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ADT: PRNS-01 Bending Reality

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    ADT: PRNS-01 Bending Reality

    Power Rangers Nexus Surfer
    Episode One: Bending Reality
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle (Writing as Aragh Darktalon)
    September 15th, 2012

    Cutter Devlin, Red Kangaroo Nexus Ranger
    Iris Angelo, White Condor Nexus Ranger
    Jeremy Phelps, Yellow Leopard Nexus Ranger
    Priscilla Somerton, Blue Bison Nexus Ranger
    Brand Maguire, Black Wolf Nexus Ranger

    I.N.P., Inter-Dimensional Wizard (team sponsor)
    Shaman Redfeather, Spiritual Adviser of Palm Grove
    Nine-Iron, Biker Dude of Bernie's Biker Bar
    Matthew Cetacean, Junior Photographer
    Evelyne Trottier, Young Fashion Diva
    Richard Lord, Millionaire Playboy

    Nexus Lord
    -- Ex-Ess, viral nexus beasts

    Chapter One: Sands and Tans.

    Palm Grove, California; Caesar's Spa and Malt Shop

    Although most movie stars lounged near the pool or sunned themselves in the spa, the younger crowd often hung out at the connecting malt shop and arcade. But further behind the spa was the edge of a desert like brush land where a training session between a native American shaman and his Australian white haired student was occurring.

    "Good dodge, Cutter!" shouted the shaman as he began powering up a spirit orb of fire to throw at the young man. "Try this one!"

    The tanned Australian young man had shoulder length white hair and green eyes. He often wore a red soccer shirt with a white stripe, blue jeans, hiking shoes, and a black headband. Today, he was stripped down to a simple leather loincloth although he was permitted to keep the headband on during the training since it helped to keep his hair out of his eyes. All in all, he looked a lot like the Elfquest wolf riding leader of the same name, minus the pointed ears.

    Cutter rolled to a stop and leaped to his feet just as he saw the fiery energy orb coming his way. "Whoa!" And he dove aside doing cartwheels and landing in a fighting position once again. "Too close for comfort, Redfeather! Watch it or else 'Mom' will wallop yer backside!"

    "She doesn't have permission to be up here," came the reply with a smile. "Ready to take a break? Or do you feel up to a good run?"

    The young man chuckled. "If we're going to do a good run, then let me get my regular gear back on. Last time, yas took us across a bunch of sharp rocks. My father wanted to kill yas for that except... yer already a ghost." Cutter winked with the classic Aussie grin.

    Redfeather chuckled. "You asked me to train you; not the other way around. But why didn't you get training from your parents? They are the demon hunters."

    "There are too many demon 'umpers in the world; Ah just wanted to do something unique. Ah can always fight demons later. When Ah am not 'unting for a girlfriend."

    "Good luck with that, Cutter," said Redfeather with a grin. "Get your clothes on; you're tempting this old spirit."

    Just as Cutter was returning to where he had his clothes folded in a pile, he saw what appeared to be an extremely ugly looking crimson glowing black panther beast digging through his gear. "'EY! What are yas doing?!"

    The beast stopped and glared directly at him and in that instant, Cutter could see that it was wearing a leather cord with what appeared to be a strange crystal on it around its neck. The beast then bolted but it wasn't getting away that easily because it made the mistake of trying to bolt past the young man.

    As it began to pass by him, Cutter grabbed the thing by its tail and he felt as if he had grabbed a hold of a red hot skillet without oven mitts. But before he could let go, he got dragged through the sand akin to skiing, which could have been fun except the beast was aiming at rocks and cacti in the coming path. "Redfeather! Do something!" he shouted as he got pulled along in one direction.

    Just ahead, a young photographer had set up his camera to take a shot of a desert lizard. He had gotten one shot of the scaly creature, but as he started to get the second shot, the ugly beast pulling the near naked Aussie rocketed in front of the camera just as the young man pressed the button. Thus giving him a shot of something best left not photographed. This would come back to haunt the photographer later on.

    As the beast tried to ram Cutter into a fence post, the beast and the young man suddenly vanished through what appeared to be a rippling sensation in the air just before the fence post itself.

    The junior photographer saw the effect from where he was standing and had wisely captured a picture of that as well.

    Redfeather was now worried. His student had just been taken through some sort of anomaly.

    End of Chapter One.
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon