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[FE-III-01] EA-01 Junior G-Mouse

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    [FE-III-01] EA-01 Junior G-Mouse

    [FE-III-01] Edward Adams

    This is the adventures of the Underworld's version of the FBI, aptly named Triple Eye: Infernal Intelligence Investigations. A young person gets to experience these adventures with a seasoned set of III Agents. (This adventure is based on an forum RPG that occurred in 2010.)

    Infernal Intelligence Investigations
    Episode One: Junior G-Mouse.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    January 20th, 2019

    Edward "Eddie" Quincy Adams
    Maatz Arelli, Head Chief of the III Agency
    "Masya", male information devil mouse
    "Yasma", male investigation devil mouse

    Chapter One.

    Public Tour Group; The Pentagon, Washington D.C.

    Eddie had been walking at the back of a very tiring and almost boring monotone public tour group. Eddie headed over toward a bench between two large fern plants in a cul-de-sac side hallway that didn't seem to have any doors aside from two bathrooms and a water fountain. "I need to get a drink of water and rest my feet," he said to no one in particular as he started off in that direction unseen by anyone in the tour group. After getting his drink of water and he sat down near one of the fern plants on the bench. "I was told that this tour was an exciting exercise to be part of; I think I am getting my exercise, but I'm still waiting for the excitement to start. I am going to sit right here and rest my feet for a bit."

    At the foot of the back of the bench and behind one leg and through an almost unseen one foot tall door... through a small lobby and inside a small conference room... two devil mice sat at a briefing table while their chief, an advanced devil mouse lord, manned the slide projector. "...and this is what the missing boy looked like when he was last seen alive. You will find copies of this boy in your mission/evidence folders. There were three suspects who all had alibis that all checked out. After the alibis checked out, the case froze rather fast. There were no other suspects. Any questions, agents Masya and Yasma?"

    Masya was wearing reading glasses as he examined the photographs. "Human adults usually give up too soon. Someone's alibi must be a fake. Or there was a suspect that they didn't know about." In truth, Masya was GLAD to be in the Intelligence Agency business now as opposed to delivering information to ungrateful mages. "What do you think, Yasma?"

    Yasma's tail flicked as he hrmed. He was happy to be able to use his 'talents' for the III instead of several other things he could have been stuck with. Not to mention, his abilities in making naughty chaos were actually put to GOOD use by III. He grinned, "I think you are right and WE have resources they couldn't dream of; thank goodness. Human adults are morons."

    Their chief, code named Maatz Arelli, smiled. "You two are the best Triple Eye agents we have. Sure wish we had more recruits interested in this business. Unfortunately, they have all either went the menial labor route for infernal lords, or have applied for work at Devi-TV. That doesn't leave us with many prospects. Anyway, I apologize for ranting about something irrelevant. We'll make do with what we have." He then flicked on the overhead light. "You have your case, boys. As always... I expect results. And don't worry about the recruits thing. Dismissed."

    Outside of the conference room, Masya slowly walked across the small lobby toward the miniature water fountain located directly beside the exit door and got himself a drink. "The Chief wouldn't have mentioned 'recruits' unless he was really hurting for the need of more agents in Triple I. Could my brothers and cousins all have lost interest in being in the surface world?"

    Yasma poofed his shades into his paw and put them on with a grin. "Let's get to work." He hopped up and hummed, folding up the folder and tossing it into the air so that it poofed and vanished into his private storage space. Then he headed out of the conference room with Masya. "I think that Lord Impy is buying up 90% of the DeviMice, DemoniMice, and Imp workers... They've expanded their operations by 3410% 341 times their former size since the Return of Lord Impy. Most of the YOUNGER generation are more interested in Sex and Lap Sitting and other stuff."

    "Maybe we could find some recruits who aren't devil mice," said Masya. "He didn't say they had to be devil mice. Find some cuties and shrink them when they work with us... and return them to normal size when the mission ends. What do you think of my idea, Yasma?"

    Yasma pulled out a devi-sugar candy bar and munched on it as he thought about what his brother had suggested before he licked his fingers with a hum. "Well... It's an idea but you know... It makes sense. I've heard about what Saberfang is doing with his place in New Hampshire and there are a few others like that going on. But... you know accidents happen on this job. We'd need to make sure they signed 'At Your Own Risk' forms... Unless your suggesting we buy them the 'special insurances'."

    Masya hummed. "I was thinking both, along with an offer to imbue them with the Size Change - Self ability that you and I utilize in the field. True, it's preset with two sizes and has an assistance mode, in case the user is unconscious and in a size that we don't need them to be in. I was also thinking of offering the Silent Speak and the DeviPort - Limited Range abilities, too. As you know, Silent Speak allows us to talk aloud in a way that makes no sound to non-Agents. And the limited range DeviPort would be good in case the boy needs to teleport within sight distance close to one of us or to another location." He grinned. "Besides, working with a young recruit would be fun for all; and they would learn a good trade skill, too. Also, since the recruits would be our understudies, we could live with them part of the time rather than poofing back to our apartments and heating up a TV dinner." He winked with a giggle.

    Yasma blushed, "Well... I admit that might be nice." He hummed again. "Then I think we need to try and find some that live close to our home locations or have something like a tree house in their backyard. Within that limited range so we can get together quickly when we need to. And no having sex with them, right?" He chuckled; teasing... mostly.

    Masya grinned. "Not while we're on duty... but in our free time? Hormones tend to happen, you know... especially if we catch them naked for some reason. A mouse has to live, you know..." He chuckled as well.

    On the bench, Eddie exclaimed, "What to do now that I've accidentally ditched the tour group? I was really hoping for something a little more exciting today. Heck, I'd even join an investigation in progress to dodge boredom..."

    From the little door, Masya had the door propped open a bit as he heard the boy say those words. "You know, Yasma... I think we just found us a potential recruit."

    Yasma said, "Then let's nab him, shrink him and bring him to Maatz for evaluation. If we are lucky, he can go on our mission with us."

    Masya stifled a giggle, as he nudged Yasma. "As you wish, bro." he teased as he waggled his fingers at the boy who was just beginning to stand up from the bench.

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.

    And then to Eddie's surprise, the entire hallway got super large as he and his clothing shrank down to mouse size. "What's going on?" he asked to no one in particular as he was starting to look around himself and he saw the two mice wearing clothes near the small door he had not seen before. "Um... who are you guys? Did you shrink me?"

    Masya grinned as he motioned for the boy to come over to them. "Yes, and we heard your request to help with an investigation. Our boss will want to meet with you. Follow us, if you will." Eddie headed over to the two mice as they led him through the doorway and into the chamber beyond.

    Eddie was soon standing in an odd room, paled and nearly breathless from seeing the tall horned mouse guy in a suit examining him all around. Perhaps it wasn't so bad, except he had already figured out that the mouse was being civil; Masya had shrunken Eddie and his clothes to the size of the mice in these chambers.

    With Masya and Yasma entering the room, they saw Maatz giving the boy the appropriate physical. Masya said, "Maatz... the boy's name is Eddie. And listen to mine and Yasma's idea for this boy..." And he and Yasma began to explain the idea/deal to the Chief.

    Maatz Arelli hummed. "An understudy program... that actually sounds like a good idea." He then handed Eddie a sheet of paper and a pencil. "Decipher this code, Eddie. I want to see how observant you are."

    Eddie examined the code as he leaned against one wall and examined the code on the paper. "I think the second word is 'you'."

    Masya quietly said in Silent Speak, "He's right. Now can he get the rest of it?"

    Yasma hummed as he said in Silent Speak, "That 'Eddie' got the first one right."

    Eddie examined the word he deciphered as he compared the numbers on the code paper. "Give me a second..." A few notations, trial and error later, he revealed his guesstimate at current deducing... It went something like this: "-ou-- you -i-e -o -e a -e--e- a-e--? -ay --e -o---, I -a-- -o -e a --i--e eye, ---ee -i-e-."

    Eddie hummed. "I think I got the vowel placement correct. Now to fill in the consonants."

    Masya was impressed. "Eddie is pretty good at this. He got the vowels spot on the mark."

    Yasma nodded his head at his brother. "Very impressive! He's good."

    Maatz nodded his head as he spoke openly. "You are good at this! I will give you a little help just once." He pointed to one of the numbers, "That one is a 'T'. T's a pretty common letter in English..."

    Yasma smirked as he said in Silent Speak, "Maatz didn't have to help Eddie. I think our boy could have gotten it without the hint."

    Eddie made some more notations. "-ou-- you -i-e to be a se-ret a-e-t? Say the -or-s, I -a-t to be a tri--e eye, three ti-es. Okay, 'B', 'H', 'R', 'S', and 'T' are in place."

    Masya smiled. "I think Eddie just about has it."

    Yasma agreed, "I think we have found our first agent. Eddie's perfect for the understudy program."

    Eddie said, "Well, I think this word is 'want'. I can't think of any other word matches with 'I -a-t to be'. I want to be makes sense though." Eddie made some more notations before smiling. "I think this one word is 'secret'. Let's see how this looks... wou-- you -i-e to be a secret a-ent? Say the wor-s, I want to be a tri--e eye, three ti-es."

    Eddie blinked his eyes. "I think I got it now. Listen to this interpretation..." He paused, then he said aloud, "Would you like to be a secret agent? Say the words, I want to be a triple eye, three times." He looked at Maatz at this point. "What do you think? Does that sound about right? I want to be a triple eye. I want to be a triple eye. I want to be a triple eye. Sounds kind of weird to-" And the rest was lost as he felt a tingling sensation magically ripple all over his body.

    Maatz then said, "I think Eddie is in some shock since he successfully said the magical joining words. I'm about done with him. Is he the only one, though?"

    Yasma nodded his head. "Yeah. I think he'll make an excellent addition to the team as an understudy." He walked over to Eddie once Maatz was done and smiled at Eddie, "For someone who's in shock, you sure seem alert. I bet you've already figured out what happened if not where you are and more probably why you are here." He grinned. "We're gonna like this boy, Massie."

    Eddie was getting over the pale, mainly because Maatz said, "Clean bill of health. Let me fetch the paperwork..." and he walked off to get it. Eddie stood there as the other two horned mice approached him. "Is this some secret branch of the government? Triple Eye... no wait... the word Eye isn't a word at all; it's the initials for whatever this secret service branch covers. Then that means... saying those words... was a recruiting magic phrase and when I said it..." Eddie paused and looked at Yasma and Masya. "...I've joined some secret agent club. But it's more than just a club if it employs talking horned magical mice. But still... I joined the team."

    Masya smiled at Yasma. "You were right, dear brother. He figured it out pretty fast. I am going to enjoy him as an understudy."

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.

      Yasma giggled one time. "Yeah. He's one sharp cookie.... Speaking of!" He offered Eddie a glass of ice cold milk and three chocolate chip cookies. Earth variety and safe for the new recruit. "You seem like you need something to strengthen you up a bit." Eddie accepted the cookies and milk, as he sat down at a small table, nibbling on the cookies slowly.

      Maatz then returned with the contract form, insurance form, and a personnel agent form. He sat with Eddie and started to slowly explain what each one was for. He didn't want to spook the only recruit they've had in 2 years. And everything needed to be filled out in detail.

      Once the full name was signed on all forms, the devil mice learned the interesting relation to Eddie... Edward "Eddie" Quincy Adams.

      Masya arched an eye. "He's related to the ancient forefathers of this country? Wow... that would be amazing. And we got him."

      Yasma grinned largely as he high-pawed his brother! "Oh we're GOOD, Massie!" He grinned again. "We're the first team to bring in a new recruit AND we snagged Eddie of all people. And to top it all off.... He's BRILLIANT..." He grinned at Masya at this point. "I think we've earned a triple mocha-cheese and chocolate ice cream bourbon soufflé!"

      Masya giggled. "That does sound good, Yasma!"

      Maatz then said, "Okay, Eddie... you're all signed in and you've been given your Infernal Intelligence Investigations agent abilities that your superiors, Masya and Yasma, have explained to me that you would be receiving. You will receive the rest of your abilities later, when you earn them. In the meantime, you are to go with Masya and Yasma on their case. They will explain things to you. This is a real cold case file from the FBI's own department. They were giving up on it; so we claimed it."

      Maatz walked over to a plasma screen monitor and activated it, saying, "Pentagon tour group, please." And the image that came on the screen was the tour group and whatever boring droning monologue the tour guide was giving.

      Eddie stood up and looked at Masya and Yasma. "I guess I work with you guys... I hope I learned those abilities he injected me with." He glanced at the screen himself. "I hope you don't regret spying on the tour group, Maatz. I don't want you to pass out from boredom, but... this is all more than I can believe."

