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[FE-11] JAS-GP-01 Revival Part One

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    [FE-11] JAS-GP-01 Revival Part One

    When Gerard Prince and other young adventurers want to do the right thing, they become the newest junior heroes to grace Forgotten Earth as The Junior All-Stars.

    [FE-11] JAS-GP-01 Revival Part One
    Episode One: Reviving Captain Rabbit
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    :Starland Amusement Park, Cucamonga Wilderness, Just North of Los Angeles, California; Planet Earth FE-11:

    Blond haired, blue eyed, tan skinned young Gerard Prince at age nine was exploring an abandoned amusement park just North of Los Angeles. "Getting in wasn't so hard. I wonder why they closed this place? The rides look like they are still in good condition. What's that sign over there say? Spacer Museum? That sounds pretty cool. I wonder if they left it unlocked like they did with the gate I got in at? The Urban Explorer website says that this is one location they were never allowed to come into because of security guards and the like. But I haven't seen a one since I arrived up here. Or maybe they only chase after older teenagers and adults." He approached the museum door and he noticed an old rubber welcome mat on the concrete in front of the door.

    "Surely not..." And he lifted one edge of the mat and saw a small hatch which he opened and there was a door key resting there. He took it out and replaced the mat and then he unlocked the door and opened it. "No one puts a key under the mat anymore. Time to see what's in this museum. It'd be cool if there were costumes and mannequins in there." And he stepped inside the door way and looked around. Thankfully nothing jumped out at him or else he might have jumped through the rafters.

    Momentarily, he found a bunch of statues that appeared to be ugly misshapen canine humanoids and boy were they ugly especially the females. "If my pen pal's little brother saw this, he would be trying to give them medical attention. How can a doggy be so ugly?" Walking past the ugly statues into the next chamber which was down some stairs.

    Gerard found a chamber with incredibly good looking and sexy anatomically correct naked rabbit humanoids although the hottest one seemed to be pointing one finger toward a side hole in the wall just big enough for a nine year old's average hand. "Damned, these guys are awesome. I wonder what that one statue is pointing at to the side? Too curious for my own good... here goes my trouble side..." And he walked over and he looked inside the hole in the wall where positioned inside he saw a glowing ring of gold and silver that had a lapine's head on it. The head had glowing blue sapphire eyes. "Man... I really didn't expect to find a treasure like that in this place. Now let's see if I can reach it without getting my hand stuck in the hole." And he nimbly relaxed his hand and arm as he slowly reached into the hole.

    When his fingers were able to touch the ring, he at first, instinctively wrapped his hand around the ring and tried to pull his hand out. But that didn't work. It made it so his fist was too big to extract his hand from the hole. Releasing the ring for a brief moment, he carefully turned it up so the hole was lined up with his ring finger and he slid his finger through the loop band of the ring where he felt a brief shock which made him instinctively pull his hand out of the hole.

    Looking at the shining ring that was illuminating the chamber in an upright position on his hand, Gerard straightened it out so the lapine head was topside and not on the bottom. "Tricky place to hide a ring like this. But why was the statue pointing at it?" He looked back at the statue and noted that the pointing finger was now pointing down toward an indentation in a console panel the same shape as the head of the ring. "How did it's arm move? Well, let's see what you're pointing at now."

    And he looked at the console panel and at the reverse print of the lapine head in the panel. As he moved his hand to examine the indentation, he felt the ring draw itself toward the spot and before he could pull himself away from it, the lapine head on the ring connected with the indentation in the panel. And in the next instant... the ring was back on the statue's finger as every lapine holding tube opened at the same time releasing a rabbity scented steam all over the basement chamber. Gerard almost passed out from the heavily scented pheromone.

    The boy's clothes were soaked and he smelled like a wet rabbit. he stumbled back toward the stairs so he could exit to get some fresh air. But before he could set foot on the steps, he was grabbed by his ring arm and a bracer device was locked unto his wrist. "What the Hell?!"

    In response to his surprised shout, he heard a male voice reply. "Where are you going, savior? You freed us from unlawful imprisonment and we owe you for your help in freeing us."

