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Overdue Board Visits

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    Overdue Board Visits

    I will be sending out overdue board visit notices in July. If you have died, condolences to your families.

    I know this board has been slowly dying for the past few years; but with the way other story posting sites have unfairly updated their AUP policies to restrict human stories to characters of 18 and above, The Legacy @ Fanfichero is the only place where i can still post my teenage human stories. Humans over the age of 18 are boring to write about.

    The ideal range is 12 through 18.

    This is what you are missing, folks!

    [08:37:29 AM] Lord Pouchlaw : Behave you rogues.

    [08:35:52 AM] Digitime : Devina Daemon has plans but no one wants to brave her whip to get them.

    [08:34:01 AM] Artemis Archer : Aragh and I are watching so behave.

    [08:33:04 AM] Aragh Darktalon : *wolf-laughs* Veronica is following me. only warning.

    [08:31:30 AM] Falconsong : Not even Strauss Capital would want my plans.

    [06:18:35 AM] Super Sonja : I have the plans!