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    [Rated: R [ This Story contains references to Marijuana, sexual situations, and crude humor, if any of this offends you, do not read this story]

    (please see Special notes down at the bottom of the page to view the different wiki articles of the various different inspirations for this story)
    Power Unseen
    Written by Richard B Nicholai Jr (started 9/19/2020)

    Not your Average PowerRangers/SuperHero Story!

    (think AkibaRanger mashed up with the view askiewniverse (<---link to the view askewniverse wiki article is the words 'view askewniverse) with Rick and Morty)

    Time Frame: Modern day, (city: TBA)

    Place: GreenHouse Dispensary (this name is subject to change)

    (season1)A powerful (only referred to as The Corporate Office) unknown villain shows up causing trouble for everyone, especially the owner and operators of The Dispensary, however, the Owner of the dispensary is ready and gives access to a special device to one of the employees who proves beyond anything his heart is set on helping people.
    This individual becomes known as Chronomium, a Kamen rider/ power ranger like superhero who uses his knowledge of the newly legalized plant and combat to fight against this unknown enemy as well as helps his friends in their everyday operation of the Dispensary.

    Ranger Designations:
    Rick: Chronomium
    (more heroes to come)

    Ranger Costume:

    Ranger Weapons:
    BongSaber: A lightSaber type sword used in combat, two variants shown are the single blade and double blade sabers.

    Special Attack/Powers:
    Chronomium: Smoke Screen, Smoke Teleport, normal teleportation, morphing without the need of a morpher, Hand energy blast (more to come)

    N/A ( Not planned for at this time)

    The Owner: Ryan Cross (6'0", American, dark brown hair, blue eyes, glasses) (usually wears a red hoodie and t-shirt, black jeans and black shoes)
    A former Ranger and activist who has put his fighting days behind him to start fresh and try to forget about the nightmares and PTSD that has accumulated from his days as a ranger, however, his knowledge of the enemy proves invaluable as the battles progress.

    Morphing Sequence:
    Ritchie/Chronomium: standing tall looking up calls out "It's Morphin Time!" a green smoke-like fog rises up covering him as he breathes in deeply and slowly exhales he calls out "Chronomium power!" striking a fighting pose, the fog rises up splashing against him forming his armor and belt with a symbol he then appears to inhale all of the smoke finalizing the morph and returning him to the battle.

    Zords: N/A (Not planned for at this time)

    The Corporate Office:
    The Boss:

    The Boss is a mysterious man with unknown power, what is known is he had gained his power sometime around the same time that the owner of the dispensary opened shop.

    The Manager In Charge: (this role will possibly change hands several times)
    Sarah Sharpe:

    A well-trained warrior and friend of Ritchie's Sarah had taken a job with a very prestigious company only to find out that the company was a front for The Corporate Office, where she worked hard to rise up through the ranks to become the one that The Boss trusts with any mission.

    Corporate types:
    the putty-like grunts of The Corporate Office it is unknown how they came into being only knowing that they possess very similar combat skills and powers as the putties do.

    Special Notes:, , ,
    DC Universe online : RyanFrostwell (a green lantern) look me up and friend me