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[SA-01] JW-03 Learning The Team Spirit

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    [SA-01] JW-03 Learning The Team Spirit

    Country City - Camp World

    [SA-01] JW-03 Learning The Team Spirit.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One

    Supermouse now spoke to Mayor Prince and Lord Pardusius about claiming the Champions team name. "My idea was to claim the Champions name which for some reason on Q.C. Planet was irrevocably banned from being used and had long since expired after the Toonime Island days. The official title would be the Camp World Champions, but among ourselves we would shorten that to simply, The Champions. I know there used to be another team with that name; if they were to return, we could permit them access into the new version of the team as long as they understood that I would be overseeing the renewal for the team name. Would this be possible? And now you know why I put off naming our team during registration. I also know that Marvel Comics had a version of the team themselves on multiple separate occasions but the fan coverage was never that kind for those comics."

    Mayor Prince said, "For the Marvel angle, we would have to contact Stan Lee and get his permission to permit your team temporary usage of the name and if your team became popular, then he could grant you comic book access rights to a comic based off of your team's adventures. Let me give him a call and see what he says. Remember: the Stan Lee of Marvel City still exists while the real human Earth version has passed away."

    Soon, Stan Lee had joined them in their meeting via Video Conference call. "As you might be aware of, Supermouse, the Champions has been a Marvel Comics property since the late seventies. Back when MIT leased the usage of the name, they called it the MIT Champions in Training. That was the full title of their version of the team. When the training team parted company with MIT, they continued to use the name illegally by dropping the 'MIT' mention and also dropping the '-in Training' mention from their team name. Since they never acquired my permission to use the name, should they ever reappear, they will owe my company royalty fees for using my team name without my direct permission. You, on the other paw, were wise to have Wonder Woman contact me in regards toward using this name for your new team. I can permit you the use of the team name as long as you send me reports on what your team does during the course of your team's career. And you should also permit me to make the comic book version of your team's exploits. What do you say, Supermouse?"

    Supermouse grinned. "I would say that Overcat and the LOST are about to become Marvel properties. Overcat is part of my super-heroic origin story and he is my favorite cartoon feline superhero. Occasionally, Underdog makes return appearances in Overcat's cartoon show so that would be another property tie-in to consider. As long as you keep an open mind to this deal, sir. I would say that we have a deal. Are there any Marvel characters that I should be aware of whom might show up in Country City when they learn that we are the newest version of the Champions?"

    Stan then sat back in his chair. "The former Champions members from the Marvel Seventies coverage are as follows: Hercules, Black Widow, Angel, Ghost Rider, and Iceman. Spiderman and Darkstar were roving members of the team back then. In the Eighties, Heroic Publishing produced a role playing game featuring their own version of the Champions of Millennium City (Detroit) which included: Defender, Ironclad, Jaguar, Kinetik, Nighthawk, Sapphire, Obsidian, Quantum, Seeker, Solitaire, and Witchcraft. It saw some mild success, which I think prompted our fans to request that we at Marvel reinvent the Champions in later years for a new revival. However, we haven't started the revival as yet. Perhaps your team would be something the fans could fully get into as long as you permitted guest stars from the original series to team up with you." Supermouse replied, "Lend us Peter Parker as your official archivist for our team once in a while and we can go all the way with this idea. We can send reports through him to you when they are ready to be sent." Stan smiled. "I think he might enjoy the vacation out of New York once in a while. He, Robert Louis "Bobby" Drake, and Angelica "Angel" Jones all work together occasionally in the Amazing Friends as Spiderman, Iceman, and Fire-Star. Angelica wanted to call herself Starblaze but the production staff decided otherwise."

    Supermouse said, "Is there anything else you might want to tell me about Iceman? You said he was one of the original Champions."

    Stan replied, "I recently learned that he can transform himself into an ice-empowered Winter Wolf. If he chooses to share this knowledge with you, don't make a big deal out of it."

    The next day at the Champions Horse Ranch just outside of Country City, Joey was out taking care of his horse Thunderfire while Samuel and Lance admired the male ponies in the neighboring ranch property. Lance had his sketch book at the ready once again and several of the ponies were holding poses for the nice young man. Samuel was chatting with Oracle and Rodeo whom both owned the neighboring property (along with their working brother Champion Pony.) "I'm a big fan of your Boys Ranch series, guys. I love how your show teaches real world horsemanship skills. Um... are you coated in mud, Oracle, or is that something else covering all four of your legs. It is brown like mud."

    Oracle smiled. "It is dried chocolate. My boyfriend Kalador dunked me in his latest batch of milk chocolate this morning. I will probably need help getting this shit off of me. Now who do I know who would love to get up close and personal with a Boys Ranch Pony?"

    Samuel was already hopping over the fence as Oracle asked the question. "I'll be glad to help you get cleaned up. Anything for you guys." And he immediately got started.

    Lance giggled. "He could have fibbed, Samuel and then you would doing that old job you really hate doing."

    Rodeo arched an eye. "What old job is that?"

    Samuel blushed and chose to focus on cleaning Oracle's legs and hoofs. So, Lance chose to tell all. "Shoveling horse manure! He really hates that family chore!"

    Oracle smirked as he held still for Samuel. "We have an outhouse for that purpose."

    Rodeo grinned. "But this gives me a funny idea for a Western movie. Blazing Manure, the story of life in the old west with no toilets."

    Oracle laughed. "And the tag line is: Be careful where you step."

    Samuel laughed and lost his balance as his mouth collided with the chocolate on Oracle's legs and he got an additive taste of the delicious stuff in his mouth. He then developed an immediate and instant erection in his pants. "Uh oh... I accidentally got some of this chocolate in my mouth, guys... and I have a raging hard on now. Feels like it is trying to rip out of my pants. What do I do?"

    Lance then asked, "Wouldn't transformation trigger an emergency burn off of the effect, guys? I ask because Samuel has a Boy's ranch super pony form that he acquired from the Yuskay Groomers. Champion pony aroused him so much, that he wanted a pony form like you guys would have."

