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[VJ-PAWS]EM-01 Unexpected Apprenticeship

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    [VJ-PAWS]EM-01 Unexpected Apprenticeship

    "Endless Magic" - A Political Alliance of Worlds Galaxy tale
    This is the story of a farming youngster's sudden adventure in learning magic after a wizard's apprentice tricks him into using magic and accepting a fake apprenticeship to learn more magic from the masters. This story takes place in the Political Alliance of Worlds Galaxy originating on an Earth-like world in the distant past.

    Raja (Tails) Orion: a lower class farming serf of Mulberry Forest (teen aged human hero)
    Piers (Recon) Cyril: a middle class docking warehouse assistant (teen aged anthro Raccoon)
    Master Wyzall: a wizard in charge of the magic academy of Enchantorre (adult anthro Owl)

    [VJ-PAWS]EM-01 Unexpected Apprenticeship
    By Veronica June (Artemis Archer)

    Chapter One - A Lesson in Humiliation.

    Mulberry Forest Farming Village; Aurakezel Kingdom; Late Summer.

    "I sometimes think the master is trying to humiliate my family by giving me a wand to focus my magical power through that seems to be keyed toward blocking my arcane abilities," said the humanoid teen aged male weasel wearing casual middle class clothing. My magic use without the wand is top notch as I proved when I got us out of the Master's fortress this morning. But this hunk of deadwood blocks all of my focusing abilities. I sometimes believe that a peasant farmer could use better magic than this stupid wand could."

    "We really should not be outside of the magical academy like this, Aurak," said the humanoid teen aged male raccoon also dressed in the garb of a middle class citizen. His wand was of the same make as the first youngster's wand but he had no problem using his wand. "The Master is going to find out."

    Aurak replied, "He probably has his nose in one of his magic books again, Recon. What is this village we have entered? I don't think I have ever been out this way before."

    Recon waved his wand at a nearby kingdom soldier in secrecy and stated, "The guard's mind says that this is the lower class farming village of Mulberrry Forest. Those who are too poor to live in the port town make their lives out here. They grow turnips."

    Aurak said, "Let's go find a farm boy so I can prove a theory."

    Recon went with the other student mainly to keep an eye on him. He had no idea what idea was in Aurak's head in why the weasel suddenly needed a farm boy.

    Carefully skirting the village, the two soon arrived near the backside of a farm that seemed as if it was not doing as well as the others in the area. There was a young human boy nearly their own age toiling away by himself pulling weeds out of the crop field. If the sandy blond turquoise eyed human was not so covered in dirt, he might have passed for a middle class youth. Aurak quietly remarked, "This boy will do, Recon. Just follow my lead as I role play this out to test my theory. If nothing happens, then no harm done." He then stepped out into the open near the back fence. "Young man. My colleague and I are traveling wizards and we have a debate that perhaps you could help us to resolve. My wand seems to be clogged and can no longer produce the magical sparks we use to entertain the poor. If you could assist me with unclogging my wand, we could gift you with an apprenticeship at our magic academy just south of the royal castle. Will you aid us in this dilemma?"

    The young human stepped over to the fence. "I really shouldn't stop working the field for fear of King Aurakezel's wrath. But I have unclogged props before and a wand should be simple to unclog."

    Aurak then said, "By what name do we call you, young lad, so that we will know what name to inscribe upon the apprenticeship?"

    The boy replied, "I am called Raja, son of Orion. My father is in the village square trading turnips for necessary farm tools. We have been battling weeds for months. They are so pesky; worse than a revolt. Let me see your wand and I will see about unclogging it."

    Aurak handed over the wand and said, "Hold it up in the air and while waving it, picture the effect you want to see happen and speak some nice words about the end result. We are wizards of our word, Raja."

    After receiving the wand, the young man did as instructed as he lifted the wand as well as his opposing hand into the air and said, "By the powers of good magic, if you please; I seek to remove all of the inedible weeds from my parents' crop field so that we can grow good crops for the betterment of our village." As he waved the wand, the effect in which Aurak could not duplicate earlier occurred as magical sparkles overtook the entire crop field and all of the weeds vanished out of the crop field never to be seen again.

    Aurak quickly retrieved his wand and he said, "A fine job of unclogging my wand, noble Raja. My colleague and I will return to the academy and prepare your apprenticeship. Someone will come around later to speak to your father about your good fortune. Come my friend, we have apprentices to see about."

