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MS-01 Tam of Ages

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    MS-01 Tam of Ages

    PTR: Majorly Sirius
    Episode One - Tam of Ages | September 06, 2006
    By James Ghaleon (Aragh Darktalon)

    In the Nebula Frontier beyond space, the year was 1992. After 200 years of colonization, Earth Five was finally becoming an independent world. Many of the ancestors of the original colonists now populated much of the entire Earth-like planet. They had their problems, like most other struggling civilizations, but all in all, there wasn't any major dilemmas to deal with. The peace was shattered on a dark winter's morning, when Lord Dargon, Emperor of Evil, led his militant mutant soldiers against the unsuspecting populace of Earth Five. The planet was ripe for conquest, having unwisely banned weapons from their world long ago, and were now completely defenseless against their new foes. Lord Dargon conquered most of the planet, save for one hold out: a mountainous nation colony calling itself, the Sirians, a race of canine-like scholars and priests whose primitive ways were never tamed by the original colonists. Now facing the greater hordes of Lord Dargon, the Sirians have sent word out for their five bravest Sirians to come together and become the universe's newest Power Rangers.

    Coming up next on the premiere episode of Planet Terra Rangers: Majorly Sirius!

    *whispered* Man, you howl lousy!

    *heavy rock music*

    Tam of ages! Hear our plea! Give us the power! From infinity!

    Evil's on the rise!
    Majorly! Sirius!
    We have a good surprise!
    Majorly! Sirius!

    Canines the world unite!
    Against evil they'll fight!
    Showing off with their might!
    With a grin they'll bite!
    All Night Long!!!


    Rangers to the call!
    Majorly! Sirius!
    Blastin' evil through the wall!
    Majorly! Sirius!

    Canines the world unite!
    Against evil they'll fight!
    Showing off with their might!
    With a grin they'll bite!
    All Night Long!!!


    Let's get serious!
    Power! Rangers!
    Join the five of us!
    Power! Rangers!

    Canines the world unite!
    Against evil they'll fight!
    Showing off with their might!
    With a grin they'll bite!
    All Night Long!!!


    *heavy rock music*

    *whispered* Dude, that howl was much better![/B]

    Donovan Whitefang, Red Sirian Wolf Ranger
    Kyote Chronozander, Yellow Sirian Coyote Ranger
    Mylon "Kit" Oki'nathi, Black Sirian Kitsune Ranger
    Kuka Angajoi, Blue Sirian Dingo Ranger
    Kenneth Sullivan Squire (Whitefang), Pink Sirian Shepherd Ranger

    "Sirian Chieftain" - Sirian Husky Female
    "Dr. Patricia Squire" - Human Colonist Female
    "Campion" - Sirian German Shepherd Male

    Lord Dargon, Emperor of Evil
    General Perje, loyal follower of Lord Dargon
    Various Monsters of evil

    Chapter One

    A male Sirian Collie scout stood on the rocky rise gazing off toward the distant colonist's city, as he watched smoke rising from the city itself, fires blazing out of control in the distance. He turned his head toward his chieftain, a female Sirian Husky, and said, "Ju ibt cfhvo. Uif hpmefo fwjm ibt dpnf, kvtu bt uif ubcmfut tbje."

    The female chieftain hummed, staring into the campfire itself. "Uif ivnbot xpvme opu iffe pvs xbsojoht... boe opx, uif qbz xjui uifjs mjwft. Tfoe uif xpse pvu! Csjoh gpsui pvs cftu xbssjpt." And the runners began their task of locating the best warriors of the Sirian nation, no matter where they were.

    Two Small Streams
    A short alien-language tutorial will be given at this point.

    A male Sirian Wolf knelt at the stream, examining the trail of one of his students. It was supposed to be a simple task: go forth and hide long enough to elude the master for an hour.

    The Sirian Wolf grinned, saying, "If svot mjlf b gbxo."

    He runs like a fawn.

    Moments later, the student lay on the ground holding his head, while the Sirian Wolf sat on top of him, chuckling. "Uibs xbt b hppe usz."

    That was a nice try.

    Just then, the runner arrived, handing the summons scroll to the Sirian Wolf, who opened and read the summons. "Tibol zpv, svoofs." The Sirian Wolf began the run back to base camp.