    Rodeo said, "If Samuel will change into this pony form, we can grade it to see how accurate it is. Not to mention, we can give Samuel a tour of the Boy's ranch while he is burning off the excess chocolate energy. In the meantime, you, Lance, can go see about getting autographs from your favorite cartoon stars." Lance smiled. "Sounds like a great idea. I hope Panthagoyle and Whitepaw won't mind my visiting with them. Although RoverKatTurtle and I probably have the most in common with each other. Go on ahead and show them your pony form, Samuel." Oracle said, "If he thought Champion was hot, wait until he meets Saint." Rodeo said, "Stop teasing the boy. Come on, Samuel. We want to see your pony form."

    Samuel struck his pose since he was on all fours anyway as he said, "Storm Herd! Let's Ride!" And Samuel's body glowed as he began to shift away from his human form to his Storm Hills Pony: Boys Ranch form which was dark blue in coloration while his pony booty mark looked like an eye over a storm cloud. "Psychic Pony!" He then posed for the other ponies and flagged his tail playfully. "So how do I look?" Lance quickly sketched Samuel in his pony form since today was his first time seeing it. Soon the three ponies headed off on their tour of the Boy's Ranch. Lance chose to go find the New World Mutants to get their autographs.

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Joey finished brushing Thunderfire and he had just put the horse brushes properly back into the tack room when he saw Captain Rabbit hovering just outside the entrance to the horse stables. "Hello Cap. Whom are you looking for?"

    Captain Rabbit replied, "I had to get away from my farm for a while and I thought that maybe good old Supermouse wouldn't mind teaming up with me on a patrol. Ace is stuck in MYTHS at the moment and I promised him I wouldn't do one of his patrols without a partner. So may I get Supermouse for a decent outing?"

    Joey smiled. "One Supermouse coming right up." Joey's eyes sparked as he focused on causing his metamorphosis. There came a flash of light that overtook his body causing the transformation. When the flash of light subsided, a muscular male humanoid mouse stood there, wearing a costume and armor in the fashion of the stars and bars of the American flag. Close ups of the costume and mouse parts then occurred in rapid succession, before Supermouse smiled and the frontal view swept back... showing him in his full glory. He then said, "I am Supermouse, champion of justice." He then posed and grinned, showing all of his sharp teeth.

    Captain Rabbit smiled and gave the mousy hero a kiss on the muzzle. "When you are suited up, you turn me on. Ready to go spook some baddies? Now remember, patrols are practice outings to get experience for later when you are pulling off a hero job for real. Certain members of the Justice League monitor me occasionally when I am doing a patrol."

    Later during a flight along the Gotham City dock district, Captain Rabbit asked Supermouse, "So what was your love life like back on Earth?"

    Joey in his mousy identity replied, "My real life girlfriend told me not to get into any gay stuff while in the animated world."

    Gerard in his rabbit form stated, "As my alien rabbit friends like to say, it's only gay if you do it in your human form. You heard me say earlier that when you are suited up, you turn me on. I started as a straight boy myself when I was only human; but after associating with the pirate rabbits and going on a few dates with Ace, I had to adjust that to bisexual But when I am in my rabbit form, I tend to act a lot like the other alien rabbits. You can restrict your human dating to human girls, if you want, but be more open minded when with non-humans; you might make a lot more friends that way. I am not trying to get you in trouble, Supermouse, but just saying... don't knock it until you try it. It will be safer if you do it in your mousy from. As Zecma often tells me, mice are very stretchy and flexible during sex."

    Supermouse stopped in mid air in front of Captain Rabbit. "Are you trying to ask me out on a date, Cap?"

    Captain Rabbit replied, "Yes. Ace is seeing someone else currently and Krypto is under a no-sex doctors order; I thought I could handle it by myself, but it is driving me crazy, Supermouse. Just one date and sleepover with the rabbit. Please? I promise that you can stay in Mouse form. Besides, I want to show you my team headquarters after the public date."

    Supermouse smiled. "Okay, Cap. You're on; I will give you that outing. Besides, I really want to see what the layout of your team base is like. Ours is inside our ranch house."

    After a brief stopover at Captain Rabbit's farmhouse, Supermouse and the heroic rabbit stripped out of their hero uniforms and Supermouse got to don a tuxedo like uniform made for a mouse man like himself that fit quite snugly as if Captain Rabbit had been planning to take Supermouse on a date before now. Captain Rabbit was also wearing a formal dinner outfit of his own. The two then departed the farmhouse to rock the town.

    The two attended an awards ceremony where dinner and drinks were being served. The whole affair looked to cost more than Joey knew he could afford. He was really glad the rabbit was picking up the tab for this. Supermouse heard the announcer mention that event was for the Hero of the Year Awards. Joey knew he was still a noob, and he didn't know how experienced or popular Gerard was before he had met him. He only knew that the hero dogs adored this boy.

    There were several categories in which heroes could be nominated for: Most Profound Male; Most Profound Female; Most Active Hero; Most Learned Hero; Most Cooperative Hero; and a final category which was called, Most Potential Up and Coming Hero of the Year. The last one seemed suspiciously tailored for a new hero; at least Joey thought so. The first award went to Captain America; the second award went to Ms. Marvel; The third award went to Superman; The fourth award went to Batman; The fifth award was given to Dr. Strange. And then it was announced to the crowd a short break would then occur and everyone would use their time wisely to write in whom they thought was the Most Potential Up and Coming Hero of the Year. The results would be tallied and announced later. Superman and Batman approached Captain Rabbit's table and Batman said, "I thought you swore off attending these events, Cap. And whom is your date for tonight. I know where Ace and Robbie are currently."

