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Rick and Morty: Rick Adventures

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    Rick and Morty: Rick Adventures

    Rick Adventures Written by Rick B Nicholai jr (2020)

    Information source:
    Watch it if you need visual:

    The Rick that this story focuses on is not Rick C-137 but is Rick C-986 a different sort of Rick, his back story will be covered in the Arrow Rick down story and in the first ten episodes.
    Arrow Rick down

    The classic green portal from Rick's portal gun opened at the top of a flight of wide, stone stairs in the center of the town of Arrowdown.
    Behind it is a large field, currently occupied by a funfair and an old ruined abbey. In front of it is Arrowdown, a small fishing town. It’s wrapped around both sides of a harbor and has the sort of uniquely busy, cramped feel that seaside towns tend to have. Stepping out from the portal Rick slicks his hair back looking around and takes in a deep breath and slowly exhales "fuck this is ..this is great." he says with a smile. The beach wraps around Arrowdown’s eastern half and is pretty impressive. A good two miles of white sand and rocks, it’s empty but beautiful. Rick noticed as he walked down from the steps heading towards the beach, this was certainly one of the more quiet adventures he'd ever been on "where is everyone? why aren't they out on the beach with such a nice day!" for a moment Rick thought about just portaling out of here but something caught his eye as he got closer to the beach, it didn't seem right at first but for all he knew he was on a version of Earth where this was normal.

    He kept looking around very closely "huh the tide isn't move..moving one bit. not sure if it's any of my business." he looked around himself then casually pulled a flask out of his pocket and took a drink from it, he then returned it and kept walking around this certainly was not helping his paranoia nor his anxiety but it was keeping him slightly distracted enough to not think about things he certainly wasn't trying to think about things on the citadel, certainly keeping his mind off alot of other things too. instead of a traditional white labcoat this Rick currently was wearing a light brown overcoat with the signature blue shirt and black pants and shoes.
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