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[FE-III-01] EA-03 Power Improvements

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  • [FE-III-01] EA-03 Power Improvements

    [FE-III-01] Edward Adams

    This is the adventures of the Underworld's version of the FBI, aptly named Triple Eye: Infernal Intelligence Investigations. A young person gets to experience these adventures with a seasoned set of III Agents. (This adventure is based on an forum RPG that occurred in 2010.)

    Infernal Intelligence Investigations
    Episode Three: Power Improvements
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    June 4th, 2019

    Edward "Eddie" Quincy Adams
    James Franklin "Franky" Kennedy
    Maatz Arelli, Head Chief of the III Agency
    "Masya", male information devil mouse
    "Yasma", male investigation devil mouse
    Lavadance of the Flame Pride, male orange and black Hell Panther
    City Gate Guardian Sampede of the Armored Labyrinth Clan, male purple and gold Minotaur with glowing slitted red eyes
    Greyhoof of the Felldancer Herd, male soft grey colored Hell Stallion
    Val, a rather plain looking red and silver male adult drake

    Chapter One.

    III Training Complex; Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.

    Maatz had Eddie and Franky with him and all of the others who had been hired in the last month well inside the Lincoln Memorial in the III Training Complex. It was a place where they could practice and improve their powers.

    Eddie worked on Teleportation currently because to him it was fun.

    Franky was doing a few warm up exercises and testing out all of the abilities to see what they did because he was very curious about them.

    Eddie said to Maatz, "I noticed that a few of the others training here today aren't human or mouse, like us. What's up with that?"

    Maatz grinned. "Since we couldn't get any other Devi-Mice, Imps, or Humans to join up with us, I opened to the recruitment to the other species and we actually started getting applications. Those you see here today joined in the last 48 hours since we saw you boys last."

    An orange and black Hell Panther smiled at Eddie and winked. "Can't wait to work with you, Eddie. I'm Lavadance of the Flame Pride. I always wanted to do investigation work, but my King insisted that our main goals in life were to breed repeatedly."

    A purple and gold Minotaur with glowing slitted red eyes said, "City Gate Guardian Sampede of the Armored Labyrinth Clan. You don't know how dull it is standing guard at a set of city gates that are always open. I longed to try something better. And this job came up and I applied. Here I am."

    Eddie nodded and glanced over at two others to hear their names and stories.

    A soft grey colored Hell Stallion grinned. "Nice to meet you. I'm Greyhoof of the Felldancer Herd. I've been a freelance messenger and investigate agent for a short while but I was very eager to be able to work with triple I. And now with you as well." He bowed.

    A rather plain looking red and silver adult drake smiled politely. "I am Val. It is my pleasure to meet you and I look forward to working with all of you."

    Maatz said, "I noticed that you're practicing with your teleport ability, Eddie. That's a good one to train with, just don't forget about the other abilities."

    Eddie said, "I was reading over the upgrade guidebook a few minutes ago and saw that Teleport upgrades to Pocket Port, then to Dimension Door, and finally to Planar Gate. But it said that in order to upgrade teleport, I have to be able to teleport to places I can't see."

    Sampede smiled. "I can help you with Teleport. I use it often enough in my line of work. And yes, it helps to be able to teleport places where you can't see."

    Just then, Masya and Yasma arrived from where ever they had been prior.

    Masya said, "There you are, Maatz. That assignment you gave us is a doozy alright. It's no wonder the humans were so stumped. There's no body to locate. They don't know if the boy is a runaway or a corpser."

    Yasma grinned. "And just look, he's down here molesting all the new recruits with his eyes." He giggled. "I have my money on Runaway. To convenient in my opinion. If he was dead, we'd be able to get a line on his soul from SAS. (Soul Acquisition Services)."

    Maatz grinned. "It's your job to find him so we can turn over the anonymous tipped information to the human authorities so they can locate the boy and bring him home. We also have to determine whether it's a runaway or a kidnapping. As for what is going on here today, it's a training session. Surely you two don't need to borrow the two bright boys to help... do you?"

    Masya giggled. "We were considering it, yes. They did so well the last time and we like working with them."

    Eddie chuckled. "I think you two just like looking at boy butts."

    Sampede winked. "I second that guess." Lavadance coughed. "Third."

    Yasma grinned again. "Nothing wrong with that, you know." He then said, "But seriously, what better way to train them than to ensure they have plenty of opportunity and experience?"

    Maatz said, "If you really need the two bright boys along, then you have to take the whole class with you. It's all or nothing since they are in a class at the moment and they just now met their fellow classmates. Perhaps a better team of eyes may help you guys solve the case so we can get these people back on track with their education in this organization." Masya smiled. "Okay, Boss Mouse. We'll take the class with us so you can bang your secretary in private. Let's go, guys!"

    Eddie giggled, as Sampede and Lavadance hugged Eddie on both sides. "Going on a mission! Going on a mission!" Val and Greyhoof were excited as well and came over rather quickly.

    End of Chapter One.

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    Chapter Two.

    Franky came up to the rear, waiting to see what was up, as Yasma grinned as he was wont to do. "Sure thing, Boss. We'll get right on that..."

    Masya giggled. "The rear is warm and friendly, isn't it, Franky?" He winked. "So, we need to get this team over to where we're working on our case. And that will require a group teleport. Let Yasma and I handle the destination since most of you may not be familiar with the surface world. Also keep in mind... when you're working on a Triple I case, you must stay Devi-Mouse sized. And as unseen as possible. Only allow those you want to recruit to see you. You'll see why later."

    Eddie giggled again since he liked Masya's and Yasma's sense of humor. Sampede and Lavadance stayed close to Eddie for now.

    Val and Greyhoof stayed close to Yasma with Franky bringing up the rear of the group. Yasma giggled and said, "I, I, I Captain. Shall we get going with our young pupils? Ever notice that sentence had Three Eyes and Six Pupils?"

    Masya giggled again. "We're taking you guys on an orgy of a lifetime. Actually, this is an important case and the two human boys here are super useful to us old timers." He winked at Yasma. Eddie blushed from the comment, while Sampede and Lavadance both tickled him and giggled as well.

    Val grinned as he commented, "Sounds it could be fun." Greyhoof nodded his head. "Or at least interesting."

    Yasma giggled, too. "Maaaaybe but like Masya said... This is an IMPORTANT CASE! And the human boys are useful. Sometimes." He giggled.

    Val said, "More so than your experience and wise minds?" Greyhoof smirked. "Of course not, but they don't like to boast, heh."

    Eddie then said, "Yasma, if you don't think Franky and I are useful, then why the big show of needing us boys to help you with your case? Why don't you just tell Maatz that you changed your mind so we can get back to serious training?" Yasma stopped grinning and just shut up at that point.

    Masya, Yasma, and the team with the boys are soon reviewing the evidence. And there is a LOT of it.

    Eddie hummed as he poured over the evidence in his own way. Sampede and Lavadance helped him however they could.

    Greyhoof hummed, himself as he looked at the evidence himself.

    Yasma said, "Sure is a HUGE amount of evidence to go through."

    Val grinned, saying, "DEFINITELY... Looks like fun if you ask me."

    Masya said, "Everyone tackle a pile."

    Eddie hummed, pouring over more evidence in his own ways.

    Sampede said, "So much paperwork... let's see what is what here."

    Lavadance commented, "I assume this will take a while." And he got busy.

    Greyhoof and Val each took a pile and began the laborious process of pouring through it.

    Franky settled down in front of a pile and started to look through his as well, curious himself as to what this could be about.

    Eddie hummed. "Guys... there are eight cases all mixed into this pile. I'm going to start sorting them out. Whoever did this needs to be spanked hard."

    Masya, Sampede, and Lavadance all started doing the same thing.

    Franky was still looking through the details of them himself. Val and Grey started sorting their piles as well.

    A little while later...

    Eddie stopped working and walked over to the door as he said, "I think I just figured this out."

    Masya, Sampede, and Lavadance all glanced over at Eddie, as Masya commented, "What do you mean? You're not done with your pile yet." Eddie glared at Masya. "I know. But I've figured out what's going on." Val and Greyhoof looked up as well. Franky was still trying to make heads and tails of the piles of charts. They were starting to confuse him a lot but he looked up too. Eddie replied, "Masya and Yasma were assigned to a case and when they walked in here, they found the records all jumbled together. They tried to sort this mess out by themselves, but they aren't sorters; they are investigative agents. So they decided to come get Franky and me to help them sort this mess, but in truth, there is no reason for us to be doing their job for them this time. How about it, Masya? I'm right, aren't I?"

    End of Chapter Two.


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      Chapter Three.

      Masya took a breath and then he released it. "Yes. But you're really helpful to us. Both of you. Although if you want to head back to Maatz Arelli, we won't hold you back. It's your choice."

      Sampede and Lavadance both said, "We're staying here to help Masya and Yasma. Any chance of a good word with Maatz is a chance well earned."

      Eddie looked to Franky, Val, and Greyhoof. "You staying with the others or do any of you guys want to come back with me?"

      Franky said, "I'll stay here." Val said, "I'm with you."

      Greyhoof grinned, "Good words are good words but really... We should be training."

      Eddie took Greyhoof and they teleported back to Maatz Arelli where they both explained what Ren and Stimpy, (I MEAN, Masya and Yasma) had done to get them there.

      Maatz hummed. "I am glad I have some agents in training with brains. You two are to be advanced for figuring that out and actually returning. You both are ready for training missions of your own together. Is that permissible for you both? To be partnered together?"

      Eddie glanced at Greyhoof. "If he's okay with it, then sure." Though what he was thinking was, Greyhoof sure has a nice package.

      Greyhoof had a similar thought for his friend but he nodded. "I believe this would be most acceptable." He had eyed Eddie's rear on a few occasions.

      Maatz Arelli then laid out the mission data for Eddie and Greyhoof. "You two will be heading to a pony farm near Horseshoe Bog, Florida, where you'll be checking out a missing boy report."

      "This is a fresh one that just came in and I normally only give out missions like this to advanced teams and you two have proven to me that you're advanced. The report is that young Keaton Grey was last seen riding on a strange looking black pony with a fiery looking mane and tail. I have an idea myself on what is going on, but this is now your case."

      "You'll be on your own down there since the closest sheriff is about 25 to 30 miles away from the pony farm. Your lodging there is Pony Barn Number 6, stall number 66. We have it reserved for your use. What you both do down there in your spare time is your business as long as you get the job done. You can spend as much time as you like completing the mission. Good luck. I'll transport you boys down there the moment you're ready to go."

      Eddie smiled at Greyhoof. "Winter break in Florida. Sure beats the cooler air here in the north, hot stuff." He winked.

      Greyhoof grinned and nodded his head. "Agreed." He stretched for a moment. "I'm ready whenever you are, Eddie. This one sounds exciting."

      Eddie and Greyhoof were soon at the Pony Farm inside of Pony Barn Number 6, stall number 66, where they had the stall reserved for their usage. There was the scent of equines in a heated rut all over the barn they were in. And Greyhoof could tell immediately. And he knew they were all males; the females were in another Pony Barn.

      Eddie looked around and said, "I guess this is the place. I really like the warmer temperatures here. I may have to remove my shirt and pants while we're here. I can see that you've been sporting that pole for my sexy bottom so I can let you try it before we focus on the case."

      Greyhoof shivered slightly as he was unashamedly sporting a large 'pole' as he walked with Eddie. "I'd leave your pants on when investigating outside of this stall. The equines here are all in a heated rut. Enough to make any one scenting it also react as if they were. But sine you are offering to let me try your bottom, I accept."

      Eddie who had been in long sleeves and thick pants said, "Greyhoof... I know you'd like to sow your oats for a bit before we get started on the case. But I need to get out of this Autumn wear or I'll soak myself entirely. Besides, I'm wearing undershorts underneath. So I'm not going to be entirely naked. And while you and I are doing it, I will be entirely naked for you. Later, when you go to mount one of the other equines maybe they can give you some information to get us started." And Eddie re-entered their stall where he set about removing the shirt first. He knew Greyhoof would be able to focus better after he got to mount someone or something. As for himself, perhaps he could find out something from the ponies down the other direction from where Greyhoof chose to go. The Animal-Speak ability that Maatz Arelli gave him and Franky was a wonder for interviewing animals while they worked on cases. Once he was naked, he changed himself into his stretchy Devil Mouse form and he presented himself for Greyhoof to give him a nice stretching for a short while. Afterward, the two would focus on the case.

      Greyhoof thought for a moment... Then realized Eddie was right and had a good idea. So he inserted his 'pole' into Eddie's mousy bottom and stretched the boy but good intending to flood the boy's bottom as soon as he could make with the release.

      The two played with each other for a good hour or so before Greyhoof emptied himself into Eddie's mousy anus before pulling out and saturating the boy's mousy body with Fell Stallion fluids which felt hot and steamy as he got washed entirely with these fluids. It had a strong scent and some of it got into his muzzle which tasted oddly nice.

      Greyhoof said, "I shouldn't have cum-covered you like that, Eddie, but you were milking my shaft and I couldn't stop myself. Are you okay?"

      Eddie smiled. "I will be after I bathe later. It might be for the best if I smell like you when I am interviewing the ponies later."

      End of Chapter Three.


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        Chapter Four.

        In the meanwhile back up north...

        Masya and the others were making some headway finally as he started reading over a folder, partially aloud. "Kidnapped boy and his captor. Current whereabouts unknown, suspected to have left the state in an RV heading to the woodlands of Wisconsin." He turned his eyes to the others. "And now you know why we needed you here. Too bad Eddie and Greyhoof left. Oh well, they'll miss out on this little adventure. Who's up for the land of cows and cheese?"

        Sampede growled, "Ahem! In the presence of a Minotaur, the term is bovines; NOT cows!"

        Lavadance giggled. "A cheese trip for Devimice? I hope you can keep your minds focused on the case then."

        Val said, "I think that's a good idea. And it will let us stretch our legs a bit."

        Franky nodded his head. "I just want to be useful. I'm not very good at the whole training part."

        Masya, Yasma, Sampede, Lavadance, Val, and Franky all arrived via teleport in the snow covered north lands of Moondairy, Wisconsin, where they arrived within the shelter of a dairy barn that had milking machines and cheese vats.

        Lavadance immediately heated up instinctively when he felt the cold air and there was soon a radius of warmth in a bubble like effect in a circle around him. "I hate cold weather. And snow is the worst... unless it's ice cream." He grinned widely.

        Sampede hummed. "Milking Machines. What a ghastly punishment..."

        Masya giggled. "Ghastly, but we may have to use one on a bad guy while we're up here. Poetic Turnabout, you might say..."

        Franky shivered at first but was grateful when Lavadance warmed the place up. It make it much more bearable.

        Val hrms, "I can't say this is surprising though, unfortunately. Let's get to work."

        The team in the north were soon inside a heated cow barn within 2 stalls that was beyond an illusion that the Devil Mice had set up for their use while they were there. Lavadance remarked, "Every smell around here is making me yiffy."

        Sampede replied as he rubbed his hands over Franky's cock and rump inside of his pants, "I know what you mean... it must be Heat/Rut season here on Earth for the animals. I hope it isn't contagious or else we'll all be too stuck together to work on the case."

        Masya was busy trying to find the RV place on their road map and wasn't having much luck.

        Franky BLUSHED hotly as Sampede was fondling him all over. But he didn't complain... but he was highly unsure of how to react to that. No one really reacted to him like that before. Of course Sampede and Lavadance both were very close to where Franky was and soon human boy scent would be joining the others around the two if Sampede kept it up.

        Yasma sighed. "Sampede. Please try to control yourself." He grumbled and floated over to Masya. "Found anything yet? Something feels wrong around here."

        Sampede replied as he continued to rub on the boy. "I am controlling myself. My cock is still in my sheathe."

        Lavadance said, "I can keep it warm in here as long as I am in here. What's the word on the RV place?"

        Masya hummed. "Believe it or not, it's not on the map. I can't find it."

        Franky blushed even more but he wasn't in a position where he could get away from Sampede. Val chuckled a little, watching the two but at Masya's humming, he returned his view there. "Maybe the map we have is out of date or doesn't cover locations only known to locals?"

        Masya hummed. "I think you may be right about that, Val. So how do we go about finding the right location?"

        Sampede politely stopped rubbing on Franky, saying, "Sorry... but the last boy I was with was a long time ago."

        Lavadance said, "I hate to say this, but someone is either going to have to talk to a local or call a local and ask for directions."

        Franky blushed, "It...It's okay." He glanced over at Masya, "Um... Does that mean you need me to do something for you?" Yasma hummed. "Well we can do the illusions for human appearances if we need to... But the better question is... Why is this place so hard to find" He made a face.

        Masya hummed. "I am starting to wonder if Maatz is testing Yasma and I again. But if he is, then it's in poor taste since we had to bring students in training along."

        End of Chapter Four.


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          Chapter Five.

          Masya then off-handedly pondered aloud, "I wonder what Greyhoof and Eddie are doing?" Lavadance replied, "Maybe Maatz sent them to Hawaii or something like that."

          Sampede hugged Franky and gave him a kiss on the forehead. "Don't worry, Franky. I won't let anything happen to you."

          Franky blushed and hugged back, muttering a thank you as he tried not to look up at the big guy too much. Cute embarrassed boy.

          Val hummed and looked at Masya and Yasma, "Maybe. But even so, we need to focus so we can show we're not dunces, right? I know. How about this. Masya, you can take Franky with you and play the 'tourist' card. Who would question two nosy tourists from out of town. And 'way down south', if you take my meaning. Yasma, why don't you do aerial scouting. Your a floating magical mouse. Why not show everyone what someone who's really skilled at scouting how to do it?"

          Masya hummed. "And I can wear the Eddie illusion when I am with Franky, too. I've been practicing." He made a big grin.

          Val nodded, "Then that would be smart, I think. It would raise very little suspicion I would think."

          Yasma rubbed his nose and looked at Masya, "Val has some good ideas, me thinks. What about you?"

          Masya smiled as he put the map away and slowly transformed into a winter bundled version of Eddie the human, although his tail was still in his pants and his horns were simply invisible. "Hi Franky. It's me, Eddie." He giggled like a kid.

          Sampede hummed. "What will the rest of us be doing while the 'humans' are off getting the information? And why can't Yasma wear the Franky illusion like Masya is doing with Eddie's appearance?" In other words, he was enjoying being this close to the real Franky.

          Lavadance replied, "I hope we get to do something soon. I joined the agency to work on cases; not to be the pilot light for the furnace."

          Yasma said, "I could. But then who would do the other scouting."

          Franky said, "I think we all can do some of it. I don't mind who I go with... I just... wanna help."

          Yasma said, "Well, Masya does have a rule that says everyone has equal say. What do you say, Masya? Any opinion on changing things up a bit?"

          Masya hummed. "Well, if Franky would like to scout with the other new recruits, and I do mean scout and not have sex in some warm hayloft... then Yasma and I could play the humans and gather the directions we need."

          Lavadance said, "I have no problem with that since no one wants to have sex with a feline inferno. Even during an ice age."

          Sampede hummed. He was really wanting to have some fun with Franky later, but Masya was right; this was business. "Okay. Scouting."

          Yasma nodded his head. "We should be fair about it, I suppose."

          Franky blushed. "Well... I have no problem with working with them. The job should come first."

          Franky whispered to Lavadance, trying not to be noticed by anyone else, "But I would have sex with you when we weren't busy... I like you. your a nice friend and a member of the team... please don't be upset or sad..."

          Franky's weakness was sad/lonely people. He doesn't like it when people seem sad and Lava's statement sounded like a sad one to him.

          Masya grinned at Yasma. "Come on, 'Franky'. We have to go get some information." He giggled as he departed with Yasma who was in the Franky illusion.

          Sampede teamed up with the red and silver adult drake (Val) to do their scouting.

          Lavadance allowed Franky to sit on his back to keep warm. "Where should we scout, Franky?"

          Franky said, "I don't know..." He looked at the map and said, "Let's just head around here and see what we can find. I'm kinda new to all these..." He grumbled, "And those two don't give us a lot of directions. I guess everyone in III is like that. Figure it out yourself."

          Lavadance grinned. "Be glad I am not a dragonmount, Franky. Or else you and I would be stuck together literally. Come on... I have an idea on where we can look for that Motor Home at. Hang on tight." And he darted out of the barn, causing the snow to steam where ever he stepped in his dash through the snowy forest. Hopefully no one came across the footprints later on. Over-curiosity could get a cute teen aged human boy in a lot of Underworld trouble. Franky giggled but does hang on tight, "What's a dragonmount, Lavadance? What do they have you don't have?" He's curious himself and wondering why Lavadance can't show him what a dragonmount is/would do... "If your not a dragonmount..." He giggled a little. "Maybe your a.... felimount?"

          End of Chapter Five.


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            Chapter Six.

            Lavadance lopes along through the snowy woods in one direction, although Franky stays warm the whole time. "A dragonmount is a very sexy Digimon steed who has a special slit opening in his back that is perfectly lined up with where a rider's penis would be. They are intended to be rode in the nude so that he can pleasure you while you ride them. And while you're getting a nice sucking, your tail hole gets a little pleasuring too from the other slit in the back. However... if you ever let one of these mount you as in them on top of you... you will change into a dragonmount yourself and then you're stuck as a member of their herd."

            He paused in speech as he leaped over a wooden fence. "If I was a felimount, then the same rules would apply. And I think you would like being human... unless you're the experimental type of sexy boy."

            Franky smiled, "Well... I'm the type of experimental boy who is curious what being partners with a felimount would be like... but no... I don't think I'd want to be one. Then I'd lose the only thing I do well."

            Lavadance giggled as he leaped and cleared another fence, but just as he was nearing his destination, he pulled up to a stop rather quickly...Directly out in front of him was what appeared to be an eerily, glowing with heat radiance, orange, red, yellow, and silver demon lion with horns and a warm looking mane and a prehensile thickly furred tail.

            "What are YOU doing here, Lord Firefur?" asked Lavadance.

            The demon lion glanced over at the two when he heard his name. "Ah am only a lord on a technicality. Ah 'aven't earned it, mate. As for what Ah am doing... Ah'm recruiting for the long distance pride. It's not easy to speak to potential cute boys when the adults scream and shoot at yas on sight. Like that bloke in the RV with a flat tire over there. 'e 'as a boy tied and locked up in one of the back compartments. Ah came to talk to the boy, but the bloke with the gun freaked out when 'e accidentally saw me. Ah let 'im think that Ah was afraid of 'is gun, then Ah fled to 'ere... and then yas mates came along. Why are yas on the surface world?"

            Lavadance hummed. "I see. Well, Franky and I are on a III mission. The boy you came to see is who we were hired to find and bring back. But your information just told us a little more than we knew. The man is armed. What do you think we should do, Franky?"

            Franky nodded his head to the Lord very politely then responded to Lavadance's question after a little bit of thought, "Well... I think it's pretty important we try to help the boy..." He slowly got down from Lavadance and said, "What if I go talk to him and distract the bad man from seeing you and you rescue the boy while he's not looking? I can say I'm looking for my lost dog or something. If he tries to take me prisoner or anything, I can get away pretty easy."

            Masya and Yasma had regrouped with the others in the milking barn. Naturally, Masya had somehow acquired same samples of the local foods aka dairy products... especially the cheese. "Where are Lavadance and Franky? They are going to miss a great meal. I even found us some wine to go with our cheese."

            Sampede (who had been with the red and silver adult drake called Val) said, "I don't know where they are, but while we scouted, Val overheard some adult humans talking about an out of state RV with a flat tire at a remote roadside park some distance from here. They had offered to get the man some help, but he told them that someone was bringing him a tire. Val overheard them say that the man had shifty eyes. Val is a natural for scouting and eavesdropping."

            Yasma hummed and lookws at Masya and says, "Should we check it out before or after our meal?"

            Back out near the RV, Firefur looked at Franky and said, "Ah don't think that is a good idea... isn't there some form of protocol in Triple I?"

            Lavadance replied, "There sure is and I am doing it right now." He then opened the mental link to Masya and Yasma. Franky and I have located the boy and his kidnapper, but... the man is armed with live ammo and we need to know what to do over here. Over.

            Masya grinned. Good work, you two! We'll come right over to your location! Just keep the bad guy in sight! Over and out! Masya then repeated to the others what has occurred. "Lavadance and Franky found the kidnapper and the boy, but the man is armed. Here's your chance to earn your spurs in Triple I. Perhaps when we get there, we'll know better what to do."

            Franky blushed and looked down, "Sorry. Between the two of you, I was a little...overcome with...staring...and forgot..." Ie, wanted to impress them.

            Yasma said, "That answers that... Let's go!"

            Masya and team arrived and looked over the situation quickly. Being an almost invisible mouse was handy. Then he said to the group and Franky. "Here's my idea; since Earth firearms have no effect on underworlders, we can have Firefur draw the man's fire until he empties his gun. At that point, we swarm his motor home in full size and force. And make that man shit all over himself. Remember: our goal is to get that boy out of there and back to the authorities. After he is safely back with his parents, if Firefur still wants to play the recruiter, legally, then he can. But you had damned well better be on the surface world legally, Firefur. Our boss, Maatz Arelli hates illegal recruiters." Firefur replies, "Ah 'ave my papers, Masya. See?" He shows them to the devil mouse. Masya reads them over. "It says here that you can ask people if they would like to join the Pride Club. Whether they join or not, these papers do not give you permission to take someone home with you. You can only conduct a membership drive. Other than that, your papers seem to be in order." He hands them back. "Okay team, let's do this!" Needless to say, the plan worked all too well... the gun was emptied and the pants were filled as solid as cement. The boy was rescued and he looked surprised by how his rescuers looked but relieved to be away from the kidnapper. "Are you guys with the Rescue Rangers?" Lavadance replied, "Chip and Dale sent us the moment they found out you were in trouble!" Masya could only smile since Lavadance knew more about the show than he did. "Now we need to get you back to the authorities so they can help you return to your parents."

            End of Chapter Six.


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              Chapter Seven.

              After getting the boy back to the authorities, and having Firefur disappear after giving Franky a kiss on the mouth...

              Masya said, "I got word from Maatz while we were working on our mission. He is awaiting us in Florida. Apparently Eddie and Greyhoof both uncovered an illegal underworld recruiting operation down there. And that makes it a code red mission. We're to go join Maatz immediately. Base camp is within one of the pony stalls down there. Maatz adds that the ponies are demons who are currently in a heated rut."

              Lavadance rolled his eyes while petting on the red and silver adult drake Val. "Must be that season for underworld equines."

              Sampede said, "Demon Ponies are the worst at controlling and monitoring their own heated rut cycles. There is another rumor that they look forward to being in their heated rut so their heavy demon scents overwhelm humans, particularly young humans who aren't expecting it."

              Franky asked quietly, "Do you think Eddie's in trouble then?"

              Val grinned at Lavadance. "Oh yeah. Must be." Then he looked to the other boy. "And I don't know, Franky. He could be certainly but Maatz didn't mention anything specifically about him so who knows. Anyone could be a bit. As long, though, as they haven't made any deals or agreements or legally binding arrangements, then Triple-I's authority should be able to get them out of anything they're in.... Especially if it ends up being a simple rescue issue."

              Masya's group rendezvoused with Maatz and Eddie who had called for some Law Imps when he learned of what was going on down there (Eddie was in his Devil Mouse form.) And Greyhoof came back in to make his report on what he found out about the other missing boys.

              Maatz said, "Oh man, Greyhoof... you smell like a pony in rut!"

              Masya giggled at that.

              Eddie said, "I chose to shift into my Devil Mouse form and to leave Greyhoof's scent and fluids all over myself so no one would suspect that I was a human boy. I called for the Law Imps the moment I learned about the illegal recruiting operation."

              Greyhoof growled something at that, "It's not funny. I am a stallion and NOT a pony. But I did find the pony herd; I found out that they have Keaton. And he owes them FAVORS."

              Eddie said, "Don't worry, Greyhoof, I'll help you get clean and unscented when I go to clean myself up."

              Maatz cursed. "The one thing I hadn't gotten around to teaching Franky about yet! The rest of you knew better!" He turned to look at Franky and began to give him an on-the-spot lesson about FAVORS.

              Masya rolled his eyes as he said to Greyhoof, "How many favors does Keaton Grey owe or were the ponies vague about it?"

              Lavadance exclaimed, "If they are demons, the minimum would have been five favors. They don't go for one favor because that would be too cheap."

              Sampede nodded his muzzle. "I remember a time when I had to pay back locked amount of 1,500 favors. And that damned lord milked it for all it was worth, too. I learned my lesson FAST."

              Greyhoof said, "They were... very vague on revealing to me how many. They said it was a legal debt and if I was wanting to 'buy' him off them, then I should state his value. And I knew better than that."

              Eddie then said, "I was able to glean that Zelko is somehow involved with this recruiting operation."

              Maatz growled when he heard that name and muttered something about ripping his furry hide off of his body as painfully as possible.

              Franky was a little surprised by the sudden lesson... but he took it to heart and said, "Why's it bad to do that?"

              Masya said, "Franky... Greyhoof is smart. It's bad to state someone's value in an offer because it sets the 'slave value' in the underworld. If Greyhoof would have named how valuable Keaton was, any Lord could have offered immediately and mentally to buy Keaton on the spot and then the Ponies wouldn't have him anymore. And after that, we'd have a Heaven of a time trying to track the boy down afterward. Worse case scenario... his friends and family would never see him again. At least... not human."

              Greyhoof nodded his muzzle, saying, "And the thing is... I don't think Keaton is on Earth any more, Masya. His scent was there... but it wasn't fresh enough. Nor was there a 'new equine' scent either. Yet. So, my best guess, is that they took him home already."

              Franky said, "I wanna see him returned human!"

              Greyhoof said, "We all do. Though... To be honest, I don't care what he looks like. Still, human would be best."

              End of Chapter Seven.


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                Chapter Eight.

                Franky gives Greyhoof a confused and somewhat angry look. Greyhoof just understood that forms come and go. it's what inside that's important.

                Maatz patted Franky on the head. "All Greyhoof means, Franky, is that Keaton might lose his human form while in the underworld. But as long as he stays himself on the inside, we can likely restore him. But if he ever loses being himself... no more Keaton period. You've heard that phrase, 'It's what is inside that counts'? Well, in the underworld... it is very true. As long as Keaton stays himself on the inside, we can get him back."

                Lavadance then said, "Unfortunately... poor Keaton probably thinks that Favors simply means doing that many jobs to pay off what he owes. He doesn't realize that a favor is equal to thousands of credits. And a credit is similar to saying one dollar."

                Sampede said, "And those credits draw interest every day they are not paid off. This is how Earth people often end up in so much Underworld debt that by the time the year passes for them on Earth, they are suddenly teleported butt naked to the underworld directly in front of the lord of the agent that charged the fee. And then the poor human is either fucked or transformed."

                Masya nodded his head. "That's why we have to make sure Keaton doesn't get mind-wiped. Legally, the ponies can have him work off the favors, but mind-wiping is currently illegal according to the Underworld Laws. However... it can still happen by accident and the ponies know that. And Franky... even though we want Keaton back right now and want to see him human, be careful what you say around the ponies. They are ALL in their heated rut. You as a human can't smell it; but the rest of us can."

                Greyhoof nodded his head again. "This is true."

                Franky nodded his own head as he replied, "I understand. I'll do my best not to say anything and just... be good. I really just am worried about him."

                Maatz added, "Oh and Franky... being careful what you say around the ponies doesn't mean you can't go look at the ponies. We just want you to be careful. Okay everyone. I am waiting for word from the Underworld Law Reps, but the rest of you can do as you like. Just try to stay out of trouble. Okay?"

                And without warning, Masya simply vanished in the tell-tale magic-user summoned an information devilmouse style.

                Sampede giggled. "I can guess what happened to Masya."

                Lavadance laughed. "I hope Warneeri summoned him."

                Eddie said, "Since I am integrated with IDM these days, I can ask them who summoned Masya out of a III case." And he closed his eyes to make the inquiry.

                Franky giggled. "The expression is always cute when that happens."

                Greyhoof growled, "They STILL haven't sent you a rep yet? What's taking them so long!?" He was clearly annoyed but it sprang from just being worried and concerned about Keaton.

                And then Yasma vanished in that tell-tale horny old flame summoned a guaranteed yiff style. Which had a very distinct and very different color and appearance to it.

                Lavadance fell over laughing! "Yasma has a boyfriend! Yasma has a boyfriend!"

                Maatz commented, "Yes and no... and he will be trying to escape like he always does. I try not to think about it."

                Sampede was back to sensually rubbing on Franky's groin, since Maatz had told them to do whatever they wanted. And he really LIKED Franky a lot. Both professionally and sexually. The boy had a scent that totally turned him on something fierce.

                Of course, Franky WAS very interested in Lord Firefur, the eerily glowing with heat radiance, orange, red, yellow, and silver demon lion with horns and a warm looking mane and a prehensile thickly furred tail. The pride recruiter had been very polite to Franky even though Lavadance regarded him as an unwelcome intrusion... even though his papers were completely in order. That lion seemed to be in LOVE with human boys. And he didn't hide it when he spoke to Franky at the RV. In fact, if Franky wanted to contact him, he could.

                Maatz DID say he could do whatever he wanted, whether be it to look at the ponies, contact Firefur, or even... try to find Keaton? (the latter perhaps being a very _BAD_ idea!)

                Franky was interested, honestly... But he was torn as to what was actually the best/most important idea. To be honest, he ALSO really like Lavadance but he didn't wish to join any other species than his own current one... despite the rise Sampede was getting out of him! So poor Franky is very torn on what to do ... but he's MOSTLY worried about the missing boy. Yet Maatz already said he's taking care of it. But... Eddie was his best friend. So for the moment, he just sort of stood feeling awkward and wondering what to do.

                Sampede soon turned his attention to helping Greyhoof 'get off', while Lavadance entertained Val the drake. And with Maatz focused on his own thing, Eddie mentally calling IDM services, and the two devil mice brothers off Heaven knows where - Franky was free to do whatever he liked.

                Luckily, he started hearing Firefur in his head. Franky? Oh there you are. Want to pal around with me for a little while? Ah'm done with my pledge drive for now. Ah don't 'ave any more names on my list.

                End of Chapter Eight.


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                  Chapter Nine.

                  Franky blinked.... Then blushed a little as he replied mentally, Um... Alright. I wouldn't mind that. We have a little down time right now and I was trying to decide what to do with it. He paused then looked around... then walked outside a bit, So where are you now?

                  Firefur mentally said, I am right in front of you, but I'm on the other side in the Penumbra. This is the place where agents like Masya and Yasma can go whenever they need to spy on people without being seen. When they are here, humans cannot see, hear, smell, nor taste them. BUT... they can make humans move however they want. Or, in my case, I can make you move AND mentally talk to you. Let me prove it to you.

                  And Franky suddenly turned to his left and walked three steps and stopped with one leg in the air. And then he for reasons unknown, hopped backwards three hops before lowering his leg again.

                  And that is how that works. Now, I'll teach you how to come and go from the Penumbra whenever you like. I am sure Maatz would have taught you how to do this himself later, but I think you need to know this now.

                  And one brief mental lesson later...

                  Franky was now with Firefur within the Penumbra... the Shadow-side of Earth. They could still see things in a shaded tone of it's original, but they could not be seen otherwise.

                  However, they were together now as Firefur gave Franky a hug and a deep kiss on the mouth. "Hi Franky. I saw earlier up north that you were really turned on by me. So, I thought I would come back and make friends with you and... play with you for a while. I can even help you with things and answer your questions."

                  Franky blinked, looking around, "This is incredible.... And it's just... What exactly IS this?" He was really curious about it all. "I...I have a lot of questions but seeing all this sorta drove 'em out of my mind... see you again..." He was blushing furiously now.

                  Firefur smiled and kissed on Franky, rubbing the boy's body all over with his deep feeling fur... feels almost like you could walk directly inside of it. "As I told you earlier, Franky... this is the Penumbra... the Shadow-side of Earth. We can still see things in a shaded tone of it's original, but we cannot be seen otherwise. Agents like Masya and Yasma can come here whenever they need to spy on people without being seen. When they are here, humans cannot see, hear, smell, nor taste them. BUT... they can make humans move however they want. And I am sharing this with you now. You can even have sex here and no one would ever know it."

                  Franky blushed, "I know you told me that but it doesn't really explain what it is 'is'. Sorry. It's just a little confusing. I understand what your saying but it's just odd for me to understand, if you understand." He kissed back, blushing again, "But your really, nice... And your making me feel...tingly and...really nice when you do that..."

                  Firefur smiled and said, "Shade is a shadow dimension just outside of the 'uman normal viewing range. It 'as always existed 'ere although 'umans almost never learn about it since it is something that actually defies common physics. The few who do learn of it and learn 'ow to use it don't talk about it much. Ninjas and Thieves, primarily. As well as most extra-planar beings. Like the Devil Mice and certain angels, demons, imps, and fairies. It is simply used for watching over 'umans since yas can best watch from 'ere and remain safe while yer doing it, mate."

                  Franky smiled a bit, still SLIGHTLY anxious but also feeling a little relieved to actually know where he is. "That's pretty neat. I'm sorry, I just kinda felt weird seeing this place. It kinda reminded of nightmares I used to have a long ago... Back before I met Eddie. I've always kinda been second-note to Eddie but he's sorta like my hero and definitely my best friend." He blushed a bit, "Anyway, I used to have nightmares of a place like this... being trapped here and seeing things... lots of things.. but not being able to get back to my body.... It was really, super weird and HORRIBLY scary."

                  Franky poked at one of the penumbra chairs, "Even kinda feels the same..."

                  Firefur smiled and began to play with Franky. "What say we 'ave some fun for a few moments before we focus on acquiring the missing boy from those who 'ave 'im. Everyone 'as a price, yas know. We just 'ave to learn what 'is price is." And he soon had Franky naked and was gently mounting him. "Ah'll take this slow in case yas 'ave never done this before." And he began to inch his shaft into the boy's bottom.

                  Not surprisingly, Franky was entirely 'new' to the whole thing and winced with each inching, but the combination of heat and slickness of the shaft, was soothing it to the point that he was able to relax enough to make the pain start to fade. Firefur got to be the very first the boy ever had and he's EXTREMELY GOOD too!! "O.o..okay Fire...ahhh...fur....."

                  Firefur grinned as he then gave Franky the linking barbs to introduce him to the Demon Pride as he emptied himself into the boy's body... as he gently lay down on top of him. "Yas are so awesome... very awesome... Let me show yas some of my favorite places, mate." And he teleported with Franky to his pride quarters in the Underworld, where he gave the boi another round of yiffy fun.

                  Franky GASPED loudly at the feeling of the barbs raking his insides and soon was content to do whatever Firefur wanted for as long as the yiffing continued. He was enjoying himself tremendously.

                  Firefur was quite horny and continued to pleasure and yiff Franky for a very long LONG time, even though time in that realm was far different than time on Earth. Perhaps on purpose. But never the less... it would be the best time Franky's ever had.

                  End of Chapter Nine.


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                    Chapter Ten.

                    Franky was completely at Firefur's mercy and spent all the time allowed with him. Or more accurately under him. He had never been involved in something like this before and it was almost mind-blowing for the young boy. Though, despite it all, the one person he thought of the most was Eddie... and he hoped they could find Keaton soon. Then the thought would be washed away like so much feline cream before he could act on it. He doesn't know if it's months or years but all seem to pass in mere moments.

                    Back at the pony stables in Florida, Eddie was focusing on IDM to inquire about Masya's whereabouts, a backlash spell effect occurred which sent Eddie from the III team directly to a wizardly summoning sphere that Masya had mentioned more than once over the past few weeks. Across from him within yet another summoning sphere was Masya, naked of course, looking somewhat bored off his ass. Out in the chamber was an Ibex Wizardess wearing skimpy trappings and smelling like a French Quarters cat house. "Masya?" he asked somewhat surprised to see his friend.

                    Masya immediately pivoted his head toward Eddie as he recognized the voice emitting from Eddie's Devil Mouse body. "Eddie! This Wizardess got mad at the previous Devil Mouse's snide remarks about her and she supposedly swapped him magically with an Ange-Imp in the over-planes. But instead... you arrived here. Are you okay?"

                    Eddie shrugged his shoulders. "I was making an inquiry to IDM about why you got summoned while working a III case. There was some sort of backlash spell effect and I ended up here." He turned his muzzle to look at the Wizardess. "I can't see why the other Devi-Mouse would have been snide to this very pretty ibex lady. She's kinda cute."

                    The Ibex Wizardess turned toward Eddie with a smile. "You sound like you have manners. Former human I assume from yours and Masya's conversation? Well, you are safe now... sort of. Perhaps Maatz and Masya can teach you how to use that Devil Mouse body more properly later. The former occupant of the sphere you are in was a Devil Mouse named Eisda and he was a very homosexual one-track mind little slut."

                    Eddie hummed. "Um, do we Devil Mice have to be in these spheres?"

                    The Wizardess smiled. "Not really. I will let you and Masya out for now, provided Masya doesn't just run off when I do it. I will still need his assistance with my work here." And she then released the two. Masya came over and helped Eddie in learning how to stand up and balance in the Devil Mouse body.

                    That night, Earth time...

                    Maatz Arelli had the Triple I teams back in Washington D.C. in their headquarters where Franky was undergoing an anti-devil feline detox bath... and both Masya and Yasma (after Masya and Eddie had to go rescue Yasma from that horrible old flame) were helping a Powers Officer Donkey Elf, an Union Information Devil Mouse, a Mack Roo Law Imp, and a Council Records Imp to educate and train Eddie in the usage of his III Devil Mouse powers and abilities that had been accidentally merged into him from Eisda.

                    Maatz said, "I'm just glad we got you boys back here. Your parents would never understand it if you just both disappeared. Eddie, you're lucky to have a sane mind after having another Devil Mouse powers merged into your own. How do you feel?"

                    Eddie replied, "I feel like... myself with a mouse body. How do you think I feel? This body keeps revealing memories that Eisda had done before the merger... as in previous job board ad employment and how a few of those were so good that he would want to do them again and again. I know it's not my own feelings on the matter, but that's the sensation. How is Franky doing though? I know Lord Firefur apologized for getting Franky nearly blissed like that. But at least he brought him back to you."

                    Maatz glanced over to the detox bath where the Devil Doctors were making sure Franky wasn't under a tribal spell or something. "How do you feel, Franky?"

                    Franky shrugged his shoulders a little. "I feel like myself... I don't really feel all that different or anything but I didn't then either. Although I kind of feel like an old shoe. I've been trying to stay good and help and stuff. And I haven't managed to help anyone very much yet. I couldn't even retain my focus while on a case; Look what happened." He sighed. "I feel like I let everyone down; again. I still don't know why cats turn me on."

                    Eddie said, "If that nice Ibex Wizardess' swapping spell hadn't fouled up when she went to change that turd Eisda into an Ange-Imp, then I'd likely not have found Masya and together, go rescue Yasma from his old flame so we could bring him back here now."

                    Maatz hummed. "Sounds like you learned something on your outing. And I think Franky also learned something. And since the whole purpose of this last outing was to educate you on what could happen, I think I can give everyone passing grades for that. But don't you boys ever mess up like this again. You work for ME and don't you forget it! You're Triple I agents and that's that!"

                    Eddie turned his muzzle toward Franky and winked. "Yes sir."

                    The following day at Eddie's backyard tree house...

                    ...The imperial, law, and union officials assisted with the revamping of the treetop clubhouse, making it into a functioning Underworld recreation center, juice and snack bar, arcade, Triple Eye training center, and multi-species Job Tavern. It even had a magical call-in station for contacting important Underworld officials in case of emergencies. It was probably a good thing that these official were assisting Eddie with this revamp because most of the D.C. region was covered in dark storm clouds and it had been storming as well as raining hard on and off all throughout the night and most of the morning. Eddie's mother was bored as expected since the storm had disrupted her television shows in the main house. So Eve Adams was up in the tree house recreation center with Eddie and the others. Maatz Arelli had the Triple I agents in training in the recreation center for the duration since power was out over most of the District of Columbia.

                    End of Chapter Ten.
                    End of Episode Three.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Finding Adam.