    Captain Rabbit said, "Ace told me had a date with a lady tonight. But you just said that he is with Robbie. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that he lied to me yet again. He is your dog. Anyway, this is my date and escort for the night; the leader of the newest hero team in Meta-Star City, the Camp World Champions under a special agreement with Marvel's Stan Lee to use the Champions name for his team. The born and bred law enforcement hero and friend of Overcat, Supermouse. He knows whom you two are. I am picking up the tab tonight for our dinner and drinks. Not like my Direct Investments money is being used for anything else. Not like Lighty's account."

    Superman said, "And just where is your horse friend tonight?"

    Captain Rabbit almost lost his temper at that question, but he felt Supermouse grip his hand under the table. "He isn't my friend, the blasted mother hen worry wart. He is off in Care-a-lot with Timesheart Tiger, Bright-Heart Raccoon, and Scent-Heart Skunk for a beach side fish fry. Supermouse wants a tour of my base later after we finish here. Since I had no other plans, I am choosing to grant his request."

    The two mainstream heroes then walked away to return to their own tables.

    Supermouse continued to hold the rabbit's hand. "Calm down, Cap. I could tell that nothing was implied when they asked about the horse after you brought up his name. I can see why you wanted some time with me... you are over-stressed."

    Captain Rabbit said, "I resume my college classes at Montrocol next week and I needed some close and personal time with someone before I resumed my learning schedule. I don't want to fail. Normally a night with Ace would have washed all of my stress away; but with him being gone all the time, I am at wit's end. Before I became a superhero, I never had any pets at home. You are so lucky you got to grow up on a Horse farm with your animal loving parents and siblings."

    The announcer lady then called out, "Okay everyone... please write a new hero name on your ballots and drop the ballot entry into the collection tube. Even if the winner is not here tonight, We will make sure they receive their award. Don't be afraid to write down a name that you are familiar with. Starting... now!" Supermouse wrote in Time Trooper and he dropped the ballot into the slot. Captain Rabbit wrote in Supermouse and deposited the ballot into his slot.

    Some time later, The announcer lady said, "I didn't know we had so many new heroes in Camp World. However, we do have a winner. With a total of four votes, for the Most Potential Up and Coming Hero of the Year goes to... Supermouse, leader of the Camp World Champions! Please come forward and receive your award trophy!" All of those present applauded as Supermouse slowly stood up, muttering, "I'll kill you, Cap." And he went up on stage to receive his award with a smile. In truth, he was not happy by being publicized in this manner. His father was right about the media.

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      After leaving the awards ceremony with Supermouse's trophy, the mousy hero said, "Why did you vote for me, Cap?"

      Captain Rabbit replied, "I won the award eight years ago when Batman convinced several others to vote for me. My award is sitting on my dad's trophy case at home next to all of his LARPing equipment. And you can do the same with your award. Place it in your dad's private study for safe keeping. I'm sorry if I embarrassed you, Joey, but I owed you for helping the others to rescue me when I needed it the most. Just be glad you don't have a bunch of Cuckoo enemies like I do. All the time trying to capture me for unknown reasons that they never want to tell me about. My heroic friends are hardly any better. Timesy wants to be a hero like me, but Lighty won't leave the tiger alone so he can pursue that dream. Thankfully, Timesy is engaged to Champion Pony which gives them private time. Miyuki Van Wham is studying to be a lawyer. Dalis Haley is running his own hero school in Angel City despite not wanting to be a hero himself. And lovable Arnie Roo would do anything for silly old me. All because I cheered him up a few times when he thought that a bunch of my house guests hated him. Fox McCloud's brother, Tyler McCloud is in my team as Covert Fox. The Original Captain Rabbit is calling himself Royal Rabbit these days and he is a member of my team. And then two pirate rabbits whom both love me and have children through me are in my team. Lonepaw and Tailshot. And I cannot forget Eagle Lord, a Shou Maukin warrior. I temporarily disbanded my team when I announced my plans for college. The sad part is that I rather suck at running my own team. If I ever announce that I am forming a team, there are certain people who come running and most of them I cannot stand being in the same building with. In addition to myself, Jamie Zamak along with his sister Joanie Zamak, Eagle Lord, Arnie Roo, Timesheart, Lighty, Covert Fox, Lonepaw and Tailshot, and Cruxis, better known as Arthur Lupin, Arsenio Lupin and Fujiko's son. I sadly get tired of seeing these guys. I don't mind a few of them, but the rest are like the tire kickers we booted out long ago. And worse, I have an open invitation to visit the Legion of Doom any time I want. Those villains like me."

      Supermouse made a face. "Man! Your hero career sounds like a bad soap opera! Maybe you should change your heroic identity temporarily and get experience in a team ran by someone else before you go back to Captain Rabbit to iron out your shitty team! I mean, you did say that you temporarily disbanded your team so you could focus on college, so this would be the best time for you to learn why your team sucks. I just started my own team recently so I am not god's gift to heroes despite my also being the leader of one of the Teen Force groups back on Earth in Atlanta. The four of us were called The Protectors. Myself, Jerry Wellington, his girlfriend Pamela Worthington, and my girlfriend Barbra Lang, the real life version, not the toon version here on Camp World." He then paused as he quietly said, "Are you sure you want to play with my mouse in your home, Cap? What if someone walks in on us?"

      Captain Rabbit slyly grinned. "They will have to find us first. I have an underground environment dome which is like a moon lit forest next to a wave pool that simulates a nearby ocean. The sandy beach is awesome and I have a private bungalow built down there which has a TV monitor so I can spy on things upstairs just in case. I promise that no one will walk in on us in the bungalow unless they break the lock on the door. And then you will get to see one of my forms as I rip the asshole to pieces for being inconsiderate. Besides, you promised that I could show you a good time tonight. You aren't backing out now, are you?"

      Supermouse said, "No, I gave my word. I can be relied on. You promised me that my playing with you in my mouse form wasn't gay since my human form wasn't going to be the one doing it."

      Captain Rabbit smiled. "It will be like sleeping with a life-sized plushie."

