonefall, the two young men and their wolfwere companion road south to Blue Bay Harbor Kingdom where a massive dragon was said to rule with the assistance of a warrior griffin. At first it appeared that they were going to ride toward the castle, but then the Orange Ranger Lord veered their ride off on an almost unseen cliff trail that led up to a cave opening directly under a tall tower directly beside the main castle.

    Once they were inside, they dismounted and tethered their horses, the stable doors were closed and latched, then they proceeded up the stairs to the first sub basement of the tower itself where ungodly amounts of treasure lay all over the damned place.

    "This is where I have been hiding out. What better place to hide than right under a dragon's nose?" He then smiled at DJ. "You can call me Cedric. The dragon king in this kingdom saved my life some time ago and thus... he permits me to return whenever I like."

    DJ powered down and slowly took in the view. "He trusts you with all this?"

    Cedric chuckled. "The dragon king only takes taxes; he does not steal people's wealth. He is above that. And I hope the same of you, too."

    "Don't worry about that," he said as he looked at all the wealth again. "We're in enough trouble without robbing a dragon king."

    "Then lets see about getting a meal prepared for us," said Cedric as he walked over to a bell cord and he pulled it. "Don't freak out; the griffin lord herein was told that Dragon King Cedric saved my life and to allow me to come in whenever I liked and to give me anything aside from the taxes."

    Shuriken smirked as he watched these two. "What do you think he will say about a wolfwere with two humans?"

    "That we have kinky tastes." Cedric winked with a grin when he stated that.

    Shuriken had to smile at that himself.

    Moments later, a huge anthropomorphic male griffin dressed in regal captain's clothes arrived at the top of the stairs peering down at the two humans and wolfwere. "Cedric? Why is there a wolfwere and another human with you?"

    The young man quietly explained to the griffin on what was up and why they had to come there. Then, he introduced the griffin to his new friends. "DJ, Shuriken... this is Lord Gryff, the current ruler of Blue Bay Harbor Kingdom during Dragon King Cedric's absence. And don't worry; we can trust Gryff."

    The griffin lord bowed with a smile. "So, you need a meal and a place to sleep. Very well. It is no fun dining alone. Come..."

    That evening, the three were the guests of Lord Gryff during a fantastic dinner. "I am glad you came back, Cedric," said the griffin. "You both have Legendary Powers. And only humans can activate them. What a shame. But I am sure it was a safety precaution from the old days to prevent monsters from gaining the power."

    DJ said, "It is quite the dilemma, your grace. But there is supposed to be another Legendary Power to the north. Have you heard anything about this?"

    Gryff hummed. "I have heard that in King Mesogog's domain, a pirate acquired a Legendary Power. Since then, there has been battles on land and at sea. King Mesogog wants that Legendary Power before Spectra and Jade learn there is one in his realm. And since Spellgate cannot cross salt water... the pirates keep to the seas often."

    Cedric hummed. "The Reefside Kingdom. It, like Angel Grove, is one of the few places where a dinosaur ruler is in charge. When we go there, we will have to be careful. And I just know the minotaurs and the lizardmen will wonder why two humans and a wolfwere are going there in a group."

    Shuriken grinned. "The traveling story we use is that I own you boys. Not true, of course. But the story works."

    End of Chapter One.
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon

    Chapter Two - Reefside Bound.

    Fresh horses and a hox (horse/fox hybrid) for the three were provided for the ride up the coast to the Kingdom of Reefside. And then a rising dawn ride hard and fast up the beach commenced. They truly only had one day of sunlight to reach the next kingdom and they had to make every second count.

    "How do you think the pirate will feel about our coming to cart his ass off the ship?" asked Shuriken thinking the whole thing was funny.

    Cedric smirked. "He will probably fight against us the whole way. Pirates aren't too fond of land lubbers like us."

    DJ giggled. "You can manhandle a pirate, can't you, Cedric?"

    "Oh easily!"

    Shuriken continued to find the entire conversation funnier than usual. Talking about dragging a pirate off to PROTECT them. What could be funnier?

    They would soon find out, but for now they had to focus on the ride itself. They knew that somewhere along the way they might encounter the stupid dragons' soldiers. They had chosen to ride the beach route on purpose but that didn't guarantee that they wouldn't run smack into a confrontation of the power hunting legions.

    Case in point one: Lizard Man Commander Drizzala.

    Here they were riding along quite fast and all of a sudden, he comes in from one side on his horse keeping up with them as easy as if he had been there all along.

    "We meet again, Ranger Lord! Truce, this time! I just want to know where you are going in such a hurry!"

    DJ smiled. "We don't have to be enemies, Drizzala. Perhaps we could be useful to Jade someday if he permits us to be free. Or is he enjoying the constant badgering he gets from his brother Spectra?"

    Drizzala chuckled. "The fact that you gave Spectra the slip did impress King Jade. I will make sure he knows of your proposition. Although I must still know where you are heading today."

    Cedric glanced aside at the lizard man. "King Mesogog's domain." And although the Ranger Lords and Shuriken rode onward, they saw Drizzala stop his horse immediately. "I guess that takes care of him."

    Case in point two: Minotaur Commander Raunothyme.

    With Drizzala long passed and no longer in sight, the three topped a dune and just ahead encountered a major blockade. It was Commander Raunothyme and all of his soldiers. They had been getting supplies from a ship at sea at what they thought would be a private location. When the Commander saw the three come over the dune, he shouted to his soldiers, "WAIT! Hold your fire!" And then he stepped forward and waited for the three to reach him.

    When the three stopped, it was Shuriken who took the point. "You are in our way, Commander. You DID hire me, remember?"

    "Don't give me that," he growled. "You should have returned yesterday. When you didn't, I thought you had been killed. And now I see you riding with two humans. Do you think I am that stupid. They both have them, don't they?"

    The wolfwere smirked as he replied smoothly, "I am using these two to get to the other Legendary Powers. I learned that only a human can touch and activate them. If a monster tries it, they will receive a shock so powerful that it would kill them on the spot. So like it or not... we need these two to get at the others. And that's why they are with me now. We are heading for Reefside. Another has appeared there. Let us pass and you will get the powers later."

    End of Chapter Two.
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon