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ADT: PRMA-01 The Wizards of Aussie

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    ADT: PRMA-01 The Wizards of Aussie

    Welcome to the Magic Academy! Arch Magi with a set goal in life. To preserve the powers that be for all peaceful seekers of knowledge. A group of aspiring students begin on the path to learning this ancient craft, as they hope to one day become part of the esteemed Arch Magi caste.

    Coming up next on the premiere episode of Magic Academy!
    Power Rangers Magic Academy
    Episode One - The Wizards of Aussie
    By Aragh Darktalon and Lexington Lonewolf
    Started on August 23rd, 2008; Resumed on January 1st, 2014

    Sebastian Reynard Palmer -- Red Arch Magi
    Harley Montgomery Douglas -- Black Arch Magi
    Veronica Macbeth Waterlily -- Jade Arch Magi
    Lexington Vladamir Lonewolf -- Silver Arch Magi

    Allies of Magic:
    "Dusty", Red Kangaroo Boomer (Bus Driver)
    Auranea Martelle Sherwood Devlin
    "Magnus", Auranea's familiar
    Cutter Todd Devlin
    Roolock - Kangaroo Warlock

    The Boomer's Hole:
    Roe Phillip Kananatoth -- Proprietor of the Boomer's Hole
    Derek Joseph McCartney -- Bartender and Waiter in the Boomer's Hole
    Blake Zander Dragonheart -- Bartender in the Boomer's Hole

    The Demon Hunters:
    Mark Dirk Devlin -- Leader of the Demon Hunters
    Valon David Dragonheart -- Second in command of the Demon Hunters
    Deryk Arledge Devlin -- son of Mark Devlin (learning the family business)

    Enemies of Magic:
    Lord Cryptome, Dingo Mystic (very powerful)
    King Crocubine, Crocodile Sorcerer (very powerful)
    "Randy", Perverted Pixie (general mischief maker)
    The Five Pentacles of Darkness, various flunkies from the academy

    Chapter One -- Arcane Orientation Day.

    Magic Academy Academy of Magic
    Glenmire, Queensland

    The young man from the States got out of the helicopter shuttle and collected his luggage from the cargo hold. Then he looked around toward the three exit gates, one at a time, and finally saw the one that he had been instructed to take. Just outside of that gate was a bus with Aborigine magical rune artwork all over it and he got on board and smiled at the bus driver, saying, "Harley Douglas from the States. Is this the bus to the magic academy?"

    The bus driver, who had been reading a newspaper, then lowered the newspaper, revealing a red kangaroo boomer with a glowing collar and he was wearing glasses. "This is the bus, all right, mate. Ah'm Dusty, yer bus driver. Just 'ave a seat and when the clock is on Eight, Ah'll get this little ride started." He then winked. "From the states, yas said. Yas would be our first American student at the academy." He then looked more observantly at the young man taking a seat and getting settled in.

    Harley Montgomery Douglas had just turned nineteen about a week ago and when he was asked what he wanted for a birthday present, he had said, attend the Academy of Magic in Glenmire, Queensland, in Australia. His parents were not rich, but a local teacher in Storm Lake, Iowa, decided that it was worth the effort to get Harley what he wanted, and within a week, Harley was on board a commercial airliner heading for the land down under. Harley stood at 5'11" tall and weighed 175 pounds. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, and had fair skin, which made the girls back home drool, although he wasn't really interested in them. Had they been motorcycles or polar bears, that was another story. He wore black leather motorcycle boots, a white western shirt, a pair of oil-stained blue jeans, a black leather jacket that had a red kangaroo embroidered on its back, and he had a pair of RayBan sunglasses.

    Dusty smiled approvingly, his special "club radar" having been activated by this young man, though Harley acted normal.

    "Yas seems a might bit of a 'andsome bloke, mate. Yas got a sheila friend back 'ome?"

    Harley smiled. "No, a lot of them think I'm for them, but... they fight too much to make me interested in them. Now... if they were classic motorcycles or a polar bear... or something exotic like that..." He sighed happily, having dreamy thoughts.

    Dusty chuckled. "What do yas think about kangaroos, mate?"

    Harley replied, "The only ones I've seen were in the zoo. And none of them could talk."

    At that moment, a bell chimed on the buses dashboard and Dusty smiled. "One moment, mate. Ah got to make the call." And he hopped outside of the bus and raised his voice. "LAST BOARDING CALL FOR THE MAGIC ACADEMY, MATES! NEXT BUS AT 2 PM!"

    Harley quietly giggled. He thought Dusty was pretty funny for a talking kangaroo bus driver.

    Dusty then got back on board the bus and sat in the drivers chair. "Ah guess yas are the only one getting a ride today, mate. The Academy used to be a lot more popular. Then those last five scum came and tried to use the learned magic for evil purposes. Auranea caught 'em and they all got the 'Mom' foot shoved up their tails. Any way... Time to get going, mate."

    Harley sat back in his seat as Dusty closed the bus doors and started up the transport for leaving the airport and heading off across Glenmire to the Magic Academy itself.

    End of Chapter One.
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon

    Chapter Two -- Meeting the Other Apprentices.

    Auranea Devlin poked her head into the gym/training chamber and saw Sebastian Palmer on the weight machines on one side of the chamber, while Veronica Waterlily and Lexington Lonewolf were both practicing their martial arts against a few dummies on the other side of the chamber.

    "Has anyone seen Dusty this morning?" asked Auranea, sounding as if she had looked everywhere already.

    Sebastian replied, "Not since breakfast, ma'am."

    Veronica said, "I saw him reading the daily schedule a couple of hours ago. What about you, Lexington?"

    Lexington shrugged his shoulders after he gave a decent tornado kick to his dummy. "Ah don't know about Dusty, Mrs. Devlin, but Ah did see the bus leave a while ago."

    Auranea growled a little. "I told him a million times to stay out of that bus. Just wait until I get my paddle. We're expecting a new student today and I don't want him to get the wrong opinion about the academy. Especially after those last five idiots we introduced to 'Mom's big foot."

    Sebastian chuckled, as he put his weights down. "Ah still remember 'ow far they flew after one kick in the rumpus. Ah wonder if the authorities pulled their 'eads out of that dung pile yet?"

    Veronica laughed, then she got serious. "We're lucky Auranea caught them breaking into the artifact vault."

    Lexington smiled, then shook his head. "Still can't believe they tried to do that, though... But they did get what they deserved for breaking into the artifact vault."

    At that moment, a heralded BAMF produced Auranea's familiar, the demonrat known as Magnus. "Mark wants you to call him, Auranea. What he wants you to call him..." he winks with a grin. "...he didn't say."

    Auranea smiled a little, as she nodded her head. "Very well, Magnus. The rest of you... don't forget that you have a class to attend at Eleven AM. You're supposed to be learning Summoning today. I need to go call my mate." And she departed the chamber, heading toward the main offices.

    Veronica smiled openly. "That means we'll be a step closer toward learning how to get our own familiars... finally."

    Sebastian grinned. "'ey Lexington... are yas still going to try to get a marine mammal as a familiar? Or 'as reasoning set in that the ocean is over a 'undred miles away from the academy?"

    Lexington hummed, "Maybe... if my luck holds on, but right now, Ah should learn the magic before Ah try to attempt to summon the familiar. Ah don't want to count my joeys before they are born, yas know..."

    Suddenly from out front of the Academy, the sound of a vehicle running into the parking bumper, HARD, was heard!

    Sebastian rolled his eyes. "Something tells me that Dusty came back finally. And it sounds like 'e ran into the parking lot railing. Again. Mathilda... Auranea will blister 'is bottom for sure this time. Come on, yas two. Let's 'ead outside and meet up with the new student. We don't want Auranea to go out and give 'im the wrong impression, do we?"

    End of Chapter Two.
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


      Chapter Three -- Settling In.

      Standing in the parking lot were Harley, with his suitcases, and Dusty. Both were looking at the spot the bus was now stuck in. Dusty had somehow literally drove the bus up and on top of the parking railing.

      "My buttocks will glow brighter than Rudolph's nose for this, mate," said Dusty.

      At that moment, Sebastian, Lexington, and Veronica all emerged from the academy building and saw what Dusty had done.

      Sebastian said, "Oh boy... time to use my Levitation spell. 'opefully, Ah can pull this off before Auranea comes outside."

      And he began to focus his energies the way he had been taught and he cast the spell at the bus. And, the bus slowly lifted up as Veronica cast a Shove spell on the front of the bus and made the vehicle push back and land in the proper parking spot. The two had just finished their spells, when Auranea came outside and saw everyone standing there.

      "I thought I heard the bus crash again," she stated.

      Dusty put on his best smile and said, "Ah'm a better driver than that, Mrs. Devlin."

      Auranea quietly growled, then calmly said, "In my office. Now."

      Dusty turned to Harley and whispered, "And this is where we part company, mate, and my rump starts glowing like toxic waste." He then hopped off into the Academy, heading for the main offices.

