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Super Squadron Aquarius Retold (Wolf-journey) - Casting Call Thread

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    Super Squadron Aquarius Retold (Wolf-journey) - Casting Call Thread

    Super Squadron Aquarius Retold (Wolf-journey)

    Synopsis: Within an alert Earth-like world surprised by the forces of evil... The established Super Heroes/ Power Rangers/Kamen Riders fight against Emperor Zedd's New Alliance of Evil by acquiring new lone ranger heroes to thwart his takeover of the planet. These new heroes will eventually join with others of their kind to become their world's Aquarian Force Squadron. As before (Eps 1), the "Aquarians to be" should not meet each other until after they acquire their powers.


    Type of World: This is a typical Earth like world which was more on-alert than most worlds were. The forces of evil make hit and run strikes against new Power Rangers they detect, while the humans cheer on from the side-lines.

    Only join if you feel you will have time to post in the adventure.

    Sample Submission Form:

    Full Name:
    (First, Middle, Surname)

    Gender: (Male/Female)

    Background Info: (Hair, Eyes, Skin, Height, and a minor amount of personal information.)

    Ranger Designation:

    Transformation Sequence:

    Catch Phrase:
    (This is a something spoken as "encouragement" your character may say to rally hope during their battles.)

    Full Name: Nicholas "Nick" Peter Kane

    Gender: Male

    Background Info: (Dark brown hair, gray eyes, tanned skin, 6'1" tall; The original Australian choir joey, Nick Kane was raised by a Christian minister and a school teacher in Devonshire where he learned all about the common activities that an Outback boy could learn about. This only lasted until the day when he began to feel and hear "the call", a mysterious soft voice that asked him to travel to Kane's Cavern to receive his life's mission. Packing up for a camping trip, he said his goodbyes to his parents, promising to stay safe, and he began his journey to the cavern in the Outback. Luck had been with him for most of his life and he had a few minor adventures close to home but this was the first time he felt the desire to leave home at the insistence of a voice.

    Ranger Designation: Galactic Dragon Guardian

    Transformation Sequence: Nick raised his fist over his chest. "Dragons Roar!" His Dragon Morpher suddenly appeared on his wrist. "Galactic Dragon Power!" First, black plated boots and gauntlets appeared. His entire body glowed with an intergalactic starry light, as his one-piece uniform appeared. Next, cosmic silver steel greaves affixed themselves to his thighs, as a cosmic silver breastplate affixed itself to his torso. A flexible black steel belt appeared around his waist, as a stellar dragon head buckle appeared, centered on the belt itself. Then, the image and sound of the Galactic Dragon Guardian roared behind his head, as the image reached forth on both sides, wrapping itself around his head, becoming a galactic dragon like helm with a dark shiny visor. The Dragon Morpher glowed once more, as Nick became the Galactic Dragon Guardian!

    Galakto mentally said, Stage two, Nick!

    Nick struck a pose, shouting, "Dragon Galaxy! Grow!" The dragon's eye on the morpher began to emit the aura of the Galaxy. There was a sudden draconic roar, as Nick could feel the Dragon transformation beginning. His draconic scaly tail grew out of his tail bone, as he felt leathery wings emerging out of his back. Nick then experienced an increase in size, causing him to become like a giant. This was followed by his hands and feet becoming claws, as he became covered in a coat of smooth stellar silver and black scales. Then, he issued forth another draconic roar, as his ears pulled into his head, as his dragon's head, head fin and long slender horns grew forth in a most prominent display. Nick extended his wings, as he struck a pose in his majestic Galactic Dragon form!

    Catch Phrase: "Dragons Roar!"


      Full Name: Hector David Anthony

      Gender: Male

      Background Info: Raven black hair, green eyes (though hard to see through his hair), 5' 7" tall; the original lover of scaled creatures. He was raised allergic to dog and cat dander. However, he did have several reptiles as pets in his childhood, and has since found work part-time at an exotic pet store. Because his parents were absent because of work, his elder sister Delilah cared for him while working on a law degree. One fateful day led him to a basket containing a Green dragon egg, a Kamen Rider's Driver, and a note with a message for him to take care of the creature within. One morning the egg hatched before Hector's eyes, revealing an emerald-scaled shadodrak hatchling with kite-like wings. He was surprised when the creature looked at him and named him 'Daddy' in the common tongue. Naming the creature 'Jakkin' after a protagonist in one of his favorite books, Hector seeks to care for the interesting creature, using both found knowledge and his expertise with reptiles to care for this peculiar creature.

      His Scale Guard Rider System Includes:
      • Scale Driver - Rider Device with a buckle shaped as a Dragon's head; once linked with the user, it slows aging considerably.
      • Scale Emerald - An emerald shaped to slot into the Scale Driver for Transformation
      • Emerald Scale Spear - Hector's signature weapon usually stored in its compact mode on the back of his belt. It extends to full length when in use.
      • Machine Shadodrak - An Emerald Armored Motorcycle with a Dragon motif. With each life stage Jakkin goes through, this Rider Machine alters its form.

      Ranger Designation: Kamen Rider Scale Guard

      Transformation Sequence: Hector pulled out his Scale Driver and put the belt around his waist, feeling it activate as the buckle locked in. Hector pushed down the horns of the dragon head on the Scale Driver, and slid the Scale Emerald into the maw of his belt. A standby tune was heard as Hector slowly got into a pose. "Rider Transform!" He then pulled the handled grip, causing the head to 'chomp' on the Emerald, and it's 'eye' to glow a vivid green color. A Dragon's roar is heard as emerald scaled jumpsuit formed over his body. Armored boots and gauntlets appeared first, followed by an Emerald breastplate, and bulky shoulder guards. With Jakkin securing himself inside the bulky armor, a draconic helmet shaped of emerald stone appeared over his head. With the Emerald Scale Spear appearing in his grip, Hector struck a ready fighting stance as the Kamen Rider Scale Guard!

      Catch Phrase: "Scaled Creatures are Awesome!"


        Full Name: Deryk Harley Devlin, junior demon hunter

        Gender: Male

        Background Info: Blond hair, blue eyes, lightly tanned skin, 5'0" tall; This is a Deryk Devlin trained by his demon hunting and artificing parents in the arts of hunting demons in the outback. During his training, he had the opportunity to banish a few Pyraxes as well as a few minor demons. He fully understands the rule of "DO NOT KILL A DEMON; ALWAYS BANISH IT!" He only made this mistake once; and after the demon returned and was banished properly, Deryk was given a spanking; It sucks when a demon honestly rats out on you to your parents just before they get properly banished. Deryk will be earning his huntsman partner as his new adventure begins.

        Ranger Designation: Red Huntsman Ranger [General Delvyroo]

        Transformation Sequence: Deryk lifted a fist before him as he shouted, "Fire Hunter! Engage!" His fist then ignited in a blaze of fire, as it arced upwards, then slowly encircled his body like a living serpentine fire-dragon. His body became all aglow with light, as his Ranger-like armor began appearing all over his body. His gloves and boots were next to appear, as his flame katana materialized within the grasp of his extended fist. Then, as his helm settled into place as a blast of fire erupted all around him as he shouted, "Red Huntsman Ranger!"

        Catch Phrase: "Cosmos Arise!" (This phrase also summons Delvyroo.)

        Huntsman Sequence: Deryk struck his action pose and lifted his head on high. "Cosmos Arise!" His entire body glowed brightly, as the images of an angelic warrior, a red dragon, and a red kangaroo, appeared all around his body, rapidly merging together upon him, erupting as a great flash of flaming light! As the light began to dim, the flames became red metallic armor plating, adhering themselves into a protective suit! He grew in height, 15' tall, as he became studly and buff, gaining body mass! His head was that of a draconic kangaroo with a halo, while his tail was dragon like and his legs were like that of the kangaroo! As his angelic red glow began to subside, close-ups of his winged armor and body parts occurred, finalizing on his flaming eyes before the scene pulled back to show his full stature. Then Deryk shouted, "Delvyroo!"


          Full Name: Alexander Scott "Exan" Lonewolf, Artificer novice

          Gender: Male

          Background Info: Fiery red hair, vibrant blue eyes, freckled pale skin, 5'9" tall with a lithe musular build; This is an Aussie Lonewolf born under a whole different circumstance. His maternal father is a well-decorated American demon hunter with a warrior code that decided to move permanently to Australia after finding the Outback more liberating. He has a curiosity in the magical unknown, and prefers to be the voice of reason when hotter heads start to clash. Choosing not to follow in his maternal father's footsteps, he decides to make his own path, becoming an artificer's apprentice. He has a protective watchroo companion in Jirra, who prefers to keep Exan within eyeshot. He is soon to complete his apprenticeship after being pulled into an adventure he didn't expect to have, as his maternal father prepares a surprise meeting for his firstborn son.

          His equipment are as follows:
          • KangaPhone - a grip phone-like morpher akin to the Solar Cell Morpher and those used by the Silverleaf Order in North America.
          • Konga Cue - His staff-like personal weapon which can be used as a cue stick or a bo-staff in battle. Can be modified with temporary artificer runes to give other abilites.
          • Fighting Champion Form; by removing the title belt and mantle, Konga Champion becomes an agile fighter, using a quicker and more physical moveset, akin to the style used in Lucha Libre.
          • KongaChamp Boomerang - A bladed boomerang usually secured to the right thigh of the Konga Champion. Favored in Fighting Champion form, but can be used in both.
          • Watchroo Jirra - a serious and somewhat overprotective watchroo with Exan's best interest in mind. 'A mother hen' of the kangaroo boomer set. Upon Exan gaining his powers, he is able to grow into a Titan-sized Kangaroo Zord for Konga Champion to merge with (after growing) to become the Champion KangaZord.