    Thank you, runner.
    Now, do you think you have the alien language down?

    The language tutorial is now over. Back to the story itself.

    Zirus Desert

    A female Sirian Coyote studied the sands, as she created hieroglyphs within the desert sands themselves. She was alone at this location, and had all the time in the universe. Then, she pivoted her head, as she noticed the approaching runner.

    The runner handed over the summons scroll.

    The Sirian Coyote read the scroll, then offered some of her water to the runner. "Tibol zpv, svoofs. Uie dijfgubjo nblft uijt tpvoe jnqpsubos." She kissed the runner's forehead, then began her run back toward the base camp.
    End of Chapter One
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon

    Chapter Two

    Mazoth Ruins

    A male Sirian 2-tailed Kitsune was facing off against some putties who had wandered too far into the Sirian territory. The Sirian Kitsune lifted his Bladed Staff, and took a stance. "IB!" The putties then made their advances on the Sirian Kitsune, swinging their fists at their opponent. The Sirian Kitsune spun his Bladed Staff like a baton, then slashed and cut his way through the putties.

    The fight only lasted a few minutes, but when it was over, the putties were gone, and the Sirian Kitsune heard the mental racial advancement chime ring. He looked at his tails, watching his newly forming third tail grow into place. "Upebz, J bn bo bevmu! Xib-ipp!!"

    He continued to smile, as he noticed the arriving runner, who handed over the summons scroll. The now 3-tailed Kitsune read the scroll, then said, "Tibol zpv, svoofs." He immediate began his trek back towards the base camp.

    Eukala Plains

    A female Sirian Dingo practiced with her hunting Boomerang, doing tricks with it. She had already accidently struck her teacher with it earlier in the day. Now, she found herself alone in the plains. The perfect place to practice with a weapon.

    Suddenly, a party of putties appeared all around her, making menacing motions at her!

    The Sirian Dingo said, "Uspvcmf tff, uspvcmf ep! Nblft uspvcmf pvu pg zpv!" And she proceeded to attack her ugly clay-like foes! Eventually, all of the putties were destroyed.

    The Sirian Dingo panted raggedly, as she noticed a runner arriving, handing her a summons scroll. She read the scroll, then gave the runner a deep, passionate kiss on the muzzle!! Then, she began her trip towards the base camp. The runner grinned and cooed.

    Dr. Patricia Squire's Sirian Studies Estate

    An elderly Sirian German Shepherd said, "Hold the weapon up a little higher, Kenneth! That's the way! Now, strike the dummy! No, not like that! Try again!"

    Kenneth Sullivan Squire was about 16 years old, and was pleased to be receiving these private lessons from the elderly weapons master. Kenneth had black hair, green eyes, and a dark tan, from his activities outside with the old Sirian German Shepherd. One good thing one might say about Kenneth, was that he was in far better shape than any other member of the colonists on Earth Five. He hefted the wooden sword again and tried the maneuver again.

    Patricia walked up beside the old Sirian German Shepherd, saying, "How's he doing, Campion?"

    Campion replied, "I think he's actually better than I was at his age. I don't think I've thanked you enough for allowing me to train Kenneth in the Sirian Arts. Thank you, Patricia."

    Patricia smiled. "Why don't you two finish up then come on inside to get cleaned up for dinner. I made your favorite. Plus, I have some new details to discuss with you."

    End of Chapter Two
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


      Chapter Three

      Campion grinned. "We'll be along." Campion winked.

      Patricia headed back into the fortified complex.

      Campion walked over to Kenneth, and fuzzled his head hair. "You're doing just fine, Kenneth. Your mom has some dinner ready for us. My favorite, she said."

      Kenneth grinned. "Raw venison?"

      Campion laughed then tackled Kenneth tickling him all over! "You little pup!"

      Kenneth laughed too. Then something caught his attention and he pointed off toward a nearby rocky rise. "Who's that? One of your people?"

      Campion huh'ed getting off of Kenneth to have a look.

      Crawling on his hands and knees was a beaten and bleeding runner still carrying his precious scroll with him.

      Campion growled, "Kenneth! Get your mom and a medical kit! It's an emergency!" Campion headed out to help the runner back to the estate.

      Kenneth ran into the complex and soon returned with his mother in tow. Patricia had her black doctor's bag with her, as both she and Kenneth reached Campion and the runner. They carefully picked up and carried the runner back into the complex taking him to the medical ward. It was a part of the complex which saw next to no activity at all.

      An hour later, the runner's wounds had been properly cared for as he lay in the recovery bed. He smiled weakly at Campion handing him the summons scroll.

      Patricia said, "What is it, Campion?"

      Campion opened the scroll and read it. "This is an emergency summons meant for the best warriors of the Sirian society to come to the chieftain's base camp to receive a majorly serious gift, one that will... combat and force back Lord Dargon's forces who have attacked the colonist's cities all over the planet!"

      Patricia said, "Oh no! No wonder we haven't heard from the city in quite a while! They've been attacked and probably captured!"

      Kenneth exclaimed, "What do we do, mom?"

      Patricia looked at Campion who in turn nodded his head at Patricia.

      Kenneth noticed this exchange of glances. "What?"

      Patricia sighed then smiled saying, "Kenneth... you are going to go to the chieftain's base camp. Campion had said earlier that you're actually better than he was at your age. This is your big chance to become an official Sirian Warrior. I want you to go for it."

      End of Chapter Three
      "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

      ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


        Chapter Four

        Kenneth sighed. "But... but... I can't speak their language. It's just too hard. Besides, I'm sure they don't want a human joining them..." Kenneth turned his head away looking at the runner.

        The runner said in very broken English, "...If ...Cam...pi...on ...say you... warrior... then, you... are... warrior."

        Campion patted Kenneth's shoulder. "The runner is correct, Kenneth. And I say you're a warrior. Do you want me to come with you, this first time?"

        Kenneth smiled, "I'd like it better if you were there, Campion. They might not believe me if I just show up saying that I am a Sirian Warrior. Your words are needed."

        Patricia then said, "I'll keep the runner here and help him recover. However, if he wants to leave, I'll have to let him leave. The Sirians are often hard to convince that this complex is safe. You and Campion can use the old runner's tunnel that Campion knows of to get back to the base camp. Come on back whenever you need to. I'll be here for support."

        Campion smiled at Kenneth. "Come on, then. The chieftain is surely awaiting the arrival of the fifth warrior."

        Kenneth and Campion immediately started off toward the base camp via the runner's tunnel.

        At The Sirian's Base Camp

        The male Sirian Wolf sighed as he looked up at the three moons for the fifth time. "J bn hfuujoh ujsfe pg xbjujoh, dijfgubjo."

        The female chieftain shot a hard glare at the Sirian Wolf. "Tivti! Uif gjgui xbssjps jt offefe!"

        The female Sirian Coyote said, "Xibu jt tp cbe bcpvu xbjujoh?"

        The male Sirian Wolf said with annoyance, "Jg uif gjgui xbssjps xbt hpjoh up cf ifsf, if'e ibwf cffo ifsf bmsfbez."

        The female chieftain growled, "XF XBJU!"

        Just then, Campion and Kenneth emerged from the old runner's tunnels. They were tired and had encountered problems along the way. Campion bowed to the chieftain and said, "J bn Dbnqjpo, ufbdifs pg xbssjpst! Uijt jt Lfoofui Trvjsf, uif gjgui xbssjps!" Campion pointed at Kenneth.

        The male Sirian Wolf growled, "IJN?! Cvu if't b izpp-nbo!!"

        Kenneth didn't need a translation of that statement. He just closed his eyes, as a tear fell off of his face.

        The female chieftain growled at the Sirian Wolf. "TIVTI!" She then looked up at Kenneth, making an effort to be understood. "Ken-neth. You are fif-th warr-ior?"

        Kenneth opened his eyes, looking at the chieftain. "....yes... Campion said... I was... ready..."

        End of Chapter Four
        "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

        ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


          Chapter Five

          The female chieftain said, "Ju jt tp, uifo. Xf dbo cfhjo."

          The male Sirian Wolf growled, "Op! J xpo'u cf b qbsu pg uijt!"

          Campion walked over to the Sirian Wolf, pulling him away to have words with him. "Lfoofui Trvjsf ibt usbjofe ibse gps uijt. Ufmm nf... jg if xfsf pof pg vt, xpvme zpv bddfqu ijn?"

          The male Sirian Wolf arched an eye, as he glanced over at Kenneth... then he refocused on Campion, saying, "J tff b ivnbo... cvu jg if xfsf b Tjsjbo, mjlf vt... J xpvme dbmm ijn nz cspuifs. Zft, J xpvme bddfqu ijn uifo."

          Campion smiled. "Zpv bsf opu tp vosfbtpobcmf, bgufs bmm. Uifsf jt b xbz up nblf ijn pof pg vt."

          The male Sirian Wolf smiled back. "Nblf ju tp boe J xjmm cf ijt cspuifs."

          Campion then walked over to Kenneth and the Chieftain. "Kenneth... I had words with him... and... he's willing to be your brother... IF... you can become one of the Sirian Tribe. Will you submit to this?" Campion repeated the idea to the Chieftain in the Sirian language.

          Kenneth hummed, as he snuck a glance at the wolf.

          The male Sirian Wolf was still smiling. He nodded his head at Kenneth, when he saw the human looking his way.

          Kenneth turned back to Campion and the Chieftain. "I'll do it. What must I do?"

          Campion smiled, hugging Kenneth. "I know your mom will be proud of you. Just do exactly as the chieftain tells you. You will be tested. If you can show that you're one of us, then you will be. It's that simple. Plus, he..." Campion indicated the Sirian Wolf. "...has sworn that he'd call you his brother." Campion whispered, "In Sirian society, that's equal to an adoption."

          Kenneth looked to the Sirian Wolf again.

          The male Sirian Wolf grinned and winked.

          Kenneth smiled, as he turned to the chieftain. "I am ready."

          The female chieftain grinned. She tossed piece of meat on the ground. "Eat it. No hands."

          Kenneth frowned, but he didn't want to fail right off the bat. He got on all fours, and lowered his mouth to the meat, and tried to eat the meat where it lay. It wasn't very appetizing, but somehow... he managed to finish it... he then slowly turned his head toward the chieftain.

          The female chieftain nodded her head. "Go to stream. On fours. Drink water. Return."

          Kenneth sighed, wishing he had worn pants instead of shorts. The ground was rocky towards the stream. He slowly made his way to the stream. When Kenneth got there, his knees were in extreme pain, and slightly bleeding. He lowered his head to the water, and drank of the stream. It quenched his thirst, then... he began to make his way back... painfully.

          End of Chapter Five
          "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

          ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


            Chapter Six

            When Campion saw Kenneth's bleeding knees, he wanted to do something about it. But he didn't dare act to do so. Kenneth was in the midst of the tribal tests. Campion felt sorry for his young student.

            The female chieftain hummed. "Clean yourself. With tongue. No hands."

            Campion about complained. He knew Kenneth wasn't built to do that. But again, he kept quiet. He had no choice.

            Kenneth wanted to cry, but he didn't. He did his best to bend his head to his knees, and licked his own knee wounds. Once he had done so with both knees, Kenneth was literally panting really hard. He couldn't take much more of this...

            The male Sirian Wolf finally said something. "Dijfgubjo... J epo'u ibuf ijn uijt nvdi. Xiz bsf zpv epjoh uijt up ijn?"

            The female chieftain replied, "J bn usfbujoh ijn uif xbz zpv uijol ivnbot usfbu vt."

            The male Sirian Wolf hung his head. "J xbt xspoh. Qmfbtf tupq."

            The female chieftain grinned. "Cvu uifsf jt pomz pof npsf uftu. Jg if qbttft uijt pof, if'mm cf pof pg vt."

            The male Sirian Wolf snapped his head up. "QMFBTF! J'n cfhhjoh zpv! Opu uibu!"

            The female chieftain said, "Ijt ivnjmjbujpo jt zpvs gbvmu. Bgufsxbset, J xjmm fyqfdu zpv up ublf dbsf pg ijn."

            The male Sirian Wolf closed his eyes, feeling ashamed of himself. He knew this was his fault.

            The female chieftain escorted Kenneth into a dark tent, then, she emerged alone, closing the tent flap. The female chieftain then resumed her seat. "Opx xf xbju."