    "What did you put on my arm?" demanded the youngster.

    The rabbit humanoid replied, "An intergalactic language translator that will allow you to understand all spacer languages as well as foreign Earth languages too. You will also be able to speak those languages as a native. Because you freed us from slavery, we are gifting you with the power of one of our greatest heroes. A galactic super powered champion known as Captain Rabbit. To activate his power, just touch the blue button on your bracer device and you will change into him and be able to use his powers. Think Superman as a rabbit without the dumb weaknesses."

    He then added, "When you don't need the bracer to be seen, just mentally say blend and the bracer will vanish as if you weren't wearing it. This will allow you to bathe without it being in the way. When you need to see it again, just mentally say presto and it will reappear on your arm. Our greatest champion was a magic based lapine hero so the more you believe in magic, the more powerful your version of the hero will be. As you grow, so will the bracer and the lapine hero you will become. The form comes with a pretty snazzy costume as well."

    The boy sighed. "My name is Gerard Prince. What if I am tied up and cannot reach the blue button?"

    The rabbit humanoid replied, "My name would translate as Kelly Prince, I was an acolyte priest of the Holy Lapine Church. Should you need the form and cannot reach the button, mentally say the word abracadabra. You can use either the word or the button to change back to normal afterward. Why don't you give it a try before you leave, savior? We need to get dressed and find passage back to our magical home world in the Lepu star system, Lepu III."

    Gerard had always wanted to be a comic book superhero and these magical rabbit people were giving him the chance to become one.

    Gerard struck a comic book pose as he pressed the blue button on his bracer device. "Abracadabra!" Special effects erupted behind him as the rabbit champion appeared super-imposed over his human body! Then, the rabbit began to merge with him, his body glowing brightly! When the light dimmed, he was wearing his White and Blue heroic uniform, with silver and gold metallic highlights upon the rabbit shaped battle helm, with a special visor and air filter! The uniform then glowed once again briefly, as Gerard felt the thermal abilities of the uniform activating! As the transformation subsided, seven glowing stars appeared and rotated around him before merging with his champion bracer. He then struck his final pose, as he shouted, "Captain Rabbit! All-Star Champion of Lapine Justice!"

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Gerard looked to the rabbit acolyte humanoid. "What was up with the seven colored stars?"

    Acolyte Kelly Prince replied, "Because spell books can be cumbersome, our people have developed the ability to store our magic spells within the colored stars you received. The White Star represents Healing and Light Magic; The Black Star represents Weakening and Shadow Magic; The Red Star represents Fire and Strength Magic; The Yellow Star represents Earth and Gravity Magic; The Blue Star represents Water and Ice Magic; The Green Star represents Plant and Fragrance Magic; and the Silver Star represents Illusion and Wind Magic. Combining stars can grant more spells."

    Gerard smiled. "So in effect, Captain Rabbit is a combination of all of the elements in one body. And I didn't even have to let my powers combine. Go Planet! But out of curiosity, how do I make lightning? I assume I have to combine two stars magics in order to do it."

    Kelly replied, "You would be right, call upon the Wind star and then call upon the Earth star. When the two stars touch, you will be able to direct a lightning bolt wherever you like."

    He then grinned. "And remember also, like Superman, Captain Rabbit can fly; that will make getting home later easier for you."

    Gerard watched the rabbit males and females get dressed in their stored uniforms which the jailers had in the same room. "Good luck in getting home. Can you open a magic portal to get home?"

    Kelly remarked, "If we cannot acquire a ship, then a magic portal might work. Otherwise, you may see us around during your career due to our having to take up residence on your planet."

    A female rabbit then said, "If you have trouble learning how to fly at first, just remember also that rabbits can run like lightning. With a need for warp speed, like the god Mercury."

    Kelly smiled. "She's right. Flight is the ability to combine Wind and Gravity. same as Lightning. But running and jumping is a lot of fun, too."