    Recon wasn't too happy about the trick Aurak had performed on this farm boy. One thing he did know... lower class citizens were not supposed to be able to cast magic in this manner so easily. Only middle class or nobility were gifted to use magic in this capacity. Of course, he had never heard of a wizard invoking the powers of good magic, either. Once they were well away from the farming village, Recon said, "You lied to him, Aurak. If he is not apprenticed at the academy by this weekend, I am going to tell the master what we did today and of the results of your test."

    Aurak snidely remarked, "So you are going to get yourself in trouble at the same time. I didn't leave the academy by myself, Recon, you came with me. The Master will see this when he magically checks your aura; it is best if you just keep your muzzle shut. Now lets get back to the academy before old book-nose wakes up."

    And then without warning, a tall humanoid with the head and feathers of an owl wearing academy master robes was standing before the two. "So I keep my nose buried in books, do I? If your uncle, the king, had not come to the academy to ask me for an update on your progress, I would not have known that you had disobeyed my orders and left the academy. So who would like to be honest and tell old book-nose what has occurred out here today?"

    Aurak quickly started a lie that he had been rehearsing just in case about how a wand spell sent himself and Recon out to the village. But when he saw the fiery glare from the Master, he quickly shut up as if a hand was pulling his own tongue back into his own throat. Then Recon pulled the master to one side and he quietly told him the whole truth including Raja's involvement in easily getting the wand to work despite how Aurak had complained about the wand being set to make him fail. He also mentioned how Aurak had offered the farm boy an apprenticeship to the academy as if Aurak was a full blown master. The Owl master glared at Aurak once again. "Your uncle and YOU are imbeciles! An apprenticeship offer should be based on the truth and since this boy passed a magical test in the guise of being apprenticed to the academy, he will receive that apprenticeship, while you will be expelled!"

    End of Chapter One.
    "With nerves of steel and laughing at danger..."
    ~~~~~ Artemis Archer

    Chapter Two - Hearing the Last of This.

    Aurak then found his voice when he heard that he was going to be expelled from the academy. "My uncle will have your head when he learns that you are going to teach magic to a country bumpkin serf's offspring; it is illegal! The lower class must never learn magic!"

    The Owl master replied, "What do you think your uncle will say when he learns that you offered an apprenticeship to the serf's offspring? I can have the word in his lap faster than you can run home. Your service in the academy was at your uncle's request. Unlike the other apprentices, you never had to be tested; the farm boy was given a test which he succeeded in performing and it is your fault. Recon chose to be honest to me which is why he will not be punished for keeping an eye on you. His new roommate will be the farm boy once we have him properly enrolled, that is. I wonder what his fur will look like once he is properly apprenticed to the academy?"

    Aurak growled, "It is still illegal to apprentice a lower class citizen, test or not. My uncle will not stand for it."

    The Owl Master reached into the folds of his robes and he pulled out a crystal ball. "Come in King Aurakezel. I found your nephew near the serf village of Mulberry Forest. He was pretending to be an Academy master and he offered an academy apprenticeship to a farmer's boy in exchange for performing a magic test. The farmer boy successfully completed the test and now your nephew is swearing that it is illegal to apprentice a lower class citizen yet he is the one who offered the apprenticeship. What are your thoughts on this matter?"

    Aurakezel's angry visage appeared in the crystal ball. "MY NEPHEW DID WHAT?!" After that outburst, the King was seen being calmed down by his adviser and his wife.

    Aurak exclaimed, "Uncle! Book-nose gave me a enspelled magic wand that would resist my commands and to test this theory, I lied to the farmer boy in order to get him to use the wand in a simple task! I hardly call removing weeds a magical test! I never intended to place the boy's name into the apprenticeship records! Book-nose is now saying that I have forfeited my apprenticeship and the farm boy will be taking my place!"

    The King calmly asked, "What is the serf's name, Nephew?"

    Aurak replied with a grin, "The serf's name is Orion; they grow turnips."

    The king was then heard saying toward his castle guards, "Guard! Take a troop of men and go to the Mulberry Forest Village to slay the entire family of the Serf known as Orion!"

    Aurak smirked. "I knew my Uncle would uphold his own laws. You cannot apprentice a dead man, Book-nose."

    The Owl Master put the crystal ball away and he pointed a feathered finger at Aurak. "EXPELLED!" Aurak vanished in a puff of smoke while his robes fell to the ground in front of the Owl and the Raccoon. "Pick up his gear, Recon. We have to save this village from the ignorance of the king."

    Recon picked up the apprentice gear and asked, "Where did you send him, Master?"

    The Owl Master slyly grinned. "I restored him to his nasty human form and applied Bitch in Heat scent all over his anus before dropping him stark naked on all fours in front of the Royal Kennel Alpha whom is currently in Rut. He cannot get out of the kennels until the alpha both ties and fills the rotten bitch entirely."

    Recon nodded his head. "My family lives in the port town, Master Wyzall. If you are going to save this village, I humbly ask that you also see it in your heart to save the families of the other apprentices currently under your care including my own."

    Wyzall smiled. "It will be done when I move all involved out of the Kingdom of Aurakezel and across the seas to my homeland of Enchantorre."

    Recon said, "I thought Enchantorre was locked behind a curtain of sheer magic."

    Wyzall grinned. "Who do you think controls the magic curtain, Recon? Now lets get going. We have many things to do."

    By the time the King's soldiers reached the forest farming village, all they found was a bare mark in the woods where the entire village had once stood. Even the crop fields were completely gone. Later, upon returning to the port town, most of the town and ships were also missing. And thirdly, the Magic Academy was also missing. The Kingdom of Aurakezel was now mostly a ghost continent. Save for those loyal to the king and the king himself, no one was within the kingdom at all in any capacity. Apparently when you anger a wizard, you pay the consequences. The king's nephew was found with anal injuries from what appeared to be a canine rape although the entire royal kennels as well as most of the royal horses and their royal stables were also missing as well.

    Aurak growled, "This is all Book-nose's fault! He will pay for humiliating my family! I will get revenge on Recon for ratting me out to Book-nose!"

    King Aurakezel said, "You will have to find where they went first, nephew. They teleported almost the entire kingdom minus ourselves to some far away place. Only those loyal to me remain on this continent. I have sent word to our allied nations to keep an eye open for Master Wyzall and his students. Taking my citizens is like robbing the royal treasury."

    Aurak then calmed himself and asked, "Uncle, how is it that the Orion farmers can even use magic at all? Are they not lower class citizens?"

    King Aurakezel took a slow breath and released it slowly. "They were prisoners from a strange ship of collectors who claimed to capture sentient beings from other worlds. The batch in which Orion came from had the claim that they originated from the mythical world of Gaia where people lived in the harmony of nature itself. They excelled at farming."

    End of Chapter Two.
    "With nerves of steel and laughing at danger..."
    ~~~~~ Artemis Archer


      Chapter Three - The Apprenticeship Begins.

      Wyzall's Magic Academy; Enchantorre Kingdom; Early Autumn.

      With the other apprentices as witness to the officiation of the newest apprentice to the academy, the farm boy known as Raja stood before Master Wyzall awaiting the official moment he would be welcomed into the academy. Wyzall summoned his book of truths and opened it to a bookmarked section. "According to the laws of magic, young man... a promise made is a promise kept. You were offered an apprenticeship in this academy albeit from an unofficial source. We are a magic instituation established on truth, loyalty and dedication. You were given a test in which you succeeded in the exact instructions given. The student who pretended to be a master was expelled since he lied to you when he tricked you into using magic under the guise of unclogging a wand." He looked to the other apprentices at this point. "Yes, as silly as that sounds, go ahead and get any giggles out of your system. Aurak claimed that his wand was clogged and he asked this farm boy to unclog it." Since they had permission to laugh at how silly the claim sounded, this produced a few light-hearted snickers and quiet laughs. Master Wyzall then continued. "While you are under one of our apprenticeships, young man, you will wear the anthro animal form of a species that most closely reflects your inner personality and respected mannerisms. Aurak became a weasel and he certainly acted the part. I spoke to your father and he explained that good magic existed in your family's ancient past as did Druidism. This is why your family is so good at farming. Before your family's enslavement on Plant Orion and before you were born, of course, your ancestors were White Wizards and powerful Druids. Your social rank on your originating home world would have been between middle class and noble class. We do not have a ranking for that here on our world; but your father implied that the designation would sound something like upper class, yet just below royalty. Here on Alpha, your family kept a low profile while pretending to be lower class citizens until Aurak came to you with that silly story and had you demonstrate how good magic works. And now, we reveal your inner animal spirit..."

      Removing Raja's dirty clothes (including his worn leather shoes) and tossing them aside into a tub of cleansing detergents, Master Wyzall then annointed the young man with the acceptance oils for bringing out the inner animal spirit of tranquility. "Close your eyes tightly, Raja; this may sting for a moment as the inner spirit makes himself known. All in all, it is quite harmless." And the moment the young man tightly closed his eyes, Master Wyzall lifted his joining staff on high and shouted, "For this new apprentice, bring forth his inner spirit so that he may learn the magic of the ages!"