      Moments later after removing the tuxedo uniforms and grabbing their costumes, the two toured the farmhouse followed by the underground base and finally, the private moon lit forest that Captain Rabbit had mentioned to Supermouse. Leaving their costumes in the bungalow, the two did some skinny dipping in the wave pool before going inside the bungalow to get their male-on-male sex session started.

      Captain Rabbit demonstrated the art to Supermouse first and then he had the mousy hero return the favor upon him. This activity last for the rest of the late night and into the early morning when both males passed out finally. Late that afternoon, Supermouse awoke to see Captain Rabbit completing a blow job for the mousy hero while he slept. "Finally awake, eh? Ready for round two, or do you need to get going?"

      Supermouse said, "You are a good teacher, Cap. I'll go one more round with you, but then I should get back to my ranch before someone calls my dad to report me missing."

      And after the final round of shared sex, Supermouse noticed that Captain Rabbit seemed a little queasy. "Cap? Are you okay? You are swaying as if you're sick. I didn't hurt you, did I?"

      Captain Rabbit sighed as he felt himself and said, "Not sick... just forgot the rule for rabbits. You are probably going to hate me..."

      "Hate you? What happened?"

      "I was entering my rut and heat cycle last night and I missed the warning signs. Had I noticed, we could have used protection. You and I are both pregnant, Joey. We cannot power down until after we give birth to our cubs. This can happen with animal people. Lonepaw and Tailshot warned me about this several times. And I blew it. I am so sorry."

      Supermouse was then feeling his own stomach. "Pregnant? I need to call the ranch and let them know that I am tending to a sick friend. That way they don't call my dad." He pulled out his cellphone and made the call, making sure to avoid the word pregnancy. When he hung up, he said, "Looks like we're not the only ones. My brother Samuel was in his pony form and got pregnant while playing with Rodeo Pony at the boys ranch. I am just going to face the music and tell my dad the truth so we can avoid incarceration by our parents." And he called his father to let him know what had happened.

      When he hung up the phone, Supermouse said, "Dad said that he had heard that you were a responsible parent to the pirate cubs you made and since you didn't mean to do this to me, that I should stay here with you during this situation. He wasn't mad since I was with you, but he said that Samuel should have been more careful." Captain Rabbit sighed. "I am still sorry you are getting this education in this particular way. It was not my intention. Now I cannot return to college on time." Supermouse said, "I had enrolled in Marshal myself, so I won't be able to start classes while pregnant either. At least we are not alone in this."

      "Oye! 'ow soon yas forget the miracles of the Underworld, mate!" It was Arnie Roo having popped into the bungalow smelling like fresh confections. "Ah can pop yas boys down to one of the Groomer's time displaced realms where yas can get the birthing 'andled and then no one 'as to miss any college classes. Am Ah yer 'ero or what?"

      Grabbing their costumes, Captain Rabbit said, "I don't know what we would do without a clever roo like you, Arnie. Take us there."

      And then Supermouse learned about Time Displaced Realms and what they were good for. The gestation time passed rapidly for the two heroes and then the two cubs were birthed with the Groomer's assistance. The two baby boys were hybrids that were part rabbit and part mouse and all sexy smexy. One had Captain Rabbit's colors while the other had Supermouse's colors. They named their sons Gerard Johnathan Williams and Joseph Leon Prince. After cleaning up their sons and getting their birth certificates arranged properly, The two animal boys were placed into the protective care of both American Mouse and American Rabbit since the parents had to attend to the colleges that they had enrolled in.

      Captain Rabbit and Supermouse were able to power down finally and resume their educations at the separate colleges. But once per weekend, they would suit up and jointly go see their children. Cap hugged American Mouse and American Rabbit as he said, "I am sorry we had to involve you guys in our offspring dilemma. It would have been difficult to attend college classes since we had enrolled human."

      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four

        American Mouse grinned. "This it an important reason why heroes like us should wear protection even while suited up. But don't worry, Cap. Your children had been angels compared to some people's children that we have babysat."

        Gerard then said, "There are times when I feel like I am the dumbest hero alive. I should have known better. I don't want to be known as the superhero breeding factory. I am just glad that Supermouse's father was open minded about this accident. He likely would have skinned me alive if his other son hadn't also gotten pregnant the same day from a different source."

        Rob Rabbit was sitting nearby playing a professional version of Mary Had a Little Lamb on his baby grand piano. "Superhero accidents are learning experiences, Cap. Just like practice patrols are. I know you feel bad that you got Joey knocked up; but everything worked out. The family doesn't think that you are a menace. It was a clever idea to give your father's first names as middle names for your children."

        Captain Rabbit replied, "We considered giving our actual middle names to the boys until we both remembered that we don't exactly like our own middle names. I haven't heard if The Protectors on Earth have said anything to Joey about this yet. His girlfriend warned him not to get involved in any gay stuff and then this happens. The are going to hate me."

        Rob said, "Once they see how adorable and well behaved the boys turned out, how can they possible stay mad. Jerry is a musician like I am, surely he won't be upset with Joey for having this happen. It's not like you guys planned this, right?"

        Gerard said, "We were celebrating Joey's having won the Most Potential Up and Coming Hero of the Year award. I won it eight years ago and the only celebratory I got was having Ace and Krypto spend a night with me watching a movie."

        American Mouse said, "Homework assignment for Animated History, wasn't it?"

        Captain Rabbit nodded his head. "And I got a passing grade for the essay I wrote about the movie as well."

        Supermouse called out, "Cap! I need your help in here!"

        Rob handed the heroic rabbit a bag of diapers and baby powder. "You're going to need this."

        Gerard sighed as he took the bag. "We are being punished... Well here goes." And he went into the other room where he got to see Supermouse covered in white powder. "Oh my..."

        Joey remarked, "Daisy was more behaved than this. They are angels until their diapers need changing."

        Gerard said, "You have to have clean diapers if you want to get some Uncle Arnie cookies later."

        The mention of cookies quieted down the boys instantly. Joey grinned as he thought, Bribery. I should have thought of that.