    Gerard said, "I need to get home now. We really don't want my Litany bound mother to come looking for me and see a bunch of prey in one location. She can have a wolf's hunger."

    Kelly asked, "What does your father do for a living?"

    Gerard slyly grinned. "He is the CIA's best of the best, an agent referred to as Triple Oh Seven or the Silver Knight. He has a license to kill, but he prefers not to."

    Every rabbit was quiet when they heard about the boy's father. "You better get going, Gerard. If we cannot get off the planet, is there a place where we can shack up at?"

    Gerard replied, "You could take over the old Pueblo Cliff Dwellings and make it modern on the inside for your usage. It's located within a warm and arid locale in the Midwest."

    The rabbits waved goodbye to the nice boy turned hero as they watched him climb the stairs to the ground floor.

    "Guys, there are some ugly dog statues on the ground floor. Just warning you." And he headed out the door where he replaced the key under the mat and then he took off at a run and when he got to the chain link fence, he made a jump and sailed over the fence landing on the other side still running. The rabbits were right. Running and jumping was a lot of fun. Now he just needed to avoid traffic so he could keep his identity a secret. It turned out, alleyways would be his friend to avoid encounters.

    When he reached the back wooden security fence of his back yard, he peeked over the fence. Seeing no one in the yard, he jump flipped over the fence and as he landed, he said, "Abracadabra!" And instantly he was back in his normal human nine year old form. Then he looked at the bracer and mentally said blend. The bracer vanished yet it was still on his arm. Then he sniffed himself and was glad the rabbit scent was no longer all over his clothes as he proceeded to go inside his house.

    Going through the kitchen, he saw that his mother was making a huge dinner. That usually meant relatives or something arriving later. "I'm home, mom. I'm going to use the bathroom to clean up and then I'll save a few steps later so I don't have to wash my hands. Whom is coming to dinner?" And without waiting to get an answer, he headed on through the house toward the bathroom. Behind him in the kitchen, he heard his mother reply, "Q and his family; all of Leon's siblings; and my brother Mystic and a few of his shaman friends. I warned them about arriving clean."

    Within the bathroom, Gerard unzipped his pants to take a leak and was shocked by the rabbit humanoid sized cock that was in his pants waiting on him. "Damned... Dad will think I got into Viagra. But urine waits for no boy." And he took a healthy piss into the toilet. When he was done, his penis was still larger than normal. "Why do I have such a massive hard on? Lupa is not going to see this..." And he washed himself in cold water before washing his hands in hot water and soap.

    "Cold water didn't reduce the size. What was it that dad always said worked for him? Oh yeah, think of the nastiest female you know of naked and the unwanted erection should go away. That would be Mrs. Gillicutty from the second grade. The whole class saw her naked one day in the boys bathroom and most of us threw up repeatedly." As soon as he thought back to that horrible day, his erection went back to normal human boy size. "Dad was right. it worked. Now to go wait for mom to announce dinner."

    Within his bedroom as he lay on the bed reading comic books, he soon overheard his father speaking to Q somewhere in the house. "Someone broke into the government star port, Leon," said Q. "We cannot find anything missing but with the warning we gave the other Urban Explorers, the authorities are wondering whom got in there. The intruder had been inside the Spacer Museum." Leon replied, "I told you guys to put better security on that place. If nothing was missing, then we need to wait to see if pictures of the place turn up on the Internet and go arrest the poster."

    Before Gerard could make a personal comment on what he was hearing the adults were talking about, he heard a voice from his wrist. "Thanks again for freeing us, Gerard. Our people located the Pueblo Cave Dwellings and we are getting the place ready for our settlement. I apologize for contacting you at home, but we really think you are one hot and sexy boy. A few of our males want to play with you someday when you get older. Kelly out."

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      After dinner, Gerard spoke with Mystic Lombard the Shaman privately about learning the basics of magic from uncle to nephew. And a short lesson was enjoyed by both parties. Although Mystic mentioned that Gerard showed great promise in elemental magic, he also mentioned that his nephew was putting off a scent to suggest that his puberty clock had been sped up or advanced.