      Yasma grinned at the boy and said, "Only one way to find out, right?"

      On screen was something a bit surprising. Eddie's human friend, Franky, was asking the tour guide where his teen age friend who had been with the tour group was at; Franky had a determined look on his face. The tour guide mentioned that the boy had stopped at a restroom stop to get a drink of water and to rest his feet on a bench after using the bathroom. Franky then headed off down the hallway to search the bathroom for his friend. When he arrived in the bathroom, he had pulled a small bag out of his backpack which contained tools for searching for the secret door his friend had to have found in the bathroom since he was not on the bench and he wasn't in the bathroom either. Utilizing a small chisel, a hammer and the camera he had brought for the tour. He took pictures of everything... EVERYTHING. The toilets, the ceiling, there isn't a single inch of space that does not get photographed and the area of tiled wall with Maatz's code numbers which was carefully removed and bagged as well; as he took the chisel and tested the floor and wall around where he figured his friend had to have disappeared from. Unfortunately, his determined efforts did not go unnoticed. The noise attracts adult humans. And the adults were NOT happy with his 'vandalism'. He was forcibly removed from the bathroom and sent to a police station for 'Destruction of Public Property'. What the boy lacked in smarts and intelligence, he certainly made up for in loyalty and sheer determination.

      Eddie frowned. "Mr. Arelli sir... bail Franky out, please. He's my friend; he might be upset when I turn up later with a trapdoor explanation, especially seeing as how he tried to pry open the floor and there was no hole there. Please? He doesn't deserve the mess he's now in because the agent mice offered me an adventure to join them on with their mission."

      Maatz Arelli hummed. "I will look into it, Agent Edward. For now, you, Masya, and Yasma need to get started on your mission. Go on..."

      The two devil mice and their-sized Eddie soon arrived in Four Mile Fork, Virginia about 50 miles south of D.C. where the mission got started when the three checked in at the local III Offices located inside the police station there. The Police Mousy guy, a mouse named Roanbury, handed them three current photos of the three suspects. "This is what the three look like today. Two of them altered their appearance, while the third retained his same looks and has resumed his life. Although the case is cold, the police have not stopped watching them. I hope you Triple Eye guys can get this case heated up."

      Yasma hummed with curiosity. "Interesting. The two who altered their appearance. We should put them higher on the list of priority. Changed looks could suggest guilty consciouses. What do you think Eddie?"

      Eddie hummed. "I think it should be checked into if their changed appearances were coerced or their own idea. If it was their own idea, then it might imply guilty consciouses. Otherwise, all it proves is that their spouse is sadistic. I mean, that one hair style in picture 2 is gaudy and just plain wrong. It just looked like a woman was involved."

      Masya giggled. "I wasn't going to say that but I was thinking that, too."

      Yasma GIGGLED! "I agree. Well I think that's a good place to start then. Any more information?" He looked back at the other mousy.

      The police mouse replied, "Suspect one broke up with his girlfriend recently. When the police tried to question her, she wouldn't talk. Apparently she wants to talk, but won't. Suspect three was found to be buying replacement gardening tools. He claims that his old tools were stolen. He's the guy who didn't change his appearance." Masya hummed. "All three are acting suspiciously. What could that mean?" Eddie was wisely taking notes in his notepad.

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four.

        In the meantime at the D.C. Police Station, a man in a business suit entered the police station and inquired about James Franklin "Franky" Kennedy and who he should speak to about paying off the boy's vandalism charge. When he presented his credentials, the police officers went very PALE. And soon... Franky and the 'human' in the business suit were walking out of the police station. "Got yourself in quite a fix, didn't you, Franky? You're lucky that your friend Eddie spoke up for you. I could have left you in there for your parents to find and punish. I am sure you have some questions. Let me start off by revealing something... I am the one who placed that code on the bathroom wall. Only two types of people would find it... Locaters and Decoders. Those are the only types that I am interested in."

        Franky looked at the 'man' and was humming with curiosity himself. "So your the one who kidnapped Eddie. And now you're coming after me. What is that you want? I may not be smart but it doesn't take a smart man to figure out if you put the code on the wall, then you have something to do with his disappearance. And you are not here by chance as you said. So who are you, really? And what do I have to do to get you to let Eddie go?"

        The 'man' said, "My name is Maatz Arelli. I'm with a secret government organization of young investigative sleuths and intelligence gatherers. While you did poorly in deciphering the number code, you were the one who located the code originally. As for Eddie, he did decipher the code and he gave the joining phrase. He is currently off with two of my best agents on his first assisted outing. He should be back by this afternoon. As for what we do, I can assure you that it is all legal and official. We take cold case files and heat them up for the regular authorities. We've been in business for about three years. We usually employ... trained mice."

        Franky said, "Trained mice? So... We're about as useful as trained mice?" He rubbed his head a bit. "That doesn't say much for the youth of America... And deciphering things is more Eddie's strong point. I'm more the bumbling Watson to his Holmes. He's a lot smarter than me. Only in this case Watson doesn't really have much to offer." He looked around and sighed. "If he won't be back until late, I should probably start walking home. It'll take me a while to get there. Everyone around here think I'm insane or on drugs. I hope Eddie does well on his first assignment."

        Maatz grabbed Franky's arm, holding him there. "Wait just a moment... I will pay your bus fare to get you home. I will inform Eddie of your desire for him to succeed in his mission. If you are good, he might tell you about his first outing. You two are friends, right?"

        Back with the investigation down South, Yasma rubbed his nose as his tail flicked back and forth in a thoughtful manner. "My guess is that someone is the villain, two or three people are caught up in it but won't talk. The girlfriend may not be scared of her boyfriend, but of who her boyfriend worked with. It could be the other two worked with or helped him in the act against their will."

        Masya said, "So, do we play the spooky pluck-their-fears act, or do we screw around with their dreams and make them relive the night that poor boy died?"

        Eddie was rather surprised that Masya said that. But he continued to take notes, paying attention to how the devil mice worked in the field.

        Yasma grinned. "That's a possibility but we could start with the girlfriend. Use the 'Boy's Ghost' scenario on her to get her to talk; then we can know better what scenario to use on that guy to find out what he knows, If anything. I love playing the part of Poltergeists."

        Eddie asked, "How does the Boy's Ghost scenario work?"

        Yasma explained, "One of us pretends to be the boy's ghost and tries to spook the girl into talking. It's usually most effective with those who really do believe in ghosts and goblins."

        Masya grinned. "I usually play the ghost of the boy. My degree in acting before I got this job really pays off. Lord Impy was disappointed that I didn't accept his offer to work at his TV station when I got my acting degree. But the counter offer was free access here on Earth ~~ LEGALLY. Normally, information devil mice could only be on Earth when summoned. But having a legal reason to be up here... it was no contest for me. Because you're our understudy, Eddie, this first outing will simply be your watching and learning how we do this job. Of course, your deducing skills may get used, too."

        Eddie hummed. "I guess so."

        Masya looked at Eddie, eye to eye. "What's the matter?"

        Eddie replied, "I'm worried about Franky. He's my friend."

        Yasma remarked, "Sounds like a good friend. But I'm sure he'll be fine. You did ask the chief to see to him."

        Eddie nodded his head. "You guys were impressed with my quick deducing skill; but Franky wins hidden object and compare the difference games really easily. But deducing logic has always been my field. So where do we go now?"

        Masya smiled. "We have three suspects, an ex-girlfriend, and original witnesses. Of course, there was a crime scene, too. But the police couldn't find anything there at all. They only have suspects because three guys started acting suspiciously after the boy's murder."

        Eddie hummed. "I'll bet my friend could find clues at the crime scene."

        Yasma giggled. "We should get back to work before Maatz starts asking us why we aren't performing our duties."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five.

          Masya grinned. "Yasma is just horny. Our last off duty outings sucked. Good looking boys are hard to come by these days. I don't know why. You are the first good looking boy we've seen in a good while."

          Eddie smiled. "Oh, is that all? You just need to look in Thomas Jefferson Grade School then..."

          Yasma made a pshaw sound before saying, "I'd rather look in your room after night." He giggled and added, "But I'm not the one off topic now."

          Eddie hrmed. "If you guys come to my house at night, just be very careful of mom's mouser. She's a finicky cat."

          Masya grinned. "Your mom has a mouse hunting cat? That could be a challenge. I'll have to bring my video camera."

          Suddenly Maatz called the agents over their Sat-Video Phones. "Yasma, this is Maatz. Got some new data for you guys concerning this case. You aren't looking for one prime suspect... you're looking for two. I am sure you can guess what that means. One of the two works in construction."

          Yasma giggled in regards to the mouser before irking when the call came in and he answered it. "Yasma here." he hrmed. "I see...In Construction?" He hummed again as he looked to Masya and Eddie, "Hey guys; you hear that?"

          Masya opened his case folder again. "Only the guy who didn't change his appearance is in construction. So we need to lean on Mr. Break-up and Mr. Construction."

          Eddie hummed. "I see Franky there with Maatz on your video phone. Maatz must have had Franky look at the crime scene just now. I knew he would be useful. Now we know there are at least two criminals."

          Yasma hrmed and nodded his head again. "Makes our approach with his girlfriend even more important then..."

          Masya nodded his muzzle. "I agree, Yasma. However... I would like Eddie to stay here at police mouse HQ and see if he can help them sort another case while we're interviewing the girlfriend. That sort of thing would be boring for Eddie, and he could use his energy better by staying here for now."

          Eddie quietly took notes. He figured they both knew what they were talking about.

          Yasma nodded his muzzle a bit. "Sounds good." He smiled. "Let's do that." He smiled at Eddie and hugged him.

          The Police Mouse and Eddie watched Masya and Yasma head out to spook the crap out of the girlfriend, then Eddie was taken into the Cold Cases Department and shown all of the unmoving cases. The Police Mouse then said, "They seem to think that you can logic out these cold cases, Eddie. So any new breaths of life you can pump into these folders, we would greatly appreciate."

          Eddie said, "I'll do my best, sir." And he opened up the cold cases filing cabinet and started looking over the data.

          Maatz smiled as he put the vid-phone away, as he petted and rubbed on Franky. "Your findings just heated this case up..." he paused and smiled in Franky's face. "...Agent Franky. That is, if you want to join the team. Up to you..."

          Franky blushed and hugged the mousy. "I...I guess so... I would like to be useful."

          Maatz said, "Good. Let's get you back to the offices and get your forms and paperwork filled out. And I'll grant you the same deal Eddie is getting. I think you'll like it." And they were both back at III HQ in D.C. where Maatz began helping Franky with his forms and contract.

          Franky nodded his head. "Okay..." He started working with Maatz on the paperwork.

          Maatz smiled. "All done, Franky. You are now officially one of the team. Same as Eddie. Now, let's get you and your friend back together." And in the blink of an eye later... Maatz and Franky appeared in the III Branch Office in Police HQ where the police mouse directed them to the cold cases department.

          The police mouse said, "Masya and Yasma went to grill a female suspect. And I don't want any of that dinner. Eddie is in there."

          Maatz led Franky inside and then... allowed Franky to go over to Eddie without escort.

          Franky ran over to Eddie.... then hugged him tightly.... Then slowly let go. "Sorry... I was... kinda worried about you...Got all your parts in the right place?"

          Eddie smiled and hugged Franky tightly! "I'm not a mouse, if that's what you mean. I see Maatz over there smiling. Did you join too?"

          Franky said, "awww. You'd be so cute..." He blushed and nodded his head a little... "He said that you and me would make a good team... And that... you... really spoke up for me... And made the case for me..."

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six.

            Franky then blushed and hugged Eddie again before wiping his eyes and smiling a little, "That....really...meant a lot to me... I was so worried about you and stuff... " He leaned in and whispered in Eddie's ear, "And Maatz has REALLY SOFT fur!"

            Eddie giggled before whispering, "Have you slept with him yet?" He winked. Aloud, he said, "They are calling me the Logic Solving Agent. I write down any clues and evidence that is discovered, then I deduce logically how they would most likely work out."

            Franky blushed and whispered back, "No... I don't know him THAT well." He blushed some more and Eddie knew he liked soft furry things cause of his plushes on his bed back home but he also really liked Eddie so that's why he said 'aww'. He then said aloud, "They called me a F....Um... What was it again.. Oh yeah.. Locater. I find things....Sometimes things other people miss to give to you to figure out... Sorta like our how we did that National Mystery Hunt."

            Eddie smiled. "Oh yeah. You're a good Locater. And I did speak up for you. You didn't deserve to be jailed like that. I sent Maatz to save you. Well..." he blushed before continuing. "...I begged him to save you."

            Franky blushed himself. "You...did that" He hugged Eddie suddenly again very closely. "Thank you."

            Eddie grinned. "Now have a seat and help me with some of these cold case folders. There are pictures..." He giggled and got back to work writing down one case as a Logic Problem.

            Masya and Yasma came back in some time later. "Well that was a load of crap! She fainted and hit her head while falling to the floor. We had to call for an ambulance, then after they arrived, we scooted back here. What are you doing here, Maatz?"

            Maatz grinned. "Franky joined our team after he was rescued. He's a Locater. Eddie is good at solving logic problems and decoding ciphers. But Franky is good with visual location situations. That latest information I gave you two was discovered by Franky."

            Franky giggled as he started working with Eddie on the case files. He thought it was fun. "I wonder if any of these are like the last pictures."

            Yasma nods, "A total waste of time. I guess we'll have to start with background checks now."

            Eddie got up and sketched out a large logic puzzle chart on a sketch board. He wrote out the names of the suspects in Masya's/Yasma's case, along with the alibis, the time of the boy's death, and the times of the alibis. He also included eye-witnesses who vouched for the suspects. Then he filled in the known knowledge about the crime and there were obviously some blanks incomplete.

            Masya hummed as he looked at the chart. "That is rather clever, Eddie. This chart gives a visual of every angle of everyone's testimonies."

            Yasma hummed as well as he looked it over. "That is clever. Very clever...." He pointed to a blank on the chart. "And this is something here. Look. The construction guy's alibi covers the time of death but not all the way up to the point the body was found. The way the boy was covered suggests someone came BACK and covered him up. And there was a mysteriously little amount of blood for the scene. I think Eddie's on to something. The boy wasn't killed at the crime scene. He was placed there by someone who WANTED him to be found and made an effort to cover him up and look...presentable. There is a second crime scene... somewhere."

            Maatz grinned at Franky. "Exactly like you suggested originally, Franky. You told me the crime scene didn't seem right as a murder scene. There must be another someplace."

            Masya smiles. "So the locater already predicted this. And Eddie's chart definitively shows gaps in people's alibis. What's our next move, dear brother of mine?"

            Eddie was already working on a second chart for an old cold case from the folder he had been looking over earlier.

            Franky blushed from the praise.

            Yasma hrmed before saying, "This is tricky. Let's start with the person with the largest gap?"

            Masya nodded his head, but before he and Yasma could leave the Police Mousy suddenly came in from outside and said, "The ex-girlfriend woke up in the hospital and she's been talking up a storm. She said that her boyfriend and a guy called Tiny killed the boy out at Campsite KY-9."

            Eddie said, "If we teleport out there as a group, we can check out the crime scene before the police get there."

            Maatz replied, "I think that's a great idea. And Franky, our Locater, can evaluate the actual scene. Let's go."

            Five POOFS later, the three devi-mice and two mouse sized boys were at KY-9.

            Maatz said, "Okay Franky... do your thing."

            Franky blushed hotly as everyone was looking at him...

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven.

              But he wanted to do a good job for Eddie and Maatz so Franky got started on 'doing his thing'. It was rather slow though. The crime scene isn't exactly fresh with cold cases but Franky turned up a number of clues and evidence for Eddie to look at. A bloody cloth. Some more construction dust and new links to the guy called Tiny.... a unique home made pomade container that is hard for anyone to miss from the stink of it,... but he also found several shards of glass and hairs from a long-haired dog.

              Eddie took note of the new evidence, then they all departed the crime scene seconds before the actual police arrive there.

              Five POOFS later, they were back in the local III branch office, where Eddie was making additions to the logic chart, adding 'Tiny' to the list, along with all of the new data.

              Masya handed the bloody cloth sample to the police mouse for the forensics team to analyze. Moments later, the Police Mousy returned and confirmed that the blood was from the boy.

              Maatz said, "Okay, where does that bring us up to now?"

              Eddie said, "The boyfriend, aka Mr. Bad Haircut, and this Tiny guy, who is into construction, are the prime suspects. One of the two has a long-haired dog. I think the boyfriend committed the crime and this Tiny guy staged the second crime scene where the boy was found."

              Yasma hrmed and nodded as he remarked, "Sounds reasonable. I didn't see any pet at the Girl friend's place. So... Tiny must have the dog. Tiny must also be the one who knew the boy... He seemed to care about the boy because he was trying to cover him up and make him look decent."

              Maatz said, "You two finish up this case. I'll take the boys back to D.C. It's starting to get late and unlike you two, they do have to be home for dinner and such. Come on, Eddie and Franky. I'll transport us back to D.C." Eddie exchanged contact information with the Police Mousy, Roanbury, before heading off with Maatz and Franky.

              In D.C., Maatz brought Eddie and Franky back to a corner near their homes. "Well, this is where we should part company for now. Remember... you're both Triple Eye Agents now. We'll be in touch. And don't worry about Masya and Yasma. They will wrap up the case and justice will be served. Now, you two use your new powers to resume your normal size. And if you discover a mystery or a case that you think we could solve, let me know so I can lend the proper information on it. I'll be talking to you both later."

              Eddie grinned at Franky and struck his pose. "Triple Eye! Off Duty!" And spiraling arcs of power revolved around him as he instantly resumed his normal size. "Totally awesome! Thanks Maatz!" He then waited for Franky to do his growing thing.

              Franky walked over and looked up at the now HUGE Eddie, "That's pretty neat... You can see right up boy's pants if your small like this." He giggled and went back over and did his growing thing too. "Triple Eye! Off Duty!" When done he grinned at Eddie. "You know these new powers could be LOTS of fun."

              Eddie grinned. "I guess you and I are going to go home and have dinner now, right? My mom is making pizza and salad. What are you guys having?"

              Franky ummed nervously. He thought for a moment then said, "Probably gonna make Spaghetti... I think that's all we have the stuff for. I didn't go shopping today."

              Eddie mussed up Franky's hair a little. "Sounds like I'm getting the better meal. I may be back outside after dinner. Depends upon what my mom has in mind... See you later." And he started into his home.