        The changing went a lot smoother with the reward of Arnie Roo's cookies hanging in the balance.

        Sometime later at the kitchen table, Arnie Roo did indeed appear with cookies and milk for the boys. "Oye, Uncle Arnie brought the goods. But yas 'ave got to be nice to yer parents since they are friends of mine. Yas don't want rabbit mom to get all droopy, like yers truly did in the past, do yas? We can do the droopy act really well. At least if isn't rain on a devi-roo like that one school day."

        Captain Rabbit slyly grinned. "I don't think Terryville will ever forget that day. The old union got punished for making it happen." Supermouse grinned. "Something tells me that I should glad that I wasn't there." Arnie Roo smirked. "My instructor, Lord Boomerpaw, was the one to get drenched that day. At least we didn't 'ave to train with the sticks; Our noses got trained instead."

        A few days later at MARSHAL, The Champions were hosting a supervised training session with other students watching as well as a few faculty members to monitor to judge if the young heroes needed advice on various things. Along with Supermouse (Joseph "Joey" Williams), and Time Trooper (Lance Oscarson) the rest of the team of Mountain Spirit (Robert King), Weather Crane (Barren Wingstavf), American Agent (Caroline Smythe), Cat Queen (Stacey Morita), Crusader Rabbit (Theodore Kelly), Ghost Stormer (Evelyn Bishops), Sky Commander (Kirk Price) and Shaolin Princess (Ororo Storm,) were performing their maneuvers against Automatons dressed up to look like the grunts of a super villain. They were made of flexible Reflec steel to be able to withstand what a hero might do to a rag doll otherwise.

        Ninja (Barbra Lang) was not present today although being the lone wolf type of hero like Batman, her whereabouts were anyone's guess.

        A Draconian instructor called Leviathan, whom was also a lawyer, shouted, "Try out this attack!" And he threw a live electrical wire toward Supermouse, and as Joey caught it, Leviathan quickly fired a hose of water at him.

        Naturally, there was a terrific explosion. But when the smoke cleared, Supermouse was still floating there in mid-air and his eyes were glowing blue for a change. He had been practicing this attack secretly. Where Overcat was the heat vision expert, Joey had been working on perfecting his cold vision. And he fired a frosty blue cold ray at Leviathan and encased him in a solid block of ice!

        Concerned students exclaimed, "Oh no! Is he okay?"

        Fortunately, Leviathan had tensed up just before letting the ice ray strike him, so when he exhaled his hot breath, it caused the ice to shatter from the inside out, exploding in a massive shower of icicles and snow.

        Time Trooper smiled. "Way to go, Leviathan!"

        Leviathan smiled at Supermouse. "Cold Vision? I've never seen Abyssios use Cold Vision on his cartoon show. But in this case... that was a really good use of your powers. How are you feeling?"

        Supermouse on the other paw suddenly fell on the ground and looked pale, as he glowed and reverted back into his human identity. Of course, everyone ran over to check on him. Ghost Stormer brought over a water glass and once Joey was sitting up, gave him some of the water. Leviathan pondered the occurrence. "That's what I thought... in order to use Cold Vision, it draws upon the moisture in your body. You will know that next time. But for now, everyone take a break. I am glad your team trains with witnesses instead of what other teams often do."

        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five

          During the break, a crude looking version of Captain Rabbit burst into the training Auditorium and he punched Joey Williams as hard as he could. As Joey slid away from the crude rabbit, his eyes sparked as he focused on causing his metamorphosis. There came a flash of light that overtook his body causing the transformation. When the flash of light subsided, a muscular male humanoid mouse wearing a costume and armor in the fashion of the stars and bars of the American flag before he fell back across the chamber and punched the angsty rabbit as hard as he could, which sent the crude version of Captain Rabbit into a Reflec steel retaining wall! Before the rabbit could spring back in a retaliation from being struck like that, he saw that the mouse's eyes were so red, you couldn't see the pupils anymore... and then, it happened: a red beam of light erupted from the mouse's eyes and the crude rabbit screamed as his body began to steam as if he had been popped bodily into a microwave oven!

          Supermouse had developed Flash Fry Vision!

          The real Captain Rabbit arrived at that moment with Krypto the Super Dog and Ace the Bat Hound. Behind the good captain, was Frostfire, Burstfire, Medina, Styx, Eagle Lord, Lonepaw, Tailshot, Precision Duck and Princess Arcana. Cap stated into his Founder Core approved communicator, "Justice Fury Number 1 on the scene with my team at Marshal! Hard Core attacked Supermouse and now one of the powered mouse's new powers is frying his useless dupe body with microwave energy!" To Supermouse he said, "Turn it off, Supermouse! I didn't know you had that power! Hard Core is one of my idiot rival enemies whom wants to take my place! Thankfully, he doesn't have all of the powers that I have! If you don't turn it off, I will have Silver defeat your ass!"

          Supermouse ignored Captain Rabbit since the boy turned rodent was angry over having been struck in his civilian identity by this wannabe jerk.

          Just then, the music from Credence Clearwater Revival was heard playing as the song Bad Moon Rising was audibly heard. And Captain Rabbit was replaced by the White Werewolf known as Silver, and before Frostfire could intervene, Silver leaped across the chamber and took down the mouse of steel which turned off the Flash Fry Vision. Princess Arcana cast a spell to place Hard Core into suspended animation. Silver had his claws around the Supermouse's neck. "Magical Werewolf, mousey boy! I was trained by the Wolf With No Name! Stand down or I get to rip your throat out!" His voice in the wolf form was so unlike the kind rabbit's voice almost as if the form had a personality all it's own.

          Princess Arcana was reading Hard Core's mind for information on why he attacked Supermouse in public of all places. Then she walked over to Silver's side and said, "Silver, I know you're in the moment, but I need to speak to Gerard."

          Silver growled, "One moment, but I'm not letting my grip go." And then the voice changed. "Silver is controlling the grasp control here in the piloting chamber. But he is letting me use the microphone. What's the word, Princess?"

