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[Digitime-GH] JK-01 The King of Storms

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    [Digitime-GH] JK-01 The King of Storms

    [Digitime] Golden Halo

    Back during the 5th Imperium, a mighty war between Digi-Grace and Digi-Inferno rocked the boundaries between that which was right and that which was wrong. 95 Imperiums later, the boundaries are once again about to be rocked. And it will fall to the DigiDestined to recover the Golden Halo and restore the balance for the Digital Multiverse.
    Lord Pouchlaw gave me permission to write up a spin-off story to the failed "Digimon: Golden Halo RPG".
    [Digitime-GH] JK-01 The King of Storms
    By Vance Stalker (Digitime)
    July 28th, 2020

    Chapter 01

    Janos Kenley, a male human youngster with dark brown hair, green eyes and tanned skin often wore a white tee shirt, blue jeans and sneakers. Recently his family had been driving through a wild animal park in North America, and they had stopped to take pictures of some local safe wildlife in the area. Signs at the entrance of the park had warned visitors to stay in their vehicle regardless of the desire to get a closer look at any animals. While the parents were focusing on a herd of giraffes near the tree-line, a strange looking kangaroo shaped creature knocked Janos to the ground and stuffed some sort of device into the boy's pants pocket as he licked the boy on his lips before getting off of him and rapidly darting off of the trail toward the nearby ravine, supposedly never to be seen again. Janos had kangaroo scent all over himself as he got up and said, "I just got pounced by what looked like a kangaroo, dad! It fled toward that ravine after it licked me on the mouth."

    His father asked, "Aside from smelling like a kangaroo, did he hurt you son?"

    Janos replied, "Beside my feeling his arousal against the crack of my pants, no, he didn't hurt me. But I smell like a kangaroo in rut now. I was trying to stay clean on this trip. Now I will need another bath when we get back to the motel room. I told you that the signs mentioned our staying in the car. What's worse is that the smell is giving me a hard on. I'm not like that. I swear it."

    His mother said, "I know you aren't dear, but perhaps the kangaroo boomer wanted to be friends with you. We will make sure you get cleaned up tonight before the dinner outing."

    Later back at the motel, as Janos was trying to clean himself in he bathtub, his mother was trying hard to get the kangaroo scent out of her son's favorite clothes. "Why isn't anything I've tried working? The only thing I haven't tried is spraying my son's clothes with Glade carpet and room deodorizer. Well, it's worth a try. Maybe it will lessen the smell enough so we can go have dinner at the restaurant." And she proceeded to try that.

    In the bathroom, Janos' father came in and put the lid down on the toilet as he sat down and asked, "Son? Your mother and I found this handheld game in your pants pocket. Have you ever seen this before? I don't recognize the brand symbol on the case. It looks like a Golden Halo like an angel would have over their heads."

    Janos glanced over at his father and said, "Let me see it?" And when his father held it up for him to look at, he said, "I think that kangaroo stuck it into my pants pocket after he pounced me, Dad. Since mom thinks he wanted to be my friend, I shouldn't turn down his gift. Um... I'm having a problem, dad... How do you make an erection go away? Ever since the kangaroo pounced me, I've had this hard on and nothing I do makes it go soft. I've tried cold water, ice cubes and even peeing out of it. And no matter what, it stays erect."

    His father said, "What always worked for me in the old days was to think of the oogliest skankiest girl you have knowledge of and imagine that she wants to kiss you and show you her goodies." He made a nasty face as he suggested this.

    Janos said, "That would have to be Stacy Peterson from back home. But her mom was even worse with all that nasty loud ass perfume." And as he imagined the two females, his hard on softened thankfully. But for how long?

    His father then opened the handheld and the image on the screen almost made him drop the handheld. "What the HELL is that?!" On the mini-screen was the image of the Shadow Cloak villainess from the Digital World. But just as quick as she was seen, her image faded to the standard gray screen.

    Janos said, "Are you okay, dad? You didn't accidentally turn on the game when you opened the handheld, did you? You know how gruesome some of those handheld game images are programmed to look. Therefore, it was probably one of the game's monsters that the hero has to fight. Now if I could only get the Kangaroo's scent off of my skin and out of my hair. He must have been in rut or something, since his scent is proving nearly impossible to get off of me. I am surprised he didn't make my mouth stink from where he licked me."

    His father closed the handheld and said, "My grandmother once told me that stubborn odors were no match for pumice soap. I could go get you some but it hurts to rub it over your skin. Do you want to try it?"

    Janos shook his head. "I am in no hurry to be in agony, dad."

    His father then said, "The only other thing I can think of, son, is to spray you head to foot with Dr. Shoals Foot Fungus Deodorizer."

    Janos said, "Let me get out of the tub and dried off first. Then I will take a deep breath and hold my nose closed while you do that for me, dad. I can only hope it works."

    Ten minutes later, father and son came out of the bathroom where they found Janos' mother shop-vacuuming Janos' favorite clothes. "You aren't going to believe what all I had to do to get the smell out of your clothes, Janos. I've never known an animal, not even a skunk, to leave this kind of a scent on someone's body or clothes. I sprayed your clothes with glade and when that didn't work, the assistant motel manager suggested that I dunk the clothes in gasoline and then rinse them out with cold water before shop-vacuuming the clothes dry. And it finally worked. I never thought I would get that scent out of your clothes, Janos. I hope you aren't too disappointed in all of this happening on your birthday weekend."

    Janos said, "We can look at it like this, mom... No one else can say that they ever had an adventure like mine during their birthday. I love you both for taking me to the wildlife reserve and taking me to Chuck E. Cheese's for my birthday meal tonight. I know we have to get home tomorrow since you and dad have work to go to on Monday."

    His father then said, "Don't forget that I gave you permission to sleep in your clubhouse tomorrow night as a reward for getting those good grades in school before Summer starts. And you scored passing grades. Now let's go get that pizza and your cake at Chuck E. Cheese's party zone. We have to be up early in the morning for the drive home."

    And the family went to the pizza party zone for dinner and birthday cake and ice cream, where Janos had a great time.

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Early the next morning before his parents were out of bed, Janos used the motel room phone to call the main offices of the Wildlife Park. "We were near the ravine where you can see the giraffe's feeding in the distance and there was this super large kangaroo that came out of the ravine, sir. He had an odor that we could smell inside the car. I managed to get a good look at the beast, as my parents got our car away from that spot. It was a large kangaroo boomer with moppy looking hair on his head, sir. I will never forget that scent, sir. What's that?" He paused as he listed to the wildlife manager's response to his report. "But sir... I know a kangaroo when I see one and that was a kangaroo. What is your assistant saying about the ravine?" Then he was quiet for nearly the remainder of the phone call before he said, "I understand, sir. No, we only got out of the car once at the visitation center where the restrooms were, sir. After smelling that scent, we had to use the bathroom. Very well, sir. But I still think it should be checked out. Maybe a kangaroo escaped from the circus or a zoo and is hiding in the ravine of the park. All right, I'll let it go, sir. Have a good day." He hung up the phone a little upset that the park manager didn't believe him.

    Then he went into the bedroom where his parents were laying in bed. "Are you guys awake yet?"

    His mother opened her eyes and said, "We were laying here but we heard you talking on the phone in the other room. You look upset. What happened?"

    Janos said, "I called the wildlife park to report the rogue kangaroo and they adamantly said that they do not own one. They also said that several people went missing in that ravine three years ago and if we saw anything come out of that ravine, then we were lucky to have stayed in the car. The guy even implied that I was making up the story about the smell."

    His father then sat up and started getting his clothes on. "You know what you saw and we all smelled it, Janos. The man can just go fuck himself; unless he is covering something up. My company does government investigations. I can ask my boss about the park's ravine and see what he says."

    The family packed up and soon, they were in the fumigated family car and they drove back to the home neighborhood. The parents went into the house and Janos headed out to his clubhouse in the backyard to get his Sunday night sleepover prepared. While he was straightening up the sleeping bag and getting his flashlight set up in case he needed to find his way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, something made a beeping sound from his pants pocket. Reaching into his pants pocket, he pulled out the strange held held and he flipped it open the way a Star Trek communicator would be opened. When he looked at the screen, he saw the kangaroo creature from the previous day.

    The kangaroo creature appeared to be a semi-morphic lion-maned kangaroo-dragon Digimon whom was twice as big as the boy himself. As a digital being, he had an enormous pouch of holding which he often used like a backpack except it was located about mid-chest on his body. He had a powerful tail slap, a wing buffet attack, as well as a dragon like clawed attack. He could duplicate a multitude of different breath weapons. He was tawny-red in coloration with shiny green intelligent eyes. "Hello Digi-Destined. I am sorry about the smell I left all over you yesterday. Apparently crossing from Digital Venus to Earth drapes a moist layer of Digital World scent all over my fur. Thus when I pounced you to give you the digivice, I got the stuff all over you. That was not my intention. My name is Arashukimon, the Hopping Storm Dragon King whom represents the Courage virtue and the Lightning element. I need your help, partner. The Golden Halo has been stolen and if we don't get it back, the war will spill over into your world. Will you agree to be my partner and help me retrieve this artifact?"

    Janos arched an eye as he looked at the kangaroo dragon in the viewing window. "How would I be able to help you? I have a Summer free to do as I like."

    Arashukimon replied, "I gave you a special Lightning Halo Digivice. In order to partner up with me, you should be out in the open of your backyard. I would only barely fit inside your clubhouse if you partnered with me in there. Go outside the fist time and say the words, Hop to it, partner, as you press the start button on your Digivice. The start button is the round circle on the left. When the Digi-Portal opens, I will hop through and then I will hand you the Courage virtue plug-in. Stick this USB like device into the slot at the bottom of the Digivice and then push both buttons on the right side of the Digivice and say the words, Halo of Lightning: Full Power! Digital Matrix Engage! When you do this, the Digi-Destined powers will link the two of us together and then you will be able to open a Digi-Portal directly between my location on Digital Venus and your home on Earth at will. This mission could take all Summer. Even when we complete the mission, you and I will still be partnered together. I can even help you with your school homework when you have to resume school in the Fall. So will you help me?"

    Janos said, "I'll do it. I cannot believe that I get to be a Digi-Destined." And he headed out of his clubhouse into his backyard which had a high privacy fence around the property. "Okay, he said to be in the backyard and point the Digivice toward a solid part of the yard and then say the words as I push the button on the left. Here goes..."

    "Hop to it, Partner!" he called out as he pushed the button on the left side of the Digivice. A crisp green vibrant Digiportal with crimson edges appeared directly in front of himself where he had pointed. "It worked!" And then the large semi-morphic Digimon Kangaroo-Dragon creature bound through the Digi-Portal. "Hello Partner, here is your Courage virtue crest." And the creature handed over the virtue crest to the boy whom in turn plugged it into the slot on the bottom of the Digivice and then he pushed both buttons on the right as he shouted, "Halo of Lightning: Full Power! Digital Matrix Engage!" The Digivice then transformed into a flat green and red hoop bracelet that was around his left wrist like a Power Rangers morpher, with the Digivice affixed to the top of the flat green hoop. He then raised his fist above his head pointing to the sky. His Digivice glowed green and crimson and sent out a green-colored halo shaped digital beam into the air, which then expanded and came down over himself and Arashukimon. Seconds later, the two of them began glowing green. The light surrounding the two of them pulling them together until they touched and combined into one, and the green halo over them lowered to the ground and faded. Now, standing in the middle of where the two had been standing before, was a large, tawny red kangaroo-like Digimon in emerald green colored armor. There were also a set of crimson dragon wings on his back. The crimson creature made a downward slashing motion, which set off a lightning bolt aimed at the ground that circled him then vanished. "Leorudramon, Courageous Storm Dragon!"

    Feeling a rush of power and near exhilaration, Leorudramon leaped through the Digi-Portal and took flight on the other side taking a fast whirlwind tour of Digital Venus. As the effect began to wear off, the combined Digimon returned to the Digital Portal and jumped through it to land in the backyard on Earth once again. The combined Leorudramon then pressed the start button on the left side of the Digivice and said, "Digital Matrix Disengage!" And the human boy and the Digimon partner were once again standing separately.

    Arashukimon said, "For now, I should return to Digital Venus. Call me when you are ready to start the adventure. On the bright side, I didn't make you stink this time."

    Janos said, "I may contact you on Monday morning after my parents head off for their day jobs. They both work for the government and are often gone from Monday until Friday."

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      Sunday night came and went without incident. After breakfast had been enjoyed with his parents on Monday morning, the two adults headed off to their government jobs while Janos went to his backyard where he pulled his backpack out of this clubhouse and put it on, before he struck a pose in the backyard. "Okay Arashukimon. Let's get this started."

      "Hop to it, Partner!" he called out as he held his left fist over his chest. A crisp green vibrant Digital Portal with crimson edges appeared directly in front of himself in the side of the yard. And then Arashukimon, a large semi-morphic tawny red Kangaroo-Dragon Digimon, bound through the Digital Portal where as he opened his pouch and he picked up Janos and placed him within the pouch before turning and hopping back through the Digital Portal which then winked out of existence as they went through it.

      Digital Venus (Element: Air): The cloud paradise of air and wind, the aerial Digimon who dwell here make their home within the floating city of Gravitos. Their main commodities include airships and flying carpets. Several Digimon Wizards also live within this world in aerial towers.

      Arashukimon said, "Sorry about the pouch ride, but the Coronamon were seen patrolling in droves this morning. While they cannot hear their opponents, they have excellent eyesight and can shoot lasers out of their huge eyes. The Coronamon look like giant flying evil eyeballs whose overall hides protect it from attacks except from the front. They are the spies of the villainous Shadow Cloak. They only speak mentally to their boss at where ever the boss calls home. The eyes only travel during the day time hours. If they see a human then we would be getting attacked like you wouldn't believe." His partner then said, "If you carefully peak out of the pouch, you will see the City of Gravitos, the capital of Digital Venus. I am taking us to the Halo Transporter Station so you can register an arrival zone here in the city. Our best commodities are flying carpets and airships, although there are a lot of magic users in our collection of Digital Worlds."

      Janos carefully peaked out of the pouch as instructed and saw how beautiful it was. But as they were flying past an alleyway, He quickly pulled his head back down inside the pouch. "I saw one of those eyeballs in the alleyway back there, partner."

      Arashukimon replied, "As long as it didn't see you, then we won't be in the middle of an attack."

      When they arrived at the Halo Transporter Station, Arashukimon said, "I am going to do something a little sneaky for you, partner. Right after you learn a Digital World, we will jump through the portal to the next world where I will have you learn the arrival zone there and we will continue to do this until we have learned all six Digital Worlds. You stay in the pouch and reach out with your left hand and I will guide your hand to the memory crystal so you can learn an arrival zone. That way if we get separated, you can travel without me."

      Janos replied, "Sounds like a plan, partner. Let's do it."

      As they arrived in each world, Arashukimon permitted Janos to see what each arrival zone looked liked. He wasn't too fond of Digital Inferno nor Digital Grace, but the others were rather decent, except for the fiery Digital Mars which felt hot and sweaty.

      Digital Earth (Element: Earth): Despite how Earth-like it may appear to the real Earth, no humans live here at all. Only modernized Digimon. Their main city, Digitopia, are where the White Cloaks have their main headquarters. The White Cloaks are canine digimon who wear colored hooded cloaks with white borders and they are the ones who have contacted the humans for help when the wars threaten the multiverse.

      Arashukimon said, "And this is Digital Earth, the final stop on the memory crystal learning trip. The other Digi-Destined heroes and their partners are somewhere on this world. I need to take you to White Cloak headquarters and show the three in charge that I have a Digi-Destined partner and then we can ask where the others are."

      Janos said, "Do I have to stay in the pouch while we are here? Your pouch is starting to feel wet and sticky and I have been sweating a bit. Digital Mars and Digital Inferno didn't help a bit. I know you lined your pouch with something to keep me from getting your scent all over me, but I still got hot in here."

      Arashukimon reached in and he pulled Janos out of his pouch and set him on his feet. "Sorry about that, Partner. I just didn't want those evil eyeballs to see you. Those damned things are in every Digital World. Now touch the memory crystal and we can go report in to the White Cloaks. They are pretty good looking Houndimon doggies."

      As Janos touched the memory crystal, his kangaroo partner was checking out the boy's sweat marks and sniffing him. "All done, partner. Um... what are you doing now?"

      Arashukimon replied, "I was making sure I didn't scent mark you again. It is not my intention, as I told you. Boy, you really sweated while in my pouch. And you are dressed lightly in summer wear. Anyway, let's go find the White Cloaks. I am sure they will be pleased to see the seventh Digi-Destined."

      Janos said, "You mean I am the special one that the others cannot win without?"

      Arashukimon grinned. "Yes, you are my special one. Special to me and thus special to the White Cloaks. The rest of the Digi-Destined have been active for the last few weeks since Summer started. They have had a ton of battles against the Coronamon as well as other evil Digimon that Shadow Cloak sent to interfere with the other heroes. Two boys from each region and two girls whom got in through their own means. The girls were serving the wrong side at first, but after their rescue, they sided with the boys and their partners."

      Janos smiled as he noted that a lot of Digimon in the city of Digitopia where they were were paying no heed to them at all. "Nice to be able to walk around in the open like this."

      Arashukimon said, "Most Digimon here in the capital tend to do their own thing. Nearly everyone obeys the White Cloaks."

      Janos hugged the kangaroo-dragon Digimon. "Lets go find some doggies."

      End of Chapter 03