      Due to the change in Gerard's puberty metabolism, he could achieve puberty within a year rather than upon hitting twelve or thirteen. And the affect seemed to be a magical alteration to his normal humanity as if his normal humanity had been changed. Gerard wondered if the magical pheromone steam created when he freed the magical rabbits had anything to do with this change. He had inhaled a good portion of it when he got caught in the steam cloud.

      His growth and continued erections could be affected as well. He could end up like the tribe he freed. Not to mention the magical ring zapped him when he had it on. His hearing was better as was his current sense of smell. A magical lapine version of Superman albeit in human form. But human for how long? He also pondered telling his dad of his involvement in the star port break-in. Gerard decided to wait until the family was moving out of Los Angeles before he would mention this to his father, Leon.

      Thankfully it was his older sister whom broke the ice with the parents about the upcoming move and where to. Lupa growled, "I'm getting tired of these seasonal moves, dad! Los Angeles for Thanksgiving; Will it be Outer Hell for Christmas?" Leon remarked, "If you're hinting that you want me to move the family to the Dakotas, just keep bitching, Ms. Silver Platter daughter of my current wife! The plan is for us to move up to a small town in Northern Canada where the temperature and weather have been mild in comparison to the Dakotas current blizzard shit! The port town is called, Jacks Landing!"

      "Why are you calling me Silver Platter?"

      Leon grinned evilly. "Any time you want something without earning it, your mother gives it to you on a silver platter and if your brother so much as asks for anything similar, Rianne adamantly tells him no! It is no wonder he escapes from the Hell Hole of our homes to go have adventures elsewhere, since you can do no wrong and get things for free and he obediently works his ass off and is told that he cannot have even the simplest request! He could be out dropping his drawers for the wildlife and I would be happy that he is defying his bitch of a step-mother! I have half a mind to send her back to her parents in chains!"

      Gerard knew to stay out of that argument as his step-mother chose to open her big mouth at that point. As he locked his bedroom door, he heard Rianne shout, "I don't give her everything she's ever asked for and if you were going to send me away, why haven't you done it yet?!" Leon announced, "Mystic! Do it!" And in the next instant, Rianne found herself wrapped in silver chains and held within one of those magical pink holding bubbles. "Why do you think I invited your clean brother to our Thanksgiving Day dinner?!" And then he turned to Lupa. "Open your mouth in her defense and you join her!"

      Leon then started naming off every instance when Lupa ever asked him for something without earning it and not more than a few days later, she would have it in her hands, thanks to her bitch mother. Credit card statements do not lie. "Your mother was so used to getting her way after she escaped from her family's planned betrothal, that she rewarded you with the goods! I would always ask, What have you done to earn that request? And you would walk off to talk to your mother. I'll bet she was really pissed when I placed a lock-down on my credit card."

      He then stated, "When you got enrolled for martial arts lessons, I said to Rianne, That's a great idea! Let's get Gerard enrolled, too! and she explained that the sensei was only accepting female students. If you don't call that Silver Platter treatment, then I don't know what you might call it. Oh sure, females might get raped, but young boys have to watch out for sexually gay perverts. And Gerard was not allowed to learn martial arts because a pervert sensei was only accepting females? We need to pack up; I aim to be out of Los Angeles before 4 PM. Your mother is on her way back to Comet City."

      Leon sweetly smiled at Lupa. "I'll let you decide whom you want to go with. I am sure Grandma Lombard cannot wait to show you a good time." He winked.

      Lupa chose to lash out with a fist at her father's turned head... and that's when a government issue CIA issue pistol was discharged and Lupa hit the floor bleeding.

      Leon said, "Whom did you think you were about to strike, Silver Platter? The CIA call me the best of the best. Shamans, patch up the shallow cunt and take her and her mother back to Comet City. I will process the divorce papers before leaving Los Angeles. I still have several male Werewolf friends whom are smarter than these two. I am glad Q and his family left before this incident occurred. I still like you, Mystic. Your sister overstayed her welcome. I learned that during the Thanksgiving Day shopping trip, Rianne attempted to buy Lupa a fifty grand Harley Davidson motorcycle and I told the card company to cancel the attempted purchase. I know the shallow cunt has done nothing to earn that kind of present. When she isn't trying to get down some teen age boy's pants with her mother's approval, she is lazily reading biker magazines in her bedroom while Gerard does all the work. That's not how I and my family were brought up. Share the workload and get good rewards."