            It wasn't until the next evening when a slinky male Sirian Fox came out of the tent. He said, "Dijfgubjo... uif cpz jt ivsu... if offet b epdups."

            The male Sirian Wolf growled, "EBNO ZPV! J LOFX UIJT XPVME IBQQFO!" He ran over to the tent and went inside!

            The female chieftain said, "If jt pof pg vt, opx."

            The night passed, but for Kenneth, this night was his longest night ever...

            The next morning, Kenneth slowly awoke to see the male Sirian Wolf next to him, pressing a damp cloth to Kenneth's forehead. "Wh-where... where am I?"

            The male Sirian Wolf smiled. "You're in my cave. I've been taking care of you since the last test. How do you feel?"

            Kenneth winced from an anal pain. "I still hurt a bit... wait a minute... you're speaking my language. But how...?"

            End of Chapter Six
            "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

            ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


              Chapter Seven

              The male Sirian Wolf grinned. "You're speaking the Sirian language, Kenneth. You passed the tests. You're one of us, now. By the way... my name is Donovan Whitefang, and you are Kenneth Squire Whitefang. My brother. In Sirian society, a sworn oath is non-breakable. I swore to be your brother. It is now so. I'm sorry they did that last part to you... that was uncalled for."

              Kenneth hummed. "So... my other language is gone?"

              Donovan shook his head, changing the damp cloth for another freshly damp cloth. "Languages are never lost, Kenneth. You'll be able to switch back and forth, when you need to. Oh, I about forgot... the chieftain wants to award you with the Tam. The Tam is a Tribal Arcane Mark that shows that you passed our tests. The Tam also does something special for you. I think you will like it."

              When Kenneth was feeling up to moving, Donovan took him to see the chieftain...

              The female chieftain smiled. "It pleases me to see you on your feet again. I apologize for putting you through those tests. But you passed them and still live. You are indeed Campion's student." The chieftain chanted a powerful evocation as she pressed an iron pawpad to Kenneth's chest. Kenneth could feel the item marking him with the Tam birthmark. The Chieftain then stepped away, smiling. "Kenneth... from now on, you can be both human and a Sirian Shepherd, like Campion. We, the Sirian tribe, welcome you into our hearts. You are one of us."

              The female Sirian Coyote said, "I am Kyote Chronozander."

              The male Sirian 3-tailed Kitsune said, "I am Mylon Oki'nathi, but please. Call me Kit."

              The female Sirian Dingo said, "I am Kuka Angajoi, mate."

              Kenneth smiled. "I am Kenneth Sullivan Squire Whitefang. But you can call me Kenny or Squire."

              The chieftain said, "Now, the warriors are gathered. Please extend your battle hands toward the Sirian Camp Tam, and say, The power protects me."

              The five did as asked, extending their hands toward the huge Tam, saying, "The power protects me." Suddenly, five nova-like flashes of light arced out of the Tam and struck the five warriors, placing a mark on their chests, just over their hearts, much like a brand.

              The chieftain smiled again. "It is done. From now on, you are the Sirian Power Rangers."

              Dr. Patricia Squire's Sirian Studies Estate

              Kyote said, "Tell me again why we came here?"

              Campion replied, "Kenneth's mother has been researching something that may prove useful to our fight against Emperor Dargon. Would you prefer to attack Dargon without some form of special weapon only usable by Sirians?"

              Kuka said, "Makes sense to me, I suppose. But this woman cannot speak our language. How is she going to know what we're saying?"

              End of Chapter Seven
              "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

              ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


                Chapter Eight

                Kenneth replied, "My mom is pretty damned cool. It won't matter that she can't understand you. She'd have to be cool if she let Campion train me in the Sirian weapon arts."

                Campion grinned. "Patricia is nice. A lot nicer than the chieftain." Campion winked.

                Kit swished his three tails. "Sounds like a woman worth meeting. Are we there yet?"

                Donovan chuckled. "I just hope she has a meal waiting on us. This is quite the trip, you know."

                Kenneth smiled. "It's just over this next rise..."

                As they crested the rise, they saw a large group of Putties assaulting the walls of the Sirian Studies compound!

                Kenneth shouted, "Oh no, Mom! We have to do something!"

                Donovan exclaimed, "It's morphing time, Sirian Warriors!"

