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Predator: Hunting Grounds

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    Predator: Hunting Grounds

    ~ space near earth~ a wormhole opens up and a ship passes through it disappearing as a cloaking field engages as the ship heads into detectable range of Earth aboard the very sparse ship was a group of hunters from a world known as Yautja Prime, these hunters were known as Predator by the humans, however it had been some time since they were on earth, this specific group of Hunters however were not all natives of Yautja Prime, some of them were humans who had become respected in their culture.

    The Predators were gathering gear and arming themselves however no one had been told of what the target they came to Earth for was, alot of them assumed it was a ritual hunt, "I will understand if you choose not to hunt with us humans , there is no shame and no honor among yautja will be lost today" the largest of them said he was the clan leader his armor decorated with 'skulls' from a previous hunt, his armored differed in shades of bronze while most standard armor was purely black. " No Hunt Captain I will not backdown, those are not my people, not my clan they threw me away once i completed my mission and protected them, I am Yautja! I am a Hunter! blooded for almost two years, I have hunted with this party and gained respect from you, I would see no reason to run away from this Hunt!" The Human male with brown eyes and jet black hair which was beaded to resemble that of the others in the party, he certainly was not the strongest or most phsyically fit human, infact until two years ago he was a fastfood worker.

    The armor he wore was black , his armament was fairly lighter in comparison to other Hunters he utilized alot of the standard technology, The human Predators were resourceful people who donned Yautja armor and weapons. Some of them even received great respect from the Predators and become blooded. There are a few instances of humans fighting alongside Yautja and even hunting together. The other Yautja called him Guanbhu'ja litteral translation was NightGhost since he refused to use his human name around them " Very well NightGhost i will accept your words and accept you as a hunter on this hunt, we have a bounty to collect" The Hunt Captain told him but said nothing further NightGhost donned his bio mask which had been made specifically for him the mask it's self bore the Yautja marking for human indicating this was the kill of choice when he became blooded by the clan, however there were some that still would not see him as true yautja because of his humanity, however he did the best he could to hide this.

    NightGhost was one of the most well respected Human Predators and even contributed to the trophy room on board this very ship that they were on, The trophy room is the pride of the Predators. There they display the trophies from their most powerful enemies as reminders of successful hunts, NightGhost's own trophies included several human-esque devices including powered down mobile phones, various small things that wouldn't be noticed missing, even a coffee maker which had been modified to operate on the ship's power grid.

    He eained unsettled though as they came closer to Earth whatever it was that they were after the Hunt Captain wanted to make sure it remained secret, in his mind this raised so many questions as to weither or not if the code of honor was being followed however he would wait to see that this prey they were after was this time, he was sort of hoping it to be a bad blood a yautja who failed to follow one or more of the rues of their code of honor, he was in need of a new predator spear since his was destroyed on a previous hunt near Earth. He'd reached up and felt the slanted lightning bolt with small triangle marking on his bio-helmet and then turned to the other hunters gathered "Any Yautja who does not uphold our codes of honor and becomes bad blood will be hunted by me!" he says very clearly and straight to the point.

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    The closer they got to Earth the more excitable everyone was except for NightGhost who managed to keep his cool, this was many of the reasons he had become a member of their clan, not to mention his quick ability to understand their computers and systems and repair them, He'd been walking through the trophy room waiting on signal from the Hunting Captain to start the hunt, he'd been looking over his trophies that he had entered into this room, a female slender build but very muscular with a light green complexion to her skin walked into the trophy room dressed for the hunt, this would be her first hunt away from home, "tell me NightGhost about Earth, the hunting there " she says in a almost pleading tone, NightGhost looked toward her " we may or may not see a good hunt, it depends on where the Hunting Captain decides to hunt at, humans disgust me with their greed" He says setting down a coin that he'd taken as trophy on a prior hunt.

    The woman walked closer " but you? are different from them ?" she asks suggesting that all humans were just as bad his hand instinctively came around her neck and pushed her into a wall " I am not human! i will never act like them, i have been shown a better way!" he says as the yautja female let out a subtle seductive growl as if trying to initiate some sort of mating ritual, being in no mood for foolishness at the time NightGhost grabbed a whip that had been taken as a trophy from a hunt once before, he still wasn't sure what had been attempted to be accomplished by Divatox and her goons by appearing on a yautja hunting planet, but none the less it was accepted as a trophy as well as the phirnatron helmet that was next to it.

    NightGhost had walked out of the room to leave the young yautja female to think and reflect on her own actions as he returned to the command deck of the ship the Hunting Captain looks over at him seeing that his body language now indicated that he was pissed off " you alright?, are you still able to hunt or has anger clouded your mind?" The Hunting Captain asks NightGhost " i'm fine, i will hunt as promised, i was just thinking about previous sucessful hunts" he says not informing anyone of what just happened, the yautja female soon returned to the command deck as NightGhost finished arming himself, the Hunting Captain laughed to himself.

    He stood "The hunt begins" he says as the hunters made their way off the ship landing on solid ground and almost instantly activating their chameleon fields this rendered them invisable and very difficult to detect as they could now safely move through out the complex they had landed in " NightGhost you and the girl will take the weapons storage facility, kill any who shoot, leave those who do not show hostility" the Hunting Captain says then gives directions to the rest of the hunting party.

    NightGhost was not happy about the commands given however he was in no position to challenge the HuntingCaptain without ruining the hunt by causing chaos, right now it was more important that the hunt was sucessfull then to risk becoming bad blood, his whip tight in hand the slight chill of the wind could be felt across his skin as his armor was significantly more advanced then anything on Earth, looking around to get a sense of direction and map out the place a bit as the other Yautja spread through the complex a sort of minimap appeared showing more of the area and their locations.

    NightGhost and the girl headed toward the weapons facility as commanded the area was suprisingly quiet "stay on alert this can't be good" NightGhost says as he holsters his whip and draws out a sort of energy pistol his bio helmet would automatically light up the room as if it were daytime, allowing him to see as normal, this was done with activating controls on his bracer while most other Yuatja used shoulder mounted plasma casters, he prefered to use a hand held version that he'd built, only himself and other yautja would be able to see through the cloaking fields being used by the party, which is what made this hunt that more dangerous as Humans were known to be in posession of some Yautja technology including Bio masks and Bio Helmets, weapons and even the much loved by NightGhost semi sentient shuriken, once programed with the blood of a target the shuriken would circle the room or area seeking out and killing all targets with that blood, however NightGhost's armor was designed with a false indicator showing him as Yautja instead of human, this was mostly done to prevent the accidental kill of him by Yautja weapons or even by other hunters.

    However what made this hunt much different then most is they did not know their target the base they had landed inside of was designated as Test-1 however there was no information as to it's purpose that any of the yautja could find, even NightGhost as he slowly tread through the weapon storage facility with the girl could not figure out what this place was designed for , not that he really cared or anything. "hold your position Girl" NightGhost said as he spotted a guard who was carefully approaching them holding an m-16 assualt rifle NightGhost smirks as he creeps up into the middle of the hallway and programs a 'shimmer' into his chameleon field this would show his outline and the eyes of his bio helmet as he took in a deep breathe he let out growl the helmet automatically translated it into Yautja growls as to avoid him being identified as anything else.

    The guard looked scared and ghost white as he saw the shimmer occur, and took a big gulp trying to steady his nerves, NightGhost could tell this youngman was fresh out of bootcamp as he was hesitating to fire on him "Run!" NightGhost said as the young soldier ran from the direction he'd come NightGhost chuckled to himself "we're here hunting, not playing" The girl reminded him " yeah i know, but i couldn't help myself that guy was a dick in school" He says and refocuses himself on tracking the predesignated target, it wasn't moving which made NightGhost think they were here on a recovery hunt trying to keep Yautja technology out of Human hands.

    The only reason NightGhost could understand the Yautja was because a universal translater had been implanted behind his right ear this would link to the bio masks and translators located on all Yautja and allow them to converse while not putting strain on either to try to properly speak eachother's language. NightGhost kept moving forward signaling the girl to follow, knowing full well that the universal translator had kept translating her name , NightGhost couldn't help himself but find it a bit awkward that her name translated to girl but by this point he'd gotten used to how things worked in Yautja culture so much so that he didn't know if it would be possible to even adapt to normal human life if forced to.

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