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[FE-III-01] EA-04 Finding Adam

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    [FE-III-01] EA-04 Finding Adam

    [FE-III-01] Edward Adams

    This is the adventures of the Underworld's version of the FBI, aptly named Triple Eye: Infernal Intelligence Investigations. A young person gets to experience these adventures with a seasoned set of III Agents. (This adventure is based on an forum RPG that occurred in 2010.)

    Infernal Intelligence Investigations
    Episode Four: Finding Adam
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    June 5th, 2019

    Edward "Eddie" Quincy Adams
    James Franklin "Franky" Kennedy
    Maatz Arelli, Head Chief of the III Agency
    "Masya", male information devil mouse
    "Yasma", male investigation devil mouse
    Lavadance of the Flame Pride, male orange and black Hell Panther
    City Gate Guardian Sampede of the Armored Labyrinth Clan, male purple and gold Minotaur with glowing slitted red eyes
    Greyhoof of the Felldancer Herd, male soft grey colored Hell Stallion
    Val, a rather plain looking red and silver male adult drake

    Chapter One.

    Eddie's IDM Way-station Tree-house; Arlington Apartments backyard, Washington D.C.

    Eddie said, "I hope the power gets restored soon so Franky and I can resume going to school. If I learn that Zelko had something to do with this, I will rip his hide off of his useless Devil Mouse body. I cannot believe he is still on the loose. Most of the others involved with nabbing me were caught. Even Felton was returned to the Emperor."

    Masya said, "I am still surprised that Mack Roo was afflicted with an induced Rut that was so devious that he himself could not detect it. Subtle diversionary tactics make for piss poor wartime activities. The Yuskay Groomers have been working overtime in reversing the aerosol rut from the air in the Underworld."

    Maatz said, "Converting your treetop clubhouse with Inter-Dimensional Spacing to make a weigh-station for good Underworlders was an excellent idea. I've never seen the IDM looking so happy at getting a clean office outside of the polluted air of the Underworld. Even having the Arden's Pizza outlet window was a good idea. As well as providing human safe food and drink to protect family and friends if they should come here. Speaking of friends, wasn't Franky supposed to be teleporting over here today?"

    Eddie looked at his own mother before replying, "Franky's mother likely won't let him leave the house during bad weather like today. Unlike my mom, Franky's mom doesn't know about the Rescue Rangers organization that you are running that he joined. He will be lucky if he can manage to escape from home today."

    Maatz then looked to Eve and asked a serious question. "Eve, this hasn't come up before and I have been curious, if you don't mind... but what is the fate of your husband? Eddie only mentioned that his father hasn't been home in a long time. If you don't mind sharing the story with me, I would really like to know."

    Before the woman could answer, Franky landed on the teleport arrival platform via teleportation with a heavy thud. He looked soaked to the bone, like a drowned cat. Eddie and Masya grabbed a towel and took it over to Franky to help him get dry. "How did you get so wet during a teleport?" Lavadance said, "Bring him over here and I will turn on my personal heat and dry him with my blow dryer abilities. Who knew it could rain so much?"

    Eve then pulled Maatz over to one side and said, "My husband worked in the FBI's cold case division where his job is much the same as yours currently is. Finding missing children. One of my husband's talents was to mimic a young boy's voice; he was so good at it, it often fooled his superiors in the organization. One night, he got a hot tip about some boys being called out to explore a weedy field. My husband went there and he was never seen again. A few days later, some women were picking up plastic and cans for recycling near the field and they found my husband, Adam's, clothing; his suit, his undergarments, and his badge and weapon just laying in the weeds; even his shoes and socks were laying at the end of his pants. The ladies called the authorities after getting the badge number and the field was scoured carefully. They even cut all the grass out there and carted the weeds off to a mulching plant where fertilizer was made. The only thing they could find at that field, they said, were animal paw prints and boys bare footprints all leading to one spot and just vanishing after arriving there. Adam's case file is still open, but like the missing boys, he has yet to be found; I chose to tell Eddie that his father was still working on the missing children cases so he wouldn't worry and try to go find him. Eddie was six to eight years old at the time. He is fourteen currently. If this information helps you somehow, I would be grateful."

    Maatz pulled out his PDA. "So this happened six to eight years ago, surface world reckoning... give me a moment..." And he input the information he was just given and soon he stated without a smile. "Due to time dilation in the Underworld, Mrs. Adams, this occurred back before the Anti-Recruiting laws in Hell went into effect. Sad to say, Eve... your husband likely befell a recruiting trap. The kidnappers are only interested in young human boys whom won't be human once they are recruited. And their M.O. was to strike only at night when little girls would never be out after dark, but a little boy would take that chance. Especially if it meant making a friend out of a talking animal, like the cartoon characters on TV. My guess on what happened is this, Eve... Your husband pretended to be a young boy and when he met up with the magical talking animals, they age regressed him out of his clothes and took the now young boy whom no longer had the strength to fight back against his kidnappers and they took him to the Underworld through the magical night gate that was placed into that weedy field. I only hope it was normal Underworlders and not a dragon that nabbed your husband because normal denizens would be easier to get your husband back from. As long as he isn't pregnant since boys can get pregnant in the Underworld. If your husband became a dragon's sex toy mate, then Adam is as gay as a flitting fairy elf from Passion Park and he wouldn't want to return to being a straight human male adult. He might even return to his dragon master on purpose and deliberately sit on his master's cock just to get the nice playful feeling back that was taken away from him. So I really hope a dragon was not involved." He paused and said, "I am getting Underworld law services involved in this case since if your husband is in the planar realms then he has been having quite the adventure in the nude."

    Eve smirked as she said, "If those Hell Animals got to see Adam's erection, they might have sat on his cock instead of simply knocking him up. His boner is what attracted me to him in the first place. Most young men had to put a baked potato in their pants to have something that looked like a hard on. Adam was a natural at arousal and anyone who got to experience it was never sorry. I wasn't the first person who eventually scored a successful marriage with him; he had dated many people on both sides of the fence. So you see, Maatz, Adam Lars Adams was bi-sexual even before I had met him. But he always played clean. He would visit his doctor after every sex session he had with people. And he was extremely healthy right up to the day I got pregnant with Edward Quincy Adams. After Eddie was born, his play time was curbed so he could be a good father to Eddie. And then this missing boys case came up and well... I told you what happened."

    Maatz said, "I promise you, Eve... we will find him."

    Eve hugged the Mousy boss of Triple I and said, "I appreciate that, Maatz. And I promise that you will always have access to Eddie even after Adam is located."

    Over with Franky, he said, "The only way my mom would let me out of the house was by my offering to take the trash out to the dumpster in the rain after which I said I would be spending time with Eddie. She let me go at that point since she was sitting with several of her lady friends gossiping since they couldn't watch any of their soaps on TV. Dad was choosing to work on stuff in the garage just so he wasn't stuck point blank with the ladies."

    Eddie said, "Once you are dry, we can give you a tour of my revamped tree top clubhouse. We have a food service in here as well as magical television access."

    After the brief tour had ended, Maatz outfitted Masya, Yasma, Eddie, and Franky in red and black plastic rain gear in the mousy sizes. "Eve helped to provide this rain gear, boys. Here's your mission... Eddie's father was kidnapped way back before the Underworld anti-recruiting laws went into effect. Adam Lars Adams is suspected to have been age regressed before being taken to the Underworld for whatever plot was going on at the time. The mission... find Eddie's father and get him to the Yuskay Groomers for a restoration as close to his original self as possible. I know you mice might be tempted to have sex with Adam, but for decency's sake... it's Eddie's father. Just get me some results. One of Mack's boys and one of Yuskay's stud boys are going to be your contacts in the legal department in the Underworld, so do be careful." Eddie turned and looked at Masya. "He was kidding at the end, right? Or are you and your brother into old men and playing with Franky and I was just to cover your tracks?" Masya made the bleck face with his tongue stuck out. "I would never choose an adult over a young cutie."

    Yasma replied, "Ain't that the truth. But if Adam has been age regressed, he might look as hot as Eddie and that would make sense for why Maatz gave us the warning."

    The four then teleported out of the clubhouse and arrived at the suspect field where the kidnapping had occurred. It was still raining and wet, although the field was once again covered with tall weeds as if the grounds keepers could not keep it cut from this location.

    Eddie said, "With the way this place looks right now, I can easily see why young boys would want to play in this field at night. Curiosity and role playing makes this field ideal for boy games."

    Franky replied, "Oh I completely agree, Eddie. I am surprised the boys didn't build a clubhouse on this property before it got too dangerous to come here."​

    End of Chapter One.