          Ranger Designation: Konga Champion

          Transformation Sequence: Exan twirled the KangaPhone in his hand, then pressed the Kangaroo Order symbol. "Magic and Muscle Unite!" He dialed in the spell code 4-5-4-4, and gripped the trigger. "The Violet Kangaroo 'ops in!" He raises the KangaPhone, as an energy form of Jirra was launched into the sky! The various great Kangaroo Lords appeared around Exan and he saluted each of them as he glowed gradually in a violet light with salute. The glow faded away to reveal a mithril suit! First Violet armored boots and greaves appeared, followed by gauntlets and shoulder armor. The KongaChamp Boomerang appeared holstered to his right thigh, as a Championship belt of the Kangaroo Order appeared around his waist. Then a majestic breastplate appeared with a violet mantle of the Kangaroo Order appeared on his torso, the mantle dropping down as far as his waist! Finally Jirra's energy form landed on Exan's head, forming into a knightly helm with a visor concealing his identity! The Konga Cue appeared in his armored grip, as he pulled off a rather flashy wrestler pose with Jirra in zord form standing on an in a wrestling ring and magical runes swirling in the background. "'opping Magical Muscle of the Kangaroos! Konga Champion!" The spell seal of the Kangaroo Order appeared behind him to herald the might of this magical warrior!

          Catch Phrase: "The right enchantment for the right tool!"


            Full Name: Iris Rianne Angelo

            Gender: Female

            Background Info: Long black hair, brown eyes, dark brown skin; 6'1" tall and well-built. Iris wears a jaguar skin bikini top with a black leather vest, black jeans, high heel boots, and silver/diamond earrings. Not much is known about this wandering female human whom is followed around by an Albino KSP Flyer name Starpaw. Normally KSPs are assigned to chosen heroes approved of by the higher Dreamtime courts, but in this case, Starpaw seems to be a ghost and Iris doesn't mind being accompanied by this ghost at all. You see, Iris originated from a small town in the Dry Sea just Southwest of the Outback. Overnight, the entire town vanished off the face of the planet with seemingly no survivors. Stirring under a thin layer of desert dust, Iris emerged in her current clothes and began wandering around the Outback seemingly deliriously. The KSP ghost joined her after a while. And then some stupid Poachers encountered her out there and... They got the Holy Living Hell beat out of them. When the battle ended, Iris woke up standing in the midst of a battlefield with dead poacher bodies laying around her. And she stumbled away from the locale thinking that they had tried to rape her.

            Ranger Designation: Albino Kangaroo Ghost Ranger

            Transformation Sequence: Iris focused on her spirit stone and shouted, "Spirit Power! Kangaroo Transform!" As sparks flew from the spirit stone, it lifted up over her head and the 12 legendary spirits of the original Kangaroo Order suddenly appeared in miniature revolving around the spirit stone itself. Then an eerie aura of glowing white mist flowed out of the spirit stone covering her entire body, as a white and light gray ranger uniform, with a white bandit mask, appeared over her body. Then she spun around as Starpaw grew in size and overlapped herself over Iris making them both look like a powerful kangaroo covered in white lightning for a moment. The spirit stone then changed into the likeness of a kangaroo head helm with shiny pearl white eyes as she reached up and pulled the helm down over her head. A glowing double-ended battle staff then appeared in her grasp, as lightning struck the ground 12 times around her. Iris struck a martial arts pose and shouted, "Kangaroo Outback Spirit Ranger!" Then she struck her final pose and shouted, "Kangaroo Order Reborn! Kangaroo Ghost Albino Ranger!"

            Catch Phrase: "How dare you to disturb the dead!" (This is usually accompanied by a sudden chill that penetrates the clothing, armor and uniforms of her enemies.)


              Full Name: Robyn Elyse Skye

              Gender: Female

              Background Info: Wild Brunette Hair, Hazel Eyes, 5' 2" tall and slim figure. Robyn is a natural British-born wild child whom love to set up traps and make pranks. She usually is found in the nearest tree whenever a trap is sprung. And though she plays practical jokes with good intentions, she often gets into trouble most often than others laugh it off. She often acts out as her father is not in her life, and her mother is a workaholic in an office job. She doesn't see her mother that much, therefore has limited supervision. She often likes to play pranks whenever Exan is not working on artificer creations, because he is such an easy target when under fatigue. Because she was told of the dangerous nature of certain enchantments, it was best to stay out of the workshop.

              Ranger Designation: Bronze Vixen Chaos Ranger

              Transformation Sequence: Robyn grinned as she shouted "Vixen Chaos!" She raised out her arms as two bracers appeared on her wrists. She then crossed them over her chest, and outstretched her arms wide, and touched the bracers together. "We are free!" Robyn jumped from her tree, and found herself floating in mid-air, as her surroundings change into an autumn forest! A chaos vixen spirit appeared and playfully ran around her. A black jumpsuit appeared on her first, followed by a bronze stylized tunic and skirt, a silver belt, and bronze gloves and boots. Robyn then felt the breeze lift her up as her Chaos Staff appeared in her hand in three chained sections, and snapped back in place into a staff. The Chaos Vixen Spirit then leaped up and changed into a helmet, and landed over Robyn's head. With the chaos shawl appearing over her shoulder, Robyn landed on firm ground as she struck a complacent pose. "Chaos of Autumn, Bronze Vixen Ranger! Let the fun begin!"

              Catch Phrase: "YES! Got 'em! Woo-hoo!"