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    EPISODE 00: Scene/Chapter 01 : a new DICE team for Fortress F99
    Written by Richard "Shado" Nicholai jr

    [ 14 years after the events of the cartoon DICE]

    A man in his early thirties sat on the edge of the bed looking at the clock , the room was a chilli fifty-eight degrees, He clicked on the light to look himself in the mirror "damn how time flies by" he said to himself, only to be interupted by a knock at the door, the man looked at the door for a minute before opening it, at the door was a young lady dressed in black jeans with a dark green tanktop and black leather boots, she smiled at the man standing there " Chance "Shado" Cross, my name is Eurayle I'm with DICE" she said with a smile, the man looked at her sternly " and?" he replied, her attitude very quickly changed as she looked at the american man with blue eyes hidden behind glasses, " judging from your t shirt and jeans that you weren't expecting me, Captain" she said and quickly got his attention " no one has called me that since the wars" he snapped, " it seems The Board is very interested in you, geez you were one of the first special forces of DICE, anywho they want you to take command of Fortress F Nine Nine and assemble a crew of Dice personelle for your first mission," she said without interuption, Chance smiled feeling his messed up teeth with his tongue behind his closed mouth debating on how to reply to her.

    The wind was cold and the winter was just getting ready to set in, it was a now or never kind of opertunity after all the last captain of Fortress F 99 was a kid and this was a special operations Fortress that was being debated on. "to sweeten the deal I managed to dig this up " Eurayle said as she held up a Radoc the emblem on it looked almost brand new, the Radoc it's self was black with red indicating his position as special operative, Chance looked at it for a moment , "It's still programmed to your dna, it was found at the site of Fortress Z oh one (Fortress Z01)" she said.

    Chance quickly grabbed the Radoc the emblem glowed with a silver and red haze indicating it recognized his dna and hand print , "GTR" Chance said smiling then went inside and shut the door, he was excited to be going back to work for DICE, "if this is the way things are going to be then the Sarbylion galaxy has got to be bad off, we were known as the dinobreakers back then, a special ops team dedicated to accomplishing the mission at any cost, perhaps it is irony or luck that I am back in action" Chance said and sat his Radoc down on the nightstand.
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