      Gerard couldn't believe what he just heard. His father just shot his step-sister in self defense. But his mind was still trying to wrap itself around the fifty grand motorcycle price tag. That was insane.

      He focused on packing his belongings and clothes. This was going to be a different Christmas; just the guys in Jacks Landing. No females. He hoped his father didn't back out of the gift he had asked for.

      Later as he was placing his belongings into the black CIA jet copter, He saw his dad placing his goods into the cargo bay. "Dad... You might just send my Christmas present back to Q once I tell you what I recently did... but it's my honesty that makes you happy to have a son like me. I-I-I'm the one whom broke into the Spacer Museum recently. The Urban Explorer web site talked about how they couldn't even get near the abandoned Starland amusement park so I went in the back way from Mount Buddy. The idiots whom own the place left the key under the welcome mat. That's how I got into the museum."

      Leon smiled. "I knew they were idiots. Then what happened?"

      Gerard remarked, "The first room contained misshapen ugly dog men statues. But I pressed on passed that shock and made my way into the basement where I saw sexy naked rabbit humanoids that I thought were statues at first; One had a hand pointing at a hole in the wall. Looking in, I found the glowing ring which I retrieved and then I figured out that the ring was a key to unlocking the holding capsules the rabbit people were locked in and I released them. They told me that pirates and slavers had brought them to Earth and they just wanted to go home, if they could. They gave me a gift for freeing them."

      Leon asked, "What was the gift?" Gerard held out his left arm and mentally said, Presto. The bracer then appeared in full view. "They gifted me with the magical powers of their home world's greatest champion, a hero called Captain Rabbit. But I think their gift to me might be malfunctioning. A few of the hero's powers and abilities have been leaking into my human form. Before dinner, I overheard Q and you talking about the star port's break in. And during the family argument, even though I was packing things in my room, I overheard every word you guys said. Fifty grand for a motorized bike is retarded."

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        Gerard then continued, "Government GenTech bikes don't even cost that much. And I recently asked you if I could have one for Christmas. With the built in GPS tracker, you could always know where I was during my outings. Billy Batson in the live-action series had a motor bike and I just thought it would be selfless request."

        Leon showed that he really cared for his son. "Show me this hero, son. As for the rabbit people, passage from Earth has to be cleared with Galactic Patrol. Professor Reivax in the Big Apple is the contact."

        Gerard struck a comic book pose as he pressed the blue button on his bracer device. "Abracadabra!" Special effects erupted behind him as the rabbit champion appeared super-imposed over his human body! Then, the rabbit began to merge with him, his body glowing brightly! When the light dimmed, he was wearing his White and Blue heroic uniform, with silver and gold metallic highlights upon the rabbit shaped battle helm, with a special visor and air filter! The uniform then glowed once again briefly, as Gerard felt the thermal abilities of the uniform activating! As the transformation subsided, seven glowing stars appeared and rotated around him before merging with his champion bracer. He then struck his final pose, as he shouted, "Captain Rabbit! All-Star Champion of Lapine Justice!"

        Gerard said, "Think a magical Superman as a bunny rabbit without any of the dumb weaknesses. The seven colored stars are my magical spell books."

        Leon said, "I'm glad the bitches missed seeing this. I can make the arrangements for getting the magical bunnies home. Where are they from?"

        Gerard replied, "Lepu III in the Lapine star sector. They kept calling me savior since I freed them."

        Leon said, "Call them and tell them that you are having space escort being arranged for getting them home. I just hope they told you the truth or else you might be wearing stolen technology. Galactic Slavers are also known as Species Recruiters." Gerard gulped since that didn't sound all that nice at all; he'd be pissed if Acolyte Kelly Prince lied to him. "Come in, Acolyte Kelly! This is your savior, Gerard Prince! I am about to authorize your escort back to Lepu III, unless you fibbed to me about your home world!"