              Franky blushed, dipping his head a little away from Eddie with a giggle, "Yeah... See you later, Eddie." He headed inside his place to make dinner. Unfortunately, he also was missing the noodles for Spaghetti so he used some old bread and made sloppy marinara/spaghetti sandwiches instead.

              That night on the TV News...

              "...and the cold case of the murdered Tompkins boy was finally laid to rest today as new evidence surfaced incriminating two adult men in that local vicinity. The chief of police would only tell us when asked of where the new evidence came from..."

              "A little mouse told us."

              Eddie's Household

              Eddie giggled as he watched that news report on TV. "And I'll bet the mouse's name was Roanbury. He's that police mouse we met earlier today. He was awfully nice. I wouldn't mind seeing him again." From the kitchen, Eddie's mom exclaimed, "Did you say something, Eddie?"

              "Just making a comment about this news report on TV. They solved that boy's murder down south today." Eddie's mom replied, "Oh good! I knew they would get that case taken care of! Honey... the cat is acting really strangely. She's been pawing at your shoes all evening." Eddie had taken off his shoes earlier and he could just imagine what the cat was smelling. "Maybe it's time for another vet visit. I know I didn't step in anything today during the Pentagon tour." He quietly giggled, thinking about Maatz, Masya, Yasma and Roanbury.

              Franky's Household

              Franky fixed dinner and washed his clothes and the dishes and had finished up some other chores before flopping out on his bed and looking out the window. He liked to gaze at the stars.

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight.

                After dinner, Eddie was about to get ready for bed when the phone rang in the hallway and his mother answered it. "Adams residence. Who is this?" Eddie heard his mother pause before calling out. "Eddie? Someone named Mouse Roanbury wants to talk to you!"

                Eddie came out of his room with all of his clothes still on. "I'll take this, mom. Mr. Roanbury is a police officer from a town South of here. I helped him earlier today with a case he was stumped on. I guess he wants to bounce another stumper off of my puzzle solving calculator like mind. He is a really nice young man and I really like him."

                After his mother returned to the kitchen, Eddie said into the phone, "Roanbury? I made up a story to explain who you were to my mom. I never thought you would call me on the phone. Do you need my help with something?"

                Roanbury over the phone said, {I asked Maatz if you would be available to help me sort out some more of our cold case files and he said I should speak to you directly. I can make this worth your while; your ideas have really heated up four of these files you had been working on before Maatz sent you back to D.C. I really need your help and I think I love you. Will you please come back down here and help me sort the rest of these files. I can pay Maatz for your assistance and... I can teach you some more Triple Eye powers and tricks.}

                Eddie said, "Should I teleport down to your location at the police station or are you making another arrangement?"

                Roanbury replied, {Make arrangements with your mom to be out late tonight with your police officer friend and I will pick you up in one of our police cars.}

                Eddie said, "When will you be arriving at my place? I live at 103 Arlington Apartments. I will wait for you out front of our home. I knew Devil Mice were creative; but I am curious on how you are going to drive a car. See you soon, Roanbury." Eddie hung up the phone and then he went into the kitchen. "Mom, Roanbury does need my help with another stumper; he is going to come by and pick me up in front of the house; afterward, I will be out late with him at his precinct. I have my pager in case you need to contact me tomorrow. Okay?"

                Mrs. Adams said, "I can trust you to stay out of trouble, Eddie. Let me give you some money in case you want to get a meal and a soda while you're down there." And she gave Eddie a twenty dollar bill. "Where does Officer Roanbury work, honey?"

                Eddie replied, "The town is called Hartwood, mom. It is just South of the Marine Corps Combat Command Center. And just North of Fredericksburg; about 50 miles South of here. I promise to behave while I am with Roanbury. I think he is awesome. Even though his first name sounds like Mouse in English, he spells it with the German M-A-U-S-S-E. He works in the cold case division. His fellow officers refer to him as 'a little mouse'."

                Mrs. Adams smiled. "So the news report on TV made a reference to your friend Roanbury when they said that a little mouse told them."

                Eddie smiled. "He is a modest kind of guy, mom. He doesn't like a lot of publicity. I think that is part of why I like him. He likes how I can puzzle out something that other people might overlook."

                Mrs. Adams said, "You better get going, Eddie. If one of your other friends calls tomorrow, what should I tell them about your whereabouts?"

                "If the other friend is Franky," Eddie explained. "...tell him that I spent the night with Roanbury. He will know what that means. However, if one of my older friends call going by the names of either Maatz, Masya or Yasma, tell them that I am with Roanbury. If anyone else calls about me; feign ignorance by saying that I went out somewhere but you don't know where. This will prevent the bullies from tracking me down to rough me up again. They didn't take yours and dad's threats as serious."

                Mrs. Adams sighed. "I thought for sure they would back off when your dad pointed the military rifle up their noses. I hear a car pulling up outside; see you tomorrow. Have fun."

                Eddie grabbed his jacket and his backpack and he headed out the door to walk to the curb. Parked at the ready was a Hartwood police cruiser and Eddie got into the passenger side front seat. As he glanced at the man in the police clothes, he didn't recognize him. So he chose to say, "I got the call from a little mouse in Hartwood. Are you a friend of his?"

                The officer got the car under way as he said, "Eddie, It's me; Roanbury. I am wearing my human form at the moment. Sorry to keep you in the dark, but I did say that I would make the outing worth your while."

                Eddie smiled. "I had no idea who you were when I saw your human form. Mom gave me twenty dollars for a meal and sodas if I wanted them. I think I could get us both a meal and drinks with the amount she gave me. Does that sound like a good idea?"

                Roanbury smiled. "A cheesy meal and something to drink would be awesome. I'll drive us by one of my favorite eateries and I'll order us some food and drink to go. After we eat, I'll drive us to the cold case offices so we can get to work on sorting the case files that I need your help with."

                After the cheesy nachos meal with soft drinks, Roanbury said, "That hit the spot. And now, I will share one of my breath freshener chocolate mints with you. It melts in your mouth and not in your paws. It is better than M&M candies. No crunchy hard shell to deal with. Open wide, Eddie." And when the boy did, he received the small round chocolate mint into his mouth. As the candy melted rapidly and found its way into his stomach, he began to feel tingly as well as aroused for no other apparent reason. "So, how was it, Eddie?"

                Eddie found himself rubbing his groin as he replied, "I don't know what was in that chocolate, but it gave me a hard on and I am sure that isn't a normal reaction. But thank you for sharing a mint with me. I hope we get a lot of work done on the cold case files. Although what with that meal we had, I seriously don't think they will stay cold for long." He got quiet after saying this because he found it impossible to ignore his erection in his pants which made him rub on it some more.

                End of Chapter Eight.


                  Chapter Nine.

                  Arriving in the back parking lot of the police station, Roanbury parked the car and then he said, "You better use the Private Eye magic to make yourself mouse size... the usual police officers inside do not know you are here to help us. I am going to show you where the entrance to our department is from the back. I am just glad they don't have a cat on the premises. They have several police dogs; but no cats. Dogs and mice get along better than cats do with either species."

                  Eddie smiled. "That I know... mom has a mouser who is sensitive to mouse scent. After I took off my shoes at home after the earlier outing, the cat was pawing at my shoes as if she smelled a mouse in my shoes. And I know neither you nor the other Triple Eye mice touched my shoes. So I told mom that the cat likely needed to go see the Vet again." Eddie grinned as he struck his pose, saying, "Triple Eye! On Duty!" And spiraling arcs of power revolved around him as he and his clothes instantly shrank down to Devil Mouse size. Although after this change, Eddie did not notice that he had small devil mouse horn nubs on his head within his blond hair. "Okay, Roanbury. Time to get ourselves inside and get to work."

                  Roanbury walked over to a wall and pointed at a small mouse sized door and said, "You head on inside, Eddie. And for Maatz's benefit, use the time clock device to register that I brought you down here so Maatz will know how much time you put into this assignment in regards to paying you later. I need to put the car keys back in the upstairs office so no one suspects that I borrowed the car to come and get you." And while still in his full grown human form, he went up to the back door of the precinct and let himself in using the keys he mentioned having.

                  Eddie approached the small mouse door where upon he opened it and stepped inside. The foyer was exactly as Roanbury said it would be and Eddie took off his backpack and jacket and placed them on a hook next to the door he had entered from. He then looked at the time clock device and he selected a blank card and wrote out his name on the top line of the card. Next, he put the ink pen back into its holder and he placed the time card into the device and pulled the lever.

                  What happened next was completely unexpected.

                  As was normal, after pulling the lever, he released the handle; had he known what was about to happen, he might have hung on to the handle... as the entire floor dropped open cartoon pit trap style and Eddie fell through it. The light in the pit fall was like a reddish mist like light and it seemed to be scanning him in every which way before he dropped out of the bottom of the red mist where he landed feet first into something rich, thick, sticky yet gelatinous slimy at the same time. But this milky brown stuff was deep like a swimming pool or a hidden swimming hole in the wilds. Whatever the stuff was felt warm on his skin... and perhaps worse... it felt as if when he landed in this stuff, all of his clothes vanished off of his body. That might not have been so bad, except it also felt like a good stream of the stuff went up his butt. Once he was no longer falling, Eddie tried to surface out of the sticky slimy stuff; he hated the idea that he got dunked in something that smelled familiar to him yet he couldn't place what it was. It was all over his entire body. And... he still had the erection between his legs which was causing him to start to leak pre into the sticky stuff. As he got his head up out of the goop, he spit out the amount that had gotten into his mouth.

                  "Where the blazes am I? What is this stuff? How did I lose my clothes? My mom is going to kill me! Help! I'm stuck in something sticky and arousing that I cannot identify!"

                  Over on one shore, a Devil Mouse and a Hellhound glanced out at the newest recruit arrival as they mentally spoke to each other. "Looks like Felton was able to find someone to replace him in his duties after all. I wonder what trick he used to get this boy to agree to go with him to the trap door?"

                  The Hellhound replied, "I don't know, but the boy is sure to be pissed when he learns that he fell for one of the oldest recruiting traps of all time. I saw his body before he landed; he was extremely cute with his blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin. He had an erection as well as the Devil Mouse horn nubs. He probably doesn't even know that he is about to become a Devil Mouse. Although I wouldn't mind training a new Hellhound."

                  The Devil Mouse then pondered, "If I pull him out, then he is my catch; but if you pull him out, then you would get to change him into a Hellhound for boot camp. And you are right either way; he is going to be pissed when he learns that he cannot leave the underworld the way he came in for an entire year. He has to be claimed upon arrival or else he is stuck down here until he is claimed. I've claimed about a hundred new Devil Mice; so I can afford to give this one to you so you can make your quota for your home pack and Alpha General. Of course, I am going to have to tell my alpha that Felton managed to keep his word in exchange for his freedom. My alpha won't like it, but the rules were obeyed."

                  The Hellhound then mentally remarked, "Suppose we copy this boy into two versions of himself. You recruit the new Devil Mouse and I recruit the new Hellhound. That way, if Felton's exchange catch encounters a legal snafu, we will still be able to have one of the original catches while Felton will have to return to the Underworld for going AWOL. We know how big of a cheating prick Felton can be. And I am sure the boy is not going to want to change his name to Felton when he replaces him as a Devil Mouse."

                  The Devil Mouse nodded his muzzle. "Then I will pull a copy of the boy out of the duplication mist back up the pit fall and change him into a Devil Mouse that looks like the former Felton and you rescue this boy in the pool and change him into a Hellhound. Remember... we cannot let him see his twin before the species swap. So right after I go to get the copy, you retrieve the boy out of the Chocolate Marshmallow Creme Recruiting Pool and change his species before you escort him back to your place to, we'll say, help him get cleaned up and to get some replacement clothes. Once you have him back at the pack realm you can ask him how he would like to pay for the new clothes and species restoration. Then you can drop the price tag for getting back to normal on him as nicely as possible and you can offer him work in exchange for the things he is asking for. That is the best story to use. Never let him know that he is likely to stay with your pack once the alpha fucks him."

                  The Hellhound mentally replied, "I hate doing this to nice boys; but since he did fall into the recruiting pool, the law says he has to be claimed by the rescuer. I don't want to break the law. Good luck with your copy, Zelko."

                  Zelko the Devil Mouse said, "Good luck with your new boyfriend, Cocoafang. I am off to get my copy now; we will be in touch later." And the Devil Mouse teleported away.

                  Cocoafang then stood up in plain view as he stepped over to the side of the sticky Recruiting Pool. "I heard your call for help, friend. Try to move yourself over to this shore and I will pull you out of this mess. After that, we can see about getting you properly cleaned up. And don't worry about nudity so much; I doubt any other human will see you in this place."

                  End of Chapter Nine.


                    Chapter Ten.

                    Right after Cocoafang had the boy pulled out of the sticky recruiting pool, Eddie found himself getting plundered tied anally from behind by the Hellhound as he also felt the canine bite his neck and fill his insides with a stream of hot Hellhound liquid claiming fluids. And then Eddie's world blurred as if he got high on drugs as his body transformed into a Hellhound with a milk chocolate coat with blond caramel under fur from his chin down over his belly and around his ankles just above his new paws. And his eyes were shiny blue. "Ow! You bit me after you mounted me! I was a virgin before you did this! Maatz Arelli will never believe this..."

                    Cocoafang irked as he stopped humping the boy turned Hellhound. "What does the head of Triple Eye have to do with a human boy like you? Answer me honestly and I might be able to help you get back to normal and back home in one piece. I really didn't want to claim you, my friend, but the laws are specific when pulling someone out of the recruiting pool. That is what you fell in over there. The first one to pull you out of the pool has the right to claim you. It is an Underworld law here in Hell."

                    The boy who was currently a Hellhound said, "My full name with preferred nickname is Edward Quincy Adams although my parents let me shorten that to Eddie." And then he explained the Pentagon tour and how he had met Masya and Yasma who introduced him to Maatz Arelli and he agreed to help them out in exchange for some Triple Eye swag and powers to call him own. He also explained how he had teamed up with Mausse Roanbury in Hartwood and helped him to solve a few cold cases involving missing children... and then the Roanbury fake aka Felton had not only claimed to be Roanbury but claimed that Maatz himself had approved Eddie's outing to go help Roanbury with some case files back in Hartwood. Then he explained the pit fall that was linked to the time clock handle. "And that is how I ended up falling into the recruiting pool. If you were originally wanting me as a friend, I can vouch for you to Maatz when he tries to find out what happened to me earlier. I am assuming that my vouching for you has some sort of legal problem since you claimed me?"

                    Cocoafang sighed as he emptied more fluids into the Hellhound male's body. "Sadly yes. Maatz might be able to get you a legal writ for making the trip between Earth and my Hell realm; because without it, you are breaking the law yourself. The law specifically says that once claimed, you have to live in the claimer's realm for one year before you can earn the right to leave, whether to go back to Earth or to get a job outside the realm... and then there is the other problem, Chargepaw."

                    Eddie arched an eye. "My name isn't Chargepaw; it's Eddie. And what is the other problem?"

                    Cocoafang prepared himself for an angry recruit, albeit one who was tied to his knot at the moment. "When I claimed you, I got you pregnant. You cannot return to Earth until you give birth to my son." And sure enough, Eddie jerked futilely to free himself from the Alpha's lap; to no avail. "As for your name, I have the legal rights to rename you when you are claimed into my pack. You said your original name was Edward; another word for Ward is a Charge, so I am choosing to call you Chargepaw. It sounds better than Edwardpaw or Wardpaw or Eddiepaw. Also... when you tried to jerk yourself off of my knot, you made yourself get stuck for a longer period of time than normal. It would have been fifteen to thirty minutes, but since you got excited, it will take an hour now. Would you really want to Maatz and the others to see you stuck on an alpha's cock?"

                    Eddie as Chargepaw said, "And what if I simply change back to my normal size? What then?"

                    Cocoafang chuckled. "When I claimed you, I turned off your size change magic and converted you into the normal size for Hellhounds in my pack. So at the moment, you are normal size; I know it doesn't seem like you are, but you obviously don't crawl around on all fours too often or you would know that I am not being dishonest. You are the normal size you would be for your age. Come on, Eddie, don't fight me... I didn't want to claim you at all; but if I hadn't claimed you, then some other sleaze bucket recruiters would have claimed you into their species with no hope for contacting Maatz at all. I do want to be your friend, if you will let me. I am trying to obey the Underworld Laws... For ease of knowing, there are two species living in my home realm. Hellhounds and Demon Donkeys. The Demon Donkeys made a deal with me so I could buy off the debt incurred on their home realm and then I could claim their realm as my own if I permitted them to live there. It was a pretty sweet deal since acquiring a realm any other way would have cost more than the old debt was worth. So you see, I am a nice guy. If I was a nasty prick, then the donks would be out on their asses. I know; donkey humor. But they told me the joke first. When you are in the realm, you don't have to hang out with me or any other canine if you don't want to. You can make friends with the jacks. I am sure they would love to meet you."

                    Two hours later, Cocoafang had Chargepaw back in his realm laying on a padded bed cushion while the alpha made the Planar to Earth call to hopefully get Maatz on the line. When the call failed to make a connection, Cocoafang asked Chargepaw, "Does Maatz have a new contact number?"

                    Chargepaw replied, "Did you remember to dial the Planar exchange number before Maatz's actual number?"

                    Cocoafang said, "I thought I did. Could you quote off the number he gave you when you teamed up with him the other day?"

                    Chargepaw said, "Planar exchange number is..." and he quoted off the planar exchange. "And Maatz's current number is..." And he slowly recited the number Maatz and Masya gave him to call Triple Eye at any time. "And that should be it. If that doesn't work, I know how we can get a hold of Masya regardless."

                    Cocoafang showed Chargepaw the device as he tapped in the numbers exactly as Eddie had quoted them and together, they heard the same message. "The number you are trying to access is no longer in service."

                    Chargepaw sighed. "Time to cheat... Yasma and Masya said this would work no matter what the planar phone service claimed."

                    Cocoafang said, "Mental calls are blocked while you are pregnant, Eddie. So I hope that wasn't your plan."

                    Chargepaw lifted his head toward mid-air and said, "Watch and learn, my friend." Then aloud, he said, "I need an Information Devil Mouse in regards to an inquiry about magic! Preferably Masya if he is available!" And in a fast poof of smoke, Masya did indeed appear looking somewhat relieved to be there rather than where ever he had been before the summons. "Masya! Its me, Eddie Adams! A sleaze called Felton sent me here to the Underworld where this nice alpha claimed me before he knew about my deal with Maatz! Felton is supposedly topside pretending to be me! He tricked me into believing that Roanbury needed my help down at Hartwood and then I fell into his recruiters pit fall that he had set up to give me to those waiting below!"

                    End of Chapter Ten.
                    End of Episode One.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Sorting Out The Rules.