      Auranea then said toward Harley, "I am Auranea Devlin, the head instructor here at the Magic Academy. This is Lexington Lonewolf, Sebastian Palmer, and Veronica Waterlily. And what do you call yourself?"

      Harley replied, "I'm Harley Douglas from the States. You should have received my letter last week."

      Auranea smiled. "Oh yes. Mr. H. Douglas. Your letter said you had just turned 19 last week and wanted to learn how to be a mage. Well, you came to the right place. These three will give you a tour of the academy and show you where your quarters are. You won't be assigned any chores or classes today, as we would like you to get used to the place first. Now if you will excuse me..." And she too headed inside to meet up with a certain bus driving kangaroo.

      Veronica giggled. "Welcome to the Magic Academy, Harley. I'm called the Voice of Reason, here at the Academy."

      Harley asked, "If you are the Voice of Reason, then where is the Local Hometown Girl?"

      Sebastian laughed. "We 'ad to change 'er into a Crocodile!" He winked. "No seriously, Ah am sure there is one around somewhere, but the sheila could never cut it 'ere at the Academy. Come on and we'll show yas yer quarters first, so yas don't 'ave to lug around yer luggage on the tour."

      As the three took Harley inside the Academy, on a nearby hilltop within view of the Academy itself, a naughty pixie suddenly appeared. "So... they got a new student today. Ah need to go tell Lord Cryptome and King Crocubine about this development right away. They will be thrilled to know that a new rookie 'as arrived. Corruption 'ere we cum!"

      And the pixie then turned invisible once again and flew off toward the nearest Dreamtime Realm Gate.

      End of Chapter Three.
      "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

      ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


        Chapter Four -- Shared Quarters; Separate Bedrooms.

        The four students soon arrived in the central dome living quarters located in the center of the Academy itself. The shared living room, kitchen, dining room, and Spell Desks on raised decks -- all shared space within the central dome. Three of the twenty-one connector tube tunnels were explained to Harley as leading to Sebastian's, Veronica's, and Lexington's bedrooms. Harley was allowed to choose his own bedroom tube tunnel and then, they helped him get settled into his quarters.

        Harley had chosen, not surprisingly, the most solitary and private bedroom possible. The other three were fairly close to each other on the other side of the main central dome. Harley's dome windows gave him a beautiful view of one of the many Dreamtime Realms, this particular view belonged to the Realm of Prince Sunsetfoot. The other students windows all had their own Dreamtime Realm view of their very own.

        "I'm pretty impressed with the bedroom size, guys," said Harley. "Its large enough for six adult bull elephants in here."

        Lexington chuckled. "Ah almost 'ad the same reaction when Ah started 'ere, to my uncles dismay." He remembered the time he started, and smiled a little.

        Sebastian and Veronica then stepped out of the bedroom to give Harley a few moments to unpack, though because Lexington was the last good new student, before the five bad egg students, they would give him the chance to help Harley settle in.

        Harley was indeed unpacking his suitcases. "I was actually surprised that my application was processed and had been accepted so quickly. But then again, Dusty told me that the Academy isn't as popular as it once was. I hadn't heard that bit of news in the States, so I wanted to attend down here anyway."

        Lexington nods, as he says. "Dusty is right when 'e said that, mate. the Academy used be more popular than it is today mate. Ah was one of the last good students to come 'ere before what 'ad 'appened."

        Harley chuckled, as he said, "I didn't want to get the Kangaroo's hopes up, but... I actually like him. He was funny and really nice to me. And obviously all of you guys care about him, too, or you guys wouldn't have moved the bus for him. I know Dusty wants to get down my pants, but that was in public. I do have some morals. Are you and Sebs an item?"

        Lexington blushed as he shook his head. "Not at all... Ah 'ave someone back 'ome that Ah like. Ah'm 'ere to learn magic, not to sleep with a classmate. 'Mom' would kick my tail to my 'alf-brother in the US if Ah did that."

        Harley hummed, then asked, "And what is Auranea like? She seemed kind of grumpy to me."

        The redhead replied, "She is a nice person if yas be'ave like a good bloke would. Get on 'er bad side, and yer tail would be 'urting for a week at least, even if yas are an old friend."

        Lexington then looked out the window. "Nice view of Prince Sunsetfoot's Realm. This would've been my alternative choice if I didn't choose to wake up to the view of Lord Bouncetail's Realm." He smiled a bit.

        Harley smiled, too. "Are we allowed to have our Realm windows open?"

        Lexington grins. "Only if yas want to be roo-napped and get yerself pregnant." He winked with a chuckle.

        End of Chapter Four.
        "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

        ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon