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[FE-III-01] EA-02 Sorting Out The Rules

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    [FE-III-01] EA-02 Sorting Out The Rules

    [FE-III-01] Edward Adams

    This is the adventures of the Underworld's version of the FBI, aptly named Triple Eye: Infernal Intelligence Investigations. A young person gets to experience these adventures with a seasoned set of III Agents. (This adventure is based on an forum RPG that occurred in 2010.)

    Infernal Intelligence Investigations
    Episode Two: Sorting Out The Rules.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    January 20th, 2019

    Edward "Eddie" Quincy Adams | Chargepaw
    Maatz Arelli, Head Chief of the III Agency
    "Masya", male information devil mouse
    "Yasma", male investigation devil mouse

    Chapter One.

    Hellhound Pack/ Demon Donkey Herd Realm of Cocoafang; Hell, The Underworld.

    Masya cast an Aura Reading spell on Chargepaw and then he cussed somewhat before saying, "I thought Felton was stuck on a spiked Dildo Tree for the last stunt he caused! By the powers, it is you, Eddie. Except, you are very pregnant with the alpha's litter of puppies. I believe we told you before that males can get pregnant in the Underworld. If Cocoafang thought he was saving you from other recruiters then his claiming you from the recruiters pool is one hundred percent legal. I know the laws as well as he does. Had he known about the Maatz connection before he claimed you, then you wouldn't be pregnant right now. I believe in the fact that Cocoafang is innocent of any wrong-doing. Why did you call me, Eddie? You have Maatz's number. We gave it to you."

    Chargepaw said to his alpha, "Show him your phone and then dial the number in front of Masya and let him hear the recording we both heard before I summoned him here."

    Cocoafang sighed as he pulled it out and showed it to the Triple Eye agent and then he carefully tapped in the same number and that was when Masya got to hear the recording for himself. "The number you are trying to access is no longer in service."

    Masya growled, "Interference, I'll bet. I have a direct contact device for talking to Maatz. If I get the recording, I will summon his ass to this spot." He then pulled out his communicator and activated it. Before he placed the call, he looked at the signal strength bar. "That's strange... your whole realm is in a no-call zone, Cocoafang. Give me a moment..."

    Masya then called for a Law Imp as well as a Contract Imp and Council Lord Zecma. When the three arrived, Masya explained the no-call blockage on Cocoafang's realm and how calls to Triple Eye were being blocked. "We have a legal snafu in regards to Felton's latest escape and the victim he traded places with who is now a pregnant Hellhound. The victim was a cute human boy with blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin. And no, I am not talking about Gerard Prince, either. Edward Quincy Adams, preferring to be called Eddie, recently got a Direct Investments account set up for his work with Triple Eye. Work he is no longer capable of doing thanks to Felton tricking him into changing places with him. Cocoafang didn't know about the boy's connection to Triple Eye and he claimed the boy when he pulled him out of the Recruiters Pool."

    And that was when Chargepaw got to learn some more dirty words from the imps and Council Mouse in charge regarding Felton.

    Zecma then said to Cocoafang and Chargepaw, "Normally, a no-call zone is designated on a realm where a criminal under investigation is residing. Since this protocol should not be on your realm without your permission, Cocoafang, is there someone in your realm who might have been in legal trouble before you acquired this realm?"

    Chargepaw said, "Tell him the story you told me of how you acquired this realm; that has to be it, Cocoafang."

    Cocoafang then repeated the acquisition story in regards to he demon donkeys and the debt the realm had been in before he bought it off to acquire the realm cheap. "Are you saying the debt was being investigated and when I paid it off, the no-call zone was never lifted?"

    Zecma and the two imps then conferred before a records imp was called in as well as a financial imp, the latter appearing with Dark Imp himself. The story was repeated once more and then Cocoafang showed Dark Imp his Direct Investments receipts for the purchase of this realm. D.I. said, "His receipts are legit. In fact, I signed these forms myself. So what is this about a no-call zone? I was able to call Cocoafang just last week and there was no blockage then."

    The Records Imp began to go over all references to citizens of the former Demon Donkey Realm which was now Cocoafang's realm. "Found it. The Demon Donkey Lord in question wracked up quite the debt and then he earned a one-way trip to a Dildo Tree when he tried to steal the funds to pay off the debt and he was caught. After his sentence was issued upon him, the realm was supposed to be liquidated which would have ended the no-call zone protocol instantly but then Cocoafang bought off the debt and acquired the realm as his own and no one bothered to get the no-call blockage lifted. In fact, D.I. himself should have been knowledgeable about this former case and the realm in question. For the record, calls can be made to the realm, but outgoing calls were blocked. We will work on removing the blockage immediately. I am sorry this was not handled in a more reasonable manner. Will there be anything else?"

    Chargepaw said, "Before the law representatives leave, I need to know what will be done with my particular case. Me, Edward Quincy Adams, who went by Eddie who is now being called Chargepaw since Cocoafang claimed me. He told me about a law where I have to stay in the realm for a year before I can earn my way out. My problem with this law is that I was supposed to be back home by tonight on Earth, Washington D.C. area. When I don't come home, mom will start making phone calls and then I might end up on the missing children list myself. And then Maatz is sure to learn that I disappeared. My mom has a Mouser Cat who is sensitive to mouse scent. The cat smelled the Devil Mice on my shoes when I came home from the Triple Eye outing. If Felton is masquerading as me on Earth, when school starts... he is sure to mess up my educational grades since he cannot know what I know."

    Zecma said, "Yours is a unique case, Eddie. Since you have a legal work contract with Maatz, an arrangement will need to be made regarding your deal with him during this year. As for your going home tonight... Cocoafang did not misquote the law; one year after being claimed before you can negotiate a release deal. On the plus side, he can be a very good friend."

    Chargepaw said, "I am not under a curfew with my mother as long as I come home when I said I would. And I told her last night that it would be tonight. So what do I do? And are you going to let Felton run around on Earth without supervision? If he commits a crime in my image, the gig will be up."

    Dark Imp then said, "Masya and I will go catch the escapee. We will offer him a one-year deal where he can fill in as you providing he behaves himself and obeys your mother when she tells him to do something. Since he is wearing your appearance, his coming home tonight would placate your mother. And before you ask, he was once a dragon's sexual play toy who escaped from his master. He was trying to earn dragon status before he was captured the first time."

    Chargepaw then said, "If he doesn't answer my pager that is in a zipped up pocket of my jacket, then mom will know something is up. My jacket and backpack are on a hook just inside the mouse sized door in the back of the Hartwood precinct building."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.

    Masya said, "There is not supposed to be a mouse-sized door back there, so you just told us where Felton staged his recruiting trap. You are lucky you ended up with Cocoafang. On any other day, your landing could have placed you inside a dragon slit."

    Chargepaw sighed. "So how long am I going to be pregnant? I am scared of going through this since on Earth only females do it."

    Zecma grinned at Cocoafang. "You mean you didn't tell him? Oh boy... Eddie... due to magical gestation in the Underworld due to a lack of females, you are only pregnant for four hours, tops, and then you give birth. And some people find it enjoyable. But you shouldn't make it a practice since the activity scares you. However, the activity of sex is far more enjoyable."

    Dark Imp then said, "But never have sex with an Imp unless you want to become one yourself. One-way. Not even Form Insurance will undo an Imp Transformation. If any Imp fluids enters your anus, you have like a minute to wash it out or else, you become an imp like all other imps. Working Class Imps don't start that way; they have to be trained."

    Cocoafang said, "Stop scaring him, guys. He is nervous enough."

    The Law Imp then said, "Having sex with a Samate will not convert you into one; it takes a dragon to make that happen. So as long as you avoid a dragon's lap, you won't ever need to worry about being a Samate like Felton."

    Chargepaw growled, "Sounds like Felton needs to have an acidic peeled banana rammed up his anus."

    All the imps and mice present (as one) said, "Acidic? EWWWWW!!!!"

    The Records Imp then said, "The no-call blockage has been removed from your realm, Cocoafang. We apologize for not catching this earlier. But now you know the rules on why a no-call block would be placed on a realm. You should be able to contact Maatz now. But please wait for us to leave before you call him. He is about as undesirable as Dark Imp's father; no offense, D.I. I am just speaking public opinion in Hell. The rest of you need to get your jobs started that you said you were going to do." POOF! And he was gone along with the other Imps and Devil Mice. All except Masya who was sitting on Chargepaw's head opening his easy contact device. "Since I vouched for you in Triple Eye, Eddie, I will talk to Maatz on behalf of both of you." And then he placed the call. "This is Masya calling Maatz. Come in please or else I will summon you and you better hope I am not with an ugly magic usurper."

    Chargepaw moaned. "I am going to be giving birth within the hour. It took two hours to return to this realm and the law reps took an hour to clear the no-call issue and to decide what to do about Mister Fell.Into.A.Pile.Of.Shit."

    Over Masya's communicator, Maatz's voice was heard. "I hear you, Masya. I am having to placate Mrs. Adams to calm her down. I am wearing my human form and Dark Imp showed up right after Felton messed up something major to Eddie's mom. She quizzed him on things that Eddie would know and the slime blew it."

    Chargepaw said, "My mom uses the quiz tactic when she suspects someone is lying to her." He then raised his voice. "Maatz! This is Eddie! Try not to laugh too much, but... I accidentally got pregnant by Alpha Cocoafang when he claimed me before he knew about my contract with you! And now I am stuck in the realm for a year according to the laws! And since the slime blew it to my mom, then the gig is up! There is no way to explain this to her in a way that will keep her calm!"

    Maatz said, "Eddie? Are you familiar with Men In Black? That's what we are planning to do in regards to your mother. If she doesn't have the slime blew it conversation with him, then we can work out a solution that is more reasonable than your mom laughing her ass off when she learns that you got pregnant."

    In Maatz's background, Eddie's mother, Eve Adams, was heard to exclaim, "My son got someone pregnant?! Who did he get in trouble?!"

    Chargepaw said, "Unless Maatz uses the Men in Black memory trick, then I might as well never go home. Mom will want to know who I got knocked up; and I didn't... I am the one pregnant; not someone else. Here in the underworld, boys can get pregnant and I got it by accident."

    In Maatz's background, Eve Adams said, "My son is... pregnant... Eddie, are you in pain? Do you have a good midwife to help you give birth? Are they going to have to give you a C-Section? I know the male anus is not equipped to push a living body out of it. It is just one baby; right, son?"

    Chargepaw sighed. "No, mom... I am going to have a litter of Hellhound puppies. Cocoafang is the father. He didn't want to claim me and he only did so to keep the other sleaze recruiters from getting the drop on me. Had someone else gotten to me, then you never would have learned where I was. I am likely safer right where I am right now as opposed to being anywhere else. And due to the claiming laws down here, I have to stay with Cocoafang's pack for a year before I can negotiate release to come home. That means I would miss a year of school. I didn't plan it this way, mom... I actually like school. I just don't like the bullies who want to pick on Franky and I... I think they pick on him more than me. Please calm down and talk to Maatz Arelli. He is a very fair operative and he cares about the job he does. He was even letting Franky and I help his agents with cold case files. The real Roanbury works for Maatz, as does Masya who is here with me and he is sexy cute; and his naughty minded brother Yasma who is... Heaven knows where. I know he isn't here and that worries me."

    Maatz then said, "Yasma is spying on Franky at your friend's home. The purpose is to make sure he is truly your friend or if something else is going on with him since he likes cats and you barely get along with the species, yourself. Yasma hasn't reported in as yet; but he likes to be thorough in his investigations. He has a successful brother to measure up to."

    Eve said, "I will calmly talk to Maatz since you think so highly of him, son. The secret to giving birth painlessly is to imagine squishy fruit in your mind while you are forcing the puppies out of your body. If they are Hellhounds, then they won't be hurt through the birthing especially if Cocoafang is there to comfort you and hold your hand or paw or whatever you have at the moment. I will get a leave of absence for you from the school. Just don't forget where you live, son. Maybe Maatz can find work for you in the Underworld."

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.

      Some time later, with Masya as an official witness, Chargepaw (Eddie) was in the process of birthing out his litter of Hellhound puppies. Cocoafang said, "Just a few more, Chargepaw... you're almost there." And he then shot a smile at Masya.

      Masya knew this was serious business since this was not something Eddie had ever done before. He knew the boy would be too tired afterward to care what the pups looked like.

      Other pack members were positioned nearby watching the new recruit make new pack members. A minor few Demon Donkey herd members were also watching from a row of berry bushes to the side.

      Cocoafang mentally said to Masya, "I know this is serious for Eddie; but you cannot show worry or concern when someone is going through this for the first time. A smile disarms worry and makes the experience better. Any word on Yasma's investigation?"

      Masya mentally replied, Yasma said that Franky hasn't asked even once what Eddie was up to and it has been a day since he last saw him."

      Cocoafang thought about the reply for a moment before he mentally said, "Have Yasma make a joke about Eddie getting knocked up and if Franky doesn't show concern over the joking news, then he likely isn't Franky. Showing no emotions is sure tip-off that something is wrong. Then again, what would a Hellhound know about human emotions?"

      Masya hummed. "That is an interesting suggestion, Cocoafang. I will send word to Yasma to try that."

      Chargepaw (Eddie) moaned. "I feel so empty. Am I done?"

      Cocoafang replied, "Let me check, hon. You can spend the rest of your year anywhere in my realm. I am very sorry you had to undergo all this." And he rubbed a paw over Eddie's houndish tummy making sure all the puppies made it out. Then he said, "There is one more, Eddie. You can do it. Then you may rest."

      All of the other pups that had come out of Eddie were all male until the last one was being assisted in being birthed. That was when most of the Hellhound pack members backed away in disgust when they noted that the last one to emerge was a white-furred female. Eddie was glad to have the last one out of himself. He was, as Masya feared, too tired to care what the pups looked like. The demon donkeys showed more concern for Chargepaw despite the pack members moving away from the only female in the litter.

      One Demon Donkey said, "Females are rare, Alpha; and quite valuable. We would like to let Chargepaw rest in our part of the realm, if you don't mind."

      Cocoafang looked to Masya for a moment and when he saw the devil mouse nod his head, he replied, "I will permit you boys to take care of Eddie while he rests; just don't take advantage of the boy. He didn't mean to end up in this situation with the rest of us. But now he has to stay for a year."

      The demon donkeys assisted in moving Chargepaw off to their section of the realm where they had a barn with stable stalls and a foreman's quarters/bedroom. Eddie was helped into the bed and the blanket was pulled up over his body with a comfortable pillow under his head. "You just rest here, Eddie; Making friends with a nice guy like you would not have constituted mounting you no matter how sweet you are. Even though we are demon donkeys, we would have asked you if you wanted to play around first. Of course, as a Hellhound, your body is more capable of having donkey sex than you would have enjoyed as a human. Although there is no rule that says you have to stay in Hellhound form during your year's stay in the realm. We can help you to acquire a donkey form of your own. That way no other Hellhound tries to take advantage of you while you are wandering around the realm. Did you see how the other Hellhounds backed away when you birthed out the most adorable puppy you produced. The reason is because they are male chauvinist queers. Remember this one extra thing... it is not necessary to have sex with a claimed new recruit. Cocoafang did so because you aroused him and he wanted to get some relief. Before you birthed the female pup, the other Hellhounds were all hoping they would get a turn with you. Once you were ready to rest, we stepped up to the plate to offer you an honest place to rest and the first thing out of Cocoafang's muzzle was to tell us not to do as he did... take advantage of the nice boy. I suppose it was okay for a Hellhound to do it; but our concern was to give you a place to rest. Not to invite you into an orgy. We can do that with each other. Again, if you wanted to participate freely, we would have you wear a donkey body, temporarily. Most Demon Donkeys are directly related to the Pleasure Island recruiters who went bad and got sent to the Underworld. Our select group distanced ourselves from the others who would do that and we ended up here. Then our stupid lord got the whole realm into debt. He should have just left well enough alone. So we had to rely on what we thought would be a nice Hellhound. And he takes advantage of a nice boy like you."

      Eddie released a slow breath of tired air. "I am inclined to try your way of life as long as I can be human after my year ends."

      The demon donkey said, "Once you are fully rested, we will walk you through the donkey way of life. You just rest for now. We will go get you some berries and water."

      Eddie hoped there wasn't a catch involved in what they were offering. Giving birth was not fun no matter what the hounds said. That was worse than getting a paddling on his bottom for doing something wrong topside.

      Not long after the demon donkeys left the foreman's bedroom, Eddie passed out into a deep sleep. When he woke up, Eddie had an odd almost strawberry like taste in his mouth. It was both pasty and thick while making him feel very aroused and erect; more so than a standard Hellhound should have felt between his legs. When he opened his eyes, he saw the demon donkeys just outside of the foreman's bedroom holding what looked like his Hellhound body in preparation for transporting it back to the front of the realm to Cocoafang. But if they had Chargepaw, then how was he even laying in the bed at all. He began to look himself over only to see a faded pink Demon Donkey body much like the Pink Panther's coat and he was apparently in the new body. "Ah! What have you guys done to me?"

      The one Demon Donkey then stepped into the room and closed the door. "Calm down, Eddie. You said you were more inclined to try out our way of life for a while as long as you could be human at the end. Cocoafang made a slight mistake just after he claimed you when he pulled you out of the Recruitment Pool... In his haste to claim you, he quickly gave you a new name and then and only then, did he explain the year's stay in his realm as part of the so-called claiming rules."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four.

        The Demon Donkey continued, "Chargepaw has an agreement with Cocoafang; But Eddie Adams doesn't. So in his haste to pull a fast one over on Triple Eye, he messed up and renamed you before explaining the claim laws. Laws, mind you, which are no longer on the books because recruiting is illegal in the Underworld. Consider our trick as a means of helping you out of a spot that is illegal to begin with. Masya and the imps as well as the document personnel workers were distracted or else they would have caught on to what the Hellhound was pulling. It is recruiting disguised with an older word that Recruiters used to use when they were unofficially recruiting without anyone knowing about it. You are going to be in this new body temporarily while we get you to a Mack Roo law station. The Mack Roo lawyers are adorably lovable and cute. But each one knows all about Recruiting; because they have a college degree in the art. Something they legally gained before the new law went into effect and effectively ruined their lives. We are going to return the Chargepaw body we extracted you out of to Cocoafang's realm and then we are going to wait a day before we escort you off to Mack Roo. Tricking Council Lord Zecma takes some sneaky plotting since he is usually not so easy to fool. We don't want any reward for rescuing you from the recruitment trap; but if you feel you must repay us, just agree to be on call for us and be our friend. We are easy to please."

        Eddie smiled. "I promise to be on call for you Demon Donkeys and to be your friend. I knew there was something fishy about this claiming business."

        The Demon Donkey slyly grinned when he got the former human boy to agree with a promise of his own free will without coercion. Eddie was as good as theirs thanks to that promise. "As for the agreement last night, we will walk you through the donkey way of life. Don't worry about Cocoafang finding you here; we are not even in his realm at the moment."

        Eddie then asked, "If I couldn't leave the realm for a year, how did you get me out of the realm? I am just curious."

        The Demon Donkey said, "We carried in a recently deceased demon donkey brother and we extracted 'that which makes you human' out of the Hellhound body and placed it along with your memories, spirit and soul into the new Demon donkey body. This left 'that which makes Chargepaw a Hellhound' in the old body. We then carried your sleeping Demon Donkey body back to this realm and put you into a bed identical to the one you had fallen asleep in last night. And then this door was opened to reveal a viewing portal so you, upon awakening, would see Chargepaw being prepared for the trip back to Cocoafang while you remained safely here with us. We don't utilize this trick very often, but when we do use it... it works fabulously well. By the time Cocoafang realizes that someone nabbed his illegal recruit, you will be in the protective custody of Mack Roo."

        Eddie asked, "Are you going to take me to Mack Roo right now or do I have to fulfill the trying out being a donkey first?"

        The Demon Donkey replied, "According to your own words, Eddie my boy, you offered up the remaining time you would have been Chargepaw to try our way of life. So... you have three hundred sixty-four days remaining before you will have fulfilled your promise. Then you will be taken to Mack Roo."

        Eddie jerked his head up and asked, "When did I make that promise?"

        The Demon Donkey grinned slyly. "You're starting to figure things out a little too late, Eddie, my boy. Here, let me replay your own words back to you so you can hear what you said in gratitude for our getting you out of the Hellhound realm." And he cast a spell and Eddie heard his own voice as he said the following two sentences... "I am inclined to try your way of life as long as I can be human after my year ends." and "I promise to be on call for you Demon Donkeys and to be your friend."

        After hearing himself three times, Eddie said, "Oh my lord... you caught me off guard when I wasn't coherent enough to know what I was agreeing to. So I guess I am stuck now for a year."

        The Demon Donkey said, "I am sorry, Eddie, but you weren't groggy when you said the first part. You had just woken up when you made the promise. What I can guarantee you is that we will not get you pregnant during the year unless you choose to try it when your year ends."

        Eddie said, "But according to your own words, when the year ends, I will be in Mack Roo's custody. Unless you are lying to me."

        The Demon Donkey sighed before he said, "I think you should wait here and rest; There are berries on the bushes and fresh water in the stream. I need to go check on the other donkeys to make sure Cocoafang is still in the dark. I'll be back later." And he trotted off and went over the hill.

        Eddie decided he wasn't going to eat or drink anything the demon donkey told him to enjoy, but instead, he chose to do a trick the donkeys never saw him do when he was with Cocoafang. It worked the first time; so it should work now. If the Demon Donkey had been smart, he would have muted Eddie; so his mistake was about to be his downfall.

        Then aloud, Eddie said, "I need an Information Devil Mouse in regards to an inquiry about magic! Preferably Masya if he is available!" And in a fast poof of smoke, Masya did indeed appear but he was not alone this time; he was with Dark Imp, Zecma, and a seven foot tall black furred female rabbit wearing mage robes. Apparently, this was the Battlemage known as Warneeri. "Masya! Its me, Eddie Adams! Listen to what I am about to tell you because I think I am in trouble! And boy are you going to be mad!" And following that, he explained everything the Demon Donkey had told him about how they got him out of Cocoafang's realm and of the donkey's claim that Cocoafang had been illegally recruiting and how the donkey had as much did the same thing by body swapping him into this body as well as tricking him into making a promise when he was too tired to know to be suspicious. "He said he would take me to Mack Roo at the end of the year of my being a demon donkey. But based on what he said, I get the feeling that he was lying because he said I was figuring things out too late."

        Zecma examined the pink Demon Donkey and said, "Yes, Eddie's soul, spirit and memories are inside this Pink Demon Donkey body. Body swapping is illegal unless conducted by a Yuskay Groomer or in the direct presence of a Mack Roo Lawyer. Someone is really asking for it by doing this."

        Dark Imp then said, "I just got off the horn with the collections department; in his haste to trick Eddie, the Demon Donkey never registered the promise to the record. So because of his blunder, Eddie, you are not stuck in a promise with him at all. We can help you out of this." He then produced a crystal orb and he touched it to Eddie's pink donkey forehead and said, "I command for all that is Eddie to enter this orb!" And the orb filled up with a swirling essence that vaguely looked like Eddie's human face. "Another lie the donkey told you, Eddie, was that at the end of the year, you would resume your human form; this is impossible if you are not in your original body."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five.

          Dark Imp continued, "And Chargepaw is currently your original body transformed into a Hellhound; so as much as you might not like this, you have to go back into that body before we take Chargepaw to a Yuskay Groomer to have you restored to normal. As of now, Cocoafang's claim on you is no longer valid. None of his Hellhounds want anything to do with Chargepaw although they were hopeful to associate with the nice human boy. Meaning you."

          Mentally, Eddie projected, "I hope everyone in the Underworld aren't as trappy as Cocoafang and the weird Demon Donkey are. I only griped about being a donkey because he made me a pink girly color."

          Warneeri said, "I thought recruiting was illegal in the Underworld, Masya. Why is this stuff still going on? I was able to get you a supply of Cheese Caviar for your services this time and one of your colleagues needs help yet again."

          Masya grinned. "It is illegal, Warneeri. But I don't enforce the laws down here; I work for Maatz in Triple Eye. You really got the stuff? You are my favorite mage."

          After a quick teleport to fetch Chargepaw (Eddie's body) and a second teleport to go to the Yuskay Groomer's body reshaping station in Nexus Town, a Mack Roo lawyer was summoned to oversee Eddie's restoration for legal purposes. As the Yuskay Groomer began to perform the requested operation on the former human turned Hellhound, he stopped as he looked at the imps, devil mouse, Battlemage and Kangaroo lawyer. "Eddie's body is still pregnant, gentlemen. It wouldn't surprise me if Cocoafang lied to Eddie about his birthing all of the pups as a means of retaining control over the new Hellhound body. I must coerce the body to give birth before a restoration can occur safely. Otherwise, Eddie would simply change back into a Hellhound not long after returning to Earth."

          Zecma growled, "A Drug Mule. We were wondering how Underworld Lords were getting recruitment supplies topside recently. Make it so, Number One. The Council is covering the costs to make sure this gets done right."

          After the birthing of a male Hellhound that looked identical to Chargepaw, Number One focused on cleansing Eddie's body entirely inside and out before permitting the transfer of the boy's psyche back into his original body. Number one then said, "Zecma, I am detecting an 'Underworld Stay' timer embedded in Eddie's aura. The type used when someone gets rescued from a receiving pool. And the owner of the timer is a Devil Mouse called Zelko. What this implies is that the Devil Mouse had already registered the timer before he permitted Cocoafang to claim the boy rather than his taking the boy himself. Therefore, if Eddie attempts to go back to Earth before the one-year timer counts down, he will forever change into a Devil Mouse himself and be transported back to Zelko's home realm where he will be stuck in a punishment for attempting to renege on a debt."

          Masya looked to Warneeri. "What this means is that Zelko registered the rescue to himself officially and Eddie has to pay Zelko back before the boy can return topside or else, he surrenders his humanity regardless. This is another reason why you do not incur a debt to anyone in the Underworld. As long as someone registers the rescue, they effectively own you until you pay back the rescue fee which is a steep one hundred million credits. The timer also keeps track of Eddie's attempts to pay off this debt. If a year ticks down before he gets it fully paid off, he becomes like me anyway and then he is open for purchase from the little slime for however much was left over from the original debt. I could buy Eddie myself. He is my understudy and he was my responsibility."

          Eddie's mental voice said from the orb, "So when Cocoafang said that his friend left before he pulled me out of the pool; it was too late since the Devil Mouse saw me first. I guess I need to do some jobs down under so I can start to get this pile of crap paid off. Who knew serving under Maatz would result is such a nasty mess and me without any toilet paper?"

          Warneeri said, "If you were to clone Eddie's body and place his psyche into the clone without the timer, would he be exempt from this debt or am I missing something about this messy situation? I apologize if I am clueless about Underworld politics. Most of the evil underworld monsters my friends and I fight against are demon lords and as Masya has often told me, Devils are not like demons; devils are more reasonable."

          Masya said, "It really doesn't work that way, Warneeri. It would be nice if it did."

          Warneeri then asked, "Is there a job that none of you high class Imps nor Devil mice would do that might pay a hundred million credits or more that Eddie could do one time so you wouldn't have to do it? Then Eddie could just buy off his own debt and be free of this Zelko creep."

          Zecma grinned. "An interesting idea and I can think of one that occurs within my council job. And I am sure Dark Imp can also think of one that is not very pleasant, can't you?"

          Dark Imp slyly grinned as well. "Yes, but I usually only have ignorant greedy fucks stuck in that job. But it would raise the money Eddie would need."

          At that moment, a law imp appeared and mentally told Mack Roo something important. Mack Roo sighed as he said, "Bad news, Masya... Even though Eddie was doing it to get yer specific attention, 'e has been abusing the Information Devil Mouse calling service to get yas to come to 'im and that is actually illegal. 'e currently owes the Information Union an amount that yas might charge an annoying mage twice since 'e has used this trick twice. Despite using it for a good cause, 'e should 'ave used a different manner of contacting yas. Ah am sorry."

          Zecma looked to Masya and then to Dark Imp. "Looks like D.I.'s work payment solution is Eddie's only hope now. When the Unions are involved, the council's paws are tied."

          Eddie's mental voice said from the orb, "I will make amends if allowed. But I didn't know how else to get Masya's attention the first time and I was desperate the second time. I should handle Zelko's payment first and then pay off the union when I am done with Zelko. And with you guys as my witnesses, the little slime cannot say I didn't pay off my rescue debt. As for the union... Would it be possible for me to plead my case to them?"

          Mack Roo replied, "Yas could make that attempt; but yas should raise the payment anyway in case they decide not to see things yer way. If they do agree, then yas got free wages."

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six.

            One hour after spending six hours laying golden coins while under the 'Golden Goose' spell cast by Dark Imp, Eddie back within his original restored human body (having gotten his restoration AFTER laying all of those golden coins.) Together with the group of witnesses, they brought Eddie to the Information Devil Mouse Union bosses. Masya chose to lay out the scenario to the union heads before permitting Eddie to explain the events in his own words. When Eddie was asked to explain himself, he told of how he had been recruited under the old claiming rule after a staged rescue and then he was kidnapped by a demon donkey and moved away from the recruiting Hellhound. How it was implied that the donkey had plans on mind wiping the boy so he would never be able to get restored. So contacting Masya seemed like the only way out; but since Eddie didn't know how else to get a hold of him, he utilized the Information Devil Mouse call that he had seen in use to get Masya's attention. He then finished up by asking the union if they might forgive him since he didn't know the specific calling rules; and if they won't, then he is ready to pay them the owed amount.

            Not surprisingly, the Union heads chose to cast Aura Reading as well as Detect Lie before permitting Eddie to tell his tale. When the aura showed no deception and his honesty shined throughout his story, the Union heads conferred with each other mentally before the main representative leaned forward and said, "Due to your involvement with Triple Eye, we will reduce the punitive fee to two credits as well as acquired services from you to do tasks in which we will decide upon. Or, you can choose to pay off the two billion credits instead. And be warned, the debt for falsely using our services has an awful interest rate per 24 hours not paid. What will it be? Pay two credits and serve us when we call upon you or... attempt to pay off the super debt that exists as of today? Mind you, this debt started when you falsified the call for Masya by mentioning our services. That is a total of 2 days worth of interest plus the original debt. Two billion one hundred million credits which will increase again at midnight. We are being lenient because you were honest with us. Your backup witness do not frighten us at all. We existed before Dark Imp took over the Underworld Financial mess. I will give you a few moments to think over our offer."

            Eddie turned and looked at those who had come with him. He mouthed, 'Working for this bunch sounds like slavery and I just escaped from that with Cocoafang and the Demon Donkey.' After Dark Imp nodded his head in agreement, Eddie said aloud, "Dark Imp, make my account available for the Union Pay-off, in full. Although their offer may have sounded good in their own minds, they didn't go through child birth and body swapping like I did." He turned to face the Union Heads once again. "I will choose to pay off the full debt as of right now. And I expect a receipt to be handed over to Mack Roo and Dark Imp. My account will be wiped out; but that is little in comparison to being a slave in the Underworld."

            Masya then said, "Not to mention, you have a registered contract with Maatz Arelli that you signed days ago on Earth."

            The Union Head Devil Mouse remarked, "You would have been better off serving the union, Eddie Adams. Your authorized passport for entering the Underworld was pre-paid by Zelko. That is why you ended up owing him so much. Leaving the Underworld must be earned since you have no Underworld realm sponsor to authorize your passport visa to return to Earth. And you cannot choose anyone here. It must be a non-present realm lord of whom you don't mind being a citizen to. We do know the Underworld laws, Eddie. You can take this case to the Emperor and see if he will authorize your passport; but I can guarantee that he will ask to fuck you at least once. He is a Hell Dragon, young human. Once he does you, you will know what Felton knew."

            Warneeri then spoke up. "I assume you know who I am, correct?"

            The three union heads all said as one, "You are that cranky Battlemage called Warneeri that Masya has the balls to serve once in a while. Why are you here?"

            Warneeri smiled. "I have Masya's paid services for the next two days and when he got called back to the Underworld the second time, I wasn't about to let him go without me. As a mage, I am exempt from the Underworld laws and therefore, I do not need a passport for leaving the Underworld whenever I like. And technically, my home realm of Hollow Earth is considered a non-Hell Underworld apart from Earth, therefore, that technically makes me a lord of my domain. So if I choose to take Eddie back to my Underworld, the laws must permit it because as you just said a moment ago... I am that cranky Battlemage of Fire who has twelve children at home and while I am not on P.M.S. as of today, I could easily go there without warning."

            The Head Union Devil Mouse then said, "You can try to take him; but since he signed a contract with a Hell Citizen currently residing on Earth legally, taking the boy out of our Underworld can be construed as theft. You do not have Maatz's permission to take this boy anywhere. Masya works for Maatz Arelli and he likewise does not have his employer's permission."

            The other two Union Mice moved away from their comrade since he was confronting the cranky mage.

            Warneeri looked to Masya and asked, "What is one species that Hell is lacking right about now?"

            Masya having some idea on what the black furred mage was planning said, "House cats."

            Warneeri grinned as she turned sharp and fast with a power glowing finger pointed at the Union Devil Mouse and he transformed without giving him a chance to deflect the spell into an all-white house cat with a halo around his head and then he simply vanished from the chamber ... reappearing in the Angelic Kennels within Heaven.

            "MEOW!" "Bow-wow-wow-wow-wow-wow-wow-wow-wow-wow-wow-wow-wow! Get the cat!" "Calm down in there! This is Heaven; not Hell!"

            The remaining two Union Devil Mice smirked before one said, "That servitude thing was all his idea; we have been wanting to kick him out of the Union for some time. Just pay us the two credits, Eddie, and you are free to leave. But you can come back any time. We really need to streamline and clean-up the Information Devil Mouse guidelines and rules so things like this do not occur again." The other Union Devil Mouse said, "We can even grant you an IDM power so you can safely call for Masya without abusing the service. Just think Masya's name and the mental network will activate. There are times when Masya would likely welcome the chance you hear your nice voice over pompous ungrateful mages who pay him next to nothing for his services. One mage paid him one credit for assistance in organizing the magic user's spell library. Another magic user gave him half a sandwich. There was an ugly fat witch who gave him a kiss as a reward. You cannot make a living off of such insulting rewards."

            Eddie said, "I knew I was in trouble and I didn't know how to get Masya's attention since I wasn't in the body he last saw me in. I had tried to mentally call him after my transformation and something blocked the ability."

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven.

              Masya then said, "Just remember, Eddie, when you call upon a Devil Mouse, they have to make a living to support possible families and clans as well as anyone else. Food is all well and good; but it doesn't feed the family. Therefore, Warneeri, you getting me expensive caviar is nice; but it insults my entire species. It would be like if a Lord hired your spell casting services to do something for him and as a reward, gave you room and board one time only before having you escorted out of his realm. Don't call us, we'll call you."

              Warneeri growled, "I'd kill him! And so would Gotaki!"

              The first Union Devil Mouse then said, "However Eddie, you are still unable to leave the Underworld because of the laws. If the idiot had been nicer, he could have explained why not without pissing off a Battlemage of Fire."

              Eddie sighed. "So why am I honestly stuck here?"

              The second Union Devil Mouse said, "It will sound stupid, but Masya and the other authority figures in the chamber can all verify this; when you fell into the receiving pool, it coated you in a fluid that cannot be washed off; it has to wear off. It takes a year of being exposed to Underworld air or moisture. If you go back to Earth; the moment you went to sleep at night, by morning you would wake up once again in that pool. You can take your chances there... or you can find somewhere safe elsewhere and just endure the wait for the stuff to wear off. It is annoying, but that's why locals stay out of the stuff."

              Dark Imp and Zecma both nodded their heads as Dark Imp said, "He isn't kidding, Eddie; that is the natural law of that pool's fluids and there is no quick fix to it. The stuff is connected to your original body; so when you got restored to human form, it was still all over your body. It has a side effect to make you aroused far more easily than normal; perfect for mates who cannot get it up."

              Mack Roo said, "I could permit Eddie to reside in my human quarters within my realm. I used to be human myself and thus, I have an Earth-like home in my realm for people who cannot survive like the locals can. I can permit Masya to arrange a short-cut anchor point in the home so he can come check on you whenever he likes. If you would rather stay in Rotunda City where the most Job Taverns are located, then the union could help provide you with lodging. Job Board employment is absolutely safe and guaranteed to help you to preserve your original species. If you ever want to join someone's species, simply volunteer to have a realm lord of the species of choice to mount you and when you wake up, you will be the new species."

              Warneeri inquired, "Is that why my offer to take Eddie back to Hollow Earth would fail is because he has to endure a year long stay in the actual Underworld itself or else he would just end up back in the receiving pool?"

              Zecma nodded his head. "Now you are learning things, Warneeri. Your offer was a good one; but it would only work if Eddie had not fallen into the pool. You were brought in with Masya. If you ever want to take a year-long vacation away from Hollow Earth here in the Underworld, remove your robes and bathe in the pool just once. When you emerge, no matter how hard you want to leave the Underworld; you won't be able to stay in the other location for long; you will always wake up back in that pool. Also, falling in the pool will destroy all of your clothing and spell books; so that is why you should always make plans to preserve your valued goods in advance."

              Warneeri looked disgusted over the idea of losing everything she might have on her body when bunking down. That alone shut her up.

              Eddie said, "If recruiting is illegal, then why is a recruiting pool still allowed to exist? It sounds like entrapment waiting to happen."

              Warneeri perked up at that mention since it was a question that she had not thought of.

              Dark Imp then said, "Zecma? I think Eddie has a valid point that council has either overlooked or they have deliberately prevented you from learning about until now."

              Zecma said, "Then I need to put the pressure on the council to find out why the pool was not drained and removed once recruiting was outlawed. In the meantime, Eddie needs to decide where he would like to live."

              Eddie said, "Since Mack Roo has made a lodging offer to me, I would like to accept that arrangement. I could do odd jobs for his boys while waiting for the year to end."

              Masya said, "Warneeri and I will accompany you over to Mack Roo's realm, Eddie. His having a human house in a Devil Kangaroo realm must be really something."

              Mack Roo held on to the guests and Eddie and transported them from Rotunda City to the Devil Kangaroo Realm where an Earth like college dorm building stood and Mack took them inside to an available dorm room with Mack's name on it. "This is where Ah like to crash when Ah feel nostalgic, mates." Mack hopped on one particular bed and then he pointed at the bed directly across from his own. "That one will be yers, Eddie. Of course, if yas need to sleep with a nice roo on some lonely night, just climb on into my bed. Ah'll try not to yiff yas, but during dreams, anything can 'appen. Except for Mages and Lords, no one wears any clothing in the Underworld."

              Eddie sat on Mack's bed and hugged him. "Mack... I didn't want to suggest this in front of the nosy union, but... is there any way to speed up my having to spend a year in the Underworld. I am going to miss school down here and I like going."

              Mack looked at Masya and Warneeri with an odd expression, before turning back to Eddie and saying, "Well... there is a way, but Ah would 'ave to charge yas a fee to use it. And while using it, yas 'ave to be a Devil Kangaroo like my boys and Ah. And yas 'ave to promise me in front of yer friends that yas won't try to leave early. Meaning that once yas get into this, yer stuck until the speed up is completed. Masya and 'is brother could 'ave warned yas about making deals in the Underworld. And Ah am the Lord of this mini-realm of former Roo-Cruiters turned lawyers. The adults 'erein are lawyers; the joeys are more playful and yiffy."

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight.

                Mack then said with a dopey kangaroo smile, "Yer choice, mate; surrender yer 'umanity temporarily in exchange for a speed up or stay 'uman and wait out the year. Ah'll let yas confer with Masya and Warneeri before yas make yer decision."

                Eddie got off of the bunk and walked over to where Warneeri and Masya were waiting. "What do you guys think? It was either speed up or when my year ended, send me back in time to this day on earth so I don't miss a year of school and chance becoming a missing person on the government list. How would Maatz explain my missing status to the cold case division of the F.B.I.? The boy fell into some magic goop in the Underworld; you know... Hell; and it takes a year for the goop to wear off so he can return safely."

                Masya shook his head as he replied, "Warneeri and I could have helped you with the speed up had you asked us before you pitched the offer at Lord Mack. Now our hands are tied; only he has the authority to help you. I think in your haste to put one over on the Underworld; you didn't think of all the stories others have befallen in trying similar things to get out of Hell. Nice people get stuck in nasty sticky things. I would advise that you just stick out the year as a human. If you spend any time as a Devil Kangaroo, you might not want to return to being human when it ends. And that wouldn't be Mack making you stay that way; he knows as well as I do that human free will can be your undoing."

                Warneeri added, "He used to be human himself before he got changed into the species and was in the form for too long to return to being human safely. As Masya just said, stay human if you want to retain your cute factor. Of course, staying human in a Devil Kangaroo realm is not going to be easy. And you should always insist on human safe foods and drink if you want to avoide losing your species altogether."

                Mack whom was now reading a comic book said, "Ah knew they would tell yas the right things, Eddie; that's why Ah suggested that yas get counsel from them. Yas could start liking the new form and be stuck in it; but that is a big 'IF'; yer willpower and free will decides what form yas keep in the end. Besides, the Devil Mouse form spell that Maatz gave yas could be misconstrued as recruiting and as yas know... recruiting for Underworlders is illegal. The more time you spend as an Underworld species even through a spell yas are controlling, the less likely yas would want to go back to being a boring 'uman boy. At least Ah am telling yas this up front. Am Ah wrong, Warneeri? Crafty ass'ole 'ollow Earth warlocks 'ave tried this before. Am Ah right?"

                Warneeri had a look of disgust on her muzzle. "He's not wrong, Eddie. But for them, recruiting is not illegal. And they claim that the act is an apprenticeship. Usually when someone agrees to an apprenticeship, you permit the master to fuck you, as he changes you into his own species. You get your original species back the day you graduate from his teachings and you restore yourself to your original form... and as Mack said, 'IF' you truly want to return to your old species. Most don't want to return to their old species at the end of the study session. An apprenticeship takes four years and you are only slated to be here in the Underworld for one year. So, as Masya just suggested, stay human."

                Eddie arched an eye. "You said 'usually'. What's the other way aside from an apprenticeship?"

                Warneeri grinned slyly. "Self taught. Exactly as I did originally. No free rescues when you mess up a spell; no master to bail you out of a mess you caused. Of course, I am a Fire Magic specialist. Fire magic just comes easier to me than the other magics. Self teaching avoids the 'Master-Fuck' rule, but as I said, with no master, you have to bail yourself out of messes that you cause. With a master, he is responsible for all messes you make -- in his or her name."

                Eddie then looked to Masya and mouthed, /Would I have been better off staying at the I.D.M. Union headquarters?/

                Masya nodded his head once and only slightly before saying aloud, "No lord is immune to the call of recruiting, Eddie. A lord whom owns a realm will always feel the call if they have a sexy cute naked human boy in front of themselves. Problem is; during accidental sex, your mind goes to mush and you can be convinced that it was your own idea to join the species. Remember earlier when Mack himself at the end of the offer to let you stay in his realm said, If you ever want to join someone's species, simply volunteer to have a realm lord of the species of choice to mount you and when you wake up, you will be the new species. If he wasn't thinking about recruiting, then mentioning that part is a pretty damning thing for a lawyer to say in front of Union officials. Are you in rut, Mack?"

                Mack sniffed himself. "No! Ah thought Ah was just offering friendly advice! But mind yas, Masya, yer accusation can be reversed back on yas if Ah find that yas and yer brother 'ave 'ad sex with this joey after getting 'im recruited to join Triple Eye!"

                Masya said, "My brother was thinking about it, but I was choosing to stay professional in this relationship with Eddie."

                Mack Roo asked, "Did yas pitch the offer to let 'im join before yas shrunk 'im or did Maatz use the magical joining phrase scroll and yas mice didn't warn the joey that saying the phrase is the same as recruiting? If yas want to retain yer innocence in this, yas better tell me the truth so Ah don't 'ave to ask Space Master about this."

                Masya sighed as he landed on Eddie's lap and said, "The boy was sitting on the bench outside of one of our entry points for the HQ; He had been with one of those boring monotone tour guide groups and he got tired and needed both a bathroom break as well as a drink of water. There was also a water fountain near our door. Maatz had been whining that we didn't have more agents helping Triple Eye and I got an idea before opening the outer door to head out that we didn't have to get mice to sign up as understudies. we could offer them the self shrinking ability to help us with a case and then at the end, they could use the ability to return to their normal size, preferrably near their home neighborhood. I opened the outer door and Eddie had just said, quote, What to do now that I've accidentally ditched the tour group? I was really hoping for something a little more exciting today. Heck, I'd even join an investigation in progress to dodge boredom..., unquote, when Yasma asked me to offer him the chance to join us. At that moment, I shrunk Eddie and his clothes down to our size and we took him inside to meet with Maatz for his evaluation. Maatz handed Eddie the puzzle joining phrase scroll to see if he could decipher it. And he got it solved in under ten minutes. I would have warned him not to verbalize the instructions after he solved it, but I was blown away by how good Eddie was at decoding things. And before I knew it, he had stated the joining phrase and Maatz showed him the rest of the paperwork. Although, Eddie was not joining as a Devil Mouse. He would be joining under the presented idea of an understudy program. Yasma and I would be the senior agents and Eddie would learn the business through us. But when Mouse Officer Roanbury of Hartwood, Virginia, was so impressed with Eddie's deciphering skills and how he had helped to puzzle out other cases they had..."

                End of Chapter Eight.


                  Chapter Nine.

                  Masya then continued. "Eddie accepted a phony invite supposedly from Roanbury (but was in fact Felton) to come back to Hartwood to help with more cases; Eddie forgot to call in to base to let us know that he was getting an invite... thus falling into the receiving pool trap. Felton had the trap door connected to a phony time clock that he tricked Eddie into believing that he had to use."

                  Mack Roo looked to Eddie, eye to eye. "Is that true, Eddie?"

                  Eddie nodded his head. "I swear upon the Underworld laws that what he said is true. I really thought Roanbury was asking me to come back to help him with more cases."

                  Mack Roo asked, "Felton's disguise was that good?"

                  Eddie said, "I spent several hours with Roanbury during the time that Masya and Yasma went to perform one of their investigation tricks on a human suspect and while they were gone, I got to hug and kiss on Roanbury in s friendly way. He was nothing but professional with me. Although for him, I'd sleep with him. So when Felton showed up wearing the Roanbury disguise, I really thought it was the real mouse; he even had the scent down correctly. Had Felton asked me if I would have sex with him, I stupidly and most probably would have said yes. I really believed he was the real guy."

                  Mack then inquired, "'ave Yasma and Masya ever indicated to yas that they would like to 'ave sex with yas?"

                  Eddie replied, "Yasma has a wandering eye and even though he didn't like Franky at first, he indicated that he would like to sample my friend at least once. But to me, Yasma didn't express any interest; most likely because Masya saw me first. As for Masya, he has always treated me like a junior agent. Not one mention of his being in bed with me... at least, not to my face."

                  Mack Roo then said, "Investigation 'as revealed that Felton's escape from the Underworld was not without assistance. The bloke was aided by Zelko, Cocoafang, and Fudge'oof the Devil Donkey. Zelko was to 'ave received the replacement to Felton after the escape, but Cocoafang gave the mouse the sad puppy eyes and a sob story about not 'aving a boyfriend. Zelko cloned yas, Eddie, and then Felton assumed yer form to live in yer place. Fudge'oof 'elped Felton to escape from 'is dragon master under the promise that they would get a new donkey out of the assistance. Felton is not a mouse, so the mouser cat would 'ave been fooled. But when 'e failed yer mum's knowledge test, Maatz got involved to bring the bum back to the Underworld. And the rest yas know. And before yas ask, Felton was a dragon's sex toy type of mate. They often look like a miniature version of the 'ell dragon who changed them into their new species and they live for gay dragon sex. Of course, they also crave tricking cute boys into becoming their species so they 'ave a sexual partner to play with. The very idea is enough to make most 'uman adults sick to their stomach to think about. But young people often enjoy it."

                  Eddie took a breath and released it. "So what does this lead us up to, Mister Roo?"

                  Mack Roo said, "Ah can arrange a job for yas that will last an entire year. And then Ah can send yas back into the past a year's worth of time and then by the time yas arrive at tomorrow, yer job will be over and yas won't 'ave the pool's goop on yer body anymore. Masya can come back tomorrow to escort yas back 'ome to D.C. If yer interested..."

                  Eddie looked at Masya. "Will you be able to come back tomorrow for me?"

                  Masya smiled. "You are my understudy, Eddie. I will be back for you. And no hanky panky to fuck the boy, Mack. Come on, Warneeri." And the two departed to finish up the the magical purpose that the rabbit lady needed him for.

                  Mack Roo snuffed a bit once Masya left. "That bloke thinks everyone is in rut except 'imself. Okay, Eddie, let's get yas set into yer job." And the Devil Kangaroo lawyer took the naked boy out of the human house and out to what appeared to be a devil kangaroo statue which had a door in the tummy section of the object. "After Ah put yas into the capsule, all yas 'ave to do is listen to young joey requests for a year in the past and yas can give the joey advice that yas feel will benefit the tyke in the long run. Yas will receive magical nourishment as well as a magical toilet ability so yas can pee and poop without worry." And then he opened the door and he helped Eddie into the statue's tummy compartment where the boy was strapped in and he felt something plug itself up his anus and finally, a hose was attached to his penis. Mack pulled himself out of the statue's tummy and he closed the door and locked it securely before sending the Devil Kangaroo god statue into the past.

                  Eddie felt as if his surroundings were being thrown through a hole in time and then the statue felt as if it was caught by powerful claws as he heard a voice ask, "I am looking for Felton. If you tell me the truth about him, I will grant you a wish to get anything you want."

                  Eddie replied, "Are you his former master?"

                  The voice replied, "Yes, that is who I am. Although he volunteered to become my sex toy mate originally and then he reneged on his agreement by escaping with the assistance of those others who tried to screw you over, Eddie. I want Felton back."

                  Eddie said, "I will tell you everything, although all I really want in exchange is to have the receiving pool goop completely removed from my body so I don't miss any elementary school back in D.C. I actually like going to school. I don't know why all the lords seem to be in rut when dealing with me. And now for what I am promising to tell you." He paused and called out, "I need a law imp please!" The Law Imp appeared in the compartment space with Eddie. "You did the right thing this time, Eddie. Lay it on me."

                  Eddie repeated the offer that the Hell Dragon had offered in exchange for his getting Felton back and how Maatz had warned him about making wishes in the Underworld. "While I knew not to make a wish, I did mention what I wanted without using the 'I wish' words."

                  End of Chapter Nine.


                    Chapter Ten.

                    Eddie then continued, "And now with you, law imp, as my witness, I will reveal what Mack Roo and the IDM union revealed to me in regards to Felton." And he repeated every word of the information in exact excruciating detail. "Had Felton not dropped me down a trap door, he could have made a friend out of me, but I don't think that currently. As for his master the Hell Dragon... as long as he keeps his word of what he had offered me, then he has shown me more honor and respect than everyone else has in this misadventure."

                    The Hell Dragon then unlatched the tummy door in the statue and opened it to look in on Eddie. "I cannot believe Mack stuck you inside a sex inducing phony god statue. He really must be in rut if he tried to get you changed into a Devil Kangaroo by sending you back in time within his own realm. Law Imp, go ahead and tell Eddie whom I am."

                    The Law Imp grinned. "Eddie Adams, this is the current Hell Dragon Emperor, Lord Plesio Oiltail."

                    Lord Plesio then said, "Masya contacted me right after Mack Roo offered you a job to get that goop off of your body. Sad thing is, Mack Roo broke the Job Tavern laws by offering you that unauthorized job. Jobs must be regulated through the Employment Union. He supposedly knows this, Eddie. I have been in contact with Maatz and since you agreed to his offer first, then all offers made afterward are null and void. Because you told me the truth, I will grant you what you have asked for. Calling for a law imp makes you smarter than the Law Roo. I don't know what Yuskay was thinking when he sold the law business to Mack for a credit. That former human turned Devil Kangaroo is as corrupt as most other Underworlders are. And it is not entirely his fault. The IDM Union told me that they were going to offer you safe free lodgings within their union hall while you did jobs for a year and then Mack slid that sneaky offer to you at the same time that he mentioned how you could permanently give away your species. So when you said you wanted to accept his offer, you unknowingly accepted his offer to become a Devil Kangaroo joey. Which would have resulted in a free fucking from his prehensile up your tail hole."

                    Eddie growled, "I knew it was too good to be true!" Then he calmed himself. "What was Felton like before the others helped him to escape from you?"

                    Lord Plesio replied, "He always performed well and did exactly as he said he would do for me. Are you suggesting that they coerced him to help them with magic or drugs?"

                    Eddie said, "It is entirely possible. In all the time you have known Mack Roo... how often has he ever gone into rut without warning?"

                    Lord Plesio stroked his scaly chin. "He is usually very carefully about being in public when he is in rut. Do you think some villains have released some sort of aphrodisiac into the air in the Underworld?"

                    Eddie thought about it. "If they have, then am I affected by it myself? Or have I been lucky to retain my wits?"

                    Lord Plesio said, "As long as you were human, you were able to avoid the infliction that is affecting others. When you were in the Hellhound body, you were completely under the effects. And when you were in the donkey's body, you were again affected by the affliction. Now that you are human once again, you are back in your right mind. And now to grant you the request you made earlier. First, let's get you out of that converter booth." And Plesio helped Eddie out of the kangaroo sex statue and disconnected the boy from the tubes and converter nozzle. "You are lucky that we stopped this from reaching its destination or else you would not be human when the year ended."

                    Eddie sighed. "Thanks for unplugging me from this thing. It was starting to make me feel like I was growing a tail."

                    Lord Plesio said, "Before I grant you the request you made, I need to award you for your honesty. Don't worry, I am not going to change you into anything." The Hell Dragon emperor planted Eddie into his lap before teleporting himself and the law imp back to the imperial palace overlooking Hell's Empire City. Once within the palace, Eddie received a round of sex from the emperor that felt like nothing the others had done to him before. When he received a polite squirt inside of himself, the Hell Dragon helped Eddie out of his lap and he was placed on the red carpet at the dragon's feet near the dragon's tail. "Now to grant the request you have made." He pulled out what looked like a glowing scroll. "This is an imperial decree scroll which can duplicate an imperial powered wish. When I use this, you will be granted exactly what you have asked for."

                    The Hell dragon held the scroll on high and said, "I decree that the receiving pool to be transformed into Johnson's Baby Powder starting from the moment after Zelko and Cocoafang were no longer looking at it and I decree that the receiving pool goop to fall off of Eddie Adams' body as harmless powder and I decree that Eddie Adams be granted permanent permission to return to the Imperial Palace, Empire City, Nexus Town, and Rotunda City whenever he likes as a full Triple Eye Agent having the same powers as Masya!" And the Hell Dragon slammed the decree scroll down on the floor near Eddie where it vanished in a cloud of pleasing smelling smoke as Eddie's body suddenly felt as clean as it had been before falling into Felton's trap. He also felt the full power of the Triple Eye agent powers take hold throughout his body. "And now, Eddie, you are free to leave. You have a permanent Visa for coming and going as you see fit. Have a safe trip home. Aim for your bedroom so you can fetch some replacement clothes and undergarments to take into the bathroom so you have something to wear after you bathe. And remember to clean out your anus from any fucking sensations you have received. Personally, I think you are more fun than Felton was. But I still want him back."

                    After arriving home, Eddie made a quick trip down to Hartwood to fetch his backpack and then he returned to his bedroom where he fetched his clothes and undergarments before heading across the hallway to use the bathroom to clean himself thoroughly which would include a self-applied enema. Once he had all of the sex scent completely off of his body, he dried himself and got dressed before he went downstairs to present himself to his mother. When he got down to the living room, he saw his mother speaking to Maatz in his human form. "Um... I met with the emperor and he helped me to get the year-long goop off of my body. I only had to be honest with him in order for getting his help in decreeing me to be clean from the crap and so I could return home tonight rather than waiting for a year to pass. He wants Felton returned to him, Maatz."

                    Maatz said, "I know, he sent me mental word that he had returned you home to get a bath; he told me that you had impressed him immensely. And I happen to remember that feat is not so easily performed. He will likely have future jobs for you, Eddie. And IDM informed me that they are granting you full IDM status if you ever want to do that job."

                    Eve Adams hugged her son and said, "Regardless of being a young age, Eddie, I am giving you permission to help Maatz, the IDM, and the Emperor whenever they have need of you."

                    End of Chapter Ten.
                    End of Episode Two.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Power Improvements.