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[DW5] AR-01 Apprenticeship 101

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    [DW5] AR-01 Apprenticeship 101

    Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA; Planet Earth; Dreamwolf

    [DW5] AR-01 Apprenticeship 101.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    January 17th, 2023

    High Prince Evan Baron Maus, male Mousarian graduate Space Ranger (24,) protagonist (hero)
    Eugene Gerard Hopkins, male human teenager (17,) adventure apprentice
    Burchardt James Zamek, male human teenager (17,) adventure apprentice
    Geanne Albreda Fairbanks, female human teenager (17,) adventure apprentice

    Chapter One: Apprentice Lottery.

    Space Ranger Academy, Dreamwolf Frontier

    "Congratulations on a job well done, Cadet Maus! And with this completed assignment, you are no longer a cadet in the Academy! It isn 't often I get to shake hands with a Space Ranger graduate!" And the admiral shook hands with the athletic six foot tall male Mousarian citizen whom was smiling at his superior officer. "As you know from studying here at the academy, you can only call yourself a successful Space Ranger by taking on an apprentice and having them enroll here at the academy. Where would you like to go to for this assignment?"

    The Mousarian slyly grinned as he said with a completely straight muzzle expression. "Sol Three."

    Nearly everyone on the parade ground had the jaw drop experience. "The Fucking Dirt Ball?!" "Choose another world, Maus!" "Don't sully your reputation with that place!"

    The Mousarian then stated, "Did the rules of my choice change in the last ten minutes, Admiral? Or do I get to inform the Galactic Judges about your over reaction?"

    The Admiral shook his head. "They are so stubborn, Maus. And they are so far behind the times when it comes to alien species. Galactic citizens have to wear a Screener just to be on their world if you don't want to be attacked and killed."

    The Mousarian adamantly stated, "Looks like I get to tattle to the Galactic Judges if you don't let me do the first place I volunteered to conduct my business on."

    The Admiral said, "I won't stop you, Maus. But you are going to learn the hard way. I'd be completely surprised if you succeed in getting an apprentice from there. And I'll be the first to formally apologize to you for my reaction when you succeed."

    Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA; Planet Earth (Sol Three), Dreamwolf Sector

    Eugene Gerard Hopkins was spending a school barbecue outing with his classmates alongside the sea stacks near Cannon Beach, Oregon. He had blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin with an athletic build at five foot nine inches tall. He was with a friend originating from Australia called Burchardt James Zamek whom preferred to be called Jamie. Jamie had wavy strawberry red hair, green eyes and tanned skin with a rugged build at six foot one inch tall. The highlight of the evening had been watching an awesome and unexpected whale migration just off of the coast itself. But the evening was about to get a lot more exciting; although some humans can act like wimps at times.

    The Zamek family were plant and food researchers primarily. But they were allowing their son Burchardt to school in the States with a friend he had met at a Horticulture Fair. Eugene was that friend; his own family had been looking for alternate healthy food resources.

    Without warning, out of the Western night sky over the ocean, a flashing light came down out of the upper atmosphere and began to rapidly glide over the water toward the beach front where the teenagers had been having their beach party. As the craft got closer to the beach, someone shouted, "SPACE SHIP! RUN!" Then it was pure chaos as teenagers and adult supervisors and sponsors for this outing fled away from the beach in fear. Not surprisingly enough, the first person to show fear was a school quarterback jock whom had boasted how brave he was just a few days ago. And he was the first to run away! Eugene and Burchardt stood their ground as they watched the ship slow down and eventually hover over the beach where a scanning like light slowly examined the beach landscape until it highlighted the only two humans whom had not fled when the ship made its appearance. But then a girl emerged from a nearby port-o-potty building and she joined the two boys. "What's going on, guys?" The girl was a school cheerleader called Geanne Albreda Fairbanks. She was gorgeous standing at five foot eight inches tall with light brown long hair, brown eyes and an African American complexion. Eugene said, "I think one of the American Eight are showing off. Jock boy was the first to run away in fear." Geanne replied, "That doesn't surprise me."

    A voice was then presented to the three teenagers. "Pardon my frightening your social gathering. I am a Space Ranger whom just recently graduated from the academy. As a graduate, my final task is to find an apprentice and eventually enroll them in the academy I graduated from. Would any of you like to become a Space Ranger under my sponsorship? My name is Evan Baron Maus. I am not human as you three are, but I feel that a human can just as easily succeed in the academy as I had. The academy is multi-species, so you could meet a lot of different space civilization citizens. Please don't prove my superiors theory true. I believe in your species."

    Eugene asked, "What is your species, sir? And please don't say cockroach."

    The voice replied, "I am a Mousarian of my home world's official royal family. I am not Care Bear sized. I am as tall as the three of you are. Again, whom would be interested in becoming a Space Ranger?"

    Eugene said, "I think all three of us would be interested in your offer but we need to discuss this with our parents and guardians before we can join you. We recently graduated from our High School and were considering what our next avenue of experience would be. May we call our guardians and get permission to come with you?" The voice stated, "I can wait. My Admiral told me that you people would be too stubborn to negotiate with." Geanne remarked, "Adults are like that, but teenagers like us are easier to deal with." Jamie smiled. "I would imagine that we could think of this as superhero training. We can just tell our parents that a division of the Courageans made an offer to us. Mention them and we can easily get permission."

    Pulling out their cell phones, the three teenagers placed calls to their parents and guardians. The Hopkins family when told that an associate of Space Ranger X-57 had made an offer to him, approved of his getting the training. The Zamek family approved as long as Jamie sent word of new plant and food resources back to the family to research. The Fairbanks family had to be told that Jock Boy had been bragging that he was going to get the drop on Geanne and getting Space Ranger training would prevent this. Approval was given once they thought their daughter was being honest with them. The quarterback jock prided himself on having sex with every girl in school. Geanne was the one whom was hard to pin down.

    Eugene conferred with his friends quietly before he focused toward the space ship's light. "Sir? Our guardians have given their permission for us to come with you. We are ready whenever you are."

    The scanning light intensified for a moment and instantly all three teenagers found themselves standing within a medical examination tube of the spacer variety butt naked as they were given physical examines. The tubes were not in a line of sight of each other for decencies sake.

    Thankfully no one got the cold metal probe where the sun don't shine or else the obscenities would have flown. Primarily from Geanne.

    After the physical/medical, the three teenagers were body washed in the preferred cleansing agent to remove all foreign odors and colognes as well as unidentified cosmetics. This was followed by a professional grooming and finally a generic training uniform dressing.

    The three were then sent to individual sign-up stations where they got to sit down and read over a history document which for some reason detailed nearly everything they had ever done in life. At the bottom were the words, "IF YOU AGREE WITH THIS DOCUMENT, SIGN YOUR NAME ON THE LINE PROVIDED; DISHONESTY WILL REMOVE YOUR ELIGIBILITY FOR THE SPACE RANGER TRAINING PROGRAM LOTTERY! YOU ARE STILL UNDER EVALUATION!" Eugene occasionally giggled as he read over some of the (to him) funny things he had done in life. He frowned at the punishments he had incurred occasionally. But since everything was the truth and he didn't want to fail right off the bat, he sighed as he signed the form where it asked him to.

    The sign-up stations were sound-proof. Geanne had tried to ask the others if they were signing this document and got no reply. Jamie had also tried to do the same thing and had the same result.

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two: Making Choices.

    The next stop for the three teenagers was another sound-proof seating containment area with touch screen selection units. This time, they could see each other but due to fairness, they were again not allowed to speak to each other. On screen were the words, "CHOOSE THREE COLORS IN ORDER FROM [ABSOLUTE FAVORITE] TO [WILL TAKE IF NOTHING ELSE IS AVAILABLE]!"

    Eugene was thinking that he could be funny with this part except he might end up with a uniform in these colors so he played the straight card: Royal Blue, Ivory White and Sunshine Gold. He hoped his friends didn't screw up this part.

    Jamie thought about the choices presented as he made his selections: Tawny Bronze, Arctic White and Cardinal Red.

    Geanne did not hesitate to put down her favorite colors: Midnight Black, Gothic Violet and Chartreuse Dark Green.

    The next screen choice was, "CHOOSE YOUR TWO FAVORITE ELEMENTS FROM [LOVE IT] TO [AWESOME]!" The choices were Metal, Earth, Fire, Water and Wind.

    Geanne and Jamie had nearly the same unheard to their friends comment, "We can't form Captain Planet! Bummer!"

    Eugene selected: Earth and Wind.

    Jamie selected: Fire and Metal.

    Geanne selected: Water and Fire.

    The next straightforward screen choice was, "CHOOSE UP TO TWO GENDERS OF PREFERENCE YOU WOULD ACCEPT FOR YOUR INSTRUCTOR; YOU MAY OPT FOR ONLY ONE!" The choices were Male, Female and Pansy.

    Eugene had an idea on what the last one was but being open minded, he tried not to discriminate against anyone. He chose Pansy Male, since you were allowed to select either Pansy Male or Pansy Female. He left the last choice blank since he wasn't sure what to put.

    Jamie chose Male Prude and Female Sexual as his choices.

    Geanne chose Female Prude and Male Prude as her choices.


    Eugene found that Galactic Species were arranged according to their home star sectors. From Rodentus, he chose Earth Mouse and Wind Rat; and from Lagohop, he chose Earth Rabbit and Wind Kangaroo.

    Jamie was immediately attracted to Aeris, where he chose Metal Lion Male Prude; and from Electrus, he chose Fire Hawk Female Sexual.

    Geanne selected from Gothovania, Fire Raven Female Prude and Water Panther Male Prude. She had no other preferences since those animals were the best Gothics; but even she drew the line at spiders.

    Finally, the three friends were brought to another uniform station where they got to choose their cadet uniform colors and designs. The evaluation uniform they were wearing was simply generic. Evan Maus greeted them at this location. "Greetings humans. I am High Prince Evan Baron Maus from Planet Mousareon, graduate Space Ranger not yet assigned to a sector of space. When I complete my final task, I will earn my sector assignment. My final task is to take an apprentice to give basic training to. Once basic training is completed, the apprentice is enrolled in the Space Rangers Academy officially. When arranging your cadet uniforms, try not to make the end result into something nasty you will end up despising over time because you don't get to change it later. I will leave you to your tasks for now." And he walked off.

    Eugene commented before Maus was out of ear-shot, "Man, he's one hot mouse." And then he focused on creating his cadet uniform. He was going to keep this part simple. Royal Blue for the torso jacket; Ivory White for the leggings and each having the Sunshine Gold double pin stripes down the outer arms and outer legs. All in all, he had worn something of this design before during a boating outing. The leggings had a flap over the front and the back since that was common design wear no matter what you chose. The only exception was if you chose to reject leggings, which no decent human would do since panties and under shorts were not part of the ensemble; or if you went for the royal robe dress appearance for royal balls. That choice often replaced the torso jacket. It looked awful on some tomboy females.

    Leave it to Geanne to find an acceptable Gothic uniform design that was acceptable to her personal likes. Midnight Black torso jacket, Gothic Violet leggings and glowing Chartreuse Green arcane symbols scattered around the shoulders, cuffs and ankles.

    Jamie chose an armored appearance with a Tawny Bronze torso jacket with Cardinal Red Reflec plating and Arctic White leggings with Cardinal Red Reflec plating especially over his groin and rump.

    Gloves and boots were standard for all uniforms.

    Meeting up with Maus again, Eugene asked, "When do we receive the cadet uniforms, Mr. Maus?"

    Maus grinned at the nice boy whom thought he was hot. "When you finish basic training, you get to be out of the training uniforms and wear the cadet uniforms. And that will be your clothes from then to the end of your cadet training, which is about four years."

    Geanne then broached what she thought was to be a serious inquiry. "What do we do about personal body odor? If we humans sweat during basic training, we are going to start emitting a scent worse than Otyughs in rut. And no one will want to smell that."

    Maus chuckled. "To some instructors, personal odor is a dating scent. But there is nothing you can do about it until you finish basic training. At that point, visit the Provisioners and ask about PSD aka Personal Scent Dampener. This is a wrist or upper arm band with an on/off switch that will reduce what you are calling body odor. It will make you more tolerable to be around people with sensitive noses. But I have never encountered a personal scent as yet that would make me be rude to someone. If you are that concerned over your body odor during basic training, bathe after every training session to resume how you were when you first signed up. Any other inquiries?"

    Jamie asked, "What is a Pansy?" Maus smirked. "A pansy is someone whom is attracted to the same gender as themselves." Jamie and Geanne made a face as to that answer and they were glad they avoided that choice. But they had no idea that Eugene selected it.

    End of Chapter Two.