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(GA-01) DWAT-01 Collecting on a Promise

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    (GA-01) DWAT-01 Collecting on a Promise

    Saving a dog's life seemed innocent enough for Antonio Theodoris when he was a young lad, but the aftermath would lead Tony on a magical journey of mystery and adventure within unusual lands and extra special creatures. Learning magic was never like this for Harry Potter nor Harry Houdini.
    Rotunda City - Outer Hell

    (GA-01) DWAT-01 Collecting on a Promise
    By Gawain Arthon (Falconsong)

    Chapter 01 - Saving Private Nightmare.

    September 21st, 1996; Saturday afternoon;
    A drainage culvert behind the Theodoris property some ten miles outside of the local town...

    About three weeks ago, Antonio had his seventh birthday party. It was also on that day that Warner Brothers had debuted the cartoon series called The Road Rovers. Each week following he would watch the cartoon show about the canine heroes. He really thought that what Dr. Shepard had done to save Hunter from the gas chamber to make him into the leader of this pack of canine superheroes was the most awesome thing he had ever seen. After an episode would end, Antonio would do his chores and take the trash out. On this particular day, the young man would get to be a hero of his own. But had he known what kind of canine he was about to save, he probably would have simply returned home and prayed to god to save his soul. As the cartoon show ended, Antonio Theordoris removed his pajamas and got into his pants, tee shirt, socks, and sneakers as he gathered up the trash bags from he kitchen and he carried the refuse out to the dumpster that sat on the corner of the roadway that went by his home. He was heading across the yard to do his chores when he heard what sounded like a dull explosion coming from a point just beyond the back fence where a drainage culvert was known to be. Back in the Spring, the drainage ditch had been a roaring floe of rainwater, mud, and melted snow from the nearby hills and mountains. During the Summer, the drainage ditch had been a nearly dusty and dried mud bed of flat playing areas where Antonio and a few friends had played with their toy trucks. Climbing over the fence, the boy began to descend the hill toward the drainage ditch where a culvert eventually went under the roadway and would then dump down into a muddy swimming hole at the bottom. As he reached the edge of the drainage ditch, he saw what appeared to be a black dog (resembling an all-black Arden's pizza hound) as it seemed to be flying backwards down the drainage ditch from a distant direction where the ditch curved. Using an old butterfly net that he and his friends rigged up for scooping toys out of the ditch in the Spring, Antonio caught the dog in the net in a once in a lifetime catch before pulling the dog up to his position at the top of the drainage ditch wall. He then dragged the netted dog up the hill to his parent's back yard just behind the tool shed where he and his friends had a crude clubhouse. As he lay the dog out on the floor of the clubhouse, back down the hill, he heard something angrily growling and shouting that there would be no place in Heavens nor Hell that whomever could hide before he would be found and destroyed. After a bit, the sound of something large dropping out of the other end of the culvert under the roadway was heard and whatever the growling thing was fell down into the sloppy old swimming hole which, during that season, was nothing more than a bog of a gooey swamp instead a nice cool swimming hole. The growling really got loud as whatever it was exploded out of existence.

    The youngster fetched a clean cloth which he soaked with the back yard water hose before he returned to tend to the black canine's bruised head and bodily injuries. "Don't you worry, puppy dog, I'll patch you up as best as I can. That mean old whatever it was won't get you here. It fell into the sticky swamp on the other side of the road. You're not wearing any ID tags... I wonder whom owns you?"

    Without warning, the dog opened its red dragon-slitted eyes and quickly knock the boy to the floor of the clubhouse and held him in place as he spoke in fluent English. "I own myself, human. The Inferno Hunter almost killed me. They hate getting wet. Water makes then flee back to their infernal homes in Hell. Give me one good reason why I should spare your life, kid."

    The boy was scared since this canine was not only talking but his eyes looked to be on fire. Getting pounced had made the boy wet himself. "Please... if you let me live... when I finish school later on, you can return to claim me at that time and I will willingly become your apprentice. I mean, you are obviously a powerful warlock if you can talk. And here I thought only stupid cats got all the billing in magic use."

    The canine's eyes dimmed as they changed to a soft golden yellow. "I am called Lord Demos. I want you to tell me your full name along with your nickname. Right now."

    The boy said, "I have never liked my name, Lord Demos. My Full name is Antonio Flavelle Theodoris, but my mom and my school chums just call me Tony. I prefer Tony over that horrible name they gave me. Are you going to let me live, sir? I mean, I thought I was saving your life."

    Demos smiled as he licked Tony on the mouth. "You did save my life. But normally no one dares to get this close to a Hellhound Warlock like me. I accept your offer, Tony. I don't care what kind of scores you get in school; at the end, I will come to fetch you. You sold your future to me in exchange for your life. And now, I need to make this official. Try not to scream when I do this to you, because it will hurt a little." And he plunged his fangs and muzzle down into the boy's shirt collar where the boy gritted his teeth as he felt what had to be a powerful bite on the side of his neck and something tingling flowing into the boy's arteries as the canine sucked the boy's blood, swallowing it. Then he commanded he boy to open his mouth and don't bite, and when Tony did as he was commanded, the hellhound inserted his hot cock into the boy's oral opening as he proceeded to fuck Tony in the mouth. "Breathe through your nose; I am almost finished." After a bit, the boy tasted and felt fluids pouring down his throat into his stomach before the hound pulled himself out of the boy's mouth. "We are now linked together, Tony. You will never be able to hide from me ever again. You belong to me; but until you finish school, you will live with your parents. When you do finish your basic schooling, then I will make your apprenticeship completely official. Now permit me to clean you up so no adult sees any marks that I may have left upon your body. You know, Tony... you are making me horny. Stay out of trouble, Apprentice. I'll be in touch." And he then licked Tony's body entirely where he could reach before loping out of the clubhouse and in mid-jump, he vanished through a black swirling mist in mid-air which then vanished after his passing through it.

    Tony slowly sat up as he pulled off his tee shirt to look at his body where it had felt like that Demos had bitten him. But there was no mark to be found anywhere on his torso. However, he did smell hound scent all over his body which he knew his mom would detect unless he could get clean without her finding out about this incident.

    Choosing to leave his tee shirt off, Tony did his yard work in the heat of the afternoon sun which made him sweat quite a bit. Then he fetched his tee shirt and he headed into the back door of the house. "All done with my chores, mom! I'm going to go take a bath to get the neighbor's dog scent off of my body!" And then he headed into the bathroom where he stripped down out of his clothes and he got into the bath tub to take a much needed bath. It was while he was soaking in the tub when he heard the canine lord's voice. "The neighbor's dog? I suppose that is as good of a story to use than any other. But I am cleaner than the neighbor's dog. You look sexy in the nude. I just registered your apprenticeship contract with the legal authority here in the Underworld. Now you are truly mine, Tony. I hope you like sleeping with a Hellhound like me in the nude."

    Tony peeked out of the shower curtain from where he sat in the bath tub water. Demos was nowhere to be seen. "A truly powerful warlock. I cannot wait to learn magic from him." He then proceeded to complete his bath. Although the hound scent was a stubborn smell to remove from his body; he managed to make himself smell decent most of the time.

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02 - Time to Pay the Piper.

    May 23rd, 2007; Friday evening;
    A lone bus stop about a mile from the family home...

    Tony was now seventeen years old. He had just graduated from high school and his diploma was framed on the wall of his parents family room. He had hiked down to the bus stop after informing his mother and father that he would send for the rest of his belongings after he got moved into his new apprenticeship housing arrangement. He still kept them from learning that his master was a Hellhound from the Underworld. And now, he sat at the bus stop supposedly waiting for a scheduled Greyhound bus. But in truth, he was waiting for Demos to arrive.

    It was getting late and the sun had set when Tony thought about returning to his parent's house. Perhaps Demos only said that he could find Tony regardless. Maybe he only made Tony think that he was going to learn magic from the Hellhound. "I'll give him until midnight, then I am going to head back to the house so I can sleep in a decent bed."

    Around midnight, Tony checked his watch before standing up and turning to look back up the highway in the direction of his parent's home. He saw a bright light illuminating the darkness of the horizon in the night sky. "Our house is on fire? Oh no!" And he began running back up the highway in the direction of the bright glow. As he crested the hill, he could see a mile further onward that the family home was indeed on fire. He continued to run toward the property. But just before he could enter the leveled plane of the roadway where someone at the property might see him, something leaped out of the darkness and pulled him down into the ditch before clasping a strong paw over the boy's mouth.

    It was Demos. "My enemies attacked your house when they learned that I was going to come back to Earth for a reason I wouldn't tell them about. They sneaked a look at the legal records I made several years ago regarding you. They are still at your property looking for you as of right now. For that reason alone, I cannot let you go to your parent's home. I was able to save your diploma and I teleported your parents to a nearby hospital. Time for me to get you back to my place in the Underworld. You still want to learn magic from me, don't you?" Tony quietly nodded his head since he couldn't speak through that paw over his mouth. Demos then said, "Hang on tight because I am opening the mist gate directly under your body. I still want to sleep with your naked sexiness. I hope you have developed yourself over the years."

    In an instant, Tony felt the ground open up beneath him as he and Demos fell through the opening and then the mist gate vanished from Earth.

    Warlock Fortress of Lord Demos; Hellhound Realm Number 957939-F...

    As they emerged from the other side of the mist portal, Tony found himself butt naked with Demon on top of him in the lord's master bedroom of the Hellhound's fortress. From that moment forth and throughout the night, Tony felt the shaft and knot of Demos firmly tied within his backside as the Hellhound made love to the graduate human teenager.

    When Tony awoke the next morning, he noted that Demos wasn't in bed with him anymore. As the boy pulled himself out of the blankets so he could place his feet on the floor, a rather unfamiliar sensation occurred which cause him to simply fall out of bed on the floor. The he saw it. He had a hound muzzle sticking out of his face. Instinctively, he raised his hands up to feel his head and then he noted that he was covered in the same color of fur that Demos usually sported. Now Tony began to check out the rest of his body. His new body seemed to be a semi-morphic Hellhound instead of being like Demos had been. He then grabbed his tail and rubbed one paw hand over his new sheath and sac. "I've been Lampwicked; only in the canine variety! I wonder where Demos went this morning? And why did he change me into a hound?" He then began to teach himself on how to stand up in this new body he was wearing. Following the upright stance, he then had to teach himself how to walk around in a digitigrade manner. The furry comics always made it seem so easy. He quickly found that he had to balance his tail while making meaningful strides. Eventually, he found a letter from Demos tacked to the restroom door.

    "Okay, lets see what he wrote... Dear Tony, by now you have learned how to move around in your new Thrall/Apprentice body. All of my apprentices are always changed into my species and this lasts for the length of the apprenticeship which can be anywhere from six to twelve years. During this time, you will be taught magic and... in general, when I call, you and all of my other students must line up in the fortress courtyard where I will test all of you to see if you have been practicing your magic. In your new species, please have the decency to use the restroom as if you were still a human. If you make a mess on the floor, you will lick up any urine like an actual dog and you will eat any poo you made. Please don't let it come down to that. I really love you, Tony. Furthermore, feel free to make friends with my other students. Some were human while others either were Hellhounds or other species before begging me to teach them magic. One last note to share... only Lords can have Thralls. If you apprentice someone else, then you have to fuck them in your lair and while they are high on your sex, you change them into your species, exactly as I have done to you. From then on, you are stuck as their master. Please don't go trying to gain students of your own. This should only be done after year eight. After you relieve yourself in the restroom and after you wash your paw-hands, please come down to the dining hall where one of my chefs can make some breakfast for you. I let you sleep in this first day. After you finish breakfast, join us in the main courtyard so you can witness how a morning usually starts off. Signed, Your magic instructor and lover, Lord Demos. PS: Only lords are allowed to wear clothes. Oh my god... I thought I was going to get to stay human while learning magic. And me without a flea collar."

    Exploring the fortress yielded some important discoveries, such as warnings etched on the dormitory walls near sleeping futons on the floor. And then he found the dining hall where he showed the chef the note that Demos had left him. Tony was then given a very rich breakfast that seemed to give him all manner of energy and pep. When he had his fill of breakfast, he asked the chef where the main courtyard was and after getting directions, Tony soon made his way out through the front door and out on to the terrace facing steps that led down to the main courtyard. The fortress had a moat and drawbridge, the latter which was in the raised (closed) position. There were nearly twelve hundred Hellhounds lined up in the main courtyard; some were ugly, although more often, the rest were as sexy as an Arden's Pizza hound. Nearly all of the Hellhounds stood upright like he did and at current, Lord Demos had one apprentice out of line and was having him use the transformation magic on himself. One sparkling effect later and the former Hellhound looked completely human, albeit naked. The other students applauded and then Demos escorted the human male over to the drawbridge and after lowering the drawbridge, he gave the human a package and the human departed the fortress. And then the drawbridge was closed once again.

    Demos then turned and saw Tony standing at the bottom of the steps. He went over to the newest apprentice and began to walk the new student down the line of Hellhounds, introducing Tony to each one as they went. "Everyone... Tony volunteered to learn magic with us. Although he only arrived last night, please treat him as a brother."

    End of Chapter 02