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[PARK-01] V2_GP-01 Justice In The Sky

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    [PARK-01] V2_GP-01 Justice In The Sky

    New Terry City - PARK World

    [PARK-01] V2_GP-01 Justice In The Sky
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    Written on 08/01/2021

    Chapter One

    Empowered Deputy University; New Terry City, Peabody's Animated Rerun Kingdom (PARK World)

    The Stay on Anime World with King Kazma was short-lived when the planet began to experience many of it's own unusual problems despite the Digital Rabbit Warrior striving to keep it clean. When Gerard had enough of the bullshit, he told his team that he was pulling out and he invited them to come with him.

    Gerard Prince, Arnold Domingo, Timesheart Tiger, Joanie Zamak, Lighty Cavannaugh, Arnie Roo, Jamie Zamak, Saber of Kanopis III, Tyler McCloud, Valiance Knight, Ash Ketchum, Paul Haley, Dazmont Merlock, and Heath Flowen were all lined up on the graduation stage having completed their heroic training stint in the university. Lighty had joined them after getting the Ranch set up on CAMP World and agreeing to the detox from Peabody so he could migrate between the two new worlds. The eight weeks in the Empowered Deputy University were tough, but completely necessary. If Gerard had any plans or thoughts on his team, he never talked about it while taking classes at the University. The subject was completely taboo.

    Not to mention, as they had done before going to Anime World, they had given up their Anime World powers to start anew. In fact, Peabody insisted.

    Gerard and his friends were not the only ones graduating today. Other heroic hopefuls were also graduating at the same time. Everyone was handed their diplomas and received a handshake.

    When the ceremony was over, Gerard said, "Let's head over to the Yuskay Groomers and get our new start done right." And he led his friends out of the university to a place across the street where a Yuskay Groomer's salon/clinic was set up.

    Yuskay Groomers Salon

    While Lighty had several established forms to reinstate into his library, Gerard was going to create three all-new forms for him to make use of. The easy to re-establish empowerments went first. This equaled out to Arnold Domingo/Eagle Lord, Timesheart Tiger/Time Shaman, Joanie Zamak/Medina, Arnie Roo/Styx, Jamie Zamak/Burstfire, Saber Kanopis III/Precision Duck, Tyler McCloud/Covert Fox, Valiance Knight/Roulette, Ash Ketchum/RoverKatTurtle, Paul Haley/Panthagoyle, Dazmont Merlock/Whitepaw, and Heath Flowen/Speedy the Hedgehog. Once they were out of the way, Lighty got his session in a side chamber to turn back on his empowered identities. And finally, Gerard got his session in an uber private chamber with only King Kazma as the official witness.

    Form Number One looked like the following...

    "Justice Star! Activate!" Gerard's body began to glow until hs human form was gone from sight. Within an unseen transformation chamber, when he transformed into a tall lanky rabbit like Ace Bunny with light brown fur and a white muzzle and undercoat. Then his costume began appearing over his body. It was mainly white with fields of blue down the sides of his arms, torso and legs with a blue belt buckle. His gloves and boots were also white. As the glow subsided, he struck a public heroic pose as he shouted, "Captain Rabbit!"

    Form Number Two looked like the following...

    "Dark Tales! Erupt!" Gerard closed his eyes as he placed his right hand over his left wrist before becoming shrouded in darkness becoming hidden from sight entirely. A blast of Hell Fire was heard briefly and as quick as it had come, the darkness pulled away to reveal a black Hellhound version of Hunter, albeit with glowing purple eyes. His uniform looked as if a Black and Silver version of the Road Rovers outfit had been fitted over his Underworld Cano-Sapien. "Dark Hunter!"

    And form Number Three looked like the following...

    "Magical Techno Power!" Gerard's eyes sparked fiercely as his metamorphosis began. There came a flash of darkness that overtook his body causing the transformation itself. When the darkness subsided, a slender yet athletic male humanoid rat stood there, with glowing blood red eyes and a long tail. He was wearing a black costume with dark ebony like armor. He had a dark crimson hooded cloak secured around his neck where a black leather wide collar was fitted snugly around his neck which had a dark fire opal in the center of the collar. He then grinned, revealing his sharp teeth. "Crimson Rat!"

    Powering down, Gerard emerged from the Groomers in time to hear Lighty mention that he had to go check in at Myths on Camp World. He then said to Gerard, "When you get your team name figured out and your new headquarters set up, give me a call. You know the frequency." And he headed off to do as he said he would be doing.

    Gerard led the others over to a side of New Terry City where a Zeta-Pad transporter was set up on a raised platform overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. "Register each one of your identities at this Zeta-Pad in order to be able to use it without problems. That means your normal identity as well as your heroic identity. Or identities, if you have more than one. I will head on in and await the rest of you to come aboard." Gerard stepped onto the pad and registered his normal identity followed by each one of his heroic identities before he chose to change back into Captain Rabbit as he said, "Up, Please!" An AI then said, "Captain Rabbit recognized." And in a blink, the heroic rabbit vanished off of the Zeta-Pad.

    Then his friends all registered their identities on the Zeta-Pad before using it to go where the others were going.

    Arriving in orbit, they stepped off of the Zeta-Pad into a huge circular chamber with windows facing space or the planet below. To the left was a massive entertainment chamber, and to the right was a training chamber. Straight ahead was two doors, one was marked as Monitor Room; the other was marked as Meeting Room. Gerard now said, "There are no bedrooms up here, my friends. Upon graduating from the University, you were all deputized as officers of the law, same as before. This means that you can make arrests when you catch criminals. You should acquire day jobs and homes of your own. Anime-Krypto and Anime-Ace are awaiting us in the meeting room."

    Captain Rabbit then led his team into the meeting room where upon one wall was the team name in bold block letters: Justice Stars. "Too bad Lighty left before seeing this."

    End of Chapter One