      A brilliant flash of red, white and green light occurred over Raja's human form which was then shrouded by a pale brown puff of smoke which smelled like ancient tree bark. The glowing light descended down to settle over the young man's feet while the smoke collapsed in upon the young man's body which then reshaped itself into that of a four foot nine inch tall light brown two-tailed fox which was wearing a native leather apron over his front section which was connected by a sturdy leather belt around his waist. upon his feet were what appeared to be dark red and white shoes which did not match the apron ensemble at all. There was a Celtic leaf insignia upon the apron and upon the top of the shoes on the toe regions. Upon his wrists were intricate leather bracers which also sported the Celtic leaf insignia.

      Master Wyzall had never seen an animal spirit make an appearance complete with its own trappings; although he had heard of such in his great-great Grandfather's time. Spirits with their own equipment often denoted a very powerful magic source. White Wizards and Druids indeed; Raja was a member of the Legendary lineage!

      "Are you okay, Raja?" asked the owlish master wizard.

      Raja replied, "I feel funny. May I open my eyes now?"

      Wyzall remarked, "I think you better. Now that your spirit has transformed your body we need to give you an academy nickname that you will answer to while in the academy itself. Any sugestions, Recon? He will be your roommate."

      The raccoon student approached the two-tailed fox and lightly rubbed over each tail. "With his permission, I think we should call him Tails. He did become a two-tailed fox and I have never seen the like of his kind anywhere on Alpha."

      Raja was then holding his tails in his fur-covered hands. "Why did I end up with two tails? The rest of you only have one tail." He then thought about what Recon had suggested. "Very well, you may call me Tails."

      Recon then said, "Master Wyzall, what did the colors imply that appeared around him just before he transformed?"

      Wyzall replied, "Red is a leadership quality. Green is a balancing signifier. White indicates the sheer goodness and purity of the soul. Brown is the color of solidity meaning strength of character and body. Spirits that come with their own garb are in the Legend class. Although I am not sure why Tails has a spirit like this himself as yet. But we will learn of his appearance at this time as a group. Make him feel welcome within our academy. Show him around and then take him to your quarters so he may get some rest. His classes begin tomorrow."

      Recon placed one arm around Tails and said, "Come with me and I will teach you the academy's layout; tomorrow you will receive your first lesson under Master Wyzall. Since we are going to be roommates, I will be there when you need to lean your head against someone's shoulder or if you want to do something a bit closer." The raccoon winked knowingly at the fox.

      Tails quietly asked, "So are students paired together just in case someone gets scared or lonely in the middle of the night?"

      Recon smiled. "That is the primary reason, yes. Although I may need you more than you will need me. Aurak wouldn't let me touch him at night. He claimed that a noble like him shouldn't sleep with a middle or lower class student like the rest of us. I am glad he got expelled so I could get a new roommate. Because of him, he was going to have his uncle, the king, kill off your entire home village simply to uphold his more than stupid law that lower class citizens should never learn magic. And now, here you are with us."

      Tails hugged Recon fondly. "Friends should always share space whenever spacing limitations are taking up the rest of the storage facilities. My bed is your bed, if you so desire."

      Recon hugged the fox in return and took a chance to kiss his muzzle. "I appreciate that offer, Tails. I promise not to make you uncomfortable while in our quarters."

      End of Chapter Three.
      "With nerves of steel and laughing at danger..."
      ~~~~~ Artemis Archer


        Chapter Four - The Education Begins.

        Early the next morning, Recon and Tails were hard at work cleaning up a sticky situation they had accidentally caused all over their fur in bed. Tails was embarrassed over the ordeal since he had stopped bed wetting back before he hit puberty and this reminded him of those accidents except this was a lot more sticky than wet. Recon said, "It is a good thing we were getting up early anyway or else we might have been late getting to breakfast. Was last night your first time having male on male sex with someone?"

        Tails sheepishly nodded his muzzle. "Yes and I am so embarrassed. I didn't know we were going to make such a sticky mess all over our fur like that. Aren't you embarrassed over looking and smelling like we fell into a honey pot?"

        Recon shook his head. "I would do it again for you, Tails. There is a quick way we can get clean and smelling good before breakfast and before class. But don't be embarrassed over this; the other students have likely done a lot worse than we have this morning."

        Tails was stripping the sheets off of their bed. "Are we going to mention this to Wyzall? Will he be angry with us?"

        The raccoon smiled. "Being honest with him is what earns you better rewards in the academy. And now for a quick lesson that is very important to remember from now on. In private such as we are currently, it is okay to only use his real name. But around the other students, in front of himself or to other adults, you always say either Master Wyzall or simply his title... Master. Not mentioning his station is to disrespect him to non-wizards. You didn't know that this time, but knowing this will help keep you out of trouble. Now lets go get these sheets washed and get ourselves cleaned at the same time. We will then bring the sheets back and make the bed before we get into our apprenticeship robes and finally we will go to have breakfast with the other students. Please do not be embarrassed over what happened; as I said, I would do it again for you, Tails. You are a lot of fun to sleep with."

