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[FE-AM] VK-01: Earth Arrival

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    [FE-AM] VK-01: Earth Arrival

    [Forgotten Earth - American Mouse] The Valiance Knightmane story

    [FE-AM] VK-01: Earth Arrival
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    September 5th, 2022

    Chapter One

    The Past

    Mousedale Suburb, Chicago, Illinois; Animated Earth; Cartoon Dimension; early 1990.

    Two human-sized mouse adults quickly packed their belongings from their suburb home as the wife said, "John? How did Evion find out where we lived?"

    The male adult named Johnathan "John" Knightmane replied, "That's not important right now, Mary. We cannot let him get his dirty mitts on our son. My brother Vince is going to help us to make the dimensional barrier crossing. We can raise Vally on Earth. We will wear screeners so no one suspects that we aren't human."

    The female adult named Marilyn "Mary" Worchester-Knightmane said, "Evion will not let us escape, you know. He will come after us. We escaped from his empowerment labs just after his research technician injected the both of us with that strange glowing serum. Val is a result of our mating just after we escaped. Vally's life is going to be topsy-turvy while he is growing up."

    John remarked, "We were sloppy to get captured by his boys in the first place. At least we got out of there and sent the report in to our superiors. For now, we need to leave Mousedale and get ourselves to Earth."

    Packing up their belongings as well as their young son, they sneaked out of their suburb home and proceeded to the labs where John's cousin Vince worked for the Mousedale Labs.

    John told his brother, "Tell no one where we went; Evion is looking for us. No one has ever escaped from him before."

    Vince said, "I'll send you across to Earth. Thanks for naming the boy after me. I'll miss you. But the way the world of Earth works will cause you to change into humans while you are there. You would become mice again upon returning home. When you are ready, step through the transportal. I've programmed your arrival zone to be in a human city named Fairdale, Pennsylvania. When you get there, find normal jobs so you don't stick out like a sore thumb."

    Mary said, "While we are there, we will also shorten our surname from Knightmane to Knight. Something tells me that the longer name would tell Evion where we went."

    John said, "We'll do our best, bro. Come on, Mary. We don't have much time."


    Mary whispered, "He found us!" John quietly ushered her toward the transportal. "Run, honey!" and the two dived for the swirling DimGate Generator. As the two mice vanished through the portal, the entire building shook as Vince began to watch everything come down around himself. He grabbed the plans for the DimGate Generator and he jumped through the swirling transportal seconds before the lab cracked open and then the DimGate Generator broke rendering the gate in-operational. Then the entire building crashed down into a cloud of thick smoke and flaming debris. "SEARCH THE GROUNDS! FIND ME THOSE AGENT MICE!"

    Within an alleyway in Fairdale, Pennsylvania, John and Mary arrived in a roll while protecting their child. And then Vince arrived and said, "I almost got killed, John. I'm going to travel to Chicago in this world to set up new labs and build a new DimGate Generator. If I hadn't jumped through the portal, I'd have died. You guys live dangerous lives. Evion is an impatient asshole. He didn't even wait to see if anyone would throw you out to him. At any rate, I'll be in Chicago. You guys get established here. I'll try to send you a message in a few months. I will also attempt to contact our government back home."

    Five Years Later...

    Worchester-Knight Apartment Complex, Fairdale, Pennsylvania

    A young five year old Valiance Vincent Knight was down in an underground repair garage under the apartment complex working on a both a wreck of a motor scooter as well as a new super computer mainframe for his underground clubhouse lair. He had already migrated his bedroom down there and he kept a clean environment. Valiance was approximately 3'8" tall and weighed 77 lbs. He wore a comfortable pair of blue jeans, a red bandanna around his neck, and a black leather motorcyclist's jacket. He had hazel eyes and dark golden blond hair. His fair smile and laid back look were an testament to his kind and gentle soul. While slender, he also had the makings of a gymnast.

    Schooling which had just started for him placed him into his first grade year and he was easily able to make friends with nearly anyone whom took an interest in the Mayor's son. His mother was on the police force. Although short and energetic, he would gain height as he got older. He was quite the intelligent and gifted young boy in primary school. Friends made early on included Paul Hayley, Daryn Hayes "Daz" Merlock and Heath Flowen, the latter being a video game fanatic. He always had a Sonic the Hedgehog handheld game on his person when he was encountered. (Ashley Brianne Ketchum would not be met until the year after Evion's arrival on Earth.)

    Valiance got lucky one day when he had just turned five and saw some electronic notes on contacting digimon... so he thought, {If they can talk to digimon, why not all the other cartoons?} So he copied the notes, took them home, tinkered around with them, and then... was able to contact the Swat Kats, by chance... after that, they helped him make the settings for all the other heroes... he's been in communication with them all ever since. By the age of sixteen, Valiance would grow to 5'8" tall and weigh 107 lbs. Although ghost feelings of having a mousy tail sticking out of his rump would make him look behind himself at times.

    Razor remarked over the voice part of the mainframe, {Carefully use the torque wrench to open up the motor and then we will walk you through repairing the rest of the motor scooter motor. T-Bone and I really like you, Val.}

    Valiance replied, "I am just glad I was able to figure out how to make contact with you guys. Carefully opening the motor and... what a mess! Some people are shitty mechanics."

    Razor smirked. {Look on the bright side, Vally-boy. When you repair this nightmare, you'll have motorized transport when everyone else your age will only have bicycles. Since I am the tech expert, I'll make sure you repair it right.}

    Valiance smiled at the mainframe. "I know, sexy cat geek. T-Bone mentioned that he wanted to tell me some big secret except I should be older first. I'm dying to know what secret about you he wants to blab."

    End of The Past

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Valiance was now fourteen years old. With the Swat Kats and Biker Mice's assistance, he had repaired all manner of motorized bikes. His birthday had just occurred the night before and Throttle was C-Mailing him a gift transfer After the transfer finished, Valiance opened the transfer bay and pulled out the gift box which had a card attached. "Dear Cousin Valiance. T-Bone told me that you would be ready for this by your fourteenth birthday so this is your lucky day."

    "Make us proud and ride free."

    "Your biker buddy, Throttle Van Wham."

    Opening the gift box, Valiance pulled out an opal orb that was hinged. Written in glitter within the black orb crystal were two words. "What does that mean?"

    Valiance took a stance and spoke the words that would change him! "MAUZER EXTREME!!!" And when he did, his voice seemed to echo and his body became aglow with mutant power, reshaping and reforming him into the non-Martian biker mouse. In his heroic identity, he was a good-looking, tall, slender male mouse, with light brown fur, and blond hair atop his head. He was approximately 5'8" tall, and weighed 107 lbs. He wore a colorful costume consisting of a comfortable pair of blue jeans, a red bandanna around his neck, and a black leather motorcyclist's jacket adorned with the patriotic stars and bars of the American flag. Over his hazel eyes, he wore aviator goggles to protect his vision while riding free on the open roadways. His fair smile and laid back look were an testament to his kind and gentle soul. While he was slender, he did have the starting makings of a gymnastic young adult, as his body was already showing the signs from his work-outs. "American Mouse!"

    Valiance cracked his prehensile tail like a whip where upon he smiled. "Cool! Just like Throttle!" Then he heard his phone ring which made him jump a bit. But before he could go answer the phone, he learned of another power. He was floating in mid-air like Superman. "I can fly, too?" The phone rang again. "Right, I better answer that!" He flew across the room where he picked up the receiver. "Mouse's Lair, Valiance speaking." It was his mother from upstairs. "Thunder? No weather systems, mom. I did hear one of those stupid air force jets fly over. Okay, talk to you later." And he hung up the phone. "She heard me transform; I don't think I'm ready to confide in my parents yet."

    He then said, "It would be nice if there was another young hero for me to talk to. Maybe my father can suggest someone. I'll call him on the phone." He picked up the phone and he dialed in the mayor's office. After a few rings, the call was answered. "Mayor Knight speaking. Make it brief; there's a government person in my office." Valiance gulped when he heard his father say that as a greeting. "Say dad? Is there any young teen age heroes in the United States that I can write a report on. This is for my literary homework from school."

    The call was interrupted as the government official grabbed the phone and said, "The name is General Osric Sloan, Special Power Investigation Division. The answer to your inquiry is a young man whom has agreed to work with my division in exchange for retaining his freedom. His name is Gerard Dandelion Prince, the number two operative of Project: Dream Boy's Champions division. He is what you might call the public relations member of the team. Several powerful planar creatures trust this boy. He lives on a small farm just outside of Winterville, just East of Athens, Georgia. His father is with the CIA. Gerard's other identity is called, Captain Rabbit. He really does not want to be leader."

    Valiance said, "Why is the government powers division in Fairdale, General Sloan? No one locally has any special power as far as I know. I have a super computer that I built myself but I hardly call that world shattering."

    Mayor Knight wanted to ask that question himself and he was glad that his son had asked instead.

    Sloan replied, "The US government has an empowerment activation scanning satellite in orbit above our country. When someone new transforms for the first time, we are sent a report of the pin-pointed locale of the eruption within 98% accuracy. About an hour ago, one of those alerts was detected within Fairdale. Our mission is not to capture these people; our mission to make sure they stay on the lawful side and to prevent enemy agents from other countries from capturing the power to use for themselves. As long as the new person cooperates with us, they can remain as free as Gerard Prince does. So if you know whom caused that blip, please tell the truth."

    Valiance was quiet for a moment. He knew his father would expect him to do the right thing. But he didn't know Sloan at all. With a sigh, Valiance said, "General Sloan, I caused that blip your satellite detected. Truth works both ways, you know. I get to stay free or else I'll treat you as if you were Lawrence Limburger and Dr. Carbunkle. I am a direct cousin to the Biker Mice from Mars. Since transforming, I haven't left my underground apartment which I call the Mouse's Lair. My empowerment was a gift from Throttle and T-Bone for my fourteenth birthday. I am not a mutant like others you've been dealing with. Come over to the Worchester-Knight Apartment complex and enter the underground parking garage. You will see a door with a sign on it that says [Mouse's Lair, Valiance Knight] on it. As long as you are on the up and up, we can have a good meeting. Otherwise... I have been learning how to fight from the Van Wham brothers and the Swat Kats. My transformation phrase has a mystical vibe to it. When I first transformed, my mother heard the thunder on the ground floor of the apartments."

    Sloan said, "You won't regret this, Valiance. I'm on my way." He handed the phone back to the mayor and departed.

    Over the phone, Mayor Knight heard, "MAUZER EXTREME!!!" And the glow returned as his son changed back into Valiance! "My buddy Paul from school hates the government, dad. So I figure if I cater to Sloan honestly, I'd be saving his life from Paul if I can get Sloan out of Fairdale before Paul sees him. My other friends are not that crazy." Mayor Knight then said, "Son, I, your mother and my brother originate from the cartoon dimension. We came to Earth to escape from a wicked villain named Evion. Your uncle is the scientist; your mother and I were SAMs; Secret Agent Mice. We escaped from his secret lair and he gave chase. And now you know nearly everything."

    Valiance replied, "Gotta go so I can sound proof parts of the Mouse's Lair. I don't think mom will believe the Air Force jet story twice." And he hung up the phone and got to work.

    Mayor Knight contacted his wife and told her that Val had come into his empowered inheritance and that was the thunder earlier.

    Soon, there came a knock at the Mouse Lair's door. Valiance went over and opened the door. Up front was General Sloan in his uniform along with a handsome teen age male human. The young man was of average height with an athletic build and had blue eyes, short blond hair and fair skin. He currently wore a red headband, a white tee shirt, blue jeans and faded sneakers. Just behind the main two were several soldiers with high-powered weapons and completely uniformed. Valiance said, "If my friend Paul Hayley sees this group in Fairdale, I won't be able to stop him from blowing you all to bits. He hates the government since his father died some years ago and the Govt paid no restitution."

    The young man grinned. "I have friends like that in Georgia. May we come in?"

    Valiance only let Sloan and the teenager past the door. "Sorry, guys. Sloan was the only one I was expecting. Make reservations next time." And he closed the door.

    Sloan was immediately admiring the lair and how well put together it was. Then he saw the restored Gen-Tech motorcycle. "I hope you have the government's permission to have one of those, Valiance. They are given to secret agents."

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      Valiance then countered. "Showing up with a military force for a peaceful visit is a good way to make those you want to meet with to never want to work with you ever. Our intention is not to capture these new powers, but to make sure they stay on the side of law and justice. And then you show up with a load of soldiers. When I get an explanation on this, I'll tell you about the motorcycle."

      The young man folded his arms over his chest and chuckled. "I tried to warn you that American teenagers would be like this, Sloan. Remember back on my farm when you did something similar and you saw my allies?"

      He held out his hand toward Valiance. "Gerard Prince, albeit in my civilian identity. I recently befriended one of the many Teen Force divisions." Valiance shook his hand. "You seem nice, Gerard. But I meant what I said; peaceful purposes seems like a lie when you show up with a small army." Gerard glanced back at Sloan. "He is within his rights, Sloan. He only invited you, not the US Army." Sloan nodded his head. "Pennsylvania National Guard. They work for the local governor; not the US Government. When a VIP like me is in the area, I get an escort whether I want one or not."

      The Road Rovers theme then played from the mainframe and Valiance went over to see what had arrived. One glance and he locked the file into the waiting drawer. "That is not appropriate for normal humans."

      Gerard arched an eye. "Porn?"

      Valiance nodded his head. "Hunter and Exile like to send me naughty videos of their off-time playing sessions with guests."

      Sloan was the one to arch an eye this time. "Do you have access to the Mobians like Tails and Princess Sally?"

      Valiance honestly replied, "I can ask Donatello what their contact frequency is; but they have never contacted me before."

      Sloan pointed at the motorcycle. "Fess up, where did you get this?"

      Valiance replied, "You are likely going to be mad at your own people when I tell you this, but I dragged this wreck out of the Fairdale junk yard back when I was looking for motor bike parts. When I first saw it, I was like, Hey! I've never seen one of these before! I'll bet I can fix it! After repairs, I paraded around Fairdale one time and no government people ever showed up to question my having it."

      Sloan said, "If you aim to keep it, then please remove the Gen-Tech labels around the gas tank and one more thing..." He then opened the electronic plate near the front of the bike and reached inside where he removed an obvious government tracking device. "Since you left this in place, what you were really doing was saying, Hey government! Here I am! Narny-Narny-Boo-Boo!"

      Gerard laughed at Sloan's humor.

      Sloan then said, "Oh your behalf, I'll contact Gen-Tech and ask them about this particular model. Civilians are not supposed to have these things. James Bond, Leon Prince and others of their caliber have cycles like this."

      He added, "Although you did a fantastic repair job on the old girl."

      Gerard then asked, "Show and tell time, Valiance. We are not here to discuss your motorcycle. We are here to see your empowerment form. I'll show you mine..."

      Valiance realized that Gerard was good at temptation. "You first."

      Gerard stepped out into the center of the chamber and exclaimed, "Level Up!" He was covered in a Spandex outfit which had black form-fitting pants, a gold belt with the letters 'C' and 'R' in the center of it, the torso was covered in a form-fitting Spandex white tee shirt with a cool looking blue leather jacket having the Dream Boy Junior symbol upon the right hand side of the chest. His leather gloves and boots were blue and he had cool looking light sensitive goggles with a communicator ear piece built into them. The whole ensemble had a style all its own. His human form then glowed brightly as his body became that of an anthropomorphic rabbit in the build of Ace Bunny of Loonatics Unleashed. Then he did a leap and performed some martial arts moves before landing with a shout, "Captain Rabbit! Online!"

      Captain Rabbit smiled. "Keep your end of the bargain..."

      Valiance took a stance and spoke the words that would change him! "MAUZER EXTREME!!!" And when he did, his voice seemed to echo and his body became aglow with mutant power, reshaping and reforming him into the non-Martian biker mouse. In his heroic identity, he was a good-looking, tall, slender male mouse, with light brown fur, and blond hair atop his head. He was approximately 5'8" tall, and weighed 107 lbs. He wore a colorful costume consisting of a comfortable pair of blue jeans, a red bandanna around his neck, and a black leather motorcyclist's jacket adorned with the patriotic stars and bars of the American flag. Over his hazel eyes, he wore aviator goggles to protect his vision while riding free on the open roadways. His fair smile and laid back look were an testament to his kind and gentle soul. While he was slender, he did have the starting makings of a gymnastic young adult, as his body was already showing the signs from his work-outs. "American Mouse!"

      American Mouse spoke patriotically, "This is how I look suited up. Sort of a down home version of the stars and bars theme."

      Captain Rabbit said, "What until you see what Supermouse of Atlanta Georgia looks like. He's the leader of the local Teen Force down there. I'd rather not be a leader."

      Sloan's walkie-talkie chirped and he answered it. "Sloan speaking." "Hey, It's Crusader Jaguar! We got another attack going on in Philadelphia. Some terrorists are trying to destroy old Liberty!" Sloan looked to American Mouse. "Duty calls, young hero. Stay out of trouble and I'll see to it that you get tools and bike parts for your projects up here. Come on, Captain Rabbit."

      American Mouse remarked, "Let me stay free and I'll ask Donatello about Princess Sally and Tails."

      Sloan departed with Captain Rabbit and the National Guard pulled out at the same time. American Mouse grinned. "That wasn't so bad. Could have been worse. Paul could have caught them."

      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four

        A few days later, Paul Hayley, Daz Merlock and Heath Flowen arrived at the Mouse's Lair. After a few knocks, Valiance opened the outer door and Paul led the way inside with all smiles. "Something fantastic happened, Vally boy! The government reopened the case file on my father's lab death and the investigator deemed his passing as a government responsible event. They sent my mom and I a huge restitution payment; the first of many to make it up to us."

        Val smiled. "Was the investigator's name.. A man named Sloan?"

        Paul nodded his head. "Yeah, that was the investigator's name."

        Val said, "He came to see me last week and I mentioned your family's plight. I didn't know he was going to look into the event personally. I told him that the military would be in danger if they snooped around here because of your feelings in regards to your father. So why are you guys over here?"

        Daz said, "Paul wants to use your gym equipment since it is electronically weighted. Heath and I have a new game that only your computer can handle." He held the game disc up with one hand.

        Val snagged the disc and looked at the title. "Oh this game. I'll let you guys use terminal number four. I was doing something on the main terminal." He handed the disc back to Daz.

        Heath said, "I told you that Val was way past cool, Daz. Thanks for giving us a terminal to play this game on, buddy old pal. Daz bought that game without looking at the minimum requirements and his old clunker scanned the disc and the PC told him that he didn't have the resources to play the game. And the asshole game shop wouldn't refund Daz's money since he had opened the game box."

        Val said, "He is well within his rights, Heath. Do you open Sonic Merchandise only to resell it after you've looked at the merch?"

        Heath shook his head. "Hell no! Nothing cool about doing that!"

        After the boys went off to their designated stations, there was another knock at the Mouse Lair outer door. Valiance went to answer it and he noted Paul looking out of the gym chamber. "Mind your own business, Paul. Or I'll throw you out of my lair as if you were Oily Can Hairy." Paul retreated into the gym. Valiance then opened the door and saw a uniformed delivery guy with a shirt tag that read, Government Acquisition Deliveries. The man held up his badge along with an electronic signature device. "Sign here, sir." Then in a whisper, he added, "Sloan said you could handle the crate with the bike parts and project tools without assistance. Word of warning; it's heavy."

        Valiance quietly growled. "A fine time for friends to be visiting." He signed the requested delivery form with his name and then he grabbed a hooded cloak and stepped outside. "Where is the crate?"

        The delivery guy escorted Valiance around the corner to where the delivery truck had backed up to the outer parking garage door and the elevator lift had lowered the crate down out of the back of the truck to the floor just outside of the parking door. "Sloan said you valued your privacy and I obeyed his unload instructions precisely. He told me that you were usually here by yourself. If you are going to have friends over and still keep a secret, then your deal with Sloan will be on shaky ground. He told me that if there were others here when I made the delivery to remind you to get rid of them or prepare to be taken back to Project Dream Boy. Personal freedom comes with a price."

        Valiance glared at the delivery man. "I can easily kick your ass, Limburger. Your threat is empty at best."

        The man stepped back into the open beside his truck. "I was hoping you were going to be more reasonable than this." He unzipped his jacket to reveal that he was wearing some sort of electronic collar around his neck in native jungle colors. "I spar with Captain Rabbit and Supermouse; so unless you are more powerful than them, then your threat is the empty one. If teaching you a lesson is the only way to get the point across, then so be it." He struck a pose as he held one arm over himself followed by the other as a glow surrounded his body. "Cosmos Arise! Aztec Crusades On!" The man's entire body transformed fluidly as he grew in height a good two feet as his muscles and Aztec themed armored uniform appeared all over his body. He now appeared to be a Jaguar man with a prehensile furry tail and sharp looking claws on his hands and feet. He also had a powerful looking sword in a scabbard on his back. "Crusader Jaguar!" He snarled as he made a toothy grin at Valiance. "We saved the Liberty Bell."

        Valiance smirked as he tossed the hooded cloak to one side. "Bribery doesn't paint a pretty picture of Sloan's offer. I stay free or the deal is off."

        Valiance took a stance and spoke the words that would change him! "MAUZER EXTREME!!!" And when he did, his voice seemed to echo and his body became aglow with mutant power, reshaping and reforming him into the non-Martian biker mouse. In his heroic identity, he was a good-looking, tall, slender male mouse, with light brown fur, and blond hair atop his head. He was approximately 5'8" tall, and weighed 107 lbs. He wore a colorful costume consisting of a comfortable pair of blue jeans, a red bandanna around his neck, and a black leather motorcyclist's jacket adorned with the patriotic stars and bars of the American flag. Over his hazel eyes, he wore aviator goggles to protect his vision while riding free on the open roadways. His fair smile and laid back look were an testament to his kind and gentle soul. While he was slender, he did have the starting makings of a gymnastic young adult, as his body was already showing the signs from his work-outs. "American Mouse!"

        In a fast flying flurry, American Mouse grabbed a hold of the jaguar and the delivery truck and hauled the two out of the parking garage into the open only to come to a skidding halt when he saw General Sloan, Captain Rabbit, the rest of the Champions division of Dream Boy along with the Federal Reserve of the United States government's Army. Worse, Sloan had a Pentagon filming team with him. "Personal freedom comes with a price, American Mouse. You play the game by our rules or your image gets released to the world at the same time we close Fairdale down as a terrorist hideout. Everyone in town would be arrested and audited. The Hayley Lab incident is still under investigation."

        "All indications are that his death was self inflicted when he attempted to set off a bomb to destroy a local government research facility where his labs were located," said Sloan. "I went ahead and authorized the restitution to the Hayley family but we are monitoring all experiments the family conduct using that money. Your friend Paul is not as pure as he conveys to your family. Mad Scientist activities run in his family. There are reports of his hacking game companies and other private computer agencies as early as four weeks ago. Your friend is not a law-abiding citizen. The mother deserves restitution, but the father tried to kill thousands and your friend Paul is a data thief."

        He pointed a finger at American Mouse. "What's it going to be, so-called hero? Didn't it seem a little too easy to manhandle Crusader Jaguar?"

        American Mouse threw the truck and the Jaguar to the distant ground before attempting to turn to fly away... but then without warning, he was caught from two angles by a molecular blast of microwave energy lasers which made him hit the ground paralyzed. Flying in and landing on both sides still zapping the newest hero were Supermouse and Super Pirate both of the Atlanta Teen Force. Sloan stepped into view and he again said, "Personal freedom comes with a price, Valiance Knight. Attacking one of our government operatives does not convey you as a superhero. Captain Rabbit and his allies did this to us once. It feels good to teach someone else this lesson."

        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five

          Valiance found himself powered down to his civilian identity and he had a metallic mouth plate clamped over his mouth to prevent him from speaking the power words; he was also fitted into power cuffs and loaded into an armored government paddy wagon with the two other super rodents guarding him. Mouse's Lair was then raided Paul put up a fight but like Valiance, he was subdued pretty fast despite his strength.

          Daz and Heath were cooperative when confronted. They logged out of their terminal and shut down the access before coming along quietly.

          As the teenagers were brought out into the open, a soldier announced, "News media copter in the sky, sir!" A radio technician tuned in to the frequency the news copter was broadcasting and Sloan and the others heard the following. "Mayor Knight informed our Chicago News Station of the government attacking the local community to force newly empowered people into working for the US military against their will. We are on the scene where the report seems to be true. There is a huge troop of the US Army located just outside of the Worchester-Knight Apartment Complex. Sloan's Dream Boy Champions Division operatives have been identified on scene from their appearances recently in Philadelphia when the Liberty Bell was attacked. I have word that the Chicago Tribune is contacting the United Nations right now to see if this enforced activity is viably legalized toward world peace. Because if it isn't, then what we are seeing is a repeat of what Adolf Hitler attempted to do back during the World Wars. The Third Reich in America? Is the US Government coming to this? Stay tuned!"

          Valiance inside the paddy wagon seemed to be making the laughing motion. Supermouse wanted to pop the young man in the jaw for thinking the situation was funny. Super Pirate remarked, "You aren't supposed to have your powers while in civilian identity, kid. I have super hearing, but you are acting like you still have yours turned on. How are you doing this?" And without warning, the metallic mouth clamp fell on the floor. "I have allies, Rat. MAUZER EXTREME!!!" And when he did, his voice seemed to echo and his body became aglow with mutant power, reshaping and reforming him into the non-Martian biker mouse. In his heroic identity, he was a good-looking, tall, slender male mouse, with light brown fur, and blond hair atop his head. He was approximately 5'8" tall, and weighed 107 lbs. He wore a colorful costume consisting of a comfortable pair of blue jeans, a red bandanna around his neck, and a black leather motorcyclist's jacket adorned with the patriotic stars and bars of the American flag. Over his hazel eyes, he wore aviator goggles to protect his vision while riding free on the open roadways. His fair smile and laid back look were an testament to his kind and gentle soul. While he was slender, he did have the starting makings of a gymnastic young adult, as his body was already showing the signs from his work-outs.

          The paddy wagon bounced around the street a few times before spinning like Underdog's phone booth and coming apart at the seams sending unconscious Supermouse and Pirate along with the parts of the armored vehicle all over the street. American Mouse flew up to the news copter and grabbed the microphone. "I am American Mouse. I am the guy the government is trying to work with their criminal armed forces group." And then after handing the microphone back to the reporter, he flew back down and started rescuing his friends. And before the army could lift their weapons, blue and black blurs zipped through the area removing their guns and rifles before dumping them into a pile some distance away. "Someone call for some hedgehogs!" Sonic and Shadow were standing there with Knuckles, Tails, Amy Rose and a female gold Echidna. The Mobians were wearing what looked to be gold rings on their fingers. The Swat Kats' Turbokat was hovering in the sky along with the Mighty Ducks Aerowing. Parked at the end of the street were the Biker Mice from Mars on their motorcycles as well as the Ninja Turtle Van and the Road Rovers Land-Rover. Sloan blinked his eyes when he saw the cartoon world heroes in the fur.

          The Master's voice then boomed over a loud speaker, "American Mouse is our ally! You will leave him and his friends alone or else you get cartoon villain treatment! Will you agree to back off or do we get to wipe you out of existence?"

          Fairdale citizens were standing outside of their homes with their camera phones recording the chaos in progress. Sloan knew his team were in a pickle at this point. Everyone had video recording tech at their disposal. "Troops! Fall back! American Mouse has chosen to show his true colors and-" A magnificent explosion went off as Doctor Strange of Marvel Productions appeared in front of Sloan and he slapped the General's face. "NO, you are the one whom played the villain card when you infringed on American Mouse's privacy and personal freedom to get him off into Dream Boy against his will. He never asked you for supplies nor for any of your goodwill. You tried to force it on him and his friends just so you could have a reason to arrest him like a common criminal. YOU are the villain here, Sloan! And this isn't the first time you have attempted this! Begone!" And that final word, Sloan and his troops found themselves in Washington D.C. sitting on the White House lawn along with their broken weapons and armored car parts. Their empowered allies were each sent back to their home zones directly in front of their parents.

          Captain Rabbit was back on his farm. Unlike the other empowered heroes, he didn't live with his parents. He was having a pow-wow with his extra-planar allies after the incident.

          Doctor Strange then said to American Mouse, "You might want to patch up a friendship with Captain Rabbit. He is the only one operating outside the government's red tape. He and his allies defeated Sloan's stupidity once."

          American Mouse said, "Because he never attacked me, Strange, I will listen to your advice. However, Sloan needs to be made aware if my arch-enemy learns of his stupid attack on me and chooses to attack this Earth. He is called Evion."

          Doctor Strange shuddered. "Evion is your arch nemesis? Oh my god! What a fool Sloan was to target you then! This is the sort of event that would get Evion's attention!"

          American Mouse said, "I cannot have a private life locally thanks to Sloan. My parents would agree, I have to make myself scarce. I didn't choose my heroic identity; it came with the form."

          Doctor Strange said, "I am sorry to hear that you think leaving will solve the problem. Real heroes are stronger than that. But I won't quibble to make you change your mind. I have to return to New York." And he vanished.

          Paul, Daz and Heath approached American Mouse as Paul said, "So that's whom you are. I guess it's my fault that you have to leave. I knew the restitution sounded fishy. We haven't spent any of the money yet. But dammit, we're your friends. Quitting school now would make things super difficult for you. Everyone would figure out what we just did if you disappeared."

          Daz then said, "Some of us did nothing wrong, Mouse. We are your friends and I for one would like to retain that friendship. As a Native American Indian, my people are used to what the government like Sloan likes to do to our people. You might need a Merlock on your team someday. If our human friend quits school, then so will I. He is an inspiration to a lot of the youth in the education system."

          Heath was looking at the Mobians. "Wow! You are allies with the coolest Hedgehog around! Don't alienate us, American Mouse! I'd do anything for a chili dog! Daz is right, some of us did nothing wrong!"

          American Mouse looked directly at Paul. "Was Sloan wrong about your hacking into computer companies and stealing programming data for your own usage? And if you are my friend, do not lie to me."

          Paul hung his head. "I did do that for the geek group I am part of in school. We thought it was harmless fun. I'm sorry that it came up in the public accusations against you. You weren't part of it. My mom doesn't even know."

          American Mouse remarked, "My future activities is up to my parents. After Sloan's apparent stupidity, my parents may want me to get scarce for the safety of the town. But as you can see, I have some awesome allies."

          Mayor Knight approached with Master Splinter and The Master (Dr. Shepherd.) "Because of the threat of Evion, the Knight family has to leave Pennsylvania. You can thank the U.S. Government for this decision."

          End of Chapter Five


            Chapter Six

            Fairdale, Arizona; just North of Roosevelt and East of Scottsdale...

            With the assistance of their dimensional cartoon allies, the Knight family, along with those whom got permission from their parents, left Fairdale, Pennsylvania, and settled down into an exact duplicate of the town just East of Scottsdale, Arizona on the West Shore of Theodore Roosevelt Lake. Because of the support the citizens had for the Knight family, most of the original Fairdale became a ghost town over night, as citizens made the move to the new location in the Southwest. The new Fairdale was a patrolled gated community where Sloan and the military were not welcome. The Ninja Turtles, the Road Rovers, the Swat Kats, the Mighty Ducks, the COW-Boys of Moose Mesa, the Dinosaucers and the Biker Mice from Mars along with the Mobians custom built a new Mouse's Lair for American Mouse and his friends in a secluded area near the new city. The old Fairdale had nothing left in it; even the power had been turned off.

            Starting over in a new area as never easy, but because of one ignorant military General they had no choice but to vacate the old location. Even Vincent Knight made the move. The police force consisted of the cartoon heroes.

            Some of these animated characters were not afraid of blowing things and people to bits.

            Valiance was now both attending school as well as receiving hero training from every animated hero group whom had access to the new Fairdale. Occasionally, the spy satellite for the government would record outdoor training sessions that Valiance as American Mouse participated in. Sloan would watch these quietly since there was nothing criminal occurring during these training sessions. Even though he knew full well where the town had gone, he was staying out since that was their wishes. He knew that he had messed up by trying to recruit American Mouse. Even Captain Rabbit had the balls to later say, "I told you so."

            Daz and Heath chose to show their support the most by personally witnessing the training sessions. For Heath, it was to chat with the Mobians; But Daz was the main supporter during the training sessions; Paul was never seen in public where the satellite might spot him. He went to school as well as sent apology letters to the programming companies he had wronged with his hacking stunts. In short, he had fessed up and was making restitution in exchange for avoiding arrest by the untrustworthy General Sloan.

            During one Gym acrobatic training session with Donatello, Daz removed his shoes and stepped out on to the mat to join Valiance in a training session. "You aren't the only one whom likes to work their bodies, Val."

            Valiance asked, "Just you?"

            Daz remarked, "Paul is a slob much of the time and Heath is too lazy to do this despite being the Sonic fan. Besides, Paul and I broke up over what I call a silly reason. He said I was spending too much time with you. So after he kicked me out, I came straight to you since he is showing his true colors as usual. He has had the opportunity to come with me to see what I was doing during your training sessions and he just sits there at his computer. I am an animation expert myself, but I don't have sex with the computers I work with. Despite the Ninja Turtles theme song that suggests that you do machines, Donatello, you don't have sex with the machines, do you?"

            Donatello made a face. "I guess that explains some of the weird fan mail I received a few times. I would never slide my cock into a data port. That would hurt. I am not a Digimon."

            He then added, "There is to be no empowered exercising today, Daz. So you can safely exercise with Valiance and I. There will be some minor self defense training afterward. Master Splinter will arrive to supervise that."

            Daz asked, "Normally you guys train outside; not that I mind an indoor training session, but why the change?"

            Valiance replied, "Razor noticed the government spy satellite watching the clear sky training sessions we were having and that cemented our changing our tactics. Sloan knows where we are."

            Daz stated, "If he knows where you are, then why hasn't he shown up to try again? Or is Dream Boy that weak?"

            Donatello explained or tried to. "Sloan himself doesn't have an empowerment; Princess Sally and I have deemed this was the original reason he wanted to meet with her and Tails to learn the Two-tailed fox flying ability for his own empowerment so he could participate with his own powers team right along side of them. I personally think he has forgotten what becoming empowered would do to his status as a US Military General. If American Mouse could go bad, his own words, then him with his own empowerment could also go bad on a whim. As long as he is normal, he has the government's ear; the moment he joins the power team, he would have people invading his privacy."

            Valiance added, "And if he complained, just as I did, then he would be the Boy Whom Cried Wolf; his integrity would be gone and the media would have a field day."

            Daz said, "Speaking of wolves, my Native spirit totem is the White Wolf. Noble and Honorable when defending the rights of his people. I someday want to be like Wolf Spirit in doing that for my people; not a mutant; no offense, Donny."

            Donatello smiled. "None taken, Daz. If you were a white wolf man, what would be your code name?"

            Daz grinned as he had already thought one up. "Whitepaw would be my heroic identity. Whitefang is copyrighted. I've even created a computer animation of my form if I were to have one to use in real life; the Native Spirit ties are important to an entity like this. He would be garbed in the Native American Mystic Shaman outfit to showcase his heritage. And as you are doing with Valiance, daily training is a must. I know that white fur is high maintenance, but I am a clean young man anyway; I bathe often. Paul often smells like his own spooge, even in school. The counselor once asked, Don't you ever bathe or use deodorant?"

            Donatello smirked. "T-Bone often smells like that while he is flying the Turbokat."

            Valiance remarked, "If the Native Spirits do grant you the request, Daz, make sure you are not stuck in the form; that would wreck havoc on your schooling since, like me, you haven't graduated as yet. Do you need a bed space?"

            Daz replied, "I didn't want to impose on you, Valiance. I could set up a tepee out in the open..."

            Valiance set a stern gaze on his friend. "I have spare bedrooms in the Mouse's Lair, Daz. Besides, a tepee doesn't have a bathroom; you could end up smelling like Paul after a while. Or Super Pirate whom had an odor, I noticed."

            Daz smiled. "I was hoping you would offer a spare bedroom. That way Paul could not say I was sleeping with you, despite how great I think your mouse form would be in bed."

            End of Chapter Six


              Chapter Seven

              A few days later, Valiance got a post card from Gerard Prince although the post mark revealed that he was in Scottsdale rather than his being in Athens, Georgia. It was an invite to come to the local Arden's Pizza parlor for a pow-wow and meal in public; it mentioned that he did not have Sloan with him. He wanted to patch up the possible friendship and pay for any pizza meal Valiance wanted; he could bring any ally with him of his choice.

              Since it mentioned a paid pizza meal, the allies of choice were the Ninja Turtles and Master Splinter. Of course, Daz offered to come along since he was still the sole supporter of Valiance's training sessions. Heath had stopped attending.

              When Valiance's party arrived at the Ardens Pizza Parlor, there were no military vehicles detectable anywhere in the city nor in the air space. The Turbokat and the Aerowing were both checking for that and Doctor Strange was arranging for the day over Scottsdale to have thick white puffy clouds all over the region to prevent the spy satellite from seeing what anyone was doing. However, Gerard Prince had sent interference to Sloan's main offices in the form of the snoopy book loving Horse. He had told his equine associate that Sloan was hogging a book that he wouldn't let anyone else read. So Sloan had to deal with the Horse today.

              Valiance said to the counter clerk, "We are here to join Gerard Prince by his own request for a meal."

              Getting an escort into a small conference room in the back by a Pizza Delivery Hound revealed Gerard Prince sitting at a large table with a male and a female that Valiance had not met before. The female wore a school jacket with the logo of the Richfield Ravens on the back. The boy wore a fancy blazer which had its own logo which read, Zamak Mining Corporation. A black shadow pony stood beside the young man. Valiance said, "You didn't mention that you had escorts, Gerard; yet you said I could bring some. Whom are these people?"

              Gerard replied, "This young man is my pen pal and Teen Force associate of the Shelter Island Teen Force, Jameson Zamak, but he prefers to be called Jamie. The Shadow Pony bodyguard is called Cutie. Not his real name, but that's what Jamie named him when he first met him. Jamie has an interest in all things feline, preferably the Thundercats and the Voltron Force. The young lady is someone from the Richfield Champions Teen Force albeit not a member herself whom could likely assist someone you know with an empowerment within reason. She doesn't like Sloan and has threatened to change him into a toad if he bothered her again. This is the Greater Goddess, Arcadia Zoe, of Richfield, Virginia."

              Valiance was impressed; Gerard had some powerful allies outside of Dream Boy. "I've been in contact with the Thundercats a few times, preferably Panthro, when I needed his advice when repairing bikes and such. I am sure you know the Ninja Turtles and Master Splinter, my official escorts for the day since there was to be pizza involved. And this is my Native American friend, Darren Hayes Merlock, like Jamie, he prefers the shortened name of Daz, whom does have a reasonable empowerment desire. He is a computer animation expert, although he mainly embraces the Native American Spirit beliefs of his Native American people. His personal spirit totem is the White Wolf."

              Arcadia said, "I'll work with Daz in regards to his empowerment request. As for the rest of you, the menus are in the center of the table. Gerard is paying for the meal. The Pizza Hounds would do anything for him."

              Valiance said as he sat down at the table, "How did you ditch Sloan today?"

              Gerard grinned while trying not to laugh. "I sent my snoopy book loving equine ally to Sloan's personal offices to look for a book that Sloan won't let anyone read. The book is fictitious but Lighty doesn't know that."

              Valiance and the turtle did laugh however. "Good, he lost my respect by arranging that attack on my home town in Pennsylvania. By the way, Super Pirate stinks. Supermouse was clean, though."

              Gerard smirked. "Super Pirate is homosexual and he thinks his personal odor is manly. If you know anyone like that, you know what I am talking about. Supermouse is a open-minded clean straight boy; born and bred law enforcement. His father is the main Georgia state highway patrol commissioner. The family parrot is super mouthy with an opinion on everyone and everything. But she is usually spot on about people she comments on. Agent Teriaki is the parrot. The family is usually telling her to shut up. Supermouse has an older brother and an older sister; Samuel and Valeria. Daisy is the baby in the family. Everyone on their horse and dog farm does morning chores."

              He then added, "My older sister, Lupa-Vega, is off at college learning rocket sciences. She isn't empowered like me; being a female werewolf doesn't count as an empowerment, in Sloan's opinion. High Command doesn't like Sloan either."

              Valiance said, "I am an only child; my powers as you were told before was due to the chemical testing Evion performed on my Secret Agent Mouse parents back in Mousedale in the animated world. After they escaped and gave birth to me, I ended up with the powers Evion was tying to force my parents to acquire. Although I got the patriotic empowerment; that can't be sitting well with Evion since he was likely going for a new evil rat mutant much like the Cano-Mutants of General Parvo from the Road Rovers. Evion has the power to wipe whole cities off the face of the map. Even Doctor Strange had heard of Evion when I mentioned the name."

              Gerard said, "You really should get involved with the local Teen Force, Valiance. That way you would have a buffer against Sloan; he usually avoids Teen Force with good reasons. Death refuses to sing."

              He then pulled out an MP3 player and selected a song from the list before hitting play.

              "Oooh Eee-oooh, dun dun dun de doom... *Bong-Bong* Dun De Dum Dum, De Dum De Dum De Doo! Come on, everybody! Let's get involved! We got a mystery that we can solve! Here in the Isles, you can hang; with Kathy, Val, Natty and the rest of the gang! Come along and sing in sync! {I refuse to sing.} With the gang from Mysteries Inc! Many cases, are quite unsolved; It's reason 'nuff for us to get involved; Bad guys oft give a wail, when we send their butts, straight to jail! Come along and sing in sync! {I still refuse to sing.} With the gang from Mysteries Inc! *Bong-Bong* Mysteries Inc!"

              Gerard grinned at Valiance. "Mysteries Inc are the main sponsor of Teen Force International. I know there is a local division of Teen Force in Phoenix, Arizona. You are in their zone; joining them would grant you protection."

              Valiance said, "Daz and I could join them if they are that good at providing protection to their team members. Like you, I don't want to be a leader just yet."

              Gerard smiled. "Sloan would pitch a fit if he knew what I was suggesting to you. That's why I offered a no-Sloan meeting at my favorite restaurant. Ardens have outlets everywhere."

              Valiance asked, "How do we go about joining the local division of Teen Force? If this pays off, then your friendship with me is repaired. Doctor Strange told me that you were reasonable."

              Gerard handed over the application forms for Valiance and Daz to fill out. "These are the Teen Force International sign-up forms for you to fill out. I think this will be a big benefit for you boys. There are gods and other special powers helping to defend the Teen Force members world-wide. And you can certainly use that. You boys fill out the forms and Cutie can take the forms to Kathleen Crane in London. She's the leader of Teen Force International as well as Mysteries Inc. On the empowered identity line, put your super identity name of choice. For the date of application, put the last date before Sloan caused you to leave Pennsylvania. That way Sloan will encounter the legal brick wall."

              End of Chapter Seven