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[FE-GRM] EABK-01 Urban Magical Education

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    [FE-GRM] EABK-01 Urban Magical Education

    Dodging bullies and gang members in the big city isn't always easy, but when Baxter Knightmane and his friend stumbled upon a mysterious book store at the end of a dead end alleyway, they thought they had found the perfect hiding place; but sometimes things which shouldn't be can lead to fantastic adventures.
    Eldritch Academy - Pocket Dimension

    [FE-GRM] EABK-01 Urban Magical Education
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01 - Getting Out of the Rain.

    December 23, 2007; a rainy Sunday;
    A library like book store located down an alleyway...

    The adventure began in a big city; it could have been any big city where narrow alleyways often led to dead ends due to a corporate conglomerate purchasing a lot that would seal off the once passable alleyway between the buildings and connecting one street to another. Two young men were running down a major street as they sought to escape from a street gang of ruffians whom one of the young men had humiliated. Perhaps they wouldn't have given chase had the one young man hadn't gloated over their stupidity over falling for an obvious con. The other young man couldn't believe that his friend had been so brave as to take a verbal pop shot like that. So now, the two ran seeking to put distance between their pursuers and themselves. As the two young men darted into an alleyway that was known by the gang members to lead into a dead end, the sky suddenly opened up and it began to rain in heavy torrents. The gang's leader said, "We got them now... That alleyway is a dead end. Mr. Loud Mouth finally made a mistake."

    As the two young men reached the end of the alleyway dodging old crates and bags of garbage as they went, the braver young man about freaked out when he saw the new building in the way. The second young man thinking to hide himself behind a large empty box at the end of the alleyway, That was when he found that the brick wall in the building seemed to be a door of some sort. "Rafael! In here! I found a way through this wall!" He pulled his friend behind the tall empty crate and they forced open the brick door and entered the space beyond as they pushed the door back into its former closed position.

    It was at this point that the two noted that they seemed to be standing in the entryway of a lost and forgotten book store. "Where are we, Raf? I didn't even know this city had a book store like this." The mouthy friend replied, "I really don't know, Bax. But at least we can get dry in here and hide from the stupid gang jerks at the same time. But shouldn't there be someone guarding the cash register?"

    The young man called Bax, or Baxter Knightmane rather, looked behind the counter and said, "The cash register is empty, Raf. The till is open and there is nothing in there at all. Let's explore this place and see if we can find anything that explains what this store was."

    As the two boys walked through an aisle of book shelves, Raf was verbally reading book titles that he was seeing. "A Hundred and One Ways to Collect a Witches Tit, The Complete Toad Cook Book, A Complete Guide to Treasures That Aladdin Could Have Found - Open at Your Own Risk. You know... I don't think this was a normal book store."

    Baxter had been reading off book titles on his own side of the aisle. "The Laws of Escaping a Trapper, How to Avoid Getting Dragon's Knots up Your Butt, A Guide to Moon-Touched Manners. Yeah, I think you are right. Some of these books seem more fantasy than non-fiction. Wait a minute... I hear someone chanting just ahead of us. Someone else is in this wacky place."

    As they looked around at the old shelves and dusty tomes and scrolls, they soon came upon a large open pentagram circle in the back of the shop where a black cat and a European raven watched a slender boy in black garb as he finished up an incantation of mystical qualities. "There... the protection barrier has been restrengthened." The European raven said, "Clumsy cat." The black cat retorted, "It wasn't my fault! That Hellhound caused it!"

    Baxter blinked his eyes as he thought, What have we walked into?

    Raf was less polite as his voice was rather quavery with excitement, "T..t..talking....a..a..a..animals....." He looked a little woozy before he fell over with a loud THUD into one of the shelves. Though, honestly, it was hard to tell if the shock was a good one or a bad one.

    The black clad teen aged boy and the two animals turned and saw the two young men nearby. "Guests," said the black garbed youth. The raven said, "The large one seems to be in shock. You better help him." The slender youth nodded his head and lifted his hand in a magical manner, which caused Raf to levitate in mid air before vanishing from sight from the back chamber.

    Baxter briefly said in response to he levitation, "Magic..." followed by the mental statement of, I always hated Harry Potter, but this is fantastic! but when his associate disappeared, his fascination turned to anger and fear. "What did you do with my friend?!"

    The slender youth calmly replied, "He had a head injury so I teleported him back to a clinic that I saw in his mind where he could get treatment. Fear not, for magic is never used to harm people regardless of what Hollywood tries to make it seem like people are supposed to do with magic."

    Calming down, Baxter asked, "So... how did you do that? I mean, it was clearly magic, but are you a normal boy?"

    The slender youth replied, "No, hardly normal; I am a Witch boy, simply put."

    Baxter blinked his eyes over that statement. "My friend Raf is likely freaking out or will be when he wakes up in the clinic."

    The Witch Boy then said, "Your friend will remember colliding with the brick wall at the end of the alleyway, which is the best thing for him to recall in truth." The cat then said, "Meow." And the European raven commented with, "Caw!"

    Baxter remarked, "Now wait a minute... I heard them talk when we arrived. What's going on now?"

    The Witch Boy stated, "The Universum spell must have worn off again. Please give me a moment to fix this."

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02 - Further Explanations.

    And then the Witch Boy chanted some mystical Latin while rubbing on both of the animals throats with his hands. As he finished, he stepped back again as the cat said, "I'll be glad when you learn the Permanency spell, Magnus. Having to do that every 24 hours is annoying. Though I do like getting petted." The European raven said, "You are a spoiled cat."

    Baxter said, "Um, what's going on here?"

    Magnus replied, "Like I said before, I am a Witch Boy. Somehow or another, you and your friend both found your way into the city's school of magic. It is supposed to be well hidden. But if you saw the entrance, then perhaps you are supposed to be here after all. My name is Magnus Arcane."

    Baxter says, "School of Magic? Down an alleyway? Odd name."

    Magnus says, "As I said, it was supposed to be well hidden. Yes, my name is an odd one. This used to be a busy institution until the day the masters abandoned this school saying that they were opening a new branch somewhere near England. I didn't want to go there, so I stayed here; I have teachers who have agreed to come here to teach me things. Non-human teachers."

    Baxter blinked his eyes as he looked around again. "It was raining outside and I initially saw the shop door at the end of the alleyway and I brought Raf inside. Before I showed him the door, he didn't seem to see it."

    Magnus said, "Yes, that is the main entrance to the school. Since you saw the door and your friend didn't, then you must have The Spark."

    Baxter then said, "My manners, Magnus... my name is Baxter Knightmane. Just call me Baxter. My friend whom you sent to the clinic was Rafael Stargazer. I don't know why he didn't see the door, but if this Spark has something to do with it, I guess that explains it. Um... you said non-human teachers.. Like what? Elves? Centaurs? Naga? Pixies? Fae-kin?"

    Magnus replied, "Yes, all manner of non-human teachers. One of my most favorite teachers is a messenger Hellhound. He works part time in Hell and is a Lord down there. Lord Saberfang is one of the nicer Hellhounds. And clean too. The one that was just here about an hour ago disrupted the protection barrier around the school. I just reset it when you and your friend came inside. You said it was raining out. You don't have to leave, if you don't want to. Let me give you a tour of the school. Think of this place as more of a private academy than an actual school building. Come on..." He motioned for them to follow as he began walking with his two animal companions.

    Baxter shrugged his shoulders and he followed the Witch Boy. The tour took them through the central courtyard, which was like a hidden central park with a view of a clear dome above, through which it could be seen that rain was still falling, and then within another building where a large board with numbers and keys were displayed. "Housing for the students when we had students here," Magnus explained, and then he continued to show Baxter around. Then they went to the cafeteria building where a fancy kitchen was housed; almost like a restaurant, and menus displayed for each day of the week. "Unseen Servant Chefs. Saves us from having to cook," explained Magnus. Then, they crossed the courtyard again and were in a gymnasium of sorts. "Recreation lounge," he said. And then, he took Baxter back to the main building where the registration office was located. "The classrooms are like any other classrooms you have likely seen, so I didn't show you those." Baxter said, "It's a nice place. Hard to believe that the masters simply abandoned it."

    Magnus stated, "I think money had a lot to do with it."

    Baxter said, "So it's just you, the cat, and the raven?"

    Magnus replied, "Oh no!" He then smiled. "There is another boy attending classes here, but he's out on a field assignment with his drake friend. In fact, when you two showed up, I almost thought that he had returned."

    Baxter said, "Did you say drake?"

    The Witch Boy remarked, "That's right. Dragon relations."

    Baxter said, "A school of magic. Real magic with real non-human teachers and stuff. I am actually... impressed. I never thought I would ever see something like this."

    Magnus remarked, "There are several dozen available classes. Thankfully, I don't take them all. But the other boy does take quite a few, yet still not all of them. When the school was in full attendance, we even had non-human students attending. But now, aside from me and the other guy, we rarely see a lot of traffic here, save for the accidental just passing through guys and the teachers who still come around."

    Baxter then had to ask, "Um... how hard is it to learn magic?" Magnus replied, "It is not hard. Registration is first, then the assistant inoculation to ensure that your Spark can further develop to become necessary for advanced spell casting. Then the classes themselves occur. It's almost like private tutoring around here these days." Baxter hummed... "What is this inoculation made of? I mean, what's in it? And can it be dangerous?" Magnus then began an important explanation. "Students whom already have the spark need to have a Pixie Drake Honey patch applied to either your upper arm or the side of your neck. After having the patch on for twenty-four hours, you develop the ability learn advanced magic. For people who do not have the Spark, then the student to be needs to drink the fluids of a magical creature, whether it is blood, semen, spit, or even liquid excrement. Some people are allergic to the Pixie Drake Honey which can make them extremely ill and they could die unless they got immediate treatment from our apothecary instructor. Typically, we are not supposed to enroll anyone incapable of developing the Spark. Also... your familiar helps you learn magic when you're not in classes. I am lucky enough to have two familiars. I can talk to them mentally regardless of distance, but I prefer to hear their voices, which is why I cast the Universum spell on them every day." Baxter asked, "Do you get to choose your familiar when you first get one?" Magnus smiled. "But of course."