          Arcana said, "I read Hard Core's mind to find out why he wanted to attack Supermouse. And it is a rather stupid reason, to me, and I think you will be angry over it."

          Cap's voice said, "Go on..."

          Arcana stated, "Remember last week when you, Ace and Robbie were on a patrol in Gotham City the same night as Meta Star City's Hero of the Year Awards, which is why Batman couldn't be in Gotham that night? Well, Hard Core disguised himself as you and he took Supermouse to the awards and then he had sex with the mouse hero afterward. When they both got pregnant, he got it in his head that it was all the Supermouse's fault for causing him to lose control of his sex drive. Hard Core's disguise even fooled Styx. Now he wants to kill the mouse whom caused the situation and then... he was planning on killing both children."

          Silver released Supermouse at that point as the Werewolf stalked over toward the immobilized Hard Core and to Frostfire's horror, he pulled the magical sword out of its scabbard and he pointed the blade at Hard Core's muzzle. "You will never be noble enough to be Captain!"

          Hard Core looked scared with good reason. He had never seen the Werewolf that dwelt inside Captain Rabbit This was an entity that only Gerard Prince could deal with. He mentally stated, "I concede... please don't kill me..."

          Frostfire placed a hand on Silver's paw-hand; he knew not to touch that sword. "Silver, were he a regular villain, I'd let you do this action. But... do you really want Cap to join the Legion of Doom? If you kill him, then Cap won't be a hero anymore. He's defeated. Stand down."

          Keeping a steady voice wasn't easy when dealing with the werewolf.

          Silver glared at Hard Core as he growled. "If I find that you went ahead with your plan based on your idiot actions, I will get Hunter Heart Wolf to help me hunt you down and we will eat you!" He then stepped away from the stupid rabbit as he replaced his sword back into the scabbard on his back. He then walked back over to Supermouse whom was just sitting up. When he saw the wolf approaching him, he said, "I lost control and then so did you. Transformation will heal my hurts, I hope. I've never been gripped like you can do before. Your claws really hurt. Will you please let Captain Rabbit back out here?" Silver looked calm but it was hard to tell. "I hope you never develop someone like me. You're an okay mouse. When you wouldn't stop the motion of killing Hard Core, Cap let me take over. One rabbit coming up."

          And in a fluid flash of light, Silver disappeared and Captain Rabbit was standing there once again for all of a moment before he changed into what looked like Puff the Magic Dragon. And then he pointed a claw finger at Supermouse and said, "Heal!" Supermouse felt the healing power coat him all over... and then the magical dragon was gone and Captain Rabbit was standing there once again. "And now you know part of what I have on my transformation wheel. There are quite a few nice forms in there, and then you have the scary warriors, like Battlestar Bunny, Silver, Rat Lord whom is a soldier of the Rat God known as Squerrik, and last but not least, Fu Inle, the black rabbit of death. It isn't easy to control this zoo, but I somehow manage to let them all have their time."

          He then helped Supermouse to his feet. "I don't think Hard Core knew what all I have to deal with to be Captain Rabbit. So replacing me places the new hero on the shit block with all of my enemies. I'm sorry you met my monstrous side. Even Lord Atticus on QC Planet treads lightly around me because he knew I was about the only one whom could keep the Horse on a leash. And that isn't easy. I should go away now and let you be the hero you want to be. Maybe I shouldn't even exist. Oh well, I have a patrol to resume with my team. If you are ever in Montropolis, look me up or visit any of the game shops they have. And for the record, I am straight to other humans, but my animal forms are open minded to non-human species." He looked as if he had been defeated at that point as he hung his head and he started to leave.

          Supermouse reached out and he gave the rabbit a nice hug. "When I have the time, I will come find you. I should be helping Overcat since he is a cast member short at the moment. Don't be droopy; it doesn't look good on the nice person under the rabbit fur." Then he kissed him.

          Captain Rabbit blushed. "How did I taste? I know it cannot be good. I am dealing with something else that I didn't mention earlier. I should have my core powers cleaned up by the Yuskay Groomers."

          Supermouse made the bleck motion with his tongue stuck out. "You should get a professional cleansing done. I don't want to be rude, but you taste and smell like rabbit manure. I need to go wash out my mouth with Earth Soap. Or even Listerine."

          Captain Rabbit grinned at the mousy hero. "It was part of my power origin. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. And don't power down until after you clean out Supermouse's muzzle and tongue. You don't want your nice boy vomiting when you power down."

          Supermouse turned to look at the Devil Kangaroo in the Disc Jockey's jacket. "Styx, make sure he gets his cleansing. I don't want him saying he will do it and then forget. Letting himself be that nasty tasting for this long implies he kept forgetting."

          Styx grinned. "Oye, yas can count on lil old me, mate! Ah'll drag 'is tail to the Groomers myself."

          End of Chapter Five


            Chapter Six

            That night, Joey and Lance were heard returning and heading upstairs. They seemed to be talking about ice and water. Once upstairs, the two boys separated toward their separate rooms. As Joey was entering his own bedroom, he got a big surprise.

            Sitting on his bed reading over TV Show scripts was the hench-rat known as Virus. The usually silent partner of Minos Del Malign. "About time you got home, Joey."

            Joey stopped cold in his tracks. "You're talking?"

            Virus glanced up at Joey. "I always forget that people aren't used to hearing me talk. On the Overcat TV Show, my character role doesn't speak. But with Minos Del Malign in the Insanitarium, I'm now out of work unless... you help me. I figure, you DO owe me since I did HELP you gain your powers in the first place. Or have you forgotten already?"

            Joey made a face as he walked over and sat on the bed. "Okay, so what do you want me to do? I assume this is a blackmail request because you're out of work and you think it's my fault?"

            Virus cleared his throat. "Ahem. It IS your fault. However, I am forgiving... provided that you help me."

            Joey folded his arms over his chest. "Name your price. I had to gargle with Listerine and liquid soap after kissing Captain Rabbit. How can a popular hero taste like rabbit manure for so long as he had been doing?"

            Virus then slyly grinned as he revealed Captain Rabbit's origin to the mouse of steel. "It's not Earthian rabbit manure. The space rabbits of that one world are really disgusting. Even Overcat thought that they were super nasty when he heard of their home conditions."

            Joey said, "Ew, right in the mouth... I wonder how many times he threw up? Anyway, lay your situation on me, Virus. I'll do what I can to get you working again."

            Virus picked up the scripts again and said, "Now for my payment. You did give your word... so you gotta do it."

            Joey sighed again. "Okay Virus. Just tell me. Or do you love watching me sweat?"

            The hench-rat chuckled. "While that is fun, we are not enemies, Joey. No, what I want you to do is sign this blank contract form and then every time I hand you a job, you have to do it. The blank form will be duplicated for as long as Minos Del Malign is unable to work. When he gets his license back, you're free. Until then, I'm your boss and you do as I say. Now sign the damned contract, Joey." Joey sighed, thinking how this was WORSE than becoming a super villain. He really didn't know what Virus was up to. But he grabbed an ink pen and he signed his real name to the blank form and wrote the date on it. "There. I hope I don't regret this. I am already wondering what I've gotten myself into."

            Virus giggled. "I will give you your first job tomorrow, Joey. You've already registered as a superhero at City Hall and you joined the new union. I am glad you are keeping your team independent. Someone needs to stay outside the red tape."

            Joey was amazed. "I don't get it... you sound like you want to honestly help me. I just don't understand why."

            Virus replied, "It's easy, actually. The day after tomorrow will be more stressful. Tomorrow, you and I will be very busy. And to make sure nothing happens to you, I'm spending the night here with you."

            Joey nodded his head. "Okay. As long as you're not making me do criminal things, then my dad won't have a cow. And don't say you'd pay to see that, either. Get in line..." He winked with a grin.

            Virus laughed. "Okay. But you and I will be working together for a while. You might be embarrassed once you hear what my plan for you is. But you agreed to my terms, so you have to do it."

            Joey hummed. "You like to remind me that I have to do it a lot. Are you going to sleep with me too?"

            Virus grinned again. "As a matter of fact, I am. Part of my viral fluids helped to give you your original powers. That's why your teeth, claws, and tail were so much like a rat. The rest of you is mouse, although I am not sure why. I don't have any mouse in my genetic system. And I know Overcat doesn't, but he didn't bite you, so Lance's theory that Overcat and I conflicting to make a mouse doesn't fly. Personally, I think you're still developing. You only look like a mouse, currently. It may change when you least expect it." Joey stripped out of his clothes, flicked off the lights, and got into bed, feeling rather strange to be in the same bed with the hench-rat of the bastard who enhanced all of his powers by accident.

            Virus said, "I want to review the super powers list that you got from the fan site. I think there's a flaw on that list."

            Joey nodded his head but didn't hear anything more as he went into a deep sleep.

            The next morning, Joey woke up to find Virus right next to him reading the morning Meta-Star City newspaper, particularly the financial section. "Um... morning... Be right back." And he got up and headed into the bathroom. When he returned, he booted up his computer and pulled up the Overcat fan site on the Internet. "This is the site where we got the powers list from. You said you wanted to see it."

            Virus came over and began comparing the fan list to a notebook list that he was carrying in one paw. "Just what I thought. The fan made some mistakes. He detailed every power that has ever appeared in the cartoon show. They are all jumbled together. Here, let me surf you over to Overcat's actual web page where he details his powers, Minos' abilities, my powers, and any guest stars' powers and/or abilities."

            Joey arched an eye. "Your powers? You mean all those weird times when Minos injected you with a new virus serum that would result in giving you some temporary power that would wear off by the end of the episode?"

            Virus grinned. "Yeah, those powers. You have a good memory." A few moments later, he pulled open Overcat's powers in one column and Virus' complete list of every power he's ever had in the second list. "Now, read down my list and tell me if any of those powers look familiar to you. Particularly... Cold Vision. Please note that Overcat can't do that." Joey slowly read over the list of Virus' super powers... and eerily... as he went pale... he realized that he had every power on that list, which included the ability to transform from one form into another form. "oh...heck..."

            Virus grinned and calmly said, "So instead of being the super powered rodent version of Overcat... you're the super powered rodent version of me: Virus the Hench-Rat. You have literally every power on my list. Have you tried using any of Overcat's actual powers?"

            End of Chapter Six


              Chapter Seven

              Joey sighed. "Yeah, but I couldn't make any of his powers work for me. You just showed me... the truth. So I am going to become a Super Rat eventually?"

              Virus took a breath and released it. "I will tell you two things. You can choose the one you most want to believe. One, you will always be Supermouse as long as you can focus on that image during your transformation. Or... Two, even though you change into Supermouse, you have various rat like features and more keep developing every few weeks or so. When I first met you, Joey, as Supermouse... your sharp teeth and tail were very rat-like. Later on, when I met Supermouse on the ridge you blasted... you had rat claws on your Supermouse hands, in addition to the teeth and tail. Personally, I think as long as you don't lose your temper, you can retain your focus on staying Supermouse. But the more times you loose your cool... Super Rat will be the resultant form you will change into. The rat features are not ugly on you. That's a plus."

              Joey hummed. "Am I a hero or a villain?"

              Virus replied, "What do you want to be? Keep in mind, on Overcat's cartoon show, I am not registered as a bad guy. I am registered as a lab assistant who is constantly being experimented on by a villain. I can choose to go either way. And I think you have that choice, too. Besides... what would your dad do to you if you chose villain? Have you any wool?" Joey grinned. "Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full. So you're saying that if I chose villain, then I would be the black sheep of the family that dad is hoping does not appear." Virus grinned, too. "I couldn't have put it better myself. Now, let's get some breakfast, then head into Country City."

              After breakfast, the first stop the two had to make was at the local Yuskay Groomers to sort out the developing Super Rat. Virus said, "I think you can handle this, Joey. I'll just wait out here in the lobby for you. It's as easy as I told you."

              When the Groomer Hellhounds saw Joey walk in as himself, they escorted him into one of the examination rooms. "Okay, Joey, since you and your brothers rescued Gerard a few weeks ago, you boys have earned a paid session with our services. What seems to be the issue? We already removed the Toonium strains from your powers. But the look on your face seems to suggest that something new developed." And Joey then explained what Virus had told him about his powers and how a secondary form might be developing and how this other form should have his own human identity so he didn't make his own hero career into a villain career. "We can name the new human as Huckleberry Sawyer; his super form would be Super Rat. I get to keep Supermouse." The Groomers said, "We will do what we can."

              The Groomers then prepared a power well within a newly created human body whom had dark red hair, green eyes and ruddy freckled skin. This new human would be the new secret identity for Super Rat the Pirate Anti-Hero... Huckleberry Sawyer.

              The Head Groomer then said, "Joey, I want you to try to transform deliberately into Super Pirate with the full slow drawn out transformation. We need to see how sexy the rat considers himself to decide on how to grant him what you want to give him."

              Joey wasn't too happy about making the rat appear, but if he wanted to be free of this, it had to be done. Besides, it could result in another team member for the Champions. "I'll try."

              Joey's eyes sparked fiercely as he focused on forcing his metamorphosis. Within his minds eye, Joey was standing within the center of the power well as he slid to the right and from behind his left side, there came a flash of darkness that revealed a slender yet athletic male humanoid rat with glowing blood red eyes. As he was positioned to the left side, his body became covered with his black costume with dark ebony like armor in the fashion of a pirate standard, the Jolly Roger, though with a rat skull. But the rat noticed that he wasn't moving to the front of the transformation as he continued to slide to the left entirely out of Joey's energy well where he fell into the brand new power well the Groomers created just for him and he linked to the new Huckleberry Sawyer body. Super Pirate smirked. "Thanks for my freedom."

              The Groomers then worked on balancing Joey's Supermouse powers and to give him a new and clean transformation sequence.

              Joey said, "In truth, Huckleberry, I wanted to give you your own body so you can develop in your own way without having to endure my goody-goody nature too much. Virus likes the rat, being one. I hope you will join the Champions as a roving member, much like Ninja is."

              Super Pirate asked, "Will I have my own room in the Ranch House?"

              Joey replied, "Absolutely. And you can redecorate it however you like. So you'll stay around to remind us not to be so close-minded?"

              Super Pirate grinned. "I think we have a deal. When you need to do something outside the red tape, I will be available for the task so as to not not mar your upcoming reputation."

              Then the groomers worked on balancing Super Pirate's transformation sequence so it was more than what it had been before. When they were done, the Groomer said, "Give your new sequences a try. We will be watching. Virus will flip when he sees the two of you side by side."

              Joey made his eyes spark which caused the metamorphosis to begin. The view around Joey suddenly took on the appearance of both a revolving door and window blinds as a light erupted from the center of where he stood. "Of Mice and Men!" And then the revolving door effect swung around causing Joseph to vanish from view. "A hero again!" Then the door swung back around causing Supermouse to come into view as the light around him slowly flared off in a brilliant display. He now wore a navy blue uniform like outfit with bright red stripes on the right and shiny silver stars along the left. He had a black leather belt with a golden buckle and black boots. Wrapped around his neck was what appeared to be a cape like dark red cloak with a lowered hood. On the back of the cloak was an 'S' insignia with a generic mouse's ahead beneath it. He had a communication headset on his head and he wore a shiny silver mask over his eyes. "Supermouse! Protector of Justice!"

              Huckleberry made his eyes spark fiercely which caused the metamorphosis to begin. The view around Huckleberry erupted in black smoke as it appeared that he had been transported to the upper deck of a black wooden pirate ship. "Shiver Me Timbers!" And then a black Jolly roger body sized flag draped over his human body and when the flag pulled itself over and behind him. "Pieces of Eight!" He had become the slender yet athletic male humanoid rat with glowing blood red eyes. His body became covered with his black costume with dark ebony like armor in the fashion of a pirate standard, the Jolly Roger, though with a rat skull. His black leather belt with a silver buckle snaked around his waist and pirate cutlasses appeared inserted into his left scabbard while a laser pistol appeared in the right hand holster. Wrapped around his neck was what appeared to be a cape like black cloak with a lowered hood. On the back of the cloak was the rat skull Jolly Roger in Silver. "Super Pirate! Anti-Hero!"

              The backgrounds of the two vanished as the two stood there. Close ups of Joey's costume and mouse parts then occurred in rapid succession, before Supermouse gave a gentle smile and a kind wink as the frontal view swept back... showing him in his full glory. Close ups of Huck's costume and rat parts then occurred in rapid succession, before Super Rat grinned, revealing his sharp teeth as the frontal view swept back... showing him cracking his knuckles. That 'grin' was super disturbing... It was... sadistic. You didn't know if he was going to do bodily harm to you or not.

              The Groomers noticeably backed up when they saw this. They were clearly shaken.

              Super Pirate chuckled. "I think the after effect you guys gave me is perfectly okay. Joey shouldn't ever look sadistic. Oh and by the way, Joey, Flash Fry Vision is one of my powers; you no longer have it. Instead, you have Icy Breath and Butane Flame Vision. As a pirate, I can create Tidal Waves from nowhere. We can both fly. I also have access to a Psychic Levitation power which I can use to lift a criminal off of his feet and hold him there to make him fess up or mess all over himself. Easier to keep my paw-hands clean if I don't have to touch the schmuck. Since you gave me the ability to live for myself, you have my alliance. Just don't try to make me do goody-goody stuff."

              End of Chapter Seven