                Everyone struck a stance, extending their battle fists up into the air, as they shouted, "Ubn pg bhft! Ifbs pvs qmfb! Hjwf vt uif qpxfs! Gspn jogjojuz!" Kenneth immediately changed into his Sirian German Shepherd form, as the five's bodies alit with a brilliant white light. As the white light faded, each of the five were wearing a uniform of solid white, with no boots nor gloves. Then, a flash of colored stripes appeared down each of their arms, meeting under their arms, streaming down their sides, down both legs. This was followed by a golden glow upon their chests, as the tribal Tam brand appeared with a shiny gold radiance. Next, special security visors appeared over their eyes, shaped accordingly to their canine features. Finally, their power ranger weapons appeared from out of each of their golden Tam brands, as colored special effects explosions went off behind all of them at once! "Tjsjbo Qpxfs Sbohfst!"

                The Sirian Power Rangers then charged down the hill, leaping into the midst of the fray of Putties! Each of the five began assaulting a portion of the Putty army. Donovan released a howl of the hunter, as he used his Red Claws and Red Saber against his foes. Kyote used her Yellow Spear and Yellow Saber against her foes. Kit used his Black Bladed Staff against his foes. Kuka used her Blue Boomerang and Blue Saber against her foes. And Kenneth used his Pink Bo Staff and Pink Saber against his foes.

                Eventually, the Putties were completely destroyed.

                The Sirian Power Rangers then ran into the open gates of the estate, where they saw the second wave of Putties. The more powerful Putties.

                Donovan said, "Lfoofui, hp gjoe zpvs npuifs! Xf'mm iboemf uiftf hvzt!"

                Kenneth nodded his head, dashing deeper into the compound's main building!

                The remaining Sirian Power Rangers howled a battle cry that caused an energy increase to cascade all throughout their bodies! Kenneth also received this power boost! Donovan and the others then attacked the Elite Putties, in a very feral manner!

                End of Chapter Eight
                "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

                ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


                  Chapter Nine

                  Inside the main building, Kenneth simply followed the obvious path of destruction toward his mother's main lab. As Kenneth emerged into the lab itself, he saw a powerful looking humanoid wearing a blackish-red uniform that covered his whole body, while on his head he wore a silver-like fang helm that had a curved silver horn atop it's crest. In one hand he held a glowing silver staff that had a chrome-like "P" atop it's head. Kenneth also saw his mother with her back up against one wall. Kenneth shouted, in English, "Stop right there!"

                  The red humanoid warrior turned to face Kenneth! "So, the Sirians can speak English!"

                  Kenneth grasped his Pink Bo Staff in his battle stance! "Name yourself, fiend!"

                  The red humanoid warrior exclaimed, "I am General Perje of Emperor Dargon's Army! And who are you, Sirian?"

                  Kenneth growled, "I am Kenny WhiteFang, the Pink Sirian Power Ranger!"

                  Patricia was thinking, It's Kenneth! Please be careful, son!

                  Perje laughed out loud! "Pink?! You're the Pink Ranger?! Don't make me laugh!"

                  Kenneth growled, gutterly, as he raised his Pink Bo Staff, and shouted, in Sirian, "Eph Tubs Bdpmzuf!"

                  Outside of the compound, the other Sirian Power Rangers were just finishing off the Elite Putties, when suddenly, there came a massive explosion, as General Perje erupted backwards out of a hole in the wall of the lab, slamming into the far outer wall within full view of the Sirian Power Rangers!

                  Perje was already getting to his feet as Kenneth emerged from the lab, joining his Sirian friends in the compound's courtyard!

                  Kenneth said, "Ijt obnf jt Hfofsbm Afee! If xpslt gps Fnqfsps Hpmebs!"

                  Donovan released another empowering howl, as all of the Sirian Power Rangers leaped to the attack on Perje!

                  Kenneth backed up into lab, glancing at his mother. "Are you okay?"

                  Patricia replied, "I am now, son! You better go help your friends!"

                  Kenneth nodded his muzzle, and he leapt outwards, kicking Perje in the back of the head, as Kit smacked Perje in the back of the legs with his Black Bladed Staff!

