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[MD] JA-01 Cheap Farm

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    [MD] JA-01 Cheap Farm

    [Magic Donkeys]

    [MD] JA-01 Cheap Farm.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    March 18th, 2023

    Chapter One

    :Somewhere in the Underworld:

    It was realm tax time and a Hell Donkey Alpha was feeling the pinch since commerce for his realm had not been going well and he was realizing that he wasn't going to be able to pay the Underworld taxes for retaining his realm. He didn't want to give up his legally earned herd in exchange for keeping his realm. Therefore, he was holding a meeting with his loyal herd populace. "We are on the verge of losing our realm, my friends. I need some suggestions."

    An older Hell Donkey remarked, "Your father once offered to let you migrate the herd back into his realm. Or is that not a possibility?"

    The Alpha said, "We wouldn't be hurting if I wasn't trying like Heaven to obey the new Underworld laws. Commerce in Hell sucks right now. It is no wonder most Underworld tribes are leaving Hell rapidly. I'd gladly do the same except we have no where to go. My father wants to claim my herd as his own for a political kickback. If we accept his offer, we are no longer our own herd tribe. Anyone whom wants to do that, I won't stop you. But I was hoping for a more sensible solution so we could stay together as a herd of friends. I don't care how crazy the solution sounds, we pay the tax or get separated by tomorrow evening."

    One of the teenagers remarked, "Devi-TV was recently mentioning how the old Freeborn farm in South Dakota on Earth was purchased by a Mega-Lottery winner whom renovated the entire property to combat against the Dakota Winters that plague the region. He even added insulation to the stables within the barns. The farmhouse was given a complete makeover to stop nasty Winter drafts from cracks in the foundation. It uses green energy and has solid water pipes that make the rest of the local region of Ridgeview seem like a joke. I mention this solution because the man's name is very donkey like. He wants to raise donkeys on his new farm. He's an author of novels otherwise."

    The Alpha arched an eye. "What is this donkey like name?"

    The teenager said, "His full name is Jacob Aceheart. It almost sounds like jackass-heart. And on Earth, another name for a donkey is a jackass. Since he wants to take care of donkeys, I say we ask him if he will let us live on his farm."

    The Alpha said, "Unlike the Hellhounds whom had been there before, we are not bothered by stupid cold weather, although that doesn't mean I want to wallow in a tidal wave of snow. I won't make everyone come with me. Who's in?"

    A vote was taken by the herd. Sadly a lot of the herd members were loyal to the older Hell Donkey adult whom had been with the Alpha since the beginning. They opted for the 'migrate to an existing realm' offer. That left fifteen jacks.

    :Ridgeview, South Dakota; Planet Earth; FE-11:

    At the former Freeborn farm, the local sheriff was speaking to Jacob Aceheart and Harold Irving Freeborn in regards to all of the renovations occurring at the old farm which looked more like a government research base than the former farm appearance it once had. "It's a shame you are not a Jack of all trades like Harold's brother had been. Our area needs one. This place looks like Ty Pennington and his friends attacked the place. I know it needed it; but where are you going to get the donkeys. I haven't heard of a lot of them being for sale. Maybe Isaac's luck will pass your way and you'll get some donkeys I don't know about."

    Harold remarked, "A lot of herd animals passed away during the last Winter we had. Locally, there is a donkey shortage. Ranchers are more concerned over their cattle, sheep, goats and horses than in the asinine types."

    Jacob had dark brown hair, hazel eyes and lightly tanned skin. He stood at five foot eleven inches tall. He was currently dressed in Summer wear clothing and sneakers. "I am glad you want to work here, Harold. With the closing of the race track where you worked before, I know you want to be around equinoid animals. And you're lucky I want donkeys here. Of course, a horse or two would also be welcome. As for you, sheriff, my green energy estate will be producing affordable energy that I can share with the region. I hated living on the East Coast; the Lotto Commission was shocked when I said what my plans for the money was. They begged me to live anywhere but here."

    The sheriff said, "I'll let the new mayor know about your shared energy offer. That will be useful in times of emergency. I need to get going." And he got into his patrol car and drove away toward town.

    Harold turned and shook hands with Jacob. "Now about your livestock... I have some ideas in regards to where to get some horses and donkeys. Nothing solid, but its a start...." But before he could finish the statement, a blast of fire and brimstone occurred in the yard, revealing two Hell Stallions and fifteen Hell Donkey Jacks. Harold said, "Don't panic, Jacob. I know the two stallions. Let me talk to them and see why they are here. They work for Devi-TV." And the human walked over to the stallions and after a few moments, he turned to Jacob. "You really do have my brother's luck, Jacob! This herd of donkey jacks recently lost their realm and they wanted to know if they could live here!"

    Jacob walked over and looked over the jacks before he faced the herd alpha. "I have heard stories about Underworld species, Alpha. As long as you are not here to do recruiting, you are welcome to stay. Just having someone around to talk to will make my novel writing less lonely. Harold Freeborn is hiring on here to help take care of all equinoid animals that will end up living here. The new barns and stalls are insulated with the Pink Panther brand of insulation. So no freezing to death on a Winter night within my estate. I occasionally like to pet and rub on donkeys while talking to them; even if they cannot reply. It makes me happy."

    The Jack Alpha replied, "We are not here to recruit, Mr. Aceheart. We lost our realm due to poor commerce and realm taxes. I am sure the herd will enjoy getting rubbed on by a nice young adult man like you. And unlike the Hellhounds whom visited the Freeborn farm before, we are not here to film a TV show."

    Harold remarked, "Cardinal Sins still airs on the late night block of programming. By watching the show, I can keep track of what my brother is doing with the hounds. He certainly loves them as much as they love his cooking. As stated before, Alpha, I will be helping you boys around the barns when Jacob isn't available."

    Jacob said, "Head on into the barn and find yourselves some stalls; I really need to get back to my word processor to work on my most recent novel." And he headed back inside the secured estate house.

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    :Aceheart Estate; Ridgeview, South Dakota; Planet Earth; FE-11:

    Some time later, Jacob arrived in the barn wearing sandals and nothing but a house robe as he carried a bag of oatmeal cookies and some bottled water. Arriving within view of the stalls, he grabbed some grooming brushes and he selected a stall and walked inside where he began brushing the Hell Donkey jack within. "I took a break from writing and I decided to come show some affection to my new residents. How are the accommodations?"

    It was the teenager that had suggested living here at the farm originally. "I like the automatic water dispenser and the push button feed trough system. I also like the regulated temperatures within your barn. How's that story of yours?"

    He then noticed that Jacob was naked under his robe. "And where are your clothes? Not that I mind..."

    Jacob smiled. "My novel is going well except since it isn't one I am fond of, I take breaks from it when I have to. As for my clothing, when I spend time with an animal in private, I bare my body to be as dressed as they are. I just noticed that you don't have the donkey sized cock like normal donkeys but you ARE erect. Is it the brushing that is causing the erection or the fact that I am naked under the house robe? You have a voice that suggests that you are the nicer member of your herd whom pays attention to details in the world."

    The Hell Donkey teenager grinned. "Anthropomorphic Hell Donkeys and Pleasure Island Donkey Boys have human sized penises. Only quadruped donkeys have the huge tub sausage that would do damage to nice human man's colon. Most of use are into gay sex since Underworld adult males can get pregnant. By the way, Jacob, I am called Creamtail, but my friends can shorten that to Creamy. Would you like to experience my cock some day? I promise not to hurt you. Harold is with the Alpha right now. They've been awfully quiet in there since he went in to talk to him."

    Jacob nodded his head and he gave Creamy a kiss on the muzzle. "When I am better prepared for the session, I'll let you be the one to show me how nice it can be. Have an oatmeal cookie." And he put one of the cookies into his muzzle.

    Creamy chewed up the cookie and swallowed it. "Wow, that is a creamy and delicious oatmeal cookie. Not that hard shit that some people create. What kind of preparations would you have to make before gay animal sex?"

    The human young man replied, "Lubrication for my tail hole so you don't accidentally hurt me, despite your promise. I just noticed that your muzzle tasted like milk chocolate. Do you produce that taste naturally?"

    Creamy giggled. "Yes, all Hell Donkeys can make the chocolate scent and taste from birth. Captains and Alphas can make a chocolate fluid that is so addictive that it can make you beg to be one of us. And as my Alpha said, we are not topside to do recruiting. We lost our realm due to tax reasons. The majority of the herd members opted to go join the Alpha's father's realm. I wonder if they are having second thoughts with that decision. They were mainly the older Hell Donkey Quadrupeds; and they would mount you without permission in a blink. I am glad they are not here because of that."

    Jacob asked, "Do you think Harold is having sex with the Alpha?"

    The Hell Donkey teenager nodded his muzzle. "Most likely but I would hope not. Harold is more than he appears. He is an Angel Stallion with the Freeborn Repair Squadron of Arcadia. But he grew up human and he likes being around other stallion horses. That's why he worked at the horse race track when they were open. But that last Winter killed a lot of employment all over the county. As well as killing normal animals. Harold was out of work immediately. That is why he was glad to learn that you wanted hoofies on your estate and you agreed to hire him. Harold mentioned that Ridgeview were cheating and low-balling Isaac out of proper wages for his jack of all trade work."

    Jacob hummed. "Then I assume that Isaac is an Angel Hound since he gets along with the Hellhounds so well. When I was growing up on the East Coast, I had a loyal dog, but it was the neighbors jacks that I enjoyed visiting the most."

    Creamy asked, "Did the jacks enjoy your visits?"

    Jacob blushed. "I always believed they did. There were a few whom would rub their heads against my body and on some occasions, nose their muzzles either up inside my shirt to lick on my nipples or down my pants to suck me. I never told anyone what they did since human adults have stupid ideas at times and they might have punished or killed them for defiling a human. But I didn't think the donkeys did anything wrong. They were not trying to have sex with me, so what harm was there in playing with them. Unless they were transformation victims to start with..."

    He then added, "They always enjoyed the apples and carrots I would bring to them."

    Creamy whined a little. "Now you're teasing me. I like apples and carrots too. And you're right, I don't think they did anything bad with you, albeit licking on your teats and penis without permission. Remember how I asked first?"

    Jacob said, "I've always been told that donkey transformation victims lose their ability to speak when joining the asinine species. If this is the case, then they couldn't ask me for permission unless I were to learn the donkey language. And yes, it was good of you to ask for sexual permission. And I agreed that you would be the first. As for learning the donkey language, I'm not sure how I would do that? I'm about done brushing you. Would you like anything else?"

    Creamtail remarked, "Could you remove your robe and turn in a slow circle so I could see your entire body? I want to see your entire body without the clothes in the way. As for donkey language, I might be able to help you with that." Jacob disrobed and made the slow turn for the Hell Donkey. Creamy then said, "As strange as this may sound, if you drink Hell Donkey cum, you will gain the donkey language between all donkey species regardless of planar source."

    Jacob knelt down and proceeded to suck on Creamy's penis while the Hell Donkey returned the favor. Share and share alike. Not to mention, humans had a lot of salt. When it was done, Creamy said, "Now you have the languages."

    End of Chapter Two