        An hour later, Recon and Tails wearing their apprenticeship robes walked into the dining chamber where they filled their trays with a selection of the morning breakfast foods and a bottle of clear fluids. They then joined other first year apprentices at their table to have their breakfast together. Polite inquiries were made to find out how Tails slept during his first night at the academy. And then the topic shifted over into a magical topic which a few of the others were having troubles succeeding at. One student showed Tails a leather bound ball and said, "I am supposed to magically make this ball float in mid air. But every time I use the exact words that Master Wyzall has instructed me to use, the ball simply rolls across the table top. I do not know what I am doing wrong. It is said you are a natural at magic which is why you were apprenticed here, Tails. Could you please show me how you would do it? I need to understand and succeed at this lesson."

        Tails accepted the leather ball as he got out of his seat and he walked over into an open space beyond the tables. While holding the leather bound ball of string he held his arms into the air over his head and with his muzzle tilted upward, he said, "By the powers of good magic, please make this ball float in the air." Releasing his hold on the ball, it lifted off from his hand and then something unusual occurred. Tails found himself floating in midair as if he had cast the spell upon himself. But instead of a vertical stance flotation, it appeared that Tails was hovering in midair by his tails which were spinning just above his rump. And to make matters more embarrassing, Master Wyzall walked into the dining chamber at that moment and when Tails saw the Master entering the chamber, he lost his focus and he slammed into the wooden floor with a resounding thud. The leather ball stopped floating at that moment and fell with a few bounces on the floor. The fox was moaning in pain as he lay on the floor muzzle down.

        Recon was up and at his side immediately. "I'm here, Tails. You were doing great before you fell; what made you lose the ability?"

        Tails was sobbing quietly. "I saw the Master enter and his presence embarrassed me that I was floating during breakfast. I guess he will expel me for this, won't he?"

        Recon gently lifted Tails up and held him close to his chest as he cleaned the fox's eyes and muzzle from the fall. "No, he was as surprised as you were that you made yourself float as you had with the ball. The ball was spinning the same as your tails were. If he expels you, I will quit the academy to become your personal tutor. I will help to explain what you were attempting so that he has a good understanding of what happened. This was just some sort of magical accident that you didn't mean to cause, that's all. I love you, Tails."

        Tails felt awful and he had a bruise on his forehead due to the collision with the floor.

        Recon sat there as he held Tails in his arms. Master Wyzall came over and knelt down to hug them both. "Despite what you think I may do, Tails, I overhear everything that gets said publicly within the academy. I know another student asked you to demonstrate how you would use your power to succeed with a spell he has been trying to complete for the last few days. Furthermore, your magic works differently from how our magic works. Although there are similarities in how you think a spell should work, you initiate your magic in a different manner. Why don't we doctor your forehead and finish our breakfast before heading out into the academy courtyard. It was a nice soft ground and a few apple trees. You like apples, don't you?"

        Tails was still quietly sobbing somewhat as he nodded his head. "Yes sir, Master Wyzall. It is going to be hard to get used to calling you Master all the time since in our family, utilizing someone's title too often is an implied insult. And I do not want to insult you in that manner."

        Wyzall then said, "Perhaps we will find a middle ground in our lessons together. I have never had either a White Wizard nor a Druid as a student in my academy. You are the first, Tails. Your magic works far differently from our own. But this is likely the ways of Orion which we of Alpha are simply not accustomed to."

        Another student brought in the healing salves where Wyzall doctored the fox's forehead injuries. "As long as you uphold the three virtues of this academy, I will never expel you. The three virtues are Truth, Loyalty and Dedication. As long as you uphold these virtues, you will last as long as Recon has. While you are permitted to lie to a non-wizard, you must always tell me the truth. Aurak was expelled for choosing to not only lie to me but to disrespect me with that derogatory nickname he made up. He was only dedicated to himself and his social station of misguided pride. His own parents would not let him wear his own crown in public. Yes, he was a pompous little spoiled prince who thought everyone only existed to serve him in this world. His uncle paid me to teach him the basics of wizardry; something the spoiled prince failed at enormously."

        Recon smiled. "So when you used more magic untrained than he could even begin to perform after one lesson, you humiliated him."

        End of Chapter Four.
        "With nerves of steel and laughing at danger..."
        ~~~~~ Artemis Archer