                  Kuka bashed Perje with her Blue Boomerang a few times, then Kyote struck Perje with her Yellow Spear!

                  Perje fell to ground in several explosions, then... he was back up on his feet...

                  ...just in time to see the Sirian Power Rangers combining their weapons! "Qjol Cp Tubgg! Cmbdl Cmbefe Tubgg! Zfmmpx Tqfbs! Cmvf Cppnfsboh! Sfe Dmbxt! Tjsjbo Bttbvmu Dboopo! Bjn! Gjsf!" A huge beam of multi-colored laser fire rocketed out of the Sirian Assault Cannon! As it struck Perje, there was a massive explosion, causing him to fall to the ground, exploding once again!

                  Perje rasped, "You haven't heard the last of me, Sirian Power Rangers! I'll be back!" Perje then teleported away!

                  End of Chapter Nine
                  "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

                  ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


                    Chapter Ten

                    The Sirian Power Rangers then powered down, excitedly high-fiving Kenneth, while licking each other's muzzles! Donovan said, "Is your mother okay, Kenneth?"

                    Kenneth was once again in human form. "Yeah, but she told me to come help you guys. We won our first battle, guys! We were awesome!"

                    Kyote asked, "What was that special move you used that caused Perje to come exploding out of the lab?"

                    Kenneth replied, "Perje laughed at me, and the next thing I knew... I got so angry, that I shouted, Dog Star Acolyte, which resulted in blasting Perje out of the building."

                    Donovan grinned. "That's my brother! Come on... you need to introduce us to your mother!"

                    Kenneth smiled. "Right, but bear with her... she doesn't speak Sirian, like we do. She just loves to study the Sirian's every day lives, and the Sirian history. Come on inside."

                    Sirian Studies Dining Room

                    After a good dinner of prepared meat and purified water, the Sirian Rangers, along with Kenneth, Campion and Patricia relaxed in their chairs, letting their dinner's digest.

                    Donovan exclaimed, "Uibu xbt b hsfbu nfbm!"

                    Kenneth translated to English, "Donovan says, That was a great meal!"

                    Campion chuckled. "That's similar to what I said the first time. Tell me something, Patricia... what was General Perje after?"

                    Patricia hummed. "Perje was demanding that I give him the Keys of Kanus, the Sirian Guardian Protector. Problem is... I don't have them. He called me a liar and threatened to make me tell him where they were. As you know, Campion... I don't lie. I don't have the Keys of Kanus."

                    Campion turned to his Sirian friends. "Uif Lfzt pg Lbovt."

                    Kyote replied, "Uifz bsf gjwf dpmpsfe kfxfmt uibu vompdl b epps mfbejoh up hsfbu cbuumf apset."

                    Kenneth translated to English, "Kyote says, They are five colored jewels that unlock a door leading to great battle zords."

                    Patricia arched an eye, then snapped her fingers. "Of course! Now I know what Perje was after! He's after those five colored keystones that are in the capital city's museum. And he must have thought that I had the keystones because I am a member of the museum's research staff. But if he's looking for things that look like keys, he'd never be able to find them even if he were looking right at them."

                    Kenneth said, "So, we're looking at a trip into the city?"

                    Donovan and the others arched their eyes, questioningly.

                    Kenneth blushed, then said, "Tpssz hvzt... J btlfe npn jg xf xfsf mppljoh bu b usjq joup uif djuz."

                    Patricia nodded her head. "Yes, and this might just be the most dangerous trip of your lives, especially if General Perje and Emperor Dargon are there waiting for you."

                    End of Chapter Ten
                    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

                    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


                      Chapter Eleven

                      On a small rise overlooking the capital city...

                      Kuka lowered the binoculars, handing them to Kenneth, as she said in Tribal Sirian, "I see many Putties in patrols, Kenneth. Can we actually do this?"

                      Kenneth was putting the binoculars back into their case, replying in the same language, "I strongly believe that we can. Besides, my mom gave us the map to the city."

                      Kit's tails were tickling Kenneth's legs. "If Doctor Squire says we can do this, then we can do it. Besides, I am just aching to see some more action."

                      Kyote grinned. "I think what's really aching is your sheath. You haven't taken a mate yet, you know, and I can see what your tails are doing..."