        There was a pause before the reply was made. "Kelly here. Our people were sleeping. You found a way to get us home? That's great. The magic portal idea failed because we don't have a power booster for traveling that distance. I swear upon our god Warren and our goddess Breeda that I have not lied to you, Gerard. We still think you are the sexiest boy we have ever met. A few of our males are having trouble getting their erections to go away every time they think of you, Savior."

        Gerard grinned as he was about to reveal the secret for getting erections to go away. "Kelly, there are two ways to get an erection to go away. One, have sex with the opposite gender; or Two, think of the nastiest female you know of butt naked and the unwanted erection should go away. The uglier the better. Let me know how that goes..." And he waited for a response while smiling at his father. A few moments later, Kelly's voice said, "Wow that certainly worked! You really are our savior for telling us that. We'll be waiting for the escort at the Pueblo Cliff Dwellings. We are still here."

        Gerard turn to look at his father. "Make the arrangements, dad. He swears he isn't lying; he even swore by their main two gods."

        Leon said, "I couldn't understand a word he was saying. But here goes..." And he pulled out his agent phone and tapped in the speed dial to Alternative Factor in New York.

        Gerard blushed. "I forgot that my bracer doubles as an intergalactic language translator." He then used that moment to power down returning himself to normal as he pictured Mrs. Gillicutty in his mind to make his returned erection to subside once again. "I just wish the Viagra effect didn't make me erect every time I powered down."

        Leon arched an eye as he got the information from Reivax. "Lepu III you said? The Lapine Star sector was nearly wiped out during their most recent Jihad holy wars. The victors was the main religion of Warren and Breeda. Other new religions were quelled and their worship places destroyed. The new religions were employing pirates and slavers to port acolytes and priests off to distant worlds to weaken the main religion. Strange that their greatest Champion never appeared to save his people during the time of their greatest need. Officer Tyger Khils will arrive to transport the rabbits home."

        Leon arched an eye again as he looked to Gerard. "Could it be that their greatest champion was Acolyte Kelly?"

        Gerard replied, "That is a high possibility, Dad. Apparently there were two transformation devices. One was the magic ring; the other is this magic bracer. Once the pirates and slavers had him and the others locked up at the star port, he couldn't transform because he was separated from the ring. After I freed him, he had the ring on again and he gave me this bracer as a thank you gift. But when they couldn't find a ship to get off planet, they took up residence at the cliff dwellings."

        Leon fully got into the copter. "Let's get this Christmas move underway, Gerard. Too bad the women tried to get the upper hand; they are going to miss this experience."

        Gerard got in and strapped himself in. "So where are we going, dad? Jack's landing doesn't reveal much to me."

        Leon started the copter, "Jack's Landing is a western port near the Arctic Circle which doubles as the entry to the Arctic's Digimon Reserve. The CIA have agent homes up there to treat good family members to a Digimon experience on Earth. Sure beats going to the animated world for the same purpose. A few Park Rangers oversee the chaos within the reserve. You are sure to meet a lot of Digimon and make a lot of friends. You won't be able to write to your pen pal while we are there. No post offices."

        There was one stop at the government marital offices where Leon processed the divorce papers from Rianne which he already had drawn up in case this day ever arrived.

        Thanks to jet copter speed, Leon and Gerard arrived in Jack's Landing at 6 PM and the copter was parked in the CIA thermal storage hangar. The the two males gathered their gear and skied out to their new CIA approved Christmas season home in the Digimon Reserve. The home they moved into was a home built for two people; meaning Leon had no plans on bringing the women folk here at all. This was a father/son vacation. Not that Leon would ever be able to keep up with his son once he started running around the reserve.

        Leon said, "A decent night's sleep first and then you can explore to your heart's content. We have a month's supply of Kellogg's Corn Flakes."

        End of Chapter 04