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[DAC-08] GEM-JCT-01 Mystical League No More

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    [DAC-08] GEM-JCT-01 Mystical League No More

    Golden Explorers of the Mystical - Jan Cecil Tanner

    [DAC-08] GEM-JCT-01 Mystical League No More.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    Brown Hair, hazel eyes, tanned skin and standing at a current height of six feet with a light weight of one hundred seventy five pounds, Jan Cecil Tanner wore a plaid cotton work shirt, blue denim jeans and track shoes along with white gym socks and white Fruit of the Loom underwear. He still wore a gift ring on his ring finger that he had acquired from a strange creature he had met way back when he was in Kiba Raine's club for boys which was called the Mystical League of Explorers. He hadn't seen Kiba in at least four years since that one wild and weird adventure through a mystical tree gate that led to the other fantasy dimension; it was reminiscent of going down the white rabbit's rabbit hole to Wonderland except it involved a ton of weird gay sex with fantastic creatures. Jan was lucky to get out of there still human.

    The creature called Raphael whom gave him the ring said that he was a Houndicorn, which looked like a thick furred German shepherd from the waist up and a scaly unicorn from the waist down; having cloven hoofs, a spiraled horn in the middle of it's head and smelling like a wet hot dog in the middle of Summer whom needed a breath mint. And definitely male. Raphael had said that his pack and the union would have his hide if he took a side job of munching on a cute boy. Indicating that he thought Jan was cute. Jan had shared a chocolate candy bar with Raphael and later after eating some himself...

    ...Jan found that Raphael's saliva on the candy bar granted him special eye sight vision to observe things you could once only have noted with magical aide.

    Jan had been changed into a Devil Mouse, a Tar Drake and a full grown Brown Hell Dragon before Keo the Devil Mouse chose to intervene on Raphael's behalf to restore Jan back to his normal human self.

    Getting returned to Earth to check in was not supposed to have ended up with the situation that was occurring now; apparently Kiba Raine was some sort of infamous male kidnapper in that region whom was nabbing unsuspecting human boys under the guise of letting them join his all boys club dedicated to made-up fantastical creatures; girls were never allowed to join the club at all. Once he had a good selection of boys in the club, he would trick them into agreeing to make a trip into the trap world where they would all eventually get transformed into various local species whom were on the verge of extinction.

    The local adults were finally fed up with Kiba Raine and were finally doing something about it. A former club member whom quit after getting involved with a girl was the one to rat out the clubhouse location as well as the magic tree portal to the authorities. Having a butch woman steering the bulldozer, the clubhouse was demolished and the tree portal was plowed up and sent through a wood cutting mulching device. Shortly after that, Jan's parents announced that they were moving to a rural city near the National Scenic Riverways in Missouri and how Jan would be better off in the family's home territory.

    Tanner Horse and Dog Farm; Rocky Falls, Missouri, USA; Planet Earth

    And the prior had occurred a week earlier. Now Jan was at the new locale getting a feel for the lay of the property and checking the fence line for any breaks to be repaired later. Jan would be enrolled in high school locally come the Fall but for now, he was to get used to his new surroundings and if he met any locals, see about forging new friendships. But the one thing he knew he had to do was to inform both Keo and Raphael of his new living arrangements since they were both his friends from before and he didn't want Keo to think that he skipped town. The Houndicorn could easily track him via the ring.

    Finding an old almost secluded cabin near the back of the farm along the rear fence with a nice view of the nearby river, Jan held his magic ring before himself and he said, "Keo! Raphael! This is Jan!"

    The Devil Mouse and the Houndicorn both appeared instantly and when they saw the old cabin, Keo began weaving his magic on the old building to magically repair it to be fit for the two visitors as their base on Earth. Raphael said, "You disappeared out of the old zone, Jan. What happened?" Jan took a breath and carefully explained what the adults had done in the old locale and then the decision his family had made once Kiba's clubhouse and the shortcut tree portal had been destroyed. "And now we're in the home clan territory of the Tanners in the Rocky Falls Region. My parents thought that I would be better off here."

    Jan then added, "But since you are both my friends, I didn't want you two to think that I deliberately tried to escape and end our friendship in that particular way. This old cabin is on the back side of my parent's new clan property; but with the way Keo is fixing it up, I am going to assume that he is converting it into your check-in base here on Earth. I knew magic could do some fantastic things, but Keo is really doing a number on this old building." Keo smiled. "Not just a check-in station but a job tavern for Underworlders of both his clan and my own. As for the old location, the adults are learning the hard way that destroying a mystic portal with mundane equipment is not the best way to close a gate between the mortal realm and the weigh station between worlds. The only thing they really did was make it possible for the weigh station citizens to cross over to Earth any time they wanted instead of waiting for cute boys to come to them. I am glad your parents got you out of that area or else you might be a slave now."

    Raphael grinned. "The government have placed the old zone under martial law and emergency shutdown status. No one in nor out without government clearance. You are lucky your parents moved you several states away for your own protection. You are still our friend and this new shortcut will be under our own and your own control at this new location. Don't let just anyone into this new shortcut or else you might end up as the new Kiba Raine and we like you for whom you are right now. We are still your friends. Man, you sure turned out HOT now that you are older!"

    Jan smiled as he scratched over Raphael's head and neck fur and scales. "You look the same as you did when I first met you. And you are just as sexy as before."

    Momentarily, Keo said, "Raphael, choose a side door to lead to the Houndicorn embassy while I am setting up the Devil Mouse embassy in the attic. When you make your choice, let me know and I'll arrange the shortcut back to the actual place in your home realm." Raphael grinned. "In all preference, Keo, I'd prefer the entry to be a door leading to a former root cellar and the shortcut door be located down there. That way if someone enters the old cabin, they don't see the weird doors immediately. The last thing we need is for people to start disappearing locally." Keo nodded his mousy head. "I'll handle it."

    Raphael smiled up at Jan. "Let's head down below and see about designating the spot for the shortcut door and after that, personal quarters for Houndicorns that decide to stay in a room at the job tavern."

    Walking with the Houndicorn, Jan escorted his friend down into the lower cavern like chamber which had no exits aside from where they had entered from. Raphael had Jan point to the wall that was blocking the cliff next to the river and then Raphael chose a blank wall opposite from that spot to have the shortcut door. The other walls were designated to have spare bedrooms and the job tavern kitchen for the Houndicorn whom would be running this portion of the job tavern. Meals and species preferred alcohol would be served in the tavern. Keo did his thing for the lower chambers before returning to the attic.

    Once they were alone, Raphael took Jan into a private bedroom and after having Jan undress, he proceeded to place an additional claim on his chosen companion human boy via sex and knots.

    When that session ended, Raphael cleaned the boy up via licking entirely. "We cannot have your parents smelling sex on your body, now can we?"

    Jan hugged the Houndicorn and scratched and rubbed all over his body again. "Your sex scent doesn't have the usual 'just had sex' smell to it. I doubt my parents would notice any scent at all."

    End of Chapter One.