                      Donovan laughed, as Kit blushed... the insides of Kit's ears turning more pinkish than normal. Donovan then said, "I think we make a good team, despite personal humor. Okay, here's the plan. We follow the old aqueduct into the city. It runs right by the city museum. Our mission is two-fold, of course. We need those keystones and we need to see about rescuing as many of the humans as we can. Anyone rescued will be taken to Patricia's place, which is now safer than it was, thanks to the security work we did there. Plus... I happen to like the good doctor's cooking." Donovan winked at Kenneth.

                      Kenneth fuzzled Donovan's headfur. "My mom likes all of you, as well. Thank you all for giving her that chance to help us toward having a base of operations."

                      Kit hugged Kenneth. "I like you a lot, Kenny."

                      Kyote ahemed. "Kit... you're doing it again."

                      Kit let go and blushed.

                      Donovan nudged Kyote. "Stop embarrassing the kid. Can we help it if he likes Kenny?"

                      Kyote hmphed. "I think you like encouraging his behavior."

                      Kuka exclaimed, "Are we going into the city or not?"

                      Donovan smiled. "Yes, we're heading in, but first, we need to morph."

                      Everyone struck a stance, extending their battle fists up into the air, as they shouted, "Tam of ages! Hear our plea! Give us the power! From infinity!" Kenneth immediately changed into his Sirian German Shepherd form, as the five's bodies alit with a brilliant white light. As the white light faded, each of the five were wearing a uniform of solid white, with no boots nor gloves. Then, a flash of colored stripes appeared down each of their arms, meeting under their arms, streaming down their sides, down both legs. This was followed by a golden glow upon their chests, as the tribal Tam brand appeared with a shiny gold radiance. Next, special security visors appeared over their eyes, shaped accordingly to their canine features. Finally, their power ranger weapons appeared from out of each of their golden Tam brands, as colored special effects explosions went off behind all of them at once! "Sirian Power Rangers!"

                      End of Chapter Eleven
                      "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

                      ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


                        Chapter Twelve

                        Donovan nodded his head to his teammates. "Let's head in. Remember the plan. And don't get cocky." The five then ran down the hill toward the old aqueduct.

                        Capital City Museum, Geology Wing

                        Donovan and Kyote carefully tread through the silent museum exhibits with a single goal in mind. The Keys of Kanus. Five colored jewels that would unlock a door leading to the great battle zords of the Sirian Warriors.

                        They had been lucky, so far.

                        No Putties.

                        Donovan hoped the other Sirian Rangers were having as much luck with their task.

                        Capital City Civic Center, Prisoner Detention Hall

                        Kit, Kuka and Kenny were up to their tails in a Putty battle.

                        Kit spun his Black Bladed Staff like a baton, then slashed and cut his way through his group of Putties. Kuka expertly hurled her Blue Boomerang through her group of Putties. Kenneth fought his way through his group of Putties, spinning his Pink Bo Staff.

                        After a few minutes, the Putties guarding the Detention Hall were destroyed.

                        The humans gathered there were afraid of their would-be rescuers.

                        Kuka said, "Dbmn epxo. Xf'sf ifsf up tbwf zpv."

                        Kit exclaimed, "J epo'u uijol uifz voefstuboe zpv, Lvlb."

                        Kenneth said, "Mfu nf iboemf uijt." Kenneth stepped up to the group of humans and said, "We're the Power Rangers. Dr. Squire sent us to rescue you. It's okay... we're not with the invaders. We're the Sirians of this planet."

                        One man stood up. "Thank god! We were so afraid you were sent to kill us."

                        Kenneth shook his head. "Freedom is at hand. We're to escort you back to the Sirian Studies Estate. Dr. Squire is awaiting us. Come on, all of you."

                        Back at the Capital City Museum, in the Geology Wing

                        Both Donovan and Kyote lifted their ears to an almost distant howl.

                        Kyote smiled. "Pvs gsjfoet xfsf tvddfttgvm. Opx mfu't gjoe uif Lfzt pg Lbovt."

                        Donovan nodded his head. "Uijt jt bmnptu upp fbtz..."

                        End of Chapter Twelve
                        End of Episode One: Tam of Ages

                        Stay tuned for Episode Two: Digging Up The Zords
                        "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

                        ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon