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Golden Halo™ -- Profiles

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    Golden Halo™ -- Profiles

    Name: Digimon: Golden Halo

    Players: Cpt Pouchlaw and Black Unicorn

    Plot: Back during the 5th Imperium, a mighty war between Digi-Grace and Digi-Inferno rocked the boundaries between that which was right and that which was wrong. 95 Imperiums later, the boundaries are once again about to be rocked. And it will fall to the DigiDestined to recover the Golden Halo and restore the balance for the Digital Multiverse.


    -- Shadow Cloak: This entity has no definitive form during the early episodes, but her identity will revealed as the battle for the Golden Halo advances.

    -- Coronamon: These digimon appear to be giant flying eyeballs of wicked origin. They work for Shadow Cloak and have no gender. They cannot talk preferring to communicate mentally to their mistress.

    -- Tokai Amizuno: This Japanese gentleman is anything but a gentleman. He is the head of quite a villainous organization on Earth and his goals are to find and claim the Golden Halo all for himself. After all, having that kind of power is for him and him alone. Right?

    Digital Worlds:

    -- Digital Earth (Element: Earth): Despite how Earth-like it may appear to the real Earth, no humans live here at all. Only modernized Digimon. Their main city, Digitopia, are where the White Cloaks have their main headquarters. The White Cloaks are canine digimon who wear white hooded cloaks and they are the ones who have contacted the humans for help when the wars threaten the multiverse.

    -- Digital Mars (Element: Fire): This is a world consisting of a sea of flames with various island nations dotting the fiery horizon. Their main city, Hephaestus, are the home to some of the finest metal crafters in all of the multiverse.

    -- Digital Neptune (Element: Water): An alien planet of raging storms, whirlpools, and endless seas, the Digimon here make their central home in the Aquatic City of Poseidon where the greatest healers and hospitals in the Digital Multiverse are said to reside.

    -- Digital Venus (Element: Air): The cloud paradise of air and wind, the aerial Digimon who dwell here make their home within the floating city of Gravitos. Their main commodities include airships and flying carpets. Several Digimon Wizards also live within this world in aerial towers.

    -- Digital Grace: Angelic Digimon of Light, Water, and Music. They firmly believe that the Digi-Inferno have stolen the Golden Halo and are willing to go to war to prove it. They are not open to listening to reason especially from cheeky ignorant HYOO-MANS. They want the Halo so they can use it to enslave Digimon everywhere.

    -- Digital Inferno: Demonic Digimon of Darkness, Fire, and Noise. They have been on edge since losing the last war and when accused of stealing the Golden Halo, they feel justified toward giving Digi-Grace the war they truly desire and crave. While they have no care on where the Halo is, they don't want it found either.


    1. Andros Kirsto Maguire & Hidokamon -- Cpt Pouchlaw
    2. Gi Kaacla & Kaizumimon -- Cpt Pouchlaw

    3. Xandrea Amizuno & Soryumon -- Cpt Pouchlaw

    4. Zane Isara & Wylderamon -- Black Unicorn
    5. Skye Akido & Shardemon -- Black Unicorn

    6. Raven Akido & Lunarramon -- Black Unicorn


    -- White Houndimon: This is the leader of the White Cloaks. He is insightful and up front with all of his assistance. When the DigiDestined need quick advice, he is there to assist them to answer all of their questions.

    -- Black Houndimon: This is mate to White Houndimon. He is in charge of the Data Archives held by the White Cloaks. He is also the maker of the Digivices.

    -- Red Houndimon: This is the White Cloak who helps the DigiDestined match up with their Digimon the instant they arrive in the Digital Multiverse.

    -- Creatori Kitty: This being strongly resembles a white Gatomon only with far more fluffy white fur. She holds a silver harp and is usually quiet save to give insightful advice at the oddest times.

    Character Sheet



    Background Info:

    Digimon Partner:

    Partner Description:

    Catch Phrase:

    Name: Andros Kirsto Maguire

    Gender: Male

    Background Info: Andros Kirsto Maguire is a young aspiring musician of Irish Gaelic descent who is a Senior at King Arthur High School. He owns a guitar that he paid for with his hard earned money and practices with it whenever he can. Some people say that his voice could charm anything. Andros often hangs out with his friends in the High School Public Park, often showing compassionate support for them. His new favorite hangout is Camelot Land, located just outside of Winchester Down.

    Digimon Partner: Hidokamon, Brilliant King Of Beautiful Performance

    Partner Description: Ever seen a bronze lion statue? Imagine a standard looking non-morphic lion made of living radiant gold with a silver saddle and silver white wings. Hidokamon has crystal grey eyes that glow in the dark and he is large enough to carry two riders simultaneously. He claims to be a spell singer himself from Digital Venus. His obvious attacks are a glowing laser beam from his eyes and something called Razor Wind caused by one of his spell songs. He is loyal to his chosen DigiDestined and can keep his mind out of the gutter.

    Catch Phrase: "Time for a rockin' ballad!"


      Name: Gi Kaacla

      Gender: Male

      Background Info: Native to the South Pacific, Gi Kaacla was the son of a head lead female researching scientist in the field of oceanography and aquatic life. He spent most of his time running around nearly naked along the beaches and in the waters around his home islands. But when his mother informed him of what was going on in America, it was time to hang up the kid gloves and get totally serious. When he headed to Winchester Down, he was wearing a greenish-black wet suit common for scuba divers. Although the bulge in his pants could strike the interest of man or beast alike. Yes, he has quite the package.

      Digimon Partner: Kaizumimon, Free Spirit of the Commanding Seas

      Partner Description: Standing as tall has his partner, Kaizumimon is a spry slender green furred rat-like digimon who wears a dark green pirate coat and has a corsair cutlass and a hand held musket pistol affixed to his belt around his waist. Like his partner, he can swim in a most expert manner. But unlike land dwellers, he can swim faster than a man can run. Talk about plunder and booty. His attacks are a Sword Splash caused by his cutlass and the Foul Firearm attack where he fires an exploding stink bomb at his opponents which causes immediate gagging. When without his weapons, he fights dirty and can brawl with the best of them.

      Catch Phrase: "You've heard of Cat Fish and Sea Dogs, haven't you? Well I am the Sea Rat!"


        Name: Xandrea Amizuno

        Gender: Female

        Background Info: Long green hair, cherry red lips, topaz eyes, and a skin coloration that often changed its appearance, depending upon the light. Built in all the right ways; a real knock-out. And those were her bad qualities. She wears a suit of combat armor, designed to reveal her most charming features, and her white cape flows freely behind her. Born and raised in Japan, Xandrea Amizuno got involved in the bounty hunting profession at a young age and was often hired by wealthy industrialists and desperate hoodlums throughout the world. Although she can be a little rough, Xandrea always has the eye for muscle bound people and flexible dragon warriors alike. Although she is in her late 20s, she doesn't look a day over 16.

        Digimon Partner: Soryumon, Noble Spirit of the Fighting Dragon

        Partner Description: Easily standing around 8 feet tall, Soryumon is built with strapping muscles and covered in black and red armors, covering his torso, shoulders, arms, legs, wrists, ankles, tail, and head. His leathery wings are large easily giving this red scaled dragon-like digimon. Wielding a massive two-handed sword, his unique attacks are as much as expected: claw, claw, rake, bite, fiery breath weapon, cleave, wing buffet, and Sucker Punch, an attack that can make an enemy fly backward faster than a speeding bullet.

        Catch Phrase: "Daddy is on to us again! Fuck him!"


          Name: Zane Isara

          Gender: Male

          Background Info: Short red hair, green eyes. Zane spent most of his life living in Japan, and grew up following many of the teachings and expectations of Japanese males. He's quite the technical wizard though, and actually started college more than five years early, reaching his degree in Game Design at a very quick pace.

          Digimon Partner: Wylderamon, Heated Spirit of Flying Fire

          Partner Description: Wylderamon stands about six feet tall. He looks like a hummingbird, covered head to toe in crimson red feathers. Although appearing soft and kind hearted, Wylderamon does have a bit of a temper when it comes to enemies being around. His Pyro Pummel Peck and Heated Hellfire will leave you wishing you'd stayed out of the heat.

          Catch Phrase: "The flames of rage are strong here."


            Name: Skye Akido

            Gender: Male

            Background Info: Brown hair, brown eyes, moderately heavyset. Skye has never really known his real family. He knows he has a living birth sister, but has never met her because he got separated from her when he was a baby, though he often has odd 'feelings' whenever someone mentions their families. Since then, Skye developed a habit of snacking almost all the time.

            Digimon Partner: Shardemon, Frozen Wizard of Subzero Energy

            Partner Description: It's hard to tell what Shardemon really looks like because he's covered head to toe in a bluish-white armor that's almost ice-like in appearance. He doesn't mind the heat, though, and in fact, strangely, finds more comfort being out on a warm day as opposed to a cold one. Best not to get on his bad side or his Icy Spiral and Shard Spray will freeze you in your tracks.

            Catch Phrase: "Wow, that was cold..."


              Name: Raven Akido

              Gender: Female

              Background Info: Long brown hair, hazel eyes, and quite tall for a female. Raven is the long lost sister of Skye. Seperated from her brother against her will, she grew distant from people and never really made an attempt to make friends with anyone in the human world. When she discovered a mysterious device among her belongings one day, though, she used it and was transported into the Digital World, where she was convinced by darker Digimon that the world was out to get her, and the best thing for her to do was stay with the Digimon there and get her revenge on those who stood in her way. This though has poisoned her thoughts, and she has all but forgotten about Skye, and she has not been to Earth in years.

              Digimon Partner: Lunarramon, Black Beast of the Wandering Moon

              Partner Description: Lunarramon is responsible for giving Raven the device that sent her to the Digital World, as well as playing a major role in the attitude Raven now has against the people of Earth. She swears her loyalty now to Raven, and vows to protect her from harm. Lunarramon has a tendency to pop in an out of sight at a moment's notice, and is an expert in stealth maneuvers, as a result, very few people or digimon see that he's actually quite short standing at only two thirds Raven's height. This doberman-like creature's bark, though is just as bad as her bite. Her Night Howl and Fang Force give new meaning to the words 'Mad Dog'.

              Catch Phrase: "Hope you're not afraid of the dark."


                Name: Janos Kenley

                Gender: Male

                Background Info: Dark Brown Hair, green eyes, and tanned skin. When his family was driving through a wild animal park in North America, a strange looking kangaroo shaped creature knocked him down on the ground and stuffed his Halo Digivice into his pants pocket before getting off of him and rapidly darting off of the trail toward a nearby ravine, supposedly never to be seen again. When the family got him back home, he was behind his house within his backyard clubhouse where he examined the device that he had been given by the strange creature.

                Digimon Partner: Arashukimon, Hopping Storm Dragon King (Courage & Lightning) | Leorudramon (Stage 1 Courage)

                Partner Description: This semi-morphic refuge of Digital Venus escaped from Shadow Cloak after stealing a special Halo Digivice that she was keeping locked up since it had the power to defeat her. Arashukimon appears to be a lion-maned kangaroo-dragon digimon whom is twice as big as his partner. As a digital being, he has an enormous pouch of holding which he often uses like a backpack except it is located about mid-chest on his body. He has a powerful tail slap, wing buffet as well as dragon like clawed attack. He can duplicate a multitude of different breath weapons. He is tawny-red in coloration with shiny green intelligent eyes.

                Catch Phrase: "Hop to it, partner!"