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03 - Registration.

      Baxter said, "I am not about to drink magical liquid excrement... but I do want to learn magic. I think it would be useful. Where's the patch?"

      Magnus remarked, "Registration first, then the patch. We have to do things in order around here. Order means better magic. Chaos means bad magic. I am sure you have heard of the Wicked Witch of the West and what happened to her in the end..." He winked. "Come on, I'll help you with the paperwork."

      Baxter said, "All right, let's do this."

      The paperwork appeared to be simple, at least, the first page was simple enough: name, age, personal information, etc. Then the second page asked for weird preferences, starting with color, then animals, mythics, weird powers, spell affects, favorite seasons, what you like to dress up as on Halloween, and other weird stuff, including a question asking what the scariest thing you could think of. Baxter wrote down that the scariest thing he could think of was to accidentally walk into a bathroom and see his own sister naked. The most horrifying thing he could think of. Then the third page delved into personal questions about the student in question. Very personal questions, sex questions especially. Finally the last page was simply the rules of the school and a line at the bottom to sign ones name and write in the current date. Baxter was grinning as he filled out his forms; he thought that most of registration was actually amusing.

      Magnus used a mystic stamp to notarize the registration form, then he pulled out a box with the Inoculizer within it. It appeared to be nothing more than a band-aid with a small thick bulb of sparkling fluid in the center of it. Magnus then took one of them and applied it directly to Baxter's neck securely. And then he placed a wide snug school leather collar over the top of the patch to help it to remain unseen. "You can remove the patch tomorrow morning. By then, the bulb will be empty."

      Baxter asked, "This was an inoculation?"

      Magnus smiled. "I suppose you were expecting a needle."

      Baxter remarked, "Well, yeah..."

      Magnus said, "That would be barbaric. You will have to spend the night here. By tomorrow morning, you'll be inoculated. Then we focus on getting you a familiar. I think if your friend learned what he would have to go through to learn magic, he would have cited to let you try it first to see if you grew Lampwick's tail and ears."

      Baxter laughed a little. "That sounds like how he might react. I think he might expect me to say Hee-Haw."

      Magnus said, "No gang people can get in here. If you can see the door, you're capable of learning magic. Simple as that."

      Baxter said, "I saw the door but Raf didn't; I had to pull him through the door."

      Magnus said, "Come on. We will get you assigned to your official dorm. There are five levels to the dorm building. Seawolf/Otter, Unicorn/Donkey, Werewolf/Were-Kangaroo, Dragon/Drake, and Phoenix/Digimon. You can choose the floor you wish to have a room housing on. We have Lots of available space."

      Baxter hummed to himself as he thought over the choices. "Okay. Seawolf/Otter is on the bottom floor, Phoenix/Digimon is at the top."

      Magnus nodded his head. "That's right. Glad you remembered that from the tour."

      Baxter said, "I think I will choose the Unicorn/donkey floor. Although if allowed, I might visit the moon-touched and the Digimon if permitted." He then giggled.

      Magnus chuckled as well. "I think you made wise choices. The other boy sleeps in the dragon dorms when he's around. Of course, I've caught him sleeping with his drake on more than one occasion."

      Baxter inquired, "Really? Isn't that a little dangerous?"

      Magnus replied, "The books on familiars say that it can be, but nothing has ever happened yet. There is a whole library on nothing but Familiar knowledge."

      Baxter said, "It sounds very interesting, Magnus."

      Magnus leads Baxter in to the dorm building and grabs the key for the unicorn/donkey dorm, then he took the human boy downstairs where he unlocked the unicorn/donkey dorm floor and inside, it appeared to be lush meadows, quiet streams, and a pristine forest To one side was what appeared to be a barn with stables a few small cabins facing the meadows. "You have seen the dorm; so what did you think? And you can hit the library day and night at your leisure whenever you like."

      Baxter was a little shocked at how the dorm floor was magically spaced to encompass its own private world. "Yeah... pocket dimensions for dorms; I should have expected it but yeah." Magnus said, "We like them. They make good study areas, too." Baxter said, "Does anyone else live in the unicorn/donkey dorm?"

      Magnus replied, "Well, there is the farm; a rather large kangaroo teacher teaches there. Aside from that, a few non-human students live in the dorm. I am sure they will all be friendly as long as you are open minded enough to make an effort at making friends."

      End of Chapter 03